Justin Bieber was 3 hours late for Iowa concert & made his fans cry

Justin Bieber

I’m ashamed to admit that (not by choice) when I start to type the Instagram URL into my browser, it automatically assumes that I wish to visit Justin Bieber’s account. That’s what people are referring to when they speak of “occupational hazards,” right? It’s not so bad, considering. Anyway, one of the first photos to pop up in this latest visit was taken on July 5 with Justin and an unidentified woman. He’s captioned the photo, “Heartbreaker” which is the title for his upcoming single … and is this Selena Gomez in the photo? I can’t tell with all of the crappy Instagram filters at play here. My tween daughter was like, “Nooooooooooooooo,” because she loves Selena and dislikes Justin. I do think it’s Selena, but there’s no telling when the photo was actually taken.

Meanwhile, Biebs is up to his old tricks again with not showing up for concerts until he damn well feels like it. He’s already done so recently in London and in Dubai. I’ve never understood this phenomenon. If one is getting paid an outrageous sum of money to sing silly songs and try to look “hot” onstage for a bunch of kids with early bedtimes, the least one can do is show up on time. That’s just showing respect for one’s fans. But Bieber doesn’t see it that way and beliebs he’s the next coming of Axl Rose (and we all know how well that turned out). Apparently, things got so bad at this most recent show in Des Moines, Iowa, that the audience started started booing (“After about 40 minutes, the tears started to come out“), and Bieber finally showed up on stage after 10:00pm when his set was scheduled for 7:00pm:

Justin Bieber has apparently been continuing on with his bad habit for arriving late for work by holding up a concert for three hours. The “Baby” singer enraged fans and parents who were not happy with the superstar’s attitude.

After keeping fans in London waiting for two hours on the UK leg of his Believe tour you’d have thought that Beebs would have learnt his lesson. However it seems that some more discipline is needed and angry parents on fans in Iowa would sure like to give it to him!

Justin was due to perform at 7pm at the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa however in the end he took to the stage at 10.05pm angering the parents of his young fans who were kept waiting into the night.

One parent commented on his tardiness, and is quoted by the Metro as saying: “It’s ridiculous. I have a four hour drive to get home and if I could I’d take him over my knee and give him a good one.”

The concert was completely sold out with over 13,000 Beliebers there eagerly waiting to see their idol perform. However the venue has backed up Bieber saying that he actually wasn’t billed to start until 9.30pm technically only making him late by 35 minutes.

The Canadian sparked controversy earlier on last week as well after an American shopping mall was mobbed by fans hoping to catch a glimpse of the singer. Justin took to Twitter to post a comment hinting that he might show up to the mall in Nebraska.

He wrote “Been a great little break but now gotta get back to tour. where are we going??? OMAHA MALL!!! @thatrygood u ready? #BelieveTour.”

The centre was inundated by fans on Saturday who were all hoping to meet him. However they were bitterly disappointed when he failed to make an appearance.

[From Entertainmentwise]

So the venue is backing Biebs, but I have a hard time accepting that Bieber would be scheduled to go on at 9:35pm when the vast majority of his audience is under 18 years of age. Even the Jonas Brothers knew not to mess with kids and their parents a few years ago when they showed up in my city and went onstage at 8:00pm sharp (and that was after two opening acts). Plus, why would the gig be scheduled at 9:35 when people were allowed to enter the venue before 7:00pm? Even with an opening act or two, that makes no sense. At any rate, Biebs needs to start listening to Jon Bon Jovi if he’s at all interested in career longevity.

Here’s some more Instagram goodness. This particular selfie cracks me up because it makes Biebs look like that little kid from Madonna’s “Open Your Heart” video.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Instagram

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  1. dorothy says:

    Eventually his ego and rude behavior will end his career. He’s still just a commodity that people pay for, when they don’t get their monies worth, they’ll go elsewhere. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

    • BooBooLaRue says:

      For reals, here’s hoping. All these comments are too funny this morning! Love to hate on the Bieber

    • Rachel says:

      Well his fanbase will eventually grow up and realize what a total douchebag this kid is, then his career will be over.

