Did Brad Pitt really slam Jennifer Aniston in his Esquire interview? Really?

Obviously, I’m a Brangeloonie and I’ve never pretended to be anything else. Maybe that’s why I didn’t interpret Brad Pitt’s Esquire comments as some kind of “slam” on Jennifer Aniston. The problem seemed to be that Brad used similar wording to his 2011 interview in Parade, where he famously said “I wasn’t living an interesting life myself. I think that my marriage had something to do with it. Trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn’t.” It was one of the first and only times Brad had ever specifically bad-mouthed his marriage to Jennifer. But was Brad doing that again in his Esquire interview? Here’s the relevant portion:

“For a long time I thought I did too much damage – drug damage. I was a bit of a drifter. A guy who felt he grew up in something of a vacuum and wanted to see things, wanted to be inspired. I followed that other thing. I spent years f–king off. But then I got burnt out and felt that I was wasting my opportunity. It was a conscious change. This was about a decade ago. It was an epiphany – a decision not to squander my opportunities. It was a feeling of get up. Because otherwise, what’s the point?”

[Via Esquire]

People are hitching their wagons to his “about a decade ago” caveat. A decade ago, he was married to Jennifer. A decade ago, he hadn’t even met Angelina for Mr. and Mrs. Smith. But I interpreted that whole thing as “Brad had been f—king around for his entire life, even before he met Jennifer.” I think Brad is trying to take ownership of what a dumb, burned-out and useless existence he lived and yes, maybe his marriage was part of that but he doesn’t even say that explicitly. So why is everyone like “Brad sucks for slamming Jennifer like always, commence pity party”?

Anyway, there are more excerpts from the Esquire interview, including a shout-out for Gwyneth Paltrow’s late father Bruce Paltrow. Oh, Goop will love that. She’ll dine out on that for months.

Brad always lists his occupation as “self-employed” when he is filling out forms: “I learned that from Bruce Paltrow. I always liked it. It’s a humble way to explain what we do.”

What if a stranger asked him what he does for a living? “Well, I’d be very Midwest about it, very Missouri. I’d say, This and that. I’d say, I’m a dad just like you.”

Camping north of Santa Barbara: “I woke up way too early and way too wet. But it was really fun. Six kids — six of ‘em. Including one of our young ones. Angie as well. It’s a great thing, a great thing. Then we drove nine kids three hours in an Econovan. The kind you take a crew in, with bench seats. No other vehicle is big enough. There’s no car we fit in as a family. Everything else holds seven, eight tops. An SUV only holds seven. And we had nine — our six and three friends. Eleven, including us. It’s no frills, man. I’d love to have it all tricked out, shag carpet on all four walls. But we live in a different world. We rent our vehicles. We don’t want things so identifiable because we don’t want to get followed. We spend a lot of time trying to evade the paparazzi. It’s a big annoyance. But everything in life’s a trade-off….”

The ‘troubled production’ of WWZ: Pitt dismisses the notion that Z has been any more troubled than any other enormously troubled movie. He says that its notoriety came about “because of me — there’s a big bull’s-eye on my back.” What he does admit is that Z is a “big, big bet” for both Plan B and Paramount, “with a lot of money on the table,” and that he had a lot to learn about what it takes to make a big commercial movie. “You gotta be able to make it pop,” he says. “You have to keep paying off, keep paying off, and in order to do that you have to be able to set the trap and snap it at the right moment. There are guys who are just great at that, and I didn’t understand how technically sharp you have to be to pull off some of that stuff.”

[From Radar & Esquire]

In the newest Esquire excerpt (go here to read it), the writer glosses over the reported tension between Brad and WWZ’s director Mark Forster. Brad hand-selected Forster to direct because – as Brad says in the piece – he thought Forster “would know how to keep building character even when his character is living up to his summertime obligation to kick some undead ass.” But then Brad spent most of his time finding technicians who could actually do the action-drama stuff while Forster was off “building character” and Brad says he was “more hands on” than he’d ever been. What I get from this excerpt is that Brad owns WWZ, for better or for worse. If the film is a box office disaster, Brad knows he’s going to have a hard time getting financing for future projects. But if the film makes money… well, I guess Brad will own that too. He will be responsible for saving my generation’s Ishtar or Heaven’s Gate.

Cover photo courtesy of Esquire.

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  1. bowers says:

    He doesn’t speak clearly, and while I think Angelina is beautiful and brave, they strike me as pretentious.

    • JenD says:

      I think part of the problem with his not speaking clearly is that he tries to sound more introspective and eccentric than maybe he is. He sounds like that terrible Chanel ad he did last year.

      • ncboudicca says:

        +1 to you both. He always refers to himself as being so “design-oriented” and intelligent, and I think he’s delusional.

      • Rhiley says:


        I truly do think that Brad has a very big heart. I really do believe that he cares about the planet and its people and wants to make sure that he can do what is in is power to leave the world a better place than he found it. However, when he tries to sound deep and introspective, he comes across as kind of bland and more than a little vapid. I hate that he gave a shout out to Goop. I bet she reads that thinks, “I knew deep down, William Bradley, still cared.”

      • Eleonor says:

        I’ve thought to that awful ad too!

      • pwal says:

        I’m not getting why it’s a bad thing that he gave Bruce Paltrow a shout out, especially since Gwyneth implied, long ago, that her dad was one of the reasons why she ended the engagement. Seems to me that Pitt held no ill will towards the man and really did respect him. Not a whiff of Gwyneth longing there, so why not?

      • Kim1 says:

        That was not a shout out to Goop.S/N tweets about WWZ SCREENING are fantastic ,cant wait to see it

      • Dinah says:

        I agree. I think he comes off as generally less intelligent than he tries to portray himself as being.

        That said, bravo to him for his philanthropic efforts, and appearing to have finally grown up and found focus &meaning via his family and relationship.

      • emmie_a says:

        JenD: That’s a perfect way to describe him. I like him, I think he’s cool but I get the feeling like he is even acting when he’s living his *real* life. I think Angelina is a super complex and interesting person with lots of dimension. I think Brad wants to be like that – but he’s not.

      • Marie says:


        So every time as an adult who reaches their 40′s and beyond (I’m there) looks back and realizes Christ I screwed up at times and how much their life has changed for the better (let’s hope) since growing up a bit (again hopefully) and it happens to include a past relationship? Oh, please. Most of us look back. Sometimes you realize it wasn’t your ex but that the relationship didn’t work. I’d be creeped if my ex was still talking about how great I/we were and also married with kids. The media and bloggers can sensationalize his comments and make inferences all they want but the fact is most of think what he is at some point…it’s NORMAL.

      • yoyo says:

        Oh so true. He sounds like a try hard. Brad dear your thoughts are not deep they are not complicated … and IT’s OK! Stop trying to sound smart , it really doesn’t work. BTW , this is Channing Tatum in 20 years (actually he’s already at times started trying to sound smart which makes him sound even more Forrest Gumpy). These guys are beefcakes and nature being kind beefcakes are outliers enough that they don’t ALSO get brains (they don’t need them! NO really. Studies have been done: pretty people don’t need to work as hard at well…anything) Of course there might be a couple of super outliers who get brains and beefcake but well Brad and Channing, country boy beefcakes is all they got. They should just accept that. Really. It’s ok. lol

    • Merritt says:


    • OMSS says:

      + 1

      OMG, thank you. I think the same thing.

    • Morgan says:

      Exactly. He believed in his own hype and image created by publicists. He is not that smart and deep. He should stop talking about – we get it you were not happy ten years ago. But the real problem is he looks miserable and unhappy today as well. Ooopppsss!

      • Atlanta says:

        I agree that he should stop acting like he is part of the intelligensia, its pretensious and it actually makes him sound dumber. He is a cool mid western guy thats how he comes across. I dont think he is particularly smart but i think he is a decent man. I am not saying Angie is einstein but she strikes me as far smarter than him.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Morgan, who wrote: “He should stop talking about – we get it you were not happy ten years ago. But the real problem is he looks miserable and unhappy today as well. Ooopppsss!”

        Here it is at last, the subtext of all the “She’s no hero” … “There’s nothing heroic about what she did” … “He’s a dumb, pothead who should stop talking about his ex-wife!” … and finally, “We get you weren’t happy 10 years ago, but you need to stop talking about how unhappy your were with Jennifer because you don’t look any happier now!” Which is a lie, by the way … because Brad Pitt has ‘never’ looked or sounded happier and more relaxed than he does now.

        But the rub, and always, is Brad implying (to Jen-Hens, at least) that he just wasn’t happy with ‘Sweet, innocent, girl next door, all natural beauty’ Jennifer Aniston, a.k.a. Rachel Greene. To accept the fact that Brad wasn’t happy in his marriage would force people to accept that the Villainess Angelina Jolie just might not have been 100% responsible for the break up of the Aniston-Pitt marriage. And what self-respecting Jen-Hen would ever, EVER want to admit that, right?

        And so what if the man talks about not being happy 10 years ago? He clearly states that he wasn’t happy with himself at the time, which colored everything else–including his marriage. What’s so horrible or insulting about that? Aren’t people allowed to have an opinion about their own lives?

        I don’t think it’s the Brangeloons who are too obsessed with the triangle here.

      • Eli says:

        Seriously, Emma? Where in this interview does he say he was miserable with Aniston? He doesn’t!!!

        If Brad had not had an adulterous affair with Jolie, do you think he would still be married to Aniston? I doubt very seriously that he would. People grow, or at least they should, and change. Sometimes married couples grow together, and other times, they grow apart. I think Pitt has changed immensely since being married to Aniston and I don’t think Jolie should take all the credit for it! People change, and his “growing up” has nothing to do with Aniston.

