Kellan Lutz broke up with Kellan Lutz’s Lutzy girlfriend Sharni Vinson

God, I was just thinking about Kellan Lutz earlier this week. Kellan Lutz is always on my Lutzy mind, so it’s good to see a Kellan Lutz story. We haven’t talked about the most important person in the world (Kellan Lutz!) in a while. Do you think Kellan Lutz worries that Kellan Lutz isn’t going to have much of a Kellan Lutzy career now that Twilight is done? I’m sure Kellan Lutz doesn’t think like that. Kellan Lutz is too positive. Kellan Lutz is a Lutzy optimist. Kellan Lutz will always have a career! Kellan Lutz is like Robert Pattinson. Kellan Lutz is a STAR.

Anyway, I have some bad news for Kellan Lutz fans (there are so many!). Kellan Lutz has a broken heart. Kellan Lutz and his Lutzy girlfriend Sharni Vinson have broken up! This is terrible for Kellan Lutz. Kellan Lutz has a hole in his heart that can only be filled by Dick (Kellan Lutz’s roommate who Kellan Lutz got off of Craigslist).

Kellan Lutz is single for the summer! The hunky Twilight star broke up with Australian actress Sharni Vinson in early May, several sources confirm to Us Weekly. Lutz, 28, and Vinson, 29, were first linked in September 2011.

Ironically, the former couple met during a chemistry reading for Step Up 3D. Though Vinson won the role of street dancer Natalie, Lutz never appeared in the dance flick.

In the early stages of their relationship, Lutz often gushed about his compatibly with Vinson.

“She’s a happy person, which really just clicks with me,” he once said of the Home and Away soap star. “It’s just great to have someone you can smile with all the time. It’s really special.”

The North Dakota native previously dated 90210 actress AnnaLynne McCord on-and-off from 2008 to 2010. Vinson, meanwhile, was linked to CSI: NY vet A. J. Buckley from 2007 to 2008.

Lutz currently appears in the film Syrup, costarring Amber Heard, Brittany Snow and Shiloh Fernandez. The drama is available on demand now and arrives in theaters June 7.

[From Us Weekly]

Kellan Lutz met Sharni during an audition for Step Up 3D? And Kellan Lutz was NOT cast?! And Kellan Lutz has a movie that’s being offered “on demand” right now, before it hits theaters? Well, that says a lot about Kellan Lutz’s Lutzy career. Poor Kellan Lutz. Not a lot going on for Kellan Lutz and Kellan Lutz’s serial killer eyes. No girlfriend, not a lot of work, and fading interest. But I have faith in Kellan Lutz. Kellan Lutz will figure it out.

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  1. Pastyousayyouneverknew says:

    OMG! I feel like we’ve been waiting for a Luttzy post for ages! You did not disappoint Kaiser 😉 Hilarious as always x

  2. DreamyK says:

    Horrible hair dye jobs is the only job he can get these days.

  3. aims says:

    I’m probably going to get yelled at here but, I really get a gay vibe off him.

    • Jen34 says:

      No yelling from me. Furthermore, I get him and Channing Tatum mixed up.

    • Trixie says:

      Interesting. I get a douchey frat boy vibe. I cant believe hes 28, I always put him at college-age.

      I did however get a gay vibe off Pattinson and Lautner. Kept expecting them to dive on each other in that film. Now i am going to get shouted at.

      • Emily says:

        Lautner yes, Pattinson no. But it’s the film. The source material makes Edward and Jacob seem even more into each other.

    • Kate says:

      me too. as Wendy William would say “How you doing”

  4. Angelduster says:

    I remember watching Sharni on Home and Away, good on her for getting roles over in the US.

  5. DeltaJuliet says:

    That girl really thinks she’s all that, doesn’t she? Wow.

  6. carol says:

    they both seem like a bunch of silly boobs :/

  7. T.Fanty says:

    So Kellan Lutz is single? Form an orderly queue, ladies!

