Megan Fox’s ‘hair started falling out in clumps,’ she was ‘bawling at the salon’

This story about Megan Fox’s recent salon visit is the stuff my nightmares. I’m very attached to my long hair and I would be mortified if this happened, so I’m feeling rather sorry for a woman I would otherwise point and laugh at. It’s one thing when Megan Fox gets too much ‘tox and fillers and starts to look waxy – she could have predicted that outcome. It’s another scenario when she goes for a routine dye job and starts losing clumps of hair from a chemical reaction. That’s not supposed to happen! Poor Megan was said to be “hysterically bawling” at the salon and had to make do with some extensions around her crown. First world celebrity problems, I know, but still I feel for her! It could happen to you. Let’s raise awareness of bad salon dye jobs and bitchy resting face. Megan suffers from both.

“She went to a different stylist, and they ended up using a metallic hair dye that reacted to the initial product,” an insider tells Star. “Next thing you know, her hair started falling out in clumps!” And the actress did not take it well. “She was hysterically bawling in the salon,” recalls the tipster. “I have never seen anyone so upset in my entire life! It was so sad.”

Now Megan is in agony as she waits for her hair to grow back. “She had to get extensions underneath the top layer of her hair,” the pal explains. “It’s left her terribly self-conscious and she doesn’t want anyone to know.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, June 24, 2013]

I always thought Megan Fox had extensions anyway, but maybe those crown extensions are more serious than just length extensions. I would love that fake cascading hair look, but I’m too scared to try it out and commit to it. I’ve probably told this story here before, but once a friend in college was supposed to be watching me while I did one of those asinine “ear candling” things that is complete bs and doesn’t work anyway. I put a pie tin around this burning wax cone in my ear, to catch the fall off, and still a big piece of burning material fell off in my hair. I was so pissed off at my friend! That was nothing, it was just a medium-sized chunk that my hairdresser hid for me. Can you imagine losing massive amounts of hair due to chemicals? I’m sure you brave bitches who have gone through chemo are shaking your head at this stupid story.

Megan Fox is shown on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set in May. Credit: FameFlynet and PCNPhotos

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  1. Pastyousayyouneverknew says:

    Poor Megan, I would definitely have cried too.

    • YuYa says:

      Same here, I would freak the f out. I rarely let a hairdresser touch my hair anymore. I can cut and color myself and get exactly what I want. Usually when I go to a salon, I don’t get the cut I want, and it’s almost always uneven. I don’t get it.

      Hairdresser should have known to ask her what type of dye she had been using. Bad hairdresser!

      • JenD says:

        It could have been post-pregnancy hair loss, not the hair dresser’s fault.

      • Vesper says:

        She could also be anemic. Clumps of hair coming out while the hair is being washed can be a symptom. It wouldn’t result in bald spots just thinning hair.

    • Merylynn says:

      Clearly there are no Sistahs here today. Nothing, I do mean nothing beats our hair loss tales. Our hair is just far more delicate but is also subjected to far harsher processes from weaves, to chemical straighteners, to braids. I finally packed it in 2 years ago and went natural after a particularly nasty chemical burn that took out the hair only on the right side of my head.

      Glad it happened though. It allowed me to evaluate my perceptions regarding black hair and our obsession with straightening. I love my natural God given curls now, cant imagine why I used to fight it. Hey, maybe Megan will also have some profound revelation as a result of her hair tragedy….

      • Me Three says:

        I am so frigging white my skin has that God awful blue tint but I have to tell you, I LOVE the natural look you are describing. I’ve got a friend, who, like you, for all the 15 years we’ve known each other, straightened and did various weaves until her hair just couldn’t take it. Her stylist convinced her to go natural, and OMG she looks beautiful. She looks 10 years younger. She is so fresh looking and I love all those curls around the crown of her head.

        Off topic I know, but had to comment.

      • Carla says:

        OMG; you should totally watch “Hair”, the documentary Chris Rock made when he realized his little girls where going to go through that. I mean, I’m not black, so it was graet for me to know that world, and I did finally understood my big sister, who always wanted straight hair like mine (I i’ve always wanted curls).

      • Janet says:

        Girl, you want to hear something funny? I use a light relaxer every few months on my hair and one month I also used some Clairol Natural Instincts to cover up the gray. Evidently the Clairol didn’t get along with the relaxer or something, because when the Clairol hit the gray, I had GREEN STREAKS in my hair. My hairdresser was like, what did you do to your hair? and I was like, hell if I know. She tried to shampoo it out but you could still see the green. I said screw it, I earned every gray hair on my head and if you got it, flaunt it. Once the green faded out (it took a few weeks) I used a lightening conditioner to bring out the gray and it came out all shiny and silvery. I love it and get a lot of compliments on it.

