Drew Barrymore: ‘women are inherently moody. I don’t know how men deal with it’

Drew Barrymore was a guest on French chef Eric Ripert’s cooking show, On The Table. She was there to shill her new wine, Barrymore Pinto Grigio, which has received mixed reviews. (Some of the positive reviews on wine.com seem fake to me in that the reviewers have only commented on that one wine.) She also cooked “clams Montecito” and went on at length about herself and her career while chef Eric laughed and asked her questions. To be fair, it was an interview and that’s what these celebrities are expected to do. Some of the things she said were unintentionally hilarious, though. As we’ve heard, Drew is a new mom and she’s over-the-top. She wants to do everything all at once, she wants to be perfect at it, and she’ll tell you about it. She seems fun, but she strikes me as someone who is best taken in small doses. Here’s some of what she said, and she was drinking and getting a little loose so you may want to take that into account. (If you want to see the main part of the interview, fast forward to about 8:30 into the video above.)

On her childhood
It was really hard, I wasn’t popular in school either. I was in and out of school all the time because I’d be on a set. I think it didn’t help me bond with anybody.

On any “bad influences”
But I had fun. I got to go to Studio 54 and like, see the death of disco. It’s not how I would ever raise my kid but I’ll never regret the experiences I had.

On how she’s like a stay at home mom
I’ve had 17 different lives, I’m like a cat who has had several lives, and now I’m like a stay at home mom and you know, kind of subdued. But you kind of find yourself along the way, and I’ve had these incredible crash courses on radically different lives. I now know as like a 38 year-old woman, which one I would choose.

Everyday I ask myself “what did I learn today?”

Her “religion”
I’m obsessed with the Abe Lincoln quote. ‘If I do good, I feel good. If I do bad, I feel bad.’ That is my religion. I keep writing it down lately. It’s so succinct and perfect.

She was asked “are you moody sometimes on the set?”
I think I’m moody because I’m a woman. I can ask any man in this room, like women are just inherently like, moody or hormonal people. I don’t know how men deal with it. I praise them.

On if she would do reality TV
I would prefer to stay off reality TV, because a lot of it is really sensational. I want to share my life with people… I’ve always been an open book, but think there’s always a boundary.

On the turning point in her career
When I was about 18 I started my own production company called Flower Film. I love filmmaking. I love all the decisions that go into a making a film. I love directing. It was always my goal… I can’t wait to do it again.

On how she became a producer.
I started to produce. I started learning how I could be a director… I think life really just sort of took off from there… I really went to school to be a producer. I trained myself. I studied everything. I created like my own college… I put together writer’s lists… I’m like Tracey Flick in election. I’m pulling the buttons at night, I’m ripping the posters off the wall. I’ve got crazy African music in my head. I like studying.

[From "On The Table" YouTube video]

Drew was asked about the moody thing, so it’s not like she came up with it out of thin air. It was somewhat over the top, like she could have demurred and said “sometimes I am, that’s the nature of the work” instead of making a general statement about all women being inherently moody. That was short-sighted.

After that they got into cooking the clams, with chef Eric giving her cooking tips and adding some fish to make it a main course. It looked tasty and made me hungry. I would hang out with chef Eric and eat his cooking, but Drew isn’t my preferred dinner companion. She’s a trip, but she would get on my nerves after a while. 20 minutes was about all I could take of that interview.

Also, Drew talked about her work with the World Hunger Program and said she’s currently building a school in Africa. You can learn more about her charity work in this video.

These photos are from 3-21 and 3-22-13. Credit: FameFlynet

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  1. Thora says:

    Most men would crawl over five miles of broken glass if they knew there was a friendly pussy waiting at the end for them. So moodiness is no big deal.

  2. DeltaJuliet says:

    Give me a break. Moodiness has nothing to do with gender. My husband is the moodiest bitch you could imagine and I’m pretty even-keeled. I work with all men and about 60% of them are moody as hell. Shut up Drew, you’re setting us back again.

  3. haylo says:

    Those poor poor men, how do they deal with those bitchy emotional women?! Such is the hard life of men.

    Is she running for a Republican office? Because they love painting women as inferrior hysterical shrews.

