Brad Pitt partied solo until 2:30 am in Berlin on Angelina Jolie’s birthday

Yesterday, we talked about what happened on Angelina Jolie’s 38th birthday, which she celebrated in Berlin with her family. First, the whole family traveled to Berlin. Then Angelina and Brad went to the World War Z premiere and Angelina wore a fussy, button-y white dress. Then Angelina changed into a black frock and she and the whole family went out to eat at a sushi place. It turns out there was more to the birthday celebrations: Brad kept on celebrating until 2:30 am while Angelina got some birthday-girl sleep. Damn! Did Angelina not get any birthday booty?

Fresh from her breast cancer victory, Angelina Jolie was ready to celebrate her 38th birthday in a big way with Brad Pitt Tuesday night in Berlin — and has all the details.

Angie started off the night on Brad’s arm at the premiere of World War Z. But the celebrations had already begun.

“We started off at 30,000 feet on the way over here,” Brad revealed to a reporter on the carpet. And in fact, the couple may have had a jet to themselves — the family flew on two jets to the German capital.

After the red carpet, at 9 pm it was on to family time at the trendy Next to Kuchi ramen restaurant, where Brad had reserved an entire floor, an insider tells

“Their security guards had told him about the restaurant,” the source explains.

Maddox, 11, Pax, 9, Zahara, 8, Shiloh, 7, and Vivienne and Knox, 4, all sampled healthy options like Koh-Samui Salad with papaya, peanuts and Thai herbs, Tofu Stirfry, sushi and chicken fried rice.

The family left around 10:30 pm — leaving behind one of the twin’s blankies, which security picked up later, says the source. After dropping the kids off at the Hotel Adlon, Angie and Brad continued the party at the premiere’s after-party at the Soho House.

Angelina stayed just an hour, however, while Brad was seen rolling out solo at 2:30 am, according to the local BZ newspaper.

Perhaps sleeping off the night before, Brad was nowhere to be seen on Wednesday, when Angelina, Shiloh, Vivienne and Pax visited the Bauhaus Archive in the Tiergarten Park. The group spent more than two hours viewing the design collection, according to press secretary Ulrich Weigand, before heading out for lunch at the nearby Einstein Cafe.

Brad was spotted later in the afternoon on a helicopter tour of the city with Pro7 TV channel, while Angelina was on her way to the Schönefeld Airport with all of the kids.

[From Radar]

So Angelina decided to leave the Soho House at 11:30 and Brad was all, “Bye”? He didn’t even take her back to the hotel to give her a “special birthday present” (hint: it’s his d–k in a box)? I mean, this isn’t some huge scandal. Brad had to schmooze and sell his movie and shake hands and have some drinks with business people, I suppose. “Networking” I guess they call it. While Angelina is probably still kind of tired from all of her medical stuff. But I was hoping for something more romantic. Like an emerald necklace and THIS:

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Eleonor says:

    Oh Brad stop with your 1994 hairstyle!

    • Paula says:

      Remember when he was beautiful?

      • anneesezz says:


      • Shelley says:

        Yes…a long long time ago. He was at his hottest with Gwyneth and Jen

      • Lucy says:

        I’m the opposite I think Brad is soo hot now; before he looked like too much of a manufactured Ken doll now he’s got a rugged sexual appeal to him

      • Len says:

        Agreed with Lucy. He was too pretty boy decades ago, now he has raw rugged sex appeal.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Shelly, who wrote: “Yes…a long long time ago. He was at his hottest with Gwyneth and Jen”

        Yes … and they didn’t know how to handle Brad’s hotness, did they? 🙂

      • Meaghan says:

        I don’t like long hair on guys, but this kind of reminds me of Legends of the Fall Brad, who I swooned over. I wish it was a bit shorter, but he is the ONLY guy I’ve ever thought was hot with long hair. He can do no wrong in my eyes. I still have flashbacks to Fight Club, dirty ones.

      • Emily C. says:

        In A River Runs Through It, and… well… that’s it, for me. He never did anything for me, even then. I enjoyed looking at him the same way I enjoy looking at a pretty woman. He had an aesthetic appeal, but I’ve never seen any sex appeal in him at all.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        @ Emily C.

        Maybe because I’m really young and naïve about sex and sex appeal (or lack thereof), but the two actors I’ve seen on screen with the most sex appeal to me have been Vincent Cassel (Eastern Promises did it for me) and Ralph Fiennes (The English Patient, Schindler’s List) …Ralph Fiennes has been my number one celebrity crush since I was about fifteen. Am I wrong on the sex appeal part?

