Miley Cyrus shows off her new grill with a gold tooth: rebellious or just sad?

Miley Cyrus

These are some slightly dated (a couple of days old) photos of Miley Cyrus at a MySpace event on Wednesday night. Miley is wearing some really odd half-sweats/half-jeans that I really don’t understand, but I have to admit to loving the top half of her outfit with the black leather crop top and the black vinyl (?) jacket. Overall, the look is very rock ‘n’ roll (check out the safety pin in her ear!) even if Miley’s music doesn’t match up to the image she is trying to project. Unfortunately, the whole effect crumbled when Miley smiled. See if you can tell what doesn’t belong in this photo from the full-length view.

Miley Cyrus

If you didn’t quite catch the awful gold grill that Miley has acquired, here’s a closeup of the awfulness. This is so, so tacky.

Miley Cyrus

God, I cannot comprehend why Miley decided that gold teeth were a good idea. Hopefully, this is just a “clip-on” grill and not something that she had permanently done at the dentist. I have no idea how grills work. Is it possible that one can just wear one whenever one feels like it, or must they be welded onto the tooth? I don’t know, but if Miley and Liam are (and this is a long shot) still together, I have to wonder how this will affect the beej factor. Hey, it’s a valid question.

Also, this thing that Miley is doing with her tongue is … gross.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Photos courtesy of WENN

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  1. Nemesis says:

    Wow, she’s trying really hard.

    • Esmom says:


      • Angie says:

        Miley is becoming so pathetic. She sends out so many selfies it is getting unbearable. Won’t click on one more article about Miley. DONE!!!

      • mabooski says:

        +1000 I am so over her appropriation of Black culture. SO OVER IT.

    • Mourning the Death of Music says:

      That is the first thing that came to mind for me: Try-hard.

    • K-rock says:

      Haha that was going to be my post lol you beat me to it. Try-WAY-hard. I wonder if this is a phase with all the twerky ass shaking and tongue sticking out and now this. And funny, try-hard but what is she trying hard to do? lol I don’t even get it.

    • anne says:

      OMG Beiber is rubbing off on her. I thought she had a bit of a brain. WHYYYYYY????????

      • magpie says:

        Yes she’s starting to look like a female Beiber. Note to Miley: No one thinks your look is edgy or cool!

    • ParisPucker says:

      it’s quite pathetic. When Madonna did it, she did it with a wink, and with a bit of class (am talking old Madonna days when she was actually creating the look that Miley is piggy-backing off on)… Miley sounds like what she is: a under-IQed flash-in-the-pan that will do whatever to get the attention of the public, and am sad to report that it’s working because here we are commenting on it. Must be a need stemming from the fact that her bf has lost interest, so she’s trying to fill that inevitable hole: his absence when he slams the door, walking out on cray-cray

    • Veritas says:

      All of a sudden, Chatty Panface thinks she’s Black.

      • Meanchick says:

        Because black people dress like that? C’mon now. The girl is experimenting and I don’t know one black person who dresses like this.

    • Jessiebes says:

      I disagree.

      When I was her age, I had the body, the face and it was fun to play around with all sorts of different looks. Even the worst outfit would look good on me than and it felt good.

      So I’m thinking, she is just having fun.

      • Nina W says:

        Maybe so but she sure doesn’t look good in this outfit. Her body is beautiful but this outfit is a fashion train wreck and don’t get me started on her teeth jewelry. If only I had her money, when I was her age I also dressed “rock and roll” and I would reject that outfit then or now. That ain’t rock ‘n roll it’s just F’ug.

    • Meaghan says:

      At least she’s wearing pants.

    • Isa says:

      She is trying really hard to look like Rihanna

      • Deedee says:

        Yes. This. Only there are times when Rhiana looks really classy and she always changes up her hair and face too.

  2. RocketMerry says:

    That’s beyond sad. It’s Lohan-tastic.

  3. FLORC says:

    Her tongue is freaky.

    I remember and older South Park episode that said when the town was done destroying Britney Spears they would harass Miley until she turned into a train like like Britney at her umbrella attack phase. They were onto something maybe. This is just so sad, but she’s got enough money to do nothing. It’s not like she needs to work anymore, right?

  4. Pastyousayyouneverknew says:

    The sweatpants/jeans is completely mind-boggling. As for her grills, I don’t even know what to say, I mean, we get it now, you’re into hip hop, you like to twerk, this is officially too much try-hard, even for her. I know she’s young and she’s trying to find herself, whatever, but this is just not even cute anymore.

    • Marty says:

      It’s borderline racist is what it is. I have no problem with Miley trying to insert herself into the hip hop community, but she needs to also realize that she’s white and there are just some things you shouldn’t do.

      • MisJes says:

        Isn’t it also borderline racist to say that she can’t do certain things (like wear a grill), based on her skin colour?

      • Marty says:

        How’d I know I was going to get one of these comments?

        NO, it is not the same thing. She is not wearing a grill as some sort of fashion statement, she is wearing it to try and fit in to to what she thinks the black hip hop culture is about. And THAT is offensive.

      • MisJes says:

        I do feel that in Miley’s case, it actually is more to do with trying to make a fashion statement than anything else. For her, it’s about continuing to transform her style, not about stereotyping hip hop.

