Does Kerry Washington have something going with Scandal co-star Tony Goldwyn?

Do you guys watch Scandal? Last month I started marathoning it on Netflix instant, which has season 1, and loved it so much I bought the second season on iTunes. The first season was more measured, although that’s highly relative, and I enjoyed the pacing more than the second. The constant plot twists got ridiculous in the second season, and I didn’t find the main love story believable at all. (I’m trying to avoid spoilers, but they’re somewhat inevitable, so stop reading if you don’t want to learn more about this great show.)

Spoilers for past episodes of Scandal
In Scandal, Kerry Washington’s lead character, crisis manager Olivia Pope, is having a torrid love affair with the married President. I have a hard time buying their romance. Olivia doesn’t seem like the type to fall for a guy just because he’s in power (she’s a power player in her own right) and the President comes across as too forceful and graceless to win her affections. They keep breaking up and getting back together, and while I could see them having a fling on the campaign trail, Olivia seems too smart to keep running back to him. That she does, though, and we’re just waiting to see what happens next season. I doubt those two will stay together or go public with their relationship because it will be a disaster and Olivia knows it. Her head will win out over her heart, as it should have done from the beginning, given what we know about her character.

Anyway, Star Magazine is trying to make something offscreen between Kerry Washington and the married actor who plays President Grant, Tony Goldwyn. It sounds like some fan fiction, but I could see his wife wondering if something is going on behind the scenes. In a recent interview, Tony admitted that his wife doesn’t watch the show and that he doesn’t want her to:

The drama on ABC’s Scandal isn’t just on the small screen! In a scenario fit for the juicy series, Tony Goldwyn’s real-life wife is jealous over his too-close-for-comfort relationship with his on-screen love interest, Kerry Washington, 3. In a recent interview, 53 year-old Tony – who plays President Fitzgerald Grant – admitted that his wife, Jane Musky, 59, isn’t a fan of his sexy story line. “My wife doesn’t watch it,” Tony revealed. “I don’t encourage it.” But insiders explain that Jane’s jealousy is about much more than just his love scenes. “Tony and Jane constantly argue about his close off-camera relationship with Kerry,” spills the spy. “Jane has been to the set a few times and thought Kerry was too flirty with him in between takes. Tony constantly reassures her that nothing would ever happen with Kerry, but she will never be comfortable with it.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, July 1, 2013]

Kerry Washington is gorgeous and single (as far as we know) and the tabloids are constantly trying to link her with someone. Last year The Enquirer was claiming that Michele Obama was jealous of Kerry’s close relationship with President Obama and had banned her from the White House. (Kerry helped campaign for Obama and was appointed to his Arts and Humanities committee.) That whole scenario sounded like it was lifted from “Scandal,” as does this one. She’s performing a role and she does it so well that people are convinced it mirrors her personal life. I would like to know more about her personal life actually. She seems to play it very close to her chest. This is all I could find about her dating history. I like that she’s not linked to men constantly. Who should we set Kerry up with? Maybe some Washington power player. Gah I’m doing it too!

Note: I could not find a photo of Tony Goldwyn with his wife. He usually takes his daughter, Anna, with him to events. He’s been married since 1987!

Kerry Washington is shown on 5-15 at the ABC Upfronts (red dress), on 5-14 outside GMA, and on 6-5 at the “Sundance Institute honoring Roger Ebert and Ryan Coogler” (white dress). Photos of Kerry and Tony are from the NAACP Image Awards on 2-1-13. Credit: and FameFlynet

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  1. Miss M says:

    “Do you guys watch Scandal?”

    Heck yeah! Second season was not that good with all the love triangle drama (Yawn!). One of my fave characters from the first season didn’t go back to the second.

    I love Tony Goldwyn since “Ghost”. Can you believe he is 53? Wow!

  2. taxi says:

    In the first picture, he looks like a younger Alan Alda.

  3. JenD says:

    I don’t like that storyline, either. Now, the romance between her and Jake I liked.

    • RHONYC says:

      i, for one, loved Jake’s offbeat sense of humor!

      remember, when he said to her “so, UN-TIL i decide how much i like YOU…”

      so fuggin’ funny. & although Olitz have great physical chemisty…

      gotdamn, GOT-DAMN! Jake’s juicy bottom LIP got me looking up all of Scott Foley’s work on youtube. :lol:

    • Miss M says:

      I love love Olivia and Jake!!!! Well, I can be a bit biased because I love Scott Foley! :)

    • Anna says:

      I’m with you. I am completely Team Jake. Team Jake needs to get together and get that man out of the dungeon.

