John Mellencamp & Meg Ryan are still a thing, two & a half years later: surprising?

Here are some new photos of John Mellencamp and Meg Ryan in Rome. Yes, they’re still together. That surprises me too. John and Meg got together in late 2010, when he was still married. I feel pretty strongly that there was some overlap between his last marriage and his relationship with Meg. Since they got together, there have been reports of “secret engagements” and “secret weddings” but thus far, no official announcements have been made. I don’t think they’re married, but they might be engaged. Meg does seem to be wearing some kind of band on her left hand ring finger, for what it’s worth.

John and Meg seem to go to Italy on vacation at least once a year. Rome must be their romantic destination of choice. It’s kind of cute. I used to call them “crusty” but I’ll try to be nice now. They’ve been together for more than two-and-half years, which constitutes “the long haul” for musicians and actresses.

Also: Meg’s face seems somewhat settled after some really bad work several years ago. I still think she’s getting lip injections or something though. John must like her lips plump. Ugh. Gross. If she does that for him, maybe he could give up the cigarettes?

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Vee says:

    He is disgusting. I cannot imagine what his lungs look like. She looks ok.

    • Bubbling says:

      why is he disgusting? Physically I find him cute and se’sy 😉

      • CTgirl says:

        He’s disgusting because even after the multiple heart attacks he’s still smoking. And he’s like Madonna and Kristen Stewart in that even if he’s clean he looks like he needs a good scrubbing in the shower. Yuck.

    • curegirl0421 says:

      I can’t stand people who smoke in public – what an intrusive, asshole thing to do. If you smoke in public, you are essentially saying “I don’t care about anyone but myself and will force you to participate in my addiction.”

      Sorry, just had to get that off my chest!!

      • Anna-fo-Fanna says:

        I see what you’re saying, but if that’s how you feel – don’t ever go to Europe. Specifically France. People smoke EVERYWHERE there. It would be a very ragey trip for you, I think.

      • magpie says:

        I hate when people drive their big cars that give off lots of exhaust. Like above poster said, go to Europe. Ciggies are bad, but there are a lot of things worse to your health than second hand smoke. Awful GM food for example.

  2. Monie says:

    They look like they smell like sex, cigs, and Aspercreme. I also could have gone a lifetime without seeing the butt-grab-in-motion. Yuk! lol

  3. another nina says:

    They actually both wear bands on ring fingers.

    • kct says:

      I was going to say the same about the rings. I bet they are married. Strangely enough, I had recently wondered if they were still together. Other than the cigarettes, there is a strange appeal about him in a bad boy kind of way, and I’ll bet her just adores her (considering he always admired her, from what I understand). Girls, I’m here to tell you that when we get older, this is a big deal. I hope they’re happy.

      I watched You’ve Got Mail yesterday and she was so adorable then!

    • ahoyhoy says:

      Yeah—Both wearing wedding-type rings that look matchy.
      I doubt John would wear that band for no reason.

  4. Jackson says:

    FFS. Look at her legs – does she even have an ounce of body fat on her?? And her face, well, ok. Can’t see enough of it here to tell if it’s settled for the better or the worse. Too bad we couldn’t see a pic of what she would have looked like without the terrible surgery. I bet anything she’d look better than with whatever surgeries she’s had done. Having said all that, um….congrats on still being together.

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      It would be interesting to see what many of these long familiar celebs would have naturally aged like without surgery.

  5. Mia says:

    Good for them. She got a lot of shit for that thing with Russell Crowe when Dennis Quaid has been unfaithful to her for years. Typical sexist Hollywood.

    • Cazzie says:

      Yes, it is a sexist double standard- they let Mellencamp totally off the hook when he left his wife of 18 years for Meg Ryan.

      • Mia says:

        Ugh, it’s so frustrating to see how women always slam the other woman, yet practically ignore when a guy dumps his wife. Happens on this site a lot. Even back when Meg and Russell had their fling, she was attacked all over the place and her career suffered, while Russell’s career wen t from strength to strength. It’s one issue that really makes me see red.

  6. melina says:

    I have a soft spot in my heart for Meg Ryan!I hope she is happy with that dude, and i guess she is, since they are together for so long. Thank God her face looks so much better these days!

  7. Jules says:


  8. An says:

    They look into each other. I think it’s kind of cute. At least she is age appropriate?