        Please let it go…

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Eli …

        Are you talking to me in your post? And if so … why, exactly?

      • Eli says:

        YOU are on a gossip blog… Please check that attitude!

    • nc_magnolia says:

      Marie, ITA.

      I think a lot of readers are stirring the pot if they see Brad’s assessment of his past and less mature self as a direct slam to JA. Get over it, people. This Pitt/ Jolie/ Aniston triad is over, and only exists in the minds of people who are looking to criticize and find fault.

      Brad may not be well spoken, but his heart is in the right place. Seriously!

    • Swtmelody says:

      I agree!

  2. Yellowshaba says:

    All in all he seems like a cool dude, these pictures on the otherhand make him look like a tool bag

  3. Lb says:

    So what’s the shelf life in the public connecting all comments to past relationships? Because I think we’re well past that. Enough already.

    • Rhea says:

      I also wish they could come out with a different questions to The Triangle. You know, stop asking a somewhat similar question that would somehow make people connecting that with their past relationship. Example, why not asking more about future project? Or something new about the movie they are promoting. Anything that would make the interview more interesting and fresh.

      Actually, in this interview the only new thing I learn about him as a person is that he’s bad at remembering names and faces. The rest mostly a recycling of his past interview with a few tidbits about his family.

      • No Triangle says:

        There NEVER was a triangle with Pitt, Jolie & Aniston. He told Aniston he was done (“they end when they stop growing”) and left. Aniston was clearly involved in a triangle with Heidi Bivens and Justin and another set of triangles with Vince Vaughn and a bunch of coeds. PERHAPS she was in a triangle with John Mayer and Taylor Swift or one or two of his groupies. Aniston & her PR created the “bermuda triangle” in 2005 in VF when referring to Pitt & Jolie because she needed to attach herself to them to get attention, which she is still doing to this day- it’s so gross on her part. But hey, anything for limelight seems to be Aniston’s motto.

      • videli says:

        Hi Sal.

      • No Triangle says:

        And yes, I really wish they would ask Brad (& Angie) better questions, too. Maybe the interviewer did and the editor cut it out? Who knows. I think they do this a lot with stars they are trying to define by some sort of simple archetype- country boy goes to Hollywood, girl next door, bad girl, etc., so any info or answers that don’t “fit” the narrative the media ignores/dumps or edits out. That bias is a big reason many stars spend MILLIONS on PR to combat the narrative and create the one they want. I’m glad that Brad & Angie have better things to do with their money than give it liars & spin doctors.

      • marie says:

        *whispers at videli* why summon the nutter?

      • Rhea says:

        In any case, there’s a triangle between them that connecting—mostly thanks to the tabloids and to the rabid fans on both sides that wouldn’t let go.

        Which is why I’m hoping they would start interviewing with a different set of questions as to not giving both sides of fans to find any more reason to fight.
        But who am I kidding? The media love it when people start arguing about their article for it would sell! ;)

      • videli says:

        Marie, um, sorry indeed. I wish there was a de-summoning spell as well.

      • Malak says:

        @No Triangle

        Totally agree with you. Enough already with the non-existent triangle.

      • Shela says:

        @Rhea : Agreed. I believe that the 3 of them moved on already. They do not have any relationship between one another.

        It’s the media and the fanatical fans that taking a big part to link the 3 of them in that triangle thing. As long as someone would still mention JA while in AJ/BP’s article or vice versa, the triangle thing would still alive. Even if it’s only in their own mind. :D

      • Violet says:

        @No Triangle — ITA!

        Long before Brad even met Angelina, it was clear that he and Jen were completely mismatched. I mean, just look at their lives now: Jen is childfree and usually vacations in the same places, whereas Brad has six kids and travels the world on a regular basis.

      • Vera says:

        @Rhea : +10000000

    • Royalewitcheese says:

      Brad looks fkn HOT!!. I dont care for white men but i luv this one… I bet hes a sweet heart!

  4. Ferdis says:

    Yes, he does. But I realy think both were miserable back then!

    • cynmb7 says:

      I agree SO MUCH. Even if you dismiss all the pictures/body language of them looking so miserable as flukes (really, though, here were far too many to be flukes), you just have to listen to their interviews* or note their actions (spending TONS of time apart, GLARINGLY omittng your SO from acceptance speeches, ala Hillary S, Sean P, Jane F, etc.).

      *e.g., J- I’m glad when he’s gone. He’s not Brad Pitt at home- he has to pick up his socks. He’s A love of my life, not THE love. B- it’s a merger. We put everything on the table- when we stop growing we’re done.

    • Violet says:


      Exactly! It wasn’t until they divorced that Jen started acting as though the marriage meant anything to her. I got the sense that it was her ego, not her heart, that got dented when he left.

  5. Micki says:

    Seriously- I don’t care if Brad f’cked aroung before, while or after “Jenifer years”. Or what he did or did not do 10 years ago.What’s clear for me is that he doesn’t remember with fondness these years and that’s more than enough really.
    Who needs more info?

    • Malak says:

      So true. He doesn’t remember those years with fondness. That says it all. No more info necessary.

  6. Eleonor says:

    I perfectly get what he is saying, but please STOP, you’ve moved on. Go on please, it’s boring.

  7. Jess says:

    To be fair, the first people to make that connection were Angelina fans (then the Jennifer fans respond, and on and on it goes). Both ‘teams’ (I can’t believe that’s still a thing) are always desperately looking for any little dig their favored side makes, and often they really, really reach.

    Just look at the comments on the post about the interview here. At least a quarter were almost giddy over the idea that Brad was throwing shade on Jennifer and their marriage

    At this point I really think the only people who care anymore are magazine editors and a handful of people sitting at their computers who are perpetually trapped in 2005. Anyone who really thinks Brad, Angelina and Jennifer care about any of it at this point beyond how it affects their PR is over-invested.

    • Hubbahun says:

      ^^This, 100%^^

    • BlackMamba says:

      Yep a 1000 times. You speak no lie in this post Jess.
      ALL THREE of them just care about PR at this point, they’ve ALL benefited immensely from the triangle of doom. Brad needs to promote his crappy movie and that’s why he’s talking about his horrible existence pre-Angie with homely(true) and boring(true) Jennifer because he KNOWS that it will be big news and that loonies and hens will go nuts.

    • Shannon1972 says:

      . +1000
      They have all clearly moved on. Time for the “teams” to move on too.

      • cs says:

        R u F***king me? JA clearly hasn’t moved on. You don’t have A FRIEND talk about ex’s partner of 8-9 years, A dream on National TV that they both got back together, or that your former spouse is only with a woman because of the kids… All after you hooked-up with your current Beau.
        OH Pleaz, this woman is obsessed with this couple. I think she will go to her grave with the notion that I can’t let this woman (Angie) win.

        The Jen-hens want to believe that, but the reality is she had to settle with a man worth less, she re-styled him, added some hair, color, and 3″ lifts.. to make him suitable to her liking or the General Public.

      • Anastasia Beaverhausen says:

        Are you sure you’re not the one who hasn’t moved on?

      • cs says:

        @Anastasia Beaverhausen

        I never like Brad and JA as a couple. Never followed them. I always thought he and Angie were a better looking and suited couple.
        But it sickens me that a woman has her friend constantly talk about her ex and his partner on a National TV and we’re suppose believe she’s moved on. I would be so embarrass if my friend did that. Especially if I’m in a new solid relationship.

        It makes her seem like a Sociopath. She’s moved on when her friend stop making comments. Hopefully, with the news about Angie it stops.

        Brad has said many times before in interviews about how miserable he was back then. There’s nothing new but, I guess the Hens just skimmed over that since they were hoping he would leave Angie and go back to JA. I think there was a better chance of him getting back with Juliette Lewis before JA.

    • L says:

      Seriously, he’s not allowed to refer to any thing from 10 years ago because people will equate it to his previous relationship? Nothing at all?

      Shelf life on this has totally expired

      • BlackMamba says:

        @L Brad is obviously aloud to refer to his past all he wants but in this instance he is doing it for publicity because he’s made the same comments before in other words(side eye at Brad always trying to sound deep and smart and failing miserably) and it was BIG NEWS. He wants the same reaction again which is why he’s saying it. You don’t have to be a hater or a fan to get that.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Blackmomba, who wrote: “@L Brad is obviously aloud to refer to his past all he wants but in this instance he is doing it for publicity because he’s made the same comments before in other words(side eye at Brad always trying to sound deep and smart and failing miserably) and it was BIG NEWS. He wants the same reaction again which is why he’s saying it. You don’t have to be a hater or a fan to get that.”

        And here is that ‘projection’ thing again. Brad didn’t say one word about Jennifer Aniston in the “Parade” article two years ago, he talked about himself and his state of mind before and during the time he was married.

        In what world does talking about himself and his ‘own’ mental and emotional state of mind translate to him talking about Jennifer Aniston? Did he at any time say “7 Years After Jen,” like the Jennifer Aniston “People” magazine article “5 Years After Brad?” And mind you, even ‘if’ (and that’s a BIG if) you can find the slightest slight against Aniston in anything Brad said in that “Parade” interview, he said it 7 years after the divorce.

        Jen-Hens are absolutely shameless in trying to project the antics of Jennifer Aniston, who has truly rode the coattails of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie these 8 1/2 years, onto the very people she has been leeching from.

        Even the recent attempt to diminish Angie’s Op Ed is part of this. “We can’t agree that Angie has done something special because that would mean she really is somehow better than Jen!” And so the “I didn’t say it wasn’t a good effort, it’s just not ‘all that’” comments started.

