Has Denzel Washington been cheating on Pauletta, his wife of 30 years?

Denzel Washington has spent the last thirty years in an industry that’s known for spitting people out in 30 days. Denzel has managed to win two Oscars and a slew of other awards, and he’s currently on the “lifetime achievement” path. Meaning that if he continues to keep everything locked down, he’s going to spend the next decade winning lifetime achievement awards from every critics’ circle and awards show out there. And throughout it all, Denzel has barely been touched by scandal. Sure, there are rumors that he can be rather unpleasant and grumpy, but there’s never been a real “scandal” or “controversy” associated with him. As I recently found out earlier this year, Denzel even returned to the Pentecostal church, and he’s an avid church-goer and he’s still married to his first wife, Pauletta. This year is their 30-year wedding anniversary.

So, this Radar story took me by surprise. Apparently, there’s a rumor going around that Denzel has been cheating on Pauletta. Damn.

Flight star Denzel Washington has been married for 30 years, but despite a seemingly idyllic relationship with his wife, he is now caught up in a cheating scandal as photographs of Denzel apparently with and kissing another woman are being shopped, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

Denzel, 58, and his wife Pauletta, 62, recently did an interview with Ebony magazine giving what what called a “rare portrait” into “one of Hollywood’s longest running couples.”

But several photos that have been shopped to various media outlets appear to show Denzel with another woman and kissing her on the lips, in what appears to be a passionate moment.

Those photos are a stark contrast to what his wife Pauletta recently told Ebony.

“I live with this man. I see the down part. I see the sad part. I see every part,” Pauletta told the magazine. “He has and knows he has stability in me as his wife. That’s what gives him strength, regardless if he misuses it. I can’t dwell on that. But I do know that gives him a great platform to go and fly.”

But is Denzel flying with another woman?

Four photographs, seen by Radar and shopped to other media outlets, show him sitting on a couch with a young lady, and then throughout the series of pictures he grabs her arm and pulls her in for a kiss on the lips in one. The woman is not identified and Radar was not able to verify the authenticity of the photographs.

In 2003 rumors floated that Denzel was having an affair with his Out of Time co-star, Sanaa Latham, but she denied the allegations.

There have been other reports and allegations of infidelity regarding the superstar.

“Denzel has always sweet-talked his way out of it,” an insider told Star magazine in their latest issue, which has details of the new cheating scandal.

“She (his wife) confronted him, and once again he denied he did anything wrong,” the source said of Denzel’s latest situation.

However, a rep for Denzel denies that he and Paulette are on the verge of a split or divorce.

[From Radar]

I never heard that rumor about Sanaa Lathan! That’s interesting. Are there any other rumors about his alleged cheating? Huh. Now, I guess I could believe that Denzel has gotten some on the side here and there, and the deal he and Pauletta might have is that as long as he doesn’t get seriously involved with his side-pieces, there will be no problem. Thirty years of marriage… that’s a lot of forgiving and forgetting and compromising, and Pauletta is nobody’s fool, you know?

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Liv says:

    Didn’t we talk about this earlier this year? I thought he already cheated big time!?

    • V4Real says:

      That was about him not having any White friends who are actors. But the cheating rumors were mention by the posters. We are not surprised that he cheats; it’s like a right of passage in Hollywood. Great actor but I believe the rumors especially about Latham.

    • Anna says:

      Yup. I used to work closely with someone who ran in the same social circles as he when promoting projects (NYC ‘scene’/high society), and apparently he was very casual about taking pretty young things back to his hotel after every event. And if a girl wasnt into it, he pulled a ‘you DO know who I am right? your loss, honey’ card. Needless to say, I was shocked. But the source is credible.

      • Diana says:

        “you do know who I am, right?”

        LOL, someone who doesn’t want to sleep with a married, aging d-bag going through the requisite late-in-life crisis? That’s who I am.

        That’s crazy and gross. If this is true, I hope his wife goes for the throat in subsequent divorce proceedings.

      • ms. deneuve says:

        Fun fact, I have two friends in LA who banged him. both were working in production at the time. it happens every day all day every movie every town, pleeeze, and the wifies just look the other way. Ce la vie!

