Kate Winslet says Grazia magazine made up diet story

British magazine Grazia makes up a ton of shit about celebrities, and is recently responsible for the “Jennifer Aniston is adopting two American babies” claim. Kate Winslet has called them on their story that she visited a diet doctor, and said it particularly offends her because she’s a role model for healthy, normal-sized women and does not want girls to think she’s a hypocrite. She’s planning on suing the magazine:

The allegations, which were printed in the glossy magazine Grazia, are “completely untrue,” Winslet told reporters on the red carpet at the BAFTA awards in London on Sunday.

“I’m going to fight for myself. I don’t want people thinking that I would ever go to a diet doctor, I would ever buy into that stuff,” Winslet, who is nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for her role in Little Children, told a BBC radio interviewer. “I never have done, I never will.”

Last week, Grazia printed a story alleging that the actress visited the Chinese Healing Institute in Santa Monica to help with neck pain, and also to lose weight.

On Monday, attorneys for the actress at Schillings law firm in London said proceedings for libel were being issued. Winslet’s rep, Sara Keene, underlined her client’s feelings, saying: “Kate is angry and upset about it because it is an issue she feels very strongly about. She will be issuing legal proceedings. She wants to get the message out there….”

“I will continue to say what I feel about this issue of women being thin and emaciated. It’s just out of control,” she said Sunday. “I know I’m a role model to young women. It’s a role that I take very, very seriously and I would never want anyone to ever think I was a hypocrite in doing something like going to a diet doctor, for goodness sake. I mean, it’s really, really ridiculous.”

Kate said she has “a real woman’s figure” and that she doesn’t starve herself. She looks pretty gorgeous to me, and at least someone is standing up for the size 6/8 women.

Mandy Moore recently said that she felt bad about being a normal size, and that she would go to a photo shoot and be expected to fit into a 0 or a 1 sample size:

“I want to be healthy, but in a industry where you can’t wear a sample size because it’s like a 0 or 2, it makes you feel bad about yourself. To go to photo shoot, its like, ‘Ugh, God, can’t you just at least get a regular size, like a 6 or 8 or something?”

I would freaking love to be a size six, which I was able to maintain when I was single but seems kind of out of reach at this point. I got down to a six again briefly before the holidays, but am an eight now. It takes a lot of discipline and work for me, and with a toddler, a full time job from home, and trying to make dinner and maintain a halfway decent house it’s pretty hard to stay skinny. (Plus it’s hard not to eat when I’m stressed. Can you guys relate?) If I had a lot of help I could probably do it, but why is it so important to me?

Good for Winslet and Moore for standing up for normal-sized women. And with some more voluptuous actresses getting press now, maybe Hollywood will start to buck the super-skinny trend.

Here is Kate looking great at the Baftas. Pictures from SuperiorPics.

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  1. Alex says:

    Kate Winslet is an outstanding role model and proof that it’s just possible that if you have real talent you don’t need to be a stick figure to make it in Hollywood (or anywhere else)!

  2. Bex says:

    I completely relate! Since having my baby I’ve gone from a 6 to an 8 or 10 (depending the brand). And it is really tough! But like you said, why should it matter? My hubby thinks I’m hot and that’s all I need. I love these ladies who are standing up for the curvacoues figure! Rock the curves ladies! It’s (one of the reasons) why men love us 😉

  3. kailie2 says:

    Kate lost a lot of weight since her early days but I think she just adopted a healthier lifestyle. I agree about the insanity that goes on in the fashion world. I was pretty shocked when I saw runway models for the first time–they don’t look half as bad on the photos but in real life they seem like they’re about to drop dead from starvation. NOBODY can look like that w/o starvation or drugs or bulimia. We’re talking 100 lbs on 5’10” girls.. CRAZY.

  4. van says:

    We are all totally obsessed with weight!!! OMG, it’s the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing I think about before going to sleep. It’s so hard to be content with our own weight when we see size 2 as the ideal. It’s great Kate Winslet is taking a stand!

  5. Girlygrrl says:

    Way to go Kate! You have both talent AND true beauty, a seemingly rare combination for young Hollywood.

  6. Ginny says:

    I can sort of relate. I used to wear a 5 in jeans and a 6 in dresses. I dropped a little smaller than that at one point, but that was unintentional. I was working at a karate studio and taking classes, and I ran cross country with school. Heh.

    I got put on some medicine last year that totally through my metabolism out of wack, and I gained like 30 pounds in two months! With no significant change in my diet! I don’t work out as much anymore, but its pretty bad.

    I get annoyed at the total lack of clothes for anyone over size 5 or 7. I wear 10/11/12 right now, and I cannot find decent fitting jeans. They’re either baggy, with a crotch that hangs down too far, I have to pull them up all the time, way too long (I’m only about 5’5″) or just slightly too small. American women’s sizes make absolutely no sense. I can wear a 10 at one place, but a 14 at another! It kills your self esteem sometimes.

    That was kind of a tangent, but it makes me really happy to see gorgeous women standing up for healthy women. I wish I could be that comfortable with my weight.