Salma Hayek discusses Angelina Jolie’s mastectomy: ‘I would have had more faith’

Salma Hayek was all over NYC yesterday to promote The Grown-Ups 2, that terrible-looking sequel to the terrible-looking “family comedy” with Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, etc. Salma plays Sandler’s wife, I believe. Here’s the breakdown of her looks: the light-colored, printed floral dress is Gucci (pretty). The black trash-bag-looking dress with sleeves is Balenciaga (terrible). The sleeveless black dress with ropes is Saint Laurent Paris (boring). All that money, and she still wears trash bags?! I bet that’s a really expensive trash bag though.

While promoting the film, Salma sat down for an interview in Spanish – you can see the video here. Salma got a question about Angelina Jolie’s double-mastectomy and she managed to not go Full Etheridge:

It’s no secret that, apart from her talent, Salma Hayek has a curvaceous figure many in Hollywood envy. Still, the Mexican beauty confessed that she, like Angelina Jolie, would also decide on a double mastectomy if faced with cancer.

During the promotional tour for her upcoming comedy “Grown Ups 2,” the Mexican actress stopped by Univision’s studios in Miami. On Monday, Hayek first appeared on “Despierta América” to give her co-stars a hilarious Spanish lesson but later the star discussed her thoughts on Jolie’s decision in an interview with “El Gordo y la Flaca.”

In the interview, the 46-year-old star spoke about working with David Spade, Kevin James, and Adam Sandler and the things that make her happiest. When asked whether she would be willing to sacrifice her breasts if faced with Jolie’s decision, the Mexican beauty was quick to assert she would.

“To save myself, of course!” Hayek told journalist Oscar Petit during the exclusive interview. “I don’t know if I would have done the same [as Jolie] so quickly, perhaps I would have had more faith, thought more positively that nothing was going to happen to me. But you know, I don’t know, it’s not fair to put yourself in that situation when you haven’t been in it. I respect her decision a lot, of course. Plus, she looks great.”

[From HuffPo]

I think Salma’s statement sounds pretty reasonable, especially with the “it’s not fair to put yourself in that situation when you haven’t been in it” caveat. Salma would have “thought positive” and waited, but that’s her choice and it doesn’t sound like she’s shading Angelina. Or maybe I’m not parsing it enough.

Salma also claimed in another interview that she could be working non-stop but she says no to so many amazing roles because of her family. She said: “I’ve said no to many things and I don’t regret it… If you notice, I only work in the summers… I’m very lucky because my daughter and my husband support me a lot in my work. So, thanks to that, I can do many things.” Yes, she’s only doing The Grown-Ups 2 because she gets offered so many amazing parts that she has to turn down.

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  1. HappyMom says:

    Well, she certainly doesn’t need the money, does she? I think she’s said before that she likes being in these movies because they’re family friendly sets and fun for her daughter to hang out with the Sandler, James and Rock kids. Whatever.

    • springingforward says:

      Just when I thought I couldn’t like Hayek less, she says this.
      She needs an agent or a PR person to tell her to shut up, already and take a seat.

  2. wiffie says:

    Ugh. This and that”not brave” comment annoy me. Because it’s so much braver having faith that you WON’T leave all your kids behind motherless. Why risk it if you don’t have to? I guess God would never let anyone get cancer. He’s solid like that.

    • Migdalia says:

      And you had to trash on someone “having faith” because why?! Offensive much? She said she WOULD do it, but more than likely would wait until being diagnosed….which is when a lot of women do it!

      • wiffie says:

        My mom is a survivor of breast cancer, and that was in no way easier. If I had the means to eliminate that stress on my body and my daughter if I had the gene, I would. people can have faith, but still get sick. I wouldn’t risk it to be brave. I do acknowledge she said she she wouldn’t know unless she was there, but having faith, while I respect t, is not means to remain safe.

      • Kiddo says:


        There is also some implication that she has faith while Angelina Jolie doesn’t. In that sense, there seems to be some level of judgement. But I don’t care enough about Salma Hayek to get all riled up. I don’t understand why celebs don’t just answer, “I don’t know what I’d do, she made the best choice for herself, and I respect that”, and leave it there.

      • wiffie says:

        It’s a slap in the face to every dead woman and survivor of cancer when you insinuate they “didn’t have enough faith.” I’m lucky to be celebrating her 55th birthday TODAY, and she’s offended by YOUR comment. Her faith had nothing to do with her cancer.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        double post sorry

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I’m not sure if she meant “faith” as in a belief is God. Maybe she’s agnostic, or maybe she’s just spiritual, but not necessarily religious.

        Overall, I generally feel the same as Wiffle. It’s like when people survive a plane crash and they say “God had bigger plans for me. I survived for a reason.” Oh well I guess then God didn’t have any plans for the 120 people who perished. I guess their lives were worth shit.

        I think it’s perfectly fine to have a belief in God, but I think you should keep your religious thoughts to yourself or at least observe some level of sensitivity towards other survivors.

        But that’s my feeling towards religion in general. It’s great if it works for you, but understand that there is an underlying exclusivity there that can be perceived as offensive/rude towards those that don’t share your way of thinking. No one should be ashamed of their beliefs, but don’t be obnoxious about it.

        Man, I wish I could have articulated how I feel more properly….and I hope I didn’t offend people.

      • Kiddo says:

        @TheOriginalKitten Clearly those people didn’t have the power of positive thinking and faith (in whatever).

      • Kasia says:

        I agree with Migdalia. I think Salma’s statement was reasonable – as Kaiser put it. I don’t understand why everyone gets so angry at Salma (and at anyone who has the slightest reservations about Angelina’s decision). It sounds as if Angelina made the only reasonable choice and everyone who thinks different is a hateful idiot. Well, I don’t think it’s that simple.
        And interpreting what Salma said as offensive to cancer victims is an argument ad absurdum – this is not what she said.

      • OutstandingWorldCitizen says:

        Actually she did a bit of fence sitting. A “no comment” would have sufficed. She is a seasoned entertainer so come on.

        At least Melissa Etheridge gave hard stance which I do not agree with. Prophylactic mastectomies have always been controversial. All this talk of faith, positivity and God is a bit of brainwashing and does not shield her from backlash on a subject she knows nothing about. If anything it makes it even worse when you commenting on a truly personal life altering decision whilst promoting your latest project.