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      The cheating rumors about Denzel have been around for a while. Sucks because I always liked him as an actor, but he seems like kind of a dbag in real life :(

      • V4Real says:

        I had the pleasure of meeting him twice, once while he was filming The Preachers wife and years later after he won the Oscar for Training Day. He was nice on both occasions. A friend and I was sharing some of our deepest secrest one night and she claimed she slept with Denzel and yes he was already married. I remember saying to myself if this is true damn dude you’re easy.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Wow…so if your friend has slept with Denzel then sufficed to say that he’s probably made the rounds with a lot of randoms.

        I don’t know…maybe she’s ok with him getting his strange on the side?

      • MCraw says:

        There’s the rumor about Sanaa getting pregnant and aborting it.

        Rumors about him and Eva Mendez, back for Training Day.

        Rumors about him and Julia Roberts, ie “I love my life” when she presented his Oscar and jumped all over him on camera walking off the stage.

        Rumors about him for years.

      • mayamae says:

        I think Denzel actually turned down Julia Roberts who was used to sleeping with all her costars. I hated how she hijacked his Oscar moment.

        I hate this news. I jumped up and down in excitement when he made People’s “beautiful” cover. I thought he was raised in a beauty shop appreciating and respecting women. I’m sad.

    • j.eyre says:

      I thought he admitted to it publicly like 15 years ago. They went on to say they were stronger because they worked through it.

    • Shaz says:

      I can’t help a slight eye-roll whenever anyone is shocked by infidelity in Hollywood. It’s more common than smog.

      • muffin says:

        i agree. And as if the ones who don’t cheat are all great husbands? HA! Denzel has likely cheated on/off thru the 30 years and likely has been a ver good and devoted husband otherwise. Maybe Pauletta looks at the big picture and decides based on that – not just whether someone is faithful for 30 years or not.

    • Renee says:

      I always thought he had a thing with Eva Mendez. They did at least 2 movies together and I always thought they looked…..cozy.

    • Willie says:

      I guess the “Training Day” character wasn’t too far off…

  2. Mia 4S says:

    Wow where have you been? It’s hardly a new story that Denzel is a cheater and the rumors were about a lot more than just one or two flings! Sorry to burst the illusion but this story has been around for years. Another example of why it’s better to know as little as possible about your favorite actors.

    • mollie says:

      Yes, this.
      I’ve heard this for years and years.
      old news.
      They have an arrangement, or she’s just a doormat.

  3. GeeMoney says:

    Dude, I thought it was common knowledge that he used to cheat on her hardcore. I think she even threatened to leave him awhile back if he didn’t stop.

    The debaucherous lives of celebrities shouldn’t really come as a shock to anyone anymore. Sad.

    • MollyB says:

      He’s pretty much admitted to cheating on her in the past but always in a “I’ve not been a perfect husband but she’s forgiven me” kind of way. I always got the impression that, like a lot of long-lasting Hollywood marriages, they have a “As long as you don’t embarrass me publicly, I’ll look the other way” understanding.

      • Myrto says:

        How would Denzel feel if *she* was cheating on him? Would he be a forgiving husband? Yeah, don’t think so.
        I don’t care about Denzel Washington anyway but it’s always the wife who has to look the other way and that annoys me.

    • Faye says:

      You’re 100% right that infidelity shouldn’t shock us, especially celebrity infidelity. Still, I find myself feeling sad when reading about things like this. I’m no Polyanna, but why can’t people just have a loving relationship with the person they’re with? Especially these Hollywood celebs, feeding their egos with an endless supply of girls (or whatever is their preference) – besides being gross, does that even make them happy? I don’t know. Such a wierd way to be.

      • Ag says:

        i feel that way too. i’m no crazy optimist when it comes to celebrities, but damn. why get married or be with someone when all you want to do is run around? sad.

      • muffin says:

        Who says his relationship with Pauletta is not a loving one? I’m banking it is and that’s why she has stood by him all these years. NO ONE knows what goes on inside a marriage, period.

  4. Izzy says:

    I can believe it. A friend of mine who worked in the industry for years told me about his womanizing a long time ago. (She also told me that one of his hookups later mentioned that she was disappointed with the size of his assets.)