      • mercyme says:

        He used to be too pretty. He’s not my type at all (not many blonde guys are, though I can appreciate Redford in his prime), but I liked his looks better as he aged until this long hair and goatee phase. What is it with older guys and goatees these days? I like scruff, but not these manicured mini-beards. But I digress. Back to Brad, I saw Moneyball again the other night and he looked more attractive to me there than he did in his twenties.

        @Virgilia, I’m with you on Fiennes. Amazing eyes, bone structure, lips – just a beautiful man, with a masculine, intense presence.

      • Shannon says:

        He is still stunning. Love the hair.

      • lindy loo says:

        He’s become very scruffy looking since he got with jawlie.
        Both of them were gorgeous when they first got together; now, not so much.

      • Janet says:

        “Jawlie”? How adolescent of you.

    • Chicagogurl says:

      Oh Tristan.

    • Suze says:

      That hair is raggedly, looks unclean, and doesn’t do his 49 year old face any favors.

  2. Olivia J. says:

    She looks great. He looks like Kid Rock.

    • Máiréad says:

      God, yeah! 😆

    • lamamu says:

      Right?! I’m fairly certain he’s been wearing the exact same pants and shirt to every premiere (London, Paris and Berlin) while changing up the jacket every night. Thinking there might be some truth to the rumors about his body funk…

      • Kim1 says:

        Well everyone who has worked with him or interviewed says he smells great
        But believe gossip of people who have never been near himLOL

    • lucy2 says:

      OMG you’re right. That should be the tipping point – “honey, you look like Kid Rock. It’s time to clean it up.”

    • Liv says:

      Haha, this is cracking me up! 😉

  3. Anna says:

    I’m gonna say props to Brad for even being able to stay up/’part’ this late at his age. I’d want to be in my jammies.

  4. marie says:

    she could have gotten some bathroom booty, who knows..

    I didn’t realize that most of the kids were so close in age, I would hate to be a parent in that house when they all hit teenagers, whoa..

    • Janet says:

      Six teenagers all at once. I’d be ready to take up residence in a nuthouse.

    • LadyJane says:

      When you are a parent of a lot of kids, and some at an age where they might still crawl into your bed at night – the bedroom, late at night, is the last place you have sex. You find other times and places when you are less tired and have more privacy. Just saying.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @LadyJane, who wrote: “When you are a parent of a lot of kids, and some at an age where they might still crawl into your bed at night – the bedroom, late at night, is the last place you have sex. You find other times and places when you are less tired and have more privacy. Just saying.”

        Well, perhaps now people can appreciate why Brad built that sex grotto behind their pool’s waterfall. 🙂

      • Rory says:

        Each of their kids has a personal nanny so i dont think they suffer from the same problems as normal parents.

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      He could have given her a Pearl Necklace on the plane!

    • Pandy says:

      Bathroom nookie? I think she got Brad’s Dick in a Box on the private jet minus the kids.

  5. mkyarwood says:

    Could be possible she wasn’t into any booty, and might not be energetic enough right now. Or her birthday girl booty was another girl’s booty!

    • Nev says:

      Oh SNAP!!!!!!!

    • steph says:

      Going by gossip, pics and his own statements its a rather tiny d^ck. I dont know whether he would even be able to wrap a ribbon on it. And with the past drug use and possibly continuing cannabis consumption, doubt he can get it up or keep it up without some V. Sorry but I dont see a great sex life with them. They are good together in other ways but I seriously doubt in the bedroom.

      • Kim1 says:

        OK Steph I guess it was big enough to satisfy AJ as well as his exes since he dumped them yet they all praise him in interviews. Also I don’t go by. Pics of flaccid peens since I married a grower not a shower.Lastly the girl who waited on family said Brad left a 560 euros tip which is over $700 US dollars. SHE is sharing tip with 15 employees.if the family left dinner at 10:30 by the time they got to hotel and kids in bed and traveled to club.If Angie stayed an hr it was probably close to one.I saw them kissing in elevator at the club so much ado about nothing.

