Brandi Glanville got fall-down, sloppy, messy drunk with her gay friends last night

Good God. YEEZUS!!! Brandi Glanville was absolutely blitzed last night and these are some of the many, many photos from her liquor-soaked catastrophe. I’ll admit it, I’m judgy about people past a certain age getting this drunk. If you’re 21 years old, sure, you can be falling-down drunk and it’s just an average night. But when you’re a 40-year-old mother of two? No. You need to stop getting so blitzed in public. And private too, although mainly I think getting this drunk in public is particularly and notably awful.

According to Fame/Flynet, Brandi ARRIVED at the London Hotel this drunk. These photos are of Brandi going into the hotel with some “unidentified man” who is holding her upright for the most part. She’s a hot mess – her dress is falling off, you can see her thong completely, and at one point she really looks like she’s about to pass out cold in front of the hotel. According to the Mail, Brandi had left Dan Tana’s, which is where I guess she enjoyed three bottles of wine by herself (that’s just an assumption on my part, I have no idea what she was drinking or how much, although I suspect the answer is “a sh-t ton of whatever they gave her”).

Earlier yesterday, Brandi tweeted: “Dinner with gaygent and friend from Texas Kevin but momma is tired!!! I need to bottle my childrens energy” and “My gays are gonna try and drag me to the Abby tonight I just know it! @StylistSalvador and @helloross need to join!” So, I guess she was getting blitzed with her gay boyfriends. I’m sure that involved some side-eyes and the occasional, “Gurl, slow down, if you puke on me WE ARE OVER.”

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. TheOriginalKitten says:

    It never stops being relevant when it comes to BG/LR/EC: These poor, poor children.

    Man was I lucky to have a boring, selfless, non-partying mom.

    • Sloane Wyatt says:

      Yes, you sure were very lucky! Those poor boys.

      Brandi looks like she’s on the Ho Stroll (I mean sex worker.) Was she drinking when it seemed like a really great idea to pull down her curtain shears and wrap them around her half tank top and g string?

    • marie says:

      those are some unfortunate photos. I can only imagine the amount of flack those kids get because of stupid crap their parents do..

      • Hakura says:

        @marie – That’s for damn sure… *We* only had to worry about being ‘embarrassed by our parents’ on a handful of public occasions… Most of which only involving wearing God-awful clothes, using pet-childhood nicknames in public, or being halfway up our (prospective) date’s ass before letting us go out on ‘date night’.

        I was fortunate enough to never have being blitzed out of their heads be one of them.

    • littlestar says:

      Amen, sister! Pictures like these make me glad my mom thinks “drinking” is having half a cooler mixed with juice once a year!

      I’m a Brandi fan, I really am (LOVED her book), but sh*t like this makes it really hard to defend her. Get it together, girl! You look trashy!

      • Hakura says:

        @littlestar – I’m w/you. Now, if she’d just be on this side of tipsy? Okay, maybe I’d could go easy on her. But there’s a big difference between ‘tipsy’ & being smashed (& ‘completely at odds with gravity’) whilst falling out of a badly pinned curtain.

        I like Brandy, but like you said, that doesn’t mean she gets a pass for screwing up *this* bad.

      • nikko says:

        I like Brandi too and I’m rooting for her but seeing her like this makes you wonder what’s going on with her. How do you let yourself get that drunk? Maybe she doesn’t have any food in her stomach and the alcohol is taking over. I don’t know but dang Brandi! Her husband can use these photos against her.

    • ya says:

      I hope she can get herself together – I started to think something was seriously off with her when I saw those tennis court pictures – there was something so sad, and almost pathetic about them which was disconcerting, and these pics are no better.

      • gogoGorilla says:

        I’m starting to think she may be a bit of an attention whore.

        Which is too bad, really, because she is in the process of eroding a lot of public support and sympathy.

      • Cam S says:

        I said as much yesterday on the Brandi thread. This woman has lost my support. She is starting to show her true colors and frankly, she seems desperate and pathetic. No longer a fan. No longer have sympathy.

        She better think twice about this trashy behavior because her fan base consists mostly of women sympathizing with her as a wronged woman. Now, she looks like a hot mess.

      • Kosmos says:

        Well, I sympathized with her for a short while, but after noticing she just cannot stop her harassment of LeAnn or find a way to get over the fact that Eddie left her, I no longer support her for anything now. In addition to her bad behavior, she pretty much always looks snarky and also a bit skanky. These pics say it all. However, to those who commented on her dress, it looks like the lining of the dress got pushed up, revealing only the thin see through material on the outside. I have to agree with the phrase, how low can you go? It’s pretty tacky all around. Pictures don’t lie.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I can’t imagine what it does to a kid to have their parents’ MANY issues so out there for public consumption. All of their friends (and possible bullies) will see this stuff.

      Between LeAnne, dirtbag Eddie, and Brandi…who is putting the kids first? It’s really sad.

  2. GMarchetti says:

    Can’t wait for LeAnn to go on Twitter and talk about it… more fights ahead!

  3. GiGi says:

    Yup. Too drunk for public consumption. Too drunk for private, really. I was going to say you need to be at someone’s house if you want to drink like that, but then remembered all the times I’ve seen people that drunk at a dinner party – also not cute!

  4. Naye in VA says:

    I have a problem with people getting this drunk at any age. I like to stop right before I’m so sh*tfaced I cant get myself to and from wherever I am. Ughh. Def not a good look at 40, and in the public eye.

  5. Rux says:

    OMG Brandi….you just gave Leanne ammunition. Guuurlll you need to pull your sheet together.

  6. MrsB says:

    Oh my. That’s gonna be embarrassing when she sobers up.

  7. We Miss You Enclave_24 says:

    Its all good. Sometimes you need to get white boy wasted.

  8. HappyMom says:

    Like I’ve always said, Eddie has a type-TRASHY. From her outfit, to her behavior-just gross. This doesn’t make Leann any less of a lunatic-so I’ll just repeat: those poor little boys.

  9. DreamyK says:

    I, for one, find people who reduce human beings to the term “my gays” offensive as hell. They are men, not pets. Ugh.

    Wow, Brandi. Those Daily Mail pics are something your sons will always cherish.

    Seriously? A black thong with a sheer nude colored dress? Tacky, girl.

    • Andrew says:

      Yeah I tend to ignore girls who try to make gays into feminine pets that like to primp and play dress up at the mall. I’m a man who acts like a man, not your poodle. *rant over

      Anyway, I’m just embarassed for her. She’s going to regret it once she’s sober

      • Rachel says:

        From the look of her, I’d say that won’t be until sometime next week…

        Also, Kaiser, dress? I cannot see how what she’s wearing could in any way be interpreted as a dress. More like she lost her pants somewhere. Obviously, tequila makes her clothes fall off.

      • Masque says:

        ^^^This! I don’t know her friends and won’t presume to know how they feel about her statements. However, I would never say such things about my gay friends.

        My gay friends are awesome and loving and wonderful to me and they have a terrible, depraved sense of humor like mine. There are no boundries between us and constantly bringing gayness up would create a boundry. To me it sends a message of “dance, monkey, dance!” and that’s just gross.

        I’m sure she was just trying to be cool and hip but she came across as a tryhard claiming ownership of her gay friends.

      • Thiajoka says:

        Yep, agreed. It’s not nice to make objects of anyone.

      • Hakura says:

        @Andrew – I agree… It’s like implying that a ‘gay man’ isn’t actually a man, but more like some… some 3rd gender. Like it’s not possible to be a ‘gay’ *man*.

        @DreamyK – That was my 1st thought, ‘I wonder if her friends don’t mind being referred to that way? Or if *any* gay person does, having themselves defined entirely by one trait?’ (a ‘trait’ that’s no one else’s business, I might add. (If someone wants to ride around proclaiming their preferences on their bumper sticker, that’s their business.)

    • DeltaJuliet says:

      Thank God. I was starting to wonder if that term was considered acceptable. If I was “one of her gays”, I’d be offended by that.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      I like Brandi, but I have to agree. You don’t say, “I’m going out with my Jew friends” so you shouldn’t say it about gay friends, even if you’re being affectionate.

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree.
      And that kind of sloppy drunk is not good at any age, but especially not for a 40 year old parent. Grow up already.

    • Nalgene says:

      I was thinking about this too but reached the opposite conclusion. Referring to your girl pals as “my girls” is ok. She could have said “my boys” but then that wouldnt convey the dynamic because theres such a big difference between a chill out evening with a bunch of straight but platonic guys and gay ones. And I’m not talking about stereotypes of effeminacy. Theres a dance that happens between straight men and women (especially around alcohol) even if its never acted upon. So I can kind of see why its relevant to make it clear that this men are gay. As for the possessive “my”, like I said before, we use “my” to indicate gal pals and even spouses (“my man”). No biggie, I think.

      • Irishae says:

        Overall, I agree. I think the difference here that puts people off the phrase is that would you ever refer to people as “my straights”? Or your plus-sized friends as my “my fatties”? It’s the use of the adjective that gets people throwing side-eye.

    • InvaderTak says:

      I agree. That’s all I really cared about in this article. Way to reduce a person to their sexual orientation. If we can have casual sexism, and racism then that this casual homophobia.

