Henry Cavill & Gina Carano might be having problems now that he’s super-famous

Here’s a “Who would you rather?” hypothetical that has been driving me crazy: who would you rather, Henry Cavill or Benedict Cumberbatch? While Henry is my latest crush, of course, I still have to pause and really think about it. I have to say I would probably choose Cumberbatch. Does that make me a freak? Probably. Anyway, Henry has a little bit of Cumberbatch in him, I’ve decided. He might have the impossible, chiseled beauty of an old-school hunk, but his personality is quite nerdy and rather sweet. It helps that he’s dating Gina Carano, which means that he’s not intimidated at all by a lady who can (and likely does) kick his ass. It also means that Henry isn’t really into super-skinny model-type girls, which I really like about him.

But what would happen if Henry dumped Gina and found himself a more Hollywood-friendly significant other? I would be disappointed. And The Enquirer says that Gina and Henry are in trouble too, because Gina is having a hard time with Henry’s new-found mega-fame:

Henry Cavill may have a supersize problem on his hands – his girlfriend Gina Carano isn’t happy about sharing him with the world.

“Henry is really lapping up the fame and glory,” a source told The Enquirer. “He knew he would be getting some notice for ‘Man of Steel’ but his life is absolutely crazy right now. Gina is used to having Henry all to herself, and now she has to share him with the world. She really fears she’s going to be swept away by the rising tide of Henry’s career.”

Another source says that Gina has long wondered about her future with Henry. The pair began dating barely a month after Henry split from his British fiancée, professional horseshow jumper Ellen Whitaker.

“Gina was hoping Henry would stay grounded with the whirlwind around him, but she fears it’s going to his head… all he’s talking about now is making a Superman sequel and winning the coveted starring role in ’50 Shades of Grey’.”

“Gina asked Henry point-blank: ‘should I be looking for a way out of this relationship?’ Henry told her she just needs to be patient. He said he spent more than 10 years as an actor when nobody knew who he was, and now he needs to ride this fame train and see where it goes.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

I thought this story was plausible up until the part about 50 Shades of Grey. Didn’t Henry just say in a magazine interview that he has no interest in playing Christian Grey? And this is a guy who has really struggled to be where he is right now – he’s not going to make the terrible decision of actually going after the Christian Grey role. And if he’s asked to take the role, he should turn it down flat.

As for the Gina stuff… considering Gina was nowhere to be seen during the Man of Steel promotions, I was thinking that she and Henry had already worked it out and she was prepared for this ride. I think she waited patiently for him to return home after his exhausting promotional tour. And I bet it was quite a homecoming. Mm. Unf.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. Hoya_chick says:

    They have absolutely no chemistry together. Look at their body language….Plus, they haven’t even been dating that long so if he wants to focus on his career after paying his dues, that’s his prerogative and she should respect that. I find her to be a terrible actress and quite annoying to look at, mean? Sorry. I take it back.

    • KayMary says:

      You are right no chemistry. Carvill is a gay man, who was fairly Out until he started garnering attention. His team then went into overdrive purging internet entries and pics with his bf. Only problem is that a number of gay sites already had some pics saved. And this is the part I began following this fascinating reclosetting – he suddenly announced he had a gf and a very very brief time later was “engaged”. Many predicted that they would never marry and guess what???? They never did. Coincidence? Perhaps.

      And then he scored Superman and even though he was stll engaged to the lovely show jumper, there were loud rumors that he was in the market for a new beard. Well, afew months later, his engagement is off and within a month the stud is dating Gina. Well, the speculation at that time is that shes a potential Wonder Woman casting. And how convinient a pairing if she is cast. Well, shes in the last month or so been eliminated and guess what? Carvills team is setting the stage for a breakup……………because Gina supposedly didnt expect Supermans schedule to tighten when his film came out, lmfao.