  4. Charlotte says:

    I have a male partner, 2 sons and grew up with just a father and brother. As the only female, I was never allowed to be moody because I was too busy being constantly accused of it anyway. Still am. I can honestly say, though, that the men in my life are way moodier than any females I’ve come across. Just because we have ‘hormones’, I’m sick and tired of women being accused of being the difficult ones. Eurgh.

    • Sarah says:

      There’s this whole string of stereotypical characteristics that women are supposed to have – moodiness, excessive emotionality, irrationality, “hysteria”, etc – its a stereotype that’s been around for hundreds of years, and its bloody stupid and tiring.

    • Chordy says:

      Exactly! It’s because men think their moodiness is justified (I’m stressed! I didn’t sleep well! Everything isn’t going the exact way I want it to go!). Yet when women have a complaint about anything it’s because we’re “moody.”

  5. mkyarwood says:

    Oooooh, girl. If anything, we’re just less inclined to put up with bullshit, and not afraid to show our true opinion without having to arm wrestle about it. However, I agree with DeltaJuliet. Boys are girls too, and my own husband is an hilarious sym(PATHETIC) PMS’er. Lots of pouting.

  6. Kate says:

    The “That is my religion” is part of the Lincoln quote.

    Maybe Drew is moody all the time. I don’t think I am. I hate when people attribute something so variable to a gender.

  7. Nicolette says:

    Please, men get their own brand of PMS, it’s more than once a month and you never know when it’s coming. And they are bigger “wash women” than any woman I know. Who said what, who did what……..it goes on and on. And let’s add in the fact that they are all just a bunch of little boys in grown bodies. So the question isn’t how do they deal with us, it’s more like how do we deal with them.

  8. Barrett says:

    Ha people tell me same thing (including my own mother in law) that my husband is and has always been moody. I am told I am even tempered.

  9. elceibeno08 says:

    Drew Barrymore is not completely off about her “women are moody” statement. When I was in college I used to do work/study on campus. A girl whom I worked with used to yell at me and she even try to hit me by slamming the door on my face. She told me not to take personally because she was acting that way because she felt her period coming and she hated men because they do not get PMS. The rest of the time she was quite pleasant to work with. So I do sort of believe that women can get bitchy and moody at times. Men get moody when they do not get laid.

  10. c'est la vie says:

    Thanks Drew, for speaking for all of us women. She would not be the spokesperson I would choose, that’s for damn sure.

    Did she ever think that it might just be her – because I’ve seen my share of moody men too.

    Way to go in sticking up for your gender!

  11. Faye says:

    I think this is part of Drew’s new “perfect wife and mother” persona. I’m surprised she didn’t pull out a Southern accent too. Oh, we little ‘ol women are so moody, how do you strong calm men put up with us? Give me a break . . .as others have said here, men can and are just as, if not more so, moody than women sometimes, but they don’t get called out on it.

    I kind of miss Old Drew. Not drug-taking, alcohol-swilling Drew, but badass feminist movie-producing Drew. I get that people change when they give birth, but this is just a really crazy swing in the opposite direction. Probably she’ll even out as her daughter grows up.

    • StormsMama says:


      Something fishy goin on here. And I don’t mean the cooking.
      She’s trying to convince herself— I’m sensing its either she’s just starting to lose the blissful post baby hormones; or there’s a shift happening. OR she’s not totally happy being the traditional woman to her traditional family guy man. She is trying to convince herself.
      But she had shit for men in her life at the beginning and her mom was selfish and negligent.

      I’m so disappointed with her since she had the baby. I just expected her to be…more amazing. More evolved. Instead she seems self absorbed entitled clueless…
      And I have always loved her :(
      Plus I always love her hair too— but this color is not flattering on her. Me no like.

      Drew if you’re still in there— step away from the mic and be humble and grateful for a little while.

  12. haylo says:

    Since she’s started playing the uber-mom she tries so desperately to appeal to men and audiance who have very oldfashioned and sexist views of women.

    Being liked by men is more important to some women than standing up for their own sex.Ughhhhhhhhh

    • flan says:

      It’s a dumb move.