      • Pastyousayyouneverknew says:

        @Marty not entirely sure that I can agree, I’m black but I don’t find it offensive when people who aren’t black try to insert themselves into hip hop culture. I feel like hip hop is something that a lot of people can relate to and love and if someone wants to dress in a way that’s considered hip-hop-ish then I don’t have a problem with that.

      • Marty says:

        @Past- My point is not her trying to relate to the the hip hop culture, I agree with what you said and am totally for anyone who wants to embrace it. But why wear a grill to do it? Hip hop is not all about twerking and gold chains. Like I said it’s her percieved way on what the culture should look or act like that is offensive.

        I’m not trying to speak for all minorities here, what offends me as PoC won’t necessarily offend you. I’m just stating where I’m coming from in my opinion.

      • VioletCrumble says:

        How is it racist? Black people are not the only ones who are into or perform hip hop. And I can remember countless white men who had gold teeth many, many moons before the hip hop set hijacked the idea.

      • emmie_a says:

        Marty: Oh Lord. There is a huge difference between something being racist vs. something being offensive. Incredible over-statement on your part.
        And I’d love to be there when you tell Eminem that he is racist.

      • Jenny says:

        Definitely not racist; it is no more racist than a white person rapping or producing hip hop music. That is ridiculous.
        Grills are a Southern rap phenomenon and clearly Miley is Southern and into hip-hop y’all. It’s a little try-hard, but I am more offended by those pants than the grill. I’m a little embarrassed, but I actually think it was kind of cute how the gold grill matched her nails.
        Grills can definitely be removable where you put them in whenever you feel like and I assume that is what Miley has.

      • Marty says:

        @Violet/Emmy/Jenny- Please read my comments again and try and understand why *I* as a minority find it offensive and where I was comming from.

        And lastly, please don’t tell me what I can and cannot find offensive. You do not live my life nor have you lived my experiences. I was sharing my thoughts and opinions like I have a right to do. If you disagree that is more than fine, but please try and be respectful.

      • Jenny says:

        @Marty, Obviously you have your your own experiences and point of view. You absolutely have a right to feel something is offensive and express that, but offensive and racist are not interchangeable. Calling this racist implies that Miley meant for it to be offensive, to stereotype or oppress another group of people. I think it’s pretty clear that was not her intention.
        PS, I have known a good handful of Southern white folk who wore grills, so Miley isn’t the first and won’t be the last.

      • Jenny says:

        Oops, double post.

      • Kate says:

        wow! Huge chip on your shoulder? People are too easily offended these days. Might want to do a little self-check on that.

      • Liv says:

        There are white rappers too, don’t agree that she acts racist or borderline racist.

        Her having a grill is ridiculous though.

      • Marty says:

        @Jenny- Again I said “borderline racist” and there are many people that do and say rascist things without thinking that they are. Being told I was “pretty for a black girl” is just one of many I heard, and the sad thing is the older white woman who said it to me really thought she was giving me a compliment.

        And yes, I live in the South as well and you are absolutely right about that! But Miley is not a rapper or hip hop artist, I just feel there are other and better ways to embrace the culture.

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        The only thing borderline racist in this post is YOUR comment. Race didn’t need to be part of this at all.
        You are trying to inject racism here, not try hard Miley.

        I wasn’t aware that one race had the market cornered on stupidity, her grill is dumb and that’s all. Not racist, just try hard.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        I actually get where Marty is coming from. Too many kids try to imitate what they think of as urban culture, which is not typically white. They imitate the speech as best they can, they imitate the clothing, etc. Miley’s attempt at being hardcore reminds me of that. They don’t get the roots of where a lot of it came from but they try to imitate what they think they understand. And Miley makes me think of that. Of course, she doesn’t understand punk, either, but she THINKS she does. Example: Eminem receives respect because he is keeping it real and doesn’t try to imitate what he perceives as urban culture. Someone like Vanilla Ice- whom Miley is beginning to resemble- got disrespected because he was clearly trying to imitate what he thought he understood. Vibe can be everything. Plus, the talent issue.

      • Marty says:

        Thank you Jennifer12! You put it much better than I did.

        I’m sorry if I upset or offended anyone. I was trying to say that if I thought she was being genuine in what she is wearing and how she is acting it would be one thing, but unfortunately I feel this is just another phase for her.

      • emmie_a says:

        Jennifer & Marty: But where’s the problem if it’s just a phase and that she is just copying something? Nobody ever said Miley was the most original person out there. I love India-inspired clothing and jewelry but I don’t think anyone thinks I’m trying to be Hindu. I don’t think you have to know the history and customs of a culture to enjoy the fashion. Yes, some things may be offensive but you’re most likely just wearing that thing because you like it, you’re not trying to conform to the cultural norms.

      • april says:

        Seriously, racism? I think you need to chill out.

      • Meanchick says:


      • Jennifer12 says:

        @Marty, no worries. I knew what you meant. Liking Indian clothing isn’t exactly the same; you’re not going into an urban culture and pulling out what people think of as street. It’s hard to explain. To some extent, it would be offensive for a non-Indian person to put on a sari because you’re using the culture as fashion. To people who have come up in an urban setting, trying to co-opt the look when you’re a rich, white kid is sending a message that ghetto chic is just another look to try on and discard and can be disrespectful.

