Selena Gomez & Ed Sheeran are hooking up, ‘they are friends with an open mind’

These are some photos of Selena Gomez and Ed Sheeran out and about separately in LA this week – she was stopped at a gas station and he was leaving BOA Steakhouse. Ed is currently (?) touring with Taylor Swift, although I think there’s a break in the tour right now. There were rumors that Taylor and Ed had a thing – and that might have happened, although who knows – but now Us Weekly is claiming that Ed and Selena are a thing. Huh. Interesting.

Justin Bieber may find this hard to believe. His on-off love Selena Gomez, 20, has moved on — with British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, 22, two sources tells Us Weekly.

“They are hooking up!” says one insider. The person responsible for the romantic introduction over Memorial Day Weekend: Gomez’s close pal Taylor Swift, currently touring with Sheeran.

Though the “Lego House” singer told Us he was single at the MuchMusic Video Awards on June 16, when pressed about the possibility of being fixed up with the pop star, Sheeran admitted, “I wouldn’t complain.”

The attraction for Gomez, per a second source, is the U.K.-native’s maturity versus her 19-year-old ex’s: “She got sick of having to take care of Justin like he was her child. This is a nice escape from the drama.”

Indeed, their roller coaster relationship has been anything but tame since they first broke up in December 2012. As Us reported, the pair reunited at his April 18 concert in Olso, Norway, and were even seen kissing, but their final run-in at the Billboard Music Awards on May 19 was awkward at best.

Sitting seats away from each other, the exes later met up backstage, where Swift, 23, was caught sticking her tongue out as the “Come & Get It” singer gave Bieber a friendly kiss on the cheek.

With a source telling Us that Gomez and Bieber “are totally done … not even hooking up anymore,” the single-status starlet is having fun with Sheeran.

“They are friends with an open mind,” another insider reveals. “He’s sensitive and sweet and a lot deeper than Justin.”

[From Us Weekly]

I kind of like this if no one is taking it too seriously. Selena needs to have some fun post-Bieber and Selena’s probably the cutest girl Ed has ever been with. Generally speaking though, I’m not a big Ed Sheeran fan. Right now I have “Lego House” stuck in my head and I hate that song. Ugh. But, compared to Bieber, Ed comes out ahead. And I do think that Ed is probably a pretty stand-up guy who will treat Selena with respect and kindness. He just seems like a decent bloke.

Unfortunately, he has some Bieber-esque problems with pants though…

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Anna says:

    Aww, she’s dating a hobbit! Which is an upgrade from a tantrum-throwing child, I guess.

  2. Pastyousayyouneverknew says:

    I know Ed is a nice guy but he is so asexual to me, I just can’t fathom the thought of anyone being attracted to him. He just seems like the kind of guy that perpetually lives in the friend zone.

    Then again, I can’t understand how Selena Gomez was attracted to Bieber so *shrug*

  3. Spooks says:

    He seems nice and his songs are quite catchy. She so incredibly annoying, but I’m kind of meh about the two of them.

  4. phaksi says:

    NO! He should be with someone equally talented. First Swift now Selena?

  5. Shitler says:

    Beauty & The He’s…interesting looking.. Good on Selena. She needs to purge her body of Bieber’s douchiness & Ed seem a perfect. If nothing else @least her iq points will increase

  6. pretty says:

    WTF….The second picture… his eyes are so creepy. what is that?

    is he wearing some kind of a googly eyes toy on top of his glasses?.

    that is so weird.

    • Lucybelle says:

      Ahahahaha!!! This made me chuckle. I had to scroll back up and check them out. Yikes. They kinda go in different directions! Creeeeeeepy!

  7. Alexis says:

    I’m sorry, but maybe they’re planting these stories to make him looks desirable to women. Homeboy is NOT cute. Not even a little.

  8. kim says:

    Ya another PR back alley deal to float both careers to tabloids and gossip sites. I’ll believe it when the planned release of an “oops our personal tape got leaked! Oh I’m so embarrassed! My new single is out…” hits radar. Selena is a media whore student of swift. Well done grasshopper.

    • Jamteezy says:

      hahahaahaha +1.

      ps, does anyone have the designer id on that skirt? I know it probably costs more money than I’ll ever see in my lifetime but a girl can dream.

      • Pastyousayyouneverknew says:

        I think it’s by free people, I think I saw it when I was browsing on their site the other day.

  9. NEENAZEE says:

    Chubby Ron Weasley??

