Ryan Reynolds ‘desperate, impatient’ about starting a family, Blake not so much?

Every day that goes by since Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds got married, I grow more and more shocked that Blake hasn’t announced a pregnancy. I thought for sure that she’d be knocked up right away. Note: I’m not saying that every woman should get pregnant two seconds after getting married or anything like that (it’s none of my business) this is very Blake-Ryan case-specific. Ryan and Scarlett Johansson split up (I believe) because he was and is Mr. Let’s-Settle-Down and ScarJo was all “I want to get drunk every night with artists”. Ryan seemed to find more of a kindred spirit in Blake, and she made sure to prove her wifey credentials for him all the time. But now that she’s got the ring? Now she’s all “babies what?”

Ryan Reynolds, 36, is anxious to grace the world with ridiculously good-looking babies. He’s desperate to have a child of his own with wife Blake Lively! But Blake, 25, isn’t as keen on it because she wants to focus on her career.

“Ryan is getting quite impatient about it,” spills a friend close to the couple. “Blake promised Ryan he’ll be a daddy by the time he’s 40. You can’t blame her for wanting to wait, because she’s so young, but he’s hell-bent on changing her mind. He’s wanted to start a family for years. It was one of the main reasons he split from Scarlett Johansson – because she wasn’t interested.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

“You can’t blame her for wanting to wait, because she’s so young, but he’s hell-bent on changing her mind” – therein lies the rub. I don’t have a problem with Blake not wanting to get pregnant right away – it’s her choice, her decision, etc. And I don’t have a problem with Ryan actively wanting to settle down and become a father. But the problem is that Ryan has chosen two young, career-driven, big-boobed blondes in a row and he still hasn’t learned that putting a ring on it doesn’t make them any more eager to have his gerbil-y babies. The whole “having babies” thing should have been a major part of the conversation BEFORE THEY GOT MARRIED as opposed to something that he’s “hellbent on changing her mind” about now.

For what it’s worth, Gossip Cop spoke to a “source close to Lively” who claims the story is “ridiculous”. Yeah. Just like Star ran all of those ridiculous stories about Ryan and ScarJo and how their marriage was falling apart.

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  1. mimifarrow says:

    “Gerbil-y babies”, I’m dying over here. 😀

    • Dutchy says:

      me too 😀 😀

    • Moncheechee says:

      and why is he wearing so much foundation. that is like, a pound of pancake….step away from the MAC counter….

      • mercyme says:

        It looks like self-tanner. They’re the same colour! He was in the middle of filming a movie where he plays a dweeby serial killer so I get wanting to freshen up a bit, but they both look better without it.

  2. Hoya_chick says:

    Thing is, I think Blake promised him the whole Susie homaker fairy tale with kids and all that, and that’s why he wife’d her up! Now that she has the ring, she’s pushing the baby talk to the back burner. And what career does she have? No shade, I really want to know? She can’t act and gossip girl is over…..

    I think Blake really wanted to get married and so she sold him the dream. He is a serial monogamist and I bet he thought this time would be different than with ScarJo, lol. There were stories about her bringing him things
    she would bake on the Green Lantern sets. I honestly give it 3 years max. Then he’ll find someone who isn’t famous and knock her up immediately lol.

    • Starrywonder says:


      Seriously Lainey applauded her because Blake Lively has game. She wanted him and waited until he was free and went in guns blazing like look at me I totally love to cook, and rub my husband’s feet. I will be nothing like your horrible ex-wife who wanted a career.

      She honestly cannot act. Everything she has starred in has shown that. I mean she has no movies lined up and I think it did set her back when the producer of whatever that movie with Channing Tatum was kicked her off and got Aloof (AKA Rooney Mara) to star in it instead.

      • mercyme says:

        But they didn’t get together right away. Not even after Scarlett was first out of the gate with a much-publicised fling with Sean Penn. Blake’s foodie interests pre-date Ryan by years.

