Naomi Campbell’s ex is dating a model mentored by Naomi on ‘The Face’: ruh-roh?

Please pay attention to this young woman! Memorize her face. Make a note for yourself to keep an eye out for Luo Zilin. Because I feel strongly that Luo Zilin is going to end up the victim of a “assault by bedazzled phone”. Luo Zilin is a former Miss China, a model, and a former contestant on The Face (where she was mentored by Naomi). And Luo Zilin is Vladimir Doronin’s new girlfriend after he dumped Naomi earlier this year. Girl… watch your ass. Naomi does not play around. Be careful. The story isn’t really all that complicated – boy meets crazy model, model tries to beat everyone, boy dumps model and begins dating younger model. And the photos of Luo and Doronin frolicking on a yacht speak for themselves – you can see them here. The photos say DOOOOOM.

Standing in the bright Spanish sunshine, Naomi Campbell’s ex-boyfriend makes no secret that he has moved on from the supermodel – by sharing a kiss with an aspiring model SHE mentored. The British-born model, 42, has only recently split from Russian businessman Vladimir Doronin – but as she works in London, he has been getting up close and personal with Chinese model Luo Zilin on the party island of Ibiza.

Naomi mentored Luo, 25, on her reality show, The Face, earlier this year – and Luo was, in fact, on Team Naomi. But it looks like Luo, a former Miss Universe China, is now on Team Vlad as she was pictured cuddling up to Naomi’s ex at the weekend.

A source said: ‘It’s fair to say that Luo and Vlad met through Naomi, it’s really unprofessional of Luo and it’s not great behavior on Vlad’s behalf.’

Naomi and Vladimir’s relationship faltered as businessman Vladimir, 50, became a firm fixture on the New York social scene. Just weeks ago, he was pictured lounging alongside Naomi-lookalike, Miami model Jazzma Kendrick, and he has now joined good friend Leonardo DiCaprio on a European tour. The good pals are now together in Venice, where Vladimir joined Oscar nominee Leo, 38, and his rumoured new girlfriend,Victoria’s Secret model, Toni Garrn.

Last month, a New York source told MailOnline about Naomi and Vladimir: ‘It’s incredible, they were talking about babies and marriage before Christmas and they were so in love, so it’s quite shocking that things have gone downhill so fast. Vlad has always been quite serious and a hard-working businessman,’ said the friend who went on to claim that the billionaire is still just as hard-working – but is ‘enjoying the celebrity lifestyle’ and being a part of the ‘It Crowd’.

Luo, who stands at a statuesque six-feet-tall, was born in Shanghai, China, and was crowned Miss Universe China in 2011. She went on to appear on Oxygen modelling reality show, The Face, created by Naomi, in which Naomi competes against fellow supermodels to find a winning model to launch on the fashion world. She was the last girl standing on Team Naomi and was a runner-up on the show.

Last month, Vladimir was joined by another model, Jazzma Kendrick, 23, off the shores of Miami, and the couple looked cosy. Jazzma, who had donned a purple bandeau bikini and baseball cap, lay near him as they soaked up the sun. However, the leggy model – who even posted a picture of herself walking down a runway doing the ‘Noami (sic) Campbell Walk’ – was forced to post a series of tweets angrily denying any romance with the businessman.

She wrote: ‘No, I’m not dating Vlad, No, I’m not his ‘side chick’, no, didn’t f**k, No, I’m not an escort, nor have I ever been.’

And yesterday, the statuesque model, who is often seen out on the town in trendy South Beach, added: ‘I will never understand why ppl be mad for no reason??? Can someone explain?’

[From The Mail]

I think we have to give Luo some credit for having brass balls, right? Goodness! I’m brave when it comes to some things, and sure, I wouldn’t mind spending some time of Doronin’s yacht, and I would probably even sleep with him (I find him grumpy-hot). But I would not frolic with Doronin in broad daylight. This is going end badly. I just have a feeling.

………..OH CRAP!! It’s already started. NAOMI DOESN’T PLAY. The Mail reports that Luo has already been fired from her management firm. The president of the modeling agency said: “Zilin’s contract with MIX Model Management NYC was terminated last week due to ongoing unprofessional conduct and unacceptable work ethic.” Trust me… this is not going to be the end. There will be even more dramz.

Photos courtesy of WENN and Luo’s Twitter.