      • V4Real says:

        I saw those naked pics of him and his peen was close to average. Apparently it’s enough to satisfy Angie and his previous lovers. Sometimes it’s really not about size, it’s knowing what to do with it. Some guys have large packages and the sex can still be awful. There are several reasons that sex can be bad between two people. Sometimes it is a size problem (big or small), sometimes it’s because you’re not sexually compatiable. Size can be overrated. Besides who wants something so big inside of them unless your vajajay is the size of a golf hole. 🙂

      • steph says:

        But can he get it up though with his past and present drugging? Hopefully he can work that tongue. lol

      • V4Real says:

        Drug use over a long period of time can handicap a man’s soldier from saluting but that’s not the case with everyman. I don’t know if Brad used coke or not but I know he admitted to weed.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Steph, who wrote: “But can he get it up though with his past and present drugging? Hopefully he can work that tongue. lol”

        Unless weed has changed since I was a young chica, it enhances–not hinders–the sexual experience. I did’t know any man who couldn’t get it up after toking on a doobie.

        And what pictures of Brad’s peen are you talking about? Did somebody leak an old sex tape? I recall Juliette Lewis saying that Brad has an average sized peen. Isn’t that still between 5″ – 7″? Or has ‘that’ changed as well?

      • steph says:

        Emma, google is your friend. Look up effects of long term weed use. Or even better have a chat with a middle age hippy. There used to be a major thread on this on reddit r/trees and dick. It was a nsfw forum for guys with erectile dysfunction resulting from smoking weed. Its probably still there. Maybe you should direct your guy friend there. Bet he quits/significantly cuts the smoke when he sees it lol.

        No my money is on a viagra prescription or exclusive diving for Brad. And most aging celebs.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        …maybe Emma just feels weird googling “weed and erectile dysfunction”.

        Anyway, if that’s the case re: weed I’m sure glad that I’m not a dude 😉

      • V4Real says:

        There are pics of Brad and Goop naked, more of him than her. I am ashamed to admit that I saw them a few days ago after not seeing them for a few years. I also Googled Colin Farrell’s sex tape. He’s bigger than Brad by the way but I don’t think Brad was standing at full attention if you know what I mean. Brad has also said that his peen wasn’t that big so it’s no surprise but he can work with what I saw.

      • Bobbiesue says:

        I have to say I thought “average” size penises were working for me until later in my 30s, after my marriage. I experienced 1) large and 2) larger (differing degrees of talent) and I was getting hit in the elusive G-spot like I never had. Size, IMO and to-my-body, does matter.

      • teehee says:

        Size does in fact matter. first it was a bologna notion made up by men to maintain their egos and fantasies of prowess and infallability; next it was an idea backed up by women and the fact that a man has to know how to use what hes got.
        It can be big but if he operates like a robotic bunny it will be miserable; but still if its a tiny robotic bunny its only all the more miserable because you cant even tell …
        Size definitely DOES MATTER but at the SAME time he has to be skilled in pleasing a woman and not just himself. A smaller man can in fact master the art of pleasing a woman, but being larger just makes it EASIER for him to do that without too much extra effort.

  6. Cherry says:

    Ohh God, D*ck in a box… SNL masterpiece 🙂
    Sidenote: ‘Fresh from her breast cancer victory’ is a ridiculous way to describe La Jolie. Look, I admire her for being so vocal about her mastectomy and for the way she kept the details to herself. But she did not have breast cancer and this is not a victory.

    • Stacey says:

      THIS. It’s offensive to people who have actually had cancer.

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree, and Radar is an idiot for wording it like that.

    • Really says:

      LOVE the dick in the box reference!! I love watching that video, it never gets old.

    • Ai says:

      Sorry no offense but how is wording it a victory so wrong when in all probability she would have cancer later on. Why such a sense of negativity just because she toons step to prevent it prior to it becoming a reality? Victims and survivors of cancer have different experiences and in their own ways, their own victory.

      • lucy2 says:

        I don’t think “victory” is the issue so much as them making it seem like she actually had breast cancer. It’s a preventative surgery victory, not a breast cancer victory.
        I had (much more minor) preventative surgery on a spot that could have eventually become skin cancer. I would not ever refer to it as a skin cancer victory, as I did not actually have skin cancer. It’s just a poor wording choice by Radar, not accurately describing her situation.

  7. Tapioca says:

    Oh dear, he’s about as cool as everyone else’s dad is when they grow their hair, dig out the leather jacket and stay up partying wit da kidz.

    Thankfully mine went bald before I hit my teens!

  8. Sabrine says:

    Yes good for Brad even being able to stay up that late at his age! Sounds like everyone had a good time anyway.

