Matt Damon: Angelina Jolie is ‘undeniably the most sexy woman on planet Earth’

Matt Damon has a new (funny) interview with Extra. It was probably done yesterday during Matt and Michael Douglas’s Beyond the Candelabra promotion in Cannes. Matt talks about kissing Michael and bejeweled swimsuits and how much fun this project was for him, and them towards the end of the interview, the Extra dude asks him about his friendship with Angelina Jolie and what Matt thinks about Angelina’s mastectomy. Matt’s reaction is cool. He says:

“She’s awesome… There are a lot of women who are struggling with medical decisions, and when they hear that the undeniably most sexy woman on planet Earth, as far as we know, is willing to take control of her health and be public about it, I think it gives other people courage to do that, too.”

[Via Extra]

Angelina and Matt worked together back in 2005, when she played his wife in The Good Shepherd, which was Robert DeNiro’s directorial debut. That film is a hot mess, but I thought it was better than a lot of people thought. If you get through the confusing first act (there’s a lot of jumping around in the chronology of the story), it gets pretty good and becomes a sad meditation on the power of secrecy and the solitude of intelligence work. Joe Pesci has an amazing small role (a glorified cameo) and it’s worth it just for that. Angelina’s role in the film is minimal, and she was pregnant with Shiloh when she filmed it. Matt is obviously friends with Brad too, as they’ve worked together a bunch of times in the Ocean’s films. So, Matt is friendly with Brangelina and he’s a good guy so he said something nice about his friend. Commence hissy fit!

Here’s the video of the Extra interview:

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  1. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    Aside from his wife, he means.

    • poppy says:


    • Esmom says:

      Yes. Kind of a Ben Affleck “marriage is work” moment, I’d say.

      • Jaye says:

        I’m sure that, given the context of his statement, his wife will give him a pass.

      • Atlanta says:

        Yes lets not take it out of its context and make it something its not. He is trying to make a supportive statement about friend who just had quite an extensive medical procedure and its about something thats important for women. This doesnt have anything to do with his wife. There is nothing similar about how Matt Damon and Ben affleck talks about their marriages. Matt always says that his wife is everything to him. He has never been nothing but sweet when he talks about his wife.

      • Esmom says:

        Points taken. I have nothing against Matt. And I think the headline of this post is a little more provocative than the story warrants.

      • Lb says:

        How dare you bring up Ben? Don’t you know we’re always supposed to give him and his wife a side eye but idolize all things Matt and his wife?!!

    • marie says:

      I don’t think he meant anything bad by it, of course he loves his wife. But I think he was trying to make a point that even with the double mastectomy/reconstruction that she is still sexy. Article after article, story after story that I have read deal with women who feel less than when their boobs are removed, I think he was making a point of stating that they are not..

      I dunno, maybe I read too much into it or maybe I’m not explaining correctly but I don’t think he meant it as a knock to his wife..

      • LL says:

        No need to worry about it, your comment was completely on point. That’s the why I understood also.

      • JennJ says:

        I agree.

      • V4Real says:

        I think Matt is just repeating what has already been said about Angelina; at one time she was considered the sexiest woman on planet earth by the media. Maria you’re right in saying that he is making a point that even with her mastectomy she is still sexy. It might help other women to feel that way as well. It’s not a Ben Affleck slip.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:


        Am I the only one LOLing at some of the comments above?
        I’ve dated guys that have said that _____ actress is hot. It’s not a big deal. I don’t get offended or hurt by it because:
        #1) I’m secure and confident
        #2) I know that they have no chance in HELL with ____ actress.

        Sometimes I think people are just obsessed with getting butt-hurt over nothing.

        You don’t suddenly go blind when you get married, guys. Hopefully people are mature and confident enough to be able to comment on the attractiveness of other people without taking it as a personal offense.

      • Rhea says:

        I’m right behind you. Don’t think there’s any other meaning beside a friend saying a supportive words.

    • Molly says:

      That’s the first thing I thought…. hopefully his wife doesn’t mind him saying that.