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  1. TWINK says:

    I’ve been refreshing this page like a psycho, haha because I can’t wait to read all the comments because this is juicy! JUICY! You don’t mess with Naomi without ending up burned! BTW, that billionaire is hot, I would so hit that even if he was broke!

    • menlisa says:

      Same here!

      This is what I think happened.

      Naomi dumped him because she wanted marriage and all.
      He won’t divorce his wife (no prenup).
      So she left.

      Vladmir is retaliating now. First by dating a younger look alike. Then by dating someone she mentored!
      He is on a vengeance war path!!

      Sad thing is if he played his cards right they probably would have reunited a few months down the line.

      Naomi is NOT going back to him after this!

      I love this scandal. Too much. I should be ashamed.

      Do you know what would be really juicy? Him and Tyra Banks.

      • Alexis says:

        He is pretty obviously doing this to get back at Naomi for wanting to focus on her career. But what do you expect if you don’t offer marriage? And the young model is not smart to involve herself with this. Not a good look, and it’s hard enough for non-white models in the best circumstances.

      • QQ says:

        ME TOO!! This is just delicious and WRONG going after the Boss’ man?!? an That Boss is Naomi?? She is gonna be blackballed so quickly LOL

      • LeeBlaylock says:

        Nobody sane would marry a woman like Naomi Campbell, anyway. She has an anger addiction and a tendency to be violent.

        That’s not marriage material.

      • tabasco says:

        omg, tyra would not live to tell the tale!!

      • steph says:

        Yeah. I was just thinking that its a pretty douche thing to do on his part. He has such a wide selection base but he picks a younger lookalike then a former mentee of his ex? Thats no coincidence. I think he has it bad for Naomi and is just baiting her for a reaction.

        Call me crazy but I am rooting for Vlad and Naomi. Every billionaire deserves a gorgeous nutcase Queen.

      • Bridget says:

        I would be pretty willing to bet that after several years of Naomi he was the one that had enough, and this is his clear message thathe has no interest in getting back with her. Remember, Naomi burned through an awful lot of her money, and would very happily have an attractive billionaire setting her up for life.

        And like a 25 year old had any real career prospects as a model, it’s not like Luo’s giving anything up.

    • Eleonor says:

      Ahaha this is fantastic, the girl better start to change her career plan, like getting pregnanto asap, or Mc Donald’s for example, because I don’t know if someone in fashion industry is going to hire her again.

    • karen says:

      HAHAHAHA!!! (opens a box of truffles)

    • karen says:

      F**K Naomi!! You go girl!!!

      Oh wait! He already did!! LOL

  2. brin says:

    Duck Luo!

  3. Birdie says:

    Wow, girl, this is the most stupid thing you could have done. When he dumps you, Naomi will make sure there will be no career left you can turn to. Your agency already dumped you. We should start donations for her, in about a year, she’ll need it.

    • annaloo. says:

      I follow Naomi’s twitter feed and she left such a strange crypticmessage on it:

      “The moment a person loses appreciation for the goodness others have done for them is the moment they begin their fall. Blsd day x”

      Luo is stupid, and on top of that, it’s an unwritten rule with women — if you had any respect for them or any connection that was good, YOU DON’T GO AFTER THEIR EXES.

      Naomi was FIERCE on The Face, and honestly, I thought she was a good mentor, firm but good at her job. Luo is an idiot, and the last thing I have to say is ESCANDALO!!!

      • Bookworm mommy says:

        “The moment a person loses appreciation for the goodness others have done for them is the moment they begin their fall. Blsd day x”

        Luo is stupid, and on top of that, it’s an unwritten rule with women — if you had any respect for them or any connection that was good, YOU DON’T GO AFTER THEIR EXES.

        Wow, I guess she doesn’t know ‘Girl Code’?

      • bluhare says:

        Girl Code gets blown out of the water by Potential Billionaire Money Disease.

      • annaloo. says:

        OMG, IF it was an issue of how Naomi didn’t/couldn’t land him, I don’t know what Zilin has that would seal the deal. Who knows, maybe he’s doing htis to irk her on purpose?

      • MyCatLovesTV says:

        I hope this girl saves every piece of hump jewelry, checks under every one of this guy’s couch cushion for loose $1,000 bills, does SOMETHING to have for a rainy day. Maybe he can send her to school for court reporting or medical billing and coding cuz she’s gonna need something to fall back on after she becomes yesterday’s piece. Naomi doesn’t seem like a girl who forgets a backstabbing…ever. Naomi will make it her life’s work to destroy this chippy.

