Khloe Kardashian stopped fertility treatments, thinks she’ll conceive naturally

Fine, I’ll say it – Khloe is my favorite Kardashian. I think she’s funny and sympathetic and much prettier than she’s given credit for. My affection for Khloe has led me to avoid writing about her over the past few months. I mean, obviously, Kim and Kanye sucked up a lot of the Kardashian news, but I purposefully didn’t write about some rumors involving Khloe and Lamar Odom which were all over many of the urban blogs. There were rumors that Lamar was fooling around on Khloe for a while, although the rumor was that Lamar’s side-piece sold her story to a tabloid, which has never come to fruition as far as I know. I’ve also been avoiding Khloe stories because I felt like people needed to give her some space – she’s had fertility problems for years, and I think fertility treatments were a big part of her weight fluctuations too.

But! Khloe has lost a lot of weight this year (she’s even been called “the New Hot Kardashian”) and I have been wondering if Khloe has stopped with fertility treatments and maybe she and Lamar are trying something else. Life & Style says that’s the case:

Spending nearly four years trying to get pregnant has been physically and emotionally exhausting for Khloé Kardashian. But sharing in the joy her sister Kim is feeling over the birth of baby North West, she feels reinvigorated and has come up with a new plan to conceive.

Sources close to the reality star tell the new issue of Life & Style, on newsstands now, that Khloé has decided to stop taking fertility meds and instead will cleanse her body and get it into tip-top shape for conceiving.

“People say you can get pregnant when you’re not even thinking about it and when you’re healthy and in a good place,” notes a friend, “so she’s taking that advice and just going for it.”

On the advice of sister Kourtney, she’s going organic! “Khloé has really changed her eating habits for the better,” continues the friend. “She rarely eats carbs and eats lots of protein like chicken and fish. She is really into smoothies from Earthbar, too.”

Now that she’s not driving to doctor’s appointments, Khloé is using those extra hours to hit the gym. “She is now working out almost every day,” a second pal tells Life & Style. “She’s still boxing and she loves running on the treadmill, at times for almost an hour.”

A happy side effect of her mission to get baby-ready? She’s lost a whopping 30 pounds and is squeezing into size-28 jeans. “She is hoping that without the extra weight or fertility meds she can finally get pregnant naturally.”

[From Life & Style]

But… Khloe had legitimate fertility issues, right? It’s not a “mind over body” thing, she had issues with her ovulation, I believe (isn’t that what she revealed on the reality show?). While I can understand if she’s emotionally and physically exhausted from fertility treatments and that’s why she wants to take a break, I think it’s a weird/bad idea for her to think that she will have a decent chance at conceiving just by changing her diet. Sure, we’ve all heard those “my friend/sister/niece stopped trying and bam, she got pregnant 10 times in a row” stories, but in reality, I think Khloe is going to need some help if she wants to conceive.

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  1. marie says:

    doesn’t fertility treatments cause you to gain weight? if yes, then I’d say she already quit taking the meds. she looks really good and if she’s been trying for 4 yrs then I can’t fault her for wanting to take a break.

    • BB says:

      Yet another recycled story about Khloe’s fertility issues and her wanting/desperate for a baby. Khloe knows that she cannot conceive naturally so this tabloid story makes no sense that Khloe is going to stop fertility treatsment to give it a try again. Khloe has been trying to conceive since her and Lamar got married. They’ve been married almost 4 years and no baby. As for the rumors that were circulating on urban blogs that Lamar’s mistress had sold her story to Star Magazine is BS!! The story originated from a BS website, that has a history of reporting/making up stories. I do believe Lamar has cheated, however, that so called story being sold to the tabloid was BS.

  2. Jade says:

    Ugh please not one more K baby!

  3. Lia says:

    I also feel for khole. Fertility issues are heartbreaking to deal with and she seems like the only kardashian with a brain and personality

    • whipmyhair says:

      I think Khole is awesome- like I want to be her friend awesome. I hate that there are women who have babies and treat them so badly; while there are women like Khole who want a baby so badly but it can’t or go through heartbreak after heartbreak.