    • heatheradair says:

      I read it with sort of “air quotes” around the entire phrase — as in, “the planet earth recognizes Her as sexy” sort of way.

    • magda says:

      oh, come on. I love my husband with all my heart but I’m not so delusional to call him the sexiest man alive. I don’t see nothing wrong with his statement, besides the most sexy doesn’t mean the best for this particular person.

    • Mourning the Death of Music says:

      In all sincerity, I meant my statement with a smile and a wink.

  2. Gossip pro says:

    O boy now that was something!Let the hissy fit begin…..

  3. lisa2 says:

    Hopefully she won’t be attacked because of someone else’s opinion. I mean she didn’t call Matt and make him say that. He has always been so complementary of both Angie and Brad always. So not surprised..

  4. T.Fanty says:

    He’s hot *and* sweet. That’s why Matt is a forever dong.

  5. Rachel says:

    Well I’m game to deny it Matt.

    Not that she is sexy. That she is the sexiest woman in the world. Can we, as a society, agree to quit that rubbish?

    • neelyo says:

      As long as there’s a PEOPLE magazine and PR flaks there will always be a ‘Sexiest, Most Beautiful Woman of the Moment’, or as I called it in the mid-2000s, This Year’s Jessica.

    • YuYa says:

      I have to agree. I think Angelina is beautiful, but the sexiest woman in the world? I just do not see sexy when I see her. I feel almost like she doesn’t have any sex-appeal at all. Brad has zero sex-appeal. When I think of two hot sexy movie stars having this great sex, these two aren’t even on my list. (Not that I think about it, but, now that I am, these two? nope.)

  6. poppy says:

    he is one of the few popular actors that is talented and not standard hollyweird douche. i understand and appreciate what he is trying to say, but find the choice of words “most sexy woman” strange… re his wife and sort of off/sexist. better choice “most famous” “most talented” “famously fabulous” “most charitable actress/director” something, anything outside of sexy. is she nothing more than sexy? is she not more/greater than her appearance?
    please, angelina fans, certainly there was a better choice of words to describe her?

    • scylla says:

      I actually think in this context it makes sense as she IS known as one of the most sexy women in the world. And she let amputate her breasts… THE secondary sex characteristic.

    • Norman Bates' Mother says:

      I think that “the sexiest” suits the context better than the other ones you mentioned because of the subject matter. Female breasts are considered a main atribute of sexiness. Men (and many women) talk about them all the time – this woman is sexy because she has big boobs and that woman could be sexy but her boobs are too small etc. and here we have the sexiest woman in the world (ok, it’s disputable, but she is considered as such by many people), who asked the doctors to amputate her breats even though she technically didn’t have to do it, at least yet. It’s very encouraging for other women who struggle with the similar problem. It might seem like a non-issue for someone from the outside, especially compared with death and suffering, but the fear of becoming unattractive, not sexy or even repulsive for their partners is a real problem for the women after mastectomy. They need every encouragement they can get and Angelina’s situation seems like the most perfect one.

      • Blood & Sand says:

        Norman: what a great, sensitive post.

        Some twist themselves into knots trying to turn anything positive regarding The Jolie into a negative and miss the big picture. Not you.

    • lee says:

      I totally agree with the sentiment that she (and all women) are far more than their looks and reducing Angelina to her ‘sexiness’ is not wise. That being said, I think a lot of women would have a lot of difficulty making the decision Angelina did and one of the factors that might cause a lot of distress is how our breasts are perceived (by others and by ourselves) as a sexy and feminine attribute. I took his comment to mean that, if this majorly sexy star did it and is still her fabulous and sexy self, you can/will be too. It’s an awkward aspect of the issue to discuss and obviously health should come first, but it could still be seen as a positive image to have. As in, having a double mastectomy doesn’t make you less of a women or less desireable, etc.

      ETA: And now I see Norman Bates’ Mother already said all of this very well. Sorry to re-iterate unnecessarily!