      • UsedToBeLulu says:

        “but she needs to also realize that she’s white and there are just some things you shouldn’t do.”

        Try reversing that statement and see if you still feel it’s not racist.

    • dagdag says:

      I hate gold teeth. All I can see is soviet-style tooth restauration.

      • taxi says:

        SSR teeth were stainless steel.

      • Hakura says:

        @dagdag & taxi – Even after the huge discussion I just read arguing about what constitutes ‘racism’, & what makes something simply ‘offensive’ as opposed to ‘racist’….

        SSR teeth were stainless steel.” will be what I put in my ‘I learned something today!’-file. xD

      • Nina W says:

        Gold teeth were very common in Europe. My grandmother who lived in France for many years had some gold work as did my step-father who was born In Serbia and was in a concentration camp. Many of my older middle-eastern relatives also had gold work. Hip-hop may have elevated it to something else but gold teeth have been around a long time and pre-date all of that “style” stuff.

  5. An says:

    Weird, but she has beautiful skin.

  6. ncboudicca says:

    You know how you’re supposed to look at yourself after you get dressed to the nines and take one piece of jewelry off? That’s what I think of when I see Miley. She’s got so much going on here: multiple necklaces, multiple earrings, a gold tooth, a body chain, showing cleavage, showing abs, black leather/vinyl, “punk” hair, tons of make-up, AND I’m supposed to look at her pants, too? Nothing here is background for the rest of it, if that makes any sense.

  7. Nev says:

    She’s channelling a little Madonna early nineties with her grill. Haha

    • Emily says:

      I might be alone here, but I kind of enjoy Miley’s 90’s grunge fashion risks. Although I really hope that the grill is a “clip on”.

      • Michelle says:

        I’m with you. Miley chopped of her locks and started dressing awesomely and that is why she suddenly appeared on my radar. Before, she was this “Disney Girl Who Had This One Show Or Something”.

      • Nev says:

        me too…WORD.

        her song went to number ONE.

        she’s doing something right.

        the nineties are back!!!

      • Nina W says:

        I’ve liked a lot of her recent choices. I really liked the crazy crocheted harlequin romper, that thing was amaze-balls. But this, no, no, no. Vinyl jacket, those horrific pants, just awful.

  8. cloud&feather says:

    I’m scrolling through these pics after I set out my daughter’s clothes for the day and gave her breakfast. I come to the pic of Miley with her tongue out.

    Daughter: “is that a snake tongue? She’s GROSS!”

    My daughter’s 4. Now, if a 4 year old think’s you’re try-hard…

    • Hakura says:

      @Cloud&Feather – Ugh, she really does look like she has a ‘snake tongue’. Reminds me of the weird witch pic my neighbor puts up for Halloween.

      Then again, I could easily have mistaken Miley for a trick-or-treater.

      That’s one bright 4 year old you’ve got there! I just hope she still feels that way when *she* becomes a teenager! xD

  9. marie says:

    she’s got an awesome body, but she needs to stop tryin to act hardcore, she’s trying way to hard.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Maybe she should date Depp? They’re both embarrassing the hell out of me.

      To be fair, I think of some of the cringe-worthy stuff I wore when I was her age and I wish I could go back in time and stop myself. On a lighter note, she’s guaranteed to look back at herself in 10 years and laugh her ass off at how ridiculous she looks.

      • marie says:

        you are so right, I was an extreme embarrassment at that age, I think back and cringe. I’m just sorry there’s photographic evidence.

      • Nina W says:

        I too was pretty wild and out of control at her age but I had no money. I couldn’t buy any of the cool clothes I wanted. Miley has stylists or the option of them, so I don’t excuse this mess. She can do better and she has. I’ve liked several of her looks.

    • Hakura says:

      @marie & TOK – Ahh, but where would the world be without embarrassing highschool pictures? It’s the ‘great equalizer’, we all end up getting ‘put in our place’ by it eventually. xD

      Although, people do constantly complain about 80-early 90’s fashions, but they just won’t seem to go back to hell where they belong. Miley – case in point.

      We all say we hate it, but I wonder how many are hiding their ‘teasing combs’ & ‘hair crimpers’ in the back of a cabinet somewhere.

  10. Mimifarrow says:

    If Madonna and Vanilla ice had a love child…

  11. Marty says:

    Sidenote- adding to the hilarity of what Amanda Bynes said about her, I totally forgot Amanda and Liam Hemsworth hooked up once. I guess Amanda really would know if Liam was the “sexiest man on the planet”.

  12. Eh...I'm Indifferent says:

    At this point she is just “Good Girl Gone Bad” Rihanna. Maybe she’ll get over, maybe she won’t. The grill’s not horrible and probably removeable. It goes with her whole Hip-Hop/Rock image.

    Her parents are divorcing, her relationship is under a microscope, and she’s trying to break away from that Disney image. I will reserve judgement for the moment she is cracked out driving down the highway, flashing vag while exiting a car, attacking the paparazzo with an umbrella, shaving her own head, or looned out of her mind in the back of an ambulance. (And even then she could redeem herself.)

    • jl says:

      I don’t get how one can compare this behavior to someone with an admitted serious mental illness.

