Pete Wentz Above the Waist Ho – Below the waist No!

The Fall Out Boy front man (front boy? front fall man?) raised the hopes and hormone levels of moody Emo teens worldwide with his latest interview in BLENDER. Taking a page from both Morrisey and The Promise Keepers, Wentz is working the ambisexual tease angle like an art school freshman:

I tend to be a bit prudish. I’m a make-out king–I’ll kiss anybody–but as far as going further than that, I wanna keep my number down. I don’t wanna tell my future wife, “Yeah, I’ve been with, like, 50 people.” But when I’m with somebody, the caveman in me wants it to be completely deviant. Like, “Oh this isn’t supposed to go in there? Then that’s where it has to go.”


I have. Anybody above the waist is fair game.

via Idolator

Is the Caveman in him Brendon Fraser from Encino Man? These music journalists never ask the killer follow-up questions that are on the public’s mind. Has Valerie Plame taught them nothing …

I think everyone can agree that this future Wentz wife is lucky, lucky girl. All that below the waist purity … it’s like she’s getting a standard issue, Pleasantville wife from the 1950’s – with a side of toothy, male and tattooed. Wentz had an apparently even more revealing interview in Vice

in which the Fall Out Boy singer allegedly revealed some of his favorite under-the-covers peccadilloes—

which has since disappeared from the web. Somebody’s management team must actually still believe in the concept of too much information. You can perhaps lose or confuse your teen girl fan base … what with the complications of both over-the-waist and under-the-covers. It’s like an Amish engagement … and they don’t buy a lot of CDS.

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4 Responses to “Pete Wentz Above the Waist Ho – Below the waist No!”

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  1. callan says:

    i heard that other interview was a fake. and i hope it was or my ass is gonna hate him even more. he says he’s straight edge…that interview says he was drunk.

    ill slit his throat, fucking liar.

  2. UrbanDK says:

    Omigod he let you go below the waist … you cheeky thing

  3. Girlygrrl says:

    Oh please, he’s just a guy like any other. And he’s not all that either.

  4. Dora says:

    Hah, I could’ve been one of those girls he kissed, but i decided to have a panic attack and get hospitalized. At least I got a bye Dora and I’ll get back to you on that marriage proposal honey from Peter. Yes, I’ve met him before and talked in the past, but this time I just went weak in the knees and had an attack. I should’ve sent him the hospital bill. Either way, I think he’s a nice guy and totally awesome, but I guess others dare to differ for meeting him at bad times