    • marie says:

      yeah, it’s not too hard for me to believe. wasn’t there a rumor of him and Julia during Pelican Brief?

      and is it just me or does it seem like once a couple releases a “how we’ve lasted so long” article one of them gets busted for cheating?

      • TG says:

        No it isn’t just you it also happens to politicians whenever they harp in about family values and fidelity. Of course those are the best scandals.

      • mercy says:

        “He has and knows he has stability in me as his wife. That’s what gives him strength, regardless if he misuses it. I can’t dwell on that. But I do know that gives him a great platform to go and fly.”

        That right there is probably how they’ve lasted so long. It sounds like Denzel is the star of the show at home, too. Stories like this one seem designed to give her the credit she deserves for her unconditional support and keeping the family together. Too bad they also invite scrutiny.

        He’s a great actor, though, and was so handsome.

  5. Mayday says:

    Something about him has ALWAYS creeped me out, as long as I can remember.

    • littlestar says:

      Same here. Never liked him. I always felt like there was something false about the way he presented himself. I remember the last article in the comments section where everyone was confirming he was a cheating dirt bag, it solidified my belief that he puts on an act to seem like a nice humble man.

      • Winterly says:

        I swear I heard stories about him being pretty controlling towards his wife. Something along the lines of he nipped her career aspirations (as an actress) in the bud so she could support him and there family. He does give off a vibe of intensity to me, like he has a chip on his shoulder.

  6. bubulle says:

    Yep agree with the comments above, Denzel is a well known cheater. No surprise here.

  7. kc says:

    I thought Denzel was known to be a cheater?

  8. Joanna says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised. When they’re that famous, they think they can do what they want. and the women will go along with it to keep the lifestyle. jmo

  9. lisa2 says:

    NOT news.. there have been rumors for years. I think he even kind of admitted to this some time back

    here is the thing. Tabloids are not going to cover many black actors. they just don’t. So not surprised if this is true it is under the radar.

    LOL because his cheating doesn’t seem to bother anyone. I don’t see people here screaming how terrible he is or boycotting his films.. I guess because he “stayed” with his wife so that makes it OK.

    Double Standard again.

    • V4Real says:

      Why would we boycott someone’s movie because they cheated on their spouse? It’s a horrible thing to do but how does any celeb sleeping around affect us. If it’s Denzel pulling a Paula Deen than yes boycot his ass. I’m not condoning his behavior but if we boycotted every actor due to cheating we’ll probably never go to another movie again. Would you quit your job if you found out your boss was cheating.

      Why hasn’t anyone boycotted Daniel Baldwin is the question.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Yeah, cheating is wrong but I’m not gonna boycott a film because an actor who’s work I enjoy cheated on his/her spouse.

        As V4Real said, I would never get to see a movie again if I took that tactic.

      • Kim1 says:

        What did Daniel Baldwin do? is he the religous one

      • V4Real says:

        @Kim1 Daniel has been caught on camera spewing racial slurrs out of anger. His recent outburst was on Twitter when he used homophobic slurrs towards a London reporter for saying his wife was texting during James Gandafino’s memorial. He has since than deleted his Twitter account.

        But honestly I think Baldwin hates everyone equally.

      • fabgrrl says:

        @V4Real: that was ALEC Baldwin

      • V4Real says:

        My bad I meant Alec Baldwin all along. I always make the mistake of calling Alec by his brother Daniel’s name. Sorry Daniel.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      If this is a reference to KStew, the reason why some people boycott her movies is because she is a terrible actress, and most of her projects are pretentious and wacky.

      • Collar says:

        I think the types of people who would boycott a film as a means to police the morality of total strangers are a very very tiny minority.

        There are plenty of shitty actors making money at the movies, Kristen will be no different.

      • crtb says:

        I have to disagree. I know there are a lot of people who no longer see Woody Allen movies because of what happened with Mia. Myself included. I also know that many people wont see Roman Polanski movies because he rapped a teenager. Myself included. I wont see Julia Roberts films because of the outward humiliating treatment she cause her husband’s ex. I felt she used her power and money to cause unnecessary pain. Nor, will I ever buy another Alicia Keys Album. When you are offended by an artist’ behavior the way you get back is not going or seeing their shows. That is what people did to Mel Gibson and it worked.

