Ann Coulter’s eventful return to the Today Show

Ann Coulter

My God, Ann Coulter is the portrait of insanity. I don’t know how she can be anything less than absolutely horrified at the sound of her own voice. It makes me want to crawl inside myself and die. Not to be overdramatic about it. Ann was reportedly banned from NBC over her new book “Guilty: Liberal ‘Victims’ and Their Assault on America.” Unfortunately it turns out that wasn’t true, or NBC caved, because after being pushed from the show on Tuesday, they let her come on yesterday. Coulter – never one to be gracious when she can avoid it – talked all about the supposed banning and insisted it was true. She heaped praise on the Drudge Report, who first circulated the story. And then enjoyed attacking Matt Lauer and generally being a complete snot whenever possible.

Lauer told Coulter that the reason her segment was dropped Tuesday was to make way for a live report from Israel on the conflict in Gaza by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Coulter countered that TODAY could have given her a different time slot. Lauer accused her of saying, “The mainstream media hates conservatives.”

“I didn’t say that,” Coulter said. She admitted that she agrees with the sentiment, “but I have much more colorful language.”

“We switched you for Tony Blair,” Lauer explained.

“The point is, I was canceled twice,” Coulter rejoined, referring to a second scheduled appearance on Tuesday with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford in the show’s fourth hour that was also dropped. (On Wednesday, Coulter did make a second TODAY appearance with Kotb and Gifford, using the time to expand on her earlier discussion with Lauer.)

“Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean you don’t have enemies,” Lauer quipped with a smile.

[From MSNBC]

That’s just a snippet, but the tone of the exchange is really hostile, despite how MSNBC tries to town it down in their article. Coulter went on to continuously refer to Barack Obama as “B. Hussein,” and went off on a diatribe about how there is this terrible “exaltation of single motherhood” in the media, and actually said, “Almost any societal problem is a problem of single motherhood.” She also claimed it wasn’t outrageous, it was a fact. The woman is an absolute sociopath. I am all for free speech, but if there’s any one person I could choose to metaphorically kick in the mouth, it’d be Ann Coulter. I do not understand how someone can be so ridiculously misguided and stupid. She’s so extreme that the hate she teaches really is dangerous. I’m disappointed she’s not banned from NBC. Maybe by her next book she will be.

Here’s Ann’s shocking interview. Try not to throw your shoe at your computer like I did.

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  1. Bobby the K says:


    Yes, some people are misguided and stupid. What I don’t understand is why this woman is popular, has so much support and earns so much money.

    But I still can’t figure out why so many (let alone any) Americans voted for G.W. Bush – Twice!

  2. RReedy says:

    SHe is first of all, an actress.

  3. aleach says:

    oh wow! shes so damn witty, calling obama “b. hussein”.
    but seriously, why do conservatives think this is so clever? everytime one of them says that i just think “hmmm. get some better material.”

  4. NotBlonde says:

    She knows exactly what she’s doing. I doubt she holds all of the beliefs she talks about. In all likelihood she started off as some conservative talking head and then got famous off of that book she wrote about the widows of men who died in at the World Trade center. She called them “harpies” I believe. Now after that she’s just been spouting “controversial” extreme far right nonsense. Has she always been like this or is she just doing it now that she’s gotten a lot of attention for it?

  5. Genevieve says:

    She makes the claim that the liberal media uses its victimhood as an excuse to go on the defensive with an extremely negative connotation. Isn’t it funny that she is certain that through playing the victim she was able to get booked back on this television programme? And then goes on and on about her perception, immediately bristling whenever Matt Lauer speaks? Isn’t that called going on the defensive? Ugh, hypocrite.

    I really hope that by biting the hand that feeds, she gets ignored next time; though, I will say that Matt did an excellent job of trying to get her to stick to an interview format. This woman is so caught up in a fantasy land that it hurts. And frankly, she’s a disgrace to the intelligent conservatives (they exist, I’ve met some!) she claims to hail from. Can’t someone wire her jaw shut again, please?

