Kate Hudson gives Anne Hathaway a beat-down

Bride Wars
Anne Hathaway is Hollywood’s latest golden girl. At the Critics Choice Awards Thursday night, she tied with her The Devil Wears Prada co-star Meryl Streep for Best Actress, and gave a meandering but gracious speech. Included in the speech was a shout-out to her father, who “protects me and has shown me that there are good men in this world and lets me know everyday that I am worthy of the love of good people.” That veiled comment about Raffaello Follieri got the most applause – Hathaway has arrived.

Unfortunately, this arrival didn’t save her from a beat-down from her Bride Wars co-star Kate Hudson while filming a pivotal scene. People magazine has the details.

Getting into character a little too much, Kate Hudson says she accidentally punched her Bride Wars costar Anne Hathaway in the face during the movie’s catfight scene.

“We were really tired, and I had this big rock on my finger. … I whacked Annie in the face so hard,” Hudson said on the Rachael Ray show Thursday. “She was like: No, no, keep going because she was so into it. … Two hours later, she’s sitting in the back of a car with an ice pack on her face. I was so bad. I really clocked her.”

Hudson, 29, also told Ray about the main man in her life – her son Ryder.

“He’s got a different brain than I do. I was all sport and energy. … Ryder is a mind child,” she says, “He really loves music, and he knows every word to “Viva La Vida,” the Coldplay song.”

She’s also surprised how quickly he’s growing.

“Today we were talking about the day he was born…and now that he’s 5, it’s like: Mom come on I’m going to be five for a whole year. I’m like: Wow, that’s amazing, one whole hand,” Hudson says.

From People

It’s rare to hear about actresses suffering physically for their work – even rarer because Bride Wars is supposed to be a silly comedy. I guess all of those pratfalls come at some physical expense, and I‘m glad Hathaway kept going with the scene.

With regards to Hathaway’s veiled comments about Raffaello Follieri, I was a little surprised. She hasn’t said much about him publicly, but I thought her way of pivoting to her relationship with her father was a relatively classy way to talk about the situation. Her lead role in Rachel Getting Married continues to gain critical buzz, and she’ll probably be considered a shoo-in for an Oscar nomination now.

Bride Wars

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  1. KateNonymous says:

    Bride Wars looks awful. Why didn’t they just title it “Women are Bitches”? That certainly looks like the message they’re trying to send.

  2. seriously dude says:

    RE: Rachel’s getting married, Does anyone know if its out on DVD? I was recently at Blockbuster & they had no idea what i was talking about. Im dying to see it.

  3. sing says:

    I saw Rachel Getting Married, I think it is still in theatre, Anne deserved all the accolades she is getting. This is truly a break out role for her.

  4. connie says:

    why does ever movie have to be “sending a message”? can’t it just be a form of entertainment

  5. Clare says:

    I thought there was real love between her and her ex-boyfriend who is now in jail.
    It’s not like he was a rapist or murderer. I thought he “mishandled” money to provide a lavish fairytale lifestyle for her because he loved her so much.

  6. KateNonymous says:

    Everything sends a message on some level, connie. Plus this doesn’t look remotely entertaining to me. It just looks like a bunch of infantile nastiness and misogyny.

  7. Norma Jenkins says:

    It makes me sick when celebrities use their celebrity to influnce the public to their way of thinking; such as Hathaway on Rick Warren. Hey Hathaway this is American..the beautiful..In God we Trust…the way it has always been and its people like you who think it is not the way you think it should be. Gays should be back in the closet where they belong..I don’t hate them I hate what they practice and I have great compassion for their ignorance. Daddy(man), Mother(woman) even nature teaches is the way it is suppose to me, even if you don’t believe in God. If we upset the Eco system there will be disasterous results and the same goes for the family. Our future is dim if we continue in this vein. If our bull desides he had rather have a bull then our cow business is dead in the water..we cannot change what is right just ‘because we want to’. I am sorry your brother is gay that does not make it ok and it does not make it ok for you to push it into everyone’s face. In
    God we trust’ has served us well and to do otherwise will prove to be our society’s down fall.

  8. vdantev says:

    Juvenile Hollywood dreck.

  9. Hel says:

    Norma, the biggest problem on this planet today is that there are too many people – and idiots like you need to shut up and look at the facts before making your stupid comments.

  10. ANKI says:

    i hate, absolutely hate anne hathaway! i have no idea why people keep on casting her! she is sooo full of herself and so annoying! and all that story with her ex just shows how awful she is!

  11. Lisa says:

    I really dislike Anne Hathaway, she comes off as self-righteous and it really irks me, (especially that skit on saturday night life where she was making fun of people who were in foreclosure), that she is walking around like nothing happened when she got a break from the FBI by turning on her boyfriend. I believe she was in on the scamming with her boyfriend, and she got scared at the last minute, and told on him and acted innocent, as if she were a victim. She was just a valuable witness, so now she gets to walk scott free. Its people like her who ruined the economy, and I really resent it when she walks around in her Versace gowns, preaching to people about politics, religion and the economy. My favorite is that her boyfriend ripped off the Vatican while she makes comments about the Catholic Church! Now I know where all my church money has been going: Anne Hathaway.

    I’ve learned my lesson not to give my money to any organizations.

  12. Sam says:

    I totally agree with you Norma. That is what this country was formed by, the words “In GOD we trust”. And Hel, people like you are what makes this world slow down, you believe differently and break rules.
    No matter what the facts are.