    I don’t mind his hair. It’s a nice color and makes him look younger.

  9. SmokeyBlues says:

    Seems pretty normal to me. I’m no night owl and I hate feeling like I am crashing my husband’s night when I cut out early. She was probably happy for him to stay out and have fun while she went home. Just because you are a couple does not mean that all your needs are the same, all the time!

    • Rhea says:

      LOL. We’re in the same boat. My hubby can stay up reeeally late. I could too, but who’s going to deal with the kids in the morning then? Beside, I prefer a party with close friends than a big party with lots of strangers.

    • Leigh says:

      THIS. I feel like most adults in mature relationships act this way and I”m not sure why it’s news….

  10. bohemia says:

    cool… extra information… i find nothing salacious about it really…
    there is LIFE beyond premieres…
    Angie certainly got other nice stuff done…
    so much for everything being all Brad, Brad, Brad…lol
    i’m sure she had a blast doing some stuff on her own…
    and William Bradley too :)!

  11. Lulu77 says:

    I can’t believe people are trying to make this a scandal. Brad went to an after party for his film not a strip club. Angelina probably wanted to leave and was fine with Brad staying. Much ado about nothing.

    • deb6387 says:

      Exactly- the first report of this “incident” had him going home at 1:30, not 2:30. Before long, it will be rounded up to “he didn’t come home for a year”. Kinda like how the WWZ budget was initially stated as $170 M (INCLUDING re-shoots) and is now being “reported” as well over $400 M. Uh huh.

    • funny says:

      Yes, if he’s going to stick with her through six kids and a double mastectomy, I think it’s “safe” for her to “let” him go to a party for a couple of hours.

  12. lem says:

    I totally get her animalistic sex appeal but this notion that he’s the same is hilarious. if i saw him doing anything remotely “sexy” i’d just laugh at him. he just seems very vanilla.

    • pwal says:

      Yes, Angelina has the feline look going, while Brad has a floppy-eared bunny look about him, but for me, it kinda works.

      It’s titillating to think of Angelina being the aggressor and Brad serving up the goods in kind. I like the idea of the seemingly midwest, corn-fed type being an undercover freak. I have to, since I live in the corn-fed Midwest.

      Plus, Pitt has a big tongue.

      • videli says:

        I’m doing a chuckling equivalent of a slow clap right now.

        Yes, all hail to the mild-mannered, don’t rock the boat, rock the bed, Midwestern boys!

      • lem says:

        i totally agree with the mid-western undercover freak thing as i am also a mid-western gal. however, i just don’t see him being one of those. completely agree that she is the aggressor and i always view him as the guy who doesn’t know what to do with it all.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Maybe Angelina went home early to get her knee high latex boots shined, her riding crop cleaned, and to do a little sewing on her leather, lace, and peekaboo corset…that’s what I think happened.

      • Emily C. says:

        The idea that Midwesterners are squeaky clean in the bedroom is an amusing myth. What the rest of the country doesn’t know won’t hurt them :D.

    • cs says:

      I totally believe Angelina Blew his mind sexually. It was reported (Gossip) he had never been touch by woman like that until he met Angie. I can just imagine the type of boring sex he had with GOOP and JA and then along comes Angie BOOM BANG.
      Didn’t Ms. Z say” Daddy are you going start making out with Mommy again”?

  13. moon says:

    In his defence, she probably wanted to be back with the kids and he had to be there for work reasons.

  14. rose says:

    I’m sorry but if i were the age of any of their kids (ie a child) i would want to fly without my parents?! Did they really put them on a separate plane? that makes me feel sad. Maybe it’s like hopping in a cab for them but when I was a kid travelling was a big deal and I wouldn’t want to not be with mum and dad.

    • Cherry says:

      It says in the article that ‘Angelina was on her way to the Schönefeld Airport with all of the kids’. So they had one of their parents with them on the plane.

    • Rhea says:

      “Angelina was on her way to the Schönefeld Airport with all of the kids.”

      So…no, they didn’t put them on separate plane.

      • Stacey says:

        That was when they were leaving. On the way THERE, they took two planes and may have flown separately from the kids.

      • Rhea says:

        @Stacey : Thanks for explaining that. I didn’t pay attention to the whole detail in the article, my bad. Now I see where Rose got the idea that they separated the kids then. 🙂 But still, the key word here is MAY HAVE. Because looking back by the way they traveling all this time, they always in the same plane with the kids.

