Jennifer Aniston’s wedding on hold because she refuses to be bicoastal with Justin

This should get good. As People Magazine’s sources claimed a few weeks ago, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s wedding is on hold indefinitely. It’s not just a timing issue, or a “we’re too busy to get married” issue. Even pro-Aniston sources are admitting that JustJen still has issues they need to work out before they get married. So what are those issues? Radar says it’s just a matter of Jennifer being a West Coast girl and Justin being an East Coast Boy.

Don’t ring those wedding bells quite yet. Jennifer Aniston has finally found true love with fiance, Justin Theroux but RadarOnline has learned exclusively why the couple has put their wedding on hold.

Justin is miserable living in Southern California and desperately wants to move back to New York City but Jen refuses to go, a source close to the situation tells Radar exclusively.

The Friends actress built a guest house at her stunning Bel Air mansion for Justin, a place for him to play music, and hang out with his pals, hoping it will ease his New York City blues. The couple has been engaged for 10 months but several recent reports have dished on the wedding being put on hold.

The conflict, says the source, is all about where to live.

“Justin has really tried to like living in Los Angeles, but he just doesn’t,” the source told Radar. “It’s not his vibe, he loves the energy and grittiness of New York City. He actually jokingly complains about the weather in LA, he doesn’t think it’s natural for it to be sunny year round, and misses having actually seasons.

“Jen is firmly planted in LA, and doesn’t like New York City. She felt exposed and hounded by the paps there. She bought several apartments in NYC, hoping to to make it home for the couple, but in the end, her heart just wasn’t in it.”

Aniston was hopeful that “building a nearly 2000 square foot guest house at her Bel Air mansion for Justin to use however he wanted would sway him to want to stay in Los Angeles,” the source added. “Jen has encouraged Justin to decorate it and use it however he wants. He could play his music, have his buddies over, or turn it into a state of the art man cave! He is appreciative of Jen’s efforts, but in the end, it still doesn’t change the fact that the couple is living in LA.”

And that conflict has prevented the couple from walking down the aisle so far — but is not expected to break them apart, says the source.

Despite having concerns about where the couple will live, “Justin loves Jen, and doesn’t want this to be a deal breaker for the relationship. He is confident they can work through it,” the source said.

[From Radar]

I said this a while back – Jennifer had always talked a good game about being a “New York Girl” at heart and how she always dreamed of moving back to New York. After she and Justin met on the set of Wanderlust (when he still had a live-in girlfriend), she decided to remake herself a New York Girl – she bought several properties in Manhattan and she started renovating them and she tried to play the New York hipster chick. But it became a game of bait-and-switch, because she’s really a California Girl, and as soon as she “won” Justin, she made him move back to California with her. And now she’s even gotten him a job with an HBO series, and I’m sure the series films in LA too. And still Justin is unhappy:

Jennifer Aniston has officially shot down fiance, Justin Thoreaux‘s proposed plan for the couple to live in New York City part-time, and the actress is refusing to live anywhere but in Southern California, is exclusively reporting.

Jen’s refusal to leave L.A. full time is the secret behind the couple’s stalled relationship., a source tells Radar exclusively.

While the couple seemed to be on a direct route to marriage, there has been no announcement but plenty of reports of trouble. But Jen and Justin are happy, the source tells Radar, with one major life-changing decision delaying their wedding: where to live.

As Radar reported, Thoreaux has been miserable living in sunny Los Angeles. But Jen has refused to move to New York. In an attempt to break the impasse and formalize the start of their new life together Justin proposed a bi-coastal solution.

“He suggested the couple could live in New York City part-time, no more than six months a year (and L.A. the rest of the time),” the source said. “Justin misses the Big Apple, and his friends. His entire life was in New York, and he uprooted his entire life to move to LA to be with Jen. He thinks it’s time Jen start to compromise, but she is absolutely refusing to live on the East Coast, even part-time.”

That refusal by Jen has led to the delay in marriage by a couple that seemed quickly headed down the altar. Jen has settled in Los Angeles and even spent a significant sum fixing up her house, where she expects to live with Justin.

[From Radar]

Aw, he misses his hipster friends! He wants to be able to hang out with Terry Richardson and…? I don’t know, I’m sure there are more. I mean, I get it, it’s a lot of change for him and he really doesn’t understand why Jennifer is so unwilling to compromise. I’m sort of surprised that she’s so unwilling to compromise too – I mean, it’s not like he’s asking her to spend six months in a crappy little apartment, you know? They can afford to be bicoastal in luxury.

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  1. slightly peeved says:

    JA’s whole complaint about being constantly papp’d in NYC doesn’t hold up. Plenty of famous people live there without constant papp attention. Most New Yorkers are blasé about celebrities and JA is not that interesting to them.
    It’s more likely sour grapes because she is ignored there, rather than followed around unless her team calls the papps.

    • brumhildawayne says:


      • springingforward says:

        This revelation is in preparation for the upcoming split;
        “oh, it’s so sad. They had to break up because they each have their own friends/family on opposite coasts!”

    • bella bella says:

      I could care less about Aniston but I do remember the press CONSTANTLY taking her picture once they knew where she was staying or lived — they just camped there and waited until she came in or out. It was ridiculous!

      • Angie says:

        That was a while ago. She doesn’t seem to be followed by the paparazzi much in the last few years except when she and Justin started dating.

    • Tangee says:

      +100 She needs to be seen and east coast doesn’t give care

    • lisa says:

      in NY there are way less opportunities to ice up your nips and wear a bikini just because

    • maxine says:

      I’m a native NYer and currently live in Manhattan. I’ve been to Southern California about 6 times and I can honestly say there’s no way I could live there. Feel for ya Justin.

      Yes, NY is wonderful all year long but late September/early October. . . . the best.

      Finally, I’ve seen a million celebs in NY. . . just saw Michael Strahan the other day walking down Broadway. You know why you see tons of celebs in NY. . . . because NOBODY CARES! Celebs can walk down the street, go to restaurants, shows etc. . . . NYers don’t even blink. Maybe that’s what bothers Jen. . . the sheer inconspicuousness of NY. . . oh the horror!