        And now that Brad has (twice now) publicly said he wasn’t happy ‘with himself’ or ‘his’ life during the time he was married to ‘Sweet, innocent, girl next door, all natural beauty’ Jennifer Aniston, even though the Jen-Hens have for years wanted Brad ‘back with Jen where he belongs,’ he’s now ‘not all that’ as well … and there is a HUGE push to diminish and discredit him. “Goop said he’s wasn’t ‘all that’ too!”

        Absolutely shameless.

      • BlackMamba says:

        @ Emma…I was not trying to take side in the triangle or anything(it’s silly) so you can save all this explanation.I was just saying that Brad is making those comments on purpose to gather publicity case in point look at all the comments that this post is getting. If you think that these celebrities aren’t all calculating then you are not a lover of gossip. It’s all about PR all the time. I mean if by your explanation Brad was misunderstood the 1st time he made those comments and people took it wrong then why is it that he is making those same type of comments again knowing what will happen?? He wants the hoopla, that’s why.

    • marie says:

      completely agree with all of this, who gives a sh-t anymore, let it go..

      • Bellz says:

        The reason brad comes across like a tool: he is 50 yrs old and all he can talk about is 10 yrs ago? He was smoking pot and wasting time long before that!!! But he does not talk about his life and the things that he felt he did wrong, all he keeps referring to is “10 or so yrs ago” it makes him look and sound bitter IMO. And if its a matter of the interviewer asking questions surely he can say something different!?!…..I have seen many comments and references to the fact that celebrities can pre-screen questions, so does he want this out? When others are asked questions and they answer they are accused of not letting it go….so the same applies to brad. Fair is fair. I just wish he would talk about how happy and in love he is with his lady and family and let that shine through, it would not be a problem if he did this…smh

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Bellz, who wrote: “The reason brad comes across like a tool: he is 50 yrs old and all he can talk about is 10 yrs ago? He was smoking pot and wasting time long before that!!! But he does not talk about his life and the things that he felt he did wrong, all he keeps referring to is “10 or so yrs ago” it makes him look and sound bitter IMO.”

        (Blinks) What are ‘you’ smoking, because “smoking pot and wasting time long before that” is what the man is saying in his interview, ‘and’ what he said in that “Parade” interview deluded Jen-Hens blew all out of proportion. He realized ’10 years ago’ that he ‘had not been happy, and had been wasting his life sitting around stoned’ up to that point. 10 years ago he decided to stop sitting around stoned (as he had been doing ‘before’) and do something about it … to be ‘proactive’ about his life, his role in the world, and making the quality of life for others better from his efforts.

        Do people here honestly ‘not’ see or understand that’s what he said two years ago, and just said again in the “Esquire” interview? This has nothing to do with Jennifer Aniston. It’s about ‘him,’ Brad Pitt, and how messed up and wasted his life–and he–was prior to his ‘epiphany’ 10 years ago to get up off of his stoned ass and do something with his life.

      • Bellz says:

        I understand you are a fan…. But you should really try to be a bit more objective.

        I am entitled to my opinion, and I think that he can do a better job in his interviews. He comes across as a douche a lot. Just constructive criticism…. They are not above it!

        You are entitled to carry on with your worship of the brange, I do not object. Just don’t expect everyone else to share your blinders.


      • BlackMamba says:

        @ Bellz… I totally agree with your post. Brad could talk about how “in his youth” or or “for years” or whatever he was wasting his life but he keeps emphasizing that it was “10 years ago” knowing full well how it will be interpreted. And this is why I think he is doing it for publicity. I like the Brange too but people(side eye Emma) seem to think that they are above doing things for publicity just like any of their peers and I think that’s naive. Like Lainey always say the Brange game is the ultimate game.

      • Karma says:

        @ Bellz

        Oh please, even Jen said he had a sensitivity chip missing. So how exactly can you claim Brad had some forethought about how it would reflect on Jen? Especially when he has been consistent on this issue.

        He was upset with himself.

        And in fact, he had started changing that aspect while with Jen. That’s when he started doing promo work for grizzly bears and the preservation of their habitat. Jen even went and did a tv show/doc to promote the bears, I know because I saw it.

        Note the date….about 10 years ago.


        And note Jen working for the same cause in ‘Growing up Grizzly 2′.


        Seriously, the dude is talking about using his fame for good, such as with LA and Katrina, and all you can do is claim it’s to hurt Jen. Maybe you are the one who needs some objectivity and realize it’s a genuine introspective moment.

        He started changing with Jen. It isn’t an insult to her, it was an insult to himself for just sitting there and doing nothing positive with his fame.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      EXACTLY, Jess. ’nuff said.

    • Jessica408 says:

      From what I have seen on most sites it is the Jen fans that started the accusations against him talking about Jen. It may be a quarter on here but on other gossip sites majority are Jen fans. There are sites dedicated to bashing Brad, Angelina, and their kids. I guess you have never heard of Female First, people that have dedicated 8 years on the whereabouts of their lives. I do agree both Team will not let it die, but as long as there are places like Female First, and D listed the traingle will never die.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Yes, exactly our point: both sides are insane.

      • Cyndi says:

        Hey now! Don’t be knockin’ the D. Not much stupid triangle talk over there, a few. Similar to here. Actually there’s only types of people who respond (regulars) to these posts on the D. 1)Jen haters. 2)chicken leg haters (not a hater myself, but that was the corniest shit I’ve EVER seen!). 3)ones who dislike or could not care less about either one of them.
        Dlisted is awesome. MK is awesome and is truly gifted as a writer. I’d love to see him go on to even bigger things, but I’m selfish and don’t want the D to go away! (o:

    • d b says:

      ITA, but I don’t believe the sniping from both camps is really “about” Jen, Angie and Brad. It’s conflicting feelings about cheating.

      If he’d wound up with someone other than Angie I suspect this whole controversy would have blown itself out years ago. People have very strong opinions about her, pro and con.

      Do feelings about cheating change because one likes the “other woman”? I think it matters, even if one doesn’t “endorse” cheating, you’ll find a way to justify it for someone you love and admire. That is what has happened in this case. At least this is my opinion.

      And anyway they’re all way over it. Clearly!

      • Sal says:

        The problem with that is that there was no cheating involved so the argument becomes invalid because it had nothing to do with it.

  8. T.Fanty says:

    “self-employed” because it’s more humble? That’s such a douche-Goop aelf-congratulation poorly disguised as humility.

    • truthSF says:

      Sooo…you’re saying that Goops goopiness didn’t fall far from the goopster tree? :-D

    • Esmom says:


    • Guesto says:

      @T.Fanty – Totally. One big eyeroll for that. As if people would be too overwhelmed by his achievements if he actually said what it is he does! :roll: You’re an actor FFS! You pretend to be other people for a living! And it’s not as if you’re a Daniel Day Lewis-type actor either, Brad, so that faux humility is even more misplaced.

      He really comes across as such a self-reverential plank sometimes.

    • DreamyK says:

      I remember Goop talking smack about Pitt after they broke up. Goopster grew up in a household that was populated by actors, artists, authors, musicians etc while Brad grew up quite differently in Oklahoma.

      Goop alluded to the fact that Brad was a stoner and not very intelligent (in comparison to her glitterati posse). And you know, reading what Brad is talking about, he is confirming what Goop said: he smoked a lot of weed and was unmotivated. This apparently carried on into his next relationship with Jennifer. At some point he felt he had smoked so much weed he was brain damaged. I don’t think his comments reflect on Jennifer or Goop or even Juliette. He’s claiming his baggage and what he brought to the table and the pivotal moment in his life where he decided to not be that guy anymore and to focus on reality instead of escaping it.

      • Esmom says:

        I think you’re right. I know plenty of guys his age who have failed to move beyond their high school years and seem incapable of maturing or evolving. Good for Brad for making the change he felt he needed.

    • LouLou says:

      Agreed. It’s stupid, and it doesn’t even answer the question as lots of people are self-employed in a variety of fields. Pretend humility.

    • anon33 says:

      My question is, what human being in this universe doesn’t know that he is BRAD F’KING PITT?!? Who is this alien walking up to Brad Pitt, saying “how do you do sir, and what is your employ?”

      Come on now…

  9. Hubbahun says:

    He’s a douche bag and always has been.

    • Sue says:

      Waiting for him to color hair same as Angie’s that is his m.o. Twinsies!

      • Hubbahun says:

        Haha yes,! Brilliant :D He always hitches his wagon to whomever is the current sweetheart then moves on when their star fades…who’s got money on JLaw in a couple of years? :D All of the women could do better than him.

        Actually I take that back – he should have stayed with Goop :D

      • cs says:

        He always hitches his wagon to women he’s with then moves on??

        He’s been with the same woman for almost 9 years and he has children. His longest relationhip to date.

        So what are you talking about? and why would he hook up with JLaw, there’s nothing exiting about her besides she’s damn near 30 years younger.

    • Sal says:

      No he isn’t and never has been.

  10. Sabrine says:

    He’s speaking honestly, answering the questions put forth to him. One of these days he’ll say no comment to those type of questions. It’s not necessary to keep answering them.

    Brad and Angelina are genuine people, humanitarians in the truest sense. We don’t know half of what they do to help others.

    • amanda says:

      What exactly is Brad doing to help others? Why not talk about the difference you are making now instead of referencing how aimless you were. As a non BP fan it seems the only difference in his life is a different woman and less movies being made. Saying you’re self-employed is a humble brag, not humble. Such a vapid dbag. I really don’t know what Angie sees in him she could do so much better.

      • BlackMamba says:

        I agree. Angie is the great philanthropist and way before Brad came along. She is interesting, smart and beautiful. Brad is just a poser who is along for the ride.