    • RocketMerry says:

      Luo probably thought that she could manage not ever being dumped by Mr. Milionaire and could probably even get him to marry her, but come on, how is that even a possibility?!
      He did not want to divorce his wife for Naomi, he certainly won’t do it for Luo.

      The girl is in trouble.

  4. bowers says:

    Someone’s going to be hit with a tossed phone.

    • marie says:

      ha, exactly what I thought. makes perfect sense to go psycho over your married ex-boyfriend.

    • whipmyhair says:

      But even with a phone to the face, she’ll still look incredible. Talk about stunningly beautiful!

  5. Badirene says:

    Wonder what his wife makes of all this? Hopefully laughing her rich a$$ off on a yacht.

    I would also like to second the “duck Luo!” ha.

    • TWINK says:

      What surprises me the most is that in that DM article, there’s a pic with all of them and it says his wife went to support Naomi at an event of hers! I was like o.O

  6. NM9005 says:

    She’s a horrible person but a true HBIC. Don’t mess with Queen Naomi! What did Luo expect anyway? She’s a nobody compared to Campbell and doing what she did was obviously going to get her in trouble. She should’ve chosen basic career and find her own billionaire man!

    Side note: isn’t it funny that Vlad is turning into a Dicaprio? Maybe he gaves some tips when they partied together?! Date a supermodel first then move on to basic ones. He’s a late bloomer to the game but he seems to be catching up. Oh oh…

  7. Lucy2 says:

    If you’re a model and you shouldn’t risk being hit by flying objects…try to stay on Naomi’s good side.

  8. Jacqueline says:

    Naomi is gonna get you, sucka!

    Jazzma needs to eat something.

    • Dena says:

      Hehehe. I can’t wait until Naomi kicks their asses. It’s going to be good. And if she deigns to take Vlad back, he is going to be living on his knees (literally and figuratively) forever and ever.

      No matter what and after everything is said and done, Naomi helped him up his game/profile. She put him on the map. We didn’t even know his fineness existed until she stepped out with him. And no matter what she is . . . she still gets invited to all the best parties. (Smile). He will be back.

      I honestly truly love Naomi, warts and all.

      • Dena says:

        ++++++ Naomi was trying to be NICE and the chick turned around and did this. Ooooh. That in itself is beat-down. I just hope someone posts it to youtube.

  9. mabooski says:

    Naomi is not, norhas she ever been, the one. Girly will f-ck your sh*t up with a SWIFTNESS. Poor Luo.

  10. lady mary. says:

    Nvr Shit Where You Eat ,luo zilin!

  11. Isa says:

    I just can’t stop looking at him. He is so hot! Muy caliente….

  12. DanaG says:

    She couldn’t have thought she would get away with it? LOL Naomi is going to kill any career she could have had just because she can. I would practice ducking if I was her. It probably won’t even last that long hope she is getting some good gifts out of it. LOL

  13. Lynn says:

    Why is Vlad always with Leo? Things that make you go hmmmm? Naomi, Jazzma, Luo – possibly beards?

  14. allons-y alonso says:

    Naomi Campbell is going to She -Hulk.

    This is just….delicious

  15. MsAubra says:

    What Naomi got to be mad about…dude has/had a wife…and she aint it! lol

    • Jenny says:

      Yeah, but he and the wife haven’t been “together” for many, many years. I think for him it is cheaper to pay her off and stay married than to divorce. DM article has a picture of his wife and daughter supporting an event of Naomi’s.

      • MsAubra says:

        I know, and I agree with the whole thing about the marriage being “over” although nobody signed papers and made it official, but still…Naomi has no rigths to having the mentality of expecting anything beyond being kept! LOL

    • karen says:

      His wife needs to DUMP him!!! I would never tolerate his junk! What an embarrassment he is to his family!!!

  16. Erinn says:

    Since I don’t know ANYTHING about these people besides hearing in passing that Naomi is a violent phone chucker….

    All I can really say is that she looks really pretty in that blue gown.

    And the other model is BEAUTIFUL. Hopefully she won’t incur any violent wrath.

  17. Nev says:

    Head up Naomi!!!!! Your gorgeous and LOYAL.

    Luo is a trick. Bad form. And Vlad is gross.