  6. Sauronsarmy says:

    I really wish people would stop pay attention to this thing.

  7. WTF?!?! says:

    God, what a bitch.

    First Bill Maher $hitcanned her, now she’s on NBC’s $hit list.

    Wear conservative clothes and stop sounding like such a harpy, Ann, and maybe you won’t keep getting the cold shoulder.

  8. Amy says:

    I agree, this is just her schtick and she probably doesn’t believe half of it. I tend to lean to the right myself and I think she’s a blight on humanity!

  9. tb says:

    She may be grating on the nerves, but there is a lot of truth in what she says. The problem is that she will never convince the masses to listen to her and consider both sides of an issue because she is so annoying. I don’t think that anyone can honestly argue that the media is not liberal. Being conservative does not get press time unless you are over the top like she is. The media feeds off of sensationalism. The truth is not interesting enough to cover.

    It is not cool to be conservative in this country today. I do not align myself with conservatives or liberals because I think you have to take each individual issue and make a decision on that issue and not vote along party lines.

  10. oristowit says:

    Oh please. Not cool to be conservative? I think you’re confused, the thing is it’s not cool to be an asshole.

  11. daisyfly says:

    She does this because it works. It provokes those opposed to her into saying things that gets those whom side with her to say “see! she’s right!” and then she smiles.

    The best way to get rid of an attention whore is to feed someone else.

  12. Baholicious says:

    You know, aside from the Brangelina gossip, nobody gets more posts than Franken-Con Coulter.

    Leave the woman be, she’ll get laid one day.

  13. oristowit says:

    I actually imagine that she is very promiscuous and really doesn’t live the way she advises everyone else to. But that is all, I will not continue to give her my time/energy or say anything else that is negative.

  14. craig says:

    If everybody agrees to not interview this skank, she won’t get her free publicity.

  15. MRS BROWN says:

    Anne Coulter, you are not fit to shine Michelle Obama’s shoe.

  16. Dinflux Ed says:

    I saw this this morning as I was eating breakfast. It was a pretty tame interview but I dont like this woman, she has this eary look on her face all the time. Like she has insanity in her eyes.

  17. Ned says:

    I thought this was actually good T.V.

  18. Zoe says:

    This person has a f*cking adam’s apple. Seriously, look at the video.Is this really a woman??

    On another note, it’s always the one’s screaming the loudest who are really angry with themselves.

    I don’t care where she stands politically, who could ever stand to even agree with her.

  19. CC says:

    she’s such a rude trashy bitch who makes conservatives look CRAZY.

  20. Aspen says:

    She is the conservative equivalent of Michael Moore and the female equivalent of Rush Limbaugh. ALL three of these individuals make money off of people getting righteously angry and indignant.

    Just laugh at this woman and go on about life. And…STOP reading her books.

    Assholes are a dime a dozen.

    And, tb, it most certainly IS cool to be conservative. If you are a conservative living in New York or San Francisco…may I recommend that you visit elsewhere for a more realistic view of how your countrymen feel about the world, life, and politics. Not everyone under 35 in America is an urban lefty.

    That said, Ann Coulter does not get into trouble for being conservative. She gets into trouble for being loud, bellicose, and antagonistic.

  21. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Like someone else said here recently, everytime she opens her mouth, 100 new liberals are born, so I’m ok with her acting like a total ass as much as possible in the name of the Republican party.

    That being said, she needs a swift kick to the vagina.

  22. In all honesty, that woman has a drug problem. The pale, peaked skin; the pin-point pupils; the nervous ticks and the paranoid, repetitive cognitive processes.

    No doubt she’s on the high-end prescription pills, because, you know, “street drugs are for minorities and college students”.