    • skilo says:

      I really doubt she meant to make them sound like “objects” but was saying it more like when some people say “I’m going out with my girls tonight!” instead of naming individuals you just say my girls or some guys say my boys it’s not that uncommon.

  10. OK says:

    I’m so embarrassed for her.

  11. Shannon says:

    She must be still hurting over the breakup of her marriage. That’s the only explanation. That being said, this is totally unacceptable and sad. Get some help woman!!!!

  12. Andrew says:

    I feel bad for her but damn that’s really dumb and irresponsible. The poor kids. Kudos to the poor (and handsome) guy that’s escorting her in. He’s gotta be embarassed

  13. gogoGorilla says:


    I’m not sure what else to say, except that I’m embarrassed for her kids.

    Also, that dress is horrid. Did she lose the bottom?

  14. Diana says:

    She is so unhappy… All three of them are. Get out of the public and gain some peace of mind and respect. Seeing these kinds of photos is beyond sad to me.

    • Christin says:

      Great advice, but I doubt they will follow it. I don’t think any of them are truly happy, either. On another subject, is this a place where paps normally hang out?

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I agree. She used to seem more carefree and light, even with all the EC and LR drama. Now she’s constantly messing with her face and having these cringe-worthy moments. Sad. It’s like she’s gone backwards.

    • Hakura says:

      @Diana – It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen someone more in need of therapy. I really do think, in this case, that if she & the boys really took it seriously, that it could actually do them some good.

      I don’t think she’s a bad mother/person. But does seem to have an alcohol problem. (& she could always use therapy after what went down w/she & douchedad).

  15. Talie says:

    I don’t understand what’s happening with this dress? It looks like a swimsuit coverup. She might as well just strip and walk in naked.

  16. Suze says:

    Sober up and go home.

    Good god those poor kids.

  17. Jayna says:

    Brandi isn’t embarrassed by her sloppy, trashed state, but I am for her Sad. That outfit. What the . . .

  18. lisa2 says:

    It is really interesting how some people are defending her and making excuses. But if this was someone else they would be all over it. I’m not a fan, but this has nothing to do with Leanne/Eddie. This is all about HER. Wasn’t she upset about Leanne and drugs/diet pills. What if Eddie made a deal about her drinking. That she has a problem. She is lucky someone helped her home because she could have been taken advantage of or worse.

    Brandi…well I don’t need to say it at all.

    My Dad use to say that there is nothing more unattractive than a drunk woman.

  19. Cora says:

    Just saw the photos at the DM. They had to pixelate one of the photos because her boobs flopped right out of her dress for all the world to see.

  20. Daisy says:

    Ugh I’m so tired of everyone defending her every single move (tennis ass pics) and now the proof is in the (even more) pics. Girl has some issues. Yea it’s truly awful that she got cheated on and ex’s new wifey is a bitch, but it happens a LOT. There’s no excuse for her to be acting this way. And news freaking flash it is possible to dislike both Brandi AND Le Monster. So don’t jump on me for supporting Leann because I most certainly do not.

  21. MoxyLady007 says:

    How is the dress long enough to cover everything in one pic and then looking like a crop top in the next?

    I hope she gets the hang over guilts and turns over a new leaf.

  22. Willa says:

    Is that a dress? What kind if a dress is that sheer? And a black thong under it? Why?

    • YuYa says:

      I am pretty sure the dress has a lining, it’s just so bunched up from her friend carrying her, that only the see through parts are showing.

      That said, I like to tie one on every once in a blue moon too, however, I keep it at home and with only really close friends. In public? Never. In private? I don’t think I can drink this much without passing out first.

    • Hakura says:

      @Willa – I’m with YuYa. If you look really close, you can see that there’s a lining (same color as the red of the dress), but from the guy’s arm around her (struggling to hold her up as she zigs & zags drunkenly), it gets pulled up passed her waist, then gets stuck, bunched up. I can’t say for sure, but it looks like it *probably* would’ve been at least long enough to cover the black underwear.

      Looks like it’s made out of ‘slip’ like material.

  23. NM9005 says:

    You can tell how a person is when they get shitfaced. My friends, no matter how drunk, would never cling to me so much and be so…affectionate in a suggestive way. Plus the outfit is TRAGIC, just so damn tragic. Clearly she has a problem.

    It must be a pain to know you are taking ‘the drunk of the group’ out and restrain yourself because you’re going to babysit her/his ass. Especially when the baby is over 30 and supposed to have a modicum of decorum. Or not get drunk before going to a party, I mean, that’s what 16 yo do!

    She’s more messed up than I thought. This level of drunkness is choice because there is something wrong with her. That doesn’t look like ‘fun’ to me. Drink the pain away. And that dude’s face, I feel for him.

  24. dorothy says:

    Well now, there’s something her kids can be proud of. Bet that makes the rounds at school. Sad and pathetic.

  25. janie says:

    They all three need to grow up! What is wrong with these people? Do they sit around and plan which one makes a fool of themselves in public? Your ex moved on Brandi, do the same! This is way beyond the scope of divorce, it’s disrespectful to those boys.. My gosh, what must their friends say to these kids? It’s incredible how self absorbed this trio acts.

  26. Maria says:

    first i looked at the pics and thought “oh hell” and then i saw the pics at the Dailymail, they are worse. flashing her boobs and flipping the bird.

  27. skipper says:

    I don’t care who you are or how much you own up to stuff, this is terribly embarrassing! She can joke about this all she wants but she looks like a damn fool. I like Brandi but pull it together, woman! You are giving everyone ammunition against you and they will use it.

  28. jen says:

    Are all the creepy Brandi fangirls going to spout their usual “LOL SHE’S JUST HAVING FUN I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!” nonsense again?

    • SouthernGal says:

      Hey Creepy Brandi fangirl here!!! LMAO! Call me whatever you want. Do I condone this? Nope! Have I been drunk before but never caught on camera. Hell yeah! Have a great day.

      • Andrew says:

        Southerngal, the difference is that she’s in her 40s with kids…

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I honestly wouldn’t think it was the end of the world if she was 25 and childless.

        I’ve had my drunken, sloppy moments. Of course, I was in COLLEGE, childless, and I didn’t have a gang of paparazzi following me around.

        She either has a serious problem or she’s just not very intelligent. Either way, her kids shouldn’t have to see this shit.

        Once you have children you have a responsibility to be a role model and an obligation to guide them to make the right choices. How are these kids gonna feel when they see sloppy drunk mom flashing boobs and ass all over the place? I’m not saying she doesn’t love her kids–I’m sure she does–but she has to try harder to be a good mother to them.
        Time to grow up, Brandi. Time to put your kids’ needs ahead of your need to have a good time.

      • claire says:

        Agree with all you said.
        I don’t think Brandi is someone who deals well with losing kids half the time. No one has kids to only raise them half the time, especially taken away from you when they are as young as 2. Some people just figure it out and manage the grief over that, and others don’t cope so well. Brandi seems like one of the latter.

        I wonder if she had kids full-time, if nights like this would ever happen. I think the partying is a bandaid to cover that wound, but at some point, she’s gotta figure it out. Find other distractions ’cause this is definitely not the way to go about it.

        I don’t know. Armchair psychologist here. haha.

      • jen says:

        She’s partying until she’s falling-down drunk just to mask the pain of losing her kids? LOLOLOLOL PUH-LEASE.

      • claire says:

        Uh yeah, Jen. People use drinking as a crutch or to mask pain. I didn’t invent that. LOL. I threw out a theory that she is immaturely handling her new situation. Deal with it.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        I don’t think you’re far off, Claire. She’s been through hell and she needs to find ways to manage it better. EC and LR abuse her, but if she is this drunk and out of it, it embarrasses her children. And that’s on her.

    • SouthernGal says:

      @Andrew…understood but again we’ve all been there just not on camera.

      • jen says:

        I am 28 years old and have never in my entire life been that drunk. Why are you making excuses for this woman? Like I said….creepy.

      • Brown says:


        Maybe not all of us, but most of us have at some point or another. I agree that as a mother of 2 you need to get shit like this under control but I also think its unfair to look at this and say she has a problem.

        About a month ago, I went out for some drinks with coworkers after a long day. Hadn’t eaten dinner. We ended up taking some shots, etc. long story short: I was probably looking pretty similar to Brandi (and it was before 9pm. So embarrassing.) My point is, I don’t have a problem or make a habit of doing that. It can happen unintentionally sometimes.

        Then again, I’m 24 and childless, so…..

      • Pia says:

        NEVER been there, never will. Thank you very much.

  29. Tig says:

    I hope this is a wake up call for her- and that whoever the responsible adult watching her sons hangs around till that hangover clears!!

  30. Ruyana says:

    OMG! WTF? Those pictures are worse than any I’ve seen of Tan Mom at her worst.

    • stinky says:

      ok that made me laff. and its not a funny sitch, to be sure. but how right u are. Tan-mom is trying to get it together i heard… hey, maybe LeAnne is pregnant? and Brandi knows. And she tied one on. LeAnne has gained some weight for real. Regardless, i DO dislike being the caregiver friend to drunk idiot friends… but if i were the friend of a drunk-ass “celebrity”, i can tell you i would NOT have let them get papped in this manner. thats all.