      Men often like actresses for being attractive and most 40+ actresses are not hot in their eyes anymore.

      Actresses older than that are usually only still popular when they are liked by women.

      And this does not make a lot of women like her.

  13. teehee says:

    She surely doesnt speak for every woman when saying that– I hope, because it isnt true. men get moods too, its just that ours can often be associated with particular times and therefore we take all the brunt. Men’s moods cant be traced to anythign regular- but that doesnt mean they arent moody too- it actually means they are less predictable and more chaotic. :P
    I personally dont have any mood swings due to hormones, I dont have regular cycles and tehrefore also no regular ups or downs and I dont even notice anythign hormonal whatsoever– I get more upset abotu things external to myself, if anything.

    • Hakura says:

      I agree. (I’m not on regular cycles either. I can even go 6 months without it. Need to go back on the BC pills for regulation again, just so expensive when you have no health insurance).

      But I also get pissed when people automatically assume the reason you’re moody is because of your period.

    • flan says:

      This coupled with the fact that assertiveness of a woman is being portrayed as bitchy, while a man’s assertiveness will be portrayed as positive.

      What can we do about this? Don’t play along. Don’t call women names for being assertive and don’t praise men when they are against you.

  14. Ann says:

    I’d rather deal with “moody” women than dealing with “moody” men who trow bombs, rape and mass shoot people. If you want to talk unstable, let’s take a look at men first.

    • Hakura says:

      xD I’m not sure ‘moody’ is really the best description for those acts. There was already something going on before they went postal. Moody is when you appear to change whatever emotion you’re on unusually quickly.

      • Ann says:

        Hence my moody in quotation marks. I don’t even know what she means by “moody”. Most women I know aren’t. But if that’s all what men have to “put up with”, they shouldn’t complain.

      • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

        Agreed, Ann. Does she mean “bitchy”, “crabby”, “passive-aggresive”? It’s kind of an old fashioned word, moody, but if she means, “mood swings” I sort of agree with her.
        I think men are simpler than women. They are either happy, or mad, or sick. ;-)
        Women have much more complicated personalities,imo. They also tend to express themselves more, and better, than men.
        I don’t get why “moody” is such an insult. I mean, I’d much rather be around my husband when he’s in a bad mood–because I can make fun of him and he gets over it. When I’m in a bad mood and he tries the same tactic I rip his head off!

    • StormsMama says:

      Great point!
      How many “moody” women shoot up schools or bomb bldgs or kill people?

    • Chordy says:

      Have you ever seen the Donald Glover bit where he talks about how all men have a “crazy ex-girlfriend” story, but for some reason women don’t. He said that’s because when women have a “crazy ex-boyfriend” they get murdered.

  15. Pixie says:

    I don’t know if it’s just me but man, I feel like Drew is really selling out her gender recently!
    Some women are moody, some aren’t. Everybody’s different. It was a pretty sweeping statement and she probably should have thought about it a bit more.

  16. lisa says:

    she looks awful in both pics

    adulthood 101 – just because something is a clothing trend doesnt mean it is meant for you

  17. Monie says:

    Yeah I’m moody; but often because my boyfriend is being a d*ck! Why doesn’t Drew grow a wiener already, she seems to have issues with being a woman lately.

  18. Jess says:

    I’m getting really sick of her calling herself a SAHM. She has that new make-up range (which she claims she’s super involved in), her production company, she’s doing a ton of press and apparently now she’s making wine… She’s working and it actually seems like she’s working significantly more than she has in the past couple of years. She’s certainly making herself more visible than she’s been in a long time. So why lie? No one gives a damn whether she stays at home or works, so why does she keep pretending she’s not working (ironically she’s making these claims whilst working, unless she considers interviews personal and not professional)? It’s just weird.

    • magpie says:

      This. She has a lot of projects in place, and while she may be working from home, she most certainly is working. Plus, when any actress says “I’m a SAHM” in an interveiw, that means she isn’t because she’s doing media. If she really was a SAHM we wouldn’t be hearing anything about her at all.

