Was Michael Fassbender just cast in a new film adaptation of ‘Macbeth’? OMG.

You’ll have to excuse the Michael Fassbender p0rn. I haven’t written about him in a while, so I enjoyed looking for some really good photos of him. The photos of Fassy with the ginger beard (taken last year) are on purpose. I want him to look super-gingery and like an 11th-century warrior king (come to me and pillage, my Fassy). It seems that Fassy might have a new project on the horizon – yet another screen adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Now, Fassy has a natural Irish accent, he can do a decent German accent, English accent and American accent. But can he do a Scottish accent?

Everyone from Sam Worthington (really) to Orson Welles has taken on “Macbeth,” and the Shakespeare play that dare not say its name has been adapted countless time for the stage, television and multiplex. Well, when it comes to the cinema, (quality) movie versions have been a bit fewer and farther between, so the news that Michael Fassbender might take the lead in “the Scottish play” certainly has our attention.

The actor is attached to a new version of Shakespeare’s work that will be directed by the fast rising “Snowtown” director, Justin Kurzel. Penned by Todd Louiso (the director behind “Love Liza” and “Hello I Must Be Going”) and Jacob Koskoff (who co-penned “The Marc Pease Experience” with Louiso), the story will be the same, set in the 11th century, and will be presented in the original dialogue. However, this version will be more “visceral” and contain “significant battle scenes.” And production is coming together pretty fast.

Plans are underway for the film to shoot later this year, and will seemingly be bumping plans for Kurzel’s adaptation of John Le Carre’s “Our Kind Of Traitor,” which had Ralph Fiennes and Mads Mikkelsen lining up. A bit of bummer, but still, Fassy + Macbeth is a combo we won’t argue with. And speaking of the actor, who is currently lensing “X-Men: Days Of Future Past,” this is a nice meaty project to dive into after the VFX extravaganza. As for Lady Macbeth? Talks are apparently underway with an unnamed “Hollywood leading actress.” Suggestions?

[From Indie Wire]

Macbeth is a violent, murderous psycho. He’s crazed with power, he’s destructive, and he’s probably a sociopath. It’s a meaty role for any actor, and that’s why so many actors attempt it. I prefer Macbeth to Hamlet personally, but my favorite (and the play which I wish would be adapted more often) is Othello. Fassbender would make an AMAZING Iago to, say, Idris Elba’s Othello. That’s my dreamcasting for the day! Oh, but who should play Lady Macbeth to Fassy’s Macbeth? I would love to see him with another ginger. Someone tough. Ooooh, you know who would be really good? I hate to say it, but Jessica Chastain would be amaze-balls. DONE.

Photos courtesy of NYT, WENN, Esquire.

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  1. T.Fanty says:

    Why all the Macbeths? I have supped full already. I loves me some Thane of Cawdor, but EVERYONE is doing it these days. It’s getting old.

    • j.eyre says:

      That was my first thought as well (although I suppose I am in that group as well)

      And with all due respect, I could not get behind Chastain as Lady M. But Fassy would make a great Iago, don’t you think?

      • T.Fanty says:

        I think Chastain is overrated. I could see Fassbender as an Iago. I would prefer him in Marlowe’s Tamburlaine.

        Speaking of The Scottish Play, Idris Elba would making an INSANE Macbeth. He would break my heart.

      • LAK says:

        Miss eyre, Since reading your great re-working of Macbeth, i vote they make THAT into the film.

        On a serious note, i re-read the play again with you in mind.

        much more satisfying. You notice things that one had glazed over previously.

      • Anna says:


        Agreed on Chastain. I think she’s talented enough, but for me she definitely lacks presence. And Lady Macbeth is ALL about presence.

      • Marty says:

        You know it’s only now that awards season is over that I realize how much she was playing the game. She was getting paped practically everyday, and now? Nothing. I’m so naive…

      • T.Fanty says:

        @LAK: I LOVE the PlumeNotes Macbeth.

      • j.eyre says:

        Gosh, you guys *blush*, you sure know how to make a girl feel good. Thank you. Especially after a review I received this weekend of “you would expect that from you (me), but not a real writer.

        Idris would be a good Macbeth. My deep love for chiwetel ejiofor has him permanently cast as Othello in my mind.