      • elo says:

        I love the natural look you refer to. I have, for my entire life, wished for beautiful thick curls and instead have limp baby fine hair. Alas the grass is always greener.

      • FLORC says:

        Flaunt those grays! I’m still in my twenties and have the white streak in the front. I dyed for years to prevent those hairs from showing in my brown hair, but eventually i just let it go. I get a million hair compliments! Everyone fights it, but we all look better aging naturally. My skunk streak looks silvery too and i am not covering up my natural highlights either.

      • KittyKat says:

        Merylynn, I love it when I see women of color with their natural hair. It usually looks so much better and they look so much younger. I love to see little girls with braids and all of the little cute barrettes or with a head of puffy curls. I love to see twists, dreads, braids, full on Afro’s…all of it. I remember there was a woman who worked near my dad’s office. She was a black woman about 45 years old. She kept her hair natural, short and close to the scalp. It was the 70’s/early 80’s. She was the most glamorous women I’d ever seen. Such confidence. She wore scarves. 😉 Sometimes she grew it out and it would be awesome. Big and dramatic. Then as she wanted to cut it shorter she would start with the sides and wear it like that for a few days. So on and so forth. A few years later I told my mom I wanted Whitney Houston hair…second album in the video where it’s all curly and fun. My mom says that I was so sad that I couldn’t get a perm to have Whitney Houston hair. I’m a firm believer in the old adage, “The higher the hair, the closer to god.” My sad, oily, Irish hair only gets big with humidity. I”ve had to come to terms with it after years of being a two process blonde. It’s all natural now and it’s amazing how I feel more like “myself”.

      • Janet says:

        @FLORC: I bet you look great with that white streak too. I’m trying to catch up with my cousin who’s younger than I am. I’m salt-and-pepper now and she has totally white hair. She uses a lightener so it won’t get yellow. It looks absolutely gorgeous and I’m jealous as hell.

      • Domestic_diva says:

        Girl my mom took me to get my first relaxer when I was 10 the hairdresser a used super and b left the process in too long I wound up dang near bald and in the er with 2nd degree scalp burns hair has grown even and right since I am now natural and happy to be free

      • FLORC says:

        It’s all about being comfortable in your own body. I bet your cousins hair is stunning, but the lightener might be damaging in the long run.

        The most beautiful thing a woman can do is have confidence imo. No matter what they look like as far as aestetics. Our bodies are made a certain way for a reason and I think that it knows how to age gracefully. It’s also why some women who tweek their faces forever look worse and do not age well.

      • Janet says:

        OMG Merylynn don’t even get me started on braids. I can’t count all the sistas I’ve seen who got their hair braided too tight and it all pulled out around the hairline, and now their hairlines start somewhere high up on top of their heads. Once that hair gets pulled out it never grows back. They have to wear wigs to cover it all up.

        I’d never get braids for that reason. I don’t have enough hair now anyway. After years of wearing my hair long and loose I got a pixie cut in my early 40’s and I love it. Just muss it up, finger-comb it, and I’m ready to go.

      • guilty pleasures says:

        @ Merylynn,
        I lol’d at your comment, I, too, am a black woman and feel your pain! The thousands of dollars, countless hours in the chair, the tragedy, the loss of hair, the too short cuts after years of growing my hair. GAAAHHHH! Now I wear it natural, and it falls in curls to my shoulders. Sometimes I do a tight top pony for days so I don’t have to go through the hassle of washing, a ton of product, and air drying, but natural is my best friend.
        My daughter and I spent YEARS oiling and growing her hair to the middle of her back, only to have an a**hole stylist cut it all off on my husband’s watch. We’ve all exchanged stories of the jealous hair dresser, right?
        Hair is an important part of who we are and how we present ourselves.
        Doesn’t Alfrie Woodard look great with her natural do?

    • Eleonor says:

      I would freak out, seriously.

    • sally says:

      Look, I’m sure it would suck, and most would be upset, but it’s hair. It grows back. She’s rich enough to get extensions to cover it.

    • Lilo says:

      Losing hair is always hard for a woman, no doubt. Of course, losing hair during chemo is a WHOLE other thing, no discussion.

      About three years ago I had terrible hair loss from stress and illness. I lost so much hair I was getting bald spots, everytime I washed or combed my hair it would just…come out. In bunches. It was terrible, it made me really selfconcsious and I treid to hide it the best I could. No money for extensions, just really weird hairdos to cover the bald spots…oh my. Eventually everything returned to normal, but I had to cut off about 16 inches. I had really, really long hair, but after the hairloss it was just a mess, all lank and stringy and thinned out.

      I don’t think it’s a superficial, irrelevant problem. Hairloss, for whatever reason, is just horrible for women and I feel for every girl that has to deal with it…even Megan.