  2. DanaG says:

    I think Jen likes to get her own way and she really prefers the sun over snow so I’m wondering if that has something to do with it. Plus she tends to like to keep the men to herself. If they already have this many issues they are never going to marry cause it seems something new pops up every few weeks with them. Love how just about everyone including Jen has glazed over the fact she was the other women with Justin!

    • John Wayne Lives says:

      @DanaG….truth! and if this story is true (which I can see it being), this woman is her own worse enemy. Kaiser you called it..bait and switch

  3. Erinn says:

    I actually feel bad for Justin in this case. I can’t believe I just said that. It wouldn’t kill her to live in New York for even a couple months out of the year. Spend the summer in New York, and the winter in LA or something. If you love someone you work on compromise.

    • tracking says:

      Yeah, fall-early winter in New York is amazing. Seriously would not be tough with their resources. But of course who knows if any of this is even true. Isn’t she filming in NYC soon?

      • Erinn says:

        Mmm, we have simillar weather in the fall and early winter to New York (South West Nova Scotia) and it’s my favorite time of year. The temperatures are great, and it’s beautiful.

        I THINK she films in NY soon, though I’m not sure.

      • Cecila says:

        U said anything full if u love someone u compromise that’s what love is and if that’s all that’s keeping her from getting married that I don’t see what’s rhe problem just do it Jen he did so now it’s ur turn

    • pwal says:

      Team Fall- early Winter.

      I have no idea what NY is like in the fall and winter, but as a Michigander, fall and winter (except for ice storm weather) are my favorite seasons.

      And the color tours… haven’t had the time or money to travel north for the color tours, but driving the expressways gives you enough of a taste, although I doubt Justin is a color tour/cider mill kind of guy…

      • Amanda says:

        I’d love to go to NYC in the fall. Imagine how beautiful Central Park would look at that time of year.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        pwal, I can’t believe you live in Michigan too! Please tell me you live in the UP! Then I wouldn’t be the only one.

        Jennifer should be glad that it’s NY not the UP…..we had so much snow and rain this year it’s been ridiculous. Our basement kept flooding because the snow would melt, then it’d snow again.

      • videli says:

        I was about to ask jokingly if there’s still snow up there until I got to the flooded basement part. Sorry. I’m a thumb dweller myself.

      • pwal says:

        I live in the lower peninsula. Fortunately, I don’t live near either of the coasts, so no lake effect snow for me.

      • Barhey says:

        Michiganders!! I’m officially excited.

    • Pinky says:

      Fall-winter NY all the way. Brisk, crisp air. Colorful trees. Furry animals getting furrier. Wonderful.

    • nikko says:

      I would move to NY in a second. I think she doesn’t want to go because of his ex-girlfriend. Scared he might go back to her. She should compromise with it. It’s a two way thang Jen.

  4. Belle Epoch says:

    Maybe he does have a brain after all. I was prepared to scoff at whatever they said about JustJen but this sounds true. Once you have lived in New York there just isn’t anything else like it – plus many people have a strong sense of “home” wherever they are from. I tried living in my hubby’s hometown for a year and HATED it. Fortunately he was willing to move! Jen should compromise if she wants to keep him.

    • Sabrine says:

      They have to compromise or this relationship is going nowhere. Could this be his chance to end it, the opportunity he’s been looking for? He lived with his last girlfriend for 14 years. Maybe he’s not the marrying kind. He gave it a shot but got major cold feet and all he wants now is to hightail it back to NYC.

  5. ahoyhoy says:

    Seriously, these stories are planted. If Jen’s as media-savvy as she’s proven time & again, Jen is plotting the break-up to happen while we’re all fawning over the royal baby.
    If not then, Christmas.

    Mark my words.

    • evyn says:

      Her movie is coming out in Aug. The same one she was filming when she got engaged.

      • ahoyhoy says:

        So Jen’s folks are crunching numbers right now and deciding whether coming out as a FRESHLY ‘brave victim’ (AGAIN) to promote her film will sell tickets.

        Her media manipulations always impress me, regardless. We shall see. It’ll be this year though. Nobody runs to People for a spread on delaying their wedding unless they’re selling SOMETHING. People is 100% publicist-approved material. smdh

    • FLORC says:

      I have to agree. I think there is a hint of truth with her way or the highway, but that makes this story easily believed. She needs to be in the press again fr a variety of reasons. And Justin has already accepted his new life. He’s not going to start bickering with his bank account/Fiance.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I do wonder about that. There may be love and affection there, but there’s also a desire for a higher public profile, fame, and more job opportunities-all that he got through her. So it doesn’t make sense for him to start pulling back, even if it is making him miserable in LA. Unless, of course, he thinks this series will be a hit….but is he dumb enough to take that chance?

        I would not put it past her to dump him before the film. Or if she already dumped him, to announce it just before the film comes out. I would not be surprised. Wouldn’t this be the first time she’s dumped a boyfriend?

        But who knows? Maybe he’s tired of her crap and doesn’t think she’s worth it, so he dumped her already. Either way, I just don’t see them getting married, even to try to draw attention to themselves.

  6. MoxyLady007 says:

    Huh. I also don’t like NYC but if living there part time was important to my husband, that would be enough for me.
    Hopefully this story is BS. Not likely though since its in people mag.

    • meee says:

      Ditto. AND if I had her financial status, it would make living in NY extremely palatable. I mean come on. This is ridiculous for her to be so stubborn about.

  7. Nicolette says:

    Because it’s all about her, always has been always will be. I keep saying it, this wedding will never happen and I wouldn’t be the least bit shocked if he wound up back with his ex.

  8. evyn says:

    Her love for NY ended when she didn’t get any offers for Broadway. She made such a big show of moving there because it was better for actors, but nothing came from it.
    As for the paps, it WAS a miracle they were at every restaurant she and Justin exited.
    She was always smiling, and usually with her ever present hand-on-belly pose.

  9. Gina says:

    I can understand not wanting to relocate permanently,but you’d think they could compromise. All his friends are in NYC (Philip Seymour Hoffman, John Krasinski, Ben Stiller, creepy Uncle Terry), while hers are in LA, so being bi-coastal seems the best solution.