      I would say hes on the market for a higher profile beard or even more likely, will play up his lothario credentials for abit. Get his raging heterosexuality embeded in our psychies and all that.
      Oh and that boyfriend with the many joyous photos and facebook posts, Corey Spears? Who knows.

      • syne says:

        I remember years ago, when he first started getting famous with The Tudors, he had a friend, Corey Spears who ran a blog and posted pics of himself with Henry.

        He had a small amount of fans at that point the dude would answer questions about Henry and he said that he was straight.

      • Lucrecia says:

        but nowadays is not a problem to be gay in that industry, so… why to hide it? Everyone has gays friends (and more in europe, they have less prejudges about that, right?) I really don’t think he is gay. Btw, he had a 3years relationship with Ellen, it was not ‘after a brief time’ that they got engaged. And talking about GC, I don’t like her, she is not elegant or delicate. And… if he ‘is gay’ don’t you think Ellen could say something about it? she is famous in UK, she could say something and have support because of her status there. Gook luck for the 3 of them; relationships end, that’s all… LOL

      • Meaghan says:

        On the contrary, I think hollywood is scared to have a gay leading man, Neil Patrick Harris is one of the few that has managed to get those parts being openly gay. but I highly doubt he would have gotten the role of Barney on HIMYM if he had some out before. I’m trying hard to think of another actor that plays a romantic lead as a straight man and am coming up blank. Help??

      • Carmen says:

        Matt Bomer is gay (and VERY handsome lol) and he has (had) a leading TV show and movies. And fans love him. I don’t see why be gay is a problem now… I think HC is not gay

      • V4Real says:

        Wow KayMary that’s news to me, thanks for sharing. I really don’t follow many stories about Henry. I do believe that why Hollywood claims to embrace homosexuality that they are still a bit hesitant to give masculine leading roles to gay men. My favorite gay actor is Matt Bomer and I believe he can play those straight male leading roles convincingly. As much as I love RDJ; Bomer would be my next choice to play Tony Stark; he’s so good on White Collar and can do sarcasm very well.

        Someone mentioned Amber Heard as being a lesbian but I heard that she always considered herself bi-sexual.

      • Lillith says:

        The fangirls who are going into overdrive on this issue refuting it are evidence that his homosexuality would harm his prospects.

        I only started following him recently but the internet is full of evidence that he is gay. If Corey Spears denied it, that must have been after Henry decided to go for a big film career. In other words, he was helping him to hide his orientation. I saw some of the posts Corey posted early on, on Datalounge and Oh My! Gay guys (Corey is openly gay) dont write that or take those kind of pics with straight men. Nor do they do so with gay men that they arent dating. haahaa. Poor Henry. I love Gina, hope she finds a healthier situation.

      • Rina says:

        Lillith, please show it: “the internet is full of evidence that he is gay”

      • whatsyourbeef says:

        Not that it matters to me either way, but he definitely isn’t gay. I know lots of people who worked on Immortals and he was seeing a local girl in Montreal while filming. Apparently he was very, very keen on her, pretty much to the point where he put her off. Now, Luke Evans, that’s another story… ;-)

    • NM9005 says:

      I’ve been thinking about this too but he’s a good actor and a lovely man so what does it really matter? A lot of people are gay in that business.

      That said, I was surprised to find out he actually dated Jillian Michaels. He clearly has a type: sportive and mentally strong women in general.

      • Stef Leppard says:

        Jillian Michaels is gay! Maybe they were each other’s beards?

      • NM9005 says:

        I know, isn’t that weird?! Then again, she might have been confused or bisexual for a while. Who knows? Look at Amber Heard, she was supposed to be a lesbian yet she dated men and is dating 1 now.

        To be honest, bearding is only necessary for those who want to be A-list and are very driven to change their image. Neither JM or HC in those times were famous enough or important enough to be cared about. And now, if HC would care, he has his pick of pretty ladies. GC, however pretty I and others find her, isn’t the kind of woman they expect him date (see also: Ryan Gosling and Mendes).