        But who would be a good Lady M? I was thinking on my run, what about Danai Gurira? Not sure she has the chops but she might and she has the confidence and sex appeal for it. Angelina Jolie came to mind but I don’t know how she would fare with Shakespeare.

      • andrea says:

        I like Fassy for Macbeth, but yeah, Idris would kill it. Chastain is all right, but like Anna said, she lacks presence. I think the role requires a certain grandeur. I thought of Angelina as well, but I just can’t with her accents.

      • andrea says:

        How about Charlize for Lady Macbeth? Too much?

      • I Choose Me says:

        Let me jump on board the Idris for Macbeth train and yes, yes, yes! to Chiwetel Ejiofor as Othello. I love you so much right now j.eyre for that suggestion.

        Lovely Fassy. *Stares at pictures*

      • T.Fanty says:

        @ Miss Jane! Barnes and Noble just delivered my copy of your book! So exciting!

      • LAK says:

        Miss Eyre/ Miss Fanty: I am guilty as the next person of thinking that Lady M is a pretty powerful character. I’ve revised that opinion since re-reading the play and Plumnotes MacBeth. I think she is a weasal, but not a strong weasal. That automatically crosses out all the wishlist actresses with a powerful aura to them.

        I would want a Winona Ryder if you remember how manipulative she was in THE AGE OF INNOCENCE. Got her way by weasalling to it.

        BTW: speaking of Othello, amongst all the many, many adaptations of it, is a great Bollywood one called OMKARA. Who knew Saif Ali Khan could act!!!!

        i don’t know who Danai Gurira, but i shall go watch a few things to find out.

      • j.eyre says:

        @andrea – I thought about Charlize but, although I love her, if she plays a “strong” lady, she can chew the scenery and Lady M needs a more serpentine touch. I could be wrong. Also, isn’t Lady M one of those seductive but not classically beautiful types like Anne Boleyn and Cleopatra?

        @ICM – It’s always a pleasure to say Chiwetel’s name – albeit I would prefer in his ear and he is kissing my neck. He played the Othello role before so the idea is not actually mine (but I imagine him saying “I kiss the instrument of their pleasures” in my mind a lot.)

        @Fanty – well that was very nice of them. Did you offer them tea? I think you will appreciate the “What The Blog” chapter more than ever now.

        @LAK – Winona is a very interesting choice. I absolutely agree with manipulation being her strongest characteristic. And I think Winona could handle with Lady M comes undone. I really thought Keeley Hawes did a wonderful job in her role in the Re-Told version.

        Did any of you see Men of Respect back in the 90s? It’s a pretty good version (from what I remember) not perfect but they have some clever ways to modernize Macbeth.

        Off-topic – Coincidentally, did you know Michael Fassbender is responsible for the existence of PlumeNotes int he first place – nice bit of kismet, there.

    • Sade says:

      I also wonder why hollywood shuns Othello. I’m going to take a shot in the dark and say its the interracial relationship. What other reason could there be? Idris would be perfect.

      Off topic, glad you are back to covering seksy men. The CumberHiddles posts were striking unbearable volumes imho.

  2. Helen says:

    I love you, Kaiser. You should be in charge of casting movies, like, in ALL Hollywood.

    This totally made my day.

  3. moon says:

    Could the man be any sexier?

    Macbeth wasn’t just a degenerate psycho serial killer, he was a masculine hero and someone people looked up to, before he became corrupted. A dark heroic anti-hero. Fassy is PERFECT.

    And it’s so refreshing to see his face after all the pretty boys in Hollywood.

  4. Andrea says:

    I prefer MacBeth to Hamlet too. I will be first in line to see this if it goes through!

  5. Liz says:

    Andrea Riseborough would make an amazing Lady Mcbeth.

  6. Lucretia says:

    Not sure why he would need to do a Scottish accent; an English accent would be fine (and it’s set in the 11th century, so who knows what the Scots sounded like then)?!
    Riseborough would be good; people are also suggesting Kidman.
    This is an exciting project.

  7. kronster says:

    Fassy, my love….
    Finally some news about you…. <3

  8. Kelly says:

    Every Irishman can do a Scottish accent.

  9. Mel says:

    I just had a dream that the Bluth’s were starring in a production of MacBeth.