  31. Jennifer12 says:

    Brandi, you’re your own worst enemy. Girl, you are being treated like crap by your ex and his wife, but you’re being an idiot on your own here. You’re nearly 41 years old and to be this drunk in public is stupid and embarrassing for you and your sons. Please get it together. Imagine how your kids feel when their friends see their mother like this in pictures. You’re acting like a prime jackass.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      I will give her this much and this much only: at least she didn’t drive.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Though it is funny that Fame/Flynet, who is one of the pap agencies Leann calls was riiiight there to capture it. Brandi did it to herself, but it IS odd.

      • Obvious says:


        Fame/Flynet are EVERYWHERE. They happen to be one of the bigger agencies. I highly doubt Leann called them. I believe Brandy has used them before herself as well.

        A lot of these people also hang out in major hotspots where paps are usually just waiting around. If she didn’t want anyone to see her like this and still wanted to be in public there are HUNDREDS of places that aren’t pap hot spots she could have gone. this is ALL on Brandi.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Look, I’m not defending Brandi’s behavior. She looks ridiculous. But, it is WEIRD that paps just happen to be where she is, an agency that Leann uses is there at that hour, and a Twitter account very sympathetic to Leann (Morgan75Green) was posting information about where to find the pictures on Leann’s timeline at like two a.m. She was also saying how now people will see what LR and EC “have to deal with”. Leann set up an entire sting operation to expose the affair with Eddie; she’s capable of anything.

      • cat says:

        Take a look at Brandi’s Twitter – she says where she is (Dan Tana’s). How about some personal accountability for once? She has put herself in this predicament by joining a reality show, now deal with the ”fame”. I can’t stand all the blame shifting and excuses for a grown woman.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Sigh…. Hopefully, this is a one off and will serve as a wakeup call. I would be mortified the next day and I’m sure she will be.

    • ncmagnolia says:

      What makes me so freaking mad is that her behavior is making that vile narcissist, HorseAnn, look good by default.

      I have always been an ardent fan of Brandi in the ongoing Glanville-Rimes wars. OK, so BG has always been a little lacking in the “class” department. But she didn’t ask for a morally challenged, filthy rich, former tween country crooner to steal her husband and attempt to eradicate her as the mother of her two boys. My sympathy for that alone has always been overwhelming.

      But Brandi, gurl- you are a freaking hot mess at this point. I was pretty disgusted by the tennis shots (and the lone beach/ bikini shoot the week prior) already, and now you have to play into LR’s hands like this?! More importantly, do your kids really need to see this stuff?

      Damn you, Brandi. You’ve finally managed to make LR look decent in comparison. Get your sh!t together, as a middle aged woman and as a mom.

  32. Melma says:

    What a piece of trash. I used to be a fan, but she is just embarrassing now. I’m curious as to what jen asked too, where are the creepy fangirls with their heads up Brandi’s ass? Guess they can’t blame this one on Leeann.

  33. Samtha says:

    Oh, Brandi. Even I can’t defend this one! Especially from someone who’s had DUI issues in the past.

  34. MAREHOOP says:

    Somehow she will find a reason to blame Adrienne Maloof or Leann…

    SMH, how will Lisa & Yolanda defend her now?

  35. claire says:

    What the hell is she thinking? THAT is embarrassing. And Ed and Leann will be all over that.

  36. bettyrose says:

    I would have given her a pass on this one if her panties weren’t on display for the world. Adults just need to go out and blow of some steam sometimes (or nightly for those with minimal employment and fat wallets) – and sucks to have your private stupid moments plastered all over the internet . . . but one could plan ahead to keep their butt covered while stumbling around drunk.

    • UsedToBeLulu says:

      The dress has a lining, it just ended up around her waist. At least she was wearing underwear. But strapless and teetering heels? Yikes.

      She better watch out. Eddie could have a case if he decides she’s too messed up to take care of the boys.

      • Hakura says:

        @UsedToBeLulu – God, I hope he doesn’t try to make a custody argument. I really hope that being publicly embarrassed so badly will open Brandi’s eyes as to how unacceptable her current behavior has been.

        Being plastered all over the net/magazines drunk/trashy/flashing/flipping off…all at once? The most important thing in her life should be her boys… & knowing she & their father (& his psychotic wife) have such a bad relationship, she should be living every day with the knowledge that he *might* use *any* of her ‘missteps’ against her.

        (Even more so, she should be considering that Leann would just jump at the chance to get those boys away from her.)

  37. betty says:

    Brandi this type of behavior is not helping your image nor your kids. Hang your head in shame on this one.

    • claire says:

      For real. If I had a mistress-turned-wife foaming at the mouth watching my every move, waiting to pounce on any opportunity to snatch my kids and make the life-take-over complete….I would not go out and get wasted. This is much more than two glasses of wine.

      • Sonia says:

        I totally agree. Get your sh”t together and grow the hell up. If she really wanted her kids more than 50% of the time she would pull her head out of her @ss. I’m so disgusted. This does not make me like Meanne, this has nothing to do with Meanne or Ediot! Brandi has nobody to blame but herself. Those poor poor kids if they seriously have no stable adult in their lives. Yes the kids are probably with their dad but for a 40 year old to get this drunk is just pitiful. PITIFUL

  38. Samigirl says:

    Brandi, I love you, but if you’re gonna get wasted, do it in the comfort of your own home. Too much, girlfriend.

  39. Celeste says:

    I do like Brandi, but wow… I wonder what possessed her to get so totally wasted. I hope she’s ok. She may play down the photos, but there’s no way she can’t be anything but embarrased about it.
    Hopefully she learns a lesson here.

  40. Jennifer12 says:

    Okay, I am not big on conspiracies, and Brandi did her own stupid thing. BUT: there’s a twitter called Morgan75Green. She is constantly tweeting LR and insulting BG and calls Dean “Deane” the way LR does. She began tweeting LR in the middle of the night, talking about Brandi and how embarrassing she was and how she was acting and listing places for people to see the pictures. Clearly, this will end up on LR’s timeline and people will go look. I mean, at like two a.m. And the photos are from one of Leann’s agencies. AND she kept talking about people seeing what LR and EC “have to deal with”. The picture is becoming very clear here, and isn’t surprising when you consider how Leann set Eddie up at the restaurant to be caught. I think Leann has an entire plan to have full custody of the boys, destroy Brandi’s reputation and essentially get rid of her. Brandi did a dumb thing by drinking so much, but she wouldn’t pap herself when she’s planning to party and paps don’t follow her around. Smells of setup to me. And you almost want to think that Leann got to some of Brandi’s friends as well. I’m telling you, it sounds crazy, but I wouldn’t put it past Leann and she has proved herself to be stealthy and sneaky with other endeavors in the past.

    • justsayin.... says:

      ^^^^^^THIS……I still LOVE B…..give her break….so what…..she had to drink away the image of dumb and dumber…..I bet most wish they looked as good 3 sheets to wind….the Ediot and LeRoy stay drunk……….BTW B you look million times better on your worst day than the HORSE on her best…… ain’t no thang but a chicken wang……take care momma……no big deal

      • Leila says:

        Oh my god you crazy freaks

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        WTH is wrong with some of you? This woman has children. She is naked and SLOPPY drunk and it has NOTHING to do with the other two in this triangle. Dan Tana’s, The Abbey, etc are crawling with paps.

        Idiotic to blame LR. I highly doubt she was giving this mess of a MOTHER shots. Only one person to blame here.
        You know her kids are going to see this and frankly she’ll be lucky if her ex doesn’t use these against her. If this was anyone else, people would be foaming about the welfare of the kids or are her fans dumb enough to this is a one off?

      • Samigirl says:

        TOT is correct and levelheaded. If this had been LR, we would be screaming for her head. This is unacceptable behavior.

      • Emily C. says:

        @ToT: I totally agree.

        Some people seem to think everything is about sides. If you like one person, you must dislike another. If you dislike one person, you must like another. If these people decide two people are in competition somehow, then it is impossible to either like or dislike both of them. If you like someone, you must stand up for absolutely everything she does no matter what; if you dislike someone, you must hate everything she does no matter what.

        Most people do not get this drunk, even when they’re at college in their 20s. Getting this drunk even once is a wake-up call that you need to check yourself, because drinking this much means putting yourself and other people in serious danger. Doing it more than once means you put drinking alcohol over the safety of yourself and others on a regular basis. That means you have a serious problem.

    • claire says:

      That Morgan person is a weirdo, like most of Leann’s fans.

      But it doesn’t matter Jennifer. Don’t go out and get this wasted and no one could even send a pap out to catch you at it. That’s the bottom line.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Look, I know it sounded crazy. I really do. I’m just saying that it’s weird that Leann has been called out for bullying and laxatives and she would want to draw attention away from it. Likely that Brandi just got plastered and she’s an idiot for doing so. I just keep thinking that some of the events seem a little odd to me. I would not defend someone acting this asinine, but some of what I saw just made me question what happened.

      • Obvious says:

        I find the perosn posting things a little psycho, but the fact that it was thie photo agency? not at all. Brandi hangs aroudn celeb hot spots. that’s why she gets papped. if she posted where the was going to be (it looks like shedid and it’s a slow night why wouldn’t the paps follow her? She gets headlines when feuding wit LR.