      Brittany Spears was legitimately sick, calling out her behavior while in a ill state and comparing it to a kid trying to hard for attention is just wrong. Why mock the mentally ill?

      To me, Miley is just acting out in reaction to life rather than dealing with it and will eventually get over herself.

      Ugh, it seems working for Disney really F’s up some kids.

      • Eh...I'm Indifferent says:

        That wasn’t a comparison. It was a statement.

        Right now everyone is ready to pick her apart for a mouthpiece, dancing, and fashion. When it gets to the points (mentioned above), then there should be worry and panic and faux concern for her decisions.

      • Nina W says:

        “Admitted”? was there a news flash from the Spears family I’m unaware of? If I recall correctly there has been reference to “mental health issues” but no one has ever announced she has a mental illness, or which illness it may be.

    • Anahnemus says:


  13. jl says:

    You know, with this nonsense she really should get with Baby Beiber!

    They both seem to want to channel some MJ, Madonna and hip hop all at once.

    I don’t know if it’s her parents divorcing and her engagement failing apart, but to me this is a sign something is wrong. It’s too much and too erratic.

    • blaize says:

      You’ve never seen Madonna, Cher, Christina, Gaga, Pink, Rihana, Katy Perry, or Nicki Minaj, have you?

    • Hakura says:

      @jl – There actually has been a rumor circulating the last few days about Miley & Beiber ‘hooking up’ after they were spotted flirting in a club, left around the same time, then the paps got shots of his leopard spotted car leaving her house at about 2am.

      *shudder* She says it’s not true, & that she’s ‘happily engaged’.

  14. Loira says:

    Female Justin Bieber.

  15. Eileen says:

    Her ‘look’ just Not fits her face and person. When is she looking normal again?! She would make so much money with a Taylor Swift look..

  16. dorothy says:

    It’s become sad and pathetic. Her attempt at being sexy and edgy comes off as cheap and desparate.

  17. TuesdaysChild says:

    Who is she trying so hard to impress? Nothing about this “transformation” feels genuine, so all this ‘she’s trying to find herself’ schtick just falls by the wayside for me. She should have taken time off, travelled the world, experienced different cultures, gained some much needed perspective and gotten to know herself while finding out about others. Lord knows she has the money to do it and it would have been a far more productive use of her time and resources than this nonsense.

    • Christin says:

      Exactly. If she is acting like this at 20, we can only imagine what the next few years will bring.

      • Jenny says:

        I think that is exactly the point though; most 20 year olds are not very mature, try too hard to be cool and edgy, are not extremely introspective or self aware. I think all of these things tend to be even more amplified for many child stars. Hopefully Miley will grow up, as most of us do.

      • Nina W says:

        You’re right Jenny but most of us, at 20 are entering adulthood. I was in college and working part-time when I was 20. Miley should be taking her first steps into adulthood and should find something constructive to do with her time. She’s in serious danger of losing her way because she’s got so many options and she seems to have no idea which way to go. I hope she does not marry, she is too young.

    • blaize says:

      I see nothing destructive or unusual about her behavior.

      • Meanchick says:

        Thank you. She is being a 20 year old, experimenting with different looks. Why all of the ‘butt-hurt-ed-ness’ over it? I bet I know why. Pretty soon, she may date a *GASP* black guy, right?

      • Nina W says:

        I don’t think finding an ugly outfit ugly is “butt hurted ness” nor do I understand why you would make such a racist remark MeanChick. Random troll post? Pretty damn weak.

  18. Anon says:

    Crop top? That’s a bra.

  19. Emily says:

    MySpace still exists?

  20. Talie says:

    I think she and Liam are permanently done… her next boyfriend will probably be some rap star to give her street cred.

    • Hakura says:

      Didn’t she do something song-wise with Snoop Dogg? (I am NOT calling him Snoop lion as he seems to want us to now. Ridiculous.)

      Not that that counts as ‘street cred’.

  21. JudyK says:

    Still think she’s gorgeous, but…


  22. Nicolette says:

    Just looks stupid. And why do they all think it looks so cool to have their tongue hanging out of their mouth like that? It’s disgusting and tacky. She should hook up with Bieber, they seem like two peas in a pod.

  23. paola says:

    and there she is: rihanna wanna be! i was waiting for this to come..chipmunk face turned into trash.

  24. Shitler says:

    That’s a bit. It goes with her horseface

  25. Sue says:

    Those pants are just whack!!! But they look really comfy. She is in really good shape though……. Sigh, pass the bon-bons please..

    • Hakura says:

      That’s pretty much how I’ve been feeling lately. I just wish we had as much time & energy to put into working out all the time.

      Then again, I’m just coming off of being sick for 6 days of barely eating or drinking anything (due to the horrible nausea), & when I weighed myself today, I’ve lost 15lbs. o.O Not the route I would’ve preferred, mind you, but…Let’s see how long *I* can resist a bon-bon.

      • UsedToBeLulu says:

        Aww, feel better Hakura!

      • Hakura says:

        @UsedToBeLulu – Aw, thank you! ‘)

        I think I’m at about 75% today (I guess it takes me just as long to recharge as my stupid ancient ipod does). Maybe by Monday It’ll be gone for good.

        It was so bad, haven’t been sick like that since I was still in school.