  10. Tessa says:

    Macbeth over Hamlet for me too. It’s one of my favorites. Heck, they’re all my favorite, what am I saying… except for The Tempest. What is that shit about? Seriously. I have attemped it so many times, and I am still so confused. Blah…

  11. Anna says:

    Here’s one man that does absolutely nothing for me.

    I’d love to see a big, sumptuous remake of Taming of the Shrew, or some other comedy. Now THAT would be fun to cast.

  12. Christina says:

    ”Macbeth is a violent, murderous psycho. He’s crazed with power, he’s destructive, and he’s probably a sociopath.”

    Have you read the play? Macbeth is actually a very cautious person who has to be goaded by his wife into killing Duncan. He is also plauged by guilt for the rest of his life. he is very far from being a ‘sociopath’. That’s the whole point of the play – his caution and guilt. If he were a ‘psycho’ it just wouldn’t be very interesting.

  13. truthful says:


    THIS, I want to see..love me some Fassy!!

    I love him in good meaty roles that test his abilities.

    this kinda made my day!

  14. Me says:

    I’m loving the idea of him playing Macbeth! But no American actress as Lady Macbeth, please. And yes, I’m American. I’d love to see Emily Blunt in the role. Also, Fass is Irish with an Irish accent. It’s not THAT far off from a Scottish accent. I’m pretty sure it’ll be a breeze for him. Having said that, I have a feeling they’re going to go with an English accent for this version. Whatever the case, he’s gonna kill it and I cannot wait.

  15. Bianca says:

    I’ve been watching the ShakespeaRe-Told series (thanks to some commenters who mentioned it in an older post! Thank you!) and now, everytime I hear “Macbeth”, I picture a shirtless James McAvoy in leather pants, gulping down milk.

    It’s a good thing.

  16. ncboudicca says:

    I think Reese Witherspoon would make a good Lady MacBeth.

  17. TheOriginalKitten says:

    He makes me feel funny in my no-no zone.

  18. Maya says:

    OMG YES. And why do you “hate to say” that Jessica Chastain would make a good Lady Macbeth? I think so too – she’s done Shakespeare before and trained classically at Juilliard. I know people here often say she’s overrated, but I have to disagree – I just saw Zero Dark Thirty, and she is fucking intense, and so different in every role. I can totally see her and Fassbender acting together. Please god, let this happen!

    Also, those pictures of him are…making me need some alone time. Especially that second to last one.

  19. Crumpets and Crotchshots says:

    Oh dear god, be still my pounding heart. This man is gorgeous. *swoon*

  20. truthful says:

    let’s keep w/the momentum though, Jessica C. would be good..

    not kiera knightley, because those dresses have to have major boob spillage.

    the costumes are going to be everything!

    not only is Fassy sexy and a rugged in a single malt kinda way, but his acting slays me.

    those pics are everything this morning!

  21. Harriet says:

    I would love to see Fassy in Macbeth. And I agree, I much prefer Macbeth to Hamlet. Oooh it would be so exciting.

    So..Michael was in this movie called Wedding Belles a while ago. And in that, he plays someone Scottish. There aren’t any clips of it online but he can do a Scottish accent very convincingly. If you want to see him dance however in the same movie…:)


    • Addison says:

      There are some clips of him doing the Scottish accent. He does well. I would think they would want to be as authentic as possible and Michael likes being authentic.

      I think if it’s a manipulative woman you guys are looking for Chastain could do it, but Amy Addams has surprised me.I don’t know there are many. Someone mentioned Cate Blanchet.

      Whatever he is in I will watch. He is so talented and I find him very attractive.

  22. Deb says:

    OMG Fassy in Macbeth???? #ShakespearePorn *faints*

    Don’t even let me dream of a Fassy/Idris pairing in Othello , it might kill me.

    Although TBH I didn’t care for Snowtown so IDK about thus director.

  23. grabbyhands says:

    Holy s**t, Kaiser!!! Othello was never my favorite Shakespeare tragedy (King Lear!!), but that is some dream casting right there-Fassy and Idris?? The needs to happen STAT. Damn good idea.