      • Lee says:

        I totally feel for you. I went through the same thing last summer due to stress that I thought I was somewhat coping with. Apparently not. My hair fell out in clumps for at least three months. I’m still messing with thin, see-through hair, and I’ve had to cut a ton of length and will end up cutting more, but it’s hard. It will take YEARS for my hair to grow back to what it was. Hair is not a minor thing, and my hair situation added another layer of stress I didn’t need.

      • Fatkid says:

        I’m there now. This week I finally mustered the courage to go for a cut to help camouflage the loss. I begged her to be gentle (she was) and spent the entire time I was in her chair stressing that I would leave bald. After several months, blood tests and doctor visits I keep hoping it will stop falling out and start growing back. Hair loss sucks

      • Pandy says:

        I lost some big clumps last month due to surgery and stress. I have thick curly hair so it isn’t as noticeable – but I see it and worry it will stay that thin. Curly hair takes forever to grow so will have to accept it looking thinner and flatter for now.

        I LOVE the natural look on black women as well – and the bigger and more dramatic, the better! Too much work, time and $ involved otherwise.

      • Pixiestix16 says:

        LILO & co.,

        Did you ladies ever see results after the fall out & how long did it take for it to return? I was devastated when it happened to me about 2 .5 yrs. ago — was living in a very dangerous country & had a terrible boss, but MDs could never say the root (pun not intended) cause. I hope your locks are more lavish now — mine is still not & have had to cut it to chin length bob to make it look fuller.

      • jwoolman says:

        Pixie- hair grows about half an inch per month. If yours isn’t regrowing at that rate- check your nutrition. When my hair died and I was shedding worse than the cats as a result of illness that kept me from eating much for a couple of months, I also became slightly anemic so the doctor prescribed iron at rather high doses for a few weeks. He said just common iron supplementation is not enough to correct a deficiency. So you might get that checked. His nurse also suggested sublingual Vitamin B-12 supplements to help build red blood cells. I would suggest the whole B-complex in excess (they are water soluble so the large amounts in OTC supplements won’t be harmful, and the excess helps ensure that enough of each is available since they are all absorbed at different points). Eat as well as possible, in particular lots of fruits and veggies because they are packed with vitamins and minerals and such in the optimal form for absorption, but also you might use a high quality vitamin/mineral supplement as insurance.

        I know that my hair started regrowing once I was eating properly again. Hair seems to sacrifice itself for the greater good pretty easily. As you’ve seen, any stress can cause hair loss very easily, especially in women. So also work on any residual stress you have from your prior experiences. But really work on the nutrition and especially pile on the veggies and fruits. In the book Eat to Live by Fuhrman (an M.D.), the suggestion is something like at least one pound of raw veggies/mushrooms and at least one pound of cooked veggies/mushrooms plus at least 4 servings of fruit per day (in addition to other things). Fuhrman recommends seeing the salad as the main course and really hitting the green non-starchy veggies in particular. The idea is to build up your intake of all those micronutrients in such fruits and veggies so your body functions better. There are hundreds of detailed reviews and comments on Amazon for his books, which can show you how people have felt with various modifications of his approach. I remember really craving raw veggies once I was able to keep food down consistently after my hair loss adventure.

    • David99 says:

      Hard not to feel for her

    • Ginger says:

      I have a co worker who is African American and is straight up bald and she is the fiercest most beautiful woman of color I have ever met! I fight my natural waves by toning them down or straightening and I still color to cover up the gray. But I already know that someday I want to go natural and look like Helen Mirren. I’m just not ready yet.

    • lisa says:

      oh me too

      she’s very pretty, if it is true, she could cut it off and start over

      i saw this once in my own salon, but it was a girl with long hair who kept straightening and going platinum and it just broke off

  2. FLORC says:

    I thought this article would be about her post pregnancy hair. It happens all the time. Women get pregnant and get fuller hair and stronger nails. Post pregnancy your nails become brittle again and your hair falls out and goes back to normal…

    • Emily says:

      Did you know that during pregnancy, your TEETH can fall out too? I had no idea but a colleague who was pregnant lost a few teeth while preggo! Nightmare!!!

      • Jag says:

        If a woman doesn’t get enough calcium for herself and the baby during gestation, her body will steal it from her bones to make sure the baby is healthy. I didn’t know that until someone I knew said that she was having to have a lot of dental work done after having 3 children; her diet is awful and was during pregnancy, too.

      • jessiesgirl says:

        I hate to say this, but your colleague may not have the best nutrition. The OB told me your body will support the pregnancy, so it will leech calcium from your body. That’s why prenatal supplements and proper nutrition benefit both mother and baby.

      • FLORC says:

        I did know that! It’s awful. It’s been covered here, but yea it’s the body needing calcium so it takes it from where ever it can leading to cavities and in extreme cases your whole tooth falling out. I read it’s extremely common for celebs that feel the need to stay thin and not eat what they need during pregnancy. They however have the money to fix it so fast we don’t even notice.