    • MalorieMarks says:

      I know who you’re talking about. The loves of your life. The people to whom you are terribly devoted. Honestly? I don’t watch their movies because they’re mediocre. He’s hit and miss, she’s absolutely loathsome. And yeah, I know she got an oscar. So did Goop and Julia. And yeah, her movies somehow make money. To that I answer: so do the twilight movies. I don’t care about the scandal that the fans and stans seem to froth at the mouth over. The truth is, all three involved aren’t the best at their craft. And all three of them are pretentious and hard to watch for different reasons. I hope you get to feeling better and seeing things from a more rational perspective. Yes, there are people that don’t watch actors because of scandals, but like multiple posters said above, most shrug it off because if that were the case, we really couldn’t watch any movies anymore. The actors you’re talking about are annoying on a lot of levels, and I truly think that people just don’t find them believable anymore due to the fact that we can’t separate them from their personal lives…due to the fact that they never stop giving us too much asinine, personal info. Nonstop. Just a thought. I rest my case. Good luck. :)

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        But then she’d have to stop watching her movies because she cheated with him.

        Ask TheOriginalTiffany-she’s in the entertainment industry and knows people who confirmed it.
        Besides the fact that it’s not hard to believe-it was over between the first and second before the third entered the picture. But technically it was still infidelity.

        Now look what we just did.
        We talked about The Shape That Shall Not Be Named without ever naming a…..name.

        Anyway, I agree with the sentiment that you should watch an actor for how talented they are and their ability to deliver a good performance. WGAF about who they slept with or are sleeping with.

  10. epiphany says:

    That Sanaa Latham story is old news… lots of others about Denzel too. I thought it was taken for granted that he’s been a serial cheater for years, and Pauletta turns a blind eye.
    Sad. I guess I’m too old fashioned for Hollywood. Are ANY showbiz couples married, monogamous, and happy?

    • Tapioca says:

      Homer and Marge Simpson. And, err…

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon? You never know but I think they are monogamous.

      • mercy says:

        I love Kevin and Kyra! They got together over 25 years ago and had two kids at a relatively young age and they still seem really happy.

        Jeff Bridges is another actor who seems like a good guy and family man.

      • Jackson says:

        I will definitely get the sads if I hear about JB being a cheater. Hmmm. Bacon, Bridges….Matt Damon? Tom Hanks? Who knows, maybe they’re cheaters too.

        ETA: Hmmm. I think TH cheated on his first wife?? Ugh. Cross him off the list….

      • Collar says:

        None of these actors have had any real scrutiny though. There was a time when Mel Gibson was held up as an ideal married man remember.

        And call me a cynic but I dont buy that Damon belongs on that list. That lavish vow renewal ceremony anda couple of his quotes makes me wonder if hes making up for some indiscretion. And moving the fam from NYC to LA smirks of “fresh stsrt”. It wouldnt surprise me really.

    • Aotearovian says:

      If I ever hear about anything being wrong between Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates – well, I just don’t know what.

    • Actressmr says:

      If there were/are ANY showbiz couples married, monogamous, and happy, rumors would (and WILL) find them, annihilate them and end their relationships in those minds who believe in them. Sorry! Have been a receiver and no longer a believer!

  11. mata says:

    Wasn’t aware it was a secret. Denzel’s been a known cheater for most of the time he’s been in Hollywood. I don’t know what kind of a deal he and his wife have going on, but she has to know about it. Lord knows, everyone else does.

  12. cheaters says:

    don’t they all cheat?

  13. gloaming says:

    I have to see these new photo’s!

    The Sanaa Latham pics at the time were very telling. They looked really intimate together.

  14. SolitaryAngel says:

    Yeah, I heard he and Sanaa had a long-term thing; he got her several movie parts and there was even talk that her son was Denzel’s.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      Didn´t him and Eva Mendes hooked up as well?

      • Kieslowski says:

        Yes I heard that too, he had a torrid affair with Eva Mendes.

      • cs says:

        Yes, Eva Mendes indeed.. she played his wife or girlfriend in two or more films.
        That’s his M.O. If the same actress played his love interest in two or more films that’s who he’s boning at the time.
        I’m too lazy to look up the others.