      • Amory says:

        Brad put a tons of money and effort into the City of New Orleans, and brought a lot of attention to the needs there, among other things he has done.

        I would say that he does a heck of lot more than other Hollywood stars.

        And for as a huge a star that he is, he seems pretty normal. I think he spoke wisely about not doing enough in his youth, and I think that is a malaise from which most of us have or are still suffering.

        This wasn’t a slam on Jennifer – it was his way of saying that he wasn’t doing everything he could be doing to lead a fuller life (and that no doubt made him less of a husband). It’s a slam on him not her.

      • V4Real says:

        I’m not taking sides here but there are some celebrtites who do charitable work through donations and we never hear about it. Not all of them need to flaunt their good deeds in front of a camera for public praise.

        I bet a lot of you don’t know that Gary Sinese used to give a huge portion of his pay from CSI New York to charity. We only found out about it becasue someone leaked it but he had been doing it for years. RDJ gives huge donations to rehab centers in CA. He also donated money to a theater that was about to close it doors due to funding; that info was released because they asked him to come in and help with the telethon. Say what you want about Michael Jackson but after his death they released some of his private information all over the news that he had donated money to at least 20 charities. Most of us didn’t know that because he wasn’t looking for recognition for it.

        We can’t honestly say that Brad does not contribute to those in need and we can’t necessarily that he does. We are aware of the contributions he made to New Orleans because the press was all over that one. Like I said some celebrities are not doing it for public recognition, it’s coming from the heart.

      • Micki says:

        @V4Real: Thank you for the info, I didn’ know that Sinise has donated for years, SCI Ny is one of my fav. after the original SCI with William Petersen.
        Now I like Sinise another bit more.

      • cs says:

        Because no one cares that Gary Sinese donates 1/3 of his salary to Charity. Whether he publicize it or not. Probably half of Americans if not more don’t know who he is. I had to think for a moment (who is Gary Sinese?)We know which charities George Clooney, Leo D., Denzel Washington supports because they are bigger stars (duh).
        I also knew about Audrey Hepburn’s involvement in UNICEF because the cameras were there. Elizabeth Taylor’s crusade against AIDS.
        Angelina Jolie donating a portion of salary, people are interested in which charities and its brings press to that particular cause.

        But, Good for Him.

      • V4Real says:

        @Cs you missed the whole point of my post. Some were saying that celebrities only support charities for reconition hence bringing aloneg their publicists or talking publicly about it. Some people believe they only do it for publicity. What I was doing was pointing out a few that do it behind closed doors and no one ever knows.

        Not all celebrities donate for publicity, some do it b/c they actually care. It doesn’t matter if Sinese is well known or not but if he wanted the publicity for his charitable work he could have put it out there.

        Lastly just because you don’t know who he is doesn’t mean other people don’t.

    • Tapioca says:

      No, we know ALL of what they do, because they invariably release a press statement and take a photographer along for the ride. After all, what is the point of helping others if you can’t get a photo opportunity out of it?

      And it’s interesting, is it not, that he was FORTY frickin’ years old before he discovered his humanitarianism, eh…

      • Esmom says:

        So is there an age limit for discovering humanitarianism?

      • Marie says:

        And some NEVER find it. He admitted during an Oprah interview that when a movie comes out you do things like magazine covers and interviews as part of the promo. He knows its part if his and very other actors job to do so. So what? It’s part of the business end of it. As a business owner I get it. Do I think he’s perfect or a great guy? I don’t know because I’ve never met him.

  11. MrsBPitt says:

    I think Brad and Jen were both unhappy. The difference being, that Jen didn’t mind being miserable as long as she could be part of the Hollywood golden couple, but Brad wanted more…I don’t dislike Jen, but I do think that her career and image were (and probably still is) the most important thing to her…

    • Kim1 says:

      ITA The Golden Couple Myth was exposed they were both miserable and both using drugs

    • truthSF says:

      I agree. I feel this reflects badly on Ms. Aniston in the sense that she allowed herself to marry/stayed married to a man clearly on a downward spiral. And didn’t do anything to change that. I mean, he left her, not the other way around.

      It seems that for whatever reason, he wanted to change for the better, and his wife wasn’t a part of that journey.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      If Aniston’s greatest concern is her image then why is she dating shoe polish-head?

  12. Kim1 says:

    So when Jen says she is happiest she has ever been she is slammimg Pitt.When Jen says she loved working with Theroux on Wanderlust she is “uncool” to Theroux’s girlfriend of 14 years ,Heidi Bivens GMAFB

    • Sal says:

      Exactly. For some reason Aniston can talk non-stop about her marriage and she gets a pass. Brad talks about himself, no mention of his marriage, and he is attacked. The hypocrisy is unbelievable.

  13. Jackson says:

    Meh. I don’t think he slams JA at all. Time for connect-the-dots fans to move on.

  14. paola says:

    Sometimes you don’t realise you’re living the ‘wrong life’ until you meet that somebody and everything changes for good. You then realise that what you’ve done until now is not what makes you happy even if you honestly thought you were happy. Jennifer Aniston lives a more shallow life compared to Angelina’s and maybe Brad didn’t fit in that life anymore.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Paola …

      Yes, but 10 years ago (2003) Brad hadn’t met Angelina, who had adopted Maddox and was in the middle of divorce proceedings with Billy Bob Thornton.

      It sounds like Brad (finally) realized his life was in the toilet he was perpetually stoned on the couch without Angie’s spotlight. :)

  15. Maria says:

    i cant with his interviews, he practically says nothing but tries to sound sophisticated when he does.

  16. Shelley says:

    I loved Brad Pitt a long time ago…when he was hot and before I realised how dim he is in real life. He is such a try-hard by trying to convince us that he is deep with his roundabout unclear way of expressing himself.

    • V4Real says:

      I still like Brad but not in the same fashion as I once did. Yes, he does come off a little dim at times or do I dare say pretentious.

      A couple of years ago I watched The Round Table Interview with Mickey Rourke, RDJ, Anne Hathaway and Brad Pitt. The interviewer asked if any of them Googled themselves. RDJ was honest and said he did. Anne said no but then recanted and said she did. Our dear Brad said no and continued to make himself look like an ass by saying he didn’t even know how to use the internet nor had time for it. I call BS when I see it. A four year old knows how to use the internet plus we have internet on our mobile devices, you can google on the go and that don’t require much time. So I agree with you about him being a try-hard.

    • Malak says:

      So he isn’t articulate, but he seems like a good guy. That’s better than an articulate jerk.
      Brad was temporarily ‘out of order,’ until he fixed’ himself about 10 years ago. Good for him!

  17. Mac says:

    Will Brad ever stop with the “O, woe is me” routine?

    Doesn’t he have enough on his plate right now to keep from dwelling on the past, and subjecting everyone to his glorified moaning?

    • Esmom says:

      I don’t think he’s dwelling on it. I think the interviewer is asking the questions and he’s trying to come up with introspective answers. I highly doubt he’d initiate many of the topics covered on his own.

  18. Lboogie says:

    I really think he was just speaking about how he felt about himself in general and not his relationship with Jennifer. Everything does not have to be about that.

  19. Denise says:

    Come on, the fact that he says ‘that was about 10 years ago’ was intentional, and that is not the same as saying he was always aimless. We get it Brad, Angie > Jen.

    • cat1 says:

      I agree.

    • Mairead says:

      Perhaps. However given the Herculean amount of weed he seems to be saying he did, it is possible that dates all kind of blend in together with him.

      For example for me, the years 2000-2005 all tend to meld together for me and I find it very distinguish between events – so I tend to refer to it as “about 10 years ago”. This isn’t due to drugs, but I can see how it can happen.

  20. AfroLondongirl says:

    I was on another site who claim that Jen dropped Brad cos he was a pot head and she got tired of living with a stoner, even if it’s Brad Pitt. I tend to believe it. I Don’t believe that Brad was unfaithful. I know it’s not worth much but they have never been any rumours of Brad cheating on any of his girlfriends.

    • Ms. Pris says:

      Jen claims (in interviews) that she thought their marriage was great and that she was totally shocked by the split. So no, she didn’t dump him.

      • AfroLondongirl says:

        Don’t know which interview you are referring to. According to Sheryl Crowe, who is good friends with Jen and Brad, Jen dumped him. I don’t know why some people find it hard to believe that Jen could actually dump him.

      • pwal says:

        If she dumped him, then it wasn’t necessary to burst into tears in front of a journalist. If you pulled the trigger on a relationship and knew that it was for the best, the feeling of peace should supersede the need for pettiness.

    • Hipocricy says:

      They both did pot, as she admitted and if she dumped him, why were she shoked and the word had to be shocked at him moving on quick and speaking about lacking a sensitivity chip ?

      It just doesn’t add up.

      As for Pitt, of course he was miserable..he was in therapy and marriage counselling for two years, six month only after tying the knot !

      So Aniston is a liar. No woman can say with a straight face that her 4 year marriage is great when hubby is in therapy for two years, when he isn’t absent for 6 months working abroad as wifey publicly admitted that she couldn’t care no seeing him once but instead rejoiced of being alone to refurbish their home as she sees fit.

    • cs says:

      Also, if she dumped him..Why four years after the divorce she said in a interview that she still keeps his phone messages and referred to him as her husband, NOT ex-husband.

      Please like others said, she was the one that was dumped.

  21. anneesezz says:

    He’s always trying so hard to seem deep and intellectual that he ends up sounding like a first year philosophy major you want to punch.

    • Lulu.T.O. says:

      I can’t imagine having to listen to his silliness 24/7. There’s less to AJ than I thought, if she’s enamored of this dude.