        That she won the ‘Side Effects’ role in the first place runs counter to the ‘she can’t at all’ meme.

      • Moncheechee says:

        dead on , lol. Games people play…

    • Jeezz says:


      well said. exactly what I was thinking.

    • Stella says:

      I agree with this full-on. Blake doesn’t seem to be the brightest crayon in the box, so I was blown away when they got married. But Ryan is DEFINITELY a serial monogamist (remember Alanis?) and the idea of him wanting babies isn’t even a little bit of a shock. But with her? I have no idea what she could offer. He should really meet some nice, not-famous girl and settle down for real.

  3. lisa says:

    she’s always been a big baker. i think it may be her true calling.

    but baking isnt breeding. he could vet these girls better.

    • Ellie says:

      I have always wondered if Blake Lively’s “i bake constantly” is really true. Because there’s some article about it with her claiming to “never” use recipes and how that sucks for her “because then they turn out delicious and she doesn’t know how to do it again.” My problem with that is that baking is different than cooking—with cooking, you can easily riff off of old recipes you’ve made or even create your own, but baking is more of an exact science. I just don’t see Blake being some master chemist who can work out all-new, perfect baking formulas in her head. She seems more the type who just thinks it would sound cool for her to say so. If she really is the expert baker she says, she has a lot of willpower because she clearly doesn’t eat much of her baking.

      • lisa says:

        then she can give me that stove of hers, it’s domestic pron

      • mercyme says:

        Maybe she likes to experiment. 😉 I do too, but you’re right it is more difficult to be successful at it with baking. But ever the optimist (or just plain stubborn), it doesn’t stop me from trying lol. You can experiment with different flavourings pretty easily, but messing with fat and water ratios, or different kinds of flours, takes real knowledge about how ingredients interact to pull off.

        My grandmother rarely baked from recipes and even when she did her recipes didn’t turn out the same when I made them. There’s a lot of technique that is learned by doing — and failing until you get it right.

      • Me Three says:

        You are so spot on. Why people take most of the celebs like Blake seriously is beyond me. They play the PR game well. Anyone can say they like to bake. They can claim they never work out and eat what they want and still wear a size 0. The thing is that, for the most part, it’s just BS. So she says she likes to bake cookies. Yeah right.

        It’s like George Clooney’s newest GF…trying to make herself the world’s next nutrition and fitness guru. Or, Nicole Ritchie with her “fashion line.” Or Jessica Alba, mother of the year, whos never met a Pap she didnt put on her speed dial. These wanna-be stars without any discernible talent other than how they look (which is the result generally of plastic surgery, 3-4 hour workout sessions with private trainers everyday and the Hollywood version of Meals on Wheels, say a lot of things. Most of which is not true.

    • Tamap says:

      The baby issue with her is NOT news, this is a woman who takes her nieces & nephews on interviews, this woman had said in Allure that she would have 30 babies if she could. She said the best gift she got was a tape of the day in the life of her nieces & nephews, she had a children’s choir sing at her wedding with a carnival theme w/rides. She talks “babies “ all the time.

  4. Shelley says:

    They both annoy me but they look good together. And what career exactly does she want to focus on? Are they making a Gossip Girl movie?

  5. Ellen says:

    This sounds made-up to me. She is NOT focusing on her career, she’s pretty much been in homemaker mode already. Maybe they wanted to wait a year to start trying, maybe she’s having fertility problems (or he is!), who knows. But I actually think this is a conversation that the two of them totally had. Blake won him in the first place with her promise of cupcakes and babies, and she’s not going to change her tune now.

    • @Ellen says:

      Sounds made up to me too.
      You can only laugh at comments here apparently Blake ‘forced’ Ryan, ‘coerced’ Ryan, ‘bound and gagged’ him into marrying her, because she wanted security – her game plan. * bond baddie laughter*
      God help her if she had gotten pregnant right away, the theory would then be she practically trapped him.
      That maybe Ryan quite likes her, the story is BS and they are living THEIR low key domestic life on their OWN terms is not a possibility. Its apparently a flaw in Blake’s ‘Machiavellian’ plot.