        You can eat healthy and be on prenatal vitamins and still have these issues. There’s a lot that can be done for prevention, but not a lot when the body wants what it wants (even when it has planty, but wants to form reserves).

      • Nilber says:

        When my sister was pregnant with my nephew she grew a new wisdom tooth. Apparently there was a tooth bud that decided to grow with all the hormones. The dentist (who is a good friend) stills gives my sister a hard time.

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        In the old days they used to say you lost one tooth per baby.

        Not so anymore thank goodness. I like having short hair, but mine is super long right now and I would definitely cry if it fell out in big clumps at a salon.

      • Sophie says:

        Uhhh that is horrifying. My dentist told me I have shallow roots, making my teeth more vulnerable to trauma-related loss, so this is basically my worst nightmare. I do wonder at how many celebrities have lost teeth due to poor nutrition and just replace them. I saw a picture of Demi Moore without one of her front teeth.

    • Audrey says:

      I’m losing my pregnancy hair. Which is fine, my hair is naturally super thick.

      But I can’t wear it down cause I constantly have pieces coming out, ugh. I’d look like a mess

      • Marigold says:

        Same. I cannot wait until this stage is over. She’s 5 months now. I’ve got to be nearing the finish line with this, right?

      • audrey says:

        5 months?! now i’m scared lol. my daughter is only 2.5 months. i hope i don’t have months more ahead of me

      • Scarlet Vixen says:

        Audrey: Post-partum hair loss starts right around 3 months, so it’s coming up for you! My daughter is now 6 months old and mine hair loss if finally slowing down. Noone had told me about it, so when I had my first baby and my super long red hair started falling out in clumps I FREAKED. Every time I washed it I’d have big handfuls, and I had a couple thin spots right along my hairline (awesome). So, when I had baby #2 I chopped my hair off (it’s a chin-length bob right now). It still fell out like crazy, but it wasn’t nearly as traumatic. The funny thing is I get way more compliments on my short red hair than I ever did when it was long–random strangers will come up to me and tell me how beautiful my hair is. It’s kinda weird, but the compliments help ease the trauma of the hair loss (and leftover baby weight).

      • Bridget says:

        Oh, just wait for the regrowth to come in. It’s even worse, since it comes in all wiry and weird. It took me well over a year to tame the cowlicks.

      • TinyTurtle says:

        I was just about to write about the regrowth too!
        I had these short wild hairs sticking up all over my crown, a lot of them.
        It took FOREVER to finally get all that tamed

  3. Ag says:

    This might also be tied to post-pregnancy stuff. A lot of my hair fell out too after giving birth. It’s starting to come back now, ca 9 months after.

    • Ag says:

      And I’ve burned my hair off before with hair dyes. I had to basically shave it off. Haha. It’s only hair, it grows back. 🙂

  4. RHONYC says:

    I’m sure you brave bitches who have gone through chemo are shaking your head at this stupid story.



    true THAT! 😆

    • Emily says:

      Meh.. you can’t really trivialise someone else’s problems because something worse happened to you… losing your hair (particularly for a woman) could be devastating! Where does it end?
      “I had cancer”
      “I had two different types of cancer”
      Blah blah blah. Support not judgement!

    • RHONYC says:

      true as well & LMAO @ krat!

      i’m stealing that one (if you don’t mind)! 😆

    • IzzyB says:

      Mines 70% grown back now that I’m in remission, still some bald spots.

      Side note: ALWAYS get your moles checked out! It’s not always a case of just cutting it out.

      Losing hair to cancer was awful, but it was a necessary evil.

      If it fell out again for no reason I’d probably cry more.

  5. emmie_a says:

    Oh please. She had extensions before her hair fell out Why do they make it sound like this was the reason she got extensions. This just made her get MORE extensions.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Does she have extensions though? I’ve never seen concrete proof that she does…
      I actually kinda thought her hair was real, despite the fact that basically every actress in Hwood has extensions.

      • Jag says:


        When I was her age, my hair was thick and long like hers, but curly. So thick that even now when it’s super thin in my opinion, my doctor and the dermatologist he sent me to said that it wasn’t thin. I don’t know how to make them understand that it has changed severely, without taking photographs with me. (I have pernicious anemia that they aren’t treating properly, so I’m losing my hair.)

        So I feel for her because I know what she’s going through.

      • Shannon1972 says:

        Same. I think that hair was all hers.
        If she had extensions before, then she had an excellent stylist because they looked extremely natural.

      • don't kill me i'm french says:

        if she has extensions,she has the most natural extensions i never saw

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        I don’t think she had extensions either. Her hair has always looked amazing.

        Some people really DO have good hair.

      • emmie_a says:

        I don’t know if I can post a link but there’s no way these aren’t extensions.

        And I’m not saying that she wears extensions every day but I think she uses them quite a bit.