      • Rhea says:

        Sometimes I think a celebrity could be totally different with their public persona behind the curtain. He might talk different around his family.

      • Lulu says:

        @Rhea: That’s sweet, and you might be right. I have my doubts though…

      • Malak says:

        You can’t explain love.
        I hear, “what does he/she see in her/him often.”

  22. pwal says:

    Thank you for actually addressing the actual article versus British tabloids’ interpretations.

    And sorry, no one’s a bigger douche than Billy Bush. He really takes exception to Brad treading on hallowed ground, even more so than Anistans. At least with some of them, I get that maybe they were in her spot or possibly afraid of being in her spot. But even their conniptions are less obnoxious and definitely less self-serving than BB.

  23. Dibba says:

    I think its good he supposedly gave up his stoner lifestyle and looked for more meaning. He has the right to do that and the right to talk about it. I don’t think he is blaming Aniston. I think he still smokes pot tho. His interviews kind of demonstrate he still smokes pot or has brain damage from years of smoking pot. He an Aniston obviously exchanged vows in a marijuana fog.

  24. The Original G says:

    Her fans are always trying so hard to make everything about Jen. Time for everyone to move on.

  25. AustinMJ says:

    Hey, dude’s tryin. He and Angie seem to be very grounded together with their kids. (Kids DO have a way of doing that to you). He’s not sitting around smoking pot, “drifting” as he said.

  26. truthful says:

    meh, he said his life was miserable and he happened to be married to Jenn at that time, I really don’t care when he said it but he said it.

    I noticed that folks were all in arms, I did not bother to go back and post in that other thread, its not worth it.

    my point of view is he got what he needed from Angelina, a FAMILY and kids bottomline.

    I never knew he said it 10 yrs ago or whatever.

  27. Mel says:

    Criticising a marriage – which, obviously, takes two – does not mean (not in my eyes) that he is in in any way criticising his ex, certainly not her ONLY.

    As for his last comments, I would guess most people are not used to interviews – either doing them or granting them – so they don’t know that the “That was a decade ago” could be – I am not saying it IS – a reply to an interjection by the interviewer (“When was this?”). This sort of editing is standard practice.

    In any case, I think he has always been subdued in his references to regarding his ex, and this last interview is no exception.

  28. Andrea says:

    Here’s the thing…on the surface there is nothing wrong with this comment. But Pitt does NOT live in a vacumn and I’m sure he’s more than aware of the way in which his comments can easily be tied to Jennifer whether he means it that way or not. In that regard, it’s very insensitive on his part.

  29. tabasco says:

    he really needs to just stop talking and look pretty

    • Beth says:


    • He's gross says:

      The only way he can look pretty is with airbrush, botox, and black and white photography. His looks are done. Even Lainey [a huge pitt fan] pointed out that he had something done to his face and it caused what she calls fatface. She had photos side by side from last years Cannes and this years cinamcon. He looks like two different people.

  30. The Original Mia says:

    It is his life. If he wants to say he was miserable 10 years ago, then that is fine and the truth. He wanted more from his life than booze & drugs and he went and found a partner who could give him that and more. If Jennifer and her fans take offense at that, there’s nothing Brad can or should do about it.

    • gennline says:

      Who are these people who want to tell someone they don’t know that he can’t talk about his life. He is a free man he can talk about any period of his life in any way that he wants. You don’t have to read articles about him.
      Maybe he no longer cares what people say about him. Also to label someone unintelligent for their pattern of speech,shows that some of you are not that bright yourselves.
      He has the rich life(in all ways)that he was looking for,good for him.

    • Bellz says:

      Valid point! I agree 100%…. However, his ex-wife should not be accused of milking it for yrs. as it was also her life — and she should be able to talk about it as much as she feels like. The problem with this is that MOST people( myself included) are sick and tired of hearing about it!!!! They all need to STFU already ermahgerd!!! Enough brad! Jeeze! *end rant

      Topics for brad:
      The joy of fatherhood
      My daughters are so precious
      Angie is super amazing & the reasons I love her
      France & his jolie-pitt wine

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Bellz, who wrote: “However, his ex-wife should not be accused of milking it for yrs. as it was also her life — and she should be able to talk about it as much as she feels like.”

        The difference is that Brad is talking about how messed up he was, how messed up his life was, and how ‘he’ was in a stoned fog without direction prior to and during his marriage. That’s not talking about her, or even their marriage, it’s just talking about ‘him.’ And mind you, he ‘only’ started talking about his mental and emotional state of mind during that time ’2′ years ago.

        Jen has been riding, milking, ‘and’ talking about her marriage and divorce since the spring of 2005. First, she went along with the public’s assumption that Brad and Angie blindsided her in April 2005 when they hooked up in Africa, and she has played the victim ever since then. Someone who ‘deserves’ to be happy after what she went through.

        The thing is that Angie and Brad hooked up a month after Aniston filed for divorce. Most of the public skipped the fact that Jen had filed divorce papers in March because they were so blinded by hatred for Angie. Jen could have cleared up the time-line of events, but she played on public sympathy instead. She played the part of a wife jilted for another woman without prior notice — blindsided — when the fact is that Jen knew before she and Brad separated in January 2005 that he was going to pursue Angie. How did she know? Because he was honest enough to let her know. ‘Jen’ wouldn’t say that in her 2005 “Vanity Fair” ‘Cry Me a River’ interview, but she ‘did’ allow Courtney Cox to tell the public that Brad hadn’t cheated and had been completely honest with Jen (in other words, she wasn’t blindsided).

        All Jen has talked about since 2005 is how Brad is missing a sensitivity chip; how ‘uncool’ Angie is to talk about how she can’t wait to share with her kids how she fell in love with their father; and a never ending discourse about her life measured in time from her ‘marriage to Brad Pitt.’ She went on Oprah’s show for a ‘champagne and sympathy’ fest in September 2005, two months after she began her relationship with Vince Vaughn. So what did she say? Instead of saying “Oh, I’ve already moved on, trying to reclaim my life, so I don’t want to talk about Brad” she said “Well, I’ve gotten over the worst part of the split and my friends keep sending my self-help books.”

      • Bellz says:

        Why don’t you address the other things that I have said? Here are many different things for brad to talk about!! Why isn’t he??

        As far as you are concerned his ex has nothing else to hang onto or talk about so why let it bother you? I really don’t know whether she has been talking about it constantly because I don’t keep track but I see what you just wrote and the things you are speaking of we’re in 2005, which to ME is totally fine because she IS free to talk about her experience/ life as she sees fit. You cannot decide how much she gets to talk about her marriage just like no one can decide how much brad does. But who is still talking/ referencing/ hinting about it in 2013???? BRAD PITT <<<< he looks lame for it, whiny & douchey and small .

        Sorry if you don't feel the Same luv! But I'm certainly not into celebrity worship sooo ur wasting your time on me ;)

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Bellz, who wrote: “As far as you are concerned his ex has nothing else to hang onto or talk about so why let it bother you?”

        Well, that would make her one pathetic lass, wouldn’t it?

        You have yet to point out one sentence in Brad’s interview where he’s talking about Jennifer Aniston. He is talking about his emotional state and being stoned all the time … he is ‘not’ talking about his marriage.

        You don’t ‘worship’ celebrities, and yet you’re outraged and offended on Jennifer Aniston’s behalf because you’ve chosen to interpret a man’s commit about his own personal growth as a slight against his ex-wife? Perhaps it’s actually the realization that the Aniston-Pitt marriage wasn’t the ‘all roses and champagne for Rachel Greene’ event Jen led her fans to believe after the split that’s got you so steamed.

        Go the People.com and read the “Jennifer Aniston: 5 Years After Brad” article from 2010 and then come back and say again how ‘he’s’ the one who keeps talking about that time and just can’t let it go.

  31. evyn says:

    I find it amazing that whenever Angie talks about her wonderful life, and how Brad is her soulmate and love of her life, you never hear any whining from Billy Bob or Johnny Lee.

    • He's gross says:

      She said the same about Bbt and JLM. She actually was hoping to remarry JLM someday. -her words-

      • WTH says:

        Everything in both of your posts,

        are lies or a exaggerations. But hey, that’s how you haters roll.

      • cs says:

        There’s no link because Angie never said that. She said (prior to meeting Brad), that JLM is a good man and that she probably shouldn’t have divorced him. I believe she said that after her divorce from BBT. I interpreted it as her marriage to BBT wasn’t great and JLM was the better man.

  32. STOPGOOP says:

    It’s not on Jennifer that Brad spent years of is life wasted in a cloud of pot smoke. I wish he would express a bit more gratitude for all the factors that resulted in him having the life he has today – including the drugs and the marriage to Jen!

  33. evyn says:

    DM is full of s***. The budget is about 200-250mil. They had anticipated only spending half of that amount.

  34. LL says:

    I love when people quote or try to use a tabloid as being factual. It makes look so dumb. There’s a reason why you don’t trust websites/tabloids like those, they make stuff up.

  35. Contrived says:

    Why? Unless you mean by contrast. That is what being in a rebound relationship and smoking dope did for him. gave him the perspective to see what he didn’t want out of life and what he needed to change.

    I guess he could be grateful for it in that regard.

  36. tabasco says:

    this is not to say that he should or should not say stuff about JA or whatever, my point is not about the uncool triangle, it’s simply that brad pitt knows damn well that when he talks to a magazine about a sh-tty period in his life and puts a timeframe on it which encompasses his marriage, he knows exactly what he is doing.