  26. eliza says:

    In my opinion, she is a very unattractive woman. Both inside and out. I think how she Tweeted her fathet over the divorce showed what a nasty and petty young woman she really is.

    Liam should stay far away from this person. She’s weird, egocentric and spoiled.

    • blaize says:

      How does that tweet make her a bad or nasty person on the inside? It sounds like normal family drama to me. Most people who know her, have met her, or have worked with her actually describe her as a nice person and as fun to hang out with. Plus she’s not one of those celebrities who has a reputation as a Hollywood bitch from a whole bunch of sources.

    • Hakura says:

      @eliza – I’m w/blaize on this one. I don’t think any of what she said makes her a ‘horrible, nasty person’. Children of divorcing parents are always going to be upset about it, & likely choose sides.

      I don’t know all the details as to what actually ended their relationship, but BRay has had trouble talking to Miley since she started acting out.

      The way her tweet sounded, shes’ been trying to get in touch with him every way she knows how, & he’s not answered any of them. If that were the case for me, I’d be pissed too.

  27. Pinky says:

    I don’t understand her hair color. What?

  28. serena says:

    I get that she is still young and has many troubles, her parents splitting and her marriage of doom with Liam, but she should stop trying to be ‘so’ hardcore. Miley, you’re not. It looks good either way because she’s basically beautiful but I feel that she is ridiculing herself. Meh, whatever.

  29. Anahnemus says:

    Her tongue looks so sharp it could cut diamonds… Ew. On a nicer note, her nail polish color is cute.

  30. Jano1981 says:

    If she wasn’t trying so hard to be something she’s not, she would be so successful! The hair needs to grow back out, she’s changed her teeth (- the grill) for the better because its less gummy, and lastly stop dressing like an idiot. It’s all physical and appearance stuff but it would be nice to see MILEY again, some of us liked her! She doesn’t realize that she had a lot of adult fans that she’s losing with this try hardness. I wish she would stop embarrassing herself.

  31. Pixie says:

    Give me a f**king break, Miley. SO try hard.

  32. Shannon1972 says:

    I was on board with her up until now. I worked in fashion, so I have seen a lot of *ahem* “eccentric” style choices at work and especially during fashion week. Many people use clothing to express the person they would like to be, and I am all for young women going out on a limb with clothes. That’s the fun of it! She’s got a great body and can wear just about anything. I’m fine with her outfit. The pants are odd, but so what? I think the whole outfit is so over the top that it works.

    But she lost me with the grill. It doesn’t look permanent, thank god. But it did its job: shocking us a bit and getting us to talk about it. I’m not sure this transformation about hip hop per se. I’m not sure where she is going with this…is she punk? Rock and Roll? Hip hop? I have no idea. Maybe she is throwing it all at the wall to see what sticks.

    I guess the point is that she is getting a ton of attention for her style right now, and I think she will eventually find her second chapter after Hannah Montana.

  33. Dedrie says:

    She is so weighed down and burdened by flash fad fashion it is hilarious

  34. c says:

    lol, you could never convince me that liam ever wants to have sex with that…

  35. lisa says:

    isnt it easier to just get a t shirt that says “i need y’all to notice me”

  36. Mandy says:

    I try not to hate on Miley too much because I know this is just a rebellious stage she’s going through but her style is AWFUL these days. The grunge thing she was working was kinda cute. But this whole “rap guy” (i guess you would call it?) image is just stupid.

    • Hakura says:

      @Mandy – Lol, saying ‘rap guys’ made me think of that valley talking intro to Baby Got Back – Oh, my, god. Becky, look at her butt. It is so big. [scoff] She looks like,
      one of those rap guys’ girlfriends.

      I think what she’s going for stylistically is probably more of ‘punk crashed into hip hop & got stuck in it’s windshield.

  37. Mingy says:

    her tongue is pointy eww, pls stop doing that..i hate the rihanna does that sticking her tongue out thing too. gross.

    • Nina W says:

      It comes off as childish and immature and they probably think it’s sexy or something. It’s not.

  38. nuzzybear says:

    Like the look without the stupid tooth stuff – it looked punk/cool and then it looked stupid/hick/tryhard when she smiled.

    Love how her necklaces combine to say “Me” in the tongue pic.

  39. Asdfg says:

    Her tongue looks like a slug. Eww..

    Serious question. Is she wearing dentures? Her teeth look fake. They have to be dentures. She can’t even close her mouth properly.

  40. babythestarsshinebrite says:

    Imo she does the Rianna look better than Rianna

  41. Murphy says:

    You know what? It just doesn’t bother me.
    Lately I’m feelin–if she’s not racing her ferrari around a family neighborhood and denying it like a huge douche….then she’s not so bad.

  42. UsedToBeLulu says:

    She has officially jumped the shark.

  43. jasmine says:

    her tongue is disgusting!!!!!!!! yuk!!

  44. mommak918 says:

    Such a mess…..

    She does look like a Rihanna wanna be.

    She’s got a great body. But she’s so overexposed and dumb.

    It’s one thing to TRY something..but she is overkill….

  45. diva says:

    She is such a gross try hard. The grill is probably removable. She is trying to jump on the ” urban” bandwagon as hard as she can. Not cute at all

  46. Sassy says:

    She makes me cringe. Soooo try hard. And that grill is tacky.