        If the story is true, they might using two jets for a reason. Who knows? Maybe they departed from France with a bigger group so they needed 2 jets? Or…maybe it’s for her birthday special private moment time with BP ?? LOL. 😉

    • Mairead says:

      The kids were grand; it’s everyone else you should feel sorry for 😈

  15. Janet says:

    Good. She needed some rest. She’s probably exhausted.

  16. Leah says:

    Isn’t it a little too early to be having sex after the mastectomy? I mean isn’t she still in pain?

    • pwal says:

      Finally, a sensible approach to the birthday sex proposition.

    • MousieBrown says:

      If the reports are true that she had the mastectomy in February, that would not affect having sex in June. I had that surgery (for actual cancer) so I can verify that.

      • Last Operation 4/27/13 says:

        There were 3 surgeries, the last of which wasn’t until April 27. Between operations she went to the Congo (for refugees), London (G8), and NYC (to give Malala that award). So, as is typical of her, she kept active despite the medical issues. So, yes, if the DR said it was ok, I’m sure they are having sex.

  17. Just Me says:

    Ooooh Kaiser, lemme get you a bigger spoon. You’re gonna need it with all the crazy that’s gonna get stirred up in here today!

  18. bns says:

    LOL at him and his greasy grungy rocker look.

  19. Nicolette says:

    I wouldn’t worry about it, I’m sure she’s getting his d*ck in her box plenty throughout the year. 🙂

  20. Barrett says:

    They are no spring chickens anymore. I’m sure there are many nights of being too tired between the kids, medical issues, flying to different cities. They are human, even if hard to believe because they are considered sex symbols.

  21. Shelley says:

    People who often come across as sexy and wild are usually the opposite in bed. Look at Madonna for example. She has been described as frigid. I wouldn’t be particularly interested in what these two get up to.

  22. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I know that the kids are different ethnicities but I think it’s great that she introduces them to food like sushi or Thai, stuff beyond just the traditional Americana staples, at such a young age. I also think it’s great that they travel and go to museums. My parents did the same for my bro and I when we were young and it really opened us up and led to a natural desire to travel and explore different cultures as adults.

    • doofus says:

      I think those kids are SO LUCKY to travel and experience all the things they do. I know people complain about their lack of stability, but it’s not like they’re being moved from foster home to foster home, or living with a mother has a new boyfriend very few weeks. the stability is there, I think.

      and that menu DID sound so yummy!

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Totally agree.
      People might yell at me for this but I think a lot of Americans freak out about that lifestyle because it conflicts with the insular kind of life that most of us who grow up here have. Part of that is due to the fact that our country is so large, but in EU and other continents, people are used to taking a 1-2 hr flight to see a different country and experience a different language, culture, way of life etc.

      I think the kids have very involved parents and I think THAT is what true stability is, not about how often you travel.

  23. floretta50 says:

    No spring chickens, what a silly comment even twenty somethings would find Brad and Angie’s hectic lifestyle of the past few days strenuous especially with 6 children. If Brad had left his cast and crew early was celebrating his movie premier people would be saying how rude he was.

    • Erinn says:

      Jeez, I’m 23, and I have a hard time staying up past 11, especially on a work night.

      We went out to a sports bar last Friday after work, and got home around midnight – I was completely zonked.

  24. lisa2 says:

    He was working. hosting an after party Really why is this news. It’s not like we hear stories of this all the all the time.

    They celebrated her B-day on the plan to Paris. In Paris, and in Berlin. Sounds like a lot of fun to me.

  25. pnichols says:

    She looks gray. I feel terrible. Must be exhausted.

    • Just Passing Through says:

      She has been through alot and Brad feels the need to exploit her. It’s a shame he’s worried more about this “epic” movie than he is her health and she is much too supportive to think of herself. Tsk, tsk Brad.

  26. LV says:

    I agree with Kaiser, he should have ditched the after party and gone home with Angie. It was her birthday and what is one after party in the career of a star as big as he is.

  27. lama says:

    Thursday, June 06, 2013
    Blind Item #1

    This is one of the very few times I have ever had a blind item about this person that was not from several years ago. He slipped. He made a mistake. He lets his guard down and let a light of gossip filter out. He is an A+ list mostly movie actor who has A++ name recognition. They probably have an open relationship. Probably, but he paid an escort/stripper triple what she charges for an entire night the other night and had her for about 20 minutes alone in a private room at a club. It is not even so much that he did it, but the timing of it.

