Lindsay Lohan ‘begging’ Betty Ford to release her in time to celebrate her b-day

It feels like it’s been months since we’ve covering anything related to Lindsay Lohan! We had Amanda Bynes to keep us company, because when one hot mess falls, another rises to take her place. June 3rd will be Lindsay’s one-month anniversary at the Betty Ford Clinic. Remember, LL’s plea agreement/deal was for 90 days. Continuous days. 63 more days without Adderall. So, obviously, Lindsay is trying to crack hustle her way out of Betty Ford in time for her 27th birthday on July 2nd.

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to! Lindsay Lohan is begging her treatment team at the Betty Ford Center to let her out early so she can celebrate her upcoming 27th birthday, is exclusively reporting.

According to an insider, Lilo wants the clinic to send a letter to the court indicating that the troubled actress doesn’t need to stay in treatment for the full court-ordered 90 days. The starlet entered Betty Ford on May 3, and her birthday is on July 2 — putting her a whopping 30 days short on her rehab stint if she’s to get out for her birthday.

Lindsay is “hell bent on getting out of there before the big day. Lindsay has been asking her doctors to send a letter to the court, and prosecutors, outlining the progress she has made, and that keeping her there for 90 days isn’t necessary,” a source exclusively told Radar.

“However, Lindsay isn’t going to get her way as her doctors think she could actually benefit from longer treatment, not less! Even if Betty Ford did send a letter, her plea deal said she had to remain there for 90 days. She won’t be allowed to leave early. If she does, it’s jail time.”

As previously reported, Lindsay’s estranged parents are putting aside decades of fighting for the benefit of their oldest child and had dinner Wednesday night at the W Hotel Hollywood, where they hashed out the plan to get their daughter healthy.

“There was no booze at the table. Dina and Michael were talking nicely to each other and not fighting,” an eyewitness told Radar.

Lindsay is locked up for 90 days of rehab and both Dina and Michael Lohan will be at the Rancho Mirage, Calif. facility on Saturday for family counseling.

[From Radar]

I seem to remember hearing that Lindsay was put in the “hospital” part of the Betty Ford Clinic, which means less privileges and she can’t ever leave the facility. Think of it as “crack lockdown”. So, I’m hoping that Betty Ford stays strong and in full compliance with Lindsay’s plea agreement for 90 full days, although this is California (where Lady Justice says “YOLO”) so this might be happening. I do think that this crack hustle would be a good issue to raise in Lindsay’s therapy – I’m assuming she’s meeting with a therapist. Like, “Why do you want to be out of rehab for your birthday? Why is that the most important thing for you? What will happen when someone hands you 27 vodka shots for your birthday?”

Speaking of the people who will be handing Lindsay vodka shots as soon as she gets out, Dina and Michael Lohan have been trying to bury the hatchet while Lindsay is “away”. It hasn’t worked out, of course, but at least no vaginas have been kicked. SO FAR.

So much for new beginnings … Dina and Michael Lohan’s temporary ceasefire came to an explosive end today in L.A. … after the two went nuclear on each other on the set of a talk show.

Sources tell TMZ, Dina and Michael were taping a segment for “The Test” — a conflict-resolution talk show launching this fall that uses lie detectors and DNA tests to settle disputes — when things went South. We’re told things started out great — but soon the finger pointing began … and when the topic of infidelity came up, the gloves flew off.

According to sources, both Michael and Dina accused each other of lying about their past … as well as who’s really responsible for Lindsay’s downward spiral … and the whole thing ended in a firestorm. We’re told Michael took two lie detector tests, but Dina refused to take any.

Now Dina and Michael — who seemed to bury the hatchet during a burger date on Wednesday — are back on terrible terms.

As we reported, Lindsay’s treatment at Betty Ford involves family counseling — and while both parents said they wanted to cooperate … it looks like it’s not gonna happen. Saturday kicks off family therapy weekend at Betty Ford — we’re told Dina will be there and Michael wants to participate but fears Dina will now block him.

[From TMZ]

Good lord. Dina and Michael are both terrible people. Of course they would agree to do a TV show together. And of course it would end in catastrophe.

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  1. RocketMerry says:

    Lordy, I wonder what THAT’d be like.
    Can they make an oxycodin cake with cocaine filling and heroin glaze? No flour, of course, that’s bad for you.

