Brandi Glanville doesn’t think her sloppy-drunk antics were any big deal

Brandi Glanville got falling-down drunk two nights ago, and there were so many photos of her drunken mess. I was sort of surprised by the reaction – I mean, I expected people to judge her and throw some shade. After all, she’s 40 years old! She should really know how to hold her liquor at her age, and I judge her for the flimsy little outfit she was wearing too. That was a bad choice for “A Night of Drinking”. But I was surprised that the commenter reaction was so vehement, so appalled. Also surprising? LeAnn Rimes didn’t seem to take the bait on Twitter – go to see LeAnn’s tweets yesterday. She didn’t tweet anything about it. I expected her to throw a little Twitter party. Maybe she’s learning after all. But Brandi is not learning – she got on Twitter and defended her sloppy drunk mess:

I got drunk with my gays its not murder,,everyone kept sending us drinks.I was being polite

RT: @BrandiGlanville who cares what everyone thinks 😉

When ur PERFECT and make all the right decisions ALL if the time, and don’t have at least a bit of cellulite on ur ass, get back 2 me.

RT: @BrandiGlanville You drank too much and got papped. U didn’t drive drunk. U didn’t f*ck a married man with two babies. Ur ass looks fine.

Dear paps hanging outside, I’m just walking my dog! All the “good” pics were last night.

[From Brandi’s Twitter]

I agree that being a sloppy drunk mess is not “murder” and I too am thankful that she wasn’t driving, because she really doesn’t need another DUI or a vehicular manslaughter charge, because she surely would have killed somebody if she had gotten behind the wheel. And personally, I don’t see the need to criticize Brandi’s ass. Especially when you could criticize her for getting so sloppy drunk that she was showing her ass.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. TheOriginalKitten says:

    No surprises here, kids, move along…

  2. Jane says:

    This is not helping her…..

  3. lucy2 says:

    If she wants to play that game, then I’d have to say having an affair or posting pics of your stepkids online isn’t murder either. But if it’s OK to criticize those things, it should be OK to criticize her falling down drunk half naked in public.
    I feel bad for her kids. At least it’s summer and they don’t have to go to school right now!

    • judyjudy says:

      Yes – this!

      Leann gets shred to bits and judged from the placement of her hands in a photo, a microflare of her nostrils, the color of the pillows on her couch. It’s always stuff like “OMG, she ate skittles at a baseball game – what a whore!” But Brandi can be half-naked and drunk, stumbling around like a fool, flipping people off and expects everyone to say “oh, she’s just having fun, leave her alone! She’s refreshing!”

      Now I’m not saying Leann isn’t crazy. I think she’s full on nutso. They’re both crazy and pretty useless. But you can’t rip apart everything one of them does while glossing over the terrible actions of the other.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Yeah completely agree. I never had a problem with Brandi per se-I never thought she was an awful person by any means.

      My issue was always with the fact that her fans put her up on a pedestal as if she was some incredible, virtuous, exemplary person without faults. Her fans were starting to display Twi-hard level of hero-worship when it came to this woman.

      The truth is that Glanville is very far from perfect, not as crazy or as self-obsessed as Leanne Rhimes, but really not many people are. Brandi is a reality TV star-she has a flare for the dramatic and sometimes she puts her desire for attention ahead of the needs of her kids.

      Ultimately, I don’t think Brandi is a bad person, but she’s not the best mother she could be and she seems incredibly immature for a 40-year-old. I hope she gets her shit together, if only for the sake of the kids.

      • gogoGorilla says:

        Eh, I don’t think most people were putting her on a pedestal. I think she cut a very sympathetic figure (who was unfiltered and sometimes quite funny) and a lot of women could relate to her. The whole public marital breakdown/affair/post-affair poking by LeCrazy really made her seem like a victim.

        I think people are probably starting to see her true colors here, because she does certainly seem to be on a path of willful self-destruction. However, it certainly doesn’t make Leann any more likeable–just makes Brandi less so.

        I’m hopeful their collective 15 minutes will be up soon.

      • Johanna says:

        Her fans were definitely putting her on a pedestal. The day I became unsympathetic towards her was when she pulled the marrying stint in Vegas. I’ll never forget how her fans on here condoned her actions by dismissing it as casual fun.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @Johanna-that’s EXACTLY it. I think putting someone up on a pedestal requires consistently defending ridiculous behavior that you would NEVER defend if it was someone else-always giving her a free pass and acting like she was somehow above blame. Brandi stans always had a justification or an excuse for her acting like a teenager.

      • Gia says:

        What surprises me is that in her book she said she went out and drank too much and partied too much immediately after and during her divorce. She acknowledged that she was in a bad place at the time and it was a stupid way to behave…acknowledged her kids needs etc. Brandi herself has villified this type of behaviour so why now is it just “not murder”? I’m getting the feeling that she’s been keeping her crazy under wraps for a while (or next to LR’s antics she looked the picture of reason) but she’s starting to reveal that she really is incredibly immature. And this whole “my gays” sh-t has got to stop. Grow up.

      • mayamae says:

        I think people are realizing you can dislike both Leann AND Brandi. Something I’ve known for a long time now.

      • Iggie says:

        Johanna, Brandi was not legally married. No forms were signed. No documentation. Nothing. Whats the difference between that, and say a wedding on Days of Our Lives? Neither is ‘real’ so why is one worse than the other? Answer that one please.

    • Ok says:

      Lucy2– youch youch youch. That is a combination of yeow and ouch. You have a really good point. But ouch does it smack.

  4. Madriani's Girl says:

    I asked enough of my gay friends to be able to say with absolute certainty that the gay community does not appreciate being referred to as “the gays”. They also do not like being called a “main gay” as an individual. This woman is an idiot.

    • Enn says:

      I’m most offended by this, honestly. They’re people, not pets, Brandi. Do you refer to other friends as “my blacks” or “my Asians”? It’s f*cking offensive.

      • Madriani's Girl says:

        As ignorant as she appears to be, I’d say she has.

      • Jayna says:

        Thank you. It really rubs me the wrong way anymore because it’s the reality stars’ new cool thing. It’s one thing Kathy Griffin saying it. She’s been a comic with a huge gay fanbase for forever and it’s their thing, her saying it about them, especially during her routine.

        But nowdays everybody and their brother in the so-called entertainment world (D-listers) have jumped on the bandwagon using the term, and it really turns me off. They are not a thing, an object.

        I asked my close friend, an interior designer, and his boyfriend when we were out one night having dinner and drinks if I could call them “my gays.” It was a tongue-in-cheek question, not serious. My friend gave me a whithering look and said, “I wouldn’t advise it.” They are sick of hearing the term now also. It’s the new “it” thing to have your gays. (Rolls eyes.)

    • lucy2 says:

      I find that problematic too. They’re people with more to them that their sexuality, and deserve to be treated with respect as such (especially if they are her friends).

    • claire says:

      I don’t know what to think of that one. I’ve seen plenty of other celebrities use that phrase. I’ve also seen plenty of people who are gay use it to them.

      I guess I’ll have to do some research.

    • emmie_a says:

      MG: Good point and something I’ve wondered about as well. It’s just so rude and condescending to refer to your friends that way. And even if her friends are perhaps ok with her calling them that, she isn’t just talking to her friends when she’s on Twitter.