    • StormsMama says:


      She wants to please all the people all the time
      Which is disingenuous and

      I’m bummed; I always loved her. But this is just phony and sad

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      Thank you! Especially when I read “…and said she’s currently building a school in Africa.” UM WHATTTT?! How is that? Please tell me. Is that code for: she gave money for a school that is currently being built? Bc that would be just as awesome, IMO. Is she going over there to help build it in a few months? Anyway that comment REALLY bugged me bc she is obviously not over there constructing the place with her own two hands at this time. I’m too lazy to watch her “charity video” but I’m pretty sure if she were actually “building” (as opposed to donating to) the school, we would be hearing and seeing a lot more about it. Don’t constantly toot your own horn unless you can back it up!

  19. Cool Phosphorescent Shimmer says:

    Moodiness aside, she’ll “never regret” any of the experiences she had growing up? Really? Is it so horrible to have regrets that no one–not even (formerly) serious drug addicts–can ever admit to wishing they had not done something? Seems a very Lohanesque way to live.

    Maybe I am alone, but I do have regrets about certain things I’ve done. I must be unenlightened to not be grateful for my bad choices and stupid moves. I have learned from them, true, but I still regret doing them in the first place.

  20. magpie says:

    I used to really like Drew, but I find her really annoying lately. She’s going into Goop territory.

  21. valleymiss says:

    That’s funny, cuz the 2 moodies ppl I know are guys. (My best friend since high school, and my ex boyfriend.) You literally never knew what their moods are going to be when you approach them. I’m not really offended by her comment, but it’s not been my experience that women are moodier. I mean, unless we’re talking about once a month moodiness, which I feel doesn’t count! Lol

  22. Maya Memsaab says:

    I don’t know what’s up with her lately! Judging by her tone, sounds like she said it in a light vein, *however*..

    ‘Women are inherently weak’
    ‘Women are inherently stupid’
    ‘Women are inherently _______’

    See the trouble here with such generalisations? And not all of them are made by a Hollywood star.

  23. Hakura says:

    Her whole… ‘I’m a perfect little 1950′s style stay@home mom & house wife! I can be moody, but that’s because I’m a woman. I try not to subject my amazing, totally ‘together’ husband to it. He’s a saint, don’t know how he manages to put up with me. Men don’t make fools of themselves like we do.‘….BS is getting VERY old. It’s ridiculous & pathetic.

    I don’t want to stop liking her, but this is annoying.

  24. Sparky says:

    Thanks Drew, for giving another verbial shank for the woman haters. Cause you know, they didn’t have enough already.

  25. kay says:

    wtf women are mooody? Did drew barrymore transport us to the 50s? She doesn’t think mothers should work and she doesn’t understand how men ‘deal’ with us?

  26. marie says:

    those paint pants are ugly, really ugly..

  27. decorative item says:

    When I’m tired and run down I can be moody. When the men in my life are tired and run down they become 3 year olds.

    So, Drew is saying that she alone understands how truly irrational and difficult women are. Wow, that’s just disappointing.

  28. Sparky says:

    Sade; This. Is. Word.
    I’m an extremely happy go lucky person in spite of everything I’ve been through and find moody people childish, self-centered and insufferable. However some people go into their ‘quiet mode’ which is often mistaken for moodiness by others. Maybe that’s Drew’s problem, she expects other people to fall all over her, lol?But how we behave is simply a choice, not gender-specific.

  29. Sparky says:

    Sorry Sade, I messed up and got my reply in the wrong place! :)

  30. epiphany says:

    Drew, how old are you now, 37? Could you please stop using the word, “like” in every bloody sentence?

  31. Vickyb says:

    This is so disappointing! I always really enjoyed her as a person and her as an actress. I would have thought her seventeen lives would give her more experience of how variable people are, and her alternative choices would have made her less susceptible to falling for gender binary BS. Sad.

  32. Freddie says:

    As a guy I have to agree that men certainly are moody, especially me 😃. I’m blessed with a wonderful wife who has helped me to better manage my moods. I can recall many times during my life where women have talked about a man’s moodiness and gave specific examples of such behavior.

  33. Dizzybenny says:

    ”women are inherently moody. I don’t know how men deal with it”


  34. JL says:

    It’s true,

    Just reading her BS statement changed my mood from perfectly happy to WTF bitch in a heartbeat!