        AJ did the right thing as far as I’m concerned. She has a young big family and wants to be there for them. Additionally the cards were stacked against her to boot.

      • Kiddo says:


        It was a reasonable choice for Jolie, in that she reasoned to her own conclusion of how to deal with her odds, faced with a real concrete potential of getting the disease. Maybe it was a poor choice of wording, or intentional, but Hayek tossing out I would have had more faith, makes her sound as though she believes she is somehow superior, or more equipped with some quality that Jolie didn’t have, as in faith or positive thoughts. She could have simply stated, “I might have waited, I don’t know”. It wasn’t the worst comment ever. but it wasn’t particularly sensitive either, given that she has not experienced having to make the decision.

      • Hakura says:

        @Wiffie – Off topic, I know, but today is my mom’s Bday too! She’s 52 today, & I’m so grateful she’s here. A big Happy Birthday to your mom! =D

        But even though her sister had a pre-cancerous tumor removed from her breast, I’m having trouble getting my mom to have a mammogram. I’m not sure why, though. (I know it has nothing to do with ‘faith’).

        I agree that it wasn’t the worst comment ever, & I would’ve been much more annoyed if she hadn’t included that “But I don’t know, & respect her decision” part.

        But I think the ‘would’ve had more faith’ comment was really offensive in it’s implications. Why can’t people just say “I don’t know”?

      • JennJ says:

        TOK: I thought you articulated yourself nicely, but maybe that’s because I agree with you.

      • Grant says:

        @TheOriginalKitten You took the words right out of my mouth!

    • Andrew says:

      That’s offensive. She even said she wouldn’t know how she would respond unless she was in that situation. I also know many people who ‘have faith’ and I have no problem with that. It’s not like she was saying that Angie should have had faith and not done anything. I’m tired of people getting all tightwad just because some people have trust in God.

      • UsedToBeLulu says:

        +1 Andrew.

      • storyteller says:


      • Danskins says:


        I don’t get the hate for Salma – she was asked a question during an interview that had nothing to do with her latest project. She didn’t have to offer any answer (they were really supposed to be discussing her latest project, not AJ) but she graciously did anyway and answered it in an honest and straightforward manner and yet some are offended with what she said to the point of even offering suggestions on what she should have said. Some may perceive her in a negative light (for whatever reason) and feel her answer should have been modified. She was being honest – she gets my respect for doing so.

      • DottieDot says:

        Spot on Andrew. I really don’t give a crap if anyone is offended by my belief in God and the fact that I am a Christian. I didn’t even take the “have faith” as having faith in God. I took it to mean having faith in medicine. To each their own however and it is very intolerant to give Salma grief over what she believes and her opinions. One reason the US is in the shape it is in is because people are too afraid to offend others and are not stating their thoughts, opinions, and beliefs. Whoever started the Political Correctness wave are divisive individuals and knew that this wave would stifle people’s opinions and beliefs and breed intolerance of others opinions!

    • Holly says:

      I find parts of it offensive too wiffie. It’s patronizing for someone so rolling in billions (between her once-a-year shitty/cash-cow movies and her skeez of a husband) to speak about waiting and positive thinking. When health problems occur for someone with no financial issues whatsoever and concierge medical services around the world, time is on your side – as is thinking positively. Most people don’t think negatively, they are simply bogged down with socioeconomic/US health care problems that people like Selma never faced. She grew up very wealthy, became a successful actress in a fairly short period of time and married a bank. Her POV is not tied to reality.

    • Bijlee says:

      Im confused is her faith comment about god??? I didn’t even read it like that just I would have had more faith that nothing goes wrong. More faith in my body, etc. lol I didn’t read it as faith in god.

    • UsedToBeLulu says:

      I have solid faith in God. And also in doctors, cancer treatments, and genetic tests. And preventative surgery. I don’t know why people always want to make things mutually exclusive.

    • Bbb1975 says:

      @ Wiffle……Lol @ “he’s solid like that”

    • Kim says:

      Even I, a Christian, am not naive enough to think Jesus would save me from breast cancer. Thats not faith, that is self centered. Yes one should have faith in their God but to think their God will “save” them from health issues is naive. I do believe in miracles but I also think its self absorbed to think faith will heal everyone from everything. That would beg the question why does God even allow breast cancer to exist. Does this mean people with no faith/God should all get diseases? Of course not.

      Its a personal decision that I feel unless you have the gene or breast cancer cant really comment on those who do choice of how they decide to deal with it.

    • Tammy says:

      That is not what she said. Salma said, for her, she would have more faith but also would not know what she would do until she was faced with that decision. And she said she would have a double mastectomy to save her life. She also respected Angelina’s decision. What is the issue here? Why does anyone even care what a celebrity has to say on anything?

    • Thora says:

      @kitten: re the God and Satan stuff. I used to believe then I became disillusioned and became a strident atheist. But lately i’ve seen a lot of evidence of evil and i’m beginning to take stock of my beliefs again. The way a lot of the celebs we hear about on this site have honed their skills of deception and use and abuse people all in the name of self gratification is a sure sign of evil to me. And that’s just one example.

      • stinky says:

        splain please……
        cause now that im hooked on reading the Daily Mail, ya my faith in humanity has taken a harsh blow, so i’m curious as to what youre going on about. i’ll be honest and tell you the first thing i thought of after reading your comment was Michael Jackson. no lie.
        sorry, just sayin.

      • Thora says:

        @stinky: It’s all there. I don’t know what you want me to “splain” There’s a lot evil not only going unchallenged in the world at the moment but in a lot cases it’s being admired. I don’t really follow what you meant by Michael Jackson.

    • Trillion says:

      wiffie: I’m with you. My mother died of cancer. Every time someone says so-and-so was “blessed” because they beat cancer, it pisses me off to no end. By this “logic”, my mom was then “cursed”. So stupid. Critical thinking skills- why are they so rare?

  3. Belle Epoch says:

    STFU. You can’t know until you have BEEN THERE.

    • aims says:

      thank you. unless you are given bleak statistic about your future then she and anyone else can stfu.