    • Maggie says:

      Uh oh! Well after six kids in such a short time I’m sure the sex fizzled out long ago.

      • floretta50 says:

        Actors and actresses live totally different lives as we imagine it to be, so you think it’s Brad and Angie don’t know but I think that from what we know about Angie from her past and what Brad Pitt have said he is getting her for her birthday, Angie might dress quite conservative these days but don’t be fooled, behind closed doors I think she might well be the wild and exotic Angelina that is why Brad Pitt stays put.

    • WTF says:

      Blind items? LOL. What ever gets you through the day.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @LMaggie, who wrote (about @Lama’s Blind Vice post): “Uh oh! Well after six kids in such a short time I’m sure the sex fizzled out long ago.”

      Is the Soho House a Strip Club? It makes it sound like the person in the Blind Vice was at a Strip Club, saw a honey who really did it for him, got a private lap dance, and then paid extra for the ‘house special.’

      Now the question is this: what in that paragraph makes you believe the Blind Vice is about Brad Pitt? It reads to me as if it’s about someone who once had a jones for strippers and Strip Clubs. I don’t remember Brad Pitt ever having that particular jones.

      The only A+ ‘mostly’ actor with A++ name recognition I can think of who had a HUGE jones for strippers and Strip Clubs is Ben Affleck.

      • Maggie says:

        Emma – the JP lover, well you havent been around him 24/7 and either have I. Who knows?

    • Gossip lover says:

      If it was really Brad Pitt, the stripper could have earn millions by selling her stories to tabs… This wouldn’t be a blind item if thats the case… Just saying…

    • Kim1 says:

      So this person hasn’t been the subject of a blind item for “several years” yet every other month people post blind items from this site that they claim are Brad and/or Angie. So which one is it? Because if this is about Brad that means the hundred other CDAN blind items posted over the last few years are not about him.GMAB

    • pwal says:

      The mostly movie actor part seems to imply that this person works in other mediums like TV or even stage. Pitt’s TV work has been limited, the last ones being that Chanel ad and the I Fcuked Ben Affleck skit on Jimmy Kimmel. Or maybe someone who work in other areas of entertainment like directing or writing.

      Don’t think it’s him.

      • doofus says:

        those blinds are deliberately written so that you could fit almost anyone in there.

        “mostly movie actor” can mean the subject acts in mostly movies but acts in other things too, OR it can mean that he’s mostly a movie actor but does OTHER things (like a fashion line, directing, music, etc.)

    • Mia says:

      People who believe BIs are missing some brain cells.

      So AJ managed to go 3+ months in and out of the hospital/lotus center and have major surgery and there was not one peep anywhere, and people STILL believe sources and BI about them?????

  28. F5 says:

    Brad’s starting to look like Jennifer Aniston.

    • ha! says:

      He had this look WAY BEFORE Aniston, who was displaying her real hair color- brunette- at that time. Besides Brad’s hair is real & Aniston’s is not. Also, he’s REALLY pretty (& old) and she’s not pretty at all, but it old as well. I guess there is your commonality- geezerdom.

  29. tabasco says:

    ok, im officially declaring Brange coverage overkill on this site due to the last couple of days.

    • Kim1 says:

      Stop clicking on the stories Brad is in Atlanta- another suprise appearance at WWZ screening- so there will probably be another post soon.Angie and the kids will not be attending Australia screening so Im sure there will be more gossip about him cheating on her” Down Under”

    • BI says:

      Is there a stripper pole in that theater bc it was “reported” that all theaters in Atlanta have stripper poles AND 24/7 strippers working the poles. How dare he?!

  30. Denise says:

    Oh my god, thank you for reminding me about Dick in a Box. Blowing snot over here.

  31. Emily C. says:

    You don’t need special birthday sex when you’re having great sex all the time.

    Brad: Gee, Angie, what do you want to do tonight?
    Angie: The same thing we do every night, Brad…

  32. Rena says:

    From JJ-

    “Brad Pitt Surprises Audience at ‘World War Z’ Atlanta Screening!

    Brad Pitt continues to shock audiences as he made a special appearance at a World War Z screening at the Regal Atlantic Station on Thursday morning (June 6) in Atlanta.”

    So Brad flew from Berlin yesterday directly to Atlanta to support WWZ.

