Bryce Dallas Howard on her baby weight critics: ‘people are so vicious’

Bryce Dallas Howard, 32, had her second baby, daughter Beatrice, in January, 2012. I remember seeing photos of her in May, just five months later, and feeling bad for her because the tabloids were running them. I also related to what she was going through. She didn’t lose her baby weight right away, and neither did I. I ballooned with my first and only kid and it took me about a year to lose the weight, just like Bryce.

Bryce is back in the spotlight now and has been attending events. She recently admitted to Radar Online that she found online weight critics “vicious” and that she worked to ignore them. Good for her. She’s promoting her voice work narrating the book on tape for her mother’s latest novel, In the Face of Jinn. Here’s her interview with Radar:

Bryce Dallas Howard… was slammed for her weight after she appeared on a red carpet just days after giving birth to her first child, but she told in an exclusive interview that she immediately stopped reading the negative comments.

“People are so vicious,” Bryce said about the snarky comments.

“I now know to stay away from stuff that I used to see on the Internet. I don’t go online and read stories about myself anymore. People were picking on me when I did the Spiderman 3 press tour literally just 14 days after I gave birth.

“I can’t be in that headspace. I just don’t look myself up. I had a baby, that isn’t going to change, so I ignore things so I can be in my own little bubble.”

Bryce is now a mother of two and she said that her own mother, Cheryl Howard, has been a “great role model” for her and her children.

“It isn’t anything she ever says to me,” she said. “It’s that she is brilliant and steady and a rock for our family.”

Bryce recorded an audiobook of her mother’s novel In the Face of Jinn and she said that Cheryl “works her butt off keeping our family going.”

The 32-year-old said that doing the book on tape was her father’s idea and she poured her heart and soul into the project.

“It was not easy! I worked with the same dialect coach I used on The Help but I did all the characters and I am so proud of the book,” she told Radar.

“Doing it was so meaningful and has given so much to both of us. My mother is an exceptional woman of integrity and it was such a big deal for her to accomplish the book. I hope I make her proud.”

[From Radar Online]

That’s so nice that she’s helping her mother out like that and worked so hard to get the characters’ voices right. Bryce is a decent actress and unlike other celebrity daughters I feel like she’s earned her place in film. She was very good in 50/50 and in The Help. She excels at playing those bitchy type characters and she’s able to play it up without overacting.

Also, Bryce has admitted that she suffered severe postpartum depression with her first child, son Theo, born in February, 2007. She said she was depressed for about a year and a half and admitted that she felt disconnected from her baby, calling her depression “insidious” and “horrible.” She risked it again to have her second child, only to deal with weight critics. Good for her for working to ignore them and focusing on herself and her family. Now I’d like to see her get more work.

Bryce is shown on April 16 and 19, 2013. Credit:

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  1. SamiHami says:

    Of course by Hollywood standards if you aren’t bikini-ready within a week of giving birth you have somehow failed. How dumb.

    God, it’s hard to think of Opie Cunningham as a grandfather!

  2. Kate says:

    I felt so bad for her. She must feel so much pressure. I think people were a bit intrigued by her weight gain because she really did not look big AT ALL when she was almost ready to give birth and then the pictures came out and she looked like a different person. Like, she didn’t Jessica Simpson her way through her pregnancy and then have trouble losing the weight. She seemed pretty small throughout it and then seemed bigger after giving birth. Still, she shouldn’t have been criticized.

    • Breanne says:

      She shouldn’t be criticized but neither should Jessica Simpson. Its weird to me how some people are criticized and its okay and others its not. Why?

      With Kim K., people pretend they’re criticizing her clothing choices, with Jessica S., they pretended they were concerned for her baby’s health, etc. No, people are making fun of their weight. Just because Jessica admitted she ate a poptart does not mean people should be cruel to her.

      The celebrity bashing double standards always intrigue me.

      • Sam says:

        I think Jessica took more heat because it became pretty clear that she gained the weight on purpose to effect a bigger loss when she started weight watchers. She also played dumb with it and stated that she didn’t know that all the weight wasn’t immediately lost with the baby. I think there’s a vast difference between gaining a lot of weight because of complications, or genetics or just because you love to eat and doing so to make a payday. But I think that is why people treated them so differently.

      • Seagulls says:

        Nah, Kim’s pregnancy clothing choices are pretty tragic and are fair game for discussion. Insulting the body beneath them is tacky as all get out, though. I like TLo’s policy of discussing the clothing without body snarking.

      • bridget says:

        I think there’s a big difference in the criticism of Ms Howard vs the KK and the Jessica Simpson. Both KK and JS turned their bodies into commodities – they are essentially the product that they’re selling, whether it’s their ‘hot’ body (remember Jessica and the Dukes of Hazzard?) or how they lose weight or what they look like in a bathing suit, etc. They’re making a living by selling themselves, and by turning their pre-pregnancy selves into commodities they’ve made their pregnant selves into commodities, for better or for worse.

  3. Nicole says:

    Sadly, i think she may be over because she’s not super thin and she’s past 22.

    • Lauren Carter says:

      What a mean thing to say. Sad indeed.