    And of course Dina did not want to take the lie detector test: can you imagine?
    “Did you teach Lindsay how to snort her first line?”, “Did you teach Lindsay to engage in anal sex with rich, older perverts to obtain favours/drugs/money?”, “Did you plan to make your kids prostitute for your own financial gain?”, “Did you sign off on your youngest daughter’s plastic surgeries while she was a minor?” and the list goes on and on and on… what a show that would be, uh?

  2. Talie says:

    It all makes sense now, she’s been leaking all these stories about her speedy recovery to TMZ…and it’s all a ploy to get back to partying. Never change, Linds.

    • brin says:

      Yeah, they would be crazy to let her out for her birthday. Rehab is not working.

      • Ally8 says:

        “Let me out of rehab, so I can get hammered on my birthday!”

        Yeah, that makes sense.

      • Ms. Mita says:

        Duh. that was her whole plan all along. when she was on Letterman she was discussing her rehab stay like it was a joke saying “Ill be out in 90 days” like 90 days is a week. thats why she checked in early to be out in time for her Bday.

  3. Sirsnarksalot says:

    I hope Betty Ford does say she can be released early because then Lindsay can serve the remaining 30 days IN JAIL where the whole 90 should have been done.

  4. Lb says:

    I have unrealistic hopes that this stint will work. I should write LL off and move on but I’m a sucker for people trying to fix their lives. This method was forced on LL but hopefully she learns from it and uses it to truly improve her life.

    If she’s still thinking about partying, I will probably be let down.

    • Jen says:

      She has zero interest in changing anything about her life.

      Don’t waste your breath. Send your encouragement to someone who actually deserves it, not this a-hole.

  5. Dawn says:

    NO she should not be allowed to leave. The last thing she needs to be thinking of is celebrating her birthday. Someone some where has to make this chick do the right thing, so no I hope they make her do her 90 days.

    • jwoolman says:

      I don’t know why she can’t celebrate her birthday a few weeks late.

      When she was at BF before, the judge deliberately set her release date after the Christmas-New Year’s season so she could “avoid temptation”. I think she was back on lockdown in the main building before Christmas. After she slugged a staffer and called 911 at the halfway house setup, they pulled her out of it until release. Her mom was busily making up stories about the reason, claiming it was for security reasons because Lindsay had a phone stalker. Obviously Lindsay used one of those phone companies that can’t block calls, unlike every other one. Or change phone numbers.

      Ooh, another lie detector question: “When Lindsay was at Betty Ford before, did you really tell her she didn’t have to take a breathalyzer test even though the judge said she had to take all requested tests?”

  6. Samigirl says:

    I think she’s wanting to celebrate her 27th bc it’s most likely her last. I know that’s morbid, but I really do believe she’s going go be joining the 27 club.

    • NerdMomma says:

      Lord, she’s finally going to be 27. I think we’re all expecting the worst.

      I think a really dangerous time for addicts is right after a period where they’re forced to be sober, because then when they drink what they used to drink or snort what they used to snort, it’s a shock to their newly clean systems.

      • Naye in VA says:

        I think RDJ described addiction as a tiger that keeps growing when you’re sober. That’s why when people fall off the wagon they fall off HARD.

      • DreamyK says:

        ^Yes. I am legitimately freaked out about all the accidental overdoses of OTC and prescribed RX and am so reluctant to take a prescribed narcotic even when in immense pain. Scary stuff.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Yeah it’s hard not to think of The 27 Club.

    • Jen says:

      Nah. She’s not talented enough to join their ranks.

  7. DanaG says:

    Probably why she is behaving and doing what she is supposed to. Lilo thinks she can snow the Dr’s into believing she is cured and doesn’t need anymore rehab which is a sure sign she hasn’t accepted she is an addict and is just pretending to play along so she can get out as soon as she can. Of course the fact it is court ordered for 90 days days put a big crimp in her plan. Love it if she tries to leave right before her birthday. Lindsay would head straight to the nearest bar and drug dealer and everyone knows it. As for her parents no wonder those kids are so screwed up. These to are just disgusting.

    • swack says:

      I agree with you. Had she not waited 45 days to enter rehab she would have been out in time for her birthday. But apparently Coachella was important also. I don’t believe she has had an “epiphany” as her dad stated. She is going through the motions, behaving properly so that she can get out as soon as possible – which is hopefully NOT before 90 days.

