Is Amber Heard less interested in Johnny Depp than you would think?

It’s easy to forget that there was quite a lot of drama involving Johnny Depp this year. After months of rumors, Johnny and Vanessa Paradis finally announced their split, and Johnny was widely reported to have a wandering eye for several different ladies, including randoms, his publicist AND Amber Heard. The rumors about Johnny and Amber really stuck around, and I tend to believe that they had a brief but intense relationship which ended over the summer, and then they picked it up again a few months ago. I also believe that they are probably both seeing other people, but they keep coming back to each other for a reason (the reason = banging). But Radar has a theory as to what is REALLY going on:

It’s a situation that we’re confident seasoned Hollywood heartthrob Johnny Depp is NOT used to dealing with! The newly single father-of-two has fallen hard for his Rum Diaries co-star, Amber Heard, but the beautiful blonde just isn’t that into him, is exclusively reporting.

As we previously reported, the genetically blessed pair has been hanging out — and hooking up — with one another since Depp split from his long-time love, French model and singer, Vanessa Paradis. However, despite Johnny’s wishes to the contrary, they are far from being in a committed relationship.

Depp, 49, is besotted with the 26-year-old actress and would love nothing more than to take things to the next level, but Heard has been keeping him at arm’s length, telling him she could never settle down full time with a guy and that her preference is for girls!

“Johnny and Amber have been having a lot of fun spending time with one another, but Amber keeps telling him she’s not interested in being with him in a monogamous relationship,” a source tells “She says she feels she’s too young for him, but the main factor is Amber prefers dating women over men and has no interest in committing to a guy — even if he is Johnny Depp!”

“Amber is a free spirit when it comes to love, and refuses to label herself as gay, or even bi-sexual, but it’s a fact that she is more attracted to women than men and the most meaningful relationships she has had to date have been with same sex partners. Johnny and Amber get along great as friends with benefits, but where she’s concerned, that’s as far as it goes.

“Johnny really wants more from Amber, but she’s not prepared to give him that. In addition to him being the wrong sex, she’s concentrating on her career at the moment and only recently got out of a long-term relationship. Amber has even been trying to limit her interaction with Johnny, in an effort to not give him the wrong idea, but he doesn’t seem to get the hint. She considers him like an older brother that she can get up to mischief with – nothing more,” the source reveals.

As previously reported, US Weekly recently claimed that Amber has been telling friends she is serious about Johnny.

“They were flirty and engaged,” an eyewitness, who saw the couple at Hollywood’s AV Nightclub back in November, told the magazine.

A second source said that at a Gucci party in October, Amber was “telling people they were officially together.” But a source close to the situation tells Radar that despite their flirtatious ways and obvious chemistry, Johnny and Amber aren’t officially together.

“They’re both busy with other projects, and nothing is set in stone between them,” the source says.

[From Radar]

Eh. I could actually buy this. I think in Johnny’s mind, he’s the only one who gets to fool around under the guise of a “mid-life crisis” and he expects to be the shot-caller in the relationship. And Amber has played him, and continues to play him, because Johnny is at that age when young women can effectively “play” him. Amber Heard: Baller? Yeah… I still don’t know if I buy that in the larger sense, though. I think she’s just manipulating HIM because he’s into it, I don’t know if she’s in “magical vagina” territory quite yet.

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  1. lisa2 says:

    Its funny how her SEXY is not the same with the darker hair.

    I think she is pretty, but now sure why she has not hit it big. I thought people were saying she would be the next sexy hot actress. But it has not really happened.

    I still don’t buy her and Johnny at all. After all this time and so call eye witness accounts, not real pictures of them together. I believe when I see it.

  2. Redheadwriter says:

    To paraphrase the headline: Aren’t we all less interested in Johnny Depp?

  3. Tuxedo Cat says:

    Amber H. is a smart girl.

  4. FirstTimer says:

    Another blow on Depp’s ego.

  5. alys says:

    The photo of him on the homepage made me think of Ozzy!

  6. bns says:

    I don’t understand the hype over Amber’s looks. I mean, she’s pretty but not beautiful or gorgeous or memorable. She’s also a mediocre actress.

    Oh we’ll. different strokes, I guess.

    And Johnny is just embarrassing now.