  23. Richard says:

    To #10: Not only can one argue that the media is not liberal, one can argue it successfully:

  24. CeeJay says:

    Few conservatives are happy to have her name associated with their cause. She’s abrasive, confrontational and mean. She started out on Fox almost 10 years ago, fairly unknown, as a commentator and built a small following which she then parlayed into writing her first book and then a couple more. She has a good booking agent who manages to keep her booked on the major networks despite their general dislike for her. She spews a lot of crap, but the important thing is that she needs a good haircut and a better skin care regimen!!

  25. Christy says:

    I’m guessing no one that reads the mindless dribble you churn out and call news realizes that Ann Coulter was named one of the 100 most brilliant minds in America. I know Christianity is to be hated (becaue Christians don’t mercessly behead their victims, they just love those that hate them) but she is a Christian and when she says single mothers are the problem with America, what she is saying is that MEN need to step up to the plate. Children need two parents, not one. That is all she means. Listen to her, don’t spin her words just because you hate her. She isn’t against single women doing the best they can do, she is against the men that leave them hanging. What I can’t figure out is why the world hates Christians so badly. This website especially. Anyone that is Christian is to be mocked, hated, and abused. Do you not realize why Coulter has made so much money? More than half of this country are Christians and agree with her. Why is it that those that spew the most hatred (like you the owner of this website) condemn Christians as hateful? Why is that?

  26. Bodhi says:

    Moderator, please free my comment! It isn’t bad or anything!

  27. aleach says:

    christy- youre confused, girlfriend.
    i cant find ANYWHERE on this website that someone says christians are hateful.
    but you know know what IS hateful?? ann coulter & the likes spewing venom at anyone who doesnt look like them or think like them. i watched this miserable bitch on tv this morning, and it sounded like she says single moms are the problem. NOT the men. if that was the case, why didnt she just say that? dont try to defend this “woman” because she says she is a “christian”.
    and you being a christian as you say, is ann coulter the kind of person you want to represent the “christians” in this country?
    i would hope not. she doesnt love anyone. she is a hate monger who loves to piss people off and stir the shit. thats a christian? hmmmm. thats not what i thought.

  28. Bodhi says:

    I know Christianity is to be hated (becaue Christians don’t mercessly behead their victims, they just love those that hate them)

    What I can’t figure out is why the world hates Christians so badly. This website especially. Anyone that is Christian is to be mocked, hated, and abused. Do you not realize why Coulter has made so much money? More than half of this country are Christians and agree with her. Why is it that those that spew the most hatred (like you the owner of this website) condemn Christians as hateful? Why is that?

    What the fuck are you talking about? There is so so SO much much wrong with your statements. It truly frightens me that there are people out there who actually believe that worst kind of bullshit. Maybe that’s why Joe the Plumber is a “war correspondent” now.

    The only thing I’m gonna go anywhere near is the money bit. Christians are supposed to care about & focus on socil justice, not money. Jesus’ take on money & material goods is all over the Gospels. Remember the camel & the eye of the needle? How bout the money changers in the Temple? Or the parable of the talents? Money isn’t the ultimate goal, salvation is. And salvation can’t be bought. Even by some loud mouthed, vitriol spewing harpie hellbent on dividing the country instead of healing it.

    Oh, and (of course I speak only from personal experience but) some of the most hateful, judgmental, self-absorbed & greedy people I’ve ever met think that they can do whatever they want by touting their “Christian values”.

    If you really believe that there is an old bearded man chillin’ on a cloud, then talking better be followed by the walking. Its part of Pascal’s Wager. And God hates hypocrites, ‘member?

  29. Bodhi says:

    Gah! Moderator, please feel free to take out the ONE eff bomb. Its the only remotely offensive thing

  30. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Oh yes Christy, Christians are just SO persecuted in AMERICA. Can you feel me rolling my eyeballs so hard I’m straining them?

    I’m a Christian, honey. I’ve had mechanics try to rip me off because they saw a sweet lady, I’ve had people assume because I’m from Texas that I didn’t get a good education, I’ve had people make all sort of unfair assumptions about me. But I’ve never once been discriminated against because of being a Christian.

