Fantasia Barrino ignores sheriff, home will be auctioned on Monday


Apparently “American Idol” winner Fantasia Barrino has quite the long history of not paying her bills. Last month we told you that Fantasia’s $1.3 million home was in foreclosure and would be auctioned off if she didn’t do anything. Though she’s had an entire month, Fantasia has failed to respond to any of the sheriff’s office’s dozen attempts to get in touch with her. The sheriff’s rep claims that they try to help people and give them the opportunity to pay before auctioning off someone’s home. Yet Fantasia doesn’t seem to be interested. And this isn’t the first time she’s failed to pay up on significant debts.

Fantasia Barrino – who faces the loss of her $1.3 million home here in a debtor’s auction set for noon Monday – is apparently ignoring the looming legal threat, officials told The Post yesterday. The inspirational “American Idol” winner owes a Florida credit company $65,000 – money she borrowed in 2006 to pay back taxes she owed the IRS.

Mecklenburg County sheriff’s deputies, who are responsible for enforcing civil court orders, have tried at least a dozen times to reach Barrino at the home and by phone, said Sgt. J.W. England, a supervisor of civil judgments. A deputy spoke a couple of times to Barrino’s mother, but never reached the star, who appears to be ignoring attempts to save her house, officials said. “We try very hard and give the defendant every opportunity to pay,” England said yesterday.

Over the course of about a year, Barrino has never responded to court documents, and no lawyer ever appeared in court to represent her, said Larry Goldman, a Charlotte attorney representing the credit company, Broward Energy Management. Barrino, 24, has made no payments and filed no documents since The Post reported a court-ordered lien on the property in Charlotte’s upscale Piper Glen neighborhood last month. “My client has continuously asked me why they won’t just pay it,” Goldman said. “I just don’t have an answer.”

[From the New York Post]

My goodness. It sounds like Fantasia has some money management problems. And like she’s living a lifestyle that’s more expensive than what she can afford. The Post goes into a few of her larger recent debt issues.

In 2005, Barrino nearly lost another home she owns in Charlotte as well as her red $240,000 Mercedes Benz. She apparently ignored a lien on that home, valued at $740,000, brought by the neighborhood association after she failed to pay fees and other costs. The case was eventually dismissed, according to court documents. Last year, Barrino failed to pay a promissory note on $187,809 she borrowed to buy her Mercedes. The dealership that sold her the car sued, but the matter was resolved.

[From the New York Post]

I wasn’t aware that semi-famous former “American Idol” winners could afford $240,000 cars. Actually, I guess I’m right: they can’t. Fantasia starred in “The Color Purple” on Broadway for a bit but left without an explanation. She was in a Lifetime movie and has put out some music. But she hasn’t been as wildly successful as other winners – nor has she completely faded into oblivion like some. She’s somewhere in the middle, but buying cars like she’s Carrie Underwood. Fantasia obviously needs to get her finances in order, and hopefully (miraculously) pull something together by Monday.

Here’s Fantasia at the Grammy’s in February. Images thanks to Bauer-Griffin.


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  1. Nikki G. says:

    yeah… this happens when people win contests, lottery etc. it’s the curse of the nouveau riche. sad.

  2. rules says:

    According to those pictures she needs a stylist!

  3. RReedy says:

    She doesn’t look like she has a lick of sense. Probably not equipped to take care of her own business. Very sad.

  4. kc454 says:

    I can’t believe she’s blown such a good opportunity. Fantasia knows what it’s like to be poor so you’d think she’d be smart with her money, but then again, some people you just can’t help. Who needs a $240,000 car? Senseless spending, and as a brother, I have no sympathy for her and didn’t like her all that much to begin with but now I really don’t like her. IT’S DUMB! She’s going through this due to her own ignorance.

  5. Jane says:

    Doesn’t she have a kid too?

  6. Abby says:

    She literally can’t read, from what I understand. I wonder if that helps her ignore everything. Shame or avoidance type of thing. (Even though she obviously has “people” to do the reading for her.)

  7. dubdub2000 says:

    The problem is that she’s illiterate which means totally uneducated so that if she has surrounded herself with the wrong people she doesn’t have a chance in hell to sort out her money affairs.

    Clearly the fact that she’s borrowing money to pay taxes (!) and quarter million dollar cars says that she’s not any better with numbers than with letters.

    This is rather sad for she was given a great chance to put her life back on track after some very poor life choices on her part and she’s throwing it all down the tube…

  8. Starla says:

    I cannot believe she won AI. Why??

  9. Having seen pictures of the hideous house in question, I cant blame her for not putting for much effort to keep it. Its dog ugly.