    • Dingo says:

      Team Jake too – I really don’t like her with president. But I’m more into the other storylines: Love Huck, baby Huck and Joshua Malina. And Mellie and Cyrus are just genius.

      In Scandal I love love love Olivias style – Kerry in real life not so much.

    • Pia says:

      Team Jake too !

      Also, I sometimes (often) feel like The Pres manipulates Olivia to get her into bed, especially when he does that sad little boy face. And I’ve noticed that he’s always the first one to touch her, she never engages their “sexy times”. Maybe it’s just me, but this relationship is very toxic to HER
      (english is not my 1st language !)

    • Sarah says:

      Team Jake! When did Felicity’s Noel get so hunky??

    • Miss M says:

      Spoiler (if you haven’t seen the second season): I can only hope that somehow Olivia realizes Jake put his life in danger to save hers… Maybe Stephen will come back and help her pull some strings to save Jake from the Dungeon.

      Or Stephen gets trapped in a crime and asks Olivia to help prove his innocence, etc… I really want Stephen (Desmond in “Lost”) and Jake back for season 3.

      I don’t like this new plot for Quinn.. This was a girl who was shaking when her (hot) boyfriend was murder. I am very disappointed at the recent turn of events with her…

      • Janet says:

        The official word is that Jake is coming back next season. Now somebody get him out of that hole so he can give Fitz some real competition.

      • Miss M says:

        @Janet: You made my day with this news! I really hope he comes back.

  4. OMSS says:

    I know we aren’t allowed to do this, but this is his wife:

    People keep giving her a hard time about her look and say she isn’t equal to her husband in the looks department. But I think see looks good. She just isn’t into keeping up with Hollywood standards and doesn’t have to. She works behind the cameras a producer, while her husband works in front of it, and behind it also, as actor.

    • MsAubra says:


      Certain females swear there is something going on, and it says alot about them and what little character they have that they would push for something to be going on and then throw his wife of many years under the bus to justify it!

    • Dingo says:

      True – But when you she him with his daughters at events you just assume it must be his young wife or girlfriend – because its just so Hollywood normale for 50 years old men to have 22 to 35 year old girlfriends and small children.

  5. RHONYC says:

    FYI C.B. ~ for future eps don’t waste your money and stream the current season on Hulu. they’re available an hour after airtime.

    also, this is an old story and there’s nothing to it.

    here’s why: us Olitzers/Gladiators (yes, just a crazy as Brangeloonies) would H-A-T-E learning that and would drop that show like a bad habit.

    understandably their chemistry is super cray and obviously they are great, trusting friends off camera…you’d have to be to pull off those sex scenes…but, if something were to happen offscript, they’d better make sure its after the show wraps.

    we watch the show for the ‘fantasy’ of the story line. in real life no self-respecting chick would co-sign with such behavior.

    jussayin. :?

    • Celebitchy says:

      I will! I just got to the second season too late and needed something to watch during some off time, so I bought it, it was worth it!

      • RHONYC says:

        i heard that. Scandal is my crack so i know the feeling. :lol:

      • Kimmy says:

        I did the exact same thing you did. Season 1 on Netflix…..way too short IMO. And Season 2 from iTunes. It’s a juicy, fun show. I wish Desmond stuck around for Season 2 though. :(

    • db says:

      I actually find the storyline believable – they fell in-love BEFORE he was president – and the fact that she’s a “game-changer” makes her his equal (and superior – which was the main problem through season 2).

      But yes – I LOVE JAKE!!! So adorable…

      I can’t believe that I’m posting this… I’m so ashamed of my scandal addiction – and re-watch episodes at home under the guise of “background noise” while I do chores…

      so ashamed… so hooked! :)

    • Caroline says:

      I disagree. I am a crazed Olitz fan and if Tony and Kerry (who still have ridic chemistry off-set) wound up together I would not bat an eye.

      He’s been married forever to a woman older and let’s be honest, less attractive than him. People grow apart all the time, his daughters are grown, it would not be the worst or strangest thing to happen.

      I’ve seen them interviewed and he does not seem like he’s acting when he looks completely and utterly smitten with Kerry, because Kerry is an intelligent, gorgeous woman who shares many of his views (re: art and politics, for one). We know nothing of his wife and maybe that’s for a reason. There’s no “there” there anymore?