  18. Miss Kiki says:

    No one brings the dramz like Naomi!

  19. Po says:

    So while I agree that in terms of a modeling career this isnt a good idea, maybe she’s not concerned with modeling. Think about it, I never watched the face and had no idea of who this woman is but now I do. That’s the point these days, isn’t it? Get your face out there anyway you can. Now we all know who she is; the model who had the balls to cross Naomi Campbell. Also, if she comes out of this with even one job, she’ll be known as the young pretty model who crossed Naomi Campbell and lived to tell the tale. I’m just sayin.

  20. Word says:

    You lose em how you got em “No ami!” Lol! This story’s so rich. You really couldn’t make this up. The wife, the mistress ,the new heaux & one really hot Billionaire! Someone get this folks a Bravo reality tv show. Now that, I’ll watch!*evilcackle*

  21. smee says:

    Girl, you KNOW that you don’t touch her hair or her billionaire.

  22. Olivia J. says:

    Luo Zilin, you silly girl, this is Naomi Campbell. She will ruin your life just for fun.

    I think Naomi’s tweet says it all: “The moment a person loses appreciation for the goodness others have done for them is the moment they begin their fall.” Oh, she’s definitely going after this girl.

  23. TG says:

    Doronin loses his hotness by hanging out with Hollywood types. Leo the man child. I want a man who wants to be a man and do grown up things not out partying in his 50′s with 25 year olds.

  24. HH says:

    Before I make judgements that this man is a greedy mofo, does anyone know how much his wife could take in the event of divorce? If he’s a billionaire he would still have a crap load of money left over. Is it just a pride thing? Is he self made and doesn’t want his wife having any of that money?

    • Mar says:

      Honey it’s cheaper to keep her. I’m sure his wife is fine

    • bluhare says:

      My guess is the last one. Either that or he doesn’t want to be bothered with women wanting marriage. Already being married takes care of that, and apparently his wife is on board.

    • karen says:

      I’d divorce his ugly a$$!!! He’s an embarrassment to men, an embarrassment to Russians, and an embarrassment to his daughter!

      DIVORCE HIM!!!

  25. Janet Jackson says:

    Lou is dead wrong for this. Crazy or not Naomi better handle her ass. How disgusting and trifling.

  26. Adrien says:

    Naomi’s a biatch but she’s an irresistible biatch. I watch The Face not for the fashion modelling bits but for Naomi’s biatching skills.

  27. Jan says:

    Lou, bring your A game baby. So when Naomi comes for you be ready and remember she is bald under that wig, so don’t rely on any hair pulling to save yourself!

  28. OhDear says:

    Safe to say that Luo Zilin’s modelling career is over?

  29. Liber says:

    Ladies, it’s a fact: they always end with the younger one.

  30. Jennifer says:

    These two girls (the one from south beach in particular) are SUGAR BABIES! I bet Naomi knows this. these super rich men have 3,4,5 or more at their disposal. No strings attached, they are both getting needs met. For some women, this is the best relationship. Get your bills paid, savings account growing, showered with expensive gifts, travel the world with first class accomodations, and most of the time you only see him 4 times a month or less! Leaving you to enjoy your new stuff and go about your business doing whatever you want!

    I have one. And wouldn’t you like to know who….suffice to say, you may have seen him in Forbes (a lot). Not only does he provide me with more than I ever dreamed of, I am free to date and do as I please, and he has become a great friend and mentor I can trust wants the best for me (and can actually help to make sure I have the best!) Do i want to go back to dating the losers in my hometown? No.

    Point is, I think Naomi knows how vlad operates. Maybe their arrangement just ended?

    • MST says:

      Um, isn’t there another word for this that begins with a P?

      • Mokalatte1 says:

        And ends in ‘tute’. :)

      • Jennifer says:

        I think in order to qualify for that profession, I’d need to be having intercourse in exchange for money. Not the case. Not saying these girls aren’t.

        women are so judgmental. Why would you care that another woman is capitalizing on her vagina anyway? Why should every woman slave away at a boring desk job for pennies? If everybody is consenting, using protection, and gets what they want then why would you have anything to say?

        should we be talking about feminism here? Why is it not powerful for a woman to command thousands of dollars just so a man can be in her presence? Because now that we can all work behind a desk in business suits women shouldn’t use their natural sexuality as her power of persuasion? To each woman their own.