        I HIGHLY doubt they were called on her-unless it was by a member of her OWN entourage.

        I’m just think you are using highly circumstantial evidence to blame the photos on Leann. Trust me-if LeeAnn had set it up, she would have been waiting for them and posting them herself-no matter what time.

        However if Brandi had more self control this never would have happened. And i have to wonder at ANYONE who goes out of the house in That dress when sober. i mean seriously (without a swimsuit under neath) i’ts a beach cover up.

      • justsayin.... says:

        Obviously she is having a moment…..not going to tear her down over a bad decision….ifshe got this sloppy drunk ALL the time this wouldn’t be news….and of course if LeRoy got papped this wasted I would be calling her a VILE DISGUSTING UGLY HUSBAND STEALING WHORE……cause that is TRUTH…..B not so much….just too much drink….and her friend not covering up her ass….I mean aren’t your friends suppose to “hold your back”

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Well, I don’t live anywhere near CA, so I’m sure you’re right about the hot spots. As for her dress, the lining is entirely bunched up but since she proudly dresses slutty, I am not going to say anything about her style. I’m sure it is all as it appears, but some stuff just appears odd. With that said, I know a lot of people who get drunk or whatever when their kids aren’t around, but to be this smashed is over the top. If you don’t know that your dress is falling off, or where you are, there’s no excuse. Brandi, you’re super easy to like, but you can’t get defensive every time you screw up. No one is saying sit home and knit, but you are not 21 anymore and this behavior looks stupid.

      • anon33 says:

        Have you guys forgotten that Brandi IS ON A REALITY SHOW. I don’t think LeAnne had anything-AT ALL-to do with this. It makes perfect sense that paps would take photos of a REALITY STAR ACTING A FOOL…it’s kind of their bread and butter!!!

        As far as the pap agency…it’s Dan Tana’s, its a celebrity “hotspot.” People go there intending to be papped. I’m not disagreeing that maybe that twitter follower was alerting Leanne to what happened, but Leanne wasn’t there and she wasn’t pouring liquor down Brandi’s throat. Nobody made Brandi drink that much, but Brandi, and to think otherwise is really reaching IMO.

  41. Louisa says:

    Announces she’s going to rehab in 3, 2,1…..

    Seriously though, if this was my ex (husband or wife) I’d insist on some kind of alcohol treatment before they were left alone with my kids again. This is not just normal, out for a couple of drinks with friends fun. Especially for a 40 year old. There’s a problem here.

  42. belladonna says:

    Very sad.
    Brandi, when you’re sober and you look at these pictures, ask yourself if you’d be ashamed if your boys were to see them.
    Brandi, if someone slipped you a mickey, you need to get rid of that/those friend(s). As for the “friend” holding her up, he should have had the decency to take her home.
    Darin Harvey and Jennifer Gimenez, if your friend needs an intervention, get the ball rolling. Especially you, Jennifer. You have said many times that Brandi and your Mom saved your life. If Brandi needs to be in rehab, perhaps her own Mom can go to court and take over shared custody of the boys.

  43. imp says:

    If these pictures are of Brandi going into the hotel, then some blame goes to the “friends”. I would never take a friend out if they were this drunk. I’d take them home and put them to bed. And no, this level of drunk would not be okay in the comfort of her own home. She has little kids. Totally irresponsible.

  44. RobN says:

    I hate having to feel embarrassed for other people. I’d rather do something stupid myself than see somebody else do something so cringe worthy.

    If she had any actual friends, instead of people who just use each other, they’d try and get her some help. She really needs it.

  45. Gia says:

    oh boy. Yeah Brandi…this is pretty bad. I’m all for a good party but i’m sure you know your limits after years of experience. Reel it in. You’re making a fool of yourself.

  46. Shelley says:

    I don’t see any reason to get this drunk at any age – you’re a disgusting mess and far beyond any ‘slightly relaxed’ or enjoyable state. This is blackout drinking. This is when you decide you’re fine to drive and you maybe kill someone on your way home and don’t even remember how you got home.

    Also, in her book – which I read searching in vain for anything that would help me see her as anything other than foul-mouthed, weird, and just plain gross in what she chose to disclose – she mentions taking daily Lexapro. I doubt that drinking at any level, let alone this level, is advised while on Lexapro.

    She has two sons, who I’m sure she loves. That isn’t enough. She owes it to them to stop this – all of this: the gross books, slimy TV show, public displays of instability – and stabilize. She’s still young, and needs to find a pathway very soon that leads to a higher ground than this idiocy.

  47. Mela says:

    Brandi Brandi Brandi. Her life is such a mess. She has been in a downward spiral ever since the affair. Get it together girl. Time to grow up, clean up and take the high road. This isn’t cute!!

  48. Christin says:

    It looks like July may be as eventful for her as last December was for the other one (Carly performance, laxative allegation, crying interview, etc.). Maybe it will be a turning point. Both women could benefit from finding more productive uses of their time and energy.

  49. Rita says:

    Geeeezzzus, Brandi! WTF!!!! Eddie and LeAnn are pointing at you and telling all of us who have been defending you, “See, we told you so.”

    What a mess.

  50. Scarlettmoon says:

    Yup, this is coming across as pretty inexcusable. Looking at Brandi’s twitter feed before she went out, she asks Darin Harvey to bring her a Claritin because of allergies. I can just hear the excuses now…Brandi was just having an allergic reaction to allergy medication and one glass of wine. Puleez!!! Leann is coming off much better at this point, more stable, more together, more into family life. If I were Brandi I would be worried that LR and EC would use this against me to get full custody of the kids. It’s sad when a forty year old woman isn’t able to think two steps ahead….

  51. Sonia says:

    Ok I’m not on twitter, nor will I ever be, but she tweeted someone to bring her allergy meds? Can’t go to the store herself or, oh I don’t know…CALL HIM? I don’t get it. But then again I dont get reality tv either.

  52. blaize says:

    If this was her normal behavior, I’d be calling her an irresponsible parent and feeling sorry for her children. But since this is the first time I’ve seen her like this, I’m not judgy about it. I don’t like the idea that once a woman is out of her 20′s and has a kid, she’s supposed to be sophisticated and put together at ALL times and never make mistakes. At the end of the day, nobody was hurt by it. We just don’t want to see more of this behavior from her.

    Be prepared for the tabloids to suddenly start saying she’s an out of control alcoholic- that’s what always happens when a celebrity gets caught wasted in public, and it’s always what people assume.

  53. Delia says:

    The usual Brandi fans are radio silent on here right now… Where’s jez and Rita?

  54. Jane says:

    @ Mela Quote: You drink too much one night and you think she needs rehab???

    Honey, it is not the one night she drinks and needs rehab, it is all her behavior as of late. I am so not going to get into a battle of wits with you.

    • Mela says:

      I agree she is a mess but people throw around the word rehab all the time. There is a world of a difference between getting way too wasted one night once inawhile like she did and being a full blown alchy who needs detox and rehab, who gets the dts, whose liver is failing, etc. I think her tennis photos were vulgar too. Brandi needs to clean up her act, big time but IMO rehab for drinking is not going to fix her problems.

      • Emily C. says:

        This is one reason alcoholics and other addicts are so hard to get into treatment. “I don’t have the dts, so I’m fine.” “My liver is still okay, so I’m fine.” “I still have a good job, so I’m fine.”

        Then they get a DUI and find themselves in front of a judge for doing something they can’t remember… and still, they’re fine, really, because they’re not the absolutely worst they could possibly be, living under a bridge and drinking out of a rum bottle in a paper bag.

        The woman needs to get her act together. Alcohol appears to be central to her life, and did even before she was photographed wearing virtually nothing in public while completely and totally blitzed. She needs to stop drinking, whether that means AA, therapy, or rehab.

    • Decloo says:

      Daddy Lohan can get her a discount at the “World Reknown” Lukens Institute.

  55. Mandy says:

    Oh dear. I try to like you Brandi, but really? How embarrasing.
    Rehab Announcement in 3….2….

  56. eliza says:

    Sorry but there is not one thing cute or excusable with a 40yr old woman behaving in this manner. It is not funny, refreshing, or normal about it. You can get away with this at 21, at 40, you look pathetic and in need of rehab.

  57. Rita says:

    Note to Brandi:

    Until this happened, you had LeAnn and Eddie by the “short hairs” of public support. This disgusting drunk mess has cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars because now, your next book of “Dating Advice” will probably sell as well as LeAnn’s music.

    People at this very minute are turning their back on you for the same reason people turned their back on LeAnn.

    A 40 year old woman with two children goes partying wearing only in a see-through dress, a thong, and a pair of shoes and you expect the public to approve of this behavior? Behavior is what this has all been about.

    If this doesn’t destroy your fan base and viewership, the next incident will. Then you can get a job that pays you nothing. If you and/or your gay-gents/Hollywood “friends” want to “party-on”, the gutter is your next stop. You’ve been warned.