  47. ycnan says:

    Just wondering why you think this is sad? Miley to me is so harmless. I don’t get all the hate for her. She is young, trying out different styles and such….Shrugs…

    • Emily C. says:

      The hate for her is really disturbing. She’s just a 20-year old trying out different stuff, and people HATE her for it. Hate her for cutting her hair, hate her for silly fashion stuff, HATE HATE HATE.

      I guess they never did anything silly when they were 20, ever.

    • blaize says:

      Agreed. Apparently this 20-year-old pop star is supposed to be all saintly and sophisticated or something. Maybe it’s not actually 2013 yet. Maybe it’s still 1950. Apparently to some people, the fact that Miley freely experiments with different looks, lives the life of a normal pop star, and does harmless things that plenty of other people in their teens and 20’s do means that there’s something ‘wrong’ with her as a person. I guess young pop stars aren’t supposed to have fun and be experimental. I guess they’re supposed to live quietly.

    • Hakura says:

      Unfortunately, I get the feeling not matter what her style was, she’d still be getting all the criticism to an extent.

      I’ve never liked her, found her totally obnoxious (even more so recently), but it never reached the level of HATRED, like it has for so many others. It’s ridiculous.

  48. DreamyK says:

    It must be exhausting to be her. Liam probably goes back home to Australia just to get some relief and sleep after being around this try hard maniac.

    Miley mentioned she was told she might be ADHD when she was younger but wasn’t put on RX for it. I guess her family needed the money. Maniac Miley Making Moola was more important. Sad.

  49. Jennifer12 says:

    A few years ago, my kids loved her on Hannah Montana. Stupid show, but she had a presence and was funny. Now she looks like Vanilla Ice, but acts twice as asinine.

  50. Emily C. says:

    Neither. She’s 20. She’s just doing silly 20-year old stuff, but with more money and in public. And the stuff she’s doing is completely harmless.

  51. blaize says:

    I’m kind of surprised by the kind of narrow-minded responses in the comments. I mean, it’s one thing to criticize a look and to see it as try hard. But people are actually attacking her personally and implying that she’s ‘crazy’ because of it? Really people?

    In an era of Madonna, Cher, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Ke$ha, Rihana, Pink, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, and SOOO many other celebrities I could name, you’d think we’d all be used to the fact that pop stars experiment with lots of different, eccentric, wild, and sometimes unattractive looks. That’s NORMAL. So why is it being implied that Miley’s experimentation means that there’s something ‘wrong’ with her as a person? I see nothing offensive or wrong about this behavior. Looks like harmless fun.

  52. Novaraen says:

    She’s pathetic and this “style” of hers is sad. The short hair and slutty clothes…the rude gestures and ridiculous antics. She just wants attention. she’s not very cute and this just makes her look even less attractive.

    • blaize says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t a person have the right to wear whatever they want? Aren’t we supposed be passed the whole ‘nakedness is scandalous’ phase of human history? And isn’t it normal for pop stars to experiment with different looks? It doesn’t make her pathetic.

      • Nina W says:

        Why do you come to Celebitchy and look for non-bitchy comments? This is not the forum for serious intellectual debate over the merit of Miley’s choices. If you want to read comments that only gush about how amazing she is, hit up another site. Throwing shade at people commenting doesn’t make you look all saintly you know.

  53. moon says:

    I think she’s carrying it off. Look, she’s 20, she wants to experiment with her style and show off her fun rebellious side. She’s not being a whiny show-off douche like Justin Bieber. And she actually looks good, if different – again, unlike the Bieber.

  54. pleaseicu says:

    No. Just no. So try hard but not totally surprising from her either.

    She kinda seems scared shitless about being forgotten and will fall to total irrelevance if she disappears from public view for more than a long weekend and just throwing random looks, personas, comments, antics at the wall to see what gets the most hits or highest bid from celeb/gossip sites.

    Given her mass marketed childhood, teen years, and even relationships, it’s almost understandable that every move comes off calculated as a way to advance a public image but also devoid of any truth or substance behind it a lot of the time too IMO.

    • blaize says:

      Like Cher, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Pink, Rihana, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, and many other celebrities, Miley Cyrus freely and unapologetically experiments with different looks- whether they’re wild, edgy, sexy, unattractive, or just a mess.

      Also like other celebrities, (and many people outside of Hollywood) she has a twitter accont that she uses regularly.

      For some reason, people are implying that those two things mean that there must be something wrong with Miley Cyrus. Which to me is both unfair and unrealistic.
      I think the real issue is that Miley is neither as innocent or as sophisticated as people want her to be, and people aren’t willing to allow her the same freedom as the women I mentioned in the first paragraph.

      • Bijlee says:

        And all those mentioned pop stars have been criticized just as much as Miley. The only difference is they were much older and didn’t have a constant presence on twitter….and most of them are wayyyy better singers/dancers too.. All of them have had the charge of try hard, trashy, famewhore, attention seeker, and yes even slut thrown at them, especially Rihanna. There doesn’t seem to be much freedom for any of them. But they make millions and have millions of fans. So whatever.

      • Nina W says:

        You must be young because Madonna was practically crucified in the court of public opinion.