    • Mia says:

      Very true. Plus she gets lots of abuse over her looks. It’s nice to see a famous, rich guy who could have a 23 year old Victoria Secret model hanging off his arm (cough Leo/George cough) not going down that route. She does look terrible thin but she looks happy. Kathy Najimy was with them walking down the street but most pictures cut her out.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I also think they’re cute together. As far as her physique, I think she’s naturally pretty thin. I’ve never seen her anything but tiny.

      Also, these photos make me miss EU 🙁

    • sitting quietly says:


    • Tiffany :) says:

      I think they are cute too. I don’t understand all of the hate? They seem smitten and they are age appropriate, etc.

  9. lucy2 says:

    I’m a little surprised, but they must be happy together.
    She really has all but disappeared from showbiz it seems.

  10. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Nice orthopedic sandals Meg, between those and the legs, you don’t looka day over 70.

    Also re: the lips. She’s been getting fillers forever. It’s just becoming more noticeable because her face has gotten thinner. She has THE worst case of joker face in Hollywood.

    • kiyoshigirl says:

      You do realize that she’s almost 60 years old, right? Sure hope you never end up with foot, let or hip problems that might cause you to wear “orthopedic shoes” later in life. As usual…ignorance is bliss.

      • Ange says:

        I would hope that if I needed orthopedic shoes I could still pick a pair that didn’t make me look like THAT.

  11. Dela says:

    WHY do people find this couple “suprising”? . love her. Good for them!
    It’s a shame the paparazzi still stalk her though.
    Great to see man go for a woman close to his OWN age.

  12. madchen says:

    I’m just grateful to see two middle-aged, mutually romantic people in public.

  13. Coopertown says:

    Fav couple! So badass!

  14. MyCatLoves TV says:

    I don’t understand the hate on these two. Maybe it’s cuz I’m older, too. (Older than Meg….which may be like “older than dirt” I dunno) The woman went thru her own stuff with men as have we all. She didn’t want to look older. As do we all. She effed up her face. She should have known better but she didn’t. Oh well. The lip thing. Well, I can’t figure out that one but whatever. She’s no Taylor Armstrong or anything yet. She never was a fatty so maybe she is just going to be a delicate and very slender old lady. Just check that bone density, girl!!! Meg has loved and been loved by a rock star for over two years. That’s an eternity by celebrity standards. He smokes. So does my man and I hate it but I love him. (He has tried so often to quit and has been ashamed that a weed has control. He’ll try again and I’ll support him!) The fact that a couple of middle age can still hold one another (and, yeah, grab a little ass) in this crazy world gives me hope. If you can find love and find happiness these days, good for you. No. I can’t hate on little — very little — Meg Ryan.

    • Jen says:

      I have always loved Meg. She was a wife for a long time and raised her son. Now, she seems happy so good for her. I think she looks good for her age and she has always been on the skinny side. One thing for sure, no one will ever take When Harry met Sally alway from her. She was epic in that movie.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I watched “You’ve Got Mail” again last night. Her face was so beautiful in it. It must be really hard if you have that kind of beauty to see it slipping away, especially in that business. I hope she can make some peace with aging, stop trying to “fix” it, and be happy.

    • Becky1 says:

      @MyCatLovesTV-I don’t get the hate, either, but I’m 40 so maybe age does play into it. I think it’s nice to see an age appropriate couple for a change. It sucks that there may have been an overlap between the end of his marriage and the beginning of their relationship but they seem happy and have been together for awhile by Hollywood standards.

      I have a bit of a soft spot for Meg. I remember back in the 80’s and 90’s when she was a big star. Fame of the level really does not last long but she had a really good run.

  15. Tiffany says:

    No one has said it yet, so I will be the first. Crusty Love FOR EVA!!!!!!

  16. Potluck says:

    Duh, Isn’t HE wearing a ring too?

  17. Carolyn says:

    I’m a bit behind the times. Why did Johnny Cougar & Elaine split?

  18. Sneezeloise says:

    Not surprised. Very cool. The “Lil Bastard” and America’s former Sweetheart

  19. VG says:

    They don’t even live in the same state(NY & IN), so I highly doubt they are married. LOL.
    Both are very very low key private people.

    I think His ex is married again and has a new baby.

  20. Decloo says:

    How can she stand to be around a guy who smokes? Yecch!

