Has Macaulay Culkin traded the drug life for a 60 cigarette per day habit?

Macaulay Culkin

Here are some photos of Macaulay Culkin smoking it up in London on 4/10. The guy looks pretty rough, and unfortunately, that’s nothing new where he is concerned. Macaulay started looking really skinny and wasted in early 2012. Last fall, the Enquirer printed a story about how Macaulay was a heroin and oxycontin addict, which Macaulay of course denied, and then the Enquirer named its source. BAM.

Now the Enquirer has struck out again at Macaulay and is going light on the drug talk in lieu of claiming that the former child star is nursing a very severe, 60-ciggies-per-day smoking habit. That’s about three packs, right? Gross:

Macaulay Culkin

After a desperate battle to get off drugs, Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin is now destroying himself with cigarettes, say insiders. The troubled 32-year-old actor is smoking an astonishing 60 cigarettes a day and putting his life at risk of deadly lung cancer! “Mac has swapped out one deadly habit for another,” declared a concerned pal. “It’s a nightmare!”

Las August, the Enquirer revealed that the former child star was a heroin addict who also abused painkillers. Now, he’s said to be off heroin and trying to clean up his act, but he’s tragically relying on another life-threatening crutch. “He’s put his nicotine addiction into overdrive,” revealed another friend. “Almost every time I see him, he has a cigarette danging from his lips and is puffing furiously.”

If Macaulay, who favors Marlboro cigarettes, doesn’t change his ways, he faces a bleak future, warn medical experts. Dr. Jerome Spunberg, a Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., radiation oncologist, who has not treated Macaulay, told the Enquirer he has “30 times the risk” of dying form lung cancer than a nonsmoker.

And Dr. Herman Kattlove, former spokesman of the Amercan Cancer Societ, who does not treat the actor, added that Culkin’s lung cancer risk will “eventually exceed 100 times that of a nonsmoker” if he keeps puffing away at his current three-pack-a-day rate.

To make matters worse, Culkin is also downing cognac, beer and energy drinks, divulge insiders. Palys believe that the actor’s bad habits are spurred on by problems, including his recent split with an ex-stripper girlfriend. As the Enquirer has reported, he also had a major run-in with a photographer outside a nightclub in Brighton, England, and suffered an embarrassing snub from his former girlfriend, Black Swan beauty Mila Kunis.

“All of this has Mac very stressed out, and that causes him to smoke more,” noted the friend. “He’s coughing a lot, his teeth are yellowing, and friends and family are worried he’s killing himself.”

[From Enquirer, print edition, May 27, 2013]

Don’t you love how the Enquirer has sniffed out some “experts” to provide details of the commonly understood risks involved with chain smoking? I believe this story though because Macaulay is seldom photographed without his beloved cigarettes, and I certainly don’t buy that Macaulay has traded one addiction for another. That is, I don’t see any conceivable way to argue that the dude is off drugs. If there was to be any hope at all of this guy staying clean, the fact that he just became roomies with Pete Doherty would ruin everything. Supposedly, these two are “bonded over their love of poetry and art,” but they’re also bonding over their mutual love of the tourniquet.

Here’s how good old wastrel Pete looked last August at the Parisian premiere of his dumb movie, Confessions D’un Enfant Du Siecle. He looks pretty sweaty as always, but this is actually one of his cleaner moments, dirtwise.

Pete Doherty

Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN

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  1. Cam S says:

    He is Mila’s “Demi”. It is so sad when a breakup takes this kind of toll on someone. I’m convinced he is heart broken. JMO

    • Vickyb says:

      Agreed. I think Mila was a really healthy ‘break’ for him in a pretty rubbish set-up – crappy family, childhood, and now a difficult career.

      I don’t believe that anyone who’s managed to successfully nix a heroin habit would move in with Pete Doherty.

    • FLORC says:

      Please help me with this. they dated for a really long time, right? Like at least 8 years? He looked like he was heavily into drugs for the majority of their relationship. I don’t think Mila and the break up was the cause of him looking this bad. We’re just seeing him more because he’s out more. Mila may have been company in his drug den and now he has to go looking for company.

      Or am I wrong? If you know please fill me in.

  2. juststeph says:

    Why’s it gotta be one or the other?

  3. SmokeyBlues says:

    What on earth happened to this guy. I wish he would get it together. No matter what he has done it has always been apparent that he has a sweet-natured soul, that is why he was so engaging as a kid. This is sad and I don’t think you can just blame it on breaking up with Mila. There is way more going on here than that.

    • bcgirl says:

      For one thing he was almost definitely abused as a child by a very famous celebrity.
      Lots and lots of information and eye witness accounts from the staff of that celebrity regarding that.

  4. Esmom says:

    Whatever he’s doing, he seems to have put on a bit of much-needed weight. He looks less emaciated, especially in the face, and a shade healthier compared to the “right at death’s door” stage he seemed to be when we saw him last.

    • lady mary. says:

      yeah ,he looks healthier and much better ,looks like pete is a good roomie:P

    • 5thHouse says:

      Kudos to the weight-gain.

    • BeachBelle says:

      He definitely looks better, but the cigs are going to kill him. I can’t help but remember when he was young and so very cute. Drugs really did a number on his looks. I assume he doesn’t work at all anymore.

      • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

        Yeah I think I read he’s a DJ, atleast when those very disturbing, deathly photos of him came out..though not sure how successful he is/was at DJ’ing. Can’t imagine it was super lucrative.

    • Erinn says:

      It’s sad how much better he looks, and the poor guy still doesn’t look “good”.

      At least he’s looking healthier than last time we discussed him

  5. Eleonor says:

    If he lives with Pete Doherty to me it means he is a mess. So sorry to hear that.

  6. CandyKay says:

    I believe it is very common for recovering addicts to smoke a lot of cigarettes.

    • tyler says:

      It’s true. I spent about 8 months in a rehab facility, and although I was an occasional smoker before I entered, I definitely started smoking like a fiend once I quit drinking and drugs. Most of the clients who were there for addiction also smoked. Not surprising.

  7. Anon says:

    He must smell like a cigarette all the time, his hair, his clothes, his apt, everything. 🙁

  8. Lulu.T.O. says:

    They should just leave him alone now. The cigarettes are better than the heroin. It’s common for addicts to switch to cigs for awhile after they stop narcotics. He will likely taper himself if he manages to stay clean for a long enough period of time.

    • Hakura says:

      I’m not sure he’s really backed off on the other drugs, but I completely agree with you that everyone (especially the damned tabloids) should just leave him alone.

      Even making the very worst decisions, his life belongs to him, so they’re his to make (& pay for) as he pleases.

  9. Jenna says:

    *shudders* I feel gross just looking at those pictures. Hopefully he gets the help he needs.

  10. Squiz says:

    Ha, I read the heading of this piece totally wrong. I thought it said “Has Macaulay Culkin traded in DRAG life for a 60 cigarette per day habit”

    I was like, he was a tranny? Click

    • Liz says:

      A. Drag and transgender aren’t interchangeable terms. There are transgendered drag queens, but being a drag queen does not necesarily make one transgendered.

      B. Casually dropping the term tranny gives one the impression that you are an ignorant bigot. It’s on par with any other racial/ethnic/sexually derogative terms.

      • Squiz says:

        Who said anything about transgenders? Drag! as in Transvestite you know someone who dresses in clothes worn by another gender.

        Sheesh, lighten up! My comment wasn’t bigoted at all. I know plenty of transvestites and they all call themselves trannys (but they actually have a sense of humour), no different if I called someone gay, who was homosexual or is that not PC in your book either

  11. Dawn says:

    Of course not! Ciggs are drugs just legal and very expensive from what I hear but I am sure they are less expensive than Heroine. The ciggs won’t kill him as fast as his other drug of choice however. Plus he is said to be living with Amy Winehouse’s ex. Not good. I wonder how many times he has already overdosed. I guess we could call him a dead man walking at this point. How sad.

  12. Londongal says:

    Macauly moving in with bone fide drug addict and harbinger of doom and death Pete Doherty? I *literally* can’t see what could possibly go wrong?! Tragic.

  13. serena says:

    dear god…….I just hope he won’t die this young..it’s terrible what he’s doing to himself.

  14. Hakura says:

    I truly don’t want to hear anything else (publicly) about him, unless it’s about him moving in a positive direction.

    I send him all the positive energy & prayers I have. He’s had such a hard life. =( I just hope it doesn’t end before he’s able to improve it.

  15. Asdfg says:

    Jesus! I can barely smoke 10 cigarrettes a day!

  16. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    This is so sad. He looks empty and lifeless. What a shame he is wasting his life away on drugs. There is so much more out there. I will never be able to understand why people start down this path that is so difficult to overcome past a certain point. Would love to see this guy make a turnaound. Grew up on Home Alone and My Girl, so this hits pretty hard. Can’t imagine how his loved ones must feel. He needs to let someone help him before it’s too late!!!!

  17. Anners says:

    I saw him outside the Louvre a couple of weeks ago. He is really frail looking – all hunched over, head encased in earphones….looked unkempt. I believe he was even wearing that same plaid shirt. It was really sad.

  18. Alexa says:

    He’s so adorable! I wish I were younger. Did anyone see him on Will and Grace when he played Karen’s divorce lawyer? He was so good.

    • littlestar says:

      Yes! I had forgotten about that. He was very good on there. He really was (maybe still is) a talented actor. Shame this is where he is at now :(.

  19. Zeo says:

    This is nothing new, there are pictures of Macaulay heavily smoking since he was a teenager.

  20. donna says:

    Macaulay’s been smoking since he was like 14. And he isn’t living with pete doherty, thats just a lie The Sun made up. Pete and his manager both denied that story on twitter. There really is nothing wrong the guy. He’s just unattractive.

  21. donna says:

    and his cigarette of choice is parliments. He said so on Har mar superstars podcast last year.

  22. KellyinSeattle says:

    I really loved him in the Home Alone movies, and now my son likes to watch them….his talent has stood a little test of time. What I want to know is, doesn’t he have a bunch of brothers and sisters? I know of Kerinan (?)….Iust wondering if he has any support, or are his family members a bunch of leeches? I wish him the very best. Love him!

    • Marianne says:

      Keiran and Rory are in the business. I dont know about his other siblings.

  23. Marianne says:

    He does look healthier than last time.