    I also think his Pilot starts filming today in New York, so that could be the reason for the wedding delay.

    It’s touch to compare her with other New York celebs who go under the radar, as I’m not sure I can think of anyone there who creates a bigger tabloid frenzy, but after a while they’d surely lose interest. I guess in LA there’s a little more distance between them though.

    • An says:

      Maybe she hates creepy uncle Terry and wants Justin away from his creepy influence.

      Ok but seriously, surely they can spend 25% of the time in NY right? They have oodles of money to do that.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I don’t think she hates Uncle Terry…she’s friends with/associates herself with Joe Francis….I’m not sure which one of them is creepier.

      • Gina says:

        Virgilia, she’s friends with Joe Francis since when? You mean she rented his house years ago. Like Orlando Bloom and Jack Nicholson and numerous others did. I doubt if she’s ever even met him, and there’s no reason to claim that they were friends….

        Uncle Terry on the other hand is pure creep, but he’s still a well-respected photographer whose subjects include the POTUS.

    • Backstage Bitchy says:

      “I’m not sure I can think of anyone there who creates a bigger tabloid frenzy, but after a while they’d surely lose interest.”
      Katie Holmes. When she came here right after the divorce, it was tabloid and pap madness. And now it’s not. She rode it out, and now she goes the the Brooklyn Flea and local parks and gets left alone. Aniston is FROM New York- she could figure it out if she wanted to. But here’s the key- she is not at all “cool” in NYC. To New Yorkers, she is a shallow, boring, dizzy, bleached out, over-tanned Cali girl who is not interesting as an actress, an artist or a person. She’s not in with the cool kids here, and she is way out of her teeny tiny comfort zone.

    • Backstage Bitchy says:

      “I’m not sure I can think of anyone there who creates a bigger tabloid frenzy”
      Katie Holmes. When she came here right after the divorce, it was tabloid and pap madness. And now it’s not. She rode it out, and now she goes the the Brooklyn Flea and local parks and gets left alone. Aniston is FROM New York- she could figure it out if she wanted to. But here’s the key- she is not at all “cool” in NYC. To New Yorkers, she is a shallow, boring, dizzy, bleached out, over-tanned Cali girl who is not interesting as an actress, an artist or a person. She’s not in with the cool kids here, and she is way out of her teeny tiny comfort zone.

  10. heyu says:

    His pilot of his series starts filming in ny this week according to ‘on location’ website.

    Aniston also starts filming a movie with owen wilson in ny this july.

    So they both gonna be in new york for a while.

  11. DenG says:

    Awww. She’s spent so much effort in becoming a California girl with the blue contacts and blonde hair and natural vibe. Uh-huh. Smoke another one.

    • bella bella says:

      You mean her eyes are fake, too?? I had no idea!

      • Gina says:

        They’re not. It’s a tin-foil-hat conspiracy, but there are plenty of pictures of her as a baby/child with blue eyes.

  12. epiphany says:

    Someone commented on one of the many JustJen stories last week, that perhaps they have already split, and these Kneepad “trouble in Paradise” reports were the Aniston PR team’s way of breaking the news slowly, while casting Aniston in the role of victim once again.

  13. janie says:

    I wish she would just fall off the face of the earth… preferably in NYC!

  14. bettyrose says:

    I don’t see the downside here since money is no object. NYC is awesome but the weather sux, so bouncing back and forth between the coasts is great. Plus, a little distance is healthy for couples, especially ones in fake relationships.

    • pwal says:

      Plus, some people get the SADs when fall and/or winter hits. If they spend enough time in NYC during the fall and winter months and Justin gets the SADs, then he will likely be the one to suggest heading back to CA. Or vice versa.

  15. Paloma says:

    I actually believe this rumor. The older you get, the harder it would be to uproot your life.

  16. lisa2 says:

    FIRST: I don’t think they have broken up

    I think it is all about being honest with who you are. She made this huge production of moving to NYC. This was all before we knew about Justin. She was going to do theater. It was her passion. Her heart was always there. LA was just not the place it use to be. Then she buys apartments. Starts expensive renovations. ALL before we knew about Justin. She was photographed walking the streets of NY. Then the Justin revelation came and it was OH that’s why she is a NYC girl now.

    She has a pattern of doing this in every relationship. Every single one. Justin is not a baby and he should have seen that she didn’t really love NYC. She has enough money to be bi coastal. She even said that in an interview when she was asked about her moving to NYC. She said that she wouldn’t be doing that; moving to NYC permanently. That she could see a bicoastal thing. This is what you talk about when you are in a committed relationship and are getting married. We see other couples that are able to make it work.

    And curious that there have been no denials from either camp.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      That’s because all Huvane denies is whether or not Jennifer is on a baby food diet to the tabloids.

  17. Thinker says:

    This is the Jennifer Aniston phantom pregnany all over again. I’m already sick of these stories. Hasn’t this same article been written every month this year?

  18. Contrived says:

    I don’t buy anything coming from her camp anymore. All of it is such bullsh*t!

    This relationship was fake from the get go, with the perfectly timed “announcement” of an engagement to steal thunder/ride coattails off of Brad.

    *who announces 2 months b4 a ring appears?

    Then the exclusive with People that the wedding is immanent on Oscar weekend?? SHE GAVE THE OK for People to run that.

    Now, right with WWZ…She’s back on the cover????

    Now, this slow trickle…it’s a bicoastal thing?? PLEASE..that just so happens to have become an issue when BP’s movie came out right?

    WAKE THE F*** up Yall. She’s playing all of us. This relationship only purpose is to keep her current.

  19. The Original G says:

    I’ve said this before. It’s like the old Justin has been erased in their time together. His quirks, his personality and interest, all flattened. He always looks himself in NYC.

    That building him a house of his own for his friends sounds ….I dunno, strange? Like their house isn’t his as well?

    • Tara says:

      Yeah, it sounds like his mommy built him a romper room.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @The Original G, who wrote: “That building him a house of his own for his friends sounds ….I dunno, strange? Like their house isn’t his as well?”

      Or like they’re living separate lives. A 2,000 square foot home is pretty spacious. It’s like she’s saying “I’ll pay for your friends to come ‘here’ to visit you … just keep them in ‘your’ house, away from me and my L.A. friends.”