    • Parker says:

      Uh…that’s exactly what she says. Did you read the article? Or just the headline?

      • bns says:

        Right? LOL

      • Migdalia says:

        Haha it’s so sad how people in life CANNOT READ!

      • Belle Epoch says:

        YES I read the article. In my view, she’s talking out of both sides of her mouth. First she said something judgmental (why didn’t Angelina have more “faith”?) and then she backed off. She should not have gone there at all. A simple, gracious response would have sufficed.

      • bns says:

        @Belle Epoch

        She didn’t say that Angelina should have had more faith, though. She said that she respected Angelina’s decision and gave her a compliment.

      • bns says:

        The faith comment was referring to herself.

    • YuYa says:

      Which is exactly what she said….

      She did clearly state…I have never been in that situation. Did you read the article at all?

      • Anon33 says:

        No. First she said “I would have had more faith.” Then she qualified her statement. Some of us interpret what she said differently. Doesn’t mean we can’t read.

    • magpie says:

      I think she’s add the last bit to not sound judgy, but the first part about faith” is totally judgy imo.

      We all read and interpret things differently.

      • aims says:

        my interpretation of the article was, I wouldn’t jump so quickly to have a double mastectomy, I’d think positive thoughts and have faith. My question is, has she held someone she loved hand as they’re dying of cancer? If you have seen first hand someone dying of cancer, it changes your outlook on life and your own mortality.

        We have the right to save our lives, and take our power back, after getting a bleak diagnosis. Nobody should ever judge another for wanting to live and making medical decision to make that possible.

    • Kim says:

      Exactly! Unless you have the gene or have have breast cancer you really need to shut it.

      • Tammy says:

        People are entitled to have an opinion.

      • Lara says:

        I had a surprising conversation with two women the other day who absolutely spat poison about Jolie and her decision. It surprised me that they would be so judgemental about someone’s health decisions but they were adamant she should have sat around to wait to get cancer and shut up about it. Seems woman on woman hate is alive and well.

    • DreamyK says:

      These women need to sit down and shut the hell up. I would have done the same as Jolie in a heartbeat. Jolie DOES have faith: faith in her future with her family that she’s not going to die a horrible painful death at a young age.

    • jaye says:

      But she SAID that. She said “I don’t think it’s fair to put yourself in that position if you’ve never been in it”.

  4. BooBooLaRue says:

    Shut your mug Salma.

  5. Scarlettmoon says:

    Oh shut up Salma!

  6. CeltLady says:

    What the hell does ‘having faith’ have to do with it? That is an idiotic statement.

    • Andrew says:

      Why is it idiotic? She’s just saying what she would do in that situation. She was asked and so she answered.

      • Kiddo says:

        I think the issue is that when someone states that they would have MORE of something, it implies that the person they are discussing has less of that something. In the manner that she framed the sentence, faith was a good thing, and so on some level Jolie was lacking (because Salma would have had MORE). Whether or not you consider yourself to have faith in whatever, it’s wasn’t the nicest, most diplomatic, way of expressing her opinion. She later qualified that she believed Jolie did what was best for her, because I believe she caught herself, and realized that her original statement was a bit assholish.

      • CeltLady says:

        Andrew…..I have had breast cancer twice. I probably know a bit more about it than you, and continue to feel that the statement was idiotic.

    • Tania says:

      I agree completely. What does faith have to do with any of it? I have seen the most “religious” of people die horrific deaths in my line of work. Faith doesn’t have anything to do with whether you will end up with cancer.

      • CeltLady says:

        Thank you, Tania.
        Trust me when I tell you that all of the faith in the world would not have saved me from my Stage 4 invasive ductal carcinoma.

      • Trillion says:

        Faith is nothing more than merely hoping. Solid science, on the other, has some back-up.

    • littlestar says:

      I agree. Having faith isn’t going to save you. I understand faith is important for some people to get through things, but it’s not going to do anything for you beyond helping a person remain positive.

    • msw says:

      I’m not assuming that she meant anything about faith in god to save someone from cancer. I’m an atheist and I still use the term “have faith” sometimes. It isn’t necessarily religious. A person can have faith in many things, not just a belief in a god.

      She would have been better off just leaving it at “I haven’t been in that situation, so I don’t know,” though. And why are journalists asking other celebrities about this topic anyway? Who cares what other celebrities think about Angelina’s decision? they’re not medical professionals, family members, or even people who have gone through this experience themselves in some cases (Melissa Etheridge, while an ass, at least had breast cancer herself).

  7. Sloane Wyatt says:

    I have no respect for a billionaire’s armpiece or what she has to say. I could be wrong; maybe Salma does amazing things in her private life that are not publicized, but in numerous articles I find her distasteful.

    • Holly says:

      Bingo! I can almost remember when she was a working actress with a reasonable LTR and appeared to be a lovely person inside and out. Those days are long gone…

  8. magpie says:

    Angie’s mom died in her mid-40s, there was no time for “having faith”.

    She’s really become super annoying since marrying super rich French dude.

    • Raised Brow says:

      Actually, she was in her 50′s but I agree with your point. :D

      • magpie says:

        sorry bad me. The +80% chance were really bad odds.

      • lisa2 says:

        She was in her 50′s when shed died. She had been fighting it for 10 or more years. So she was diagnosed in her 40′s. Along with her sister, mother, grandmother, and brother. All of who died from cancer.

  9. ZigZagZoey says:

    I have had quite enough of Salma.
    Is it bad that I can’t wait for her to start showing her age?

    I’m sorry, but if I had over an 80% chance of getting cancer, there is no way I would leave it up to faith….

    • Lucinda says:

      I’m tired of Salma too but I do think it wasn’t a bad answer. I also think she wasn’t really considering all the factors like AJ’s mom and aunt dying from it as well as having an over 80% chance. I think in Salma’s mind it was more like 50% chance and that was it. I doubt she has followed all the details as closely as we have.

      • pwal says:

        That’s what I’m thinking, too.