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      Hopefully it will be the other way – she is refreshingly naturally beautiful as compared to the cookie cutter thinnie minnies whom you can’t tell apart.

      • Diana says:

        Yeah, I think she’s gorgeous and a good actress, this is far from the end for her.

      • amilu says:

        This. I’ve loved her since The Village. I want to see more of her! I think she’s gorgeous — whatever size she is.

  4. Murphy says:

    You’re fab Bryce!! Thanks for being someone I can look up to!

    Aw man, she’s never going to read this is she :/

  5. karmasabiatch! says:

    Gorgeous and talented lady. I wish people (and by people I mean primarily women) would stop body shaming other ladies. Particularly for bringing new life into the world? Uh, no, just wrong. Bryce is beautiful.

  6. aims says:

    As someone who’s experienced postpartum, the last thing I needed was jabs about my baby weight. She always seemed like the most grounded celebrity child .

  7. Cody says:

    I hope I don’t sound too snarky, but her father is Ron Howard who has his own production company and a lot of money to probably produce any show or movie that she could be in, so I am not really that worried about her. She will either spring back with offers on her own or her family will help her out. Also, she grew up in Hollywood, she must have known that there is quite some pressure to look a certain way in Hollywood. I am sure she even heard at the dinner table growing up with a famous father in the business.

  8. Anne O'Neame says:

    She looks good! It seemed that she gained quite a bit of weight postpartum based on her pregnancy photos. A similar thing happened to me after my second. It was one of the most confounding and upsetting things I experienced. Even with breast feeding round the clock, running, and eating normally, the weight didn’t go until 10 months. Maybe my body was hoarding fat and water while nursing, and once baby started eating more solids, it came off very quickly. I was back in my regular clothes after 6 weeks with the first, so I wasn’t expecting it to be so different the second time around. Hah. I was such a smug bitch, judging women for not losing weight quickly. Well, I learned my lesson!

    • Sugar says:

      the second one for me was how I discovered weight watchers. It was that last 15 pounds @ the time my baby was 9 mos old & I still nursed her so I followed the nursing mothers program. That was 27 years ago!

  9. Micki says:

    “People were picking on me ….just 14 days after I gave birth.”

    I think my belly was hanging down around my knees 2 weeks after I gave birth.

    I guess her attackers were all moms who shed the baby weight the second they left the clinic.

  10. Jenna says:

    I’ve actually liked the little work of hers that I’ve seen; especially her role in ‘The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond. 🙂

  11. Jane says:

    Sorry but she looked really unhealthy in the postbaby photos. Its a natural reaction that because she is a celebrity is more present. Any woman walking down the street looking like that would get a stare. Glad she is working on getting healthy again.

    • Bodhi says:

      Unhealthy? You have got to be kidding. She looks like a woman who had a baby. Not everyone manages to lose all the baby weight right away. In fact, I’d hazard a guess that MOST woman don’t lose the weight right away.

      • mira says:

        No, there’s more to it than she just had a baby. No one should be expected to have the figure of a stick insect mere weeks after giving birth, but as someone else mentioned, several months post partum, she appeared to be LARGER than at the end of the pregnancy.

      • Anne O'Neame says:

        Exactly! There was a significant amount of postpartum weight gain. In my experience, some amount of weight gain is normal, albeit frustrating, but I think Bryce gained quite a bit. Who knows why. I hope she’s doing well.

      • cyndy says:

        Not everyone manages to lose all the baby weight right away
        Duh. But most people don’t GAIN a ton of weight after the birth Sherlock.

  12. Kate says:

    I never thought of her as a great beauty or anything, but she is stunning in the header photo.

  13. Katie says:

    Why was she at a premiere 14 days after giving birth? She doesn’t play Spiderman himself, right? She shouldn’t have been attacked for her weight, but I don’t know why didn’t stay home with the baby. Maybe she couldn’t “connect” with the second one, either.

    • Sam says:

      Maybe because she actually has a life and career and wanted to go out and celebrate it? I don’t know, just a guess.

  14. SE says:

    Love her dad, love her. I think she’s a great actress, and really beautiful.

  15. Guest says:

    What the hell is she talking about?Who made fun of her and her weight,who?I would like her to show us these commments and websites.I never heard anything about her weight and no one mentioned it,except her.Not one story on celebitchy even.The truth is these actresses are the ones who are obsessed with losing the baby weight so they can get back to work and be cast as the sexy love interest.With the exception of Kim K.(who loves to be talked about anyway)no one mentions their weight,or cares.I think she’s lying.

  16. vicky says:

    Hey Bryce no one gives a shit!! Spoiled Hollywood brat! Cry me a damn river!

  17. Wow says:

    I lost most of the baby weight immediately after my daughter’s birth. 6 weeks later my thyroid crapped out and I put on a lot of weight. It took a while for things to even out and lose the weight, even with diet and exercise. It’s called postpartum thyroiditis and is not uncommon.

  18. mia says:

    Wow! An actress that didn’t buy her babies! Impressive.
    She is an amazing actress and really beautiful no matter what she weighs.