    • Enn says:

      Well said. Nobody wants to support trash.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Sad as it is, I have to agree. Brandi, if you’re reading this, you were justifiably worried about how to feed your babies, as you said in your book. If you continue like this, you will lose public support, and your career will follow. Then you really will be stuck. No more excuses.

    • NM9005 says:

      Most of the threads were very positive towards Brandi not so long ago. But that was only because Leann is fucking crazy. Truth is, I don’t know why people are ‘turning’ on her now, she hasn’t changed at all. She’s still the same. Her book IS called ‘Drinking and Tweeting’ no?

      They are all the same, I really didn’t get the fervent defense for Brandi because you could tell she’s as Z-list and useless as the rest, divorce and other crazy hasbeens ain’t an excuse for being so pathetic.

    • TheTruthHurts says:

      Well said Rita and we know you have been a Brandi supporter. I worry for her. I think she needs to go to rehab for her drinking as a form of coping and get some hardcore therapy to deal with losing her family once and for all. Putting on an “everything is ok” face for her boys all these years could not have been healthy for her. Sooner or later, it comes to the surface. Shame on Eddie, shame on Eddie.

  58. Holden says:

    Drinking and tweeting
    Drinking and dating
    Drinking and going to dinner on Monday
    Drinking and watching tv
    Drinking and laying out by the pool
    Drinking and doing book signings
    Drinking and appearing on RHOBH

  59. Mich says:

    Yassis. If this woman isn’t humiliated by this something is very wrong with her.

    I don’t get all the talk about ‘oh, if she was 21…’ Please show me a single 21 year old featured on this site we have ever given a pass to for this type of behavior. You can’t because we haven’t. It is unseemly at any age.

  60. Emily C. says:

    A parent who drinks like this is hurting her children. Her older kid is at the age where he feels this kind of thing severely. I can’t imagine how much worse it must be than it was for me if you don’t have a stable home; don’t have one parent who doesn’t get blitzed; and the parent who gets blitzed does it in her underwear.

    Those poor kids. I hope they have really good grandparents or other adults who care for them in their lives, because between Brandi and Eddie, they’ve had a hell of a time, with more likely to come.

  61. Really? says:

    Yes, it’s true that it’s not her best look and that the judgy wudgies are gonna have a field day with this. Fortunately, it didn’t look like she was driving. Of course, drinking to excess is dangerous, not just for the people around her, but for her, too.

    I don’t judge her. But i do worry for her. I’d worry for anyone who could do this to themselves. I’ve been there, unlike the majority of posters, who seem to be the collective model of society in a perfect world of moderation and sobriety…unlike all y’all, i won’t throw my wine glass at her from my glass house. Last i checked, shaming doesn’t work. She needs some straight talk and love, and a big ol’ hangover cure – no hair of the dog.

    On second thought, what she really needs to do is get on Iyanla Vanzant’s “fix my life” show! Now that i’d LOVE to see. Hang in there Brandi, stay strong for your boys. Call Iyanla!

    • Emily C. says:

      I’m perfectly sober because my father is an alcoholic. I don’t care about Brandi; I care about her children. I know how an alcoholic parent can f* up a child’s life. And it looks like these poor kids have two alcoholic parents and one nutter stepparent.

      If Brandi didn’t have children, getting this drunk and relying on alcohol so much would still be a serious problem, and all her relationships would suffer, but mostly it would be only her life she was messing up. But she has children she is responsible for. It’s not only her life she’s messing up.

    • justsayin.... says:

      ^^^^…THIS….spot on!!!….and as for B….this will weed out your friends/supporters…reveal the clinger oners/fair weather bunch…you need building up not condemnation from the holy holy holies…..obviously girl is affected…..and as for peeps saying its been forever since the affair and she should be over it…whatever…. the fallout from having your life hijacked is for a lifetime

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        @just sayin…No, it isn’t spot on. Most of us are not holy holy holies. My husband is an entertainer and we’ve been on world tour for 4 years, complete with premiere parties and lots of social interaction.

        I also have two children and I would never, ever allow myself to get so shitfaced that I got a DUI, that I had my pictures put on social media of any kind shitfaced. Because I am a responsible person who cares a great freaking deal about how I raise my children. I conduct myself in a manner becoming to my age and my position as a mother to two people that I love more than anything in the world, who I strive to raise with respect and a healthy view of the world. I and many others have boundaries in our lives. My being a parent trumps anything. I may have some drinks, but I will NEVER be posted on FB or posted anywhere with my clothes off, flipping the bird, falling down drunk, trying to suck some random dudes face off. (There are more pictures on other sites)
        Stop defending this indefensible MESS of a parent. It is ridiculous and there is simply no excuse for that kind of behavior, especially when you have a job in the public eye.

      • Emily C. says:

        @TOT — Well said. And good for you for valuing your kids.

      • Mich says:

        @ TOT

        Not to mention a little SELF respect as well!

      • justsayin.... says:

        @TOT….I totally agree this behavior is unbecoming and inappropriate for anyone really……and high five on being self aware mommy:)…..I’m sure this hasn’t went over Bs head…..I mean she got papped with her tampon string hanging out……be sure she is humiliated…..but at same time I do feel for B….she is still suffering…she just wa rubbed in face everyday….. I did choose to deal differently though…..I DONT drink

  62. truthful says:

    I wonder did she get therapy after the Eddie Fiasco…

    she is tore DOWN, LOL

  63. dorothy says:

    Those poor kids…the mom’s an emotional mess and the step-mom has severe mental issues.

  64. Raven says:

    Has anyone seen her twitter?

    “I got drunk with my gays its not murder,,everyone kept sending us drinks.I was being polite”
    And then retweeting: @BrandiGlanville who cares what everyone thinks 😉

    THIS is my problem with her. Sure, everyone messes up, and we’ve all done things that we wished we hadn’t the next day. But for goodness sake own up to it! Anyone with a modicum of class should be mortified to be seen in public (or private!) like that. Instead, she’s defensive and making excuses. It’s just so immature and narcissistic. Grow up, you are in your 40s with two boys. Better come up with a better excuse than “people were sending drinks my way and I just couldn’t say no!” Yea, that’s a great message to send to your children.

    • Christin says:

      Not a good response from someone basically employed by the public. Celebs, take note: If you expect the public to buy your book, music, etc., take ownership of your behavior. If you want to behave however you like and tell everyone to buzz off, that’s fine. Just don’t expect the masses to support your “work” in the future.

    • Emily C. says:

      Excuses, excuses, excuses.

      She’s an alcoholic. No question about it after her response. God, her poor kids.

    • UsedToBeLulu says:

      It’s not a big deal to be photographed drunk out of your mind and indecently exposed (trying to get the photo with the tampon string hanging out scrubbed from my brain)?

      It’s official. She’s an out of control alcoholic and in big time denial. So disappointed.

    • judyjudy says:

      The fact that she thinks it is no big deal is ve ry telling .

    • bondbabe says:

      And, yes ma’am, I agree.

      So what if people kept sending drinks—she thought it “polite” to drink them?!! That she HAD to? She has pinnacled to no class and no boundaries whatsoever.

      How about when “they” keep sending drinks, give a thank you but keep your behavior in check? THAT is something I would respect and consider classy.

      Ms. Glanville, you have just sunk your own ship. (And please do not even continue to try with the blaming others.)

    • littlestar says:

      I am officially disgusted by Brandi Glanville :( . I was hoping she’d wake up and be humiliated by those pictures, instead she thinks it’s no big deal and we should all get a life… I’ve defended her many times before in the past, but I can’t this time. Grow up, Brandi! You can’t call Leann out for her poor behaviour if you do the same sh*t as her. What the hell is wrong with her?

  65. lady mary. says:

    why brandi why,especially when u had everyone rooting for you ,its christmas,fourth of july and new year for the GRINCH ,those daily mail pics are tragic

  66. Chell says:

    Oh Brandi, why give the LR & EC any ammunition?!

    On a different note I just have to say it’s unfair for anyone to call her an alcoholic & to keep going on about the ‘poor boys’…granted these pics are horrible & I truly hope these kids never see them (which I know won’t happen cuz you know damn well LR has these pics as her screen saver!) but her kids were not w/her while she was in this state & as unflattering & inexcusable as it is for a grown woman who is the mother of two young boys to drink to this point, it does happen. Unfortunately for Brandi she is in the public eye & it is documented & splached all over the tabloids! I sincerely hope she will learn from this because I don’t think she is a bad person & she truly loves her boys.

    Did I mention how horrifying that outfit is?!?! *SMH*

    • Emily C. says:

      It’s not “unfair”. We recognize her pattern of behavior. And also the fact that she’s 40 years old with 2 children. This isn’t a bit tipsy laughing-too-loud being a bit too friendly drunk. The woman cannot stand on her own. Most people do not choose to do this, not by a long shot.

      • Chell says:

        All I am saying is it’s not right to label someone as an alcoholic when the only ‘proof’ you have is what the tabloids print. It’s just as irresponsible as when people try to diagnose LR’s behavior by using medical terms (and I am NO fan of LR’s).
        This is a gossip site & I genuinely get a kick out of all the snarky, bitchy comments… call her trachy, classless,crazy or any other adjective you choose,it was just MY opinion that it’s unfair to ANYONE to be diagnosed as having a disease or illness when you don’t know all the facts.