    • Mourning the Death of Music says:

      Using the line, One of the sexiest/most desirable/alluring, etc, would have made it sound less like she was THE only one vs one of X number. If that makes sense?

  7. Tessa says:

    I think he was generalizing public opinion, not stating his own opinion.

    • LL says:

      Yes. That’s why I saw it and most likely he said that way. It was all about how the public/media perceives her not that “she’s the prettier/sexier than his wife”.

      But people on this site and others love take things out of context, they’ll talk say “I’m the only one who doesn’t think or thought she was pretty/beautiful”. Those comments get so boring and old.

    • Guesto says:

      Totally agree. The thread headline is rather misleading.

      It’s the (media) perception of AJ he’s acknowledging, and his comment is in that context. All he’s actually saying, at base, is that he thinks what’s she done in terms of making it public is wonderful. No biggie, no need for anyone to get offended on Lucy’s behalf, just Matt acknowledging and saluting a friend who’s gone through a tough time.

    • Mourning the Death of Music says:

      Absolutely, Tessa, you hit it spot on.

  8. Jess says:

    She’s shockingly beautiful, but I’ve never actually found her sexy. When she was younger she seemed like she was trying so, so hard at it, and since she went in a whole other direction I’ve found her pretty sexless (not saying she is sexless just to be clear, just that that’s MY reaction to her these days).

    But anyway, I don’t think Matt was stating his personal opinion so much as just using a title often bestowed on her. Like if I were talking about Aishwarya Rai I might call her the most beautiful woman in the world because that’s what people associate her with, even though she wouldn’t make my personal top 10.

  9. j.eyre says:

    You can tell the had a ball with Candleabra. Everyone’s performances were great – Damin, Rob Lowe, Scott Bakula, Dan Akroyd. But Michael Douglas is stellar, absolutely stellar

    • bluhare says:

      You saw it, j.eyre? It’s not on over here until Sunday. Which I will miss as i’m heading over the Atlantic. Are you at Cannes, you sly minx?

      • j.eyre says:

        Mentally I am always at Cannes, bluhare. And my wardrobe is fabulous! (plus I get to throw my title around more in Europe than California. In LA they just think I am a drag queen.)

        Mr. Rochester receives the Emmy Consideration discs. I don’t have any of the premium channels so I appreciate being able to see what I have been missing.

        I liked it. Personally, I thought the story was okay – nothing earth-shattering. But the performances really are worth watching.

  10. SageM says:

    He is right. His wife shouldn’t be offended as he’s merely stating a fact. That doesn’t mean that he would cheat on his wife if he gets a chance, or that he doesn’t adore her.

  11. Laura says:

    I don’t know if I agree that Angelina is THE most sexiest woman in the world — I have yet to view every woman roaming the planet but have viewed other women who are just as sexy/beautiful as Angelina though not famous — but I do agree that she is a special lady, who is easy on the eyes (this coming from a heterosexual woman).

    Other women that are famous and in my opinion, just as note worthy for their appearance as AJ — Kate Winslet, Jane Seymour, Cheryl Cole, Shania Twain, Halle Berry, and of course, Pippa Middleton (just kidding…)

    • Kim1 says:

      Its funny how it is so aubjective because besides Halle I dont consider any of the women you listed beautiful or sexy.BTW there is no sexiest,most beautiful,funniest person on earth …

    • DeltaJuliet says:

      I’d also add Rachel Weisz to that list. Although she’s probably fresh on my mind since I had a very naughty dream about her husband last night 😉

    • V4Real says:

      When they dish out these titles of the most beatiful or sexiest I think they are merely talking about people in the entertainment industry who they consider well known. Of course they know that we have not seen every beautiful person in the world. They are mainly hinting at famous people, mostly internationally known figures.

      • Joanna says:

        All women are sexy/beautiful famous or not. I am getting tired of these lame ‘most sexy’ & ‘most beautiful’ titles that are given to the same celebs year after year.

  12. ErinINPitt says:

    Clearly, they are having an affair, and one of the twins is his. Poor, poor Brad.