    • shanti says:

      I find this really offensive they are her pets ..what a total drunken loser

  5. Jennifer12 says:

    I do not like when people insult Leann’s looks and I do not like it when people insult Brandi’s looks. As a person who has always supported Brandi (due to Leann’s vile behavior), I was shocked to see her in this state and disappointed to realize that she gets like this a lot. I thought the recent photos on the tennis court were a bit odd, but since her kids were being papped again by their stepmonster, I gave her some slack. When Jeff Lewis was talking about what a drunken, bitchy mess she was and how disappointed he was, I wondered. Jeff Kerwin was an a-hole, but I did wonder how many one night stands she was getting into. But these pictures? It’s fun to have a few drinks with friends sometimes, but this is dangerous, blackout drinking where you aren’t in possession of your faculties. She dresses horribly and makes excuses, but this time her clothes were falling off and she didn’t even know it. No child should have to see a parent this way or have other people see their mom this way. She needs help because she drinks too much. It’s so sad, because she seemed like a phoenix rising from the ashes, but in reality, she’s a high functioning alcoholic who needs help.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      And, to quote Rita- I glanced at her Twitter and couldn’t believe the women backing her up for it. You’re not being a friend when you enable like this and you’re sure not helping her sons. She’s entertaining the world? It’s not a big deal? I could not believe it.

      • ncmagnolia says:


        Brandi’s behavior will never make me like MeAnn “more”, she is wholly unlikable. Just because she was silent and didn’t take a poke at Brandi yesterday doesn’t mean she’s a great stepmother or even a decent person.

        After rooting for Brandi for so long, it is truly disappointing to see some of the choices she’s made in the past several weeks. The inappropriate photo shoots, falling down drunk and half clothed in a public place. What really floored me was Brandi’s retweets, “who cares what anyone thinks”.

        Girl, really?! Well, YOU should care. Your boys don’t need that, and I really hope your IRL friends are giving you better advice. I did think Brandi was the kind of person who would accept accountability for her own actions and admit her mistakes. This was way too much.

    • Diana says:

      Amen!!!! Beautiful post, Jennifer.

    • gg says:

      This seriously needs to be a wakeup call for her but it doesn’t sound like she’s taking anything seriously. Her thinking is doomed to failure because it will escalate.

    • Ok says:

      Jeff Lewis said she was a drunken bitchy mess ? I love him. I will have to look for that on the web. It makes me sad to hear this because I do like Brandi.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Apparently he said it on Andy’s WWHL show. I don’t watch TV, so I don’t know exactly what happened, but read two posts about it. He wanted to meet her because she seemed so cool in her book, but she was apparently drunk then as well, and really mean as well. As much as I hate to say it, it seems like drunkenness is habitual when her kids aren’t around and she’s partying. THANK YOU for the nice words, but I’m so disappointed that she isn’t this phoenix rising from the ashes of what happened (and happens) to her and further saddened by her silly excuses and defensiveness. Worse that people are making excuses for her horrendous, teenager behavior. Where is Cirque28 to counsel her and do PR for her?

    • Emily C. says:

      Exactly. But there are many people who don’t think that someone can be a high-functioning alcoholic. She’s not living under a bridge, she doesn’t have liver failure, etc., so they claim she can’t be an alcoholic. It’s really depressing to me that people can be so ignorant on this topic.

    • Deanne says:

      Great comment. My opinion of LeAnn is based on her own hideous public behaviour and overstepping of her boundaries as a step-parent, but I’ve never put Brandi G. on any sort of pedestal. I did buy her book and enjoyed it thoroughly, but don’t watch RHOB because that kind of “reality” programming bores me. The fact is that she needs to get it together. She’s way too much in the spotlight now to be acting like this. People tweeting her saying that it’s no big deal aren’t doing her any favours. Just like LeAnn, Brandi can’t act like a fool and expect everyone to like it. She may have a lot on her plate but that is no excuse. It isn’t about her age to me, or even that she’s a Mother, because we can all screw up regardless of age and being a parent, but the whole ‘I don’t care what anyone thinks” is actually quit an arrogant thing to say. She should have just apologized right away. Many have been extremely supportive of her and expressing concern over this isn’t something she should blow off. I don’t think she should be crucified for this, but certainly, she should learn from it and rethink her behaviour. How anyone could say she didn’t do anything wrong is beyond me. I’m sorry, but it’s wrong to go out wearing what she was wearing and then get so wasted that your clothes are falling off and you can’t walk without assistance. Regardless of her having to deal with psychos like LeAnn and Eddie, it’s still not okay.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        It’s just so sad to see someone you really thought was a strong woman and mother making lemonade out of some really rotten lemons making an utter ass out of herself, blowing it off (though I think she’s starting to be less defensive and starting to get it, as per her twitter) and not taking responsibility. Many of us have defended her, had her back, gone to bat through twitter and blogs for her- and we feel dumb right now. She let her sons down, she let her family down, she let herself down and she let fans down. I’ve never been a huge fan, but I’ve definitely been a supporter and it sucks to now be questioning it.

  6. blannie says:

    She’s just not very bright, is she?

  7. Jacqueline says:

    I don’t even understand how that outfit worked in the first place. And nice black panties. Tacky.

  8. Meaghan says:

    I dont understand why people hate Leanne and love this girl. I can’t stand either of them, they are both just as bad as eachother. And I can’t understand what her outfit looked like before?

  9. Christina22 says:

    She made several tweets after the ones in this article where she responds to people and says how she made a bad choice and is not proud of it, how she f*cked up and is embarrassed and how she sometimes doesn’t handle her kids going back to their dads every other week so well, it’s difficult for her.

    In no way am I defending her choice to get stumbling drunk at 40. But I do think people should see that she is sorry and realizes it wasn’t a good choice. That is something Leann has never done for any of her choices, that frankly have caused a lot more mess then a drunk night out on the town.

    • Enn says:

      If she gets drunk to deal with her custody arrangement, she needs therapy. It’s not a healthy coping mechanism by any means.

      • Christina22 says:

        Agreed! I don’t think she is completely okay with how things have ended up as far as her kids going back to live with Leann every other week and I think the bragging and taunting Leann does with the boys is harder for Brandi to handle then we think.

        She needs help though in order to handle that better, because drinking is not a solution and will only make things worse.

      • gg says:

        Exactly – just being sorry and embarrassed and not proud of it, doesn’t excuse what a trainwreck this actually is. Time to take a good hard look at herself and quit drinking. Even once like THIS, is waaay too much.

    • evyn says:

      She needs to stop using her kids as an excuse. The truth is that she waits for them to leave, so she CAN go out and get drunk or have one night stands.
      That’s really sick of her to use the custody issue to try and explain herself.
      She needs another excuse as to why she is out in public sloppy drunk and half naked on a MONDAY NIGHT.

      • Christina22 says:

        I wouldn’t say she “waits” for her kids to leave so she can get sloppy drunk. This is the first I’ve ever seen of Brandi this way. I would say we have a lot more evidence as far as pap pics go of her being an involved and loving mother.

        Also lets not forget she is single and 40, and going out and socializing is her way of trying to meet someone. I have single mom friends and we shouldn’t judge them on the fact that they want to go out and meet people, simply because they also have kids. As long as the kids come first and have their emotional and physical needs met, it’s healthy and a normal part of life.

        To clarify, getting sloppy drunk is not what I’m defending or saying should happen when I say it’s healthy for a mother to go out and socialize if she is single and wants to meet someone.