    • Nanea says:

      Sanaa Latham has no kids.

  15. shelley says:

    That is one sexy man I would date *sigh*

  16. Original A says:

    There have been tons of rumors over the years, although I thought the Sanaa thing was not true.

  17. bns says:

    I’m pretty sure he’s admitted to cheating himself.

  18. Talie says:

    The story about Sanaa has been floating around forever and before her, it was Julia Roberts.

  19. original kay says:

    How do you know she’s nobody’s fool?

    she married him, she’s pretty foolish to me. his cheating is hardly a secret.

  20. Elodie says:

    LOL it’s old news he hit on hostesses at the Flight premiere in Paris.

  21. doofus says:

    as most of the other posters said, I didn’t think this was news. I thought he was kind of known as a serial cheater, too.

    I will say that DAMN, he looks great for almost 60.

  22. Jen34 says:

    These comments are too funny. Does anyone NOT believe he cheats?

  23. Mercy says:

    He’s Denzel..Paula knows what she has..
    ”Dog=a Dog, once in a while I’ll break out the backyard to roam
    And get reckless
    But I still know that home is home…DMX!!”

    • Jordan says:

      Lmao that you quoted DMX. Is that from a Aaliyah collabo too? I miss both of them *sigh*.

  24. Dawn says:

    I won’t say yes and I won’t say no. What I will say is that if he has been cheating his wife is very aware of it and more than likely would prefer to keep her lifestyle and keep the family together rather then divorce.

    • d says:

      Yeah, I thought this part of her quote was telling: “He has and knows he has stability in me as his wife. That’s what gives him strength, regardless if he misuses it. I can’t dwell on that. “.

      • mercy says:

        That quote stood out for me as well. She’s more or less saying she knows he takes her for granted sometimes, but she likes her status as ‘the wife who gives him the kind of love and support that none of these tarts he has flings with can’ so she’s willing to look the other way. It wouldn’t work for me, but if she’s happy…

      • Jackson says:

        Exactly! My goodness, she practically comes right out and says it.

      • Sassy says:

        Promiscuous men bring home lots and lots of STDs to their long suffering wives. If I were Mrs. Denzel, I would have a lovely time spending his money.

    • Kim1 says:

      Also he talked about being a bad boy during his marriage about 15 years ago.He Said their pastor helped them with his issues.Pauletta knows.You know when I saw the Ebony cover at the store Monday I said “Oh Oh …what’s going on premptive strike

  25. evie says:

    old news

  26. Mercy says:

    She doesnt complain when using the PLATINA CARD.so why complain when he cheats.

    • muffin says:

      um. that “platina” card is as much her money as it is his.

      • Nicole says:

        Muffin said: um. that “platina” card is as much her money as it is his.

        How do you figure that? Just because they’re married? Did she manage him during his career? Did she co-produce his films.

      • Actressmr says:

        Clearly you are not married.

  27. MsAubra says:

    I have always been that person that feels that when it comes to actors/Hollywood, you can’t always be sure of the rumors just because they have been around FOREVER! But the things that make me believe this is PROBABLY true is that when Sanaa Lathan was asked by Essence magazine about the rumors of her sleeping with Denzel and all she could respond with was “I am dissapointed in Essence magazine…” rather than just actually deny it, which leads me to believe she was side stepping the truth of her having slept with a married man.

    now IF this is true, then it also leads me to believe the whispers that Pauletta knows he messes around, thus the gassy bitchface she always gives around other women, which I don’t feel bad for her because she stays and puts up with it because he’s Denzel…

  28. fabgrrl says:

    I thought this was pretty common knowledge. It seems like they have an “understanding” – if she doesn’t see it, it doesn’t exist.

  29. Gia says:

    Wouldn’t it be more surprising if he DIDN’T cheat over 30 years? Of course he’s getting some. NO MAN, and I will include my own husband who I adore, respect and trust, can say ‘no’ to young beautiful women being pushed in their face 24/7. NO MAN can say ‘no’ to that for 30 years.

    • Nicole says:

      To Gia: Then that man isn’t worth shit and I pitty the women who truly believe “all men cheat” and give up instead of looking for someone who will be fateful. Why be married to someone if you think to yourself “all men cheat. No man can say no to young women constantly in their faces” etc.? That kind of thinking really makes me sad when it comes to society.