  13. twirl says:

    ‘The Good Shepherd’ was not De Niro’s directing debut, he made ‘A Bronx Tale’ in 1993. It’s a sweet drama set in the sixties.

    • Ag says:

      I loved The Bronx Tale! Wow, I forgot all about it. And I didn’t realize DeNiro directed it.

  14. Anna says:

    He was trying to support his friend’s wife and to be nice. It is true that the comment “the most sexy” is a little too much. But the intention was nice and if he and his wife have a good thing going on, there should be no probl

  15. Skipper says:

    Obviously he hasn’t met me

  16. sarah says:

    I see nothing wrong with his statements.

  17. mogul says:

    I didn’t read his story or interview, because I really can’t stand this guy. There is just something about him that doesn’t match up, just saying.

  18. Slika says:

    He is right.

    • +1. She is incredibly sexy. In “Mr. and Mrs. smith” I was almost more attracted to her than to Brad, and I’ve always had a huge crush on Brad.

      • DeltaJuliet says:

        Its funny you say that. The other day my mother and I were watching it and I actually said “I don’t know who I find more attractive, her or him” lol And she AGREED!

      • Lauren says:

        Angie was at her peak of beauty in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Other aspects of her being have grown since then, hence making her beautiful in spirit. My hubby thinks Angie is `scary` looking and plastic. Every man has their own sexy-beauty preference. I think Matt being suppportive of Brad & Angie is genuine. Matt`s wife is gorgeous, very supportive & silent, devoted mother. No comparison needed.

  19. Katia says:

    Lainey had a blind that said he was gay a long while ago. Yesterday she made reference to him being comfy in this role. Hetero guys know this kind of comment is not kosher!

    • bns says:

      Was it that blind item about him having a cuban boyfriend?

      • Katia says:

        Yeah that’s the one I thought . Was that someone else? The fact that Luciana was a waitressing single mom would make her a great beard I’d think

    • E says:

      I sincerely doubt he’s gay.
      Why have that many kids? They have like 4 kids together and he looks way too into her to be gay.

      • Calla says:

        No idea but Lainey often hints with asides about Matt. Hehe I’m going to review later

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Katia, who wrote: “Lainey had a blind that said he was gay a long while ago. Yesterday she made reference to him being comfy in this role. Hetero guys know this kind of comment is not kosher!

      Here is the thing about the ‘Cuba’ blind:

      First, Luci’s ex-husband (her oldest daughter’s father) is Cuban. Someone probably saw he and Matt together, jumped to the wrong conclusion, and sent Lainey a ‘tip.’ The only reason the Damons stayed in Miami as long as they did is because Luci wanted her daughter to be close to her father while she was young.

      Second, if you really ever want to know if a Hollywood actor is truly gay, visit dataloungedotcom. Every now and then someone will bring up the Matt Damon is gay, isn’t he? thing and they get shot down every time. If they’re positive he’s not gay on data lounge, then bet the farm on the fact that he’s ‘not’ gay.

      @Katia again, “Yeah that’s the one I thought . Was that someone else? The fact that Luciana was a waitressing single mom would make her a great beard I’d think”

      Again, Luci was NOT a cocktail waitress, she was a bartender … and yes, there really is a difference. And she was a ‘divorced’ single mom, not somebody’s Baby Mamma, which means she was probably doing alright with alimony.

      You can file this ‘gossip tip’ from Lainey in the trash, right along with the ‘Michael C. Hall looked at Julia Stiles’ butt … They’re having an affair!’ gossip tip.

      Last … you sound ‘way’ too eager for Matt Damon to be gay. Why?

      • Katia says:

        No if he’s not gay ill survive I was curious – love blinds! So thank you for your thorough answer!!!. I get from your response that Lainey is indeed hinting ( in the blind and now repeatingly) that he is gay but you think she is wrong and I know that I can’t take her word as gospel. Any thoughts on jake g? I don’t get why he would date Reese if straight. And she would have done it for her image… To not be the poor left behind one after divorcing Ryan ..