    • gennline says:

      Why should he care?Did JA correct all the attacks against BP implied in her interviews?
      He said many times the relationship was a dead end and had no where to go. It is his right to discuss his life,JA is big girl,I’m sure she can cope. If not she can get Chelsea Handler to attack Angie again,that should work!

  37. claire says:

    the guardian is not paramount
    and the budget is 200 million

    • cynmb7 says:

      Yes, the initial WWZ budget was $150M and with re-shoots it went to $170M. The $200M is a “rounded up” (i.e, FALSE!) number put forth by the people (trolls and troll media) that want the movie to fail because they hate Brad (Brad obliquely addresses this in the “target on my back” statement). It’s the same haters that call a film that made over 253% percent of it’s budget back (Killing Them Softly, which had a $38M BO with a $15M budget) a bomb or Shiloh & the twins “r*tarded”. All lies just to try & make their sad lives better. The way Brad & Angie rise above these lies with such dignity (& no millions to PR) makes me root for & admire them all the more.

  38. mayal says:

    Hey lama, did Brad and Angie kill your cat? Your obsessive negative posts are really too much, like it’s your sole mission in life to trash them all the time! Why are you posting a month old articles and not posts and tweets from people that actually saw the movie this week?

  39. evyn says:


    No,not really. I tend not to believe any fact that begins with,”some reports suggest…” This is what happens when so-called journalists peruse other people’s articles for their facts. That $400 mil number is the least amount they are predicting the movie will need to gross to start breaking even.

  40. Severine says:

    He used to make better movies when he was stoned.

  41. paranormalgirl says:

    People are misunderstanding. The film needs to MAKE about $400 mil to break even. The budget of the film was initially $150 mil, went over budget by possibly as much as 100 mil. With marketing and advertising, which are not part of a film’s budget, WWZ would need to make about 400 mil just to break even. The break even point is not the budget of a film.

    (helps to have a best friend in the industry)

    • Josephina says:

      Misunderstanding is a natural way of life for the Jenhens. The fake concern for the “hitting” budget is poorly disguised as wishing and hoping that Brad fails because they are still mad that Brad left Angie. They relate to the lonely girl who has been rejected emblem.

      After all, Brad has it all:

      Beautiful, hot sexy wife Angie.
      Six gorgeous kids.
      World traveler.
      Extremely popular philanthropist and humanitarian, creating foundations and giving to charities in the U.S. and abroad
      Successful, award winning and critically acclaimed actor as well as producer
      Treated like a rock star on the red carpet
      Gets his pick of the best roles in Hollywood
      Able to greenlight and get funding on tough projects and indie movies
      Absolutley happy as a Daddy of six
      Huge, extended loving family
      Huge worldwide fanbase
      Had babies with the love of his life and is still in live with her
      Sexy as hell in all forms, no matter the hair length OR hair color

      I probably forgot a few, but you get the gist.

      If you are insecure and have never felt blessed or lucky, Brad’s lifestyle and his good fortune will get on your last nerve.

      Lots of jealousy out there for him and he speaks about it in this article.

  42. c'est la vie says:

    Can’t he just act and make terrible ads for a while. I am not a Brangeloonie (god I hate that word) and never will be. Please get real about them, Brangeloonies.

    They aren’t the only philanthropists on the planet. Obviously.
    And get a grip people – they make movies. That’s not exactly a noble profession. Working with Unicef is admirable, but many other celebs do it too.

    • gennline says:

      They don’t work with UNICEF,get you facts right.

    • The Original G says:

      Yeah, why can’t he just make movies.

      Why must he have to do interviews to promote those movies? Why must he produce, build houses, have an interest in design and wine and take more control of his life? WHY?

      Why doesn’t he just stay frozen in time and be told what to do by anonymous internet cynics?

      • c'est la vie says:

        He seems talky and way too pretentious to me when he speaks about his projects. Doesn’t exactly value privacy either, like some other, wiser celebs.

        He’s the one putting it out there – like that hilarious Chanel ad, my fellow anonymous interenet critic.
        Of course people are going to talk about him.

      • The Original G says:

        I totally cop to being an anonymous interner cynic. We’re all entitled to our opinions but no celeb needs to live their by them. :)

      • Esmom says:

        Love this comment, best of the day! :)

  43. Eli says:

    Not aging well at al… And that hair!

  44. Mia says:

    I don’t think he said anything wrong. I think he was being honest that his life is more meaningful with 6 children, a gorgeous and intelligent partner, and doing philanthropy all over the world. Before he was just really bored Hollywood movie star with a milquetoast wife.

  45. The Original G says:

    I think Jen’s fans are more upset that that he DIDN’T mention her.

  46. Mac says:


    Of the anticipated quarter of a billion dollar loss, how much would Brad be on the hook for?

  47. Miss M says:

    Obviously I am not a Brangeloonie.

    What I get from his comments, as if he wants to sound more interesting than he actually is… As for his life with his former wife, I am not surprised they broke up. I am surprised as how long they lasted, considering they are so similar: pretentious and vapid people who morph into their current partner’s personalities and tastes. This relationship was doomed from the start.

    I don’t think he can fully slam JA. It was during his marriage he discovered his passion to produce projects when he created Plan B with her and a third person.

    • Emily says:


      Brad was bored because he was boring. He found someone much more interesting to glom onto, and thereby became more interested in life himself. Not really interesting himself, though. He’s still just not very bright. Of course, compared to the typical Hollywood star, he’s a pillar of a man. Meh.

  48. Theresa says:

    It’s pretty amazing how new invasive technology and over-sharing and over-analyzing took a pretty routine run-of-the-mill Hollywood breakup to a decades-old gossip story that WILL.NOT.DIE.

    When Pitt and Aniston ended their childless marriage, pretty non-descriptly, the only thing that should have raised eyebrows was the fact that the Jolie was again involved with another co-star, and whether or not this pattern with her would continue.

    Once they established themselves (Pitt and Jolie) as a committed couple, and then proceeded to live their lives (perhaps a little unconventionally for a typical Hollywood hookup) that should have been it. Bee there, done that.

    I simply do not understand the obsession with when, why, how, etc etc yadayadayada. I do not feel that either party has dwelled on it, the media keeps it fresh and alive simply to feed the public’s voracious appetite for scandal. So voracious that they will concoct some kind of perpetual triangle that does not exist, just to satisfy the need to feel holier-than-thou of their audience.

    Face it folks, high profile people are just people. They screw up and screw around just as much as the average folks, they just do it under a microscope. Yet for some dumb reason have to live up to some unrealistic expectation of fidelity and sanctity that is difficult for even the average citizen. I don’t expect my celebs to be perfect or faithful, nor am I surprised when they falter. But I regularly shake my head when I see people slap their cheeks in indignation when it happens.

    Brad and Angelina have proven themselves to be devoted parents and committed partners. Now THAT is something to celebrate in their particular community and kudos to them for making it work.

    Leave Aniston out of it. She has nothing to do with their continued success as a couple, nor do Pitt or Jolie have anything to do with her life or career.

    Stop trying to make fire out of one stick.

    BTW I will go see WWZ and revel in the popcorn-fun of it all.

  49. Hannah says:

    I think Brad is actually worse than Jen for little excerpts like this. The three of them should just shhh. They are all adults in the spotlight. They know how the media work. They know we know there was a marriage, some cheating, a new relationship. So just don’t discuss previous relationships in general.

    I hate how he comes across in these interviews. I used to love Brad but I’ve grown to hate the way he talks. For instance, that because he found true love and happiness and had this epiphany about his shallow life and empty marriage that it made the cheating okay, that it makes talking about how there was nothing there okay. It doesn’t.

    He is all about equality but there also seems to be a lot of judging about how other people live their lives because they aren’t building houses. Him and Angie are amazing ambassadors who do awesome things for people who have less. But they both have pasts…the judginess I pick up from him about others baffles me!

    • Bellz says:

      Omg Hannah! Amen we are >>><<< here. He comes across so douchey. Whatever happened to live and let live? People go through life changes and self growth all the friggin time. You have done noting earth shattering brad. If your life is SO interesting now, talk about it, not the bloody past!

    • Mac says:

      Brad Pitt likes to pass himself off as somehow more enlightened than everyone else.

      His cryptic diatribes are little more than a thinly veiled attempt to place the entire burden of a failed marriage squarely on the shoulders of Jennifer Aniston.

      • gennline says:

        Come on you know that the resposibility was only 2% Anustin.Brad was 98% ressposibile for the failure as famously stated.I never heard him refute those figures,so if the failure was all his fault he is perfectly entitled to talk about it.After all its his failure that he is talking about. JA was absolved of all blame long ago.If Brad Pitt wants to talk about failure let him,don’t you enjoy the fact that he is a failure.

      • Sal says:

        Seriously that is so pathetic that anyone truly thinks he is slamming Aniston. He talks about HIS life not his marriage. Yet Aniston for the last 9 years has not only veiled, but outright blamed him for the split every single chance she gets. Why aren’t you outraged at Aniston’s passive-aggressiveness? Such hypocrisy.

    • Sal says:

      The problem is, there was NO cheating, we know that now. Brad has never said a single word about Aniston or his marriage yet Aniston is far worse and evil because she has made horrible comments and has ridden the pity party for 9 years. Wtf can’t people see this? The ONLY person talking about the marriage is Aniston (and Handler).

      • Esmom says:

        How do we *know* there was no cheating? Unless you have some private insights all everyone is and has been doing is speculating. Opinions abound…but I don’t think anyone knows the facts except the three people involved in the infernal triangle.

  50. F5 says:

    He needs all the PR for that $200 million bomb.
    It’s not even mentioned on any summer lists.