      • Nina W says:

        She may boost her hair volume for special events like the photo referenced but she has beautiful thick hair and I seriously doubt she uses a lot of extensions.

      • DeepFriedLies says:

        Hmm, if you take a look at pictures of her in her pre acting days, her hair was fine and limp. Same thing when she was little….I vote ” a full head of hair extensions”. These people can spend 1000’s in hair extensions at some of the best salons in the world, so of course they look natural.

      • Turtle Dove says:

        @ Jag:

        I’m in a similar boat atm. I had the thickest hair, but my iron is quite low and I’ve lost about 60% of it. Thank God that I was blessed with thick hair or I’d be near to bald.

        If and when I get my condition managed/reversed, I will never be dismissive of male hair loss again. This is very traumatizing.

      • Michelle says:

        Megan Fox is DEFINITELY wears extensions. I wish celebs would just be upfront about their hair extensions. This concealing or lying has so many women feeling self conscious about their own hair (or lack thereof), not realizing that when they covet a celebrity look, they should just buy it like celebs do!

  6. yeahright says:

    I would have had a panic attack or something to that nature. I am attached to my hair in the worst way. After I had my second child I lost A LOT of it and then it started falling out again after I stopped nursing her. Im left with the worst head of hair at the moment. Half is about ear length and the other half is bra line length. Just a mess.

  7. serena says:

    I think hair loss happens quite a lot even after you have a baby.

    • Nina W says:

      Yes it does but the story above is about chemical damage to hair. I had my own thick, dark hair over treated once with chemicals and it literally dissolved between my fingers as a result of the chemicals. it was very traumatic. I was 16 at the time and I felt like it was the end of the world. Little drama queen. Haha, good times.

  8. MonicaQ says:

    My husband says if he was ever an X-Men, he’d want his super power to be if he touched someone, all their hair minus their eyebrows fell off. The amount of crap we had to deal with in band and JROTC of girls wanting hair to their waist but no way to keep it off their collars kept me up to 4am braiding hair.

    Then the horrified looks I always get. “OMG HOW COULD YOU CUT YOUR HAIR IT’S LIKE A PART OF ME I COULD NEVER DO THAT! /shrieeeeeek.” (for reference, I relaxed my hair for a really long time, it was past my shoulders and I just decided, eh, too much work and lobbed it off and now I have a 2 inch afro) It’s just *hair*. It’s fine. It grows back. Til then, rock the Amber Rose.

  9. lucy2 says:

    I was annoyed when my stylist went a few shades lighter than normal last time, so if chunks of my hair fell out at a salon, I’d be crying too.
    Worst problem in the world to have? No. Still upsetting? Sure.

    • Londerland says:

      This, exactly. Everyone’s had a crappy cut that made them miserable and took months to grow out; it sucks to be stuck with a bad cut, let alone to start balding in the chair.

      Plus I just generally feel for Megan Fox. She’s always seemed to me to be way more mentally fragile than the sex-bomb she wanted to promote herself as. Aspiring to be an Angelina but without the solid core of self-confidence to bounce the criticism off of…

      • ViktoryGin says:

        I agree. Except that I think it was others projecting the image onto her..

      • HappyMom says:

        I think so too . And her husband seems very controlling. Her whole existence is tied up in how she looks.

  10. Itsjustblanche. says:

    She’s always had very thin hair, kind of like kristin Stewart. It’s usually healthy but super thin. If you see her hair looking full, it’s extensions.

    • FLORC says:

      Are you saying if your hair is on the thinner side for years and years and then suddenly your hair is lush an voluminous it’s extensions and not just you natural hair kicking it into high gear? I know some posters that would beg to differ Side eye..

      I do agree with you though. Her hair was always healthy looking, but not as full. Here’s a thought though. I have medium thick hair. When I want big hair or textured hair I spray the hell out of it with dry shampoo. It get huge! It looks like extensions for a few hours until it falls.

    • Nina W says:

      Um, you don’t know thin hair if you think she’s got it. Granted I am basing it on the few times I’ve seen her photos but I can assure thin hair never looks like her hair does unless you’ve got a wig over it. No amount of extensions can fake thin hair into looking like a crown of glory.

  11. Ashling says:

    I would cry, too.

  12. Micki says:

    Actress mourns her hair? Who wouldn’t? And in this unforgiving business even more so?

  13. Tapioca says:

    The pal explains, “It’s left her terribly self-conscious and she doesn’t want anyone to know.”

    Jeez, with friends like these, who needs enemies?!!

    Poor Meggie – and she’s become actually quite tolerable since she disappeared off to be a mum.

  14. hayley says:

    I read this as I sit here with a head full of boxed hair dye. not a good idea.