      • KayMary says:


        Just want to make it clear that I wasnt insinuating that his sexuality should affect his box office or that anyone should like him less. But this is afterall a gossip site and the PR acrobatics being pulled to assert his heterosexuality are as intriguing as they are transparent.

      • NM9005 says:


        I got no issues with your post. I find it interesting too but he’s so nice I feel almost guilty for speculating :) .

        Few celebs look genuinely nice and dare I say, authentic? Maybe I’m blinded by the looks and humbleness and those qualities are usually absent with A-listers or people on their way to the A-list.

      • Eve says:

        @ KayMary:

        “…and the PR acrobatics being pulled to assert his heterosexuality are as intriguing as they are transparent.”

        Absolutely, 100% agree with you on this.

        By the way, is Corey Spears the other guy in this picture?


      • Luc says:

        It is assumed that they dated but there’s not a single picture of them, so… how to believe it?

      • Joanna says:

        @ Stef Leppard

        Jillian is bi

    • Lauli says:

      @ kay Mary,
      I’m with you on this. It’s amusing to see PR people at work to hide Henry’s sexual orientation, as if anybody bought this fake relationship.
      My problem is that I find all this ridiculous and I can’t take him as a serious actor but after all this is not about acting, it’s about money.

  2. brin says:

    Oh Henry…please be the decent (if nerdy) guy you seem to be. I like them together so I hope they still are.

    • LadyMTL says:

      I actually think that he is that nerdy, gamer guy that he claims to be. I’ve heard that he still has a Warcraft account, lol.

      As for him and Gina, I like them together too! Maybe she just stayed away so he could enjoy the attention and then they’d reunite once the press tour was done?

    • A says:

      He still is. Fame hasn’t gotten to his head. There were pictures of him taking a bus in London just the other week damnit!

  3. Vera says:

    Such a beautiful couple. Hopefully they can stay together, but Fame changes everything.

    • Andrea says:

      He’s beautiful. She always looks like trash to me. I’ve always thought he could find someone with more class.

  4. Anna says:

    Probably Cavill, but the split is more like 55/45 in his favor. However curious I am to verify Cumby’s claims of coital prowess, there’s still something…slightly scary about him. And Cavill looks like the kind of guy who’d make you a cup of coffee and bring it to bed afterwards.

  5. Spooks says:

    Cumberbatch any day. Henry is cute, but bland. And I really like him and Gina together.

  6. marie says:

    how the hell is the 50 Shades of Grey a “coveted” role. Most actors would laugh at it, hopefully Henry does the same.

    I really don’t care if they stay together or not but after hearing they got together only a month after his engagement ended, she’s a jump-off and she might be okay with it.

    • V4Real says:

      “how the hell is the 50 Shades of Grey a “coveted” role.”

      Maybe he’s ready to commit career suicide.

      But oh God I can’t get the thought of the gay situation out of my head now that poster KayMary has brought it to light. Perhaps that’s why he went from a broken angagement to another girlfrind so fast.

      Damn now looking at these pics are giving me gay vibes. OH Henry!

  7. tracking says:

    I love the *idea* of them together, but they don’t convey much heat, do they?

    • Anna says:

      I think it’s bc Cavill seems very sanitized. I cannot imagine a pairing which would bring the heat, bc I just dont see that part of him.

      • Tiffany27 says:

        Agree. I can’t picture him being hot with ANYONE.

      • Vee says:

        Watch him in the Tudors, you’ll see HOT from Henry! :)

      • Z says:

        I do not understand why people refer to him being bland, vanilla, geeky, nerdy or sanitized. I see the writer always take nasty shots too. Now Cumberbatch fits that description of a complete bore. People have a right to their opinion however I fail to see Henry that way. The man is beautiful and look like he was dipped in sex. HAVE YOU PEOPLE NOT WATCHED HIM ON THE TUDORS?