  8. NerdMomma says:

    Ugh. What kind of “progress” can she be making in 30 days? Learning to lie better? The only progress she needs to make is measured in terms of time under her belt without drugs or alcohol.

  9. Cool Phosphorescent Shimmer says:

    I didn’t believe any of the “GLOWING” reports about her being a “model patient” who has had an epiphany about her drug use. THIS story I believe with every cell in my body. Of course Crackie wants to leave early. Of course she thinks the doctors will do whatever she wants. I hope they actually write to the judge and tell him what a sociopathic liar she is and that he should test her for Adderall for the duration of her probation. You may say I’m a dreamer…but I’m not the only one.

  10. truthful says:

    oh Hell NO!!

    she needs to be in there for a year and then monitored in a sober living facility.

    I know, I’m just wishing…

    sadly, its obvious she is not planning on staying sober. smdh.

  11. MonicaQ says:

    27 club, uh oh.

    And seriously, you know what I did on my 27th birthday? Ate Thanksgiving dinner, watched a metric butt ton of football and then passed the eff out because lol-ham-and-turkey.

    Why do people treat birthdays like some uber deal? Maybe it was because I was a sad kid and legit never got anything because “it’s too close to christmas” so I just started ignoring birthdays but my husband? “YOU GOTTA HAVE CAKE AND CANDLES AND HAPPINESS!”

    Really I just need a screwdriver and a nap. Just wondering if people felt how I do.

    • Syko says:

      I feel the same about birthdays. Since having my first and third children two days before my own birthday – yes, they were born the same day, eight years apart, and no, it wasn’t planned – my birthdays have been just another day anyway. I wouldn’t mind if someone picked up a bucket of chicken or something for dinner, but I don’t need cakes, balloons and singing.

      • Bodhi says:

        No way! My aunt & uncle have the same birthday, 3 years apart 🙂

      • NorthernGirl_20 says:

        As if I have 2 aunts who have the same birthday exactly one year apart.

      • Emily C. says:

        A birthday means you’ve survived one more year. And I do like celebrating them, I do think they’re important, but not with some huge blowout, because I hate huge blowouts. Just staying at home with a good dinner and cake.

      • Lucinda says:

        My grandmother and her twin brothers shared the same birthday nine years apart. Guess it happens more often than you would expect.

        I love to celebrate birthdays but I think the way you celebrate them changes as you age. As a kid it should be a big party but as an adult, a dinner with a few friends really should be sufficient. Something to acknowledge just how special the birthday person is. As a mom though, I really just want a quiet dinner with my husband at most. Or a hug from my kid. That’s enough for me.

    • Poink517 says:

      My bday is in May and I always felt like it was a big deal – I think it’s because the weather is nice so people are in a celebrating mood. This year it was no fun because I’m pregnant and felt absolutely horrible, and obviously couldn’t celebrate with any cocktails ;). I’m due the day after Xmas – hope my kid doesn’t hate me for giving him/her a lousy bday! Maybe we’ll have to celebrate his or her half bday in June instead!

      • Erinn says:

        Mine was the 25th. I kept joking that it was my “birthday season” because my dads bday is the 23, and I ended up have two separate birthday suppers, plus dads. The silly thing is, I’m really not a fan of birthdays despite calling it my “birthday season”. I went out to a sportsbar the night before, got happily buzzed, went to bed, and did very little for the rest of the weekend. THAT is my idea of a birthday.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Shout-out to my Capricorn sisters 🙂

    • Georgina says:

      I was just coming to say the same thing! Seriously, after a certain age every single birthday isn’t some big event where you and everyone you know needs to get together and celebrate (or in La Lohan’s case, down copious amounts of liquor and snort blow all night).

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      MonicaQ- *high fives* EXACTLY!

      I may suffer from the same thing as you (my bday is day after Xmas) but honestly, my parents were always really great about making my bday a special thing.

      I just don’t get the hoopla around birthdays. Another year older? AWESOME. Let’s celebrate getting old. I just don’t get it.

      In France they celebrate Name Day, which makes so much more sense to me. I feel like it’s a celebration of your identity versus an age-related thing. I dunno…

      I’m good with a screwdriver, a joint, and a nap too, Monica.