  55. Rachel says:

    I want to know the brand of mascara she uses. I love her lashes and they dont look like the fake ones.

  56. Meegs says:

    That tongue. Total barf.

  57. madchen says:

    She’s still a kid. So far she’s survived Disney and her family. This too shall pass.

  58. Bijlee says:

    Is it just me or she starting to morph into Bieber? Like antics aside does she not LOOK like him?

    And meh I don’t think I’ve ever cared for what she does. She’s been a social network junkie for A LONG time. Back in the day girl used to put up youtube videos and so did all her little disney companions. They’ve always been that way. They know how to market. She thrives on being outrageous just like Rihanna….bad example.

  59. MeghanG says:

    most of y’all must be really old…she’s just a girl wearing what she likes, jesus let her. as a teenager i completely get where she’s coming from; she’s experimenting with her style trying to find her self. rock on miley (but not literally, you cant sing at all girl sorry)

    • Nina W says:

      Really nice ageism there, really rude. Yes I am “old” and yet my comments are still valid. Quite a conundrum, I know. your youth does not guarantee that you have good taste or good style. Just as my antiquity does not mean I’m clutching my pearls over Miley.

  60. april says:

    High maintenance. Too much stuff going on. Hair, makeup, bling, just too much. It’s like she doesn’t know what she wants to be. Half of her is shiney and sparkly and the other half jeans. It’s just a very weird look.

  61. whateveryouwantittobe says:

    Well good for her for trying different looks because now is the time, and when I think back to my late teens/early 20s I CRINGE. ( I was mistaken for a prostitute one night in town; fishnets, thigh high vinyl boots, teeny babydoll underwear dress, fur coat. )

    But yeah, She’s getting way too sleazy. Is she even old enough to remember Roxette and Susan Powter? She’s taking inspiration from the WORST fashion from the 90s and I don’t understand this. The sleaziness she shares with Rihanna is kind of gross but I think it happens when you’re hot and of that age and fuck enough people, you think you’ve invented kinkiness. You haven’t. Your fat, old neighbours are probably swingers who enjoy some pegging also ok.

    • Bijlee says:

      “Your fat, old neighbours are probably swingers who enjoy some pegging also ok.”

      this is the funniest comment! It reminds me of it’s always sunny where frank and Dennis go to an orgy and it’s full of fat people eating food before they get their kink on. LOL!

  62. St says:

    Can someone finally tell Miley that she is not sexy and that no one thinks that she is sexy? Because poor girl is so delusional it’s just sad. With all those half-naked pictures. I know she tries to look bad ass or something but she just looks pathetic. And she still looks like sad girl who was dumped by her hotter boyfriend and she can’t except it and begs him to stay with her.

    We did not hear a single word from Liam. Yet Miley once in a while says they are still engaged. Yet no one saw them together since that moment when magazines wrote that he dumped her. It looks like they live apart but she asked him not to call off their relationship publicly.

    Maybe she said that she needs to release album and does not want scandal. And they will officially split after her album will come out. Who knows.

  63. Jane says:

    I still to this day have no idea what Liam sees in her.

  64. Alexandra says:

    Oh Good Lord, the grill is so Ryan Lochte…

  65. Ruyana says:

    I really hate her hair, and please put your tongue away, Miley!

  66. Hakura says:

    Maybe, like so many kids with divorced parents, she’s feeling resentful & angry. She *could* even be doing these ‘over the top’ things specifically to shock or upset her parents/or just BRay.

    The divorce is something horribly painful that she has no control over, so she uses an outlet she *does* have control over, instead.

    She could even feel neglected, which would also make sense in regards to Liam. She’s only been more & more active in clubs & such since their relationship hit the rocks & he seems to be all over the place without her, & her ‘try-hard’ wardrobe got more & more outlandish & tacky.

    She obviously wants the attention she doesn’t feel she’s getting from the people she loves, so she resorts to spectacle to get it instead. I could be completely wrong, but this is my guess. (That doesn’t mean I like any of it, or that she’s not being totally obnoxious. She is.)

    (I can’t believe I’m defending her, but she hasn’t done anything wrong to anyone. The only one she’s causing issues for is herself, which is her prerogative. Not the same as those who carelessly or irresponsibly put others at risk, like with drunk driving.)

    • Hakura says:

      – I also forgot to mention that her wanna-be ‘bad-ass’ thing could also be a way she builds herself an emotional shield, trying to convince everyone she’s ‘so strong’ that nothing phases her.

      Put that on top of a rocky relationship (which is probably really an ‘on-again-off-again-engagement, and her parents divorcing, it actually all makes a lot of sense, at least to me it does.

    • Bijlee says:

      A psychologist would have perfect dissertation material from Miley Cyrus and her ever growing need to break free of Hannah Montana. She is probably mortified of HM.

      And her new song was originally meant for Rihanna….of course. Dang Rihanna gets all the songs doesn’t she.

      • Asdfg says:

        I don’t see why she would be “mortified” of her Hannah Montana character. She began that role when she was 12. Hannah Montana was a role, a character. Not who she was or who she is. If she didn’t want to play the part she wouldn’t have auditioned for it.

        When I was 12/13 I was too good for Disney. I would have NEVER agree’d to star in a Disney kiddy show. LOL. So yah see, she made the decision to play the part. A mature decision in my opinion.