      • V4Real says:

        @Vee I’ve watched the Tudors and I still don’t get hot from him. He also didn’t have any chemistry with Amy Adams in MOS. I’m not gonna go assuming after reading what I’ve just read but it’s one of those things that makes you go Hmmm.

  8. Lucretia says:

    Neither looks good on the red carpet, and it doesn’t help when they’re together. Maybe there was no relationship (agree with the lack of chemistry), but simply a convenience stemming from the fact that both were promoting new movies.

  9. Jen says:

    Gina kicks almighty ass. It’s so excellent when men love muscly, strong women who could probably bench-press them. I wonder where she got that scar on her arm?

  10. ncboudicca says:

    Why do all his sleeves seem a bit too long? I think I prefer him in anything but a suit. Love Gina, but I totally see what everyone else is saying about body language in this photos. Maybe they’re completely different in private.

    • Anna says:

      Agreed. He looks really good casual or semi-formal – sweaters, polos, button-downs. But he cant find a proper suit. Everything ends up looking so boxy and stuffy.

  11. jen says:

    “who would you rather, Henry Cavill or Benedict Cumberbatch? ”

    Dear god NEITHER. Henry is boring as dirt and Benedict looks like an alien lizard.

  12. Ag says:

    eh, what does that quote mean – he has “a supersize problem on his hands”? are they taking digs at the fact that she’s not a size 0? ugh.

    • Shannon1972 says:

      It’s either a play on her curves, or a play on his being “Superman”. Either way, it’s awkward.

  13. The Original Mia says:

    Wouldn’t surprise me if they are having problems. It’s a big shift in their relatively low key relationship. But it is also a vindication for Gina. The majority of posters thought this was a showmance and obviously that isn’t the case. She hasn’t been seen at all during the promotional tour. I hope they work things out if they are even having problems

    • Andrea says:

      I don’t think it’s vindication for her at all. I still think she was hoping to ride his fame to the Wonder Woman gig. But she’s a terrible actress and the the JL project has been pushed back.

      I still think she hoped to benefit from him. This doesn’t change my opinion of her arrogance at all.

      • The Original Mia says:

        Yes, Andrea. I’m well aware nothing will change your opinion about Gina & her supposed PR campaign.

        I called it like I saw it. For a PR campaign, it wasn’t really structured well to benefit her since we never saw her with Henry at his premieres, where the Superman & Wonder Woman talk would have been really rampant. As far as Justice League, who knows when and if they are going to do that movie. For Gina to plan this long term, she’d have to know the movie was coming out next year and it’s not. So maybe this was just a relationship of two people who liked each other.

  14. Shelley says:

    Gina is not attractive. I don’t like her face or her body. I have never bought into the idea of them being a couple. But hey, who knows…

  15. mkyarwood says:

    Check out Lainey’s take on this. I fully believe that his handlers are telling him to take a step back for his career AGAIN and he is listening AGAIN.

  16. HH says:

    Cumberbatch while he is Star Trek buff. Love the sound of his voice.

  17. Larissa says:

    I loved Henry in The Tudors, seriously yum. Now, not so much.

    • Jill says:

      That’s exactly how I feel about him.

      Also, I never noticed that scar on her arm. I don’t know a whole lot about her, but she looks and seems nice enough. TBH, the scar kind of makes me like her more.

  18. grabbyhands says:

    The bit about 50 Shades of Gray is beyond laughable. It is no way a coveted role for ANYONE or it would have been cast already. No credible actor wants to touch that trash, including him and he’s said so. If he had ever considered it (unlikely) there’s no way he’d touch it now that Man of Steel has gotten him so much visibility.

    As for his relationship, I hope that’s not true-I think they look cute together. Although he has mentioned that he’s ready to be a star, he doesn’t seem like the type to have bimbo girlfriend. Having said that, fame can do bad things to people. I hope he bucks that trend.

  19. OhDear says:

    That has to be the dumbest listed reason for that relationship ending (interpret that however you wish). Gina cannot be that stupid to think that Henry’s being in a highly anticipated movie would not affect his fame as well.