  51. Valerie says:

    I don’t think he’s ever “slammed” his marriage to Aniston–he’s just acknowledged that he married the wrong woman for the wrong reasons–and then woke up. In the process he was a bit of a dick about it, like a lot of people are when their marriages blow up. But as far as I can tell, ultimately everybody ended up better off.

    Divorce happens, why do these three have to be forever cast in this ridiculous eternal triangle?

  52. HoustonGrl says:

    I’m definitely a brangelooni, so call me skewed if you want, but I love this interview. Every time I see or hear anything about Brad Pitt, I am reminded of how insanely hot he is, and how I’ve had a crush on him pretty much since birth. All that aside, I really relate to his deadpan comments about his wasted life and relationship B.A. (before angie) or “10 years ago” as he puts it. I was in a totally aimless relationship for a long time, and it was completely a symptom of my other life choices at the time. If you don’t care that much or don’t have much direction, your partner can be a reflection of that, even if it actually has nothing to do with them. I think Angelina yanked him out of that by showing him a new perspective on the world, but for me personally, it wasn’t a new relationship. I remember making a conscious choice to stop living that way.

  53. Maggie says:

    This guy is such a plant! If the triangle had never happened he would have gone the way of Val Kilmer. Although he does surprise me every now and again with a good performance. I saw Inglorious Bastards not that long ago and thought he was great. Mind you the whole cast, script was great. According to Quentin Tarantino Brad is still likes the weed. Whatever!

  54. lisa2 says:

    This is the way Brad has talked in every interview for years. I guess some are new to that. He spoke the same when he and Paltrow ended. He never looks back and never goes back.

    I don’t get why every time he talks about his life people get pissed. Jennifer has said the exact same thing.. that her 30′s were not good and she is the happiest ever. So why no headlines about that.

    Men don’t moan the lose of relationship as women do. They don’t. I really doubt any of the 3 are living in the past. The public needs to come into 2012.. it is about time

    That part of the interview was so time compared to everything else.

    and all the people that have actually seen WWZ have been totally overwhelmingly positive.

    must suck for the people hoping the movie fails.

  55. leelee says:

    Kid rock meets Billy Ray Cyrus much

  56. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I don’t find anything wrong with what he said but people vilify Affleck if he says one word about Lopez so I guess this is the same shit.

    Sometimes you date a great person who just isn’t right for you-it’s not necessarily a reflection of that person, but rather symptomatic of a bad connection between the two. Sometimes that person brings out the worst in you or allows you to be someone that you don’t want to be while you’re with them. It doesn’t mean that they’re doing anything deliberately wrong and I don’t mean that as a way to BLAME them-it’s just a dynamic thing. You learn from it, you grow from it, and you move on. *shrugs*

    • Bellz says:

      Nor do I……But why does he have to constantly talk about it? If it was such an unhappy and boring period in his life why keep going back to it? Just talk about your amazeballs life and all the “things you are doing” that are so incredible.

      I posted some new topics for brad up-thread :D

      • Emily says:

        He wouldn’t get as much play on gossip sites if he didn’t keep bringing it up.

    • Mira says:

      TOK – There’s a reason why Affleck is vilified for bringing up JLo. It’s just petty. People need to take responsibility for their lives and stop feeling victimized. Sure we all date people who don’t bring out the best in us but that can be true for the other person too. It’s not like we bring out the best in people we date while they bring out the worst in us. Like you said, it’s a dynamic and it takes two people for that dynamic. So when Brad and Affleck reflect on their past with an underhanded comment about their ex’s, they come across as petty and whiny. One can reflect on their past independently of who they dated. RDJ did that with Sarah Jessica Parker and did so brilliantly. He owned his shit, his selfishness when he was abusing drugs. He owned his lack of clarity. That kind of self-reflection and self-awareness is lacking in Brad and Affleck.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Um, well, that’s basically what I said above except the difference is that you seem to think it’s grievous, classless, and hurtful to the ex whereas I don’t think it’s a big deal. Of course you don’t blame the other person if it’s a bad dynamic, which is why I specifically said that the person could be amazing and things STILL don’t work out. Chemistry is the most intangible and elusive of all qualities specific to a relationship. It’s either there or it’s not. Would I MARRY someone that I have no chemistry with? No. Never. But people make mistakes-not everyone is self-aware and sometimes it takes making a mistake to realize what you DON’T want.

        So….I guess agree to disagree?

        Honestly, if a dude I dated 10 years ago was asked about his past and he mentioned that a decade ago he was a mess and didn’t know what he wanted out of life, I wouldn’t take it personally. In fact, it wouldn’t phase me at all. Then again, I’m not overly sensitive and I’m pretty secure in who I am. I like me. ;) If we weren’t right for each other, then we weren’t right for each other. Frankly, if Aniston was asked she would probably admit the relationship wasn’t the best for her either.

        I just honestly don’t get all the rampant whining and butt-hurt over this sort of thing.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Also, I barely remember who I boned last week, much less who I dated 10 years ago.

        I mean, all these people have moved on-why hasn’t the American public?

      • Mira says:

        I suppose we are saying the same thing then :) I don’t think it’s hurtful to the ex. I just think it reflects very poorly on the person, in this case Brad/Affleck or whoever. It shows that they haven’t been able to let go of their past or the choices they made. Agree with you on the public’s fixation on these three.

        Anyway, I’ve had the most unproductive day. A good shower will hopefully get me going for the rest of the evening :)

      • Lulu says:

        “Also, I barely remember who I boned last week, much less who I dated 10 years ago.”

        *Clutches pearls*

  57. lolalola3 says:

    He looks like Axl Rose in those pics. Ugh. I’m glad he feels his life is more interesting to him because it’s boring the crap outta me. Go off with Angie. Let better more talented actors do the roles you keep taking! Live your life & make room for the next generation.

  58. Emma - the JP Lover says:

    @Lama, who wrote: “He really doth protest too much. I remember that jolie said something to the effect that it was worse to speak ill of a partner AFTER a split.”

    Please point out for us exactly ‘where’ in the interview Brad ‘speaks ill’ of a partner.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      He doesn’t speak ill of anyone–that’s why I don’t get why everyone is freaking out.

  59. aligirl says:

    I can’t help it….they both (Brad and Angie) kind of make me sick. I know its in the past but I just never forgave them for that tasteless photo shoot they did when he was still married to Jen where they posed as a happy family (before they were ‘officially’ together). No one will ever convince me that Angie didn’t LOVE that and didn’t enjoy rubbing Jen’s face in it. And there’s a reason that Angie does not have ANY girlfriends.

    • Sandy says:

      Angelina Jolie does have friends. Just not celebrity friends. She doesn’t have to parade around her friendships and show the world she has tons of “friends”, when we all know not alot of people have lots of friends. Not associates or acquaintances or facebook friends but real “friends”. People that will stand by you. in hollywood it is even more difficult to have friends that are there not for your fame and fortune. Women are known to be petty and backstabbing. I have close friends that are male and female. I don’t surround myself around too many women. I highly doubt Angelina Jolie needs your approval of what she does with her. life.

    • carolynlee says:

      I can only surmise that the reason Angelina does not have friends from the pool of vapid, shallow, uninspiring women we read about in the tabloids is that her friends come from world leaders, policy makers, and actual people of substance .

    • mel says:

      +1…usually I’m the one to dare criticize Jolie..and do I ever pay for it. LOL. Jennifer said Brad was missing a sensitivity link…and I think there is some truth to that. Maybe having kids has mellowed both Jolie and Pitt and that’s why they give back a lot. Even though I think they are both pretentious (and Pitt is definitely not that smart)I give them credit for their charity work…they certainly give back.

    • claire says:

      wow 8 years
      you can tell the same lie a thousand times, but it never gets anymore true.
      sorry angie doesn’t cares about “girl girl”

      • gennline says:

        Angie does not use her girlfriends to validate her.She doesn’t need to acquire a pitbull girlfriend to attack other women and racially abuse their children. Angie has more girl/women friends than you will ever know about,because they are real and not for P.R

      • mel says:

        Um..no. She said in an interview she really doesn’t have any friends…just Brad. I very seriously doubt its a validation issue…I just don’t think she cares.

      • Malak says:


        If you’re referring to Dr Gupta interviewing her – I saw that, and she didn’t say she doesn’t have friends.
        The question was, “does she talk about her experiences in the field with her friends,” and she answered that the only one who she talks to about it is Brad. That doesn’t translate into she doesn’t have any friends.

    • Mac says:

      Such a vulgar display of callous indifference is usually seen only from those who are considered to be hard-hearted.

      Makes me wonder if Brad ever loved Jennifer.

      • videli says:

        Nope, he never, never loved her. Maybe he just used her as a reliable pot buddy. Poor Jennifer.

        Worthy speculation aside, am I the only one who actually looked at that infamous 2005 W pictorial, or some people are only familiar with the cover? The photos were supposed to narrate the malaise and pretense of a 50s couple, with darkness and violence beneath the suburban varnish. They were not supposed to show a happy family (as in,eat it, Jennifer). And those 2 were obviously sharing something, because they were intense and HOT together.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Plus those photos were to promote MAMS…they would’ve been done if Brad and Jen had split or not. It was to show just how often things aren’t as they seem, like John and Jane’s lives/relationship was in MAMS and how it was in the sixties. You had all these “perfect” families that hid some real turmoil and fear. The pictures were good. Brad did have some say in it, as he thought the original photoshoot idea was boring and unorigional, but I hate when people bring that up as “insensitive”. Please. Jennifer wasn’t feeling bad when she was posing for the paps in Vince Vaughn’s lap in a bikini.

      • doobage says:

        Nah no love, just smoke. From various reports, she just had an excellent pot hookup.