        While it’s not up to Salma to know Angelina’s family history, it is up to Salma to be mindful. A few days ago, I re-read Angelina’s NYT article. The first line said that Marcheline battled cancer for 10 years; Marcheline died at 57, meaning that she was diagnosed around age 46 or 47. Angelina is 38; therefore, she was likely 8 or 9 years away from something potentially happening, if her health took the same turn as her mother. 8 or 9 years is not that long of a time – it goes by fast (hell, Knox and Vivienne is about to turn 5 tomorrow and it seemed like yesterday when they were born.)

        Beyond having access to billions, I think that Salma enjoyed a luxury that Angelina and other people who face the possibility of premature death due to aggressive cancers or heart/vascular diseases don’t have; hereditary probability of relative longevity. That knowledge likely informed Salma’s delay in having her child, but I seriously doubt that Salma’s pregnancy was completely stress-free, given the possible gene mutations/disorders associated with having children after a certain age. If that anxiety ever crossed Hayek’s mind during her pregnancy with Valentina, then she should’ve tempered her ‘faith’ talk when talking about Angelina, because Angelina’s cancer risks were much higher than the probability of Valentina having chromosomal problems due to the age of her bio parents.


  10. Lemony says:

    Cram it up your piehole Salma

  11. Marigold says:

    If Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2 is the cream of the crop, then I don’t want to know what she’s turning down. She should do the rest of us a favor and stop “choosing” Adam Sandler garbage. Helping him inflict his POS movies on the rest of us is criminal.

    • Holly says:

      Oh, so much WORD! If Adam Sandler and his band of ‘hilarious’ misfits (and their HOT movie wives of course) just fell right off of the earth, I would “think positively” and “have faith” that it was meant to be!

  12. Looloo says:

    “To save myself, of course!” Hayek told journalist Oscar Petit during the exclusive interview. “I don’t know if I would have done the same [as Jolie] so quickly, perhaps I would have had more faith, thought more positively that nothing was going to happen to me. But you know, I don’t know, it’s not fair to put yourself in that situation when you haven’t been in it. I respect her decision a lot, of course. Plus, she looks great.”

    Ok, not as bad as the headline made it appear. Still:
    Faith is worth squat in this type of situation. Sorry.
    Positive thoughts? Ugh, this burden on the ill person to ‘just think more positively!’ and if they don’t get better is it somehow their fault, the debbie downers?
    ‘course, we’re nothing more than how we look. Sure, Salma!

    • MBP says:

      Mmmm bit of a selective headline on this one, definitely. Her actual statement seems reasonable.

    • Holly says:

      Yes, the last line about “looking great” … just UGH…

    • mercy says:

      To me that reads like someone talking about herself, not AJ, and admitting her first reaction might not be ‘I’m going to have a double mastectomy asap.’ I’m betting it wasn’t Angelina’s first thought, either. Most people take a little time to research all of the options, and yes, maybe live in hope, faith, or denial – whatever you want to call it – that they have the time to do that. Even AJ is delaying her hysterectomy. That probably involves some faith (not religious, but hope) that she has time to deal with it, as well as pragmatic thinking about the odds given by the tests and her doctor’s.

  13. Nerd Alert says:

    Oh Salma. Positive thoughts can’t save you from cancer. I’ll bet she has a couple copies of The Secret lying around.

    I can already picture her vision board. It has a rich old French dude on it, dollar signs, and pictures of Adam Sandler movies on it. But just a couple.

    • Jules says:

      I have a friend that swears by that book. Because of her ‘positive’ thoughts, she ignored the swelling in her abdomen and she had a 14 pound ovarian cancer removed last December.

      • Belle Epoch says:

        Thank you for giving that example. I know someone who refuses to get mammograms because that means you aren’t thinking positive thoughts. I’m just waiting…

      • Nerd Alert says:

        Sadly, I know too much about this because my mom is into that book. She embraces denial as a coping mechanism and would not leave me alone until I watched the DVD with her. It is insane! And it is infuriating that they have pretend physicists on there promoting it, as if it were actual science. It made me so mad my mother believed it all, hook, line, and sinker.

        She gave it to my best friend’s mom, too, who loved it and sadly tried to ignore what ended up being colon cancer. Had she waited any longer, she wouldn’t have made it, but she’s doing well now. At least she denounces that crapfest theory now.

        Anyway, I’m sorry for your friend! Wish her a speedy recovery from her tumor and her Secret-worship. I hate that we have two cancer examples today of why it’s BS.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      @Nerd Alert-Ha ha…man what is it with her?

      She just gets worse every year, like Goop on steroids.

      • Nerd Alert says:

        So. Out. Of. Touch. Both of them.

        Sometimes I think it would be lovely to live in a world where people adored me unquestioningly and I could get high on my own farts, but then I come back down to earth when I realize what it looks like in action.

      • Emily C. says:

        @Nerd Alert — plus in Salma’s case, you’d have to be married to her skeezy husband. Yech.

        Both of them are also completely obsessed with appearance. That can’t be a fun place to be.

    • littlestar says:

      Nerd Alert, that is freaking hilarious! Thanks for my first laugh of the day – vision board! Hahaha.

    • stinky says:

      testify! thank you. so so true…

  14. Anon33 says:

    I am not a Brange fanatic, never have been. Not a hater either-just don’t really care either way.
    But I do not understand why all these people can’t just keep their comments to themselves. Cancer is tragic, and I believe everyone should have the right to dictate their own health care choices. Why anyone would care, or ask, what Salma Hayek thinks about this is beyond me.
    And she has been pulling this faith bullshit for years…it’s her shtick. From “Fools Rush In” to her arc on 30 Rock…it’s always annoyed me.
    Oh yeah and finally…my aunt was positive as cancer ravaged her stomach and then her bowels…she fought hard everyday with a smile and NEVER COMPLAINED, until the day she passed. I cannot stand these jag weeds who say “oh if only they had thought positively!” Shut the fuck up.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Yeah, ^ this is exactly how I feel.

      ..and bonus points for “jag weeds”.

      • MissTaken says:

        Cancer is tragic. But angelina DID NOT HAVE CANCER. So saying she would have faith, I think applies to not getting it and testing to be sure? It would have been her decision. Nothing wrong with saying that. It’s her opinion.