      • doofus says:

        “Let’s celebrate getting old.”

        well, I may not “celebrate” it like I used to, but I certainly don’t lament it, either.

        better than the alternative, right? 😉

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Yeah and I know that’s the the idea behind birthday celebrations-it’s one more year that you’ve lived.

        But I still think it’s weird. I show gratitude and appreciation for the small things in life every day ya know? I truly LOVE life, I don’t need one day where everyone praises me and congratulates me to *get* that life is precious.

        Not that I’m hating on people who are into birthdays, I’m simply discussing my own perspective about it.

        I think it makes more sense for children because it gives them a special day plus every year is kind of a lead-up to The Big Day When You Turn Into a Grown Up (18th bday) and even up to the 21st, when you can drink legally, but after that…I don’t get it.

      • doofus says:

        “I show gratitude and appreciation for the small things in life every day ya know? I truly LOVE life, I don’t need one day where everyone praises me and congratulates me to *get* that life is precious.”

        totally agree. I’m one of those who doesn’t have my birthday on my facebook page because I don’t want all of my “friends” posting a (kinda) disingenuous “happy birthday”. If you know when my birthday is and want to wish me a happy, so be it, but I’m not going to advertise it so that I get 150 people saying it. I celebrate myself by giving thanks that I’m still above ground each day.

    • Jen says:

      It took me waaaaaay too long to realize what kind of screwdriver you meant. I was like, “Why the eff does she need a screwdriver? Is she putting together furniture?”

      DUHHHHHH. It’s been a long week, y’all.

      • Lindsay says:

        I’m with you. After TOK commented about the screwdriver too I was thinking “what weird ritual are they doing with a screwdriver?”

    • littlestar says:

      I’m with you, I don’t get why some people make huge deals out of their birthdays. Maybe it’s the entitlement generation, who knows. When I was growing up, I’d get a present from my parents and a cake (and when I was a child, I was allowed to have a small party with friends). But as an adult, who cares. Some of my friends will go all out with bottle service at clubs. It’s crazy to me. My fiancé’s family even celebrates half birthdays! HALF BIRTHDAYS! Maybe I’m the grump who chooses to go into work on her birthday, but what’s wrong with celebrating your bday as an excuse to eat cake wihth some of the people you’re closest too? Why the need to go all out?

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Ha ha…HALF-birthdays?? Oh my god…that is…really….WOW.

      • Syko says:

        I did half birthdays for my kids when they were small – only because two were born the same day in August and the other one was born in February, and it seemed mean for her to be left out in August. So we started half birthdays, and the half birthday person(s) got one small gift to open. But that stopped once they were 10 or 12.

    • swack says:

      I was VERY pregnant on my 27th birthday (gave birth about 3 weeks later). I also feel the same way about birthdays – I enjoy celebrating for the grandchildren but all I want is to be alone on my birthday – no gifts no celebration. I turn 60 this year and have begged my children not to do anything for it.

      • Lucinda says:

        Awww…if my mother-n-law said that, her children would completely ignore her and take her out on her birthday anyway because they love her so much. For them, it’s a way of celebrating her. I totally agree with them btw because she is pretty damn special. Maybe your kids will ignore your request too for the same reason. 😉

    • Jess says:

      One year everyone forgot my birthday except my mother.

      Since then I always take the week off and go somewhere I want to go — last year was Germany.

      I don’t get the big parties… Especially if I’m the one throwing/funding it.

      • doofus says:

        “One year everyone forgot my birthday except my mother.”

        I turned 18 on the same day of my brother’s college graduation, and even my mother forgot, albeit temporarily.

        I LOVED that I got to say, a la “Sixteen Candles”, that “they f*cking forgot my birthday”.

    • Nina W says:

      I’m not into a big birthday hoopla but I think it is nice for everyone to have their own special holiday to celebrate their own way. A nice dinner, a cocktail or two and a yummy dessert are the way I like to celebrate.

  12. Hautie says:

    I agree that Lohan is working any angle possible to get out early.

    Sadly, she can not be “fixed” in 90 days. All anyone can hope for is that she is completely detoxed by then.

    What ever is wrong with Lohan, is deep rooted. And 90 days is not remotely long enough for any legit psychiatrist to figure it out.

    • Susan says:

      Has she tweeted at the POTUS or FLOTUS imploring them for her early, birthday release? She should try that!

  13. Susan says:


    Someone should organize a petition to keep this miscreant in treatment until she is completely sober, or forever plus a day! Whichever is longer!

