Bradley Cooper ‘broke up’ with Suki Waterhouse by ignoring her calls & texts

Bradley Cooper

Poor Bradley Cooper can’t catch a break in the romance department. His love life is a constant stream of tabloid fiction and (alleged) showmances with co-stars, but then Bradley did the unthinkable. He pulled a Leonardo DiCaprio and hooked up with a 20-year old British model named Suki Waterhouse in March, and it actually seemed like the relationship was going to stick for a little while. Bradley was flying Suki to visit him on the set of American Hustle, and she even put up with his awful perm. Last month, we heard the first signs of trouble after learning that Bradley’s mom, Gloria, couldn’t stand Suki at all. Now, the power of Gloria must have done its work because Bradley is so done with Suki — even though he hasn’t bothered to tell her yet:

Suki Waterhouse should plan a wild trip to Las Vegas — because Bradley Cooper has dumped her out of the blue! After almost four months of dating, the actor, 38, ended things with the 21-year-old British model by coldly ignoring her calls and text messages while he was overseas promoting The Hangover III. “Bradley isn’t returning any of her calls,” says a source. “The last text she sent asked him straight out if things were over, and he hasn’t bothered to respond.” Friends say Suki, who’s filming her first major movie, Love, Rosie, isn’t celebrating her success like she sould, due to Bradley’s drastic change of heart. “She should be having the time of her life,” continues the pal, “but she’s miserable.”

[From Star, print edition, June 17, 2013]

If this story is to be believed (and I think it is), then while Bradley was working his fug serial killer vibe on the red carpet, his phone was going wild with texts from a lovelorn Suki. And he simply ignored her pleas to be heard! Man, that’s kind of harsh. At least he could have properly broken up with the girl, young or not. Still, I’d be tempted to feel badly for Suki, but she’s one of Harvey Weinstein’s girls, so she’ll be just fine.

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  1. RocketMerry says:

    That is just rude; unless she’s showing signs of cray-cray, which I’m thinking Suki did not.
    Breaking up with someone by ignoring texts and calls, or by FB message: only condonable if the person you’re dating turns out to be friggin’ psycho.

    Seriously, BCoop, aside, word to the wise: if you’re getting the feeling that the person you’ve been going out with is not all right in the head, DO NOT go on one last date to end the relationship. BAD IDEA!

    • Liv says:

      I tend to believe that this is set up – especially when I learned that she’s one of Harvey’s girls.

      • RocketMerry says:

        Oh, yeah, certainly, I don’t believe he’s straight for a second.
        I’m more of commenting on the concept of the story; sometimes I just get so tired of how fake and pre-planned celeb-issues are, I just roll with it. Sigh.

    • Me Three says:

      Just another “model” willing to sleep her way to a movie part that will end up going no where because besides her body, she has no talent.

      And if she’s a “Weinstein” girl, I don’t think you need to worry about her feelings about being so unceremoniously dumped by Cooper. If she can stomach letting Harvey do her to get ahead in the business, this girl will survive the travesty of being ignored by another douche. Frankly, Karma is a b!tch!

  2. Devlin says:

    I just find him to be very creepy looking…..more now than I ever did before.

    • carol says:

      yah i know people love him but I have never been attracted to him because there is something creepy about his look

    • Tara says:

      Me too. And he literally turns my stomach… Tho I’m feeling nauseous anyway. I rarely break out the overused “smarmy,” but he oozes smarm from every pore. And I’m usually oblivious to to the whole “crazy-eyes” assessment too. Bradley Cooper? Chronic crazy eyes.

  3. Dusty says:

    What a jerk. Karma Bradley, karma.

    • Me Three says:

      Come on ladies! Yeah I think Cooper is gross but really…?…Suki is also a piece of work. Did any of us, at least outside of the UK even know who she was before she hooked up with Bradley? She got exactly what she wanted from Cooper. She’s yet another “model” who is sleeping her way to a career in Hollywood that will be short lived and unmemorable. In 5 years, Suki will either be providing services for a Russian millionaire or a yacht girl in Cannes for Harvey W and his buddies.