        Seems like just because it is in relation to Jolie it’s the wrong one. Angelina’s choice was hers and she had the right to make that choice for herself. Everyone doesn’t have to agree with it though, or respect it just cuz it’s her. It’s not judgy just a difference in opinions I think.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        ..except both of us are saying we’re not Angie fans.

        I get that it’s just a difference of opinion but I wish for once celebs would realize what a sensitive and personal choice this is and simply say “no comment” or “I have no idea how I would handle it because I’ve never been there” and leave it at that.

      • MissTaken says:

        Yes kitten ;) that would be the best response I think. But will they ever learn? Lol. Seems like celebrities and “foot in mouth” syndrome go hand in hand.

        Oh and I wasn’t callin you guys Angie fan girls…it’s more in reference to the misleading headline and the general “STFU Salma” comments.

      • Anon33 says:

        Exactly Kitten.
        The last Jolie movie I saw was Girl Interrupted, which was what, 15 years ago?? Definitely not a fan of hers. Completely indifferent.

        EDIT: oh ok. Thanks for clarifying MissTaken :)

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Well these days Salma posts are on par with Goop posts as far as the response that they elicit from celebitches, but yes, this is a notoriously pro-angie site so I’m sure that’s a factor.

        Listen– celebs, whether wrong or right, are granted a platform by society. This platform allows them to discuss topics that fall outside the scope of entertainment and I tend to think that with that platform, comes a level of responsibility. Celebs REALLY have to weigh their answers to controversial questions and maybe sometimes just plead the Fifth. Sometimes, saying nothing is better than having an opinion. The problem is that most of these people are so self-absorbed that they don’t see that. Hell, if it weren’t for their PR teams and image consultants, it would probably be even worse.

        I don’t know…I do respect Salma’s right to have an opinion and answer the question honestly but I think for the sake of those of us who have been directly/indirectly affected by cancer, she should have just kept her mouth shut.

        She is one gorgeous bitch though… ;)

    • UsedToBeLulu says:

      What I don’t get is why journalists feel the need to bring up Angelina’s decision with other female actresses? Fishing for controversy much?

      Actresses should know they will be asked about it, and should prepare better answers IMO.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I know! I understand it more with Etheridge because she had breast cancer but why are they asking Salma about it?

        Answer: controversy/headlines

  15. lady mary. says:

    stfu!salma ,srsly prevention is always better than cure ,i lost some of my family members to cancer ,and the only thing i wished for them that had they been diagnossed early they would have been with us,but cancer is such a silent and unpredictable disease ,its tough luck to have it diagnosed early ,and checking on ur genes ; bein proactive is one of the best decisions ,ur boobs ur ovaies aint the most imp thing in ur life nor do ur loved ones love u for that ,they love u as a human and if u can do anythin to stay with your loved ones longer in happiness and bliss ,one must do what it takes !!!

  16. gogoGorilla says:

    Is she the one who is married to the douchebag billionaire who had a kid with someone else just before they got married? I can never keep some of these actresses straight. That’s about how relevant they are to me, I guess.

  17. paranormalgirl says:

    Not a big fan of Salma, but she didn’t say anything horrible. She stated what she MIGHT have done, then clarified by saying she really didn’t know having never been in that situation. She also stated she respected Angelina Jolie’s decision.

    • MonicaQ says:

      +1. I don’t know where the freak out is coming from.

      • bella bella says:

        I think the freak out is coming from the headline, which is tainting people’s take on the content. She sounds pretty reasonable to me. The headline is purposely misleading.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        Yes. I think I interpreted it differently from the way most did here.

    • BlackMamba says:

      Right? It seems that when it comes to Angelina Jolie people lose all reason. It has to be total devotion. I don’t care for Salma either but she did not say anything offensive here.

    • Diana says:

      Exactly. Anything to do with Jolie and people go balistic here. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and not because st. Jolie did it, does it mean everyone else should agree or emulate. I don’t hate Jolie but her fans can be so enfuriating. And Salma has been saying a lot of crap lately but this is actually pretty reasonable; she has a right to think differently for herself and she even clarified she respects Jolie’s choice.

  18. marie says:

    I dislike her for so many reasons..

  19. bohemia says:

    Wow… wow.

  20. bns says:

    Oh, everyone is going to get mad at her even though she said nothing wrong.

    I love her. My #1 girlcrush.

    • Loira says:

      The hate for Salma is ridiculous. She said herself in the interview that she has not been in that situation, that it was not fair to put herself in that situation (having a high risk of getting cancer) which she has not been in.
      Salma, like many others still has both her parents, brother, and what not, probably she i prone to other diseases and is not in Angelina’s situation of having lived through her mother’s disease.
      She said that she thought it was soon to take that harsh decision, but it was not a situation she has been in. Angelina will go thru worse when she gets her ovaries removed, with the premature menopausy and taking hormones she will get, but she is less afraid of physical changes than her peers. I get that what she is doing is increasing her odds for a longer life with her family.
      Nothing wrong with that.

      • bns says:


        She has said obnoxious things in the past, but there’s nothing wrong with what she said here.

  21. truthful says:

    me, as a celeb would play it safe and keep it down to a few sentences.

    She was brave and I cannot imagine being faced with such choices. She has lovely babies and I wish her the best.

    the end.

    but honestly Ange took the bull by the horns and she is to be commended for making her choices and its not for anyone to agree/or disagree with.

    she should have kept focusing on Ange’s bravery, no one can truly say what they would do until they are in her Jimmy Choos.

  22. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    So if Salma ever finds out she has about an 86% chance of getting breast cancer, I hope she has some comfortable knee pads for all that praying she will be doing in hopes she’s in that 24 percentile.

  23. tracking says:

    I might question her taste in fashion and movie roles, but I think it’s great that she continues working at all. She could be reclining on her divan eating bon bons all day instead.

  24. whatthehell456 says:

    I loved the movie Grown Ups, and I don’t care who knows it. Looking forward to the second one when it comes out on DVD.

    • Erinn says:

      I did too… and I too hate to admit it. I had really low expectations going in, though.

      Salma was a downside to that movie for me, though.

  25. Jennifer12 says:

    What she said wasn’t hideous, but the condescending sound of “I would’ve had more faith” did make me wince.