  20. Barrett says:

    Kudos to her for her decision. As for her looks; I get what guys Love! And what people see in her. But beauty is in eye if beholder and for me I find her features too overwhelming. I can’t help it. I prefer softer looks.

  21. bns says:

    Maybe she was 10 years ago, but not anymore.

  22. Dirty Martini says:

    AJ is the sexiest woman on earth. I’d even think about switching teams.

    • Lady D says:

      Thought the same about Angelina then Charlize showed up. Between the two I’d have a hell of a time choosing, and I’m hetero too.

  23. Nikita says:

    He just said what the people think of angie, the most sexy woman on earth, its her image. if her image was, the sweetest on earth, he would have said it. its just a common opinion about her in general.
    If my husband would say, oh marilyn monroe, the most sexy woman in the last century, i would agree with no hard feelings at all.

  24. Alexis says:

    It’s obnoxious when celebrities suck up to each other. Angelina is NOT (or ever) the most beautiful/sexy woman on Earth. She just has a PR team that’d like us to believe so.

    • lisa2 says:

      Oh please..

    • Josephina says:

      Angelina DOES NOT HAVE a PR team.

      Did you not read her op-Ed in the New York Times last week? She is very candid about herself. She tells it like it is, with no fluff.

      In this regard she is very unHollywood-like.

      She has always been very open about her life and owns up to her past and present.

    • Mia says:

      Angelina only has a manager that handles her film roles.

      She has no pr team at all.

      No publicist that gives weekly updates about how she glowed at dinner, is happier than ever like a certain TV star most famous for her HAIR.

      Her persona as a sexy women comes from the fact that she is. She has no PR team telling us this.

      You have her confused with someone whose publicist bought her sexy titles.

    • Sal says:

      rme Oh please! I don’t necessarily agree with Damon but come on. She doesn’t have a pr person. In fact, thats one thing that is well-known about her, she has no publicist. She doesn’t have a famous agent who buys her titles unlike some others.

      • Jarredsgirl says:

        Angelina doesn’t have a PR person — BECAUSE she does her own PR. Just because she has no publicist doesn’t mean she doesn’t work on her image.

  25. Dingo says:

    I really should watch more celeb interviews – it never seems as such a big deal when like here you get Matts way of saying it in context.

    And I angree she has the sexiest faces in Hollywood. Actually so much that I often have a hard time buying when she plays roles like in Changeling and A Mighty Hart.

  26. Jolinda says:

    haha! People get so mad about anything.

    • Sal says:

      True, this will have the JenLoons foaming at the mouth. Watch out for the hate mail Mr Damon. 🙂

      • Linda says:

        You seem to be the one obsessed by aniston because nobody has brought her up so far.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Linda, who wrote: “You seem to be the one obsessed by aniston because nobody has brought her up so far.”

        Yes, but we’re all thinking it mentally. 🙂

      • YuYa says:

        At emma-the JP lover: NO we are NOT. Sal you are the only persons to bring up Brad’s ex in these threads. It’s annoying and not even funny anymore. (If Sal was trying to go for humor, she needs a new joke.)

  27. Karma Karla says:

    She looks nothing like she looked in ‘The Good Shepherd’. She looks drawn out and super plastic and weird like her brother James Haven, malnourished like a skeleton and like a ho that was rode hard and put up wet.

  28. Ashling says:

    Matt reminds me of my husband. I feel comfy when I watch him and I believe he is as sweet as he seems. I don’t think his comment is inappropriate at all. I wouldn’t be upset if I was his wife.

    • bettyrose says:

      IKR. I really doubt Matt’s wife is insecure about their relationship. It’s not like he got drunk
      and hit on

  29. Ag says:

    it was a very sweet, generous thing to say. good man.

    • Camille (TheOriginal) says:

      I agree with you Ag. It was a very sweet and kind comment.

      I don’t understand people getting their panties in a bunch over all of the latest AJ/BP news. It’s ridiculous.