      She would make a pretty cool mum I think

      • Kate says:

        I really like Khloe, too. She just seems like a good person, way more down to earth than the rest of her family.

        And I can’t believe she’s been married for so long!

  4. Emily says:

    Maybe it was just she was on the pill for so long that her body was just taking a while to begin ovulating again.. and then she was so stressed about not getting pregnant that her ovulating didn’t start up again or was a little on the fritz.
    Maybe if she does relax and just let it happen, it will.
    I hope so! Love Khloe!

    • WickedSteppMom says:

      As a woman who heard “Maybe if you relax and let it happen, it will” more times than I care to count, I can tell you that it’s just about THE most insulting thing you can say to someone w/fertility issues. It implies that we personally have done/are doing something wrong just b/c a successful pregnancy hasn’t occurred. I got to the point where I’d say things back like, “Maybe if someone would buy me a cheap six-pack & a pizza, it’d happen…oh wait, that was you…”

      • polkasox says:

        Agreed! Studies have shown stress levels have NO effect on fertility. “Just relax” is such a bunch of BS.

    • sally says:

      Taking the pill has no effect on long-term fertility. Get your facts right before spreading misinformation.

  5. hadleyb says:

    Amazing how her waist got smaller and her butt got bigger with this “weight loss”.

    Don’t let her personality fool you, she lies and is fame/money hungry like the rest of the K’s. She probably just didn’t have the same opportunities as Kim did until recently since Kim blew up / distorted her face so much.

    While she may be funny at times; I find her rude, and just unsavory.

    I am sick of her hearing about her fertility problems. Are they even real? Has she even said WHAT it is, the exact problem is off camera with a real Dr or just some BS from her scripted show?

    • DEE says:


    • Melibea4ever says:


    • Emily says:

      That’s kinda silly…
      If she was working out a lot it’s perfectly believable that she lost fat around her waist but due to more exercise, gained some butt muscle/toned her arse more… Ever heard of lunges?

    • Nev says:



      eat it. too bad for you.

      mean comments. who would make up fertility issues?

    • Hakura says:

      If you’re so sick of hearing about these problems, you could always just… not click on the stories?

      But I guess if you held all that hyperbitch in, you might explode (& I’m sure Kaiser & co. don’t feel like getting out the mop) so… Carry on.

    • Sassy says:

      Not to mention foul mouthed and ugly. And the baby voice coming from that huge woman – puhlease!

  6. Micki says:

    I think she just took a break from trying and tries instead to think of something else and get a clear head. Then she may try again. Working for years to get pregnant is enormous strain to shoulder not only for her but for the partner as well.
    Wish her luck.

    • Hakura says:

      That’s very true, about being a huge strain on both the woman *&* her partner.

      To have been so focused, no doubt obsessed on getting pregnant (which surely affected every aspect of their lives, from when & what she ate, when & how much she slept, when, how often, & even in what positions they had sex…) It’s easy to see how a relationship could become strained & fall apart.

  7. A says:

    She’s not even 30 yet. She can pick up the fertility drugs again if nothing happens by the time she’s 35.

    • Nina W says:

      There’s way to much emphasis on breeding, if she wants children and can’t conceive them naturally she should just adopt. There are plenty of children out there that need loving parents to find them.

      • Barhey says:

        I do think there are many children out there who deserve good homes – our foster care system is deeply broken. However, the problem with the ‘just adopt’ mantra is twofold.

        1) Adoption is hard, hard, hard work. Celebrities do tend to have the time, money and resources to make it happen, but that doesn’t make it a sure thing
        2) You should only adopt if your heart is in it. If she and Lamar really feel that adoption isn’t right for them, it would be awful to raise a child halfheartedly. It is a very personal decision and shouting ‘ADOPT’ at someone isn’t the answer

  8. ncboudicca says:

    Doesn’t matter if she’s Kardashian or not, ugly comments about women who want a baby but are having trouble conceiving have no place in this world.

    • Chell says:

      I have been in ‘fertility treatment hell’ for the last 4 years. It is emotionally draining & takes a serious toll on you physically, the weight gain being the easiest of it all (for me). My heart goes out to all women going through this!