  26. TexasKaren says:

    Coming from someone who has an extensive family history of cancer (dad (he was 43), grandad, great grandmom all died from colon cancer…and its getting progressively younger each generation eek!), I COMPLETELY understand Angie’s desire to be cautious but I personally feel getting a preemptive mastectomy was a little much. That would be like me going ahead and getting a portion of my colon removed because there is a CHANCE, albeit a good chance, I could get cancer. Instead I get colonoscopies every two years and keep an eye out for symptoms. Angie has more than enough money to pay for her own medical staff to perform monthly mammograms. Breast cancer is easily treated if caught early enough so putting her kids through the stress of “mommy needs to have surgery for something she doesn’t have yet” seems unnecessary.

    • Kim1 says:

      Well I respect your decision its a personal decision.BTW my brother died from colon cancer and my mom died from breast cancer both in their forties.Im positive if they were told they had a almost 90% chance of getting cancer they would have had those organs removed.I tested negative but after undergoing 8 biosp

    • MissTaken says:

      ^^ I agree with you about this texaskaren

      But it doesn’t mean I judge her for her decision. So don’t come for me fanatics. It is possible to have different views. I personally found it to be extreme but like I said her circumstances her choice.

    • Kim1 says:

      Oops problem with phone After 8 biopsies ,approx 30 mammograms and 3 lumpectomies Im considering doing the same as Angie. The more mammograms you have the more likely you will have false positives.Leading to breast ultrasounds to biopsies to possible surgeries,etc.Im just in my thirties and have been dealing with this since my first mammogram at 23.I was advised to start early because my mom was diagnosed at 33.Maybe AJ was tired too.She hasnt discussed if she has breast cancer scares/false positives.We DK

    • UsedToBeLulu says:

      Not all breast cancers are easily treated. The kind AJ had the gene mutation for is particularly insidious and aggressive.

    • Mairead says:

      Beware having loads of mammograms without a thyroid shield as radiaton is a cause of thyroid cancer, You don’t want to be avoiding one whilst drawing another on you – especially one of the nastier versions.

      I don’t really think you’re comparing like with like in your cancer histories. Removal of the breasts really shouldn’t have significant health side effects, especially if you’re removing the tissue before it becomes cancerous and travels into the lymph nodes (the removal of which causes lymphodema) or occur elsewhere in the body.

    • Emily C. says:

      The colon is a much more necessary body part than the breasts.

      Yes, women have an emotional attachment to their breasts, culturally we’re told they’re centrally important to who we are, etc. But we will never get over this if we keep indulging it.

      If I had as high a chance of my right hand killing me as Angelina had of her breasts killing her, I’d get my right hand removed. Let alone breasts.

  27. Jayna says:

    Many would be just like her, who would prefer to stay with screening, especially because losing your breasts is hard emotionally for a woman. There are probably some that go into denial so strong they probably don’t even get enough checkups. I know people like that about such things, usually more so men. But when you saw a mother die after a very long fight with cancer and your aunt dying of the same thing and Angelina’s grandmother, and then found out you had the gene and had small children, you pretty much know you are a ticking time bomb, and I can’t imagine living in fear like that. I highly doubt this was ever done quickly but was done armed wth a lot of research and knowledge and seeking expert opinons.

    I don’t get why she felt the need to discuss anything other than “I wish her the best. It must have been a hard decision, but did what she felt was best for her and her family.” But what she said wasn’t awful like Melissa.

  28. drdoolittling says:

    Based on the headline, I was expecting to be outraged. However, I think that is a perfectly reasonable and also sympathetic statement. As someone going through a health crisis right now, I get what she is saying. I currently am awaiting major surgery and the only thing keeping mw functioning right now is faith. During any critical time, faith of some kind is important.

    And, most importantly, she recognizes that if she were in AJ’s situation, she may do exactly what AJ did. I just don’t see this as on par with what Melissa Etheridge said ( which regally was OUTRAGEOUS).

  29. Dizzybenny says:

    She’s sooooo hot!!! I like the 3 dresses, frankly she could wear a potato bag and I would think she’s hot :)
    I like the fact that we live in a freedom of speech society, until you go against the current then your crazy, stupid or told to shut up!! very nice!

  30. Jess says:

    I can’t stand the woman these days, but I’ll give her a pass on this one because she was specifically asked not just about her thoughts on Jolie’s mastectomy, but about what she would do in that situation.

    Lot’s of people would and have made different decisions when faced with that risk so I don’t think there’s anything wrong with saying Jolie’s decision isn’t one you would make for yourself. If she just volunteered that information out of nowhere I’d be giving her the side-eye, but she was asked what she would do and she answered honestly.

  31. lucy2 says:

    I dislike her in general, but I do like what she said about not knowing until you’re in that situation. So many criticized Angelina, but faced with those test results for themselves might feel very differently. And likewise, when facing that sort of surgery without a diagnosis, many people might think twice about doing that when it comes down to it.

  32. Talie says:

    I do think Angelina’s decision was motivated by the fact that she has SIX children.

  33. Kvan says:

    Why is Salma being vilified for giving her opinion? She didn’t criticize anyone’s choices. I’m sure a lot of women have debated what they would if they were in Angelina’s situation. There is no right or wrong, just individual choice.

    • Cameron says:

      I think it’s because of the first part of her answer. Quickly, Faith and staying positive.
      She doesnt know how long Angie dealt with this. I recall Brad saying this thing has been hangin over our heads for a long time.
      Maybe she doesn’t know Angie’s family history. But having faith and being positive doesn’t cut it when your family members die in their 40′s-50′s and you’re about to turn 40 in a couple of years.

      • mercy says:

        It seems to me that Salma is talking about herself and what she would do in a similar situation. She’s being honest about what her initial reaction would be.

      • cs says:

        I would agree with your assessment.. However, she said “I don’t think I would have done it so quickly”. That being said, Is she saying ” I wouldn’t have had that procedure done in my 30′s or she thinks Angie received the prognosis and decided a few weeks later ” OK,just cut off my breasts”.

        Most of us don’t know when Angie found out and if it’s been weighing on her mind for 3 years, 2 years or the past year before she made her decision.