  67. skuddles says:

    To the commenter who corrected me on yesterday’s thread when I said Brandi must have been loaded (to make a scene in Nobu – and you claimed story was completely false)… uh yeah, do you need more proof that her boozing is out of control? Time for this half naked, wasted, crazy train mess to pull into rehab.

  68. Bread and Circuses says:

    That was probably one of those hangovers where the shrieking, crimson embarrassment provoked by your hazy memories of the night before is almost worse than the barfing.

  69. Jewbitch says:

    Anyone else see the pics on Michael K’s page, of her tampon string hanging out. Classy.

  70. Jewbitch says:

    Anyone else see the pics on Michael K’s page, of her tampon string hanging out? Classy.

  71. Ginger says:

    This does NOT look good. As a divorced mom myself I would advise her to be more careful with her drinking behavior. I’m a Brandi fan and even I’m shaking my head.

  72. Grumpycat says:

    I have gotten really really really drunk/high in the crazy days of my youth, but I have never ever been fall down, messy, embarrassing mess like this. She must have mixed drinks with valium or something. This is just nasty.

    I was a fan but now I think she is approaching Leann’s level of annoyance.

    Note to Brandi, get a crisis PR specialist.

  73. Rita says:

    I scanned a few comments on twitter and I want to remind Brandi’s supporters that if LeAnn had listened to her true fans and friends concerning her unacceptable behavior, she’d still have a career. Instead, LeAnn choose to follow her enablers and now, the venues are filled only with empty seats and wewe lovers.

    Be a true friend and supporter of Brandi, or there will be nothing left to support or befriend.

  74. Lflips says:

    Shameful, remind me again why we glorify these people?

  75. skilo says:

    I feel like this really needs to wake her up that this is not okay. I can totally see Leann making sure Mason “accidentally” sees these. This kind of drinking is not healthy for her spiritually or physically. I think her BFF Jennifer who is a non drinker needs to step in and try to help her get a hold of herself. I like Brandi I hate to see her do this to herself.

  76. I think it’s time for Brandi to act her age. Stop going out and drinking. Anybody that drinks to this point in public has something going on in their life that they are not at peace with. I am not going to condemn her as Leann’s minions are far too eager to do that. I feel sorry for her as I do not believe people choose to end up like this at the end of the night. I hope her close friends will address whatever is going on with her before her life is further destroyed. The woman has been through some agonizing times in the last few years and maybe it is really having an impact on her now. She needs help not to be condemned for life because of one night. I remember a video of Leann on people site on her bday where she was so drunk she couldn’t talk straight. So, she need not even go there and act like she is sister to Mother Theresa!

    • heidi says:

      These may be longstanding issues with Brandi that caused Eddie to seek solace in other women’s arms. Something isn’t right with setting up threesomes to keep the spice and life of a marriage going. These are deeper issues she needs treatment for.

      • Cirque28 says:

        Yeah, poor Eddie. If only divorce had been legal back then, he could have left his issue-laden wife instead of having affairs. Oh wait…

      • heidi says:

        Eddie and Leann didn’t cause what ails Brandi but maybe what afflicts her did cause him to look elsewhere.
        Heck she hasn’t found a decent man but can’t seem to understand why. No mystery!

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Eddie and Leann didn’t find anything decent either. The only winner in all this was Dean. Leann was papped making out with Liz while Eddie photographed it and they called the paps to boot. And the kids were there. So don’t put this on Brandi. Her public drunkenness is on her, but to sit there and say she caused Eddie’s unfaithful behavior and Eddie and Leann have some great marriage is just ridiculous.

  77. Mirna says:

    I’m done defending Brandi after seeing these pics. Not only is it horrible that she’s SO SO drunk, but the outfit is completely inappropriate for a mother of two growing boys (nevermind the “wardrobe malfunctions” that followed). She is a disgrace.

  78. Esti says:

    I know lots of people on here really dislike LeAnn and seem to support Brandi just because she’s on the other side of that mess. But maybe we can all agree now that LeAnn doing whatever doesn’t mean that Brandi is automatically awesome? They can BOTH be vile, unfortunate people. You don’t have to love one because you hate the other.

    • Christin says:

      There are several similarities between the two women, I think. Maybe there is one each of us considers worse at times or even overall, but I do believe there are a LOT of similarities. When either one royally messes up, it doesn’t elevate the other to sainthood.

  79. Jennifer12 says:

    I’m so disappointed in Brandi. I really hoped that somehow some of it was explained by other possibilities, but I hang my head and concede that Brandi is not the strong and confident person I’d hoped she’d emerged as. I absolutely believe that EC and LR torment and abuse her because there’s proof of it. Perhaps it adds to what’s bothering or going on with her because no one is completely strong against constant problems. What happened to her sucks, and the way her ex and his wife treat her as a parent is disgusting. But there is no excuse for being so completely drunk that you can’t control yourself and are half naked outside at two a.m. They’re not “your gays”, Brandi. They’re not pet ocelots. They are people, and if they’re your friends, you do not reduce them to some cutesy name like that. Do you say about Etirsa that you’re going out with your African American? You’re an idiot if you don’t see the parallels between Leann (who is also a drunk and pill popper) and yourself. Your sons are old enough to be taunted about how you conduct yourself and you can’t parent when you’re half in the bag like this. You need to honestly re-evaluate your life and realize that if people’s support is withdrawn, then you will quickly lose a career that supports your kids. If you love your kids, you will put them first and be a true parent. Whatever is going on with you, stop making excuses, stop being defensive and realize that you’re not doing yourself or your kids any favors. I’m starting to wonder if perhaps you do tweet when drunk and say things like not being able to get in touch with your kids, and then recant and get embarrassed when you sober up, and that’s why you get defensive about what you yourself started or marry your BFF because you’re totally drunk. I hope Jezi, Darin, Jennifer, whomever, help her realize that she’s in a bad state.

  80. Thiajoka says:

    I swear, these little embedded celeb fights on here just slay me. You can’t call Leann down without being a Brandy supporter or call Brandy out without being a Leann supporter. You can’t make a statement about Angie or Jen without offending many rabid fans and being accused of being on a side. Let’s see, it seems there is one I’m forgetting.

    So, in my books, neither of the three adults in this are respectable or responsible–those poor kids. Jen and Angie and Brad likely roll eyes at the projected angst still in play over them. We don’t actually know these people, you know. It’s just almost better to stay off those stories unless you’re hankering for a fight and I kind of am today. LOL. (Not really, but I might get one anyway.)

  81. Cirque28 says:

    These are NOT photos of someone having a little harmless fun. My sympathy is for the guy who is trying, against all odds (& fumes), to keep her vertical.

    But I also don’t see the ridiculous hag who’d be marginalized and dismissed in LeAnn Rime’s perfect world. THAT is why people get behind Brandi. Any flaw on Brandi’s part is proof that LeAnn is the mother the boys were always meant to have, so (LR’s thinking goes) let’s put Brandi out with the trash and pretend she never existed. Bullshit.

    Not that I am dismissing the drinking as merely a minor flaw. It’s bad. Her excuses are even worse. But Brandi is a survivor who isn’t going anywhere. And she’s also someone with a problem. Stop diluting your mojo with wine, girl. Seriously.

  82. Ravensdaughter says:

    Why so many posts this particular faux celeb-Glandi is really starting to make Lee Ann look good….
    Where is that Windsor baby-dammit!?

  83. butch says:

    ridiculous actions, ridiculous dress. Today, one asshole is having the worst f%cking day ever, the other is having the best f%cking day she’s had in a very long while. Swings and roundabouts as they say.

  84. Jayna says:

    Her tweets say a lot and it’s not good. Grow up, Brandi. There’s drunk and there’s shitfaced, disgustingly drunk.

    It happened to me once at 23 to that degree, not that I never got high again. I did. My boyfriend dumped me several months before and I was heartbroken and lonely and trying to mingle again LOL. I wasn’t a big drinker, more of a buzz drinker when I drank socially. But I went out with a group of young professionals (a few hot guys in the mix that I came into contact workwise) and mixed several strong drinks and was trashed. Thank God, I got to the bathroom before I passed out on the toilet (redfaced here), and my sister, who I was with, came in and dragged me out of the restaurant/bar.

    I started throwing up on the way home, and all she cared about was her new car She was furious I was putting a damper on her continuing the night out by going dancing but knew enough that she couldn’t take me home and leave me alone.

    So what did she do in her furious state of her new car destroyed and clubbing possibly ruined? She pulled up in front of my parents’ house and went in and said, “Come get your daughter.” I looked like Brandi out in the car, a a sloppy, drunken mess. Conservative Baptist parents, especially mom. My mother was furious and dragged me in the bathroom and told me to look at myself. And I remember coming into focus and seeing a drunken, slackjawed mess in the mirror, with vomit in my hair. My mother had no sympathy and left me there. She was ashamed of my behavior.

    My dad rinsed it out of my hair and stayed up all night with me in the den because I was so nauseous and sick. He made me eggs, toast, gave me medicine. When I woke up in the morning on the couch, he was asleep in his recliner. It all came back, and I was praying it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. I asked him, and he said, “Honeybun, it was as bad as you think it was.” I was sobbing as I realized all the young professional men in our group saw me like that and it wasn’t cute or funny or just a little drunk. And he told me it was humiliating but I would survive it and to learn from it and told me a story from his youth.