        I find it silly that actresses and actors think they need to lose the “Disney kid” image. No child star should have to prove themselves to the world. Just be who you are.

        She lost the Hannah Montana image a long time ago when she was caught on video smoking Salvia and also pole dancing at her concerts. LOL.

        She’s way past her good girl Disney image. She’s starred in movies, racy photo shoots, had her own album, etc.

        She’s an adult who’s obviously trying to figure out who she is or who she wants to be. She just shouldn’t be so try hard about it. It’s silly.

      • Nina W says:

        She’s not an adult yet if she’s acting out because of her parents divorce.

      • Hakura says:

        @Bijlee – I read something on another gossip site (Bossip, I think) a few days ago, that was chronicling Beyonce’s recent musical failures with singles.

        Then they said “Rihanna may not be able to sing for a deep-fried damn, but she definitely has a better ear for hit songs.”

        @Nina W – I disagree. I’m 27, & would be horribly upset if my parents divorced. I don’t know if I’d do something stupid or act out (which I think has been her way of sort of ‘punishing BRay), but I don’t think doing those things necessarily puts someone back into the ‘child’ category.

        She’s not long out of her teens, so I’m not surprised she’s still acting like one.

    • blaize says:

      I don’t think it has to do with her parents’ divorcing, because I think she just recently found out about the divorce. And I don’t think she was fully aware of her parents’ marital problems either, since she lives on her own, doesn’t seem to be with them that often, and doesn’t even talk to her dad that much. Miley’s partying and fashion experimentation started A LONG time ago.

      Does some of it have to do with her trying to distract herself from problems in her relationship with Liam? Probably. But I think most of her fashion, twittering and partying lately has been to promote her album, and part of it is because she’s both young and a pop star.

      I’ve also always thought that a major reason for Miley’s ‘badass’ image is her puritanical haters. For years they’ve been tearing her apart for not being the innocent, pure little girl that they wanted her to be. Her response to the hate- instead of submissively saying ‘ok, I’ll be a good little girl. Just please stop calling me names’- is to be even wilder, even less inhibited, and do even more of the things that she wants to do in order to rub it in their faces and say ‘F you. I do what I want.’
      I actually like that.

      • Hakura says:

        I thought I’d read something about how Miley’s mother actually spent quite a bit of time with her, traveling around with her while she’s been promoting the album. Due to BRay filing for divorce before a reconciliation a few years back, I don’t think Miley was all that unaware of the continuing marital issues.

        I don’t mean to suggest that her experimentation with fashion is all negative or that her relationship with Liam &/or her family are solely responsible for any of it. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

        The relationship status with Liam is a little odd, to be honest, I do somewhat worry that maybe she’s in denial, if he really did break it off. It’s odd that neither of them have replied to any of the continuing rumors to shut them down.

        I do think that she was probably micro-managed when she was younger, working with her dad on HM. I’m sure there was at least some resentment as a result, & that her more outlandish fashion choices & behaviors she’s publicized have been more to say ‘I can do whatever I want, you can’t control me anymore!’ to her father than to promote herself.

        But that’s just my opinion, of course.

  67. Silver says:

    sad. all of her teeth are fake veneers though, so whatever.

    I just don’t understand why this multimillionaire young women is doing everything in her power to become full-on white trash. whatever makes her happy, I suppose.

  68. Carolyn says:

    Liam “dodged a bullet” with this one. Total drama island.

  69. Carolyn says:

    OMG I’ve just seen the half tracksuit/half jeans. No words.

  70. TheRealTea says:

    Oh puleeeeeeeze girl STOP. From country songs about Jay z (who she admitted knowing no music of at the time the song came out) to “punk rock”…..booo! And now she thinks a twerk vid gives her street cred… just no

  71. lisa says:

    when i see her, i always think of the brusha brusha brusha commercial from grease

  72. jasmine says:

    i still can’t get over the cow tongue!!!!

  73. Jaded says:

    She absolutely disgusts me. Period.

  74. Dommy Dearest says:

    And you’re telling me after these images that there is no truth to Justin and Miley?

    Riiiiiight. Maybe she didn’t get his babies off of her and this is what happens.

    • Hakura says:

      I sort of get the impression that Beibs is something of a ‘joke’ to most celebrity women (especially those older than he is). I think they’re all polite to him, but think he’s an entitled immature little twit who thinks he has a lot more talent than he does.

      They probably laugh at him after brushing off his advances.

      • Dommy Dearest says:

        I can see that too. With the recent drama with Liam and Miley doe I can see Miley doing something like that to get Liam back. Or to try to make him jealous. I’m not sure where I stand on if Miley is doing the kid but I agree, he’s a joke. Children ages 17 and under he’s a hit.

  75. lady_luck says:

    I’m all for weird…if it is done tastefully and artfully. But this girl…it’s sad. She’s lost the plot, and is desperately crying out for attention – any way she can get it. The girl needs help.

  76. Felipe says:

    Please watch the video “Glass Walls” with a very important message from Paul McCartney

  77. India says:


  78. Mabs says:

    She’s the female Bieb. Sad, pathetic, insecure, no self respect and basically without talent. Poor famous things. lol