      • Ange says:

        Because, Jennifer, women are supposed to be aspiring to be more than just decorations – a commodity that hangs off a man’s arm to make HIM look good. We should be more than what we pour into a dress. What you’re doing is not what feminism is about.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I have to admit–this sounds good, particularly the “Leaving you to enjoy your new stuff and go about your business doing whatever you want” part.

      Do you actually have to have sex with him though? Because that would def. ruin the appeal for me…

      EDIT: 4 times a month is too much for me. If it was once a month then maybe….

    • bluhare says:

      While I can see the friend and mentor thing, the money and gifts taints that don’t you think? He’s only your friend because he pays you.

      • Jennifer says:

        If a man has more money than he could ever hope to spend and has already given millions to charity, what is wrong with lavishing gifts on a person he feels is special in some way? The money is a way to make their life easier so they can fully enjoy their time together, instead of the woman stressing about needing to pay her bills, etc. Is that not what most women want? But with all this fortune they become busier and busier and they find they can’t maintain a traditional relationship. So they use their resources, just as the ladies use their femininity. Are there a lot of creeps and whores? Yes. But there are genuine people who engage in this lifestyle and it is rewarding for both parties.

        No, we have not had sex but I wouldnt rule it out as we have good chemistry and I honestly find him attractive. But like any RELATIONSHIP it can’t be rushed.

        Edit to specify a relationship meaning a connection of any kind, not romantic relationship only.

      • bluhare says:

        Jennifer, I didn’t mention sex. You did. You were talking about how he’s your mentor and friend, which is great. No problem. But would he be your mentor and friend if no money or gifts exchanged hands? If the answer is no, he is neither your mentor nor your friend.

        THAT was my point. However since you brought it up I’m in a quandary as to how you expect us to believe he lavishes money, gifts and expenses on you with nothing expected from you in return other than you asking his advice? I’ve not known anyone who will keep that up for long. What’s the saying about kindness of strangers? I forget, but hope you know what I mean.

      • Jennifer says:

        I brought it up to answer the poster above you. She asked if I had to have sex with him. So please adjust your psychoanalysis accordingly.

        And these arrangements rarely last longer than a year but yes I would consider someone a great friend who basically put me through school and then some and treated me with respect at all times we were together. I could look back fondly at that person for those reasons, if nothing else.

    • Skittlepop says:

      Alright jennifer next question, lol where do I get one?

    • Stewie says:

      I think there is an argument to be made that sugar-baby-ing is a feminist action but your argument certainly isn’t it (there is also viable arguments that sugar-babies are prostitutes, as prostitution isn’t as cut and dry as sex for money but that’s another sack of worms). You said your power came in relation to the man not in terms of yourself, a woman, period. But you’re right about ones vagina being one’s own concern; more power to you sister I’m certainly not going to judge you for it.

      • bluhare says:

        Tend to agree with you Stewie, but my personal belief is that taking advantage of anyone — feminist, misogynist or no — isn’t copacetic.

    • Tina Lee says:

      @Jennifer I was with you (sorta) until you confirmed you do in fact have sex for money. I am all for a female choosing her path, BUT don’t be delusional about what you are really doing. It’s nagl.

  31. team naomi says:

    she was this beautiful and intelligent girl on team naomi,she was so wow everyone just looked at her when she walked and she is very tall and naomi was very nice to her,naomi took everything personal when it involved her girls,and zilin was her absoulte favourtie,cant belive zilin could do that.its better to be on team naomi than the other way around.
    go naomi who doesnt love you

  32. AlmondJoy says:

    Luo is GORGEOUS! She is dead wrong for this but she’s no better than Naomi. She too was dating a married man. His poor wife… but who knows, maybe she has a boo thang on the side as well!

    • Lauren says:

      The wife and him have been separated for 10 years and he has no intention of divorcing her because he’d lose more money. It’s easier to keep his wife’s lifestyle up as it is in the present.

      Naomi dated him years into the separation so it wasn’t like she was having an affair or something. The wife and him haven’t lived as such in years.

  33. Lulu says:

    someone educate me, i believe he and his wife separated about 15 years ago??? Ofcourse its cheaper for him to stay married, but does the WIFE also want to stay married? How does it work in Russia,surely even if he contested the divorce it must had a time cap. Also the Wife has all the evidence to show that he has moved on,must be a mutual agreement.