  6. lem says:

    while i think it’s definitely a convo they should’ve had before marriage, i don’t want to blame it all on Reynolds for trying to change her mind. My guess is that she fed him all that he wanted to hear and he genuinely thought that she wanted to settle down at her age too. I think she pulled the bait and switch more than he thought he could convince her to start having babies after they got married.

    • mercyme says:

      He was recently quoted as saying that when he has kids, his priorities will change and he will be taking time off. Maybe he wants to wait until his schedule is clear.

  7. Bianca says:

    Do people actually find him good-looking?

    • Starrywonder says:

      Yeah shocking isn’t it. Gerbily babies has been making me laugh for five minutes straight.

      I think Ryan Reynolds has a great body and that he has a funny sense of humor so for most people that equals hot guy. But yeah his face is not doing a thing for me….Bendedict Cumberbatch all day everyday and twice on Sunday. Ryan Reynolds not so much…

      • mercyme says:

        Cumby doesn’t do it for me in photos, but I understand the appeal more when I see him on screen and I appreciate that there is so much love for his unconventional good looks.

        I didn’t get Ryan’s appeal until I saw him in a movie called Smokin’ Aces and then I saw him interviewed. He was ‘boyfriend of Alanis Morissette’ until then. 😉 His pics are hit-and-miss. He has the weird shaved-on-the-sides haircut for the movie he was filming in these ones.

      • Stella says:

        Benedict Cumberbatch has a voice that could make god cry, but I agree that he’s sexier on film than in photos- something about the way he tapers from head into neck doesn’t look good in freeze frame.

    • b says:

      People do but I think I feel the way you do about him.

    • Tamap says:

      Yes I for one find him a nice looking man, and I am sure many agree. He does not have a model face but I have seen him up close and he is Real Tall, and looks Real Healthy, he has a Boyish face that is timeless. He looks as young as he did in his Van Wilder days. This youthful look will serve him well as he ages. He and Blake do not look like there is a 10 yr age difference between them.

  8. amberly says:

    If she wants to focus on her career, why hasn’t she done ANY projects since Gossip Girl wrapped up? That show went off the air in 2012 and she hasn’t even been attached to any projects since and it’s 2013. As much as I don’t like her, either she’s taking a break to start a family and that’s why she’s not working or she’s waiting for a good project and hasn’t found one yet because there are far worse actresses finding work. I do often wonder if she’s been blacklisted but that’s her own problem if she is.

  9. Talie says:

    This reminds me of a book I read on Artie Shaw who married both Lana Turner and Ava Garnder and the marriages ended because he tried and tried to turn them into housewives. It worked for about 6 mons with both and then…yeah.

  10. b says:

    I can’t picture a guy being desperate to settle down and have babies, let alone Ryan Reynolds with the world his oyster. But maybe I just haven’t met any guys who admit to it.

    • Mia 4S says:

      If there is any truth to the story it’s probably he wants a kid, he then thinks she’ll settle down to raise it and the world will remain his oyster. Maybe that’s what they want…given that her career has stalled maybe that’s the way to go.

    • anomyous says:

      I find it strange how much flack this man gets for wanting marriage and family. It is not a sign of weakness, it is a display of commitment. What is SO wrong with this? Guys are mad because they live vicariously thru these guys. With his money and looks, he should be sleeping w/as many women as he can. He is NOT Leo Dicaprio. Based on his story, he and Blake have families & parents w/strong marriages. This they have in common. I pray they can do the same things.

    • jess says:

      Really?? You must only know partiers then…I know a ton of guys who just want to settle down and have children (and yes, they are under 30 too!)

    • Turtle Dove says:

      @ b

      Uhh… ever hear of this guy called Brad Pitt, who nearly cried during an interview he was giving with his co-star George Clooney when talking about his desire to have kids? The rest, as they say, is history.

