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12 Responses to “George Clooney and Reese Witherspoon?”

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  1. kikistar says:

    I hope it’s not true!! He is too good for the redneck!!

  2. countrybabe says:

    Kiki, please. A good southern girl like her is too good for him. That’s the most used____ in hollywood. She’s too young for him. She’s not out of her twenties yet is she? Reese has been in the business since she was a kid. If he’s had a crush on her for a long time doesn’t that make him a pediphile.

  3. wtf says:

    she’s almost 31… no spring chicken there!

  4. Action says:

    He doesn’t want her–she has kids! The dude can’t commit to save his life to just a woman much less one with kids.

    And she can do better. Although with her attitude she’d be lucky to get any guy. She always comes off at pompous to me.

  5. Cmora says:

    Clooney is Gay.
    Enough said.

  6. UrbanDK says:

    If Enough of Clooney Is Gay … Pleae someone say …

  7. Jude says:

    She seems too bright to go for another playa so fast after the last one.

  8. Viv says:

    Agreed, Jude.

  9. Norma Mc Intyre says:

    will you all probable think that George cooney is to old for Reese witherspoon but that is between them two; and also age didn’t make any difference’and that is my opinion, beside who we are to judge them in witch people they have to see or not to see it a free world,life is to short to waste it,and also i read that Reese witherspoon hubby are cheating on her that his lost not Reese, norma

  10. Randi says:

    I can’t see her with Clooney. The guy is so anti-family it’s not funny: “I have no urge to replicate”.

  11. mine are real. says:

    Clooney is Gay.
    i think that there are more std critters floating around his badonkadonks than paris.

    (interesting how reece has kept the saintly image goin’. it takes two.)

    ark!@ what the hell do i know.

  12. Other Karen says:

    Even Warren Beatty settled down. But yeah, the story’s unlikely.