    Brad will be in AUS Sunday and in South Korea Tuesday supporting WWZ as well (he will likely do other screenings as well). He is working, doing EXACTLY what actors are paid to do in support of their films, like RDJ and Will Smith and Tom Cruise and female thespians also do as well when they have a new film being released.

    And Radar is full of crap, the news reports from Berlin said Brad left around 1:30AM from the WWZ after party.

    And there may have been 2 jets needed, one to transport Brad Angie and their kids and staff and another jet to transport the film’s director, producers, Paramount staff and others in support of WWZ.

    Just common rational and logical sense which some here clearly lack.

  33. Persephoneo says:

    “Why you stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf-herder!”
    “Who’s scruffy-looking?”
    ―Princess Leia Organa and Han Solo

  34. ashes says:

    @Emma – The JP Lover
    “And what pictures of Brad’s peen are you talking about?”

    Okay. I don’t know if the link will publish, but…:

  35. xoxokaligrl says:

    This site always kisses this couple’s butts.

  36. xoxokaligrl says:

    This site always kisses this couple’s butt.

    • Janet says:

      So go find another site. You might like Female First. They think Angie is the devil incarnate. You’d be right at home over there.

      • TC says:

        This +10,000!

      • Aagje says:

        Oh, seriously? Xoxokaligrl is not wrong. One word of criticism and everybody jumps down your throat when it comes to this couple. You can’t even imply that you don’t worship these or you get banned or insulted.

        Commenters always lose their marbles over these two and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why. Criticism or a simple observation does not mean you hate either of them, it just means you noticed something peculiar.

        And no, I am not on Female First. It’s a sickening site with people who really need to get a grip on reality.

      • lisa2 says:

        As a fan of this couple let me say that after 8 years of constant nasty comments and constant speculation on their relationship and their children; I think other like myself are not “jumping down anyone’s throat”.

        I for one will say that for the most part the fanbase is usually clearing up lies. Lies that have been written by people that don’t like them. Most of this misinformation comes from Hate sites like the one mentioned or gossip rags. When something is posted here that a fan may know is not a truth then yes they set it straight.

        but why is it that posters like you are never offended by blatant lies are really offensive comments. I never see people like you get upset about Angie being called a wh&&& or being accused of things that can and are shown to be lies. If a fan says this is not true and shows evidence of it then they are said to be over invested.

        I always look at fans of celebs like sports fans or music groupies if you will. Sport fans know their “team and players and they know information about them. They go to events that showcase an they read about them. they know the stats and such. Well the JP fans are the same. We follow this couple because we like them.

        I don’t find that guy Cumberbatch or Jon Hamm particularly appealing. But I don’t go to his thread yammering about how unattractive I find him. I don’t call his fans names because they talk about how sexy he is or what they want to do with him. He is not my taste. But I don’t have the need to talk about him or find out about him or go to the tread and yammer about how his fans are stupid or over the top. I just skip the post and keep moving on.

        easy if you don’t like someone or their fans. Why invest time in reading about them all the time or following everything they do or say. Which is exactly people that profess to NOT GET THEIR appeal should do but never ever do.

        maybe you should be curious about that.

    • Josephina says:

      Kaiser and CB state UPFRONT that they are Brangelina fans… for YEARS.

      Why do YOU have a problem with the huge amount of love and adoration this couple receives WORLDWIDE, which is an undeniable truth?

      Given how you feel, why are you compelled to come to this site and torture yourself reading the comments?

  37. Maggie says:

    ppl want to believe in fairytales

  38. ashes says:

    Brad and Angelina leaving the restaurant ‘Kuchi’ in Berlin:

  39. bettyrose says:

    Grownups can’t always take a day off for birthdays. These two people have so many blessings in their lives, I think they’ll hold together if the bday celebration has to come a couple of days late.

  40. crazydaisy says:

    @teehee lol ‘tiny robotic bunny!’

  41. andrea says:

    You are ALL nuts. That is one gorgeous man, long hair, short hair or no hair.

  42. Meanchick says:

    I have to believe that when Brangelina want to truly have hearty belly-laughs, they read some of the things printed about them, over wine and laugh their butts off knowing “who” is behind the lies. They don’t take it seriously and that is what I like about them. I think they have tons of private jokes (verbal and non-verbal) that they crack up over when out in public. Pretty damn cool of them. Most couples would have allowed the nonsense to break them up by now.