    • bluhare says:

      I’ve read the wife is on board. She lives her life with their daughter, and has his money and name. Not bad unless you want to get married.

    • Trudy says:

      Yes he is separated. Russians hardly get divorced, they get married like crazy too, and most Russians get married at a young age.

    • shannon says:

      It should also be mentioned that marriage and love are seen somewhat differently in Russia than the U.S. It’s more acceptable there to openly say a marriage is based on practical considerations as an economic arrangement. By that criteria this Vlad guy has a healthy marriage. People do marry for love in Russia too, it’s just not the primary consideration all the time.

  34. moon says:

    Who cares about the contract, she got herself a really hot billionaire.

  35. Emily C. says:

    The billionaire is a late middle-aged guy who looks like millions of other late middle-aged guys. But significantly douchier. I can’t believe all the women saying he’s hot. Seriously? Blech.

    • YuYa says:

      Right? This guy is so not hot, at all. I don’t get why women are drooling over this guy and some women are willing to backstab women for him. For him or ANY GUY for that matter.

      Men are just not worth the hassle most of the time.

      Dignity ladies.

    • karen says:

      I wonder if he has the HPV virus?

  36. ctkat1 says:

    Well, there’s not a lot of info about him, but apparently he and his wife have been separated since 1998, they remain close friends (there are pictures of his wife and daughter with Naomi, so she’s clearly friendly with them), and the consensus seems to be that the wife doesn’t want a divorce, it’s cheaper for him to stay married (since they were married before he made his money, she would be entitled to half), and the fact that he wouldn’t marry Naomi was a big deal to her. He lavished gifts (homes, jewelry, travel) on Naomi, but she really wanted the marriage.
    As for whether Naomi left him or he left Naomi, who knows. The fact that Luo Zilin is now with him is such a huge mistake- I mean, I get it. He’s really rich and really sexy, so I’d be all over it too, but I’m not trying to break into an industry that Naomi owns…she can end Luo Zilin’s career with a few phone calls, so hopefully the girl gets some gifts she can sell when it all ends!

  37. Ai says:

    True that Luo shouldn’t cross Naomi but I have to say, this billionaire needs to be in Naomi’s war path too. But then again, Naomi and him are finished….he has the right to move on… just either really dumb for Luo to be his pawn. On the other hand, it’s a private affair between adults…and it doesn’t sit well that team Naomi will blacklist the girl using the professional conduct etc. Unless it was in the contract that personal relationships had to be approved etc or some ppl are off limits?

  38. diva says:

    Karma Naomi! Lol I’m not mad at this girl.

  39. BusinessFirst says:

    This was a terrible business decision on Zilin’s part. All morality issues aside, who would want to hire a brand that betrays its partners? I would never hire this model to do anything. She might show up at the gig and sell me out to the competition somehow or give business secrets away for money. All you have at the end of the day, is your word. I would have fired her too. Naomi is an icon and a legend. To betray her this way says that Zilin has a worthless and useless brand. I can’t say it enough. Bad business decision.

    • Emily C. says:

      Naomi and this douche have not been dating for some time. This douche has been separated for his wife for over a decade. What on earth did Zilin do that was a betrayal in any way? Date a guy who had once dated someone she worked with? By those standards, I’m a betrayer too.

      • bluhare says:

        I dunno, the fact that Naomi mentored her on a TV show and helped her career? That might annoy a person when said metoree heads out with your quite recently ex boyfriend.

      • Michelle says:

        Naomi and him have been dating for five years. I’d say that is a long time.

    • tabasco says:

      agree. really stupid from a business perspective. and it probably was a business decision on her part. for all the reasons you said, plus: if she wanted to get more fame via scandal, would’ve been much smarter to pick a scandal where SHE would’ve been the star and story, not one where the interest winds up on the other party. get “caught” coming out of a hotel room with kanye or something – - nobody gives a damn about kim so the focus would be on you, and kanye’s stupid ass would think it’s performance art or something.

  40. Ag says:

    Gurl…. You in danger! Haha. This is going to be awesome.

  41. fabgrrl says:

    You know what? Screw Naomi Campbell. She is a psychopath and I want to see her fail. This girl is stunning! Why the hell shouldn’t she have a billionaire boyfriend? If Luo Zilin’s modeling career doesn’t pan out, and things don’t work out with Vlad, she will just have to cry all the way to the next billionaire sugar-daddy.

