Britney parties with her pants and shirt off

Britney found the red sausage dress she was wearing too confining and got one of the dancer/strippers at the club she was in to give her their bra and panties to dance around in. She was seen admiring herself in the mirror and getting up close and personal with one of the dancers at the club.

According to reliable In Touch magazine, Britney enjoys lesbian orgies with women, which she has denied is true. A friend of K-Fed’s claimed that she would take several women at a time into a room with her for naked romps or whatever. This doesn’t seem surprising to me, but she did scoff at a question of whether she kissed Madonna again and denied Jessica Simpson’s request to kiss her pregnant belly. I am not sure she’d be open to it, although there were rumors that she was sleeping with Paris Hilton during the few weeks they hung out.

In Touch was also calling Britney pregnant in their February 12 issue, so maybe that’s why she’s so willing to bare all to dispel those rumors, although it seems more likely that self-delusion and narcissism are to blame.

At some point over the weekend Britney was thought to have puked all over her car. I think these pictures are from Sunday and she puked on Saturday night or whatever, but it isn’t really that important.

Here’s the video from Extra, which includes K-Fed and Justin Timberlake’s brief meeting:

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  1. kailie2 says:

    Just when you thought she couldn’t fall any lower… Is the end near?

  2. mizhie says:

    stupid britney!

    She should go and seek for help, she is so lost…

  3. AC says:

    ew… sharing panties…. …. already worn panties??!

  4. Iva says:

    Man, someone needs to step in and take those 2 babies away from her. If she wants to go out and party and waste her life away – fine. But there is no reason 2 little children should witness it, man she is already screwing up their lives.

    Why have children if you are not going to be a responsible parent? I’m not sure who I dislike more – Paris or Britney.

  5. Toubrouk says:


    Looks like Brittney found a way to pierce throught the ANS “Fog”. Maybe she need to take a look at the recently departed and think a little.

    Let’s hope for her children that she find a way to a rehab center soon…

  6. Mairead says:

    Well Iva, considering how hard Britney had to work to get her wealth and fame, you’d think she’d have more respect for it – Paris is a moron who was born into money, and doesn’t have any children so can be as hedonistic as she likes moment with no immdiate reprocussions on offspring.

    Mind you – anyone else notice that Britney looks about 10 times better in the used “outfit” and has magically lost 10 pounds!!! More proof that she should not be allowed to dress herself (as if it were needed)

  7. Andrew says:

    maybe she will become a lesbian/swinger now that she isn’t married!!

  8. Hottie says:

    How pathetic…and this comes after her statements about the media being harsh on her….God, it’s beginning to look as if white-trash ex-husband would indeed deserve custody…

  9. Loob says:

    “ew… sharing panties…. …. already worn panties??!”

    Heh! Just what I was thinking!
    That stripper had better remember to burn those fancy duds, if Britney gives them back to her!