      She won’t move to NYC, even part-time, and it seems like she won’t ‘allow’ Justin to visit there longer than a couple of weeks at a time either (unless one of them is working on a film project).

      It almost sounds as if Justin is Jen’s Beard, doesn’t it? I’ve said it before … I really think Jennifer Aniston is Bi, but prefers women. Life for her would be much better if she’d only just come out and admit it.

    • The Original G says:

      …and how’s that going to work when they all come over and make fun of his orange spray tan?

    • Jayna says:

      I always read they were buying the house together.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Jayna, who wrote: “I always read they were buying the house together.”

        The house itself, not including the renovations, cost $20+ million. If they were buying the house together, assuming they paid cash, Justin would have blown all of his life’s earnings. Not to mention the ‘separate house she had built just for him.’ If I’d put in half on a house you’d better believe my friends would be welcome there, and I’d feel I had the right to play my music there as well.

  20. truthful says:

    I’m beginning to think they are not all that “together” anymore…

    there are too many excuses, she always comes off as alot of work.


  21. TOPgirl says:

    She pouts too much. No wonder Brad had to go elsewhere to find a REAL woman.

    • StraightFromAass says:

      Yeah, it’s 2013. I can’t believe that women still imply that another woman isn’t a “real woman”. In a day and age when women are literally doing everything under the sun what does that even mean? I hope you’re joking.

      By the by- why would Brad leave Jen because she pouts too much to start a life with a woman who is FAMOUS for her pout?

  22. loie says:

    He wants to live someplace colder, so he can wear his black clothes and combat boots in comfort.

    • Jaker says:

      Jeeez poor us live in an LA mansion or a NY penthouse boo freakin wooo. Look don’t get married stay together have your 2 homes (at least)on 2 different coasts and stop fucking annoying the rest of us.

  23. Liberty says:

    JA: —- what the hell? I looked all over the house for you? and you’ve moved back to New York City?!? But you have everything here! What haven’t I given you? An image, an agent, work, money, clothes, vacations…more money, more vacations, jewelry!

    JT: …but, not the seasons, my babe, not the seasons. I miss zee urine-tainted hot blow of a street grate as I hurry through someone’s unfiltered cigarette smoke to watch zee fights with other actors. I miss zee angry, intense morning spins on my Harley-for-Her in my sleeveless tees, as I wave to my street brothers, zee cabbies and bike messengers, and zee guy at zee bodegas where I buy a California orange and day-old egg sandwich —

    JA: wait — right there, you said CALIFORNIA orange! So, just stay here! We have chop salads too and —

    JT: Ah, but, my babe, a NYC California orange is from a guy on California Avenue, Long Island. Zey are drier and more uncompromising, they burnish zee skin when used like a loofah! Since I stopped….look at me! Spray tan build-up! I want to be glossy, not Jersey! I need my oranges! I am staying here, my image, she depends on eet now! Zee streets, zee hard life of Art, zee leetle pigeons, free and angry like me —

    JA: But you look like awesome! PEOPLE says so! And, so you miss pigeons and anger – that’s why we have chickens, and Chelsea!

    JT: It’s not the same….the anticipation of NYC is missing! Where I can go a few blocks and buy zee leather pants left behind by my mad night of art discussion…..and dream that the summer of sweat and love will turn into fall with its sadness of death and rain and leather jackets, then winter with its snow and leather jackets…before a spring filled with snow, rain, and leather jackets, all while I speed through my city, zee rushing intelligentsia of humanity, thousands of them looking, snapping my photo, knowing me by my Belgian Bee helmet as fans do, as I hurry to meet mon petite Sebastian for a drink in a Brooklyn bistro where you can get a tattoo in happy hour – ah! Never knowing who you may run into zat loved a script you deed once, hugging you and praying to God for the masterwork that weel be my Zoolander 2…the arts lives here, do you not understand? Here, I embrace an old friend…and another who makes a new charm of rage for mon necklace of art and fear….ah, my babe, my three-year ride of joy and laughs, do you not see zat zee Frenchman in me needs to be of two minds, two homes….bi! You can look at me and see thees, can you not? I cannot how you say, shave my chest forever! I am a Man!

    JA: But I bought us a house! Okay, okay, I’ll paint the Cabo Mimosa Splash Room black for you —

    JT: Ah, my babe, I know you have tried. The world knows you have tried! But, I am made of zee wild wind and zee throb of zee soul – zee grapes of life, zee fashion week, zee style, magnifique! I must be….NYC, free, street-styled, you know this, yes? Do not make thees hard for me, we are still as one, only, you must send my checks here, yes? And order me zee new business cards, that would be good. With zee edge trim in, hm, steel-black yes, with a shine, but just so, make it, how you say, HBO super cool! And, hurry, yes? My good babe!

    JA: —- Where are you staying?

    JT: ….Heidi, her friend’s mom’s sister has a room, but…let us not be boring! Our love is bigger than thees! Adieu, adieu, I must ride now —

  24. maria says:

    if she waits much longer he won’t want to marry her. Not to be overly pessimistic, just realistic, she isn’t getting any younger and in a superficial world where men can have younger women, she just won’t be as appealing at 45 or 46…that’s just the way it is unfortunately. But, I could be wrong and he could be a good guy and want her at any age.

  25. Janet says:

    This woman has no idea what compromise means. First, last and always, it’s all about her.

  26. fabgrrl says:

    First World Problems.

  27. sorella says:

    Maybe why often celebs marry unknowns with no career of their own (ie. Christina A., Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba and many others) so that their wants and careers always come first and they hold the power. This will not play out as well for Jennifer. Justin is LEO, hear him roar LOL, king of his jungle so the more she insists on her way, the more this Leo will refuse her way.

    • lisa2 says:

      There are a lot of couples with careers in show business. They take turns. Each supporting the other. It’s not like they are both so huge as stars that they can’t just go with the other while they work. Also why make this HUGE HUGE deal about buying the 21 million mansion and all the renovations and all the shopping trips, all the stories of decorating for it to now be.. he likes this coast whiles she likes that one.