  11. The Original Mia says:

    What career? Seriously, she cannot act. There are a ton of better actresses out there not to waste time on human Barbie.

    If Ryan wants a kid so badly, find a surrogate and get one. She doesn’t have to have a kid until she’s ready. Deal with it, Ryan.

    Granted, I have to laugh because people slagged on Scarlet for waiting and being ambitious. Well guess what? Ryan’s new wife is ambitious, but she’s already accomplished what she wanted: security.

  12. Lamont says:

    Oh look another negative Blake and Ryan tale comes from Star Magazine

    Before they got married
    “Blake wants to destroy Ryan’s house”
    “Her pal are too immature for him”
    “She’s forcing him to marriage”

    After they got married
    She hates the camping”
    She’s flirting with Penn”
    He’s watching too much TV”
    Now this. LMAO

    Hardly other rags like Life & Style or In Touch. All Star.
    TBF its been a while since the mag has lazered a dastardly duo story @them. I guess the mag was suffering from withdrawals

    • mercyme says:


    • A FAN says:

      This rag mag seems to have a vindette againist this beautiful couple. They do not concentrate their negative articles on any couple like this. I am begininning to wonder just why RR makes them so angry. In addition to these stories, remember they had a front page story about Ryan & Sandra having a BIG Texas wedding with Louis as her best man.

      • mercyme says:

        LOL the big Texas wedding was hilarious, but I’m sure it moved copies that week and that’s all The Star seems to care about. If they had inside sources for their Ryan-Scarlett coverage, it probably wasn’t from his side because their track record is miserable as of late.

        I never bought the Ryan is pining for a baby, wants her to settle down stories when he was married to Scarlett. He always said not anytime soon, they were both working on location a lot, and their property purchases were not kid-friendly.

  13. moon says:

    Well….Blake’s still young of course, so it shouldn’t be that difficult getting pregnant, but you never know. Maybe she has fertility issues. Or maybe he does.

  14. Madpoe says:

    idk Rye…should’ve knocked her up before you put a ring on it. That or I’m sure your fans wouldn’t say no, wait my career…just sayin’.

  15. Diana says:

    I think she has too much game not to at least consider having a baby within the next year or two. She’s never going to stay relevant on her own, but…with chubby babies and aprons and cupcakes? And a passion for cloth diapers and a blog of her own to help re-brand herself? Yeah. She only needs to look at Goop and Jessica Alba to find her way back to semi-relevant status.

    • mercyme says:

      This is a woman with no presence on social media and who has shown no desire for it. It will be interesting to see if that ever changes. You’d think she would have planted the seeds by now and at least started a twitter or something.

    • anomyous says:

      Do you honestly believe she wants a baby to be relevant to Hollywood and just how will that help her career. I would suspect she wants a career like Martha Steward as opposed to movie star. She has been accused with sleeping with anybody to further her career. Now it’s “ MOTHERHOOD OR WH…RE “ The story is about her NOT wanting children and Ryan DESPERATE for babies. All of this sounds RIDUCULOS . It is so hard to believe he has a 3rd movie out this yr and has begin filming 2 others. He said he will prioritize his time when he starts a family. His schedule does not look like this is happening soon.

      • Diana says:

        In this day and age, pregnancy, bumpwatch and early motherhood makes even decades old has beens relevant again. I’m not saying its right, but that’s just what I’ve seen.

  16. Louise says:

    His make up and teeth. Just no.

  17. j.eyre says:

    I am stunned by the number of couples I know that didn’t have a proper discussion re:family planning prior to marriage.

  18. mercyme says:

    Whatever The Star wrote about Ryan and Scarlett’s marriage doesn’t change their lousy track record on Ryan and Blake’s.

    Blake said she was taking a year off after Gossip Girl was over. She talked about wanting to travel and maybe even going back to school. No mention of babies, and she’s not the type to do a shotgun wedding. But it will probably happen sooner rather than later. They just bought a big house.