      • gg says:

        Going out with a bunch of men not interested in females will not gain her any future relationship interest. Trust me, I learned this the hard way.

      • Joanna says:

        @ EVYN

        EXACTLY!! are we the only two that see that? She wasn’t a meek, straight-laced woman when she was married and she’s not now! why do people want to make excuses for her so badly?

        she can’t keep from being her trashy self. she just says the things she knows will work on her fans later, when she sees the backlash. why can’t they see that?

        it’s not a contest where you have to choose either Leann or her. you can choose neither and that’s my choice.

        but again, she knows the public feeds off her and leann, so there’s the comment about her not being as bad as leann.

    • Shannon says:

      Yeah it’s obvious she’s still hurting over the divorce and the splitting of her family. That sh*t is torturous.

      • claire says:

        For four years, commenters on this site have analyzed all the Leann/Eddie treatment towards her and all the years of harassment, taunting, etc. – felt sickened by it, said they don’t know how she deals with it, they wouldn’t be able to deal with it, it would drive them crazy, etc.

        Well, we might be getting the answer as to how she deals with it. She hasn’t. She’s developed a drinking problem maybe.

        Seems to be an unpopular opinion, though, to connect those dots. To think that might be a reason. (not an excuse)

      • Shannon says:

        That’s what I think too. This is how she deals with it. A lot of people also said she was a heavy drinker during her marriage as well, so who knows. She always knew Eddie was a man whore even when she was married to him so perhaps that’s why she drank then too.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        That sounds about right, Claire. The thing is, it doesn’t sound like Brandi gets it. I think Jennifer G needs to sit down and talk to her about drinking problems.

      • Anon says:

        And it begins!!!! Only a matter of time before someone started defending her! My husband cheated on me-left me with two girls to raise. I hated when they went to him for visitation also. But like MANY other moms in the same situation-I dealt with it. THIS woman is “famous” and wealthy with wealthy friends. Pull your sh$! together. Stop with the excuses. It’s disgusting-if I had pulled this garbage, I’d be inviting a custody fight.

      • claire says:

        Anon, there’s such a thing as being able to look at something and identifying reasons or understanding the path that something took. It’s not making an excuse.

      • Joanna says:

        or it’s a convenient excuse her fans want to buy. it’s easier than admitting their buddy is trash, just like crazy leann.

        so when she was married, she didn’t drink? didn’t have threesomes? quit making excuses for her. She did this stuff married, she did it after the divorce, just now there’s cameras watching her, documenting it.

        Okay, girls, what about the drug dealer who party with nose candy and sells it to little kids? maybe he/she went through a tough divorce and is coping by doing drugs. should we give them a pass too? we don’t know what they’re recovering from. you guys are being ridiculous in your support of brandi.

        I’ve gotten trashed and done things I shouldn’t have done. I accept the consequences and regret it. Until Brandi faces the consequences, she will keep on doing stuff like this. and if her fans keep supporting her by making excuses, she will never get help. so if you care so much about her, make her face up to her actions. if seeing herself splashed naked on websites doesn’t make her feel regret, it makes me think she’s done this many times before, that’s why it’s no big deal to her.

        @ anonI don’t get it. anybody would be trash, prob you too, they would say, if you had pulled something like that. but brandi always gets a free pass.

    • Emily C. says:

      Oh poor poor her. Leann forced her at gunpoint to drink so much she was falling down.

      Brandi’s a 40-year old woman who makes her own choices. She’s still making excuses. And her excuses are awfully stale. She wasn’t trapped in a war zone. She was cheated on and her husband left her. How many women does that happen to? How many of them decide to become drunken messes years later because of it?

      This is no one’s responsibility but Brandi’s, period.

    • Me says:

      She had a bender. She has to deal with the backlash. Everyone relax and get off the moral high horse. Moms get drunk sometimes except they aren’t being papped. Give her a pass.

  10. Skins says:

    She is one gross looking skank. No wonder the dude left her

  11. K-Rock says:

    I think I’m more baffled by her choice of outfit than her drunken shenanigans. Even if she was sober, Who the hell walks out of their house for a night out on the town wearing that? Unless she lost the bottom half at one of the bars.

  12. Bridget says:

    Its embarrassing, but not a big deal. She got really drunk, but she’s of age and didn’t get behind the wheel.

    • HappyMom says:

      Wow. Maybe if she’s was 22 I’d be more inclined to cut her some slack. At her age, as a mother, it’s not just inappropriate, it’s highly indicative of serious problems.

      • Bridget says:

        A repeated pattern is. But the woman is rail thin – it wouldnt take nearly as much to get her that drunk even in comparison to her companion. And honestly, the moms I know, while not 40, crack open the wine when there are no kids, and its not just a sip here and there.

      • Emily C. says:

        @Bridget — The mothers you know get falling-down drunk when the kids aren’t there? Seriously? Who are these people? Are they in a race to see who can die of alcohol poisoning first?

        Even when I was in college, this level of drunkenness was not seen as acceptable by anyone I knew. So I want to know what group of people thinks it’s okay, so I may avoid them.

      • claire says:

        Seriously? I have friends from many walks of life. I don’t think a single one of them could honestly say that they didn’t get this wasted at least once in college or know someone who did. And that person wasn’t a pariah for it, unless that was their behavior every single weekend or party.

    • Shannon says:

      The chick is a booze bag. I feel bad for her. She needs more then lexapro to straighten her ass out.

    • HappyMom says:

      Bridget, it IS a repeated pattern: DUI, drunk marrying the friend in Vegas. Any one of these incidents should have been a point where she stopped and taken a hard look at herself and where she’s headed. I’m not being “judgy”-I’m a mom and I drink too-but if I was drinking to the point of being naked and falling down in public ala Tara Reid, I would be mortified and using this as a wake up call. Enabling her by saying “no big deal” is doing this woman NO favors.

    • Kiyoshigirl says:

      Please don’t be an enabler. It is a problem in many, many ways. She knows it. No one’s saying you can’t be a fan, but don’t brush off the fact that she had a very problematic Monday night. Chances are she mixed medication with drinking and it caused her to become overly intoxicated, which is dangerous. Her children need her in their lives.

  13. hunter says:

    I don’t understand the outfit she is wearing. ??

  14. Liz says:

    Eh, when I was a kid, my dad occasionally had to much to drink and acted like a sloppy drunk around us when we were hanging out with his friends. It was no big deal. I think people judge this stuff way to harshly, especially when a mom does it.

    • NM9005 says:

      Yeah, my cousin is a sloppy drunk too. Just a shame that he dropped his daughter when she was 8 months because he insisted he was ‘fine’. Took her into bed with them to calm her down and he fell asleep before her.

      Or really funny is that time when he fell down in the kitchen, cut himself along the way for his wife to find him in a puddle of his own blood. And classic was the time he peed all over their bedroom furniture. Or the time he got stuck in the city and his mom had to pick him up…with her tiny motorcycle Oh those sloppy drunks *kneeslap*

      It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. And no man or woman should let themselves go to the point where bad things MIGHT happen. A bit self-control is way more fun than dealing with the consequences when you’re out of it too much.

      • drdoolittling says:

        I mean, no offense, but these are totally different situations. Your cousin was an idiot to hold a child while intoxicated. And while I think this is tacky behavior and I do believe she is having some alcohol problems, going out to dinner with no children vs. your scenario are completely different.