    • Actressmr says:

      And I COMPLETELY agree with Nicole. Just because other men have fidelity issues does not damn all men to the same issues. SOME men don’t have a problem with beautiful women, they have other problems that don’t have anything to do with sex. Just have to find out who your man is BEFORE you marry him.

  30. Amelia says:

    And if he is outed as a cheater there will be barely a ripple in Hollywood, because men can cheat and whore around and even get the housekeeper pregnant while she wives in the house with his wife, but by God, if a woman cheats she is never allowed forget it her whole life, is called disgusting names forever (Kristen Stewart) and unless she is a much in demand actress, her career will suffer (Meg Ryan).

    People on this site are guilty of this double standard. Just sayin!

    • mercyf says:

      There is definitely a double standard, not just for men but for talent. People perceived as super talented get a pass on their behaviour more often.

      • Amelia says:

        That’s very true, and just as bad as the whole woman v man double standard.

        All the Hollywood bigwigs will gather around Denzel and protect their boy. Men and a lot of women will give him a pass because ‘he’s Denzel!!!!!’ Meanwhile, whoever this girl is will be called a whore, homewrecker, tramp etc

        Sorry, but i can’t get behind this line of thinking at all and it annoys the fk out of me when i see women battering the ‘other woman’ in comment sections.

    • MsAubra says:

      VERY True! And oddly enough, it later came out that Meg wasn’t the one that cheated. Their marriage was over and they were in the process of getting divorced when she took up with Russel Crowe. It later came out that her husband cheated on HER…

    • Maggie says:


  31. Zorbitor says:

    The brazen hussies who throw themselves at him don’t care if he cheats!

  32. lucy2 says:

    Long time rumors, but I too think she knows and is OK with it, for whatever reason. I couldn’t live like that, but many people do.

  33. kibbles says:

    Kaiser must have missed some of the comments made about Denzel in the past. I didn’t know anything about the cheating rumors until maybe last year when some people commented on Celebitchy that he is a known cheater for many years and people who knew people who were propositioned by Denzel. It really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Sadly, black publications love to put black celebrity and political couples on a pedestal as if these are the “ideal black couples” that the black community should look up to and replicate even if there have been rumors of infidelity for years. It is all PR. Same with Will and Jada, Alicia and Swizz, etc., etc. They have the same drama as white celebrity couples, it is just that the white-focused mainstream media doesn’t report on them as much and the black publications whitewash all the scandal.

    • JJ says:

      I totally agree that mainstream-white focused media doesn’t realize all the gossip they are missing when not focusing on black or other minority celebrities! Although, it seems lately that a lot of black focused blogs really are running with the gossip, and aside from a few personal favorites, tear celebrities up.

    • Collar says:

      So what if black publications taut marriages that appear solid. God knows that mainstream publications wont! In a world devoid of the alternative narrative they provide, we are left with mainstream depictions. Where black men are only abusive responsibility shirkers (Chris Brown and now 50 cent). Because that sells! Ofcourse, “happy white marriages” also for some reason sell. So when Tom Hanks does his family man piece for Harpers, they dont remember to mention that he cheated on his ex with Rita. Mel Gibson was a rumored cheat for decades but they still did great family man pieces for him.

    • Danskins says:

      +1…I must say I was completely shocked to hear about these cheating rumors about Denzel! I feel like the last person on earth to have known this.

      But then again, I’ve been reading Ebony magazine for years and they always presented Denzel in the best light. Likewise, I’ve been subscribing to more “mainstream” white-focused publications like Entertainment Weekly & People, and the rare stories they published about black stars such as Denzel made hardly any mentions of his scandals.

  34. Mercy says:

    O god,now they say she caught him kissing some blond.And they live apart right now..God dont let this me the, ‘nothing wrong’ curse.

  35. Guest says:

    If he cheats; I hope he has the good sense to do it with someone who has something to lose , for example career, fortune, marriage. That person will not want the alleged affair to be public. But it will be hell if it is a poor ass civilian; she will go to town on him. Paulette should hang in there and if the civilian barks; ensure she gets very little and then fix his ass privately. But never let the poor ass win.