  35. ramie says:

    Well, I agree with Drew, because I’m moody all the time. But I don’t feel sorry for men because as George Carlin once said, “Here’s all you have to know about men and women: women are crazy, men are stupid. And the main reason women are crazy is that men are stupid.”

  36. Dani V says:

    Ah, well my ex used to smack me around on a regular basis. I am going out on a limb here, but I think I can safely say that he was the moody one in our relationship. You know, walking on eggshells and all like I did for the duration of our marriage. So there is that aspect for many women out there who are living that nightmare.

    I won’t be too hard on Drew though. I think she spoke of her experience and off the cuff. But yeah, open mouth and insert foot.

  37. Greenie says:

    I’ve never seen Drew as someone capable of settling down with one person and being happy. I think she’s desperately trying to convince herself that the relationship she is in now is “the one” as it really seemed to me that she had a baby and got married relatively quickly into the relationship – perhaps because of a “tic toc” fertility clock mentality? (I might have bought it that she was truly settled if she’d ended up with Fab Moretti because she was with him a lot longer.)

    Maybe she flips out at home because things aren’t working and she’s not truly in love with him. Just a thought. Good luck with everything, Drew, but don’t blame all women for your issues.

  38. Dawn says:

    So I like some of what she says, the Abe Lincoln quote is rather cool. But I don’t believe that all women are the same and therefore not all women are moody. Some are just as some men are. I think she is truthful about the 17 lives that she has led and I think that motherhood has changed her and matured her if you will and that is a good thing. I see Drew as a learning machine and thus always changing. Good for her for not trying to fight aging and growing as a person.

  39. videli says:

    A year into our marriage I told my husband to cut down on his moody episodes. I have PMS, and I have to withstand a severe chemical bombardment on my brain, what’s his excuse?

  40. TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

    It makes me really moody when a celebrity I like(d) a lot opens their mouth and ruins the illusion.

  41. claire says:

    It’s just an actress giving an opinion and generalizing. I don’t give it more weight than it deserves.

  42. Renee says:

    I love her goofy pants and looks healthy and happy her life is going ‘well’. But I don’t find her to be any different than any other privileged self-centered celebrity. And I think she’s still using drugs, so I find her to be a bit hypocritical yammering on about her past that she’s really still living. Yawn.

  43. roxy750 says:

    HAHA! Look at all the women bit&*g about NOT being moody. Good Lord ladies she nailed it on the head. Moody isn’t always a bad thing–depends on how you handle it. I am moody, but not bat sh*T crazy moody. You have to be able to recognize it and laugh at yourself and have a partner that laughs with you. I know bat Sh*T crazy moody women–I have experienced it first hand, but Drew is real, honest and nothing to hide, I have always looked up to her–maybe its cuz we r the same age–also–she kept her real teeth—She’s real.

    • kay says:

      um, excuse me, but being irritated by sexist, insulting comments isn’t being moody. Moody suggests irrational changes in behaviour, and the fact that ‘women’ apparently get it just furthers the stupid idea that women are more irrational than men. Just like the bullshit that men are more logical than women, and women are bad at math. It perpetuates the stereotype of silly women over-reacting while men are calm and sensible. Neither of which are true.

    • Sparky says:

      So for the many of us who are not moody like you, we are supposed to shut our yap and be just fine with ridiculous generalizations of our gender that at the same time
      elevated men’s behavior above us unsufferable women with faux sympathy?
      I guess us women are laughable for disagreeing with broad generalizations, right? And of course you are saying that men are better and should be praised for tolerating us-that is what you are saying. Did you get lost on your way to the woman-haters site?

  44. ella says:

    Oh Drew. I used to love you but now everytime you open your mouth you make me like you a little less.

  45. mercy says:

    Seems to me she was talking about herself and applying it to all women. Maybe she is more self-conscious about her past than she lets on. “I wouldn’t change a thing” makes me think so, too. I can understand not wanting to live with regrets over things you can’t change and learning from mistakes, but that response was rather flip as well all things considered.