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I agree. Plus, every dimwit you meet has some unhelpful story about how they got pregnant as soon as they “relaxed about it,” or they know someone who adopted, then instantly became pregnant, or other endless, smug “advice” that implies it’s all in your head.
        Good luck to you. I hope your dreams come true.

      • ncboudicca says:

        Chell, wishing you the best!

      • Nicolette says:

        Hope your dream of motherhood comes true. I have watched a close friend go through this for the past few years. It is taking a toll on her physically and emotionally, but she keeps trying every possible route. The doctors, the tests, the injections, the poking and prodding, it’s a lot to go through. She would be a great mom and I’m praying it happens for her.

      • Hakura says:

        @Chell – I have watched an aunt of mine try as hard as she could for more than 10 years. She & her husband had been trying since before I was born, but even though they weren’t sure what the problem was, struggled.

        They eventually adopted 2 beautiful children…Then (as I guess it always seems to happen) found out on their children’s 2nd b-day that they were pregnant. But they were already incredibly thankful for the children they did have the opportunity to share their lives with.

        I have not experienced this personally (have not had children of my own yet, at 27), but I did see what a difficult & painful trial it is. My heart goes out to you, & I too pray that your dream comes true. <3

      • polkasox says:

        Chell – I’m there too right now. It sucks big balls. Hoping for luck for the both of us.

  9. Agnetha says:

    Khloe is looking good these days. Hope she is enjoying being an aunt (God knows North needs someone somewhat decent looking out for her!) and that the babies come in due time.

  10. Joanna says:

    she’s prob just tired of all the medications, doctor’s visits, etc. Poor girl, must be so hard not being able to conceive while everyone else in your family is popping them out left and right!

    • Hakura says:

      When I first heard Kim was Pregnant, the first thought that entered my mind was “Ugh. Imagine how Khloe must have felt, getting that news after trying so long & hard for it.” I really felt bad for her.

    • Becky1 says:

      Yeah, I thought of Khloe when I heard about Kim, too. I’m sure she loves her sister, but Kim’s pregnancy had to have been hard on her to some degree.

  11. DanaG says:

    Some women just can’t get pregnant. I had a friend who tried for 10 years and went through 3 rounds of IVF the third attempt worked. Khloe may have to go this route. I doubt she is going to get pregnant on her own she probably just wants a rest. I hope she does have a baby but I also hope Lamar isn’t cheating on her.

    • whipmyhair says:

      I had a friend who went through all that, ended up adopting. Nine years later she has two more babies- both beautiful little suprises! (Although little suprise number one is 2yrs old anda giant!)

      • Hakura says:

        I mentioned it above, but my aunt had a similar experience. Tried with her husband for more than 10yrs with no luck. Finally adopted 2 beautiful children (due to unusual circumstances, got both, although unrelated to eachother, at the same time).

        Then, on the kid’s 2nd birthday, she found out she was pregnant. That was definitely a ‘surprise’ xD

  12. Yelly says:


  13. diva says:

    The help she needs is for Lamar to tell her he got snipped… just a “rumor” but I believe it. Especially after the lost of his last child.

    • ohiogirl says:

      that would be a serious betrayal…if she’s been trying for so long hopefully they’d do a semen analysis and she’d find out.

  14. Nev says:


  15. lisa says:

    generating new personal stories over and over to get a scrap of media attention is pathetic

  16. Hakura says:

    I don’t know why, but something about Khloe is endearing, to me. I guess because she comes across as the most ‘normal’ & ‘down to earth’. Like Kaiser says, the one you could see yourself being friends with.

    I think taking a break to focus on her health, self confidence, & relationship can only do her good, even if it may not result in pregnancy.

  17. Dirty Martini says:

    Khloe–less objectionable Kardashian. I’m rooting for her.

    But as a Dallas Maverick fan, that hubby of hers gets nothing from me. We rolled out the welcome wagon, and were too patient with his sorry butt. He never wanted to be here, never tried, looked clinically depressed–but had no issue with cashing the checks.