      In the alternative, I can hope that their parents will wise up and realize their money is funding this punks career and tell their kids no. No new downloads. No concert tickets. Obviously it won’t happen that way, but if it did, his career would be over a lot sooner.

    • YoungHeartOldSoulNewView says:

      I don’t understand…I guess performers aren’t held accountable for their tardiness like us everyday folk? Of course the venue will stand behind him, they don’t want to refund (LOSE) any money. But shouldn’t there be SOME kind of system of accountability for this? Discipline from the label, the managers, venues refusing to host, SOMETHING? Or do we as fans/parents just have to heed warnings from these examples and refuse to buy tickets? I feel like this is wishful thinking, isn’t it.

  2. Andrew says:

    Oh to be there to bathe in the tears. The twerp is acting like a little boy who looks like his diaper pants need changing. That’s all I’m going to say.

  3. Amelia says:

    His forehead is going to look like the Grand Canyon in a few years time if he keeps the ‘confused shar pei’ look up.

  4. lucy2 says:

    Rihanna keeps doing the same thing, showing up very late, but I think he’s worse – his fans are children, and you don’t start a children’s concert at 10 pm.

    People are going to stop buying the tickets, and then the career and money will be long gone.

  5. FLORC says:

    How long until he’s broke? I’m interested in seeing him as a pariah among his peers.

  6. DanaG says:

    I hope Beiber get’s fines etc that is how Axl lost a lot of money. He just thinks he can do anything his fans may finally start working out they are nothing to him. He is just getting ruder and doing this more and more. It looks like Selena but I think it’s an oldie I don’t think she is stupid enough to date him again. I wish he would stop taking selfies with his shirt off he looks like a kid trying to look rough. My granny could take him on in a fight and win.

    • aquarius64 says:

      Selena won’t drop this brat for good until he does something so egregious (and runs him afoul with the criminal justice system) that her image and reputation are tarnished due to the association. See J-Lo when Diddy was prosecuted for gun charges, but she dumped him when he was acquitted. Selena is no ride-or-die girl by any stretch.

    • littlestar says:

      “He just thinks he can do anything his fans may finally start working out they are nothing to him.”

      THIS!!!!! I understand the great majority of his fans are children/teenagers and because they don’t have the best reasoning powers, they’ll defend him to the end… But don’t they at least question WHY Beiber acts the way he does? I wonder if their parents at least explain to them what an entitled brat Beiber is. If an “artist” actually appreciated their fans, they wouldn’t show up 3 hours late to a concert…

      • Hakura says:

        @littlestar – You know how it is at that age, especially when it comes to parents trying their damndest to explain that something you enjoy isn’t as great as you think it is. Unfortunately, many won’t get it until they experience the ‘negative’ aspects personally.

        Justin Beiber doesn’t give a flying bag of used pampers about his fans. Beyond his lack of decency as a human being, he also seems too stupid to realize that these ‘fans’ he could care less about.. are his real ‘employers’.

        We’ll see how much further he (& Rihanna) get, pulling this bullshit.

  7. aquarius64 says:

    One, thanks for car seat picture – it fits the story.

    The only reason the venue copped to the 9:35 stage call is to head off massive demands for refunds by outraged parents. The venue would take a hit financially. I hope the parents don’t buy the BS and demand their hard earned money back. This is ridiculous.

    • lucy2 says:

      Yes – and if people started demanding their money back, the venues would stop booking performers who behave like this.

    • Hakura says:

      @aquarius64 – I think that ‘car seat’ pic should be thrown into every Justin Beiber post, from now on. (Never fails to make me smile xD).

      & I agree. Enough people hit the venues where it hurts (their wallets), & they’ll finally do what they should’ve already, & stop booking him. If enough of these parents/fans got together & demanded money back at once? That’d do it, & scare other venues away from dealing with him, too.