  34. chloe says:

    First off I think EVERY woman has the right to her own opinion to what she does with her body, to be honest none of us know each others family histories or if you yourself has had a health scare with breast cancer and you know what I bet a general populace of us would all handle the situation differently, which is our God given right. So guess what Salma is a woman and was asked what she would do in the situation and she gave her opinion on it, I didn’t see that she was criticizing Angelina at all and if she wants to believe in faith that is her right and I find it degrading that fellow woman on this board is criticizing what she would do with her body because it’s not what Angelina decided to do with hers or they think she might have been slighting her at all.
    I personally would hate to be a celebrity right now with Brangelina around, it seems like the reporters find some way to drag their names into any kind of questions to other celebrities. I bet you when The Counselor comes out Penelope and Cameron will get quizzed about Angelina’s health decisions and the men will get a million questions about Brad.

    • MissTaken says:


    • Diana says:


    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      I’m just not seeing what so many other people are seeing. It’s as though people think she was deliberately attacking them and their families and turning this into a blood feud. She’s not talking about what you should do with your body and damning people’s medical histories, lifestyles, etc. and she’s not saying that if a person dies of cancer that’s what they deserve because of x, y, z or that you can pray your way out of a tumor. She didn’t say “’tis better to have a cancer than a flattened rack, so all of you people in my life had better gird your loins because if I ever get cancer I’d easily choose death over drastic treatment’ Her body, her family, her choice, right?

      So what of the ‘mean-girling’? Everyone has a right to say his peace and everyone has a right to engage, debate, challenge it, full force disagree with it etc. And yes, celebrities are always on the record so they may want to take caution with their words, but it seems it’s de rigeur to tell everyone to STFU. Interesting.

      • jaye says:

        Honestly, I think a lot of the people saying STFU only read the headline. In fact, I’d bet money on it.

  35. lisa2 says:

    I don’t get why some people think Angelina woke up one day and just said.. I’m going to have this surgery.. YIPPEEE.

    Brad said they had been dealing with this for a while. That they knew this was coming. That she talked to HER doctors and got the information and made the choice that was BEST FOR HER. She has never said that it is the choice for other women. But the one for HER.

    Decision like this are not made on a whim. For any woman. Regardless of how much money they have or who the heck they are. And it pisses me off that other Women don’t respect that. SAD

    • lenje says:

      I’m sure when Salma made a comment regarding what SHE would do in the same situation, she did not intend to disrespect Angelina, or ANY person with health concern, at all.

  36. Alarmjaguar says:

    OMG, shut up! It isn’t your body, it isn’t your choice. Unless you’ve faced that decision (and even then), stop judging and second guessing. STFU Salma

  37. gg says:

    I’ve heard it said, the Lord helps those that help themselves. I know it’s not a bible verse but it’s good advice. Cancer doesn’t just go away because you want it to or because you think you can tell the forces that be to take it away. You have to be extremely proactive medically. If praying makes you feel better and more positive, good deal. But nothing replaces medical responsibility, especially when your children being motherless is a key factor.

    • Mairead says:


    • gg says:

      See, Steve Jobs, for a prime example of this kind of thinking. He probably didn’t have to die – his pancreatic cancer was a conventionally medically treatable kind.

    • Lisa says:

      But where does she even say anything like that? I’m struggling to see how people are reading religion into this. She even says she can’t judge because she’s never been in her position.

  38. Londongal says:

    Loved her formally but she’s striking me as increasingly a bit of an a-hole. Which is *such* a shame. The fact she’s with that shady nasty little Frenchman doesn’t help matters at all.

  39. antisocial says:

    Your faith may comfort you, but it won’t *cure* you. Certainly she’s entitled to her opinion, I would never classify Salma as either brave OR genuine anyway, but faithful? sure, for what its worth in a religious context.

    • UsedToBeLulu says:

      As someone who had a solid pituitary brain tumor that was over producing human growth hormone (MRI confirmed and human growth hormone blood levels ) that was GONE when the surgeon operated, I know that it cannot be said that faith and God never miraculously heal. In my particular case, it was at a Catholic Healing mass that I believe this occurred. The time between my diagnosis and operation was less than a week, because of the seriousness of this type of tumor. Between MRI and surgery BOOM. The solid tumor imploded. Turned to nothing but liquid. Disappeared.

      Now, I have been a strong Christian all my life, and have always believed that God can miraculously heal, but also I believe he works through doctors (as you notice I went ahead with the surgery). I am a scientist by training, and find no reason to keep science and faith mutually exclusive. You should hear some of the discussions around the dinner table about evolution. ;)

      • Emily C. says:

        So then what do you say about people who do who die of horrible diseases, or who have atrocious things happen to them? God just didn’t feel like intervening then? The people he intervened for are of more worth than the people he didn’t? “God works in mysterious ways”?

        Statistical outliers are not miracles.

      • UsedToBeLulu says:

        If I had all the answers Emily, than it wouldn’t BE called faith, would it?

        I went into it OK with whether God chose to intervene or not. Because sometimes He does and sometimes His answer is not what we would choose. And sometimes that makes us mad.

        Are miracles statistical outliers? You bet.

  40. BlackMamba says:

    Why do Angelina fans expect everyone to say that they would do exactly what she did? If not they are judging and shading. Salma didn’t critisize her, she just stated what SHE would potentially do and also clarified that she had not been in the situation and therefore cannot predict. Why is that bad??? Angie post are always so unreasonable.

    • lenje says:


    • mercy says:

      I thinks Salma’s comments are very different than Melissa Etheridge’s. Those were judge-y about AJ’s decision, imo. But Salma is clearly talking about herself here. She even says she can’t question another person’s choice. She also says she would definitely have the surgery to save her life. I think it’s just a very sensitive subject and some people are still smarting from the Etheridge comments, tbh. Or they just don’t like Salma.

    • Emily C. says:

      It has nothing to do with being an Angelina fan, and everything to do with common sense. What Salma Hayek said was just dumb. Further, it’s not that she’s hurting Jolie, because she’s really not. It’s that she’s furthering a victim-blaming, anti-science way of thinking about health.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I don’t know..I think she meant it innocently enough but the underlying message probably isn’t the best.