  42. gogoGorilla says:

    Is Naomi really that powerful though? I assume she’s on the board of that modeling agency and that’s why the chick got dumped from there, but won’t someone else pick her up? Naomi does not seem to be terribly popular among the supermodel set (probably due to fear, lol). I imagine someone might like that this chick had the balls to check her. Maybe.

    But I personally would be scared. LOL

    • Lynn says:

      Naomi might not be popular amongst her model peers but I think she holds clout in the places where it matters – the designers and behind the scenes with the business heads! Think about it – Naomi is truly one of the original supermodels of our time. No disrespect to the other models out there today, but none of them can pull the bones out of the business like Naomi, Claudia, Linda et al!

    • Stewie says:

      FALSE. Naomi Campbell is very close friends with her peers- the true supermodels: Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crwford etc. The model she had a problem with was Tyra (which they may or may not have resolved). She is also close personal friends with the fashion powers that be. If you want to work in fashion (and probably even entertainment) DON’T CROSS NAOMI CAMPBELL.

      • A says:

        Exactly. Her and Kate Moss have been friends for over a decade. She was at her wedding.
        Most people who have met Naomi actually says how (surprisingly) sweet she is.
        And she was at Tyra’s show and they talked it out and are now friends.

      • Nev says:

        that’s RIIIIIIIIGHT.

    • bluhare says:


    • tabasco says:

      The fashion industry is really f-ed up – - small, insular, b*tchy, incestuous. One powerful person with the ear of a few others can make or break you. Consider that Anna Wintour is (aside from his talent) almost exclusively responsible for Thakoon. Mario Testino *made* Gisele happen. I believe Naomi at first tried to squash Tyra’s career back in the day – and nearly succeeded – and that was when Naomi was “only” a name model. Naomi definitely has the juice – and phone numbers – to do some damage. Being a straight up b*tch is hardly a rarity or a drawback in that industry, tho granted, Naomi does have a special gift for b*tchery. Isn’t she the one who left community service at a garbage plant or something in a sequined gown? She’s gangster.

  43. Aud says:

    Maybe these ‘models’ have contractual agreements for specific remuneration after a period of time served as ‘girlfriends’ and now it’s this model’s turn?

    • Lynn says:

      I think you may be right! About the contracts – Vlad seems very fishy to me! If you want to frolic around, then divorce your damn wife!

    • tabasco says:

      I dunno, not sure I think it’s a full-on Clooney. I mean, I definitely think these kinds of relationships involve certain expectations in terms of lifestyle and gifts, but women like Naomi are hardly wanting for money, fame, power, the way that Clooney Girls or similar are.

  44. QueenFreddie says:

    This girl is so dumb. Okay he has money but if he also has a wife, Naomi as an ex and he was seen kissing other models in the same week! Now she lost a job. Think with your head next time.

  45. Helvetica says:

    Why hasn’t he divorced his wife?

    • shannon says:

      Probably because he only dates gold diggers and can use it as a reason to not get married to any of them

  46. annaloo. says:

    Ok, I quoted earlier bc I was mad for Naomi and wanted to throw a phone at this girl’s face too… but now I don’t know now.. maybe, if Zilin rides this well, she’ll be a bigger commodity. After all, none of us (except those that watched the Face) knew who Luo Zilin was yesterday. People always bounce back from scandals, and I hardly think the fashion industry is the one to worry about the ethics and good behavior of people.What better way to debut yourself on the world stage than by scandal? Especially in fashion, where being boring is a crime.

    Even bad publicity is good publicity.

    • tabasco says:

      Also, duly noted that MIX didn’t just say the contract was over, they called this chick out pretty harshly – - i’m surprised the statement wasn’t more like “due to ongoing unprofessional conduct and unacceptable work ethic and being a STRAIGHT UP STANK HO WHO IS GOING TO WIND UP GETTING SHANKED IN AN ALLEY, XOXO, NAOMI”

  47. A says:

    Am I the only one who loves Naomi? I just find her so refreshingly unapologetic, and really, people need to let go of the phone scandal. Damn. Kate Moss gets away with murder but poor Naomi can’t catch a break.
    She looks gorgeous in that pic btw.
    As for the Asian model, dumb move. Really dumb move. You know he did this to make Naomi jealous and will drop your ass in about 5 minutes to get with another young model and then what are you left with? Nothing.