  14. janie says:

    I’ve been reading the same reports & was hoping they were true. It was all a ploy to get out for her B/d? What part of 90 days can’t she grasp? I know her parents are terrible.. But let’s be clear about one thing? She is a adult & the time for letting her skate is over. She is not a minor & lots of people have worse childhoods & don’t do the stuff she does. The difference is the rest of us are held accountable, period!

    • Jen says:


      • TheWendyNerd says:

        Um, DUH. Court sentences are for dumb stupid regular people who aren’t uber-talented angel child geniuses who were in Mean Girls and will someday win ALL THE OSCARS. Lindsay IS a brilliant actress, writer, director, designer and artist of many things and she was in Mean Girls, so that doesn’t apply to her. She’s just going along with this as a magnanimous favor to those stupid prosecutor people because she’s so great. I mean, that is why the justice system exists: to make her life harder while also trying to fulfill her. We all exist to make Lindsay’s life easier and reward her for all the awesome existing she does, we just keep on fucking up at it, just like the DA. And that’s why Lindsay deserves what Lindsay wants: because she’s good enough to put up with all of us. So yeah, they should let her out early, it’s the least anyone can do since we all owe her so much.

  15. That girl says:

    All she’s doing by begging to be out for her birthday is reaffirming that she will be back to same old, same old when she gets out.

  16. workdog says:

    I realize she is an adult and should be held responsible for her own actions and I agree; BUT honestly with parents like that her issues started waaaaay before adulthood. While she is ultimately responsible for her actions and she is exactly where she should be for treatment, it isn’t going to stick until her PARENTS are also treated and given the hard ass facts that THEY are a huuuge part of her inability to cope. They hold a press conference or speak about everything to keep her name out there and their tenuous connection to fame viable. They are her worst “addiction”. Damn shame they can’t be locked up and made to go to counseling to address their famewhore ways and why it’s killing their daughter.

    Beyond that she needs to cut them the hell off from her life or she isn’t going to make it.

    **addiction issues in my own family where I’ve seen what can’t be unseen..sadz**

    • Thiajoka says:

      Agree with every bit of this.

      When reading about their reunion to get together to work things out for Lindsey’s sake, couldn’t help but notice that even that was for public consumption. So…basically, with their daughter locked up, they are still seeking media attention due to her rehab stint. Way to milk that cow!

      She must get away from those two.

    • doofus says:

      “Beyond that she needs to cut them the hell off from her life or she isn’t going to make it.”

      agree, that’s one of her biggest issues – her inability to cut herself off from them.

      don’t get me wrong, I think family can be one of the best support structures one has, and I feel so blessed to have a tight-knit family with strong ties…but in some cases, your family is toxic to your well being and you need to cut them out to get better.

      • workdog says:

        Yeah, if they are not willing to make the tough changes then they aren’t in it for HER well being so, while painful, if she wants to succeed in surviving, much less working,

        Damn shame they can’t see beyond their own selfish needs.

    • bridget says:

      But take away the bad parents and she is still a truly awful human being. Awful, awful, awful person. She’s somehow managed to take on both of her parents worst traits.

  17. Quinn says:

    Well, it certainly sounds like Miss Lohan has her priorities in order…as per usual.

    • StormsMama says:


      What is so perfect btw too is that she could’ve gone INTO rehab right away in April (or wasn’t it even end of March?!) and been out IN TIME FOR HER BIRTHDAY. But being real— we all know she’s an addict cand as an addict she will do WHATEVER AND WHOEVER WHEREVER AND WHENEVER to get her fix.
      Hate to say it bc I do think she might be part cockroach but I think she is SUPER ELIGIBLE for the 27 club
      How very lame and sad… But honestly— life goes on and there are SO MANY PEOPLE who need and deserve our time and prayers above this entitled and misguided addict.
      Best of luck LILO bc otherwise it’s RIP…

  18. Poink517 says:

    She’s really dying to join that 27 club, pun intended.

  19. lucy2 says:

    That is one persistent crack hustle. And why would they agree to let her out for her birthday? It’d be like a gambling addict asking to be let out for the Superbowl weekend.

    Anything Michael and Dina do is self serving. Yesterday the news of their happy dinner immediately made me think they were trying a new tactic of teaming up to get a talk show or interview. 10 points for me.