    And this “OMG, Henry likes non-model-body-type girls” thing is annoying as hell. People are built like how they are built like.

    • colt13 says:

      I don’t believe this at all. They may be having problems, but not because of fame. After all, she is the daughter of Glenn Carano-former Dallas Cowboys QB.

    • Andrea says:

      Honestly I’m sick of the body shaming agsinst other women that occurs whenever people talk about Gina.

      As if the only women who aren’t bimbos look like her? It’s annoying. Gina is a space cadet. Have you ever listened to her talk?

      Favoring a woman bc she is bigger and putting down other women is so annoying.

      • Aries says:

        It’s more annoying how thin, petite ladies are put on a pedestal and anyone bigger is deemed non-human.it happens probably 900% more often than what you’re complaining about.

  20. Samtha says:

    I have already started hearing stories of Hollywood behavior from Henry. Hopefully it won’t all go to his head too much.

  21. Jess says:

    Yay Celebitchy for more Henry coverage!! I won’t even address the Cumby thing – they are not on the same planet as far as I am concerned. And as for the girlfriend/problems thing, everyone is freaking that she was nowhere to be seen on his recent Superman premier tour – of course not! I am sure the studio refused to allow the buzzkill girlfriend to be tagging along, at least publicly. That would be a sure way to piss off all the screaming fangirls (including me lol!). I’ll bet he was secretly thrilled when Brazil was canceled and he could come home to Gina, and some rest!!

  22. lenje says:

    I like them together, both are beautiful people and seem down to earth. Oh well. My opinion doesn’t matter, they have to like being together :D

  23. GeeMoney says:

    Cumberbatch FTW. Henry is just too good looking, and on some level, that’s a negative in my book (don’t ask me why). Plus he’s gay… so I’ll pass.

    • Spooks says:

      I totally know what you mean. I’m never interested in guys who are too good looking in an typical way.

  24. Dani says:

    I really like Gina, I think she’s cute and seems really nice, however, I don’t see her going anywhere. She isn’t really relevant and dating Henry makes people realize her more and she needs that at this point in her career.

  25. mom2two says:

    Henry for FTW for me. Cumberbatch does nothing for me at all.
    However, with regards to him and Gina, I do think it’s weird that she did not at least walk one red carpet with him. At least for the Man of Steel North American premiere? But then again, maybe those carpets aren’t very fun for the plus one, especially when the boyfriend (or girlfriend) is the star of the show and is besieged by media?
    I have heard the Henry is gay rumors before and if he is, I don’t really care. But who knows what is really going down between him and Gina.

  26. Leah says:

    He hooked up with her a month after he finished with his finance? Rebound!! Its not gonna last.

  27. Cosima says:

    Hey did anyone Henry on the grahnm Norton show I thought he was actually kinda funny and it was a really entertaining show the reason I’m writing this on the gina and Henry page is becuase Kaiser or Lainey haven’t wrote about it and I really want one of them to.

  28. Cosima says:

    Hey did anyone Henry on the Grahmn Norton show I thought he was actually kinda funny and it was a really entertaining show the reason I’m writing this on the Gina and Henry page is becuase Kaiser or Lainey haven’t wrote about it and I really want one of them to.

    • Vee says:

      He was really funny on the Graham Norton show! In interviews he is charming and witty and engaging. On red carpets when posing, he seems stiff. Pun intended! ;)

  29. j.eyre says:

    I will have to take St. John Cavill here over Cumby out of loyalty to my Cumberbitch allies and, of course, because I fear for my life otherwise. I can only hope I can loosen this boy up a bit.

  30. Lena says:

    Cumberbatch all the way. His voice is amazingggggg. Every man should have a voice like that. plus cumberbatch is funny and charming. And a little bit of a dork to. He is not ugly in my eyes but I can see why he’s not everyones cup of tea. But then again who is EVERYONES cup of tea?? No one. Cumberbatch seems more fascinating.