      • Christin says:

        Having lost a close relative to alcohol related issues, my concern is the loss of control and judgment. People can do dumb, life-threatening or even life-ending things due to the effects of alcohol and/or meds. And they will often deny and try to cover up their near misses.

        I know of cases as simple as the person goes outside and falls, or stands in the rain, and develops hypothermia (alcohol increases this risk). It can be things they would not do if not under the influence.

      • NM9005 says:


        That was my point. When you’re intoxicated it doesn’t matter if you’re alone or with people, you CAN inflict damage upon yourself and others. That person becomes a danger because there are no boundaries.

        When it becomes a reoccurence, the last thing they need is people waving it away as ‘harmless fun’. When you can’t control your alcohol intake on several occassions, it’s time to assess your life.

        Everybody closed their eyes to my cousin’s horrible behaviour which resulted in a divorce and I cut off contact. He’s a nasty drunk that spiraled out of control because others where enabling him. Believe me, even simple dinners turned into melancholic rants and unacceptable behaviour. Any situation becomes rotten with those kind of people so no mercy from me.

      • bluhare says:

        drdoolitting: It is EXACTLY the same. Just because she didn’t drop a baby or lie in a pool of her own blood does not mean she’s better than that.

        Anyone who defends her string of behaviors is an enabler, pure and simple. People who really love her should be encouraging her to quit drinking FOREVER.

      • Christin says:

        @NM9005, I completely agree. In different ways, we have seen the effects and collateral damage. My relative did not cause scenes around family nor did he ever get caught for DUI, but did other things that were very distressing and hurtful to family. Blaming, excuses and denials are so familiar.

      • drdoolittling says:

        @bluhare: I completely disagree. I do agree that she is exhibiting problematic drinking. However, I have never seen nor heard her being sh*t-faced in front of her children, nor have i ever heard of her putting her children in danger because of her drinking. The other example made by the other poster was outright child abuse. This is bad decision making, no doubt, but it is not endangering children.

    • bettyrose says:

      ITA. I really don’t think the sloppy drunk thing is a big deal. She’s of age, she wasn’t with her kids, and she wasn’t driving. Many 40 somethings behave that way and don’t get caught on a thousand cameras doing it. I also don’t think the Monday night thing is a big deal because she doesn’t have a 9-5 job, so Monday is no different than Saturday for her.

      I do think the ass hanging in the air thing, knowing she’ll be papped, is a bit of a problem.

    • Emily C. says:

      My father was and is an alcoholic. It is a really, really, really, really big deal.

  15. Rita says:

    Dear Brandi,

    Here is a simple and clearly definable way to determine whether behavior and the appearance thereof is out of bounds.

    If on certain occasions, the public and some of your supporters observe your behavior and think to themselves,

    “I’m glad Eddie had the children that night”,

    …..It’s way out of bounds.

    If people are thinking, “I’m glad LeAnn is there for the children”,

    … you are finished as a celebrity and a mother.

  16. Belle Epoch says:

    She kept trying to kiss her “gay friend”, who had to cover up her boobs with his hands. Why would he go anywhere with her?

    I’m sure her kids know when Mom is acting “funny.” My mother got puking drunk when I was little and I thought she had the flu! But weaving and staggering across the back yard I understood. She was a nasty drunk and drove a permanent stake right through my child-love for her.

    • UsedToBeLulu says:

      She was a nasty drunk and drove a permanent stake right through my child-love for her.

      Oh Belle, that just broke my heart. Thank you for expressing SO well the damage that parents can do to their children. ♥

    • Sloane Wyatt says:

      I’m so sorry, Belle.

      This is why “the commenter reaction was so vehement, so appalled.” An alcoholic Mom &/or Dad completely strips away your childhood and leaves cynicism in their wake.

    • Emily C. says:

      I know whereof you speak. I never respected my father, at all. I had to hide what was going on at home and always be the adult in the house. I was able to have something of a real childhood when I stayed with my grandmother, which I did every summer, so I was lucky.

      Alcoholics do a number on their children, one way or another. My father was/is a high-functioning alcoholic, so he’s got a bunch of so-called “friends” telling him he hasn’t got a problem. And I see that attitude from some of the the commenters on this site. That attitude is part of the problem.

  17. The.princess.leia says:

    I have a hard time looking at these pictures without laughing at the picture MichaelK posted where you can see her tampon string. Girl, get some shame!

    And can LeAnn really rip on her about this? How many margarita pics have we seen of Le? As long as the boys weren’t there and possibly in harms way, Le really can’t use any of this to her “advantage”.

  18. Margo says:

    I personally don’t think this is a big deal at all.
    So what? She got wasted, is ashamed of herself-nothing to see here.

    Sometimes you make mistakes in life, but this one-she did not hurt anyone but herself & has the embarrassing photos to remember it. BFD…….srsly everyone vilifying her MUST be perfect! who cares?

  19. qtpi says:

    Whatever. People kept sending drinks and you had to be polite? What if they were sending chocolate brownies over – were you going to eat all of those too? Doubt it.

    Didn’t realize until I visited D-listed that her tampon string was hanging out in the pics as well. Seriously the cherry on top of this entire disaster for her.

    I hope she gets her act together. She has a reality career and book sales riding on it.

  20. Michelle says:

    The only reason it was not a problem is because it was her and not LeAnn! If it was the other way around you know she would be trashing Leann.

  21. Potato_Chip says:

    Tits, tampon string, tacky.

  22. Cora says:

    She was showing a lot more than just her ass. She was showing her ass and her boobs and her tampon string.

  23. Enn says:

    I got this drunk at a going away party for a friend when I was in my mid twenties, and it was so bad that he stopped speaking to me. When we finally reconnected years later, and he told me all of the things I said and did that night, I was MORTIFIED. I still am.

    • drdoolittling says:

      I’ve had some of those come-to-Jesus moments. After the age of 25, drinking and acting a-fool got old for me. God, I still facepalm myself thinking of some of my ridiculousness

    • BlackMamba says:

      Something similar happened to me about 6 years ago. I went clubing with my cousin and my friend and made an ASS of myself. I’m talking throwing up in the club, getting in people’s faces etc. I was sooo embarassed the next day that I haven’t been drunk like that ever since and at the time I was like 24, single with no kids. So I cannot imagine being 40 and acting like this. My friend and my cousin were really pissed at me for a while.

  24. Shelly says:

    “because she surely would’ve killed somebody if she had gotten behind the wheel”

    Really??? Does that even need to be said? She wasn’t driving and didn’t drive. She just got blitzed out of her mind.

    She should be embarrassed, totally. But just because she’s a mother and 40 doesn’t mean she can’t get drunk. Even this drunk. There are worse crimes. It’s not like she was out drinking with her kids FFS.

  25. stinky says:

    i swear you guys, i bet she was drinking and having fun and never got around to actually eating a proper meal….. it boomeranged her HARD! i used to deliberately not have dinner cause i wanted to get my glow on quicker. i think to get as shitfaced as she looks tho, you gotta be doin shots, right? never was a shots-girl, myself.

  26. the artful dodger says:

    She’s 40????? Good grief I am only 8 years younger than her and she looks like she could be my mom. In fact my mom looks younger than her and she’s in her mid 50′s.

  27. HappyMom says:

    She’s had a fairly recent DUI and now this: clearly she has a problem-it’s more serious than just a “bad choice” or an embarrassing incident. And those of you who are defending her-wtf?! Really-she didn’t “murder anyone: or drive and her kids aren’t with her, so that makes it okay?