    Is there a name out there for a collective of Kellan Lutz fans? (apart from brain-dead, of course)

    • Erinn says:

      I think it should be “Kellan’s Lutzy Ladies”. But are there die-hard Kellan fans?

      I have to say, the guy never ceases to amuse me.

      • j.eyre says:

        We could call ourselves Kellannies! (Which is really better than SLutz)

        I have the outfit Sharni is wearing in the last photo – think I should put that on and wander around the local libraries to attract Kellan Lutz? And maybe add a few more “i’s” to my name?

      • I Choose Me says:

        You know my dong loving shame box seems to broken thanks to Celebitchy and so I’ll say here and now that I count myself a Lutzy lady. Funnily enough, my soft spot for him is a direct result of these posts. That and the anecdotes of people who’ve met him and say that he’s a sweetheart.

  8. Tiffany says:

    I have a soft spot for Kellen Lutz. He is harmless and there are never stories of him being vicious to fans or public servants. I think he can niche for himself in Hollywierd…and get another girlfriend.

    • Kaiser says:

      Yeah, I’ve heard that he’s very nice to fans too. I don’t wish him any harm, I just think Kellan Lutz is Lutzy and amazing.

    • c'est la vie says:

      True – he did a good skit on funnyordie that actually made me like the Lutzy way he went about it.

      It was actually laugh out loud funny. In a good way.

    • Tig says:

      I wish him well, too. He appears to be gracious and respectful. He may be a wee too much into self-love, but not in a douche-y way. Anyway, isn’t On Demand the wave of the future? Bet he hopes so!

  9. Annie says:

    Hey I’ve met Kellan a bunch of times and he’s very sweet. He’s not this ego macho dude. He’s silly and funny.

    I do get a gay vibe from him.

    • Miss Kiki says:

      You’ve met Kellan ‘Kellan Lutz Lutz? How, when and where? I’m fascinated by him.

      • whatsyourbeef says:

        My husband worked with him on a film (Immortals) and said much the same. I tried to get some insults out of him, but he had nothing but good things to say. Lutz is full of Lutzian charm it seems!

    • Emily says:

      I’m getting a serious bi vibe from him. Like, 1910s semi-celebrity about town who has a faux accent and sleeps with everything.

  10. brin says:


  11. LadyMTL says:

    They both look so orange in some of these pics…Oompa Loompa! (Or rather, Oompa Lutza?)

    TBH I tend to forget that Kellan Lutz even exists.

  12. Another Ann says:

    How could you leave out the picture of him sitting in a tree reading a book? That is the all time definitive Kellan Lutz picture. A classic.

    Dude is harmless, but not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, tbh.

  13. Dids says:

    I like the white dress. I don’t like her. (I dont like sayint things that gratuitous… but I couldn’t help it.)

  14. Bedge says:

    Soooooo…. Have been a reader for many years, although the nature of Kellan lutz posts is lost on me! Did I miss a lutzy post from way back which dictated further writings of him? Please explain the lutzy joke … Cause I missed it!

    • I Choose Me says:

      He once referred to himself in the third person in an interview and Kaiser just ran with it.

      I love her Lutzy posts. They’re up there with the From the Desk of Clive Owens posts.

      • Miss M says:

        @I Choose me: totally agree with you! These are my two fave posts: Lutz and from the desk of Clive owen…

  15. Emily says:

    I love your Kellan Lutz pieces. I don’t even know who he played in Twilight — I just know him from this site.

  16. Jenn says:

    She needs to EAT!

  17. Stacia says:

    I kinda like the guys with serial killer eyes. Cillian Murphy also comes to mind.

  18. Mr. Stinky FishFace says:

    He is like…a less hot more ripped Chris Pratt? I dunno I can’t dig Lutzy but I’ll take Pratt any day any way.

  19. rose says:

    Where have I seen her before?

  20. LittleDeadGirl says:

    Now he has time to devote to curing cancer or world peace. Kellan Lutz for president!