    Henry comes off as boring and a stiff ken doll everytime I see him. Wouldn’t surprise me if he is gay/bi anyway.

    Just because someone is goodlooking doesn’t mean I want to do them.

  31. Fan says:

    I am sorry to say, but they don’t look good together. Instead of enhancing him, she diminishes him.

  32. Ximena says:


  33. lylaooo says:

    meehh !! honestly i dont like them together…but i rather see him with a strong girl like Gina insted of a VS model

  34. UsedToBeLulu says:

    He is actually just a tad more beautiful than she is. But sometimes that works. I have generally always had boyfriends that were more beautiful than I was (actually my now husband is quite lovely, and I am just – slightly better than average).

    I don’t think their body language is weird at all. Not sure what other people are seeing (or not seeing).

    • syne says:

      IMHO They look good and real here.


      No premiere or paparazzi pic.

    • D says:

      Sometimes it seems like people try to read too much into these things, I really don’t understand about the body language critique’s either because it’s always a fraction of a second that’s been captured on film. What about in real life? That’s why I never get trying to break down a relationship based on a few photo’s.

      That said, I’m getting really tired of people saying she’s not good enough/pretty enough/thin enough. Can’t she just be a really nice person that he has fun with? Because why else would a very attractive guy date a girl? And i’m sure @usedtobelulu, even though I have no idea what you look like that you must have friends who’d say you’re more attractive than your husband/past boyfriends. That they’re the lucky ones because you’ve got other things going from you aside from just looks and are therefore an awesome person to be with. I bet they don’t question why you’re together even if there is a marginal difference in appearance.

      I feel like the fact that this story came from the National Enquirer says enough for credibility on this one.

      • UsedToBeLulu says:

        @D, thank you for the kind words. I sort of wish I could take back what I said, because it makes me seem a little low on self esteem, and really I am not. Just a pragmatist. And I completely agree with you on being tired of criticisms of girlfriends on the basis of ‘not superficially attractive enough’. That is complete bunk. Some of the sexiest women I have known where not classically beautiful.

      • user00005 says:

        Everything you say.
        It is really annoying how superficial people can be. How about not talking smack about a girl who is seemingly nice ad appeasing? But no, she needs to be eliminated just because she is not some Victoria’s Secret material.
        I also do not believe in what people call ‘body language’. It is so inane.

  35. user00005 says:

    She is really pretty.
    I love her Italian-specific looks. Could she be a little thinner? Maybe, maybe not. Who cares? I think she is a breath of fresh air and I bet she makes him happy.
    Now the guy is another story.
    He himself is 50 shades of grey… so dull. I like kind, courteous and cordial people who do not try to put on a show every time they enter a room just to grab some attention, but Cavill has proven himself to be so mind-numbingly boring. He is so beautiful to look at, that he perhaps does not need to be interesting – I bet everyone has always laughed at his jokes and told him he was so very intelligent and worldly. I feel the same way about Gwyneth and Skarsgard… and this guy is far more beautiful than those two bimbos combined!
    I wish we had some stars like Montgomery Clift, Marlon Brando or Steve McQueen nowadays. Am I huge fans of those guys? Not really, but they led star-quality lives who maintained a sense of mystery, danger and glamor while building their image. They loved, suffered and failed BIG. They mattered and had that something special.
    I think Cavill should buy himself a beat-up black leather jacket, have a sex-scandal with Charlie Hunnam, beat some stalkarazzi guy, then start dating some troubled bad girl like Lindsay… lol

  36. Maggie says:

    That chick has man-hands.

  37. Brat says:

    As long as she doesn’t have to share his penis, go along for the ride and enjoy

  38. Jess says:

    Superman and Wonder Woman. Don’t be jelly.

    • Andrea says:

      Superman and Wonder Woman are the worst couple in comics. LOL. Both characters are great on their own. They suck as a couple.