  7. bns says:

    I don’t understand the hype over Amber’s looks. I mean, she’s pretty but not beautiful or gorgeous or memorable. She’s also a mediocre actress. Oh well. Different strokes, I guess.

    And Johnny is just embarrassing now.

  8. christine says:

    i don’t care if this is true or not and i will not judge a person who i don’t know.i just wanted to say that you only report something about him if it makes him look have never reported something that makes him look good(since the break up).you never reported that he donated 25k to a native tribe for scholarships,you never reported that he bought vanessa a 3.4M house,you never reported that he is taking care of his kids now that vanessa works all the time.why is that?you hate on a person who didn’t do anything to you.he just continues his life.and we don’t know anything about his personal life cause he is very private so we can say nothing about it.

  9. Kim says:

    A father is supposed to take care of his kids.She took care of them for ten years while he was making three films a year.As for buying her a house she deserved at least 100 million dollars for years they were together.Great news he donated a day’s salary for scholarships.Lastly I dont believe he ever was with AH.

    • christine says:

      he gave her 157M AND a for the donation it isn’t about how much money he doesn’t matter.yes it’s a day’s salary for him so what?????but the point of my comment was that this particular site never reports things like that because maybe they fear that they would destroy the bad image they have created about him.they have presumed on the fact that he does not responds to such rubbish and they had achieved to make the hole world hate you think it is fair to hate on someone because of the unnamed sources of the tabloids that only want to make money?

  10. Sweet Dee says:

    I think this is true. Depp is one part romantic hippie, two parts mid-life crisis, and one part Hollywood ego. The shoe fits.

    On another note, why have people stopped putting spaces after periods?

    • The Original Genevieve says:

      @ Sweet Dee…

      Ditto! Beautiful summation.

      Yeah, the no punctuation or weirdly spaced punctuation? Drives me batsh*t, too.

      • Sweet Dee says:

        @OGen–thanks! I guess I don’t see him as the beautiful icon he was heralded as like, 6 years ago (lol).

        As for the punctuation…it is driving me crazy! It helps when it’s a troll though, which leads to a follow-up question: why are so many people first-time trolling this site to defend celebs? I just started seeing it yesterday, but here they are again today.

        Probably because the world is ending tomorrow. Or something. Even though it’s already “tomorrow” in some places…

      • midnightmoon says:

        I am personally mystified by the multiple commas. I think keyboards are taking over the language. I read some comments here that I KNOW are written by people whose native language is American English and I can barely make out what they are trying to say.

        Language Dinosaur
        Aka Ex-Technical Editor
        Sitting in a pool of tears…

        All languages evolve-I can’t read Edmund Spencer (The Faerie Queene) though I would dearly love to. But electronic communiques are shifting our language memes so fast I will probably require an online translator to talk with my now-18-year-old nephew in a few years.

        But the punctuation thing? Will always wonder what folks are thinkin’.

      • Sweet Dee says:

        The language may evolve, but not the grammar! Say it ain’t so!

        Yeah, add multiple commas to the top of the annoying list. Right above 57 exclamation points in a row and below all-Kanye-caps.

    • Princess Steph says:

      I assume that the people not putting spaces after periods are the same people who don’t know the difference between your and you’re, there, their and they’re and to and too.

      Drives me nuts too.

      • dee says:

        Or possibly they are folks who are wasting a little time on a silly gossip site and are not putting the same proof-reading care into their posts they might have given to their doctoral dissertations cause, you know, it’s a silly celebrity gossip site where a more informal level of written communication is commonly used.

  11. Miral says:

    So this is what Radar says V/S what “US weekly” says

    Who do you believe it? is that simple, because the reports are in total contradiction

    I think Amber is looking “bad” with all these reports, like if she is playing with him and I don’t know if her image can take the hate of the Depp’s fans (who independent of how many haters he has here, still are millions just look at the IMDB’s starmeter 2012) so, if these reports are “false” and she will get an unjustified blame just because any of them want to tell the “truth” to the media, maybe this is the time to say something and “save” her image of all this mess

    Johnny’s image can survive almost anything because his talent, but SHE CAN’T!

  12. Lala says:

    So he is being used as a “sex-toy” by the hot lesbian?
    I’m not sure if I feel sorry for him…ahahaha!!