    My mom came out and still wouldn’t look at me and didn’t talk to me for days. Daddy took me back to my apartment. I refused to speak to my sister at our apartment for letting mom and dad see me ths way. But I never loved my dad more for his compassion for his lonely 22-year-old daughter who was mortified and humiliated. And at 23 I never acted like it was no big deal. My mom was the nurturer in my life, but this was the only time not.

    To 41-year-old Brandi, by her tweets it’s not that big of a deal and many excuses. Look closer, Brandi, at those photos.

  85. nana55 says:

    LOL Bunch of hypocrites.

  86. Snowpea says:

    Um….am I missing something? Some of you guys are like a pack of vultures circling a dead horse.

    Yes she looks utterly ridiculous.

    Yes her outfit is hideous and cheap looking (all her clothes are but this dress thing is particularly nasty).

    Yes she is completely off her face and should be mortified and totally humiliated.

    Yes she had her arse hanging out.

    But FFS, will y’all stop banging on like she has murdered somebody? Yes she got very very drunk but she didn’t drive her car and run over somebody.

    I have never seen her like this before so she obviously doesn’t make a habit of it.

    Her kids weren’t WITH her.

    Being human means we all make mistakes. I am so glad that you lot live perfect lives and you have never done anything wrong because wow, it must be AWESOME being a saint.

    Now, run along and polish your halo. Sheesh.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Yes and no. She took cabs, her kids weren’t with her, and she was drunk, not stoned. But to be in this state? She was drunk enough to marry Darin and it seems like she periodically gets this falling down smashed. But her sons aren’t babies. Imagine going to school and hearing, “I saw your mom’s t—” and “Your mom’s a ho”. Kids are like that. She didn’t murder anyone, but she is not acting like a responsible parent. She’s acting like a freshman at a kegger.

      • Jane says:

        I totally agree. The children are going to hear from other kids about this. Kids can be totally brutal about so many things. Now before someone lashes on me and says I have no bleeping clue about what makes children tick–I’ve been a teacher for 27 years. I have lost count of the times I’ve broken up fights between kids based on the fact that someone said something nasty about a mother. Of course the mother didn’t do anything wrong in the first place. Brandi did something wrong and it is literally plastered over numerous web sites. How in the h*** is Brandi going to shield her sons from this one? Some children can be very brutal on other kids. Mason seems sensitive. Is he going to be able to stand up to the other children when they say something about his mother? The only salvation here is this incident took place over the summer. By the time the boys go back to school it is not very likely that it’ll be a serious issue, but if the boys are with other children anything can happen. I hope parents will be present to control the “talk” and settle issues before anything gets out of hand.

      • Dinah says:

        I think the most injurious comments would come from MeAnn, rather than other kids-yes they may comment, but LR could really f those kids heads up pretty easily. And I honestly think she will.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        I’m a teacher as well, Jane. And you know kids don’t let this stuff die. They like to use it for control: how embarrassed you can make someone, how much you can hurt the person’s feelings. Part of me wondered if she could have been roofied because of some odd circumstances, but she isn’t claiming that. There is no reason, no intelligent reason, to be so s–faced that your clothes are falling off you and you don’t even notice. Kids talk; they go to camp, they go to karate, baseball, etc. I always felt horrible for the boys for the sexual way EC and LR acted at their games; now their mom’s pictures are everywhere, naked and out of control.

    • Shelly says:

      @Snowpea – FINALLY a voice of reason… Sheesh. I agree with you 100%. Everyone needs to chill for God’s sake!

  87. Joanna says:

    what happened to the link to the pics at daily mail of her flipping the paps off? i saw it earlier but now I can’t find it. pls help!

  88. jasperkitty says:

    oh my gawd, she got drunk. Only difference is that she got caught on camera. I have done this…oh please, most have. She is human, lay off. I like her, she’s is…realistic. She’s a ‘celebrity’…who says they can’t act like this? Where does it state the rules of how one acts. She has children…so do I….older now, but I survived acting the same way…stupid me, but I didn’t drive, I didn’t ‘tweet’ and I didn’t hurt anyone. Lay off.
    I know I will get it for this comment, but it shocks me to see how many of those ‘dump’ Brandi for drinking. She’s not Aaron Hernandez, she did not cheat on anyone with a married man, she did not evade her taxes, there’s no dui, no rape charges, no racial slurs come out of her mouth, she didn’t text her child and disown him….she got legally wasted.

    • Mela says:

      Seriously. She got too wasted, while embarassing, life goes on. I dont get everyone crying out for rehab. Squares

      • Annie2 says:

        Squares? Didn’t know anyone still used that term. Because some find her undressed state in public a little disgusting does not make someone a “square”

      • Mela says:

        Squares, squarebears, squaresville are all terms I use to describe uptight people.

        I think her outfit was disgusting too! I just think the squares take it all too far when they condemn her for having a few too many. People are accusing her of being an alcoholic and if thats the case, it is a disease and she needs HELP. She may be an idiot with a whole lotta problems but so do a lot of people. I guess when I see decent people who are troubled, like Brandi, I feel for them not get on my high horse and condemn them. Its painfully clear she is still troubled by her divorce and having her life hijacked by nutty Leann Rimes.

    • UsedToBeLulu says:

      I’m not dumping on her for drinking. I don’t think anyone is. But she has a DUI on record, and she is out of control freakin’ WASTED in these photos. That is never OK – I drink, and enjoy myself, but dear God I have never been THIS drunk. The only people I know who have were alcoholics.

      We don’t do Brandi any favors by pretending this is no big thing. When you drink to this extent, it is a PROBLEM. I’m not going to bag on her for her body (like I’m sure others elsewhere have done if her tweets are any indication) but I am not going to sugar-coat how awful this situation is. Anyone who thinks it is no big deal probably gets this way occasionally and tells themselves it’s nothing, just a mistake (hello – no one forced you to pour those drinks down your throat. But it’s not. Unless someone slipped her a roofie, she f*cked up big time. And now she is making it worse by being an ass about it on Twitter. At least Reese Witherspoon knew enough to apologize and at least pretend to be contrite. Anyone who actually was NOT an alcoholic would be mortified at this point. But she is not. I find that actually more disturbing than the fact that she allowed herself to get into the blotto situation in the first place.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      You know you’ve got some REAL issues when you’re saying “at least she didn’t murder anyone like Hernandez”. Way to reach for the stars.

      The hero worship of this woman saddens me.

      As I’ve said before, it’s not so much her getting completely shitfaced as the fact that she’s a 40-year-old MOTHER doing so in public. Stan away if you wish, but just know that most people find this behavior abhorrent.

      …and no, most of us have never been this level of trashed, nevermind the fact that it was in PUBLIC and her children get so see pretty photos of mom’s nipples, tampon string, and ass.

      As I said, keep stanning, but this woman is NOT mother of the year, not by a long shot.

    • Kiyoshigirl says:

      Nothing about these photos shock me. Many who know her have said she parties hard. Her biggest fault was dressing wrong for a night of hard on drinking. I’ve never been a fan. I find her situation sad and rather pathetic. Unfortunately she’s fallen into the identity of the wronged woman and I’m not sure she cares to have it. Whether you support this type of behavior or not, the reality is that she has an “image” to manage and she’s not doing a very good job of managing it lately.

    • Maria says:

      Agreed 100% with Jasperkitty..

    • crab says:

      Jasperkitty I was just going to say that! Cripes! Most people have been drunk like that but most people are not celebrities so they didn’t get caught! Let her have fun!

  89. Jayna says:

    when all else fails from the backlash, she then tweets, “My kids are my life it is SO hard when I have to send them 2 dads because they R my everything when they leave I feel a bit lost.” I’ve noticed Brandi plays this card to get sympathy. Not all the time. Many times it’s an honest thought, but sometimes she, whether she knows it or not, uses this to excuse or gain sympathy for behavior or attention, etc. Again not every time she talks about her kids. I get it, believe me. But I rolled my eyes on this go-to tweet this time.

    I think too many people/celebs depend on twitter followers/friends to validate them and need the responses and seem to get addicted in some form (not just LeAnn who is a level 10). A very slippery slope.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      I believe her. If I had to give up my kids half the time, especially considering the situation, I’d be ready to kill. But to offer 10 thousand to get her dog back and not try to fix the custody arrangement? I’m having a hard time with sympathy.

    • claire says:

      I actually do think this is an issue with her. I’m saying it’s a reason, not an excuse.

    • jasperkitty says:

      Let’s face it…Leann has way more than $10,000.00. Which means, EDDIE has more than $10,000.00.
      I would fight tooth and nail for my children and am fortunate my ex didn’t put up much of a fight. I know it would be very difficult for me to have given my children to my ex and ‘her’ 50% of the time. In my case, my children would of grown up bar-hoares instead of the successes they are today.
      I guess we can’t really understand unless we are in someone else’s shoes(situations)…seriously, this situation is unique in itself.