  36. JJ says:

    I, too, thought it was well-know DW has and continues to cheat. Too sleazy. The Sanaa baby story always makes me think of Janet Jackson’s rumored baby :) Is there one or not? If so, who’s raiing them? I think they hooked up, way too much talk from all kinds of sources for something not to have happened. I know he admitted to bad behavior some years back, and many blogs continue to hint at more. He was rumored to have hooked up with Eva on Training Day, too. And remember a couple years ago when Pauletta supposidly filed for divorce, and no one was commenting on anything but nothing was ever found or happened? What the hell happened there??? Did he pay to make the paperwork disappear? I know something was up because no denials were issued or anything.

    • MsAubra says:

      I didn’t know about her filing for divorce, but there were more rumblings about them living apart for a few months a few years back. That was one of those little blurbs mentioned on morning drive radio.

  37. UsedToBeLulu says:

    Of course he is. This is common knowledge.

  38. ParisPucker says:

    He has been doing this for YEARS. When I was going to school in nyc my friend was dating a co-owner of a club. I wasn’t there when this happened, but she was: Whenever Denzel was in town, the club-owner friend of his made sure that plenty of girls were around for Denzel to pick from. This was 1-degree of separation info. My friend felt weird being around it but was curious to see if her bf had been telling the truth all that time. He had been. I was shocked at the time because at the time he had this pristine image of him being a good husband, stand-up guy, etc… So not surprised at all. Am actually shocked it took so long for this to get out and that no one really talks all that much about it. Anyway, it sounds like they had an agreement. She spent his money and gave him ‘strength’ and an image, and he got to let his willy roam…

    • littlestar says:

      From everyone’s personal accounts on here, it sounds like he’s been letting his willy roam like crazy for a very long time!

  39. janie says:

    This shocks me.. Wow!

  40. lena horne says:

    his wife is a pretty lady and classy looking.

  41. Helvetica says:

    He is so fine. At 58, he looks amazing.

    Did he cheat? Who knows.

  42. Kim1 says:

    Those pics will never see the light of day

  43. Bijlee says:


  44. I Choose Me says:

    Colour me unsurprised. As almost everyone here has said rumors of him being a cheater have been around for years. As well as the rumors of him being a bit of a douche-bag.

  45. karla81 says:

    it would be such a shame if the cheating was true on the other hand maybe she could re focus on her career ..I found more info about Pauletta here

  46. K-Rock says:

    This makes me sad. (if indeed its true).

  47. sandy28 says:

    YES….Sanaa Latham does have a child. Not only did he cheat with Sanaa Latham, but it’s a not-so-secret secret that he is the father. Even though she has vehemently denied it, the story won’t go away. It has been pretty well-hidden, but she has a child for sure.

  48. Royalewitcheese says:

    Damn wish i was that bish he was kissn on hmmhmmm haaa shutup•.•

  49. Maxine says:

    I actually thought this article was going to chronicle how far BACK he’s been cheating. But I thought the cheating was well established and the reason why Lathan’s career as sort of stalled is because she’s been Washington’s go to lady for so long that is has hurt her career. But of the 30+ years he has been married I say more of those years are cheating years than not. . . .

  50. Jennifer12 says:

    God, this is depressing. Does ANYONE honor marriage vows?

  51. boo says:

    I saw him once in Century City, Los Angeles y’all. I was in the perfume area talking to a saleslady when I saw him approaching, I stopped talking and just stared! He is not tall but he has wonderful wide shoulders and a walk that is out of this world! It’s like he grinds his hips when he walks! Wow, I was speechless and I’m not usually stumped like that, but he is hot.

    • Ridiculous says:

      Denzel is short?! Do you mean short as in not 6’3″ or do you mean dude is 5’7″??

  52. Ridiculous says:

    I tell ya, that Viagra is a bish! Old ass! Still out here cheating?!

  53. Ridiculous says:

    Pauletta should talk to Jackie Jackson (Jesse Jackson’s wife) for advice.. even if he is a cheater.. sigh.. the woman always gets blamed for the break up of a marriage.. might be smarter to find a way to endure (voice of experience talking)