  13. MIchael says:

    Only a woman could diss Amber heard’s looks. That woman is one of the hottest women I have seen. Her body is absurd.

    • midnightmoon says:

      Yup. I do not understand what the laydeez are missing.

      I think she is blazing hot-not the best actress, though :( .

      And I think the dark hair works better w/her exquisite features. The blonde look washed her out and made her look ordinary and (ducking) a tad bit trashy.

      Not to mention the damage-her hair has been looking fried for a while now. I am relieved she has gone darker if only to give her amazing head of hair a rest. (Poor girl in True Blood is almost hairless from five years of bleaching her hair blonde. Hope she will give it a rest while she’s being a mommy. That was tough to see, as her hair was really so beautiful.)

      With her normal dark hair, Amber rocks it out the park (though I’d go several shades lighter and add a slight chestnut tone if I was her)!

      I have had my issues with how Amber dresses for the street, but her red carpet style is almost uniformly fabulous. (Maybe she could hire me as her street stylist? I’d move back to LA in ONE INSTANT if I could work on that with her! Amber, pick ME, PICK ME!!!!)

      I can’t quite understand why she is even bothering with JD at this point. He has become a faded caricature of a cartoon character. I guess chemistry is a factor, and her name is now recognizable, but her youth and freshness and frank sexuality (bracing honesty!) is getting slimed with this ridiculous dalliance.

      What PR genius thought THIS up? Really bad publicity for everyone!! So it MUST be a chemistry thing. I’ve been there, but I wasn’t dealing with gossip coverage with a worldwide superstar… hmmmmm.

  14. midnightmoon says:

    P.S. kudos to JD for standing by Damien Echols and the others. That WITCH HUNT should alarm anyone who believes in justice. Prosecutors should be held responsible for this kind of gross misconduct.

    Wait. What am I SAYING? This is Uhmurrikuh we’re talkin’ about.

    Just glad those three are out of prison. Time to find the REAL killer of those little boys.

  15. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    I never thought there would come a day where Johnny Depp would = embarrassing. Sad.

  16. Jolie says:

    people here are so biased against Depp. I don’t like the age gap between them,it looks bad but I can understand him. he’s been out of a long and troubled relationship. he was obviously suffering last year ,he’s entitled to enjoy himself a bit!
    I’m not sure I believe he wants something serious with Amber either. he seems to not want it go public and hangs out with his friends more than her I think.
    I can’t believe people would just hate on him b/c of the split. that had to be one of the least dramatic splits of all time,both him and Vanessa acting with dignity and keeping a low profile. Vanessa said herself none of the reports on the split are accurate, and that’s the most reliable “source” we can get.

  17. Ranunculus says:

    Sorry Johnny no money in the world could convince me to get with your un-witty grumpy personality.

  18. Genie says:

    Why do I feel like we’re the ones being played?
    Love Johnny, but since all the effort to make him look like a hot guitarist with a hot young broad, hmm…I’ve lost my crush. Vanessa was far more interesting with all her quirkiness than 4 Johnny and Amber dolls,IMHO.

  19. Sofy says:

    I’m big Amber’s fan – and not one of her lesbians fans, who are totally angry with her or in denial because they don’t like if she is with a man- not particularly fond of Johnny, but not in a “hate” mode with him but trying to be objective, it’s hard to believe this story
    Not because I believe they are “in love” and in a serious relationship as the other mags said, but because Amber has changed so much the recent year, that like somebody has said it to me, it looks like “she is morphing into Johnny”.

    Her public image (she’s hiding all the time, doesn’t talk with the press nor paparazzis like before, avoiding public appearances, shut down her oficial website/twitter/facebook accounts, in the same way that Kate Moss says Johnny “taught her”).
    She looks disheveled like him (somebody says she don’t even wash her hair sometimes when has been paped), wearing the same old sweater for weeks, all in total contrast with how dolled up she was, but in the well known “Johnny’s style”
    C’mon! she is the one wearing his things (clothes, medals, jewelry, etc) but supposed she is the disinterested one?
    Because I don’t follow him other than his -possible- relationship with Amber, I don’t know if he has showed “her influence” on him in the same way that Amber is doing? but I don’t believe Amber is in this “relationship” almost “unwilling” and just for “fun” how the article said!