    • manly says:

      gurl,here’s some jolie-pitt rose. cheers!!!

    • Sal says:

      Um, I don’t think you understand that that photoshoot was a promo shoot for work. The director of M&MS made them do that, ALL actors do promo shoots. That shoot would have happened whether he stayed with Jen or not.

      • true says:

        +1,000,000. BTW, that MAMS photo shoot was ART. It was portraying a BAD relationship, where things are false* and is also meant to be a reflection of post-WW2 American life, the existential malaise that was so prominent then (I think Don & Betty Draper can trace their roots to B&A in this shoot), and foreshadows how the JFK assassination would shock us out of complacency and into a more questioning era (one of the photos in this shoot shows them watching the JFK tape on TV). Yeah, they looked hot in the shoot, but they are hot anyhow. Aniston or anybody else “outraged” by what was “flaunted” should have been happy. The pictures show a man that thought his “wife” drank too much and was a shallow, unloving mother- it is further implies that she made him cry and he is shown actually drugging her- so romantic!


        *which is the premise of MAMS until they are forced to stop with lies, team up to stop the forces threatening their lives, and then decide to stay together in a “real” relationship. In the W MAMS shoot, however, you DO NOT get a sense that there will be a happy ending. Once again, why the outrage?

  60. Emily says:

    I don’t think Brad sucks for slamming Jennifer like always. I don’t even really think he sucks; he bores me. He keeps bringing up “ten years ago”, and if you don’t think he knows exactly what he’s doing when he does that, I’ve got some nice swampland to sell you in Florida.

    I like Angie, relatively speaking. I don’t like her husband or her husband’s ex, but I don’t think they’re horrible either. I think all three of them know how to play the media, and don’t sneeze where someone from the media can see them without thinking about the implications first.

    Also I’m so sick of this supposed “triangle” I could plotz. With all the other love affairs in Hollywood, why are we stuck with these three interminably?

    • Sal says:

      Brad has never slammed Jen, not once. And there is a BIG difference in saying an exact number like “10 years ago” (he never said those words) and saying a “decade ago”. People exaggerate by a saying “decade/s ago” and “a century ago” all time or sometimes maybe understating. There is a big difference in giving an exact number and using terminology like ‘decade’.

      • Lexie says:

        Sal, do you have a job or do just sit at your computer responding to every post about this couple?

  61. Dingo says:

    Brad aka Goop 2.0!

  62. Loira says:

    Knox looks so much like him… And at the same time has so much of AJ.

  63. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Wow, some people get really butthurt when Brad does an interview don’t they lol.

  64. LaurieH says:

    No matter how long Brad has been in Hollywood, he can’t quite shake his midwestern roots, which I think is good. It’s what gives him his generous heart and sense of community, which we’ve seen on display theough his charitable work in New Orleans. He grew up with a strong, close-knit family which serves him well now. When he talks about how happy he is with his own family, I believe him. He’s reached his salad days and it shows. No, he’s not an intellectual and yes, he sometimes tries to come off as one and fails. But I kind of understand that too. I don’t think he ever took himself seriously before and now that he has grown-up responsibilities and what he was raised to view as a “real” adult life, he wants others to take him seriously too. I can respect that. I was dubious about the beginnings if his relationship with Angie, but we now see she is a good match for the person Brad wants to be, whereas Jennifer was a good match for the person he was. Unfortunatey for Jen, Brad didn’t want to be that person anymore.

  65. Ellen says:

    I’m surprised that nobody has mentioned what his make up artist Jean Black was quoted as saying in the Esquire interview, where she directly references Jennifer Aniston and how “Brad was ready to soar when he met Angie” and “This is not to say anything negative about Jennifer”. A bit over the top no?

    • gennline says:

      Not over the top,someone on the inside is telling you that he was ready to leave. So when the tabloids and crazy JA fans want you to believe that he is going back her,no he is not.He wasn’t stolen,it wasn’t voodoo,he left of his own free will,he was ready for the change.
      Maybe now someone on the inside is talking,the tabloids and others will stop inventing lies about BP+AJ.
      As has been proven in the last couple of weeks,the outside world knows little about them.

  66. LAK says:

    Could Someone please explain why Jen’s fans are called ‘hens’? I am serious. no snark. Brangeloonies is self evident, but i don’t understand where/how ‘hens’ comes about.

  67. videli says:

    Not on topic, but I’m pretty sure WWZ is going to suck. I’m still going to watch it though, I’m devoted to the book. I read though that Pitt wants to prove with this movie that Plan B is capable of sustaining a ‘bankable franchise.’ What? So it’s going to be an open end story? In view of the book, a franchise makes more sense, but it seems so unlikely after a couple of years of delay.

    • lisa2 says:

      Every tweet or comment I have seen from those that have seen the movie are positive.

      I don’t get why people are so hopeful the movie sucks. I for one will be there opening day to see it.

      I’m a loonie and I always see a BP/AJ film on the opening weekend unless something happens.

      Not sure why Brad is being knocked for doing a big action film. He has has major success. And that success unlike most of the actors in his age has been achieved outside some Super hero genre film. Nothing wrong with him doing something different.

  68. Ally8 says:

    I gather that one of Brad Pitt’s first jobs was driving call girls to jobs, and I feel like that’s remained his dynamic with women – they tell him where to go.

    It’s not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it wasn’t Jennifer Aniston’s job to motivate him not to be a slacker. Maybe he could have inspired her to a more active life? Instead it’s all about how it’s some woman’s responsibility to make an interesting life for him.

    This is usually the way many women approach relationships (because for centuries marriage was the only way most women could get ahead in life). Being that passive and responsibility-projecting nowadays is sorta unappealing for either gender, airhead Pitt here included.

    • Loira says:

      But it is not that he “needed” telling, as you want to understand.
      Probably, they, as a marriage, knew each other and knew what they wanted in life, but it seems he wanted more in life that hanging out with friends, making practical jokes, doing weed and just enjoying their life as it was. Children were in the unknown future, and his wife was probably not as supportive of his chatities or his interests.
      Mybe none of his friends were like AJ, so when he saw her little family and her goals in life, he saw a potential supportive partner, and also he wanted to support her aspirations, not just be content sitting there.
      I think they both ex husband and exwife are in a better place now.

  69. lisa2 says:

    People can call Brad dumb all they want. I have never heard anyone that has met him say that. He is a Mid Western man. He has said time and time again he had to work on his speech pattern.

    If you look at what Brad said you can see that he and Angie were both changing their lives at around the same time. Brad has been doing charity and helping people for years. I have seen Bono and others talk about how Brad has been supporting them and various causes for years; in ways that others don’t know. I think that over the past 8 to 10 years we are seeing more celebs more vocal about the things they support. As noted above. People didn’t complain when Elton John, Diana or Liz Taylor were out front talking about AIDs and telling the world how much they were giving to the cause. But now because the internet is here we have that info faster. There are so many causes and issues that Brad and Angie support and contribute to that never make the press.

    Some of you need to do some research on this man. He is not a dummy.

  70. annie says:

    As Brad why cant he talk about Angie and not perceive as dissing Jen. In the same that why cant he talk of his past and not perceive as dissing his ex wife.

    I believe the first years when Brad and Angie were already together, they try not to talk about their romance or how happy they are just so they don’t disrespect Aniston, but its been almost 9 years, everyone should have move on.

    Let Brad talk how happy he is now compared to before. Aniston is irrelevant to them.

  71. Sal says:

    This is ridiculous. This interview was about Angelina and her health and his comments were clearly a reflection on how precious life is. It had nothing to do with Aniston. And he said “about a decade ago”, like the way some say it casually or as an exaggeration. He didn’t say exactly “10 years” ago. If he said “10 years ago”, maybe, but he said “about” “a decade ago”. Often people who use the word decade are exaggerating or using it as a metaphor, not being exact.

  72. Greenieweenie says:

    The decade ago part was referring to when he made a conscious change. He’s essentially explaining his breakup with Jennifer Aniston.

    Damn, it’s like no one who reads this has taken the SAT. Basic critical reading skills!

    The fucking off part…yeah, you can assume that was over a longer period of time leading up to that point since he doesn’t qualify it other than to say years (leading up to his epiphany).

    It seems obvious to me: he was unhappy, probably not particularly because of Jennifer Aniston, he saw the potential for something he wanted with Angelina, ie, family, travel, more meaningful work. Frankly, that’s not unusual. There are plenty of people who find meaning in traveling to other countries and engaging in development work. That was obviously attractive to him since he’d been sitting around waiting to be inspired for so long.

    I don’t think he attempts to be particularly deep. I think he comes across okay. He’s decently well-spoken…he’s a bit Hollywood with his stupid commercials and whatnot, but I think he carries himself reasonably well.

    • Mae says:

      Brad telling how important and special his life is because he’s talking himself into it. People who have those special meaningful lives that are inspired and important just live them, they don’t tell everyone how important they are they just act and live it. His life was probably more real and authentic before…now he does these weird photo shoots of self importance and has a fake accent. It’s the same thing if someone tells you how honest they are….run for the hills honest people don’t proclaim it they just are it.

  73. Hello Kitty says:

    He has his “Benetton Ad” of a family and his worldly travels to keep him busy. His “MEH” acting parts when he’s bored and needs “pocket cash”.

    Now that The Saint of Breast Cancer AKA Angelina has bravely and nobly sacrificed her hoo-hahs for the greater good, the world is ready to nominate them for Sainthood.

    Jennifer Aniston has been bangin that dude from the Charlies Angels movie. At least her spray tan stays consistent. Oh yeah! She also hawks that overpriced drinking water.