  10. Baholicious says:

    I breaks my heart that so many people (50 million in the US alone)are illiterate…I knew a couple once who were ‘functionally illiterate,’ meaning they could manage the newspaper TV Guide and that was about it.

    It is known though that popular series novels like Harlequin Romance, Flowers in the Attic, that kind of tripe is written for someone who has a Grade 8 reading ability. That’s the bell curve of North American literacy I suppose.

    I think the best way to prevent illiteracy is to read to children starting when they are very young and giving them a love, and sense of excitement, for the stories and adventures that come out of books. That makes them WANT to read.

    Unfortunately nowadays that isn’t always possible with single parent families, mothers working shiftwork jobs etc. A lot of families can’t even eat together, nevermind have a special moment like ‘storytime.’ It’s so sad.

  11. Ednonymous says:

    What else could you expect from someone who calls themselves ‘Fantasia’?

  12. Baholicious says:

    @Ednonymous: That’s not fair, lots of strippers can read.

  13. Lysette says:

    So much for her daughters college education. We all know where this is going.

  14. cookiepuss says:

    This isn’t at all surprising. The thing about getting to adulthood still illiterate is that it’s a really good indicator of your AVOIDANCE skills. That’s a lot of hard work, dodging written tests (like at the DMV!), school teachers, restaurant menus, etc. Years and years of avoidane and ignoring the fact that you’re lacking a basic survival skill. It is hard to survive in this country (and impossible to thrive) without knowing how to read. Fantasia is an avoidance MASTER. I can’t explain the $240,000 car except to say that being illiterate has nothing to do with being a DUMBASS.

    I have a good deal of sympathy for a CHILD who is illiterate. I tutored a 4th grader several years ago who had trouble with words like CAT and BAT. She barely had the alphabet down. She was also homeless so I’m sure moving around a lot.

  15. MJ says:

    This is what happens when you give money to illiterate trash!

  16. Aspen says:

    You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but….

    Being illiterate doesn’t have anything to do with a total lack of common sense.

    If you have $5, then you can’t afford to buy a $10 item. So, unless she never learned to count, either, then the whole, “Feel sorry for me because I can’t read,” doesn’t wash.

    She’s been a millionaire for several years, now. If she had any wish at all to improve herself, she could’ve done it. Instead, she’s gone about spending with all the reckless abandon of blind hedonism.

    I’m sorry to see it happen, but there it is.

    And P.S. She won AI because her voice is unique, pleasing, and very marketable.

  17. barneslr says:

    “It is known though that popular series novels like Harlequin Romance, Flowers in the Attic, that kind of tripe is written for someone who has a Grade 8 reading ability”

    Actually, they are written on a much lower level than that. I used to tutor an illiterate adult and when the prescribed curriculum became too boring, I would have him read things like Reader’s Digest, etc. because they are written on about a 4th grade level. It really helped-it kept my student interested. After about 2 years of weekly sessions, he was a fairly proficient reader!

  18. jean says:

    Fantasia was not in “The Color Purple” on Broadway for a ‘bit’. She was in the musical for just about a year, if not longer. Her contract was even extended a few months. She is/was filming the movie version of the musical. She did garner rave reviews during her stint on Broadway, though. But..apparently she is another nouveau riche that became rich too fast and could not manage her money-or couldn’t find someone else who could. And purchasing a $240,000 car?? Pure EGO-driven. She needs to think of her daughter first before she goes out and starts spending money she doesn’t have.
    To the poster who wrote:”…someone who calls herself Fantasia.” That is her REAL name; not just a stage name.

  19. vdantev says:

    WTF is up with that hairstyle ? Is she up for the character of Aunty in a remake of Beyond Thunderdome ?

  20. says:


    Please regroup and get it together.
    You are really killing the rags to riches theme. You have single mothers putting there self thruough college everyday withe the help of student loans, grants, etc. However, you were given a big blessing and irresponsibility is all you’ve shown. Music sounds great but that isn’t enough.
    Family will be be there when u r up an going down.Everyone has to pull there own weight. You are not ther savior. Let somethings go. I have had 2 houses when I was 26 and sold them because it but me in a better financial situation and credit standing. Now I have 3 more, a 2year old daughter and a great husband. Surround yourself w/ positive people and see what happens. Praise god and humble yourself.He’ll do the rest. I hope you are paying ya tithes.
    Bottom Line—
    Stop Shopping
    You don’t need a man right now-you need a brain
    Limit your debts/Save some money
    Please Think of Zion’s Future

  21. hope things work out for the best she was great in the color purple and wish her sucess in the future. Perhaps if she hires an accountant or attorney that could budget items so something so important as housing does not end up as a last priority in spending.

  22. keyonnna says:

    fantasia can i stay with you one day please tell zoin that i said hey