  24. Ai says:

    Hmmm I would watch Fassy as Macbeth but for actresses: would instantly drop this film if they cast Anne H. Nicole K is always considered but for me she has zero sex appeal to be believable for Lady M. Jessica C would be ok. I saw someone mentioned Andrea R, she would be good too. It would be my dream to see Rachel Weisz or Cate B but they probably have no time… I also personally think Gemma Arterton can do a good Lady M despite all the bad Hollywood action roles, she went to a classical acting school. Watch it be Charlize T or someone who’s hot like Jennifer L or random casting…

  25. Maya says:

    I got it! Rosamund Pike! She’s done Shakespeare before and has even played Hedda Gabler – Lady Macbeth has got to be a breeze after that.

  26. Paul Ó Dubhthaigh says:

    The whole fuss about accent is funny when you consider that the original MacBeth that Shakespeare did a hatchet job on would have spoken “Old Irish” as his first language and not english (with a scotch accent)

    MacBheatha after all means “son of life”.


  27. Christina says:

    I would LOVE to see Tilda Swinton in the role of Lady Macbeth. Some might say that, at 52, she’s too old to play opposite Fassbender, but honestly, they look about the same age. The fact that she is also of Scottish descent, and lives in Scotland, would make it all the more perfect.

    • Chordy says:

      I don’t think there are any young actresses out there could pull off Lady MacBeth’s intense presence and sexuality. Tilda would be amazing, and amazing opposite Fassbender. They’re both deeply sexy people. I think the fact that she’s a bit older than him would bring a really interesting nuance to the relationship. However, if they need a pretty young thing, Natalie Dormer is BRINGING IT on Game of Thrones this season.

      • Christina says:

        Agree. The role of Lady Macbeth requires an actress with depth and experience. Tilda would be perfect, and as you say, the fact that she’s older than Fassbender (though she really doesn’t look it) would actually add to the role.

        Agree that Natalie Dormer would be good if they wanted a younger actress. At first I didn’t really like her as Anne Boleyn in ‘The Tudors’ but she really grew into the role. Cate Blanchett would also be fab, but she’s always fab.

      • Chordy says:

        Yes! Cate would be STELLAR!

    • Crumpets and Crotchshots says:

      Tilda would be my choice, but alas it looks like it is going to Natalie Portman.

  28. EscapedConvent says:

    Eva Green for Lady Macbeth! Eva Green with Fassy would burn the house down.

    As a matter of fact…Eva Green for everything! She is riveting to watch.

    Fassy is ridiculously beautiful in these pics.

    Oh, the suggestion of Chiwetel Ejiafor for Othello—YES. Now I’m going to think about who should be Desdemona.

  29. T.Fanty says:

    Just FYI: Nextflix also has a contemporary version of Macbeth set in Australia with Sam Worthington that is pretty good.

  30. Mira says:

    LAK – Great points on Lady M and Winona Ryder in The Age of Innocence. However, I do think that Lady M is a very powerful character. Now it all depends on how we define what powerful is. Winona in The Age of Innocence is powerful because she is able to influence outcomes, only in a passive aggressive way. Lady M is far more complex than Macbeth, imo. I find her struggle between guilt and redemption fascinating. I’m still not sure if Lady M seeks redemption, but she’s definitely engulfed by guilt. Guilt as an emotion and as a concept in ethics and philosophy intrigues me. I wish to see more of Lady M centric films than Macbeth centric.

    Since you mentioned Omkara, which is my favorite adaptation of Othello, have you seen Maqbool? It’s by the same director – Vishal Bharadwaj. Macbeth and Lady M, I think, are weakly written characters but performed well by the actor (Irfan Khan) who plays Macbeth in the movie. However, see it for Duncun and the two witches (not three).

  31. Lucretia says:

    Natalie Portman has just been announced as Lady MacBeth.

  32. Zvonk says:

    He’s damn hot, but incredibly wrinkled for a 36 year old.

  33. skuddles says:

    I’ve developed a crush on Fassy (well, Prometheus, synthetic human David Fassy) but I wish he’d spiff up the hair a bit and lose the face scruff – looks sooo much better when he’s neatly groomed. But oh well, I guess I can still adore a mussy Fassy if I have to. Now what’s this I hear about him being a hard drinking, whip it out every time they ask to look at it, kind of guy??? ;)

  34. Meanchick says:

    I read that Natalie Portman was set to play Lady Macbeth. Hmmm. I don’t see it. Maybe the curvy red head from Mad Men?