  4. pretty says:

    he is very very good looking when his hair is very short like in ‘He’s not that into you’ or ‘Silver linings playbook’.

    But he looks like a bird…with this weird hair cut.. so unattractive. ew!

  5. mabooski says:

    something in the milk aint clean..

    • Jo says:

      Cthu, I don’t know if its the whole mother/son Norman Bates thing or him being all ‘I’m a complicated momma’s boy’ and can’t give or receive love…but I’m finally starting to feel that something is off with him. Serial killer? No. Gay? …

  6. Bubbles says:

    What kind of a name is Suki?

  7. evie says:

    the contract is over

  8. Yellowshaba says:

    Shes a model? Lol… And ive never found him attractive. Something gross about his mouth and his rapist eyes terrorize me. That being said i did enjoy silver linings

    • sauvage says:

      I couldn’t bring myself to watch it because of BC. And I LOVE Jennifer Lawrence, so that’s quite telling. I can’t stand him.

      • MisJes says:

        Well that’s a shame, because you’re missing out a truly fantastic story, and Bradley was excellent in it.

  9. MichelleR says:

    He could use some therapy…..and I’m not trying to be funny. There is something very ….OFF about him.

  10. Lucretia says:

    How do we know he is ignoring her without having said anything? Is she the “source?” Maybe he did tell her, and she won’t take no for an answer, and has been pestering him by calls and texts. In that case, there is nothing to be gained by feeding that kind of prolonged goodbye. (I suspect all of us have had to deal with that kind of situation at one point.)
    Look, I don’t especially like Bradley Cooper and I don’t know the truth of this at all, but The Star is obviously putting out her side of the story. I always like to hear both sides.

  11. serena says:

    This happens when you hang out with Leo, you become an insensitive douche who change girfriends-models at every blink.

  12. Micki says:

    How very high school drama. I expect a lot more from a man in his age and with is standing. A*hole

    • Hautie says:

      No joke.

      Sadly, this is how many grown men handled things.

      They decide they are done with a female. They simply stop being findable.

      Then suddenly show up with one of the ex’s friends. With their hand on the friends ass.

      So I wonder, who will be the new 20 year old, Cooper shows up with.

  13. mom2two says:

    This dude just screams douche to me. He is one of the most overrated people in Hollywood-looks wise and talent.

  14. LAK says:

    Good ol’break up by Osmosis… times….during high school.

    • Ravensdaughter says:

      That was exactly what I was thinking-don’t return phone calls and avoid your locker at peak times!

  15. Bacon! says:

    That’s exactly how my ex broke up with me, so if this is true, Bradley Cooper can go fuck himself.

    • Midna says:

      ^Seconded. If a man doesn’t have the balls to say, “I’m sorry, I’m not feeling it, it’s best we go our separate ways”, that’s not a man. That’s a little boy playing games.

    • anne says:

      What a jerk,this kind of men are coward.

    • MistyNinja says:

      That is so weaslely. Yet, they always manage to find another girl quickly. You would think Bradley who is such a momma’s boy would know better. I cannot stand when people don’t have the human decency to say hey I am no longer interested in dating you anymore. If you don’t it just leaves the other party wondering what happened. How rude.

  16. Belle says:

    Totally off topic, but that long metallic coat is very pretty, any idea who makes these?

  17. lucy2 says:

    If true, that’s just mean, but who knows.

  18. TOPgirl says:

    Who knows what really happened. Maybe Suki could’ve gone psycho on him that’s why he ignored her.

  19. MsAubra says:

    AWWWW, but they were soulmates, they shared the same birthday! lol

    Like everything since breaking up with Renee, she was NEVER a ‘prospect’, but a ‘rogue’!

    And then some chick named “Alex” feeds a fake story to one of our magazines “The Washingtonian” about being seen with him and being a possible girlfreind…BULLSHIT “Alex”!!

  20. AH says:

    As a twenty year old girl I can admit to doing the exact same thing.
    However, Bradley cooper is not a twenty year old girl, and even if he was I’m not suggesting that it is the most excusable of behaviors :/

  21. MellyBee says:

    Bangs trauma!! That is all. .