  28. fabgrrl says:

    I think her ass looks fine. We’ve all certainly seen a lot of it.

  29. Rita says:

    Of course LeAnn didn’t go on a “twitter-giggle”. Brandi handed her this self explanatory mess on a silver platter.

    Here are a few other indications a “self-aware” person might consider in determining whether or not their behavior is off-track:

    1). The friends of your 5 year old son refer to you as that “Banging MILF”.

    2.) The teacher of your oldest son sends a note home requesting that you not expose your thong at the next parent-teacher’s conference.

    3.) The morning after, you find bits of regurgitated sushi in your hair.

    4.) Your “gay-gent” and the public at large beg you to stop the idiotic act of licking his face.

    It’s a strange part of a man’s character that while such behavior may be provocative for a one night stand,…. stable, sincere, honest, and trust worthy men looking for a woman of similar values find such behavior “off-putting” in a woman with two children.

  30. lenje says:

    I don’t think it’s OK to get drunk, especially THIS drunk. Getting drunk isn’t having fun. Having fun is drinking with your friends, being happy around them, having a good chat and a good laugh, while staying sober. Sorry if I sound judging and prudish. The only time I got drunk was vomiting in the bathroom and having the worst headache the day after, and since then I promised to myself to never go there anymore. Am not saying I’m a better person than those who occasionally drink too much until they can’t control themselves. But I am sure I’ll cause a lot less damage by staying sober and having self control.

  31. KayLastima says:

    Look, pure and simple, this kind of public behavior in a shared custody situation gets your kids taken away.

    It is so sad that both custody homes have adults dealing with their emotions by drinking and photo posting, drinking and tweeting, or drinking while being virtually naked and falling down in public.

    A pox on both their houses.

  32. Cam S says:

    If this had been Leann, people would be calling for her head! Literally.
    Brandi was clearly defensive on twitter instead of handling the matter like an adult.
    Brandi, if you can’t take the heat- then don’t be a drunk mess on the street!

    If you don’t want your derriere criticized then I suggest you not show it in public…in front of photographers! Maybe that is too intelligent of a concept for her to grasp?

    “Show me the tampon string!”-is my new “Show me the receipts!”

  33. Talie says:

    I don’t understand why people have to defend this to her on Twitter… she’s 40 with two kids who have access to the Internet. This is not a cute look past the age of 25.

  34. Elisabeth says:

    Leann and Brandi are two different levels of human garbage..fighting over a man that will have another wife within 3 years.
    then it will be a tsunami of women fighting over this asshat degenerate

  35. Ginger says:

    Ugh! I think she embarrassed herself at the very least. And at the most embarrassed the crap out of her kids. I’m sorry if I sound prudish but I agree that a 40 year old Mom should be more discreet about their public behavior (and that goes for Dads too) what you do behind closed doors is up to you but come on…falling down drunk in public is just plain embarrassing. But I don’t give the paps a pass either…their pics are just plain gross. I do feel bad for Brandi in that respect. Everyone makes mistakes its true but LEARNING not to do it again and again is the key to maturity.

  36. a says:

    I wonder if Brandi thanked those who sent drinks over to her in a very special way and that’s how she lost the bottom half of her outfit.

  37. claire says:

    She seems embarrassed and she tweeted that she knew it was fu%$ed up. Whatev. I don’t think we need her head on a stake for it. I just hope she looks hard at whatever is plaguing her and finds a better way to cope. Maybe this incident and the pics is exactly what she needed. It’s a bit of a rock-bottom and that could be a good thing.

    I’m not surprised she’s a little defensive though. She’s got 100s of people telling her that psychotic nutjob should have her kids. Well, she’s been living that reality for four years now. I imagine she deals with a lot worse shit than we even know and rant about on all those stories.

    I hope she does get it together. I think the other two are evil, mean and manipulative. Brandi is just a bit dumb and never has been able to play their game as well. I’ll continue to root for her. I think she’s the better person of the three.

    • a says:

      Brandi knows the game very well, she’s been talking to the press since the story about the affair broke. I don’t remember why but a week or two ago I was looking for at some of the older articles and came across one where a “source,” who I bet was Brandi herself or one of her BFFs, came to this very blog to share that LeAnn was obsessed with Brandi and tried to copy Brandi’s hair and clothing style. Now perhaps, perhaps Eddie Cibrian likes insecure women who want to please him and that the similarities in style have to do with Eddie picking women who are so into him that they will become the woman he wants them to be.

      • claire says:

        Brandi doesn’t need to come to this blog to tell us that. There’s a ton of pics out there that gossip fans have collected that show Leann’s transformation, including all the shoes, dresses, rings, earrings, purses and bikinis that Leann bought that were identical to Leann’s. We’re all well aware of that without Brandi needing to point it out for us.

    • Deanne says:

      I think you are right about the fact that LeAnn and Eddie are truly mean and malicious, but that Brandi is still very naive as to what it means to have celebrity and how behaviour is judged. People are saying “if this was LeAnn, people would call for her head” but the truth is that people are calling for Brandi’s head, saying they will no longer support her, want their money back from the book (based on what?) and vilifying her for this. It seems that the “support” wasn’t real because if you truly do support someone, you don’t stop when they make a stupid mistake. Fair weather friends are a fickle bunch.. I’m just going to hope that this is a wake up call for her and that she doesn’t repeat it. Also she should have just apologized from the get go rather than being defensive. I once donated plasma, where you lie with a needle in each arm for ages and like an complete idiot, met friends at a bar afterward. I had one drink, started seeing black spots and slid down the wall. I had to be carried out and my friends had to drive me home. It was humiliating beyond belief because although my friends knew I wasn’t drunk, everyone else in the crowded bar must have thought I was an inebriated mess. Thankfully, I didn’t flash my underwear (that I’m aware of) and no one had a camera. Brandi wasn’t so lucky. I think she f’d up royally, but I’m not going to stop supporting just because she did. This could really be a good turning point for her.

  38. cat says:

    According to Brandi’s Twitter – unless she murders someone, at least she didn’t sleep with a married man. So whatever she does, it STILL isn’t as bad as what LeAnn did. That is how her fans/enablers explain it. That just blows my mind. If my sister/friend did this, I would be mortified, the fact that she herself isn’t, is really disturbing.

    • claire says:

      The majority seem to think this was pathetic and a bad judgment call. People say they’re mortified and this is a bad thing to do. People have said they’ve lost respect. What more do you want? Should we permanently shun her from society? Should she be put in jail? Send her away to a deserted island for a year?

      I don’t know what else people want to hear.

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        I think what many, many people want to hear is Brandi going to AA. Short of this, I’d love for her to have a come to Jesus moment (so to speak) and be interviewed saying that, upon reflection, she’s putting her boys first and doesn’t want them to be subjected to a hard drinking, one night stand lifestyle. Then, Brandi should go about just that – sharing with her public her journey to a just as fun, sober lifestyle and home she provides for her family. I’d watch that and support her 100% if she acknowledges she’s an alcoholic, and drinking can’t be part of her life anymore.

        I’m saying if you don’t have an alcohol problem, then by all means enjoy a drink with your friends or with a meal. Unfortunately, Brandi, by her own words and actions, clearly is out of control and addicted to alcohol. I sincerely hope she doesn’t spiral even further, and this is her bottom.