    • Hautie says:

      Don’t be spooked about your hair dye from a box. The typical home dyer, will not have their hair fall out. The boxed colors are pretty mild. It is why high lift blondes tend to never get light enough. When done at home.

      What caught my attention… was someone used a “metallic hair dye” on poor Megan’s hair.

      Which for the love of all things holy. Metallic hair dye is not something to fool around with.

      One of the biggest side effects is…. your hair breaking off at the scalp.

      Metallic hair dye should never be used, except on virgin hair.

      If your last coloring was with a standard peroxide color and you use metallic hair dye… this is what happens. Hair falls out.

      I am surprise any legit hair stylist would let that mess in their salon. Simply because it is so rare to find virgin hair. Especially in LA on a working actress.

      • FLORC says:

        I had no idea. What’s the benefit of this dye if it can only be used on virgin hair? I wouldn’t trust anyone to have virgin hair in that area unless they just took it our of the bag.

      • Lady D says:

        Hautie,what is virgin hair? I’ve never heard the expression before.

      • Kitten says:

        Virgin hair = hair that has never been dyed

      • Nina W says:

        I have virgin hair, nobody touches my hair but me and an authorized few, haha. No stylists, no coloring, no fuss, no muss. Luckily my dark hair is turning white not grey so I probably won’t dye it and just continue au naturel.

  15. Shannon1972 says:

    I sympathize. I have very long hair like hers, and am admittedly a bit vain about it. I think it’s my best feature and take very good care. If it started falling out, I would be devastated.

  16. Debbie says:

    Yeah that is upsetting, like others have said there are worse problems to have but it’s still upsetting if your hair doesn’t work out. As much of a worthless sad pathetic joke I think this woman is I do feel for here. I’m crazy about my hair so I get it.

  17. jasmine says:

    that happened to me! my hair got so fried that i had to shave it off 11 times!!!! so i really feel for her. it will grow back of course but never as much as before

  18. littlestar says:

    I feel for Megan, I really do. I’m super crazy about my long hair – losing it would be a nightmare!

    • Nina W says:

      I had my hair accidentally chemically burned off when I was 16 and it was horrible. I can still vividly recall the feeling of the hair dissolving between my fingers.

  19. Liberty says:

    I feel for her. I had hair her length, and mine is very thick and wavy. I lived in Boston and about to go away for a week with friends at someone’s Vineyard house. Gorgeous summer day. For an ad campaign I was working on, I’d agreed to let a company give me a hair treatment at a top salon. Free! Top stuff! I’ll be gorgeous, yes? And so there I go. While the root-glorifying junk is being mixed, my stylist is telling me all about the fight he had with his ex the night before. Suddenly the ex marches in and he starts screaming and crying and my stylist is trying to be a pro work and but is trembling. He slaps the stuff on and then finally grabs his ex and they go to argue for a bit in a side room. Then it is over and the stylist is back and shaking and telling me about it and removing the junk from my hair — and my hair came off. He’d been distracted and forgot to add something to the mix. I had a short sort of one-centimeter burr on my skull. I was in shock. The salon went dead. I went into a daze and walked home. I cancelled the trip, other friends heard about it from someone else there and came over with scarves and hats and earrings — my hair grows fast but for about four weeks…I was hat girl and in shock. So yeah, shite can happen. Best part: I was in such an auto-pilot daze, I tipped the guy $50 before I left!!

    No it is NOT cancer or chemo hair loss, that is an entirely different level obviously. But it was still — unnerving. BUt you know, people at work were hushed and kind even though it was merely a style accident and temporary. I lived above a gallery at the time, and the staff actually waved me in about two nights later and said, “We bought you some Champagne, let’s drink and and forget! At least you have a great skull.” So sweet.

    So…beware, and always own a little hat.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Oh my god..that is a nightmare story but still really heartwarming to see how everyone came to your side to support you.

      ..a lot of people would not have been as forgiving to that stylist as you were, much less dropped a $50 tip.
      That’s a testament to your character for sure. No wonder you have such an awesome group of friends 🙂

  20. Sisi says:

    OMG, just realised:I got bitchy resting face!

    • Nina W says:

      Ah the ambiguity of the Internet. Does this mean you looked in the mirror and had a “Eureka” moment or you now understand the meaning of “bitchy resting face”?

  21. Green Eyes says:

    Been thru chemo before in 98 for OVC my hair thinned out a lot but didn’t loose all. I only lasted 3 of my 6 month treatment . Taking chemo since Feb of this yr and I have to stick it out indefinitely as I said yesterday. My hair is very long, curly, and can’t touch it without leaving clumps everywhere. Doesn’t matter why, fact is when we are used to something or like something about ourselves & its gone not by choice… That’s a hard pill to swallow. I feel for her. (On a side note though, I and most like me can’t afford to get extensions or wigs the quality she and most celebrities can. But that’s the way it goes still feel bad for her). I’m sure she was embarrassed as well..

