Kenny Chesney says he’s not gay when the lights are on

Kenny Chesney has finally addressed rumors that his four month marriage to Renee Zellweger ended after she woke up from her puckered stupor and realized he plays for the other team. He told Anderson Cooper that he’s not gay, but he never really used the word gay, just said he’s uh, not.

Chesney said that the only reason “fraud” was checked on the annulment was because he didn’t understand that marriage meant he’d actually have to have sex with his wife, and that it certainly didn’t have anything to do with all the pills he was popping. Cooper raised a well groomed eyebrow but didn’t miss a beat.

“It’s not true. Period. Maybe I should have come out and said, ‘No, I’m not (gay),’ but I didn’t want to draw any more attention to it,” the 38-year-old country singer says. “… I didn’t have to prove to anybody that I wasn’t (gay). I didn’t feel like I really did.”

Zellweger and Chesney were married on the Caribbean island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands in May 2005. It was the first marriage for both. Four months later, Zellweger listed “fraud” as the reason she was seeking an annulment.

The Oscar-winning actress later issued a statement saying the term “fraud” was “simply legal language and not a reflection of Kenny’s character.”

“We thought the least harmful (stated reason) was fraud because it (is) kind of broad … doesn’t specify,” Chesney says. “And boy … we were wrong.”

“The only fraud that was committed was me thinking that I knew what it was like … that I really understood what it was like to be married, and I really didn’t,” he says.

I haven’t actually seen the video clips available on the CBS website because they won’t play for me in any of my web browsers. So I’m making all that filler up, of course.

Chesney must need the publicity for his upcoming summer tour. He also appeared in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition alongside Marisa Miller.

Here’s what he says on his official website about his photoshoot with Miller:

And just when it seems life can’t get any better, here comes Sports Illustrated infamous Swim Suit issue, and rather than buying it, you’re in it. Hard to believe a kid from Luttrell, Tennessee who started picking guitar in sundry bars in college could get so lucky – and yet, there he is: Kenny Chesney, paired with leggy blond beauty Marisa Miller for a free-for-all in front of a white scrim.

“I could tell doing this shoot, we had very similar lives,” Chesney said of what appears on the page to be instant chemistry. “We’re both very normal people, but then the lights come on, she becomes this other person. People who seem me onstage know what that means…

So when he says he’s another person when the lights are on, that must also apply to when they’re off.

Chesney’s interview will air this Sunday on 60 Minutes at 7 p.m. EST and PT.

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13 Responses to “Kenny Chesney says he’s not gay when the lights are on”

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  1. Other Karen says:

    CBS actually posts a lot of clips on UTube.

  2. Jaime says:

    Oh who gives a shit, seriously. Go on with your bad, possibly-gay self, Kenny!

  3. ab fab says:

    forget the will and grace fantasy.
    (and i did love that show, btw.)

    but do you have any idea how badly it sucks when a dude seduces you and does everything to suck you in, and then goes on to tell you that he is really gay. seriously, that hurts like a bitch. the jerk used her.

  4. Randi says:

    “I’m not gay! Look! You can see my erection through my bermuda shorts!” Pathetic.

  5. where is waldo? says:

    who the hell knows, but maybe he likes the women, too. maybe he did sprout wood during that photoshoot. haha

    renee zellweger needs to finally leak out what in the world happened on that little tropical island. that would make an interesting made for tv movie.

    kenny chesney is bald under that hat. lol, he once said somewhere that it was easy for him to go unnoticed when bald, wearing glasses and dressed casually conservatively.

    does anybody remember the big stink that happened when his first wife left and divorced him? she told this tale for people like babwa walters of being kept prisoner of kenny. she was serious about it.

  6. Murphy17 says:

    I believe there must be some truth to the gay rumors. He’s been connected with “Lambda” ever since college. Look it up…
    But in the immortal words of Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer, “not that there’s anything wrong with that”

  7. CP says:

    Why does he jam his too-large hat on like that? It makes his haid look like a bowlin’ ball.

  8. Randi says:

    Why does he jam his too-large hat on like that? It makes his haid look like a bowlin’ ball.
    CP | 02.17.07 – 7:56 pm | #

    Well, if you see him without the hat, it’s because his head looks like a bowling ball 😉

  9. leni says:

    Okay…look at his body language for heaven’s sake. Perhaps he is not gay (yeah, right), but he sure as heck is not hetro. His hand is in his pocket away from her (that’s the only way He is going to get a woody in these pics), his body is slanted away, his feet are slanted away, his face looks scrunched up-not as if he is enjoying himself. Lie all you want-that is your right, but you are so not into women (or maybe men either).

  10. Gigohead says:

    Just checked out the interview tonight on 60 minutes. The devilish face on Anderson Cooper when he asked the gay question leads me to believe that Anderson’s “interested”.


  11. Henway says:

    Google this: ‘kenny chesney is gay’ and you get 1.4 million hits. Can we all be wrong? And fercrissakes, look at him.

  12. Rick says:

    The proof is this, do these photos look more like people attracted to each other [“instant chemistry” my ass..] or does it look more like ‘Hey girlfriend WHAT’s UP GURL!?’ then lots of giggles and bouncing around. It looks like a fag, with his hag.