  22. GG says:

    Oh please if they have broken up it was done in person last weekend…she is young and immature and as her past boyfriends have said Bradley will soon realise how young she truly is…he has…mistake we all make them next!

  23. Tammy says:

    I don’t buy that he broke up with her by ignoring her texts and calls. I did think it was weird that he was in London attending the The Hangover 3 premiere and she was nowhere to be seen. So I think something happened prior to that, like how the paps always showed up when they were together and he got sick of it. All the stuff that came out about how smitten he was with her, that he couldn’t wait to see her, was always texting her came from her. She posted a photo of his dog on tumblr at one point and took it down hours later. Probably because she was told to take it down. And the fact she is one of Harvey Weinstein’s girls just makes it all seem like it was planned to launch her career. While I don’t think he is gay, I think he is definitely off.

    • nina says:

      @Tammy Supposedly he visited her in Dublin (where she was filming the movie w/Lily Collins) right after the LA Hangover premiere & before the London/European press tour. Maybe he broke up with her then & she didn’t take the hint?

      • Tammy says:

        I didn’t hear that and shocked there were no photos, lol. He probably surprised her and she had no time to call them, lol. Yeah, I just don’t buy this whole ignoring the calls and texts without any warning but he might not have forthcoming with her. Probably pulled the typical line, “I need space,” and instead of just leaving him be, she blows up his phone which virtually guarantees he will definitely ignore you.

  24. IrishGirl says:

    Silver Linings Playbook was the first and ONLY film I ever liked him in…I think that had more to do with Jennifer Lawrence et al. surrunding him. It made him likable. But…that’s the only time. Damn, there’s something off, creepy about him.

  25. IrishGirl says:


  26. lady_luck says:

    Emu face strikes again. Maybe, it’s just me, but I don’t find that girl attractive at all. Perhaps they should both stick to more “age-appropriate” prospects next time. Gloria must have a cheshire cat grin from side-piece to side-piece right now. lol

  27. Madpoe says:

    Anyone that can’t break up with you to your face is a turd. Scrap ‘em off your boots and be done with it!

  28. Dani says:

    I hate her eyebrows. Or her hair. They don’t match and I just want to color them.

  29. lisa says:

    is rock hudson’s ex wife still alive to lecture these girls?

  30. GG says:

    Oh my god you guys believe he did that lol I think she thought it was more than it was the her press people are trying to make her out to be the victim if it wasn’t for his name attached to hers no one would have known of this girl!! Look cover of Tatler that wouldn’t have happened a few months ago!!! Please she got a leg up while he got a leg over!!!

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      That’s true as well. I think we sometimes forget that half the reason these no name models date these older male celebs is to get their names out. It didn’t work with me, because I had completely forgot about her….and had never heard of her before.

      I mean, I hadn’t ever heard of Bar Refaeli until Leo dated her. And after they broke up, we haven’t really heard from her since. I remember seeing a youtube video of Leo promoting some film in Israel, I think when they went to see her parents. The interview straight up called Bar their national treasure. He told Leo to take care of their national treasure….the look on his face was priceless.
      I don’t think BCoop is a jerk, so I’m going to guess that he either was doing it as a showmance and got tired of her that quick, or he was into her and got tired of her calling the paparazzi or using his name to get into tabloids. Like she’s doing now.

      • Tammy says:

        Agree. I think it was a little of both, it was a set up romance but that he might have actually liked her until she started calling the paps every five seconds and every story about them dating was from sources close to her, not him. He dealt with it as long as he could.

      • III says:

        I’m sure he was well aware of the pap calling. Since it was a contract relationship anyway. You play that Hollywood game, expect lots of paps.
        He got tired of it and ended the contract.

  31. Amanda says:

    What a jerk. Couldn’t he at least send her a breakup text?

  32. Londongal says:

    What’s the etiquette for ‘breaking up’ with someone you were faux-dating I wonder? Maybe he should phone Gerard Butler for the hetero faux-mance rules? :-}

  33. Shira says:

    Not feeling sorry for her even one bit, she got hers out of this relationship, did she not?

    And to all the geniuses saying the contract was over and other bull – wouldn’t it be the easy solution for him to just marry an unknown eager girl so she could beard him for many many years to come???