      • Ag says:

        Agreed. People should chill. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to accept that people, including celebrities, are sometime genuinely nice to one another. 🙂

  30. Dedrie says:

    He doesn’t want his wife to be sexy to anyone but him..

  31. anneesezz says:

    What I took from it is that inner beauty is what makes her sexy. The fact that she may no longer have breasts does not change the fact that AJ is a sexy woman. Hopefully other people feel that way too… I had the same surgery 4 years ago. True beauty comes from within.

  32. Amanda_SB says:

    A Matt Damon story and a JBJ story on the same day? I think I’m in heaven. 🙂

    I’m looking forward to seeing “Candelabra” this weekend. It will interesting to see Matt in a different type of role.

    Re: Angelina comment: I’m the last person to say anything nice about Angelina, but I think Matt was supporting what she did (she is his friend’s Partner) and I think the comment was simply a way to describe her. Some people believe she is one of, if not the, sexiest women alive. I think how outspoken she has been about her health issues makes her more attractive to some people – both on the outside and inside. I don’t think Lucy would care and I think in Matt’s eyes, Lucy is probably the sexiest woman alive. I don’t take his comment about Angelina so literally.

  33. Ida says:

    Nice try but, no, she isn’t and never has been. The logic is idiotic too. Precisely because the Jolie is, supposedly, the sexiest woman alive loosing her breasts would affect her less so than most women in a similar position who might feel that they cannot rely on full lips and doe eyes and perfect skin and thick hair and the best cosmetics and clothes to boost their sex appeal.

  34. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    And all this time I thought it was Aishwarya Rai.

    • lisa2 says:

      I think a lot of people think of her as beautiful. I don’t recall comments of her being sexy.

      beauty and sexiness are not the same. And you can be and have one without the other.

  35. Thinker says:

    Ladies, it’s a rat pack type inside joke… Brad, Clooney, the crew the Jolie-Pitts roll with all joke about their remarkable attractiveness, they tease whoever lands the cover of People Magazine’s sexist man alive issue… Why the gender double standard? A man can say a woman is undeniably sexy and still be faithful to his wife.

    Plus, I think the fact of having her Breasts removed, specifically breasts rather than appendix or kidney… Breasts are sexy; he’s reaffirming Angelina’s sexiness even without her breasts.

  36. tekla says:

    huh, I wonder how his wife felt when she heard that he called some other lady “most sexy on planet earth”. cough-douchebag-cough.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Tekla, who wrote: “huh, I wonder how his wife felt when she heard that he called some other lady “most sexy on planet earth”. cough-douchebag-cough.”

      Oh please! If Mrs. Damon is okay with her husband ‘fu$ing Sarah Silverman, I’m sure she can role with this. 🙂

  37. bettyrose says:

    But it’s the truth. Even before I was fan Angie I always admired her natural gorgeousness and I’d be worries if my man didn’t feel comfortable appreciating her too.

  38. Alexa says:

    Sorry to brag, y’all . . . BUT YOU GUYS SHOULD SEE ME! (Seriously – I’m HOT! My boobs go all the way down to my belly button . . . lol)

  39. TOPgirl says:

    His wife will probably strangle him after reading this! But ya know what…I totally agree with him. She is the most beautiful woman on planet Earth! Aging so graciously too!

  40. Thora says:

    It’s the standard Hollywood hyperbole. They all gush about their friends and co-stars with sound bytes and superlatives.

  41. E says:

    I want that white dress!

  42. teehee says:

    I dont like this remark because it discredits BILLIONS of other women, surely not ALL of them “fall below” Angie on the scales. I can give Angie credit when due, but I for one vote that all of us women deserve more credit. Especially when we dont have plasitc surgery and millions at our disposal, or arent underweight, etc– lets be fair.

  43. megsie says:

    aww poor Luci

    if Ben said this 9/10th of the board would be all over his ass.

  44. serena says:

    Oh I loved the Ocean’s movies, I’d like to see Damon, Pitt and CLooney act together again.