    • The Original Tiffany says:

      Greeneyes, does your hospital have a wig/hat/hair salon?

      I’ve worked at a couple hospitals who provide free wigs and hair services to our lady patients with cancer.
      I’ve been thinking about you since yesterday. I hope you are doing well in your treatments. xo

      • Green Eyes says:

        Thank you Tiffany, no they don’t. I live in the state of Kansas our local hospital doesnt offer much help on things. I don’t have cancer this time I have a kidney disease that is rare in adults that stems from my Sarcoidosis & Scleroderma. But I’m being sent to Denver next month hoping they will see a better route of treatment for the kidney failure. I can’t see me on chemo indefinitely or til y counts drop more (think that one will win out). I use to Volunteer & Chair Relay for Life for The American Cancer Society. We had drives to collect wigs, that has been on my mind a lot lately but again its not cancer so I wouldn’t think of asking them). Been collecting catalogs though, some cute wigs out there. Just pride is holding out as long as the last strands do;). Thank you again Tiffany. All of you brought me to tears & warmed my heart. Awesome that a celebrity blog can bring people together like that:).

      • Janet says:

        @Green Eyes: You’ve always been one of my favorite people posting on here. Please accept a cyberhug. I wish I could give you one in person.

      • FLORC says:

        Green Eyes

        Best of luck in Denver and future treatments. Many hospitals in bigger cities that lack salons of a sort often work with outside businesses that will visit anyone undergoing heavy treatments like chemo for illnesses that require long term and/or aggressive treatments. Sounds like you deserve a little pampering!
        I just want to give you the biggest hug and might be the one sobbing if I did. I’m a sap when I know a patient history. It’s a bad habit to break.

      • Liberty says:

        ….sending Green Eyes an enormous hug too.

    • TLC0113 says:

      Wow greeneyes, I don’t know you, but your story really struck me. With your positive attitude I am SURE that you will kick the s**t out of any health problems this time around.

      Sending you lots of love, and luck, and well wishes.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Green eyes is amazing right?

        ..and then I’ll complain about my hair because of humidity or some inane shit like that. I hate how so often it takes having something stolen from us to realize how much we take for granted.

    • Missy says:

      I’m late but giving you a cyber hug green eyes. I hope your treatment in Denver goes well.

    • Nina W says:

      Green Eyes, I recall reading about a wonderful woman in Houston name Christal Mercier who helps ladies like you. Her website is
      It is a charitable organization and accepts donations but her aim is to help people exactly like you. You might like to check it out and see. Sending good wishes your way.

  22. mytbean says:

    Ugh – I wish I could find a decent salon. Every time I’ve gambled and tried one they do majorly awful things to my hair. It doesn’t help them that my hair is a bipolar skitzed out mess anyway… straight in some place, curly in others, dry in the front, oily at the crown, two massive cow licks in the front that make me look like a walking McDonalds advert if I don’t beg them into submission everytime I wash and dry my hair… yeah – this Megan story makes me sad… but her hair – the majority of it – if it’s hers – is just. gorgeous.

  23. Reece says:

    I would have thrown a complete fit. Naomi Campbell style.

    I had this woman tell me if I put a relaxer in my hair it would look better(I have very spiraled curly hair) because it would control the curls and make them “softer”. I was young and didn’t know better. It started burning while she was putting it in and I said so. But no it wasn’t “in long enough” and was being “a baby”. Five mins later I literally sat myself at the sink and started washing my own hair out. My hair kept falling out for days afterwards.
    20 yrs later I’m still p*ssed!

    • Janet says:

      You were luckier than my neighbor. She went to a salon for a relaxer and a dye job. Any reputable salon will tell you that you need to wait at least a week between the two procedures. This place dyed her hair, applied the relaxer, stuck a heat cap on her head and left her under there for 40 minutes. When they took the heat cap off she was bald as an egg except for a few fried wisps on top of her head. When her hair grew back she went natural and looked great with a short Afro. She never colored or straightened it again.

      • Reece says:

        That’s awful!
        I didn’t let anybody touch my hair for years afterwards either. Even now it’s only heat styling once or twice a year. I still have never colored it. Although my hair is jet black anyway and I like it like that.

      • I Choose Me says:

        OMG this sounds almost exactly like what happened to a friend of mine and she had painful chemical burns all over her scalp as well. Now, nobody touches her hair but her.

        I haven’t relaxed my hair in years and I’m currently rocking a sizeable fro. I just keep it conditioned and moisturized run a comb through it every morning, brush put on a headband and pick it so it’s nice and fluffy. Low maintenance and if gets too thick and unmanageable I’ll just cut a few inches off.