    • Tammy says:

      I would definitely beard for him, lol. I think he was interested but that it was also a setup and when she didn’t stop calling the paparazzi, he decided it wasn’t worth it. And if mom doesn’t like her, well it is doomed.

      • Shira says:

        This relationship seemed fishy from the beginning, I honestly thought it was nothing but a PR move but then he did seem somewhat interested… he was probably so happy that a 21 year old girl threw herself at him… though I’m not sure why, I’m certain many will. But yeah, their 4 dates were reported and photographed more than his entire 2 years long relationship with Rene probably…

      • c'est la vie says:

        Shira, you’re right on target about the Renee Zellweger situation.

  34. Dee says:

    I remember him from his earlier days, from ALIAS, the TV series, where he played The Friend. May be its just because his role wasn’t meaty enough, but i honestly didn’t see him going anywhere. But here we are today, from then to Hangover to Silver Lining. Guy has come along a long way. But i still think he is way overrated. Alas, some poeple have all the luck.

  35. Claudia says:

    If it’s true, that was incredibly immature. Cooper is a grown man, about to hit his forties. Don’t follow DiCaprio’s example (I find DiCaprio really skeevy and smarmy)!

  36. Helvetica says:

    He looks great in that white suit.

    If this story is true, then bad on him. Good thing Zoe Saldana got away.

    • Tammy says:

      Supposedly he played games with Zoe, was hot and cold with her but it was Zoe that ignored his calls after the first time they called it quits. They had to promote the Words and wound up back together and she fell for his crap again. Although I think he has major issues, I just don’t see this not returning calls or texts, he probably broke up with her and she is spinning it for her own gain.

      • III says:

        @ Tammy I read one of those blind reveals (late April) and supposedly he was promising her stuff. If she did this and did that.

    • TryThis says:

      No, more like he got awawy from Zoe! I don’t know if she was calling the paps, but she most certainly was taking advantage of the opportunities being with him would have afforded her, and not to mention she REALLY think she had him in her clutches…she didn’t know how to accept it for what it was, that’s not his fault…

      • III says:

        “….and not to mention she REALLY think she had him in her clutches…”

        Disagree. Sounds to me like she dumped him that first time. Ignored his calls because she got tired of his BS. Gave him a second chance and got dumped.

  37. lisa says:

    next time he should get a professional beard like julianne hough

    • Me says:

      I don’t think he has the willpower and the discipline of a Ryan Seacrest to remain with one for a prolonged period of time.

  38. Me says:

    Nothing about that ‘relationship’ seemed remotely authentic. Suki was a beard and a convenient one because she lives in the same town as Fassy, the man of Bradley’s dreams. But I think once Fassbender brought Louise Hazel to his dinner with Bradley, Coop realized that Fass was never going to be playing for his team and a heartbroken Coop saw no need to prolong the charade he had going with that Suki girl. No matter. She got a little something out of it.

  39. Lia says:

    If this guy is straight then I’m the Queen of England.

  40. Str8Shooter says:

    Wow. What a JERK. If you don’t want to go out with someone, at least have the decency to be a man about it and tell them.

    • don't kill me i'm french says:

      it’s a made-up story :they were together to Spike Awards yesterday

  41. Karen says:

    We do not know if this story is entirely true. Maybe Bradley broke up his fake casual relationship with her in person. Like the 21 year old immature girl she is, she wouldn’t stop calling and texting so he had to ignore them. Now she is leaking it to the press like all the other stories.

  42. Laina Len says:

    Suki is manipulative. She pleasures herself and 40 year old men to get to the top. Before Bradley she pleasured famous musician Miles Kane and before that another famous Brit. TO MEET SUKI PLEASE GOOGLE: Rankin Suki Waterhouse Short film

  43. nina says:

    Looks like Star was incorrect. He brought Suki to the Spike awards. Oh well. That was fun while it lasted. Gloria Cooper – 0 Suki Waterhouse – 1

    • S says:

      I know, I was so disappointed when I saw those photos. I still don’t believe this “relationship” but I was hoping the BS their publicists have been feeding us was finally over….