  8. StormsMama says:

    He’s such a loser. Totally spoiled rotten. Over inflated sense of entitlement. He’s pulling a Lohan (remember all her sick days on Herbie). Hate this kid, truly.
    My man took his 12 year old to see 1D 2 weeks ago and they were prompt and even then it was a long show for kids and an hour pls drive both ways for him.

  9. Suzy from Ontario says:

    Well keep it up Justin and eventually the fans you have will get sick of you and your antics and you’ll be old news. Can’t wait.

  10. swack says:

    Thirty five minutes or three hours late – it doesn’t matter. It is total disrespect to the people who paid to see him perform. I don’t believe that is Serena in the pic. I think he wants us to believe it is.

  11. Arock says:

    Does he own any clothes that fit him?

    I for one am really excited about the inevitable ‘behind the music’ break down in a couple of years.

  12. Dina says:

    Cant fucking stand this kid, ugh.

  13. ronnie says:

    ugh, I would have been SOO ANGRY if i went to a concert and the performer was that late. I would have requested a refund, is that possible? I have gone to 2 concerts this yr, MB20 and recently Beyonce in Dallas. Both had opening acts that started right on time and they came on the stage by the 30 min mark.

  14. some bitch says:

    Can’t wait for this dork to fade away.
    His teeth look nasty in the first picture- can’t tell if that’s due to instragram filter or too many blunts.

    • Hakura says:

      @some bitch – IKR? I wondered if anyone else was going to bring that up. It caught my attention first thing (& seemed to be all I could look at).

      For a second I was wondering if he was pulling a ‘Miley/Madonna’ & wearing a ‘grill’. Certainly couldn’t put it passed him.

  15. Str8Shooter says:

    This kid is a fucking JERK. I hope his career goes down in flames.

    And as for Rhianna? Well, she sucks too.

  16. Legal Annie says:

    Dear Justin,

    Show the fuck up on time. It’s not difficult.

  17. Tiffany says:

    About 6 years ago I went to see a NERD concert (Pharrell Williams band). There was no opening act but they had a DJ who performed for about 45 minutes. Then the stage was bare for 1.5 hours, no stage setup, nothing. Then they decide to grace us with their presence for a 1 hour performance that was extremely half assed. I turned to another concert goer and stated my disappointment and she had a million and one excuses for them. To this date they have not received a dime of my money. There are situations you say, as a consumer, that the buck stops here. Slowly but surely this is what is going to happen to Bieber.

  18. Relli says:

    WOO HOO shout out to my hometown Des Moines, IA.

    thats all I got.

  19. rrabbit says:

    I do not understand why he still has fans who are willing to buy tickets for his shows. You know he’ll be hours late. Why put up with that? Why not buy tickets for a different artist who respects his fans?

  20. A says:

    I highly doubt he was set to start at 7. It was most likely:

    7 – venue opens
    8 – opening act
    9 – Bieber

    That’s usually how it goes.

  21. Poppy says:

    What is he doing to make him so late? Sitting around backstage smoking blunts with his friends? Banging a groupie?

  22. Skins says:

    He’s already getting too old to sing the type of crap that he sings for 13 year old girls. Is he still going to sing crap like “baby” when he is 25-30 years old? Another couple of years and this tool will be done. Can’t wait!

  23. MonicaQ says:

    Is he trying to get gold in the “Ain’t shit and ain’t ever gonna be shit” Olympics? Because he’s pretty damn close.

  24. Madriani's Girl says:

    This idiot is so baked, he doesn’t know how stupid he looks in these “selfies” with his eyes at half-mast and his brow all furrowed.

  25. Emily C. says:


    I just — WHY. Will some gossip professional please figure out WHY that incredibly stupid expression is the thing to do now for young men?