      And Gina will never be WW. She can’t act.

  39. Josie says:

    Just because he has gay friends doesn’t mean that he is gay. Corey Spears has often told people that he is straight and there have been plenty of GF’s long long before Henry became famous.

    I don’t think this equality thing is ever going to go anywhere if every time we see a guy with a gay friend and call him gay for it. All that will do is make men even more homophobic.

    • Vee says:


    • The Original Mia says:

      Well said.

    • UsedToBeLulu says:

      Exactly. Thank you. I get so tired of the ‘but he’s/she’s GAY’ claims. It’s tiresome and counterproductive.

    • Rina says:

      I have gay friends and I am not lesbian; I’m just not homophobic.
      People are trying to make us doubt of him and don’t look at his work.

    • magpie says:

      This. I hate that people use platonic photos with a gay friend as some proof he is gay. I’ve seen those photos. One where they’re in a car and another where he has his arm on Corey’s shoulder. Guys can touch guys and not be gay! It’s not like they’re kissing. Even if he was gay I doubt he ever hit that. I mean look at Henry and then look at Corey, Can you picture that? No.

      That said I still think he and Gina are total PR. It’s all too conveinant imo.

  40. Vee says:

    For your viewing pleasure, check out one of the hottest scenes from The Tudors. Enjoy! :)


  41. Janet says:

    I really don’t see how Henry can be gay. Just because he has gay friends doesn’t mean anything. People tend to over analyze every little thing that at some point it just gets annoying. I also don’t think he’s boring. It’s his big break and he probably isn’t used to doing all that press.

  42. Gabby says:

    To anyone who says that it is not an issue to be gay anymore in Hollywood… you have no idea what you are talking about.

    May I remind you that there are NO A-list movie actors or actresses out of closet.

    It’s not even all about homophobia. In fact it’s primarily about marketing and sales.

    57% of gay actors say they are not even out to their own agents. Check out the article from the Guardian last year.

    I have oodles of love and pride for Matt Bomer for coming out of the closet. But he will pay for it dearly when it comes to landing competitive leading movie roles. Henry Cavill, meanwhile, will be handsomely rewarded for staying in.

  43. Samantha says:

    Most of the speculation regarding Henry and these gay rumors stems from photos of him that were posted by Corey Spears on his FB account and subsequently removed once it was revealed that Henry had been cast as Superman.Most DL posters are ‘convinced’ that he is gay as a result thereof and so darn adamant about it that they have exhibited a very low tolerance for those who believe otherwise.Frankly,it is still speculation at the very least but they won’t admit this,besides I’m sick of the preoccupation.Anyways,ya’ll can continue to revel in Benedict’s Cumberbatch for I’d gladly take his fellow Englishman any day!

  44. moon says:

    This is such textbook PR. They were a show couple, period. And that contract’s up. It’s just business.

  45. anet says:

    I think that is because ….. survey says, dude’s GAY.

  46. Meanchick says:

    In my fake monotone voice: “Oh no. They are so cute together. I thought they were really in love. I’m in shock.”

  47. CAM says:

    I call Bullshit. When they got together Gina was the bigger star and had a lot more attention and buzz around her, and he seemed totally fine with that. If anything, being with her during that helped him prepare for this kind of attention. I like them together.

    • Luna says:

      maybe she was famous in USA, for example I don’t live there (I live in Brasil) and I didn’t know who she was; but I knew about him because of Tudors and Woody Allen movie :)

  48. Rina says:

    Well, after seeing this pics of Henry that ‘proof’ that he ‘is gay’ I can say that he is not gay, he is silly. I mean… stupid LOL

  49. Lina says:

    well, well, well…

    for those who say that Henry is gay because of photos he has with Corey Spears, I just saw a pic of Corey where he wrote “Keeping family safe!” fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn2/10337_394522507322735_1340980312_n.jpg
    So, obviously they are and were just friends
    btw the pic is funny LOL

  50. Jenn says:

    I don’t know if I find Cumberbatch sexy. I do think he’s a good actor, and I like his voice. He’s got nice eyes. Sexy, no, attractive, smart,yes.