      • Marty says:

        I agee about not being surprised if they got together. They have CRAZY good chemistry on and off screen, but who knows?

      • Charli says:

        I honestly don’t know why some fans are so happy to throw Kerry in the ‘other woman’ role. There is nothing cute about being some man’s side chick I don’t care what his wife looks like.

        The “Terry” fans have created this fanfiction where Tony is going to leave his wife after his youngest daughter graduates high school and ride off into the sunset with Kerry with absolutely no repercussions. It’s a ridiculous notion but I don’t know why I’m surprised, these are the same people that have been butthurt since the finale because Olivia didn’t throw her career or her friends away for a married man.

  6. Janet says:

    Explosive sex scenes and insane chemistry between Goldwyn and Washington… yeah, I could see Mrs. Goldwyn getting a tad suspicious. This is the only show I watch regularly on the TV.

  7. Shelley says:

    Tony and Olivia are beyond hot in Scandal. I understand why anyone would think they are having a relationship in real life, but I think it’s just a case of good chemistry. They both seem to professional.
    And I CANNOT believe that ‘Fitz’ is 50 sumthing. He is so delish. i love his face *drool*

  8. Latisse says:

    I don’t believe it. I think must just be a slow gossip cycle.

  9. Jayna says:

    His wife is six years older than him? He was on Andy Cohen’s show and he was very attractive.

  10. AtiaoftheJulii says:

    If something comes out that they are having an affair, I would’t be suprised.

  11. Miss M says:

    CB, Thank you for talking about “Scandal”. It made my day! :)

    • RHONYC says:

      Miss M, i love your super cute icon!

      it reminds me of taking my daughter to see the Central Park Zoo penguins one hot 95 degree day when she was little.

      seeing penguins literally make me feel cool in this heat.

      cheers! :-D

      • Miss M says:

        @RHONYC: Thank you! I love penguins too! I remember I had an assignment to present about penguins sex life during my master’s. Poor little things, they have to overcome such harsh environmental conditions to procreate.

  12. Elle (the original or #2?) says:

    I came in here worried that my love for Tony Goldwyn would take a nosedive, but I’m not concerned. She’s flirty with him and that means something extra has to be going on? Nah, I need some clearer receipts before I believe that.

    I love them together on Scandal, but I hate hearing about these things getting messy off set. If he does ever cheat on his wife, I really don’t want to know about it. Yet I’m sure I’ll be unable to avoid the gossip.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      If anything, in their interviews, he’s a little flirty, but she is always very professional. I remember when the sex scene in the first season was aired, and everyone kept asking her about know talking about hot it was (which it was), and so on, and she didn’t want to draw too much attention to it, because he is married….but it’s a hard situation.

      Just because two people are comfortable together and have a good working and personal relationship doesn’t mean they’re having an affair. It’s like the Hugh Jackman rumors. Half the reason these rumors exist is because his wife isn’t some swimsuit model. Which they all hate.

  13. Dani says:

    I think I would have to stop watching Scandal if they were really having an affair. So cliche.

  14. PinkG says:

    She must have the same plastic surgeon as KK. They have the same face.

  15. Cody says:

    His wife may not watch the show, but I have read that his 2 teenage daughters watch the show and love it. He has been married for about 25 years and that probably is an eternity in Hollywood. I have been a big fan for years and from what I have read they have a pretty rock solid marriage and even though he is the Grand son of Samuel Goldwyn, he doesn’t get into that whole Hollywood thing. He grew up in show business and has been there and done that. This to me is the Hollywood gossip mill, so people will watch the show.

  16. mercyme says:

    No. Consider the source. Goldwyn has been married for years. His wife is in the business and he has talked openly about her attitude towards his love scenes. She sounds very secure with herself and her marriage. I have no reason to believe Kerry would be up for playing the ‘other woman,’ either.

  17. Nicole says:

    I think Tony Goldwyn’s wife has a reason to be nervous. There were rumors that Kerry and Chris Rock got together during “Why Did I Get Married?”. Did it happen? I dunno. I love her and I’ve been a fan of hers since “Save the Last Dance” and “Lift”. But I would be keeping an eye on her too.

  18. PrincessDi says:

    So, I’ve been a huge fan of Kerry’s since Our Song. There was a rumor that she was having a fling with Chris Rock on the set of I Think I love my Wife. Scandal, literally seems to follow the woman. I don’t put too much into it though.