    However, my agnostic, atheist, Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu and Muslim friends? Cannot say the same thing.

    So please. Spare us the sob story.

  31. Rebecca says:

    Christy, if Ann Coulter is such a brilliant mind then why would she be so unclear that she was ACTUALLY referring to deadbeat dads. It sounds like you are just putting words in her mouth.
    And, do you know what? I think she IS a brilliant mind. But really who cares if a mind is brilliant. What’s lasting is what you USE your genius for. And in her case the genius seems to be “self promotion at all costs.”

  32. Jess says:

    I find it interesting that she harps on how single motherhood is responsible for all the crime.

    Yet, more and more women are being faced with that very choice because fundie pharmacists are denying women birth control because of their own personal beliefs.

    Oh, and abortion is murder.

    I swear, with women like Coutler, we’re headed toward a society that’s going to persecute women for menstruating and wasting a precious egg.

  33. mary says:

    Coulter is the most viscious biggeted woman I have ever seen. Her books are absolutely filled with hate (for single mothers; poor; gays; non-christians) And I might add she is really getting to look like a bonifide skank….

  34. hairball says:

    Um, Christy……people who like to run around declaring Jesus Christ as their personal savior (isn’t it in the Bible that Jesus says you should worship in private and not like the heretics in the temple?), while being against anyone who isn’t like their particular religion are usually the most closed minded and hate-filled people.

    Yes, history has shown that Christians only ‘love their enemies’. Wow.

  35. barneslr says:

    Ann is great. I cannot wait to read her new book. I’ve read all of her other books, which were well researched and well written. I find it hilarious that the left feels so terribly threatened by her that they feel the need to trash her so viciously.

    The fact is, her books wouldn’t be bestsellers if a whole lot people didn’t agree with her.

  36. barneslr says:

    “Not only can one argue that the media is not liberal”

    The media is incredibly liberal, and quite frankly, anyone who denies it is just delusional. There is absolutely no question whatsoever that there is a very strong bias to the left in the media.

  37. barneslr says:

    “She is the conservative equivalent of Michael Moore and the female equivalent of Rush Limbaugh”

    No, Michael Moore makes up his crap and presents it as truth. There is no comparison to him.

    Rush and Ann both present very well documented facts. And again, they wouldn’t be so successful if a whole lot of people didn’t agree with them.

  38. Blanca says:

    NBC should have pulled her and kept her pulled. A person should not be allowed to make racist comments against the president. She is very stupid and reminds me of a small child who will say anything to get attention. I don’t think NBC or anyone else hates conservatives, I just think most people resent ignorant, hateful speech that does nothing to advance the national discourse on politics. She makes all conservatives look like mean spirited bigots. Please! she needs to go away forever.

  39. Brandy says:

    Ann Coulter is the ultimate attention-whoring troll. Her incredulous behavior is deliberate. If you really want to piss her off, ignore her. Turn the damn channel off-hell just by posting about her, we are all feeding the most heinous of beasts. Every time you cringe, rant and rage, Ann Coulter wins.

  40. boomchakaboom says:

    A national moratorium should be declared on Ann Coulter. She reminds me of Osama B.L. I can see her making hate filled videos from a cave when she is finally ignored by mainstream media.

  41. SaraM says:

    This is the first time I’ve seen her on video, and the supposed Barbie doll of the right looks like the product of an emaciated horse and a drag queen. She looks like all the hatred is eating her from the inside and all her flesh is about to cave in on itself. Or perhaps something spittly is about to burst forth from her chest.

    I know some caring and educated people who actually like her… something about her having the nerve to speak the truth. If it’s true that 50% of the nation feels this way, the rest of us should worry about being rounded up in our sleep. God help us.

  42. Miranda says:

    Coulter is so confusing: If you are married to a wealthy businessman who dies in a terrorist attack, you are a “harpy”; if you are a single mother, you are responsible for all the problems in America.
    So really…if you are a woman, you can’t win under Anne’s policies.

