Dr. Jan Adams sentenced to one year in prison

Dr. Jan Adams, the plastic surgeon who operated on Kanye West’s mother the day before she died, has been sentenced to a year in county jail for a DUI he received in June.  Adams was caught driving in his Jaguar the wrong way on Interstate 680 near Cordelia with a blood alcohol level of .20 percent, more than twice the legal limit in California.  He was caught trying to exit the highway on an off-ramp, also going the wrong way.  He plead no contest and was given his sentence on Monday.

Solano County Superior Court Commissioner Ray Wieser handed down the sentence in Vallejo Monday morning after Adams’ defense counsel, Michael Cardoza, told the court that Adams did not want probation but was prepared to serve straight jail time for the offense. Wieser subsequently sentenced Adams to one year in Solano County Jail with credit for eight days previously served in custody.

Execution of sentence was stayed until 8:30 a.m. Feb. 6 to allow Adams time to address a probation violation case in Los Angeles.

[from Daily Democrat]

This man spends a lot of time in the court room.  After the Donda West tragedy, it came to light that he had several malpractice suits website, in which he calls himself the “Original Dr. Jan Adams,” claims that he graduated from Harvard, but fails to mention that he is not board-certified.  His certification in the state of California was revoked when he failed to pay child support.

Oprah’s history of unwittingly inviting frauds to appear on her show seems to be getting longer, longer and longer.

Jan Adams is shown leaving the Larry King show on 11/20/07. Credit: Splash News

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  1. CiCi says:

    Ugh. What a true deadbeat. And I’m happy to see Oprah losing a little credibility. That woman is not a far cry from a cult leader.

  2. Berry says:

    When was he on The Oprah Show? No one seems to remember that this guy had his own show on one of the cable channels.

  3. WTF?!?! says:

    And the second Obama was on her show, he was destined to be our next president.

  4. Nightbird says:

    I’m not sure what to think.

    He gave up probation for straight time.