      • claire says:

        That’s a good point. (announcing AA or similar)
        Maybe she will. Maybe now that Jennifer is back in town they will have a serious talk about it. While Brandi is fronting on Twitter, maybe in reality she’s distressed about it. Who knows.

        I was more or less talking about criticism of people’s reactions. They seem to be mostly negative so I’m not sure what more people want to hear on that front.

      • HappyMom says:

        If this was a one time thing-she’d need to be doing some introspection. Combined with the DUI, the drunk-marrying her friend in Vegas-CLEARLY she has an alcohol problem.

      • UsedToBeLulu says:

        I actually don’t see any acknowledgement that she effed up on her Twitter. Whatever.

        What do I want to hear? An acknowledgement that she is taking this seriously. That she realizes what she is doing is wrong and hurtful to her children. I don’t see that.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        I think Sloane has a good point. If Brandi would just THINK and say, “You know, I saw those pictures and I am rethinking things because my boys are my life”, I could at least get behind her. She may be fundamentally honest, but she is not being honest with herself. She probably makes sure not to be like this when her sons are there, but pictures splashed like this across the media affect and hurt them. Yes, their stepmother is embarrassing and ridiculous, but SHE is their mother. I work in an urban poor neighborhood, and they are getting wasted and having one night stands; having more money just means a better mask. Come on, Brandi, I thought you were better than this. If nothing else, you better care that your career- the one you had to fight for- will disappear if people do not want to watch you or buy your books.

  39. Joanna Joanna says:

    I am not surprised that Brandi thought you women on this site would give her a free pass for acting like a drunken idiot,you all just love her sooo much since her husband left her.Everything this drunken fame whore does is terrific to you women who love to get on this site everyday and pat her on the back for doing nothing but tweeting and fighting her ex.This woman has always been a drunken slutbag and you all acted like she was a hero for it.But now her true colors have come out and you all are just freaking out.Congratulations gossip sites for creating this awful overbotoxed monster.

  40. Mich says:

    I wonder what the reaction of her defenders would be if they had been in a bar and seen any other person on the planet behaving this way…with clothes literally falling off. I’m guessing not so forgiving.

    The ‘it isn’t murder’ line is stupid. No one is accusing her of a crime. They are accusing her of completely lacking judgement and being terribly pathetic.

    While I have never watched her show, I’ve read enough on CB to know that this woman has NO problem judging others. Pot meet kettle.

  41. minime says:

    I just don’t understand where are the rest of her clothes…or is that the all outfit?!

  42. lem says:

    I think she f*cked up, she knows it, not a whole lot she can do about it now. I’m not really sure what people expect her to do now (other than not do this again).

    As far as Leann, she did post about going bowling last night… a few hours after Brandi posted about wanting to go bowling. And also her post about “other people’s negativity” was a dig at Brandi. I don’t believe for a second she doesn’t love reading all the nasty tweets directed at Brandi that she gets tagged in. She hasn’t learned anything.

  43. bcgirl says:

    Why does she have to refer to her friends as “my gays”, and why does her agent have to be labelled Gaygent? Can’t they just be her ‘friends and her agent’? /:

  44. Jane says:

    With all the talk about the effect this whole fiasco has on the boys and Brandi I think we are forgetting to praise her un-named friend for being an absolute prince for putting up with her that night, and trying to keep her clothed and respectable considering the situation. It certainly wasn’t easy for him. Imagine the embarrassment he has to face in this situation. If you think of it, if it weren’t for him being there she could have easily have stripped down to pure nothing. Bless that guy and she needs to thank him for doing his best to save her a$$.

  45. msw says:

    I don’t really care if she is 40 or a mom. Getting that drunk in public is very off putting to me, because those people are usually a distraction and annoying as f***, no matter what age they are. I hate being in the same room with people acting like that.

    I find Brandi a little endearing (I read her book, but I’ve never seen her show, so that might have something to do with it) but that kind of black out drinking is a problem, especially when it is repetitive. I’ve never met a successfully recovering alcoholic who thought differently, and I was a counseling intern among the best of them. One isolated incident is not necessarily a problem, but in my experience, there are usually many more incidents behind the scenes, and people in your life only know of maybe 10% of your antics. Yes, at least she wasn’t driving, yes, at least she wasn’t responsible for the children that night, but based on her own report, she acts like a moderately high functioning drunk. Hopefully she won’t have many more incidents like this before she recognizes that this behavior is not normal and she’s past the point where she can function (or before her liver falls out of her butt).

  46. Masque says:

    Dear Brandi,

    You should switch to the Diva Cup. That way when you get sloppy, falling down drunk you won’t also expose a tampon string.


  47. OK says:

    I have to say first that I am a Brandi fan, bought her book the whole thing, however….

    I hate that she deflects the remark about her embarrassing her kids by saying, “They are the happiest boys you will ever meet.” Yeah, until they get made fun of at school for having a Mom that is a hot mess and a step-mom that is crazy.

    Yes, her kids are young but the older one is getting to the age where kids WILL make fun of him. All it takes is one kid to say something and he will have to deal with them all through high school. It really bothers me. Kids can be mean. And her down playing how her behavior will affect her children is selfish and immature.

    She needs to get her ish together. Maybe this will be her wake up call?

  48. Jennifer says:

    She messed up. I’ve done it, although it’s been many years- about 20 to be exact (yes, I’m old..42 to be exact).

    What I’m most upset about is that since Leanne copies everything she does, we have HER version of this coming at some point. I’m going to have to stockpile brain bleach.

  49. AceMom says:

    Wow. The last picture (the one from behind) should be enough for her to immediately enroll in alcohol education classes and NEVER get to that level of drunkenness ever again! That is mortifying for anyone at any age, let alone a mother of 2 young children. Jesus, have some self-control! I’m a 40 yr old mother and I love to drink beer… but my children have never, EVER seen me in that state – I would never be selfish enough to embarrass them that way. I find it incredibly classless & IT IS a problem!

  50. Emily C. says:

    So if someone doesn’t commit murder, we should not judge them? Okay then! Let’s let everyone out of jail who isn’t there on murder charges. That makes sense!

    She’s an alcoholic. Every single sign is there. And Eddie and Leann are going to get full custody of her sons at this rate. Good going, Brandi. But that’s okay, you didn’t murder anyone after all.

  51. Chutzpah says:

    Just looks like an ordinary night out in Britain to me lol

    However she deserves a medal for staying on those heels all night!

    The tampax string poking out of the thong was super classy, I wear knickers so big at that time of month they keep my armpits warm

  52. Sue says:

    No wonder her ex-husband left her. He must be so happy to not have to put up with that anymore. Poor kids.

  53. angee says:

    What an ugly, sad series of photos.

  54. briargal says:

    I admit that I am a Brandi fan and EXTREMELY disappointed in her drinking and display the other night. I think there should be an intervention by her true friends and family. (The guys she was with were not friends. What kind of friend lets someone get that sloshed! (Even though I know how hard it is to make someone quit drinking when they are already drunk!)
    She has to be made to realize that she IS hurting her boys by these actions. Not to mention giving Sleazey Rimes and her paid friends ammunition.
    It’s time for her to start acting her age. Drinking is not a necessity. Being a sober and responsible mother is! Before she takes any action in the future, she should ask herself “How will this affect my boys?” They deserve so much better than what happened the other night. They already have a crazy, lying, stalking person for a bogus mom and an irresponsible, uncaring person for a father. They need their Mom to rise abovc all the crap on the other side.