    I can picture Naomi filing her nails while laughing and having two hot male models fan her and massage her feet.
    That billionaire bought her a house shaped like the eye of horus ffs. She’s OK.

    • annaloo. says:

      I love Naomi too.. you are not alone!

    • Ag says:

      I like her too. She kicks ass.

    • Nev says:


    • MsT_Shady says:

      You are not alone!
      Naomi is fabulous!
      She does a lot of charity work on the DL here in the UK.

      I feel for her: women of colour make ONE mistake and the press love to harp on about it for years, whilst those of privilege make egregious error after error and it gets man-splained/white-splained away. There wasn’t even any drama with Tyra outside of what the press tried to manipulate; to be honest, we hadn’t even heard of Tyra across the pond until she was in that George Micheal video. It was never “tyra v Naomi”, it was pretty much “Naomi takes on the world…..and kills it!”

  48. Rachel says:

    Molly… you in danger girl.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Another Scandal fanatic! I thought I was the only one! None of the people at school watch the show. But you’re right…Naomi will cut a B…and I hope she goes after Vlad. I don’t know her dating history, but I don’t think she’s the type to pine/make a fool of herself over a guy…so if she was thinking about taking him back, he blew that out of the water…

  49. Gabby says:

    Who said Naomi was behind the firing? The agency just may have wanted to avoid negative publicity and she wasn’t worth the aggro. But, I’m afaid that Naomi really luuuuvs Vlad and would go back to him if he begged. Why is Vald being so spiteful to my Naomi?

    • bluhare says:

      OK, model seen with ex on yacht in France. Model fired. Naomi tweets cryptic tweet. I can add that up.

  50. shannon says:

    What sort of moron would throw her career away over this guy? Now he’s just going to dump you and you’ve been blacklisted, good luck trying to find work in the modeling industry ever again.

  51. Milly says:

    The girl has no fear for her life. Queen Naomi will have no mercy, darling.

  52. Bread and Circuses says:

    Naomi got her fired, but the drama will raise Zilin’s profile, and she might end up with a better career for having provoked the Human Phone Trebuchet.

  53. Nancito says:

    Omg – major hahahaha @ “Karma is a bigger bitch than Naomi”.

  54. Jayna says:

    Wow. Poor Naomi. I agree, I think she split with him trying to force marriage and she’s working more and he definitely wanted to hurt her for leaving him no matter the reason. But, man, did he cross lines. He may have gotten what he wanted, to humilate her, but the young model will dump his old ass and tempers will die down from the split and he will want Naomi back. But he did the unforgivable, screwing his 40-year-old girlfriend’s little 25-year-old protege and letting the whole world know with a photo-op.

  55. Diane says:

    Here’s an idea: Naomi and Russell Crowe

  56. karen says:


  57. TOPgirl says:

    Please Naomi is a nothing but a drama queen. She’s lucky we even remember her due to her stupid antics spread sparsely over the years in the news and that show “the Face.” If it weren’t for all that, I’d be saying Naomi who?

    But, I would not respond well if that were me in Naomi’s situation. I think I’d give that girl a throw down! You don’t mess with someone you know and worked with ex bf! EVER!

    • annaloo. says:

      I love it! But I have to call it: “Naomi Who?” is no go… Oh no, no no… There is never a Naomi who. We always know who Naomi is.;-)

    • Inxx says:

      Naomi is a supermodel (TM) and has been working constantly doing shows and photoshoots for the past decade. She was a working model even before the face.

  58. savanna says:

    So lame that whoever wrote (and edited) the article couldn’t get her name right. She’s Chinese and goes by Zilin, that’s her “first name”. Seriously sad that people writing a story about someone can be so oblivious to cultural differences, let alone the woman’s identity in general.

  59. K-rock says:

    Major lulz that Naomi is a nut bag ;p

  60. Porsha says:

    Now this is gossip – love it

  61. Bridget says:

    Luo is already 25 – that fact alone says that she didn’t exactly have a lucrative modeling career in front of her, let alone as a 25 year old Asian woman. And I would be willing to bet that Vladimir is making some financial considerations for her, knowing that this would officially torpedo Luo’s chance at modelling. Could you imagine how much Luo must dislike Naomi to do this?

  62. Inxx says:

    She’s 25. Her career is pretty much over with or without Naomi’s help.

  63. BLOGAHOLIC says:

    He is clearly doing all this to make her jealouse. I think Naomi dumped him.