    • observer says:

      She said that six yrs with “Gossip Girl” was like being in school and she was glad for the opportunity, but happy it was over. If you notice she has been doing her Gucci duties and traveling with her husband which shows in the recent photos do not look like she is that “UNHAPPY” being with him. Their PDA at “Chime for Change” concert showed they are still in the honeymoon phase. They are still working on the house, pictures of them at a nursery buying plants last Sat. For now: THEY JUST MAYBE HAPPY!! With each other

  19. OK says:

    Maybe he needs to stop marrying these young women and find someone closer to his age that is ready for a family.

    • observer says:

      How many men in his age group are looking for an OLDER woman to marry and have children with?? Men are not looking for OLDER Women PERIOD!! Younger men date older women for a while, but the May-June relationships do not work that well. She is at the perfect child barring age. She is NOT too young. I would think this is a great time to enjoy mother hood. Given they provide whatever a family needs.

  20. Bridget says:

    I call BS. Just filling column space i

  21. mimi says:

    This is something that should have been discussed before they got married, no?

  22. Cool Phosphorescent Shimmer says:

    Next time, he should insist on a pregnancy BEFORE the wedding. Fool me about babies once, shame on you. Fool me about babies TWICE…well, you know the rest.

  23. lady_luck says:

    Gerbil-y babies. Absolutely hilaire. Hats off 😀

    Yes u are right, his last two choices were young, fame/fortune hungry blondes with boobs at the infancy of their anticipated success, the last thing on their minds would be running around barefoot and confined to the kitchen stove. so what did he expect?

  24. mercyme says:

    The women are barefoot-n-pregnant, chained-to-the-kitchen, or cold-hearted, man-eating, and career obsessed. The men are controlling cads or weak and whipped. I know the stereotypes are good for gossip, but they don’t always apply. This couple has lived their lives largely out of the spotlight and they’re not bothering anyone to the point of being called “boring.” Why The Star keeps hating on them is beyond me.

  25. onegirlup says:

    meh…. *yawn*..zzzzz

  26. Meggin says:

    Eh. I really don’t find him attractive. You hit the nail on the head with gerbil-y.

  27. MrsBPitt says:

    I think they look very happy together…Ryan and Scarlet just never seemed like a good fit…

  28. Alyce says:

    I just want to add that not having a kid less than a year in doesn’t mean Blake lied about wanting babies… You can want babies and still want to wait a few years!

    • Sam H x says:

      Ditto. It could be she wants to enjoy her married life with her husband before they have children. They’re happy and choose to stay relatively low key which is good. I wish them all the best! 🙂 x

  29. Kosmos says:

    I dunno, why is it that I don’t really get these two? After Scarlett, who I really didn’t like anyway and still don’t, then Blake, who seems at least very sweet and personable compared to Scarjo, but got married so soon. Ryan started off making some cute films that everyone was watching, then he seems to have fallen off quite a bit, especially after his divorce, hmmm. And Blake, who never seems to have been in demand as an actress, but is very attractive, is suddenly just being his wife, but I don’t see her doing much more. I definitely think she doesn’t need to get preggers right away. These are years where she can still do as she pleases, but once she’s got children, that all changes. He probably just wants her home with children to keep her there, ya know?

    • Katy74 says:

      If they want to start a family immediately God Bless them. It seems that Ryan wanted to commit to this relationship. They could have moved in together and after living together had a couple of kids in hopes he would eventually marry her. Angie and Brad have SIX children and now she is so happy they are ENGAGED. Kim K has just given birth w/her current BOYFRIEND with no plans to legalize anything. Just look how the magazine discuss them. When and if Blake does give birth to a child in this marriage, the baby will be born into the Reynolds family and know their parents had enough forethought to do it in the right order. As far as careers go, Blake has done more in her yrs than most of us will ever do. She is rich, has traveled around the world in a first class fashion, more times than we can count, has access to God knows who and is still part of Gucci and Channel labels. Career wise, she may have already accomplished what she wanted and that fades…. but a family is something you build that will last.

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