    But no matter what Brandi does, the despising of LR and EC will always be there for me. Please, Brandi, show more remorse and shape up for your sons’ sake!

  55. snarkydee says:

    I’d really like to know where all the 40 year olds are that do this regularly? You know, speaking as 41 year old who not only has not experienced this kind of behavior, but who has not witnessed any of my friends – or acquaintances behave like this.

    Also, I’m personally sick of the whole lot of them, but I cannot stand a woman that constantly feels sorry for herself. Bad sh*t happened, your ex cheated on you & then married the crazy thing! Put on your big girl panties & deal with it!!

  56. karmasabiatch! says:

    Here’s a thought-

    Maybe Brandi could back the eff out of the spotlight for a while? Revolutionary thought, I know.

    Some down time and addressing her alcohol dependency in private would be a great idea. I’m Team Brandi, but FFS. You cant run from addiction issues, especially when you have two children counting on you. Here’s hoping she takes some time off and takes a good hard look in a mirror.

  57. True says:

    Wrote something unkind about on here about brandi and her situation and I wanted to apologize. I don’t know what she’s going thru and I’m glad I don’t. Life is hard and everyone deals with it as best as they can. So in sorry I judged her behavior and in all honesty Leann is not that bad either again we all do the best we can life is not easy and maybe we should be more understanding with each others and ourselves.

    • UsedToBeLulu says:

      You are confusing telling the truth with judging.

      People here are being honest, not hateful (for the most part). Something that someone in Brandi’s situation needs. No true friend would EVER tell her, that this is no big deal. If Eddie wanted to go for full custody, she would be in trouble for sure.

    • april says:

      You had a normal response to a disgusting situation so don’t feel bad if you wrote something negative. You are, however, a classy person taking the high road. I haven’t gotten there yet with Brandi. Hopefuly someday I will feel differently about her.

  58. True says:

    Thanks and both you ladies are right. I read the comments and take some delight in the negativity (don’t know why) on both sides. But I rarely post or comment; I think I’ve only commented twice on here and both times I felt so bad afterwords. We have a small business and I’ve felt the effect of negativity towards our business and it felt so terrible to be judged even second handed judgements (my husband is a doctor and a patient wrote some negative comments about our staff …all true by the way, the staff member had a bad day because her dog died and her toughts were not on work that day) but I felt so bad for my husband and our staff member nowing how hard everyone tries to put patients first. So getting back to the topic, I can’t imagine being personally judged even thou it may be an error on my part (i.e. Brandi drinking or Leann being too fat or too skinny). It hurts all the same. So I hope everyone involved in this triangle especially the boys come out of this stronger and learn to better people after it. I am working on not letting the negativity effect me (not as a victim, I know I am not) but as an observer of negativity. I will make an effort to be positive and see the goodness in everyone and realize that in reality we are all really doing our best to deal with life and grow from our situations. We have good days and bad days and that no one situation or bad decisuon should define your character. Change is possible, for Brandi, Leann and Eddie. It may not be immoderate but we all have that chance to grow and we all need to be more understanding of others and most importantly of ourselves. Forgiveness really brings inner peace.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my post as I truly find it cathartic when I am honest and in asking for forgiveness.
    God Bless everyone

  59. dorothy says:

    It’s a big deal because it was public and photographed, she has small children and she was basically naked. It is a big deal stupid.

  60. Itsa Reallyme says:

    I have been leaning toward being more Team Brandi because I think Leanne is straight up crazy and I also think most of the girls on RHOBH were extremely rude to her from the start. Their excuse for not liking her was based on things they are ALL guilty of as well.
    However, this behavior is inexcusable to me. She’s a 40 year old mother. If you can’t go out and have fun without getting drunk, you have a PROBLEM! Actually, that applies to any age. If she can’t see that this behavior is interfering with her children’s lives, then I’m thinking she’s not a fit mother right now. I’m honestly DISGUSTED. You can’t be a mother AND a sloppy drunk.
    It’s TEAM KIDS for me now.

  61. Angie says:

    So funny to me, how people are talking about her in past tense, a day after these pictures went up. As if she died.

    I guess the days of Brandi-sympathizing are over! Pretty hilarious it only took a night of hard drinking and her knickers to the wind. Ironic, too, since it falls right in line with her usual M.O. I mean, look at the title of her book. She’s a party girl. When someone tells you who thy are, kind of silly to act shocked when you see it for yourself. I could go all the way, here, to the logical conclusion, and wonder how many times Eddie had the pleasure of being the man in those photos. Really attractive stuff. But, I won’t. (Whoops! Already did.)

    All that said, and all (bitchy – it’s practically obligatory; sorry, Brandi), joking aside, I don’t REALLY see the big deal. She’s a single, grown women, and was out with friends who looked ready and willing (albeit somewhat incapable … they seemed sober enough, so why allow her to be photographed in her undies?!? surely something could have been done abut THAT) to put up with her shit. Sometimes you just want to get fall-down, knocked-over, ass-sideways drunk, no matter your age. And she is going through some shit; has been. In fact, the older you are, the more likely you’ll find this has happened to you. And if you haven’t, well, good for you. But shit happens. If she were doing this every day that’d be another story. As it is, I see no harm done, here.

    I think she just gave people a solid reason to judge her, and like the bitches so many of us are, we’ll take it.

  62. Jennifer12 says:

    Look, Brandi f—ed up royally. All of her supporters are saying this and we’re not making excuses for her. But the venom aimed her way is disgusting. Whatever the reason Eddie had for cheating on her throughout the marriage, he was happy to get her pregnant twice. He wasn’t suffering; he was and is a pig. He had Leann making out with their friend while photographing it and they had the paps there. This is who he is as a person (or carbon based form of life). Leann torments and bullies Brandi because she felt her celebrity allowed it and despite everything she’s said, she enjoyed the power of imploding a family and causing pain. Brandi was an idiot and has made some really questionable decisions this past month or so. That doesn’t mean believe every ugly thing that gets put out there or disregard the real pain that she’s been caused by how LR and EC treat her as a parent. It means be real with her, but have some mother—-g compassion, for pity’s sake. What she did was stupid and she needs help but there is no need to insult her to the very core of her being. Come on. And saying she deserved what EC did to her and how LR treats her? Classy.

    • heidi says:

      Doubtful Leann is sharing Eddie in any threesomes. That was a spoof on Brandi’s threesome idea that couldn’t save her fraying marriage. Those pics were them ridiculing Brandi, nada mas. They were taken for Brandi’s consumption knowing she still peeks at LR’s twitter just like she says she does in her book.

      Neither woman has the high ground but I do think too many took Brandi’s word as the “whole truth, nothing but the truth”. His truth, her truth, THE Truth.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        I don’t agree. Leann would sit up and bark if Eddie wanted her to; she is completely dickmatized. The photos were done to taunt Brandi? How sane. The threesome comments were not aimed at Leann. And there were a bunch of kids in the house watching their parents and stepparents make out with each other and act like morons. Good to know they did it to get to Brandi. I personally think they did it because they think they’re cool and because they DO have 3somes. And anything to get the paps there.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Though since Eddie and Leann were happy to full on make out at the boys’ games and functions and Leann was happy to climb on Jake to make out with Eddie on vacation and grab his dick while playing bury Daddy in the sand right in front of them, I suppose a 3some in front of them was no big deal. And they’re certainly familiar with the paps who shot the scene.