  10. chria says:

    i highly doubt they are hookibg up. im sure she has permanantly friend-zoned him. poor guy the looks train skipped him for sure

  11. serena says:

    Not only pants, he has a clothes problem.. but he seems cute.

  12. Mr. Stinky FishFace says:

    You know sometimes there’s a lot more than looks for a relationship. I’m hoping this is true because she could be showing young girls out there that personality matters as well!

  13. cher says:

    I love the red headed boy!!!

  14. Nerd Alert says:

    Aww. Suddenly Eric Cartman’s voice is in my head yelling “GINGERRRR! GINGER!”

  15. Chicagogurl says:

    I love her skirt. If anyone knows where I can find, send me details.

  16. mogul says:

    Please, this girl is so ambtious. I don’t think she ever dated anyone, who didn’t further her popularity. First, the jonas brother, then twilight guy, the biebs and ed sheeran. She dated the 3 prevkious one so that people remember her, but now she sees that her music sucks. So now she messing around with a guy, who’s known to be a decent songwriter. Selena is a fake, just like her best pal Taylor

    • antisocial says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself!! Selena is all about the money, as much as she can get for as long as she can get it. Every publicity stunt is just a means to an end.

    • Bijlee says:

      Honestly yes this is why I think she’s dating him….but I think her music is good. She just doesn’t have talent enough to sing it. Nor can she act. Nor can she dance. And she makes millions….sigh.

  17. mom2two says:

    Aw, I like Ed Sheeran. He’s talented and he seems like a nice guy who has a good head on his shoulders. If he and Selena are hooking up, he is a MAJOR upgrade from Bieber.

  18. G says:

    Nope, no way don’t believe it.

  19. Lucy says:

    Hm, Idk what to think…Ed’s no Bieber, that’s for sure (which is a great thing). Then again, he doesn’t really seem her type.

  20. TheOriginalWaffle says:

    Do you think Swifty is angry? I always assumed she wanted him on tour so he could play the lovelorn sweet guy who made her feel good about herself. Not that Swifty wants him, but wants him to want her.

  21. KG says:

    He looks like Chuckie from the Rugrats. Eerily so.

  22. Claudia says:

    Ick, not attractive in the slightest and I can’t stand his music. She can do better.

  23. april says:

    Invest in different sunglasses, Selena. Her face is so round already and she adds those big round sunglasses and they make her look awful.

  24. Chrissy says:

    Maybe its a reaction to bieber, because ed is probably a nice guy but i dont really think they are dating.

  25. Beatriz says:

    First Swift and now Selena? Dude has got the worst taste ever. However, even though I’m not familiar with his music, I like him because he’s really funny and self-deprecating:

    “I had a really, really, really bad stutter when I was little. I had a birthmark on my eye and they had to laser it off and they didn’t use anesthetics so it like messed up with my nervous system and stuff. I had a really heavy stutter so I’d be talking like this- and I’ve still got like hints of it but- erm I’d be talking like this and literally not be able to get words out. PLUS I had quite bad eye sight so I had big, blue NHS specs. PLUS I was ginger. PLUS I didn’t have a growth spurt until quite late on so I was very small. So from the age of 6 to about 11- OH and I erm had a perforated eardrum so I had to wear this weird kind of hat. From the age of 6 to 11 no one would want to hang with that kind of kid that was weird. So I think God looked down and said I think you need some help getting laid. Here’s a guitar.”

  26. Angie says:

    Reading these comments it is pretty clear to me not many ’round here follow much of Ed’s music other than the one or two catchier songs that’ve made it to radio in the states. Watch this:

    and then come back here and tell me that Taylor Swift is ‘just as, or more talented’. I mean honestly comical…

    • Kali says:

      I was hoping that that link was going to be ‘Wayfaring Stranger’! Good taste
      🙂 I’ve gotta be honest, I only knew Lego House before I got to go to his concert in NZ a while ago (yay for record label friends!) and by the end of it, I was a complete fan girl convert. He really is ridiculously talented (his Wayfaring Stranger cover pretty much wrecked the entire audience!) Plus, at the very least, he has manners. I had to help my friend pick up a few things from his green room. He was very polite, introduced himself and shook my hand (I was just standing back and waiting for my mate while trying to be cool/not to be the creepy fan girl). Not come across many famous people who will willingly be nice to someone who isn’t even a ‘little’ person (ie works for their management team/label/company etc).

  27. Bizzyb says:

    Sometimes she looks so pretty and other times she looks like a shrunken apple.