  24. K-rock says:

    I have alopecia from an autoimmune disease. I lost my hair at 19 years old and never got it back. Part of me felt sorry for her, but just for a nano-second. Hers will grow back. Mine never will. So, yah I understand the devestation, initially, but it ends there. I’d give ANYTHING to trade places with her hair. She can wig it or put extensions in until it grows back. My hair is so sparse that I don’t even have enough to clip extensions on. My only choices are A: walk around with a few stray hairs or B: have a custom wig glued to my head every 4 weeks. Boohoo Megan. Boohoo.

    • fran says:

      i know how you feel. i have had alopecia areata almost my whole life. for me it cycles to patches to losing most of it. such a frustrating disease!!! people cry over a two inch hair trim. i’m like please it grows back!

  25. Mouse says:

    Come on, she’s worn obvious extensions for years. She should take this as a sign to lay off the chemicals. I do feel badly for her though, her looks are all she has and w/out them, her family has no meal ticket.

    • Michella says:

      I’ve had this happen. I had to get my head shaved because a double process melted all of the hair off my head. It’s one thing to want shorter hair or choose to add extensions, its another thing entirely to lose your hair and have no control over it. I’m glad its never happened to you, but if it did you might be just a bit more sympathetic.

      • Janet says:

        OMG I hope you sued that beauty parlor who did that double process on you. That must have been horrible!

  26. matia says:

    Thanks to this article I’m just getting a haircut this afternoon instead of color. I take this article as a sign. My hair is all split ends and kardashian length but at least 4 inches are coming off and I won’t risk anymore

  27. Hür says:

    I have thick, long, fine textured,soft wavy virgin hair and I would never let anyone touch it (except my mom). I’m from the Horn of Africa.
    I could never risk it because it’s not worth it.

  28. sarah bk says:

    Brave bitch, just finished chemo, totally shaking my head.

  29. Hakura says:

    I think just about anyone would be upset by their hair coming out like that (all the sudden, especially). I haven’t been back to the salon in a really long time (just never seem to think about it much), but my hair is down to my waist, so I have to do something xD

    I personally use coloring my hair & changing styles as a way to artistically express myself. I love playing with different options

  30. orion70 says:

    I’ve had chemo within the past couple of years and was as bald as an egg save for a few strands left hanging out that left me looking like gollum, lol. I had one little cry when it started coming out, but mostly it just kind of weirded/grossed me out. I wore a fugly wig and lots of hats until I found a pretty nice one on ebay of all places, and grew enough sprouts back to go bare again.

    Now that I’ve managed to grow it back out a bit, I feel like crying sometimes when someone even cuts it, like regular haircuts. An overenthusiastic one, definitely.

    Even before all that, I’d be mighty upset if clumps of my hair were falling out.

  31. Ginger says:

    I have to say that if I were in Megan’s position I would have bawled too. I’m not super vain but one thing that I always pay a lot of attention to is my hair. I know it’s silly but it’s one of my flaws. I feel for the ladies who have to do chemo. It seems like adding salt to the wound that you lose your hair. The women who go through that and own it are truly inspirational.

  32. MademoiselleRose says:

    I once made a chunk of my hair fall out at the back when I did a home hair colour job. I had my hair bleached for a while and wanted to go back to a bit darker and didn’t understand about red fillers to make the colour stick and when the colour kept coming out, I coloured it again, and again. Yeah, big chunk broke off. Had to wear my hair in a ponytail for a year. I definitely cried, so I can relate.

  33. Mar says:

    She looks weird lately. It’s like she’s always flaring her nostrils or something. She looks artificial in these pics.

  34. Deedee says:

    Megan Fox is beautiful and I think she would look great with a pixie cut if necessary. It will grow back.

  35. raincoaster says:

    Voice of experience here: metallic hair dyes are hell. After you use them, you can only ever use the same damm thing; you can never go back to ordinary dye, because it does not cover metallic dyes. The colours are amazing, but there really is nothing you can do with metallic dyed hair except the same thing over again or cut it off and start over.

  36. Amelia says:

    There are two kinds of hair: the kind you have, and the right kind.

  37. Rachel says:

    It’s kind of sad how much hair means to some people (myself included). When I think about the ways in which people suffer every single day, I know it doesn’t matter. But, gawd, have I cried over my hair. The worst one was a week before my wedding. I went to my usual hair dresser and asked for my usual haircut. I figured that would be perfectly safe. …How wrong I was. This friggin’ woman ends up cutting my side-swept bangs so short they didn’t even graze my eyebrows! When I saw what she had done, I went into absolute shock and began panicking on the inside. Then, as soon as I was in the car, I cried. I cried a couple more times after that too. Now those gawd-awful bangs are memorialized in my wedding photos. …Awesome. Needless to say, I never went back to her again. In fact, I’ve started cutting my own hair. I always suspected it didn’t take a rocket scientist and now I know it.

  38. MaryBeth says:

    My hair has always been very long and I would freak the Fffffff out!!!!!!