      • Modelspiceboi says:

        Christina Aguilera’s ex-husband was a record exec., not one working for her, he had a career and his own cash. But yes, if you want to have someone who is able to be at your side at all times as a celebrity, you should date/marry unknowns (or the help).

  28. lisa2 says:

    The Supreme Court has made a ruling on Same Sex Marriage..

    Gays have equal Rights as all people.. YEAH <3

  29. Syko says:

    They didn’t notice they liked different sides of the country until now? It’s another crap excuse.

    • mslewis says:

      Exactly. They really “love each other” but had no clue they each prefer the opposite coast. Must have woken up one morning and it just hit them. Amazing.

      This romance is over!! Huvane is probably making up a list of eligible (or not) guys for her to fall in love with, as we speak.

  30. floretta50 says:

    Don’t hold your breathe for the break up before her next movie comes out. They have to have their red carpet performance to top Brad and Angie red carpet for World War Z, it’s going to be a dozzie. Angie copied outfits and all. Not a Jennifer Aniston fan,I hope she gets rid of that bum, why is she so desperate to hold a man building his own space at her mansion and everything. When he leaves to do his upcoming tv pilot, JA needs to get all his belongings together and drop them there. Justin is making excuses he wants to leave he has got his public notoriety and now he wants out!

  31. Photo lab says:

    If you look at the aerials of the La house, there ISN’T a 2000 sq ft guest house Nywhere on the property. There was a small pre-existing guest house, which looks about 600 sf ft, max, which wasn’t enlarged. Seems like Radar’s source is hallucinating.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Photo Lab, who wrote: “If you look at the aerials of the La house, there ISN’T a 2000 sq ft guest house Nywhere on the property. There was a small pre-existing guest house, which looks about 600 sf ft, max, which wasn’t enlarged.”

      Well, Jen just had a major renovation done on her Bel Air property. Were the aerials before or after the renovations?

    • Lady D says:

      Maybe his house is underground. You know, a ‘real’ man cave.

    • UsedToBeLulu says:

      If you used Google Earth, the photos could be as much as 4 years old.

  32. Gabby says:

    I think this is all PR-planted build-up to the breakup.

  33. Lucky Charm says:

    Two words: Heidi Bivens. Doesn’t she still live in NYC? JA doesn’t want to live where she might run into the woman her boyfriend forgot to break up with before starting a relationship with her.

  34. ladybert62 says:

    A successful marriage or relationship requires compromise and looks to me like she is not willing to compromise –

    I predict there will not be a wedding and I would be surprised if he is around in another year.

    Seems it is “her way or the highway!”

  35. Jayna says:

    Let me get this straight. She moved to New York and buys trendy apartments saying she was tired of Caliifornia, which is strange since she had just completed her 3-year renovation of her dream home she raved about and had featured in AD. Bam, she’s bored and puts it up for sale and moves to New York where it just so happens hipster Justin (her recent costar) lives with his longtime girlfriend. Cut to May, he’s moved out from his girlfriend and Jen and Justin are posting photos of them together as a couple announcing it in a way that is hurtful to poor Heidi.

    So she plays hipster in NY for as many months as she can stand it and then tires of it, probably tells him how his career would take off in California and let’s just stay there part of the time. She starts the new home in hopes of lulling him into loving life there. A year or so into living in California he realizes sunning and marguiritas isn’t his full-time thing and he needs NY part of the time. He doesn’t want to give Jen and their lifestyle up, but needs the energy of NY. But, nada, Jen will not leave her sun and she bought you a sprawling estate to keep you happy. She got you fair and square. You sold your soul to the devil, Justin. You enjoy being on the arm of Jen and being perceived as “kind of” a pseudo power couple but hate California. What to do? What to do? Jen has an idea that will fix it right up. How about a vacation to Mexico for some sunning and marguiritas? LOL

    • The Original Tiffany says:

      That pretty much summed it up.

      @Jayna, I just wanted to tell you that a few years ago I remember calling you out for being a Madonna apologist, but I am really struck by how fair you always seem and how well you seem to sum up situations, be it this one or any other. I’m sorry about that long ago post of mine. Hats off to you!

      • Jayna says:

        Aw, thanks, but you’re not the first person calling me out over Madonna. So I’m used to it. LOL I would still be defending her to my grave (while acknowledging all her faults) if she hadn’t gone down the horrible plastic surgery route and awful album route and selfish setlist route on tour and showed the chink in her armour by this Gaga thing. Gaga is her lesser, not her peer, but she made her her peer by showing fear of Gaga’s popularity as a young popstar. Although, I am in total awe of the work she put into her tour at 54 and performing all over the world, just not the setlist, pushing too many crappy songs on paying fans. This could have been a masterpiece of a tour, what a legacy, but she was too arrogant about pushing MDNA songs and too many revamped songs in the tour. It’s saved by her amazing set design and dancers and pure star power on stage. Rant over.

        But up to 2008 she is unparalleled as a popstar on tour, catalogue of music, music videos, diva behavior and all. I will always admire and be in awe of her balls throughout her career whether I agreed wth her or not.

    • CL says:

      Is it just me, or does she not live very long in the houses she renovates (usually less time than the renovations took)? I wonder if the anticipation of how wonderful everything will be is the best part of it for her? Or maybe she’s just a flipper, like her friend CC.

    • Tara says:

      Yup. I that sums it up too.

    • akivasha says:

      Great Post! It all makes total sense.

  36. Liberty says:

    JT: —-what? what? I should move back to NYC….but, I just ordered a PBR handle for zee bar in my leetle house you built for me to share with Nature’s beautiful free hens and their soft straw and ripe eggs, so that I might play my music een pensive solitude of meaning, yes, while you and the girls have your, how do you call them? — all-night pearls and tweezers parties? You know, PBR? See, zee common American irony, I get it, oui? And –

    JA: Yeah yeah so here’s t-shirts the maid washed. If they don’t fit in your bag I can have them sent. I can everything in your boy bungalow sent.