  46. NM9005 says:

    Maybe women are moody because we always have to fight for the right to be ourselves? Annoying traits and all.
    And that not even all women will have our backs for being human. Unlike men who can get away with ‘moody’ because it’s ‘sexy’ (see Daniel Craig threads). Or who should be praised for doing the bare minimum or what they’re supposed to be doing in the first place.

    So thank you Drew for helping us THINK ABOUT THE POOR MEN! Smdh. Go crawl into your mansion and sit the hell down.

  47. yeahright says:

    I think it was an off the cuff remark I don’t think it was her personal philosophy on male/female relations… good grief.

    Women are hormonal, men are moody. That’s how I see it.

    • NM9005 says:

      One off?

      “I’m like a 13- or 14-year-old boy who loves fun music and hot chicks and sports, and I like empowerment and women who are capable and humorous. I love comedy and jokes. I am always the person who is fighting in marketing meetings, “Please don’t forget the boys. Remember them too.” Whenever people get too girly, I am, like, ‘No, no.’ I just appreciate women.”


      “Feminism scares me. It seems like it bashes males, and I like men. Why can’t it just be equality?”

      And then there’s a quote about how women in Hollywood should just get over not getting roles after a certain age. Because ignoring sexism is always a good way to go for one of the few rich influential women in Hollywood who produced, directed AND acts. Why address it when you’re not affected by it right?

  48. Barbara says:

    I have one thing to say about Drew…she can do no wrong in my eyes. I would become her mama if she would accept me. :-)

  49. F5 says:

    She’s most likely not even Barrymore but he didn’t want to pursue this, bless his heart..

  50. I Choose Me says:

    Pulease. I like Drew but I can’t with that ALL women are moody bs. My husband is way moodier than me and a frightful gossip as well.

  51. Micki says:

    We democratically take turns at being moody at home.

  52. Baylor says:

    Her charity video annoyed me abit. she will be doing fundraising for the schools?! So, is she or is she not putting in her own money into the project?! If she is not, then can she really say SHE is building the school. I mean if she’s not running the school, if she’s not helping built the school with her own hands, and if she’s not funding it out of her own pocket or at least funding some, then how is she “building” the school? She’s just “helping” then.

  53. siobhan says:

    My husband is the moody ang whiney one. He complained about having a headache while I was in labor. He fell asleep right after the baby was born and when I woke him up he told me he was having a rough day. He doesn’t deal with me I deal with him.

  54. Kelly says:

    Is she deliberately trying to alienate all her female fans? Cuz that’s what it seems like.

  55. Get a clue says:

    What is with those fug pants she wears?

  56. mimi says:

    A former boss and my current boss- both moody as hell- both male.

    Drew is going through some sort of self-conscious period but she is sort of pologizing and blaming it on the group she belongs to.

    She has a baby at home, so I’d give her a break as this could be a trying time for her.

  57. serena says:

    At least she’s doing something good other than talking about how women should do that or this, and her baby and how she’s a stay at home mom -who cares Drew-

  58. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Men get to be called ‘mercurial’ which seems to suggest that they’re larger than the provincial world that tries to contain them and we need to cower. That’s a very different connotation from ‘moody’ or say, ‘dramatic’.

  59. Elle Kaye says:

    Drew, honey…that is such a stupid drone-like thing to say. You can be a wife and mother and still have a mind of your own. Differences of opinion happen. That doesn’t make the woman moody or hormonal, it just usually makes her right and the man pouty and combative. We women know we are usually right, we just throw men a bone every now and again so they feel equal. For that alone, we should receive the highest praise.

  60. pwal says:

    Is Drew represented by Huvane too? Because it seems that Huvane’s clients are hitting the non-feminist therefore non-threatening button really, really hard lately. Even by association, like Beyonce, these women keep shying away from owning in their particular professions when it’s time to do a sitdown interview.

  61. ncboudicca says:

    WTH – am I the only one who thinks that she looks exactly like Katie Holmes in these pics?

  62. Flower says:

    Speak for yourself darling or better yet just shut up, you’re doing yourself no favours with such inaccurate sexist statements, in fact just the opposite it makes you look like a doormat to the male ego and so full of yourself that you presume to speak for every other woman in the world. Your cool factor just hit Hades.