  19. FassDong says:

    Star Mag is barking up the wrong tree. My understanding has always been that TG is gay – with or without a wife.

    Now that I think about it, is KW gay or bi?

    Or maybe KW is busy being the awesome first African American female lead on a great network show such that she doesn’t have time or bandwidth to pursue a monogamous relationship?

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      I think there was a show from the early ’60s starring Diahann Carol called Julia. So, I believe she’s the first black female lead in about 40 years. Not like that’s SO much better.

      • Ilar says:

        Actually, Julia (in the late 60′s) was the FIRST show with a Black female lead (Diahann Carroll), but it was a comedy. Scandal is the first DRAMA in about 38 years with a Black female lead. The last one was Get Christy Love in the 70′s starring the late Teresa Graves. It was a cop drama.

  20. OK says:

    Love Scandal! They do have crazy chemistry. If I was his wife I wouldn’t watch it either. But I don’t think KW is the type of woman who would do that. Then again I don’t know her so anything is possible.

    As far as the show I’m team Jake! She needs to be done with the President!

  21. Domestic_diva says:

    I hated Kerry until the day I finally jumped on the bandwagon her mouth looks like I lizard or dinosaur or something to me can’t stand it but Scandal has made me say screw what she looks like I love that show!!!! Tony has had crazy sex appeal since ghost just an aura he gives off totally don’t believe either of the, is that unprofessional and messy to fool around when they are in such a highly publicized position. Ps I love Quinn and huck they are my scandal power relationship can’t wait to see them next season Olivia and futz are starting to kinda wreck my nerves

  22. Ashling says:

    He is so hot as the president. I love Scandal!

  23. lucy2 says:

    I binged season 1 and caught up with 2. It’s definitely soapy fun, and I LOVE Olivia’s wardrobe. I like Kerry a lot, and Tony has a great and varied career. He’s directed some Justified episodes, and I saw him in a musical a few years back (and just out and about in NYC).

    I think we need to apply the Joey Tribbiani method here – if there’s chemistry on screen, nothing’s happening off screen, and vice versa.

    • Janet says:

      Um… that method didn’t work too well in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, did it? :lol:

    • shemari says:

      You’re basing your opinion off what a goofy TV character said?

      Anyway, Kerry and Tony have crazy OFF-SCREEN chemistry too.

      Brad and Angelina on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith people…

  24. Tania says:

    I thought ppl were posting a few weeks ago about her saying she was having an affair with some married director?

  25. Hmm says:

    Totally Team Olitz!!! Their chemistry on and off screen is blazing. And for the record Kerry spoke out unequivocally about the Chris Rock rumors a long time ago.

  26. Janet says:

    The whole premise of a Fitz/Olivia relationship is off the wall and Shonda Rimes is well aware of that. A Republican president is going to leave his respectable upper-class white wife for a black woman? Ain’t happenin’. He’d be impeached and out the door so fast he would’t know which end is up. I think the appeal of the show is two people in love caught up in an impossible situation and how it’s going to work out from one episode to the next. The only way I can see it working out is a very low-key clandestine relationship until Fitz’s second term is over and he leaves the White House — unless he arranges for his bitch wife to meet with a fatal accident.

    • Miss M says:

      Why her female characters get involved in love triangle and are the mistresses?! Grey almost had the same plot since Mcdreamy was still legally married when they started dating…

      Team Jake all the way!!!! :)

  27. Missy says:

    Team Olitz! Kerry and Scott have no chemistry together. Their scenes put me to sleep. There’s no fire.

    The rumors are probably true. You can see the chemistry offscreen too.

  28. Mandy says:

    Man, Tony Goldwyn used to be SO HOT. What happened! He seemed like a man that would age well, but he has definitely lost it. :(

  29. Deena Braun says:

    Fitz and Liv portray a once-in-a-lifetime love. A love so all consuming, combustible, and rare that if you’ve never experienced love like that yourself, it’s hard to describe. That said, it is impossible for her to love another man (SF)Jake like that. It would be highly unbelievable. In their hearts, Olitz will always belong to each other.

  30. Daisy says:

    I love Scandal and my best friend loves it as well. We always argue about Olivia and the Prez, she thinks they are amazing together and I think Olivia can do so much better (yes, better than the president haha). The president is just so wishy washy and expects olivia to drop everything and be with him. And I hate whenever she points out something he’s doing wrong he just starts making out with her and she goes with it….Team Jake all the way!