  43. vdantev says:

    I could have been her father, but the dog beat me over the fence.

  44. kate says:

    man coulter, more like.

  45. AC says:

    She’s jealous of Michelle Obama’s class and intelligence.

    Ann – go jump off a bridge.

  46. delaney says:

    Ann Coultier is about black and white. She LOVES herself. She loves that she feels SO smart. Ms. Coultier finds herself clever when she degrades single mothers. She says the phrase multiple occasions. SINGLE MOTHERS. Apparently there Is something in her past where she cannot jump a hurdle. Sure, she talks about jailed errant fathers and those they leave behind. She gets back to the issue occasionally. OCCASIONALLY. I swear, she best keep a low profile, or I fear she may be in danger from her friends, let alone her enemies.

  47. CB Rawks says:

    She made a real fool of herself. I found myself sneering and rolling my eyes at everything she said, and eventually I couldn’t even look at her.

  48. Kaylee says:

    If she hates the “Lib Media” so much. Then why is she trying to promo her crappy book with the liberal media?! Its all about the money with this woman. She sees people like Rush getting rich on their bigotry. And she’s trying to get in on that.

  49. Ophelia says:

    With no offense intended to victims of poor sex-change surgery, she is, besides O’Reilly, the only person to make me actually stand up in front of my tv and scream.
    And Bodhi- for your excellent smackdown of that psycho wanna-be martyr, I think I love you.

  50. John says:

    Christy, you need a serious reality check. I’m a Christian myself and will say that ALL religions have their good practices as well as its share of bad reputation. Dont think for one minute that Christians havent had century’s of violent behavior. Just look at the recent ones like bigotry in Nazi Germany, slavery, and numerous invasions. There’s not a world class hatred against Christianity. Foxnews intentionally wants viewers to believe that idea in an effort to defend Bush’s stupid decisions and foolish actions. One day Coulter will be a regular on that network so ratings can go up (that what contraversy brings). Coulter is about money and attention.

  51. chessie says:

    If we all ignored her, would she go away?

  52. vdantev says:

    One day they’ll find her dead in her bedroom with whips, ballg*gs, feathered handcuffs and stacks of lesb*an rubber b*ndage pron stashed in her closet. Anyone this uptight and right-wing has got to be covering for their own personal demons on an epic scale.

  53. CB Rawks says:

    I just saw her get ripped a new one, on The View. It was pleasing.

  54. gg says:

    Getting ripped by clucking fowl on The View – that’s like getting a beatdown by Captain Kangaroo, Mr. Bunny and Dora the Explora. I wanna see O’Reilly have a go.

  55. Amy says:

    What is wrong with our society that we pay attention to this nobody? Why is this fool even publishing a book? Its like making a bratty child the center of attention. When is teacher going to step up, be in charge and put this beeeyoootch in her place?

  56. Sickitten says:

    Please Ann, cut your hair. Hair that long at your age looks ridiculous unless you are a Geisha. Not a good haircut on such a long, big face. A bob will look so good on you.

  57. John says:

    this dude is funny, in one breathe says “you cant trust/believe anything you see on NBC” and in the next is crying/lying about being “banned” from there. hes just a media whore making outrageous comments, to create controversy and sell books, and anyone that falls for its nonsense, is just, well….stupid. stop feeding it, and it will go away.

  58. timmy says:

    I don’t see what every one else seems to see I guess. Matt laur has had absolutely no problem with people calling pres. Bush (G.dubbya).single motherhood is a severe problem with todays society, and the liberal (hollywood types) do condone and glorify it. they just forget that the average girl who they brainwash into thinking how wonderful single motherhood is does not have the resources like time (because they have to work 2 or more jobs to care for a kid), millions of dollars like the “hollywood” single mom does, and they certainly don’t have nannies and servants. why is everyone denouncing Ann for writing a book and pointing this problem out? And she is also right about the question he is asked like “what kind of dog are you going to get” matt laur saying he is a un biased journalist is a down and out lie!