  63. Suze says:

    I think the whole “Team Whoever” thing really confuses this situation. Brandi needs to get her behavour under control for herself and her family – full stop.

    It really has nothing to to with the other crazy one.

  64. Linda says:

    I’ve been thinking about this whole situation since yesterday. Above all, it’s just plain sad. Very sad.

    Question: How would you cope with losing your children 50% of the time and the pain just doesn’t go away?

    • Jennifer12 says:

      It’s an excellent question, and a relevant one. I truly think I would do everything in my power to change the custody arrangement.

      • a says:

        I would not be surprised if Brandi is holding on by a thin thread to the current custody agreement. As the kids get older the court will give them a say on custody matters, and even though I assume Mason and Jake love Brandi very much, I wouldn’t be surprised if she and her lifestyle are too much for them.

        I suspect that Brandi is probably lacking as a mother in general but that is not the real problem, rather it is that she is on a reality TV show where crazy antics are the norm and get reported incessantly in the tabloids and she is working on another book where she will undoubtedly spill other exploits of hers.

    • april says:

      Speak with a doctor(s), get counseling, get help from stable, nondrinking friends, attend educational classes, get involved with support groups, get some spiritual support; there are tons of great self-help books to read. Most everyone of us has been cheated on at some point in life and 50% of us have been divorced.

      It’s part of life. If you can’t take rejection, don’t date, don’t get married. But instead get your self-esteem built up and learn how to deal with rejection and learn how to use discretion in which men to date and marry so you can avoid these types of events.

    • Enn says:

      Therapy. Drowning your sorrows is a surefire route to a drinking problem.

    • claire says:

      Losing my children half-time would be really sad and take a while to adjust, but eventually you deal with the new norm. It would be really hard, too, to have it played out in the media, and be belittled all the time by coparents and hordes of fans. Honestly, it would really mess with me. Overall, I’d be fine. But there would be bad days where it would be too much. I’d probably go to therapy at least once a week just to get support and debrief and vent.

    • Lucrezia says:

      Therapy, definitely.

      Think of it like sending the kids to school for the first time. You miss them at first, but you deal with it, and the new routine becomes normal quite quickly. You should be able to adjust to split custody … if simply being away from your kids is causing enduring pain, there’s something wrong.

      That said, in this specific case, simply missing the boys is unlikely to be Brandi’s main issue with the custody split. But therapy would also help her deal with the toxic “bonus mum” issues, so it’s still the answer.

  65. bettyrose says:

    Any chance the tampon string was photoshopped in? I mean, that’s an especially bizarre outfit to wear (sheer white dress with thong panties) if one is going out to get blitzed during that special time of the month.

  66. Esther says:

    Oh gosh, not on this board.

  67. Shannon says:

    To wear that, I’m pretty sure she had to be incredibly drunk when she was getting dressed BEFORE she went out. I hope she gets help. Brandi, girlfriend, you look like a fool right now.

  68. Snowpea says:

    I cannot believe the level of vitriol directed at BG cos she got wasted and flashed her knickers.

    BFD I say! I’ve got two boys and I’ve done it. So what? Just because you are a mother doesn’t mean you’re suddenly a chaste, buttoned up saint.

    I live in Australia and we regularly go to BBQ’s where all the adults have a few wines and relax. The kids are all running around. And yes, I’ve been very drunk and my kids have gone “Mum, you ok?” but they are not scarred from it.

    You guys need to gain a little perspective. Sometimes you need to go out and just get off your head to blow off a little steam. Whatever. I think BG’s a great mum, regardless of whether she got wasted in public or not.

  69. Pirouette says:

    Excuse me for being outside of the box, here, but where is there any evidence that her children are abused or neglected?

    It seems like everyone here is just repeating the same ole same ole judgy mommy bandwagon bs. Also no one here has the authority to diagnose her as an alcoholic, but that’s the predominant assumption in these comments.

  70. Mimi says:

    Can u imagine the knot in her stomach and the level of sinking she felt upon waking that morning? I think as a mental defense mechanism your mind only allows in bits at a time to stave off a mental breakdown. At first she defended herself but after she had time to wrap her head around the enormity of being out in public, smashed out of her mind w her T & A hanging out, trying to make-out w a gay friend who is rebuffing her……and a visible tampon string hanging between her legs through it all she realized “I fucked up big time.”
    She does have a problem and this humiliation has to be rock bottom. If not for herself I hope she realizes her kids don’t deserve what happened the other night and gets the help she obviously needs

  71. briargal says:

    I do have a couple questions about this whole episode. We know the paps do not follow LR around all the time–otherwise we would have seen pics of her going to “rehab” and to her emergency dentist visits. She has them on speed dial whenever she wants to be papped! And they certainly haven’t followed EC around because they would have had pics of him and whoever he was banging (besides his skanky LR). And they don’t always follow Brandi, so how did they know enough to be sure and be outside the place that night? Did someone inside call them and tell them she was wasted? OR did someone inside call someone else who called the paps?? I smell a rat or two!!

    That doesn’t excuse Brandi getting smashed and looking like that. That is a total embarrassment for her sons and she should never do anything like that again. And I was/am thoroughly disgusted by it. She definitely needs therapy and she needs to know that a lot of people are rooting for her to take care of this problem. I, myself, can not imagine going through all she has gone through, and not getting some therapy help.

  72. Wow! Nobody on here knows how she feels privately. I am sure Jennifer being her bff and a beautiful soul will address it if she believes there is a problem. But, you know what? We will probably never know. I do believe the woman got a raw deal when Eddie met up with Leann and nobody can say what they would do if put in the exact same situation. She doesn’t have near the money LR does to fight them on anything. If Eddie is any kind of decent human being, which I don’t think he is, he would go to her as the Father of her children, and gently suggest that he believes she has a problem and needs help to conquer it. And he would apologize for the part he played in destroying her world. But, I believe he has serious issues with drinking himself. And Leann did not go to rehab for twitter. The public is so quick to condemn someone based on some pap pictures. I feel a lot of empathy for her because nobody wants to be photographed in that way. Yes, she does need to address that she is probably using alcohol to escape the realities of her life when her children are not with her. Certainly am not going to condemn her for that. I remember many reviews on Leann’s concerts where people were saying she was slurring her words and definitely under the influence of something. Being in recovery myself, I know that you do not condemn somebody for being that drunk. You just hope they address it before something really bad happens to them. Leann’s fans are just having a little too much fun in ripping this woman to shreds.

  73. Jayna says:

    I don’t think she’s an alcoholic, but I think she gets drunk a lot more than we know and it’s a bit of a problem. And it isn’t attractive and maybe not good for her and relationships. This was Jeff Lewis recently talking about her and not in a mean way, but an honest way about her behavior at a party. Their conversation begins at the 4:30 mark. Listen to how he describes her that night. I think it’s spot on and not sad in a mean tone at all, but more of an observation of the events. And he even said he was bummed because he was looking forward to meeting her. “Messy, antagonistic, a mean drunk” are words he used.

    I remember a Brandi fan being disappointed meeting her at a book signing because she was drunk.

    I’m not dumping on Brandi, but maybe she needs to admit to herself it’s not an isolated event in her life and see how people perceive her when drunk.