  31. angeli says:

    EWWW… she can do so much better. He’s OLD and has no eyebrows. Jake is sooo much hotter & has some juicy lips yumm

    • samjoy says:

      He has eyebrows, but I think they are blond. I love this show! Please don’t mess it up with this idle gossip! KW’s career has really taken off…I don’t think she would do anything to jeopardize it.

  32. Manonfire says:

    Tony and Kerry are hooooot together. I can totally picture them as a real couple, if it were to happen. But ewwww to Team Jake. Olitz was so great before Shonda messed up everything in season 2.

  33. Lacy says:

    It seems no one remembers the rumors about her and married Chris Rock. I think she likes unavailable men.

  34. Dappadaph says:

    I saw this rumor on the IMDB Board where they were trying to get this started up but the posters over there shut that talk down. I dont believe its true.

    I was Team Jake too. I thought Fitz needed some competition. And he’s wishy washy.

    I love Harrison and its his turn to have a romantic storyline.

  35. truthful says:

    Do I watch Scandal???

    Huck, retweeted one of my tweets to him and I am still on cloud NINE…

    I am sooo bored, while Scandal is on break…

    I never tweet but it was a time that Huck was really going thru it and my man found me teary eyed in the bed clutching a bottle of wine..

    first thing he said is “What happened to Huck?”

    uhh, Tony has a family..full of females..would Kerry really go there??

    I hope not.

  36. cdanreader says:

    You all need to read cdan, there’s a blind item there about Kerry and Tony. She’s being followed, people do think something has happened between them on set.

  37. WTF says:

    I LOVE SCANDAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I don’t think they are having an affair though.
    Am I the only one that thinks Tony is SMOKING hot on the show, but kind of blah as himself?

    And I have to disagree about the focus of the show. I watched every episode just hoping for more Olivia/Fitz drama!

  38. Alison says:

    The level of non information and denial in these posts is incredible. Anyone with a brain who has watched their interviews, photoshoots and interaction knows that they are together in real life. The only ones creating fanfic and tales are those creating the tale that because he’s been married 25 years then he is happy. Wake up, people in Hollywood stay married, especially that long, for reasons that have got nothing to do with love. There’s such a level of immaturity in the comments here, it’s cause of concern. When they are out as a couple (yes, when, not if) these bigots will be the first to spew hate at two people who are deeply in love and a man who’s stayed in a loveless marriage just for the sake of his daughters. Pathetic. Same people who spewed venom at Angelina Jolie back in time. Same exact attitude. Oh Brad is happily married! Yeah. NOT. Anyone watching Tony Goldwyn interact with the woman he’s married to would know there’s no such thing as a marriage there. And yet the bigots keep pretending reality doesn’t exist, because God forbid anyone who’s married to a woman who is older, who doesn’t make the slightest effort to look not good but decent for her partner, and who is clearly not his partner anymore try and get actual happiness. Unbelievable. Time to wake up. Tony Goldwyn is a gorgeous, smart, talented man who’s been unhappy for too long and quite simply found the woman who is perfect for him, and that is Kerry Washington. The “Terry” people haven’t created anything, it’s quite simply about opening eyes and seeing things for what they are, as opposed to having the blinded obstinacy to keep on going about him being happily married. That is the fairytale. Him being happily married. There is absolutely nothing to sustain that thesis other than the fact he’s still wearing a ring. Which as we all know means precious nothing in terms of happy marriage. And all the well informed in Hollywood know about him and Kerry anyway. By the way Crazy Days and Nights didn’t have just one blind item about them: there were three of them. Apparently gossip should only be handled by the actually well-informed, as opposed to the clearly misinformed.

    • MeganDraper says:

      Allison do you work in HW or know someone? Your post is very well informed like you know something.

    • StrawberryGirl says:

      I have to be honest for a really long time I thought it was just crazy fans making things up, but I definitely believe they’re together after seeing the way they interact. I also find it curious that since the chatter started about them possibly hooking up there hasn’t been a single picture of them together at events that were for the show. Also, I’ve noticed in recent months people have stated that in pictures that Kerry looks upset or sad about something. She could just be worn out from all the work, but something seems “off” about her. Almost as if she’s worried about something.

      Not to mention the very day this article was released, she posted on twitter that she was taking a month off from twitter.