    JT: — but, my babe? what ees thees rush? I don’t start filming for a couple of weeks, glorious weeks of more of our golden paradise love and like maybe, another vacation, yes? I know, we can go to a spa again – the one with the golden tan gun, we loved eet, yes — I love zee California theeng, yes, zee sun above like a valley of olives, zee pretty drinks, the cars, all zee meetings, zee many ATMs, what fun eet ees! And we can become more glorious together, like the gods of Olympus – no, no, more sexy, like, a pancake and its cream topping yes, but made of two stars pressed together, yearning, wanting, hoping, begging for the bigger thousand-watt Hollywood light of —-

    JA: Yeah I have a girl trip I forgot about with Chels and some others. But you should be out east now anyhow, settling in now right, with Philip and John and those guys, Ben – they must miss you so much! Here, don’t forget your Die Hard DVDs – step back, I can get ‘em in your bag –

    JT: But, today, eet ees Wednesday – we always have our fashion shopping on Wednesday! I need how you say, some belts to hold up my pants, you must notice, my giant bulge of love pulls zem down, yes, look! Alors! My bulge he is calling out, “Rachel, Rachel, my New York doll! Come frolic with me as we did in zee Vatican bathroom! — ”

    JA: — god give me those socks back, we’re packing! And if US or PEOPLE calls don’t call back, even if it is about a movie or a baby, it’s summer vacation time, right, I mean! so I’ve got people handling our press so we can – relax! so – go – relax and – I’ll do what’s best so you can concentrate on — stuff – and so –GO—and we’ll let you know where my premiere is and when and – oh is that your cab already? I called a cab instead of car service, more New York right? So — hurry! You know I’ll see you real soon!

    JT: Now, I must say thees: I am offended! for YOU are packing, not I! It ees not I who wishes to tear our passion apart like a bird destroys a croissant! eet ees you who crush me, who smash us, who say we cannot be entwined like lion lovers both here and there, me in New York without my makeup, you in your mommy jeans and old hat, far from your doctors, wreathed in sweaters of the off-Broadway stage door life, quiet but still my woman — you who do not weesh to truly experience my most sensual city heat, to feel with your lonely schoolgirl tongue the wind on a New York Man’s motorcycle-worked steel-ridged loins and my working man’s crowbar of desire as the cries and horns of Times Square beat out our names out in the brave virile democratic language of true blood-won art driven by the fearless need of a real woman for a —

    JA: — you can keep the credit cards for a year.

    JT: I must fly! Adieu, adieu, I know we will text or something soon! Follow my Pinterest, my babe!

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      Lolololol! Mad funny! (“Crowbar of desire”–omg you are wonderfully evil!)

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      *giggling throughout the whole thing*

      My favorite line- “You can keep the credit cares for a year”

      I love how he just shuts up after that.

      Liberty you are beyond genius…

    • Maggie says:

      Not even funny. This is probably all BS anyway.

    • Josephina says:


      Justin is Pepe le Theroux!

      Mwah, mwah, mwah (he kisses himself on the shoulder blade instead of kissing Jennifer…ANYWHERE)

    • Josephina says:

      My favorite line:

      “JA: — god give me those socks back, we’re packing!”

      Smirks and chuckles. Too funny.

  37. UsedToBeLulu says:

    Skinny jeans on boys are rampant here, but not worn with combat boots. Converse sneaks are preferred. I can’t imagine Justin in Converse, so…

    JMO, but I don’t think Jennifer will marry any time soon. Her first marriage likely made her gun shy and now she is stuck trying to come up with explanations as to why they haven’t gotten married yet. The coastal thing is just an excuse. I think Justin is still keen on landing her, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @UsedToBeLulu, who wrote: “JMO, but I don’t think Jennifer will marry any time soon. Her first marriage likely made her gun shy and now she is stuck trying to come up with explanations as to why they haven’t gotten married yet.”

      So … will Brad be to blame if she and Justin don’t get married?

      • LAK says:

        Is water wet?

        Seriously, every single breakup somehow finds Brangelina entangled. ditto every new romance.

        The standard new romance lines are,’ She’s finally over Brad, x [insert name] is better than Brad in Bed. Jen is having the best time [again!!] and is finally over Brad.’

        The standard break up lines are,’She couldn’t get over Brad.! or variations on that theme. Notice when she breaks up, it’s never about her own personality or even the guys she dates, it’s always that she couldn’t get over Brad who ‘cheated on her with Angelina’ and so the cycle begins. again.

  38. Olli says:

    They´ll never ever marry… We all know it.

  39. Paloma says:

    I hope another thread starts about JA missing Courteney’s birthday party as I want to add my 2 cents. :-).

    • MissMoody says:

      I’m game. So much for Jen’s “Goddess” circle. I do wonder what caused the riff because there has to be a riff right? My money’s on Jen ditching Court and her other singleton friends (like Laura Dern) because she finally got what she always wanted…a male version of Angelina to play red carpet with

      • pwal says:

        I suspect that Courteney is completely over Aniston. Over the hand-holding and coddling that Courteney had to administer while Aniston didn’t reciprocate when Courteney’s marriage fell apart. Couple that with Courteney having to make sure that Coco was okay, along with doing her damnedest to keep Cougartown alive, I suspect that Courteney wasn’t in the mood to rehash the past or cobble together and/or support another public Aniston romance, hence Chelsea Handler’s frequent presence.

      • akivasha says:

        ” male version of Angelina to play red carpet with”

        LOVE! IT!

    • Paloma says:

      Jen is making a dreadful mistake to not keep close with her friends, especially Courteney. Courteney was there for her during her Brad breakup.

    • Jayna says:

      What happened to them? They did go to dinner together last year in NY I think it was where there was a photo of them. Other than that, I haven’t seen them together for years. She and Courtney were joined at the hip, like sisters for years and years, even years after the TV show. Who cares about Justin and Jen? I would love to know what happened to her most significant and long-term relationship ever. She was no where to be seen when Courtney’s marriage was imploding, so something must have happened even before that.

      Gossip sites and mags have it all wrong. No one cares about Jen’s latest romance. An undercover expose on the split-up of Jen-Ney and what the real story is is what would really sell rags.

      • Paloma says:

        Agree. I think, perhaps, Jen has let the girlfriends fall to the side to concentrate on Justin.