  21. Nerd Alert says:

    LOL @ her shoes.

    I’ve been getting ready to move and found some of my old cigs in the process. When I had a bit too much to drink on Saturday night I thought it would be fun to have one. WRONG. I completely lost my arugula dinner salad, felt terrible all Sunday and it didn’t feel like a typical hangover. Reminds me why I quit 4.5 years ago. UCK. Never again.

  22. lisa says:

    those are the ugliest shoes i have ever seen

  23. kibbles says:

    Too bad she ruined her face. She was so beautiful. The quintessential all-American girl next door beauty. Just watch Harry Met Sally and you will miss her old face and ask yourself why she feels the need to do this to herself. She would have aged nicely if she hadn’t lost so much weight and gotten botox, lip injections, etc. She also ruined her reputation and her career. I had no idea she was dating John Mellencamp and I don’t really care. She’s kind of fallen off the radar and not a lot of people seem particularly interested in her life or films anymore.

  24. Jayna says:

    I loved her movies until her fillers and lips. But they seem happy. Good for them. As most say, he could have a trophy girlfriend. It’s rare to see an age appropriate couple in Hollywood when a man splits up in middle age.

    • LaurieH says:

      You know what’s sad? If Meg wasn’t a Hollywood actress…if she were a nurse or a bank teller…she likely never would have gotten those filler and lip injections. Women in Hollywood are under enormous pressure to be impossibly thin and young. That’s why a majority of women in Hollywood start jacking their faces when they hit 40. Meaty roles for women over 40 in Hollywood are rare and you have to compete with people like Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep for them. It’s weird – Hollywood is filled with feminists who hypocritically tolerate this sexist industry.

  25. UsedToBeLulu says:

    Her face was not made for big lips at all. She was adorable just the way she was.

    Her extreme thinness has always concerned me – she doesn’t appear to have an ounce of fat her. Between that and the orthopaedic sandals… *wince*

  26. julies29 says:

    What’s with the hate on for her sandals?!! For once there is an actress wearing appropriate footwear for a walk through the city. I suppose it is shocking, as stripper heels are the new norm. I better hide my birkenstocks!

    • Becky1 says:

      Yeah, really! She’s walking and wearing comfortable walking sandals. It’s not like she’s wearing them at a movie premiere. I love my Tevas. I know they aren’t super stylish but they are definitely comfortable:)

      • kiyoshigirl says:

        Hilarious. Most of the people who are dogging on those Teva’s probably couldn’t afford a pair if they did like them. After decades of playing the Hollywood game wearing 5″ heels, her feet are probably crippled with ailments. She deserves an expensive pair of handmade sandals. Give the gal a break!

  27. Marmaduke45 says:

    Why no mention of her daughter, Daisy? Didn’t she adopt the little girl right after her divorce from Dennis Quaid was final? All you ever saw of her, by way of pictures, after that, was photos of her with her daughter. Strollers, parks, grocery shopping, etc. Now…poof! No more photos of her with the girl? I know her son is grown now, but not so the little girl…

  28. Madriani's Girl says:

    A violent, misogynistic chainsmoking greaser wannabe who has already had one major cardiac event and won’t stop smoking even though he was told it could kill him. Yum-my.

  29. mkyarwood says:

    My sister and I grew up with Teddi and Justice. Victoria is their mum, the last woman he overlapped with. Sweet girls 🙂

  30. Lisa says:

    He reeks of stale smoke and is a total prick. No. Just NO.

  31. magpie says:

    They would have been so hot together…15 years ago. They were both so beautiful. But they look like they were getting papped with no intention to. If they are happy more power to them.

  32. kiyoshigirl says:

    Wow! The ageism on this thread is unbelievable. Cut on them if you don’t like their lifestyle, or politics, but people tearing them apart for looking old is ridiculous. We’re all going to get there one day folks. Hope you all recollect these comments when you do.

  33. Shelly says:

    I will never get over what Meg did to her face. That is all.

  34. Keisha says:

    John Mellencamp has been my favorite singer my whole life and my first crush. I’m 42 now and he is still my favorite singer and his looks have aged well in my opinion. It’s ashamed that he is never going to stop smoking. After heart attacks,his son begging him to quit smoking and even putting out a petition for fans to get him to quit,none of it has even curbed his habit.