    • shemari says:

      Jane has plenty of reasons to be worried. When Tony talks about Kerry he uses a string of superlatives to describe her as if she’s hung the moon. He’s said twice that she’s one of the most beautiful women on the PLANET.

      Not once have I read or heard him say anything pleasant about his wife of 26 years. He’s not described her as lovely, amazing, wonderful…NOTHING.

      Does that sound like they are happily married? I feel sorry for some of you married women if think that this is OK.

      Couple that with the fact that Tony and Kerry knew each other for years before Scandal. The very first time the crew saw them talk to each other on set (not as Olitz), they saw their smoldering hot chemistry. Still think there’s nothing to the rumors?

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        They said in an interview that they had worked together before, and Tony said yes to the role just because Kerry was doing the lead.

  39. Twez says:

    I’m heterosexual, but I’d still sleep with Kerry Washington before Tony Goldwyn. He was spectacularly gorgeous as a young man, and he’s not bad looking now, but his eye job is so distracting! Of course, it could be than anyone looks like crap next to Kerry, who is a goddess.

  40. Aaaa says:

    Good for Kerry potentially getting some real tabloid coverage.

  41. Sojourner says:

    Kind of off-topic, but: her upper lip kind of bothers me because it reminds me of all the celebrities who get injections into their upper lip to make it bigger than the bottom one. Am I just paranoid / is it totally natural?

  42. Janet says:

    CB if you watched the last episode of season 2, then you know the cat is already out of the bag about Fitz and Olivia. Somebody spilled the beans.

  43. davyJay says:

    God……she has a forehead like an IMAX screen and lips like overinflated bike tires. Wat a mess.

  44. Misslainey says:

    Honestly, I wondered about them ahwile back. Their chemistry is HOT! I mean, I have never seen any other actors like that before.

    As to his wife’s looks–no, she is not attractive, but they have been married a long time, and that makes me respect him. She is pretty well respected in her field (not exactly sure what she does, but some sort of Hollywood-y type job.)

    Let’s be honest, though: he is fine as all get out now, but remember ‘Ghost’? Not so much

  45. pitt says:

    He seems so into her, always looking at her, touching her, complimenting her and talking about how amaaaaaaazing she is.
    I feel sorry for his wife.

  46. duh says:

    With a face like that of course he is going to go gaga over her! She’s beautiful and has such a sweet delicate face that drives men crazy.

  47. Maya Dragunova says:

    I want to set Kerry up with Benedict Cumberbatch!

  48. lamgirls3 says:

    Dear God this man is beautiful! He was always cute as a young guy, but he has aged amazingly well and is all kinds of hot now.
    The scene where he is standing over her on the bed, shirtless… Oh I want to be her!!!

  49. LL2 says:

    I don’t know about Tony and Kerry but does anyone else think its ODD that Tony takes his daughter as his date to public events? I have seen many pictures of Tony at events and if his daughter isn’t his date, his sister is. His sister was date when he was nominated for his directing on Greys Anatomy. What would you think if your husband took his daughter or sister out to public events as his date instead of you? That to me is not a sign of a happily married couple. Something isn’t right. Honestly, I think Tony and his wife are married in name only.

    • miscka says:

      They aren’t together. If they were, they would’ve been outed a long time ago. There are just some crazy fans who have themselves believe that a man would throw away 30 years of marriage just because he has on-screen chemistry with his co-star.

      • LL2 says:


        I’m done speculating about Tony and Kerry. Only they know what is going on or not going on between them.

        My issue was Tony’s relationship with his wife. Don’t you find it ODD that he takes his daughter or sister out as his “date” to public functions rather than his wife? That is usually something unmarried actors like Bradley Cooper do. For example, Ben Affleck would not have attended the Oscars with his mom instead of Jennifer Garner. Married actors just don’t make a habit of taking female family members to social functions instead of their wives. Something just isn’t right. I’m not saying that Tony is cheating on his wife but something is definitely off about his marriage.

      • miscka says:


        His wife probably doesn’t like being in the public eye and works behind the scenes in Hollywood. Tony has been seen with his wife this year at public events so its not like it NEVER happens. Plenty of other actors take their kids/siblings/parents out to premieres all the time. It’s not a big deal.

    • StrawberryGirl says:

      Apparently his wife lives on the East Coast and he lives on the West Coast when filming Scandal. I agree something isn’t quite right.

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