    • Lux says:

      I think that Jen seems like an awful friend TBH. Jen was basically Courteney and David’s third wheel after her and Brad broke up. She bought a house that was pretty much next door and seemed to worm her way into their vacations. So where was she when Courteney’s marriage broke up? Probably bitching about Angelina and sculling vodka with Chelsea Handler. I’d really like to know what exactly went down, it’s pretty sketchy.

  40. Madriani's Girl says:

    “The Friends actress built a guest house at her stunning Bel Air mansion for Justin, a place for him to play music, and hang out with his pals, hoping it will ease his New York City blues.”

    Whoa. HER mansion. SHE built a place for him to ease his blues.

    Sit, Spot! Roll over, Spot! Play dead, Spot!

    I never cared one wit for either of these two but now I can honestly say, “JUSTIN, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!”

  41. mkyarwood says:

    God, what an eternal Daddy’s Girl. MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY or Imma call DADDYYYYYY. The only reason she landed the role of Rachel is because of her father AND because it was basically just playing her effing self.

  42. gogoGorilla says:

    I bet getting together with her was a dream for him at first–even though he had some money, she has REAL money, so he could suddenly do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. Plus, her profile is high, so that probably opened loads of doors for him. It was probably fun to be on an extended vacation for a year. But he is probably bored out of his ever-loving mind at this point. They don’t seem to DO anything but go on vacation and lay in the sun. I am sure that’s very appealing for a short time, but imagine if that’s all you ever do. He’s probably bored and wants to be where he thinks there is more action, which for him is NYC (not that there’s not stuff to do in LA, of course, but I don’t think she does anything).

    None of this is really surprising. Plus, he walks out of this with a much higher profile than when he went in.

    I’m sure they’ll split up soon. I sort of hope he ends up back with his ex other than that making her seem like a bit of a doormat. But stranger things have happened.

    • Jayna says:

      A guy that dated and lived with her on and off for 17 years, wouldn’t totally commit, and met Jen, so dumped Heidi in a NY second and got engaged to Jen within the blink of an eye practically? I wouldn’t wish that kind of rebound love on anybody. She deserves a man who knows what a catch he has and loves her, not a guy just coming back because she’s there waiting and he needs her at the moment after his high-profile catch didn’t work out.

      • gogoGorilla says:

        Yeah, I don’t disagree. But that many years is hard to overlook, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        Heidi and Justin were together for 14 years, more ‘on’ than ‘off,’ which is why she was living in ‘their’ apartment (and had been for 6 years) and had to move out when news broke about Jen and Justin.

        Heidi and Justin got together when she was in her early 20’s and she is 37 now (they broke up two years ago, so 17 years would make Heidi 18 or 19-year-old).

        I don’t think Justin used Heidi. I just think they were both committed to the relationship and didn’t want to get married. A lot of women ‘do’ feel that way, you know.

      • Nikita says:

        they were always “on”, the off and on fairytale is a fabrication of JA´s team to make this realtionship look a bit worthless so Aniston could less be seen as a homewrecker. Where JA needed many talkshows and interviews to say what she wanted to say after the divorce, Heidi only needed one smart sentece and everybody knew that Justin chaeted on her with that rich famous woman from LA. This shows the class of Heidi and the low class and disgrace of the LA Woman.

  43. videli says:

    Maybe Aniston is therapist-bound. In past interviews she gave the impression that therapy is a continuous feature of her lifestyle, so maybe she found a good one, and she doesn’t want to leave. Or can you Skype with your therapist?

    About the houses and apartments she keeps buying: Mostly she flips them. She’s a flipper. She took a page out of Courtney Cox’s book, and started flipping real estate with considerable profit. At the same time she (or the tabloids) defined the process as building an oasis of serenity or her personal slice of zen or her forever home or her love nest.

    • Katherine says:

      They should be having couples therapy. If they really do care about each other this is not a big issue to iron out. Sort of like ironing her hair.

  44. Katherine says:

    Oh, they’ll marry. She’s not passing up this opportunity. Neither is he. Then she’ll divorce in short order and her PR team can turn her into a victim all over again.

    Shampoo. Rinse. Repeat.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      And some how Brad will be blamed for poor, unhappy, ‘victim’ Jen … because you’d better believe her PR team will make Justin the villain, whether he truly is or not.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I’m honestly wondering how Jennifer’s peers in Hollywood think of her, as a person, as an actress. I’m not talking about her friends in Hollywood, but the people who work with and around her, the ones who are there around her at meetings, parties, events.

        Anyone with half a brain knows that she manipulates her image based on her love life, her divorce, her ex, her ex’s woman, and so on-not saying whether it’s good or bad, but she does it. My question is, do they admire her for how she used le scandal to move into films and have a steady career?

        I would imagine they are all used to things like that, but hers is so “special” and high profile-it’s hard to ignore. I just wonder if they secretly applaud her, mock her, giggle at her, feel bad for her (that she has to do that in order to stay relevant), or simply just say it’s part of the game.

        I wonder, I wish I could know though.

        What do you guys think?

      • The Original G says:

        Actually, I think that she’s very well liked in Hollywood. She’s managed to maintain a film career and a good salary with practically no ability to deliver any box office.

        If she’s not really good as and actress, she’s good enough and must be good to work with or they wouldn’t keep hiring her, when there’s a thousand girls who could take her place.

      • Becky1 says:

        From what I’ve read, she’s very professional in terms of her work. I’ve never heard about her acting like a diva on the set.

        Hollywood seems to be such a narcissistic place that I doubt Jennifer Aniston’s personal life and public persona raises many eyebrows.

      • gogoGorilla says:

        @TOG: Very interesting. I do think JA has some acting chops, but she does not seem to have the desire to meet her range. Case in point: The Good Girl. She actually delivered a nice performance there. I also liked her in Horrible Bosses. But, I don’t know, is she lazy? Too insecure in her image to take on unsexy roles? Maybe.

        I agree that most of her movies, i.e., the ones where she plays herself, bomb.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I don’t mean to say that she isn’t a nice and professional person on a film set or at a party. Despite some slurry interviews and presenting, she’s always generally been up to the task. I don’t doubt that people enjoy working with her and she gives them no trouble, no diva antics.

