Doutzen Kroes plays in the Miami surf, shows off magical butt: gorgeous?

Here are some photos of my favorite model, Doutzen Kroes, playing around in the ocean in Miami yesterday. I know Doutzen isn’t most people’s “favorite model” choice, but I just love the girl. She seems “real” – or at least as any Victoria’s Secret model can seem “real”. I can take or leave Candice Swanepoel, Erin Heatherton, Miranda Kerr, Gisele, Naomi and Coca Rocha. Just give me Doutzen.

Doutzen was on the beach with her husband, Sunnery James, and their son. It seems like they’re always on vacation together in Miami. I think she just digs Miami. Anyway, I don’t have much to say about these photos other than:

*Douzten’s butt is magical.

*Sunnery is pretty hot, and he seems to adore her.

*Vitals: she’s 28 years old and Dutch. I think she and Sunnery live in New York though.

*Doutzen strikes me as a very athletic woman – she doesn’t stay in shape by starving herself, she stays in shape by eating healthy and being really, really active.

*The photos where she’s making silly “model poses” in the surf are awesome.

*Seriously, her butt is amazing. I’m totally jealous.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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39 Responses to “Doutzen Kroes plays in the Miami surf, shows off magical butt: gorgeous?”

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  1. Pandy says:

    She’s not as curvaceous as I thought she would be in some of the front facing pix. But great ass, holy cow.

  2. Jenna says:

    She does have a cute butt. I can’t get over her stomach though. Eh, she seems nice enough…

  3. Lulu.T.O. says:

    She does not have an ounce of extra fat on her. Too thin IMO.

    • V4Real says:

      I like her but I think her butt looks better on the runway. Maybe it’s all the lighting and body preps that makes her shine on the runway.

  4. Mirella says:

    She’s so gorgeous! I have ass envy.

  5. backwards says:

    What a sexy looking couple- their kid must be gorgeous.

  6. andrea says:

    I love the Doutzen too. I have ass and abs envy.

  7. Eleonor says:

    I need to do more squat.

  8. Sel says:

    Wow! I have butt envy too. Her ass is magically awesome.

  9. lisa says:

    she has a sweet face. i like a model with a pretty face even though it seems like the body is more important and a decent number of models arent that pretty.

  10. Faye says:

    Doutzen has been my girl-crush for years. She always has a sense of humor in interviews. Speaking as one whose butt is totally flat and non-existent, and remains that way no matter how many lunges and butt-building exercise I do, I am in awe of her backside.

    As for her atheleticism, she was originally training to be a professional athlete when she was younger (speed skating, I think).

    • Rachel says:

      Ahhhhhh. That explains the ass then. Speed skating will definitely do that for you.

      I, too, suffer from a chronic case of pancake flat-ass-itis. It’s so unfair because I spend two hours a day at the gym.

      • Faye says:

        I know, me too! Doesn’t matter how much toning work I do — I even meet with a personal trainer to work on that area. Oh well. That’s why Doutzen is a model and we aren’t!

    • wonderwoman21 says:

      I am another sufferer of chronic flat butt

  11. Reece says:

    As Pacino said in Heat “She’s got a a**!”

    I rarely go the “envy” route. I go “I know I can get off it and do better than what I do” route. Then go eat a brownie. 🙂

  12. PHD gossip says:

    She lost too much weight. From the front, she looks skeletal.

  13. A says:

    She looks amazing and healthy!!!

  14. Green is Good says:

    There is no denying she has an insanely beautiful body.

  15. Nessa says:

    Wow. That a$$. Just… Wow.

  16. Cazzie says:

    Maybe I’m just getting old, but she looks waaay too thin.

    She could easily put on another ten pounds of fat and muscle and still look incredible in that bikini.

    In fact she will look better because she wouldn’t look like a skeleton!

    • Christina says:

      Maybe I’m getting old too because I think the same thing. She is much too thin – and don’t let anyone say this is natural for her because she used to be quite a bit bigger. Even her face shows the weight loss. She looks great from the back, but rather skeletal from the front. Just goes to show that even models touted as ‘curvy’ are very very thin by any normal standards.

      • PHD gossip says:

        +1. Then we find out years later that she suffered from bulimia, anorexia and all her hair falls out.

      • Christina says:

        @PHD gossip

        She doesn’t, does she? I fully accept that many models really are naturally very very thin, but Doutzen is not one of them, as a glance at any older pic of her will show. As I said above, the weight loss clearly shows in her face. This is not a healthy weight for her.

  17. siobhan says:

    Doutzen is beautiful but Adriana Lima will always be my favorite.

  18. HolaGatito says:

    Showed this to my hubby and the first thing he said was “what butt?”” With a confused look on his face lol. I guess what’s considered “magical” to one person is nonexistent to the next.

  19. guilty pleasures says:

    Does anyone know the origin of the name ‘Sunnery?’ He’s a lovely looking man, boy-their kid has some slammin’ genetics!!

    • j.eyre says:

      Is he the guy in that photo, I assume? he is lovely.

      And her derriere defies description. I would commit crimes to have a tucas like that (because, of course, exercising would be too difficult, right?).

      • I Choose Me says:

        Eh, it’s a combination of exercise and genetics. My mom has an awesome badunkadonk that I did not inherit. 🙁

        Sigh. I too have ass envy.

  20. Tulip says:

    Her magical ass would not be so magical if she wasn’t arching her back so much. Ladies your butt would look at least better too if you did this too, give yourself some credit. She is pretty, but it’s her job, and even with her hard work at the gym the posing is helping her a lot here

  21. Thinker says:

    Her body is ridiculous. To be that fit, and that thin!

    Sigh, I used to live in Holland and really the Dutch are a genetically blessed population. I remember going to the bra store and discovering the sizes were all different, Dutch women tend to be slimmer and with larger cup sizes…. sad American Thinker discovered in Dutch sizes she was pretty much in training bras.

    Anyway, I love Doutzen, I think she’s Gorgeous!

  22. Kim says:

    EWWW to skinny. She looks unhealthy & that is never attractive.

  23. Azurea says:

    I kind-of have ab envy…but then, again, her stomach looks like a man’s…and almost like she’s had lipo done on it.

  24. KellyinSeattle says:

    Her smile reminds me a little of Geena Davis’.

  25. jes_sayin says:

    who is she posing for???

  26. Blenheim says:

    I’m happy about the fact that I see no breast implants.