    Henry is very good-looking and he did play Superman well, but sometimes, it was as if he was playing Christopher Reeve as Superman. His mannerisms were a lot like his. The abs of steel were all Henry though. Mmm.

  51. Luc says:

    There are pics (I saw them on twitter) that show that she is with friends in Las Vegas (where her family is) having fun, I mean NOT working. So, if she is/was not working and she is not with him in ANY of his lately events and parties (the last 1-2 months), they are not together anymore. But, I really don’t know why SOME media now say silly/stupid things against him, they just broke up, like any normal couple. And what is more important (at least to me) they both look happy :o )

  52. Andrea says:

    I’ve always thought Gina comes off like a Jersey shore reject and that Cavill was too classy for her.

    Carano is also arrogant and the PR for this relationship was insufferable. If they are done, he becomes more tolerable. I don’t find her likeable.

    • Lemony says:

      I don’t wanna hate Gina Carano just because I want to get in Henry Cavill’s pants…but yeah….she does give me a Jersey-shore-esque vibe, too. I think it’s the orange skin & the weird (fake?) hair.
      Aside from that I do think that she is very pretty & I love strong, muscular women.

  53. Enny says:

    Why choose? Can’t I have both?

  54. Isabella says:

    for those who say that Cavill is gay, just one proof that he is not! This (recent) picture is taken from Corey Spears facebook, where Corey is with his boyfriend and another pic (from the past) of the same man with Henry, a very normal picture. It’s VERY easy to see that HC is/was only Corey’s friend. And as a fan, I’m proud he is not an stupid homophobic person!



  55. Samantha says:

    I’d previously posted at #43 but I just thought I should share something that I stumbled upon a few minutes ago and has gone entirely unnoticed in midst of these so-called gay rumors surrounding Henry.It refers to a particular post made on a blog run by a dude by the name of Dan Renzi,who used to be on the Real World eons ago and also happened to date Corey Spears.It dates back to January 2008 so it is long before we ever heard about Henry being cast as the new Superman (emphasis here since the majority of folks on DL who are somehow ‘convinced’ otherwise use this to justify the sudden engagement to Ellen Whitaker back in 2011 as ‘bearding’ to avert alleged gay rumors that plagued him).Dan talks about among other things,Henry sleeping on the couch,the Tudors and that he was referred to as ‘The Hen’ (reading the reason behind this actually got me kinda damp in a certain place given my lurid attempts at visualizing it).Most of all,I think we can more or less deduce that Henry was far from well known at the time unless you subscribed to Showtime and Dan had no reason to lie either i.e he basically stated that Henry is a “hot,hot,hot straight guy”.

    Topic officially closed imo.


  56. Mario says:

    This doesn’t surprise me at all, he seems like a self centered narcissist. There is a reason a lot of actresses refuse to date actors, a lot of people in show business have huge ego’s and are selfish people. Non-famous spouses tend to get dropped once the acting husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend becomes famous. Just look at Jim Carrey or Jenifer Lopez.

    • Lucreccia says:

      HE is an ACTOR so he is “a self centered narcissist” BUT she isn’t? Isn’t she AN ACTRESS?!!!!! and famous for a long time ago!

  57. Louise Sand says:

    Him and Gina are finished. It was PR. When it got to the premieres, the contract ended as she wasn’t needed anymore.

  58. j says:

    According to People, Henry and Gina broke up in May, and he’s dating Kaley Cuoco now.

  59. L says:

    this article’s tittle is a HUGE LIE! because he took her in every of his events (even privates) and tour until they broke up

  60. Anna says:

    I can read essays upon essays with sories that proove that Henry is straight.Byt the guy/girl with #55 commmend ,nailed it!