Friends drama at Paris Hilton’s birthday party

What would a paris Hilton party be without some drama between friends of convenience? Her 26th birthday party in Las Vegas this weekend wasn’t attended by two of her high-profile pals. One was deliberately not invited and another was a no-show.

Paris was said to have purposely snubbed her friend Kim Kardashian, whose recent sex tape release by an enterprising ex may have hit a little too close to home for hypocrite Paris. Paris was rumored to have dropped Kardashian earlier when she had that two week dalliance with pantyless Britney, and now it looks like things are definitely on the outs for these two. Kardashian is a fashion stylist who started getting picked up on the tabloid radar last spring when she dated Nick Lachey briefly and then started hanging out with Paris.

And despite Paris’ promise to the adoring crowd at the Hard Rock that Nicole Richie would make an appearance, she did not show her newly-healthy figure that night:

Nicole Richie snubbed Paris Hilton’s 26th-birthday bash on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Although the tiny terror had dinner in the city and was announced by Paris on the microphone to be “on her way,” she never showed up at the Hard Rock Hotel bash.

It’s a fresh chill in the relationship of the former best friends, who posed together for a Harpers Bazaar shoot in the Beverly Hills De Beers store just last Tuesday.

Hilton, meanwhile, has been pruning some other friends from her guest list. She declined to invite Kim Kardashian, who made gossip headlines recently for the saga of her own sex tape.

“She didn’t want Kim on the red carpet stealing her thunder,” says a pal.

Oh well. At least Paris had her reliable sister to keep her company. There were reports that things were going well for Paris with on-again Stavros, but there’s also a story that she made out with both Stavros and Greasy Bear Brandon Davis while out to dinner in Vegas. She was also said to have shared a room with the two. With no female friends there she had to find some way to pass the time.

Pictures of Paris’ party from Gossip Rocks.

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11 Responses to “Friends drama at Paris Hilton’s birthday party”

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  1. pinknblack says:

    Every year that woman gets closer to thirty I rejoice a little. Nothing says “sad blow-out” like a promiscuous, drugged out 35 year old. Ahhh…

  2. gg says:

    hmm, she seems to drop friends just as soon as they get a little bit of their own lascivious publicity. don’t wanna outwhore the queen whore, now, do we …

  3. Kolby says:

    That cake is (hopefully) the closest she’ll ever get to having a star & her hands in the walk of fame.

  4. Loob says:

    What an empty, petty little waste of space she is.

  5. Iva says:

    I can’t understand why more people didn’t stay away from Paris and her birthday party – man, who wants to get near that skank, talk about a walking disease, Paris is bad enough, but look at some of the other guests, you know they are just as bad.

    Wonder if she gave Valtrax to her guests attending.

  6. Jude says:

    I just want to know how many kilos of coke were consumed at that party. I bet the bathroom line was hella long.

  7. Viv says:

    I want to know why Ludacris was there; we all know how Paris feels about people that aren’t white.

  8. no name says:

    look at the birthday cake. those shiny pink balls with the thin brown lines down the middle look like plastic vaginas. haha! ahhh gotta love the cake decorations.
    really bad fake eye contacts, fake hair, ugly dress. girl, barbie is for young girls.
    she has hickies below her neck.

  9. o says:

    did they charge people to get into the party?? i cant imagine that they have many friends.

  10. o says:

    ugly birthday cake.

  11. Girlygrrl says:

    A whole room full of people- yet no real friends to speak of. Pathetic.