    • Cam S says:

      Ya I have like almost FIVE different sets of friends that lose their kids 50% of the time also. One friend’s husband just passed in a car accident. However, they grieve but must drink in private I guess. Cause none of them have ever been this level of a mess.

  90. Idreaminprincess says:

    I don’t get it, did she get dressed AFTER she got drunk?

  91. L.E. says:

    We’ve all been there. Maybe, different ages and parental status though. I still remember the embarrassment the morning after.

  92. Skygoddess says:


    Give the gal a break, she’s had a rough time the last few years. I’d be hitting the bottle too if I had her life. I couldn’t imagine sharing my dog with Eddie and Leann half the time, let alone my children.

    Best of luck to you Brandi

  93. helen says:

    you don t have the photo with her nipples out. She was totally out of control and that dress almost disappeared in public

  94. TheTruthHurts says:

    I don’t even care that she got drunk. It happens. It’s the outfit alone that makes me unable to defend Brandi on this one. What the hell was she thinking wearing this? It wasn’t one of her lingerie parties. I don’t like seeing my Brandi look & act like Tara Reid.

  95. xxx says:

    Okay. I think you can get really drunk at any age. But just not publicly like this and not to the falling down point. My parents and their friends go to each other’s places and get pretty tanked on nice wine after dinners and stuff. Not all the time, but you know, every now and then. Their kids are grown up, they’re retired, why the hell not? As long as they’re enjoying themselves, it’s not a problem, and they can handle the hangover the next day! Also, none of them would be in public staggering around with their undies showing. But yeah, just because you get old, doesn’t mean you can’t have parties and have fun!

  96. april says:

    So could this be a custody issue? Falling down drunk, naked, out of control; prevous DUI; highly possible mixing prescription meds with drinking (she was doing that on RHOBH). I wouldn’t want her around my kids.

  97. Mela says:

    Brandi needs to get her eat pray love on and get her groove back because THIS aint it!

  98. Lara says:

    Girl! Get yourself together! We all root for brandi but she’s been making it difficult to do so lately

  99. Lanie says:

    Some people already mentioned it I’m sure but this trick had her TAMPON STRING hanging out. Not just hanging out, on full display. Trash trash trash.

  100. Me says:

    I like Brandi. She gets a pass from me.

  101. Dinah says:

    The negative: oh, I don’t know where to start with this debacle. The goddamn twitter triangle begins anew.

    The positive: At least she had someone to keep her from hitting the ground. Oh, and she wore underwear. So there’s that.

  102. lindy loo says:

    I am totally team Brandi, but dear God, she’s becoming her own worst enemy with this behavior!

  103. Kiyoshigirl says:

    Girl better learn how to dress more strategically for these drunken festivals. Messed up clothing is one of the first signs that someone is beyond drunk. She’s so wasted she doesn’t even realize the lining of her dress is hiked up to her waste.

  104. scarlett says:

    I like Brandi, and I have defended her especially in relation to that nutcase Leann Rimes but this is kind of behavior is self-sabotaging and reckless. She is just falling down, blackout, inebriated. I hope these embarrassing pictures will be enough for her to really do some soul searching (I hate that cliche but it fits) about what is going on and if she has a problem. I only say this because Jeff Lewis was on WWHL just recently and he mentioned to Andy that Brandi had got into some altercation with NeNe Leakes at a Bravo event. Jeff said that Brandi was a mess that night and completely drunk and very belligerent. He mentioned that he was disappointed because he liked her on Housewives and had read her book and wanted to meet her but she was out of it that night and a very “mean drunk”….his words not mine. I’m not trying to throw her under the bus but I hope she gets some help or becomes retrospective about her behavior. Her boys need her and she needs to pull it together fast.

  105. stinky says:

    more thoughts!
    ya know what? when youre out drinking and having fun… but it gets ahead of you cause you havent EATEN ANYTHING? (and she certainly looks like she doesnt eat a whole lot – i dont know – just sayin), well its a recipe for disaster cause you really DO get too drunk too quick and its all bad. THIS I SPEAK FROM EXPERIENCE.

  106. Ming says:

    can anyone tell me where to find the age limit sticker on a bottle of booze??
    is it only for 21-39 year olds?

    yes, it is super embarrassing to get this drunk in public and of course its even worse that the paps caught it on camera, but to say that her children need to be taken away from her is a bit much.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Ming, I like Brandi and regularly defend her. But while I’m not saying to take her kids away, this woman has a serious problem that can’t be ignored. She is fighting with every housewife, she was called out by Jeff Lewis, who likes her, for being wasted, and she is becoming famous for one night stands. Jeff Kerwin was being disgusting about her, but she hands people the bullets and I get the sense that she drinks too much and makes excuses for it. No one should black out drink, especially someone with kids and trying to rebuild her life; that’s not fun and tipsy, that’s so drunk that she doesn’t know she is essentially nude. Her body is emaciated, but with a slight belly and that, I feel miserable admitting, is an alcoholic’s body. She needs help.

  107. ConfessionTime says:

    I get it.
    Years ago, my husband and I had problems. Bad, blonde problems. She wasn’t rich and famous but it hurt the same. My husband made more and assured me he would fight tooth and nail for our kids. Knowing I couldn’t fight him, I agreed to a 50/50 split but I still saw them every weekday morning and every other weeknight. But weekends – two whole days, sometimes three, that I couldn’t see the human beings that I loved most in this world.
    It damned near ripped me apart. For those of you scoffing at “drinking away the pain” – sometimes thats all one can think of to dull the terror and pain of your entire world collapsing around you and the strain of keeping that damage from your kids. Most of those I drank with were drinking for the exact same reason; our families had been ripped apart and we were attempting to cope. No, it wasn’t mature and it was pretty damn ugly. At the height of my sloppy drunkenness, I didn’t want to hear that I was a mess and needed to stop drinking. Of course, I was drunk when I was told that so I scoffed and chalked it up to “no big deal”.
    Luckily, I was able to get my head on straight, admit (to myself) that I should have been extremely embarrassed over my behavior, and wound up with a much happier ending. No DUI’s, thank God, and I’m back with my babies full time – something that isn’t ever going to happen for Brandi. Add to it a bad, blonde problem that just won’t stop poking the scars after all these years, and I can see why she’s still letting loose and losing control. I get it. And while there is a whole brigade out there ready to shame her into cleaning up her act, all I really want to do is straighten her dress, give her a hug, and get her out of the spotlight while she’s out of control. Call me an enabler if you want but I have been there, made my peace with the situation, and made it out the other side. Some day she’ll find her peace too.
    Disclaimer: I am not posting under my usual name for reasons of anonymity.

    • Snowpea says:

      Thankyou! There but for the grace of god go I…

      My boys have been away for two weeks at their dads for school holidays and I have felt lost, empty, confused and unsettled.

      I have been drinking waaaaaaaay too much too.

      How would you know unless youve been the single mum who loves her kids and misses them like crazy when they are gone?

      Throw into the mix a psycho stepmum who stalks you and SWF’s you, posts pics of your kids on social media just to rub it in and makes your life a living hell and maybe you can start to develop an iota of understanding what that poor woman Brandi goes through.

      Just sayin’…

  108. TW says:

    This calls for a little compassion. I rally for anyone hurting like that. This gal has been gutted, and deals on a daily basis. It’s not about moving on, it’s about a lifetime and struggling with a lot of pain. It’s in the clothes, the vocab, and now this. What’s affable about her is the honesty and openness. I’m thinking if any one of her friends were in a similar situation, she would care a great deal.

  109. lisa2 says:

    I don’t have children. And can’t imagine how hard it is to split custody. But maybe because I don’t I see it differently. I have a brother that has had to fight tooth and nail to be a part of the lives of his children. His ex is doing what many women do; trying to keep the kids away from him because he is in a new relationship. I think people who were married should share custody of their kids. Children have 2 parents after all not one.

    I really don’t fangirl either of tthese women. But I also don’t see how people are defending every wrong step Brandi makes.

    I have seen this with other celebs too. and the thing is the reality of these people may be different than what you want it to be. Leanne and Eddie are not the cause of her being photographed. She is a grown woman. Her life when she is away from her kids seems very manic. She is always talking about men she sleeps with and what wild thing she is doing.

    I just know that if Leanne or Eddie were photographed doing this no one would say it was because they were depressed because they only get the kids 50% of the time.

    why is it hard to call her out on this. Even if you like her.

  110. Joanna says:

    Okay, guys, enough with the excuses for Brandi. yeah, we all have periods where we’re been depressed and drink too much. I have too. but c’mon, this is way over the top! Just admit it, she’s trashy! she’s been trashy, even before all the divorce stuff! do ya’ll really think she just started this behavior after the divorce? she just wasn’t so famous before so we weren’t in on her private life. and look at her tweets. she’s not even embarassed! I’ve done lesser stuff than this and felt humiliated! and she’s not even embarassed! so obviously, this kind of stuff is normal behavior for her. wake up, smell the roses and quit making excuses for her. like some other people have mentioned, if this was LeAnn, ya’ll would having a field day. but b/c it’s some chick that was cheated on back in the day, almost everybody wants to make excuses. crazy!

  111. Lauraq says:

    Eh. I’ve seen my mom drunker than this. She’s puked on me.