        I meant what they think of her personally. Think of it like this. If a couple in your office had been having marriage problems for the majority of their marriage, and everyone was betting when their marriage was over. In comes the new employee and the dude wants to start something with her, so he gets a divorce, and starts a family with this woman. While the female in the ex marriage goes and tells everyone that she was shocked and surprised over seeing him be with the new girl…and goes on about…either her or her friends.

        It makes people feel bad for her, helps her stay at her job, and so on. I’m asking what would the people who work with this woman think of her? At the very least she’s using her ex to stay relevant and in news…do they admire her pr? Do they find it funny and ironic? Do they not care? Do they feel a little bad for her, that her career needs this? That’s what I’m asking.

        (I took forever to reply as our storm just finished and then the internet went out…Charter sucks!)

      • akivasha says:

        In response to Virgilia Coriolanus:

        I have wondered that myself (I do not think much of her to say the least) and she seems to be hanging with I think pretty cool people…
        she (with Justin recently) vacationed with John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor, and Jimmy Kimmel and his wife…

        but maybe Justin brought them…

      • The Original G says:

        @gogoGorilla. It’s actually inexplicable to me that a woman with her financial security and connections hasn’t used them to take a few acting risks.

        I just find her performances and persona pretty simple.

  45. The Original G says:

    I don’t think the coastal thing is an excuse at all.

    I really do think that the difference between “New York” culture for an entertainment/art person and LA can be vast. His “edge” or more intellectual orientation may be a source of humor for gossip blogs but her lack of compromise or interest in this side of him points to a fundamental long term incompatability, IMHO.

  46. Mar says:

    So she is trying to buy his happiness.

    I do not blame her about not wanting to live in NY- it’s very hectic and very gritty , although it seems shocking that they can’t live on both coasts- it’s not like she can’t afford to be bi-coastal.

  47. skuddles says:

    She built him his own house?? Why would a madly in love, supposedly on-the-verge of marriage, couple want or need separate houses… on the same property no less? He must really need time away from her. Something’s seriously jacked between these two…. I’m thinking splitsville is just around the corner.

  48. teddy says:

    I am shocked at this disclosure-Shocked that they might not get married! Really?Hahahahahahahahahahahah

  49. Nikita says:

    well, it could be true and if it is, it only shows how selfish she is. if she realy loves him, it would not be a problem for her. but maybe shes just affraid of heidi, they were together for 14 years that means they have the same friends in NY. the possibility of meeting heidi when jen works (as if she still needs to work with her welfare, she could finaly focus on her private life and settle down, nobody is watching her movies anyway) is very risky. i dont understand why they hush to marry, and why this big announcemant as if shes Kate Middleton. i just dont get it. now everybody is guessing and gushing. if they were just a couple with no engagement announcement and got secretly married, it would more look like REAL Love and not that circus! Now it looks like jen wanted to make a ridiculous wedding race with, well we know who.

  50. Dedrie says:

    He wants to live where it’s cool to wear leather, helmets, dark colors in pants and jackets everyday.. not hot.. not sunny.. too much scenery, sky, stars, the dried up or aflame dirt mountains and what’s with this braggin knowledge of the organic craze in eating food, drinking wine from actual farms nearby.. roller blading, skating on paths.. surfing in the ocean,.. you know, confusing valleys, packed coastal dwellings, then dessert flat land, too many people, no great buildings, special parks.. and it’s like live actual planet earth 24/7.. UGH

  51. Meanchick says:

    Wonder if JA would suddenly “compromise” if the Brangelinas left LA for NY? Her relationships are like silent dares to BP. ‘I’m going to marry this man and then you’ll NEVER have another chance with me, so you’d better show me there’s still a chance for us.’ Then Brangelina laugh, kiss in public and have another baby and JA “breaks up” with her latest “soul mate”—–again. She is pathetic.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      How often is the Brange in LA? I guess I don’t pay much attention to the picture locations, but all I ever see is them in different countries filming, Angelina with her UN work, and then whenever they’re in LA it seems like they’re just there to promote their films. Eh, who cares?

  52. Ginger says:

    If I had their resources I wouldn’t have any issues being bicoastal. Sounds to me like someone is a spoiled brat.

  53. The Original Mia says:

    Somewhere Heidi is sipping a mojito and enjoying her life, free from the DRAHMA that is JustJen. Here’s to you, Heidi. Here’s to you.

    Never bought the engagement. It was always a counter to Bragelina and to keep her fading star in the headlines. I give them another 4 months before he’s heading back to NYC for good.

  54. molly says:

    Brad Pitt still loves Jennifer and she loves him – watch this space someday !!!!!

    • dg says:

      Please get a life. It will almost be a decade since that disaster ended.

    • lisa2 says:

      Well I hope Brad gets his MUCH DESERVED academy award. Because he is doing some serious acting of not being in love with Jennifer.

      I hope that comment was to be funny. Otherwise you need some serious Counseling.

    • Janet says:

      Honey, are you on crack?

  55. Kosmos says:

    Plenty of people absolutely Love NY and the excitement found there. I can totally understand why Justin cannot adjust to LA, which is so completely different from the NY scene. And Jen is definitely a Southern California girl, loves the sun and her sprawling home, as opposed to the apartment or loft that she’d have in NY. I’m from SoCal, too. Maybe Justin will have to go bicoastal on his own because honestly, I do not think he can be happy with the LA lifestyle, away from the same kind of scene/friends he has on the East Coast…tough issue.

  56. Sugar says:

    I can see how Justin misses NYC it’s where he is in his zone he’s a NYC guy. I can see how Jen hates NYC Heidi lives there she in her zone she’s a NYC girl. Jen even though she did live there long ago probably feels like an interloper into Justins life in NYC. He had a long term relationship there-like it or not his past (Heidi) is woven into that life he lived before Jen. Everywhere they (j&j) go Jen is gonna be freaking out because of that past…
    Well you wanted him Jen.

  57. ohiogirl says:

    Couldn’t they live somewhere private within an hour or two from Manhattan like Connecticut or something? I mean they don’t have to live in the city full time! Maybe keep a small apartment there but spend most time in a regular house. Travel back and forth to LA which I’m sure they’d each have to do anyways.