  20. msw says:

    If she hadn’t waited till the last possible day (second) to check in, she woild have been out by her birthday. Slap. Slappity slappity slap slap slap.

    I used to work in a partial hospitalization rehab as a grad student. Lindsay tops all my patients there in entitlement and delusion. My five year old has a significantly better grasp of consequence than Lindsay seems to. Root of the problem?

  21. dorothy says:

    Just the fact that Dina and Michael taped a segment for one of those trashy “Jerry Springer” type shows only showcases the root of Lohan’s problems.

  22. Lucy says:

    Does anyone even care about celebrating her birthday?

  23. Nicolette says:

    No. Just no. They need to stop letting this mess have her way with everything. Why should The Cracken call the shots for anything? She will never learn her lesson.

  24. Bess says:

    It’s amazing to me that the counselors at Betty Ford would even consider bringing Dina & Michael into a family therapy session with Lindsay. Dina is an addict and is in as much denial about her own addictions as Lindsay. Michael is a violent control freak who was jumping off balconies and hiding behind potted plants last year. They’ve both used and betrayed Lindsay since her childhood How can it possibly be helpful to bring all of these toxic people together in the same room?

    • swack says:

      Maybe, and I mean MAYBE, she will see how toxic her parents are and finally kick them out of her life. I won’t hold my breath though.

      • StormsMama says:

        No it’s too late

        Drew kicked her mom to the curb by 15

        Lindsay is hard wired in a bad way 🙁

        She’s in need of a spiritual epiphany. Her parents are literally SO DESPERATE to avoid that they are pooling their Bat shit resources.


        Run. Lindsay run!!!

        In fact THAT’S IT!!!!
        Run for charity- how about the Reeve foundation for spinal crd injury.
        Whatever you do, I say Run Lindsay!!!!

      • StormsMama says:

        No it’s too late

        Drew kicked her mom to the curb by 15

        Lindsay is hard wired in a bad way 🙁

        She’s in need of a spiritual epiphany. Her parents are literally SO DESPERATE to avoid that they are pooling their Bat shit resources.


        Run. Lindsay run!!!

        In fact THAT’S IT!!!!
        Run for charity- how about the Reeve foundation for spinal crd injury.
        Whatever you do, I say Run Lindsay!!!!

  25. Stephanie says:

    Radar calls her a “starlet,” LOL.

  26. JL says:

    Imagine those therapy sessions.

    Damn Lindsey now we HAVE to do this show together because your crack whoring ass is in rehab…HOW could you do this to us?

    Really baby girl, see if you can get out for your birthday before they cancel our show.

    No, none of us are doing the lie detector because we wouldn’t recognize the truth if it bit us on the ……

  27. bluhare says:

    Apparently she hasn’t thought that people have cars and could drive to celebrate her birtday in rehab. That’s not the birthday she should be worrying about in my opinion. When I first got sober I had planned an un back outable vacation in my first 90 days and was terrified because I was on track to get my 90 meetings in 90 days in. That’s the kind of stuff she should be worrying about.

    And as for Dina and Michael, it’s tough to get a reality show when you get along. I call staged.

  28. Lexi says:

    She’ll probably get what she wants, cause she always does

  29. Murphy says:

    Its not about needing or not needing 90 days. You were SENTENCED to 90 days.

    She should stay in there for 900 days.

  30. sashavice says:

    God, that main picture is priceless! She’s so derpy

  31. gg says:

    Jeeze, ya’d think if she really were doing “so well” in rehab she’d want to celebrate being sober for the one day. All the coke and pills and booze and whatever else will still be there when you get out, dumbass. Nobody’s going to deplete the supply while you’re there “getting treatment”.

  32. teehee says:

    If she actually gave any degree of a damn, she’d beg them to NOT let her out UNTIL she was flippin ready, even if it took 5 years. But nope– all she wants is her comfort. Screw her.

  33. Marybel says:

    Betty Ford…JUST SAY NO!

  34. jwoolman says:

    She could have entered rehab earlier if it was that important. She had plenty of time.

  35. Renee says:

    She’s probably shedding plenty of crocodile tears and pretending to have breakthroughs just to impress the therapists. After all she is a so called actress. Just not a very good one. But maybe good enough to fool the staff at BF.

  36. Tina says:

    If this was not a so called star she would not get all these chances. I swear if she was an average person it would have been a long time in jail. Frustrating.