  26. CHH says:

    And a career is over in – 3….2….1

  27. doofus says:

    Just wait, fellow celebitches…

    he will soon go the way of MC Hammer and/or every boy band in existence.

    like Hammer did, he spends WAY TOO MUCH money; he’s one of those idiots who thinks that the money is ALWAYS going to be coming in the way it does now. he’s likely not saving much, just spending on stupid crap like leopard print cars, as well as supporting his entire “entourage” in the way that he lives HIS life. generous, but stupid.

    and no, the money is not always going to be coming in the way it does now…who wants to see a 25-30 year old singing to a bunch of pre-teens? creepy doesn’t begin to even describe that. he’s going to have to learn to evolve as an “artist” (his word, not mine) if he wants to keep the numbers of fans he has now, because as so many have said, his fans of today will soon realize how cheesy and douchey he is, and then they’ll move on…and it’s not like he can keep the 12 year olds as fans from year to year (see: creep factor issue above).

    • Hakura says:

      @doofus – “…he will soon go the way of MC Hammer and/or every boy band in existence.

      We can only hope he doesn’t end up successfully pulling a Justin Timberlake, once his cheesy pre-teen-pop gig goes down the toilet (maybe he’ll be potty trained by then).

  28. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    Agree with all the comments – have recently seen the WHo, Eric Clapton, The Flaming Lips and The Black Keys; they all have more talent in their eyelashes than this twerp has in his entire body, and they showed up on time and played longer sets – but it’s the parents, not the kiddies, as some have mentioned, that need to draw the line – when this douche came to my hometown, 2 tickets were going for as much as 756 dollars. We can only pray he flames out and then makes his “living” off of 2 am infomercials.

  29. tessy says:

    I went to a Steve Earle concert last year. No opening act, no backup band. Just Steve himself singing and playing a huge variety of instruments. He came out on time, sang and talked for 2 hours straight with no break. The sold out crowd left with everyone happy and feeling that we got our moneys worth. He’s a true working professional and has been around for decades. His songs have stories and meaning. There is no comparison between an artist like that and a little dweeb like beeb.

  30. Nicolette says:

    When his fans grow up, which isn’t too far off, they will realize what real music is and what a talented singer is. And for sure it isn’t this spoiled whining selfish brat! Can’t wait til he takes his blankie and his binkie and fades away into obscurity like most teeny bopper singers do.

  31. Norman says:

    Justin Bieber is the biggest diva in the universe. He is not even twenty and this kid is already washed up. He will never achieve anything other than his diehard tweenteen audience of most of whom dont give damn about music. I hope some of these kids learned a lesson.

  32. Jenna says:

    In an effort to be kind (I’ve spent the last 4 hours ranting and dealing with insane people on the phone – marry an orphan if you can, inlaws are not worth the aneurism I’m surely building in my brain) and say simply, wow am I glad instagram wasn’t a think when I was a teen. I know I did stupid thing, pulled ridiculous faces, and wore idiotic clothes – but at least I was bright/lucky enough to NOT PHOTOGRAPH IT! Or worse, chose to constantly share the stupidity with the world.

    Someone tell me truly – has JB begun to develop an allergy to shirts? He’s half naked in so many photos that looking at his feed makes me feel like I’m in an episode of To Catch a Predator!

  33. abbie246 says:

    I wonder if he had any opening acts and what time it says on the tickets. Usually the headliner takes the stage 20-30min after the opening act. Most concerts start at 7-8pm but I have a hard time the management team would fix it that he would take the stage at 10. Besides if all of his concerts started at 10 why haven’t all of his concerts received complaints.

  34. laine says:

    I went to that concert and it was amazing worth the wait dont forget that after that people started cheering. He said sorry dont look the bad in people always. Start thinking about things.

  35. Lauraq says:

    I live in Omaha and his show sold out in seconds. Literally, less than a minute. I only know this because some of the grown ass women I work with were trying to get tickets…I didn’t hear about the mall thing though. I was telling everyone to stay off the roads lest they get mowed down.