      • BlackMamba says:

        @Emily C…I did not get that feeling from her comment at all. I think the word “faith” really got people going because God(no pun intended) knows religion isn’t very popular these days. I didn’t interprete her use of the word faith here as religious, it’s like saying to someone “I have faith in your abilities to…”, it has nothing to do with religion. And I didn’t get the anti-science thing either, she even said she would do it to save her life.
        It seems like the only thing people want to hear when it comes to that Angie masectomy thing are words like “brave”, “hero”, “courageous” etc..nothing else will work. And she is all those things but not EVERY WOMAN would/should do if they were faced with the situation.

  41. mercy says:

    Oh thank goodness there was more to what she said. I saw the title and thought the worst. I think it was a very real statement. Most people probably would be very cautious and hope for the best before deciding to go ahead with it. Even when faced with bad odds, it’s human nature to hope that it won’t happen to you. Maybe Angelina dealt with some of the same feelings before she made her decision.

  42. eliza says:

    Isn’t it interested how women and mothers are attacking Angelina’s decision? It’s really incomprehensible. It’s not like she did this for attention. She has a clear cut genetic marker that indicated a high chance of getting cancer and decided to be proactive. Nothing else. I find her to not only be brave for sharing it but to be a responsible mother to 6 children who need her for more than another 10 years or so. Love her or hate her, she’s generally pretty low key. Most of the news stories that she allows coverage of at least lately are good will/UN visits. It’s really depressing that some women with a voice and a platform (Melissa and Salma in this case) would use it to be judgmental and hateful.

    • Lisa says:

      I’m no fan of Salma, but I don’t see this as an attack. There are some woman with the gene who don’t get their breasts or ovaries removed right away. They take it on ‘faith’–in this sense, basic confidence, not religious–that maybe they won’t get it.

      That’s all I see her saying here: It’s not believing in God or divine intervention, but chance.

  43. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Angelina seems cooler and cooler as time goes by because she doesn’t run her mouth like most. I wonder what she is like to work with.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      From what I’ve heard (friend in the business), Angelina Jolie is a pleasure to work with.

      • magpie says:

        I too have a friend in the biz and she says everyone who has ever worked with her says she is really repectful and nice to everyone.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      She has a LOCK on that right? To a masterful degree really.

      She manages to somehow reveal just enough, without overdoing it. Brad needs to learn from her ;)

  44. Hipocricy says:

    She bought herself big boobs at the beginning of her career and that helped her launch her terribble career as a 2nd rated actress with no talent whatsoever than looking like a short sized pinup with oversized boobs.

    So of course she would have had more faith in order to keep that passport since her relevancy is only based on her curvaceous silouhette and nothing more.

  45. Nev says:

    I like her alot. Totally.

  46. qtpi says:

    Reminds me of the Pierce Brosnan daughter cancer story. When I read that both her grandmother and mother had died early of the same thing my first thought was why didn’t she remove the same organs asap? Clearly they had the money and knew the potential outcome. Quite confused by that one.

    • Kim1 says:

      Maybe she had faith Listen Charlotte knew her options,family history,etc We DK maybe she didnt have gene

    • mercy says:

      I’m guessing she didn’t get tested, or the testing she had didn’t detect the defective gene in her.

  47. Bea says:

    Considering without her boobs she wouldn’t have her career or her husband, she really needs to mind her own business.

  48. Lucky Charm says:

    If I found out I had the cancer gene that killed my mother, grandmother and aunt and given greater than 50% chance of getting cancer…I would rather have no breasts at all and be around to watch my kids grow up & get married, and play with my grand babies then die young and leave my kids without a mom because I wanted to wait and see if it happened first. Faith is fine, but my love for my kids is stronger.

  49. Sam says:

    Eh, I can’t hate on this. It seems like a lot of women backing Angelina up are mothers themselves and can get the desire to live for their kids.

    • Emily C. says:

      I don’t understand what you’re saying here. I’m not a mother and don’t want to be, and I don’t need kids to want to live, or to value my life over my looks.

      • Sam says:

        Well, you don’t have to. But plenty of people don’t feel that way (which is why I didn’t make a post about you, since it’s not about that). Lots of people just don’t value themselves that much. We take a lot of risks with our own lives, but we scale back or care more when we have kids. I can certainly understand that. I used to be involved heavily in dangerous sports until I had a kid – now I’m less inclined to do that stuff – not because I don’t want to, but because I feel like I’d be cheating my son out of something. My own life isn’t that big of a deal to me. But it is to my kid.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I’m also childfree and I possess an extremely strong will to live.

        I don’t do dangerous things or put myself in risky situations. Why? Because I LOVE LIVING.

        Can we please just stop perpetuating the idea that life is only worthwhile if we have spawn to protect?

        I don’t doubt that having kids changes your life, but it’s ignorant to presume that those of us who don’t have kids somehow don’t respect life as much as people with kids do. And yes, I do believe that there are plenty of parents who DON’T value their lives (or those of their children) so let’s just agree that it’s an individual thing-some people care about their lives and some don’t, regardless of whether one has kids or not. Maybe having kids increases an already existing feeling in the sense that there’s an added level of responsibility there, but please don’t confuse that with having an awareness for how precious life is.

        BTW, I don’t think you meant your comment to offend at all..but it was off-the-mark IMO.

  50. Maxybabe says:

    I think she is expressing both sides of her opinion however, think it would be best to not say the faith and positive stuff, its almost a back handed compliment – I think you’re great but there must be a better way to avoid getting breast cancer – thats how I read it anyway. Believe me, people trilling about “remaining positive” at you when you’ve had a cancer diagnosis are a right royal pain. It takes a very long time to see any positivity or light. I feel this expression is bandied about when people have run out of things to say. Just sayin!

    • Mairead says:

      I agree! Of course wailing “I’m gonna DIE!!!” isnt a helpful attitude but this constant pressure to “be positive” is actually very emotionally draining as it discourages the patient from dealing with the mental and physical issues raised by the illness. They can potentially feel like failures when they have a bad day and can’t override it with sunshine and happiness.

      Sometimes you just have bad days and personally I feel the best way to get through it is to acknowledge it, try and remember that it will pass and just go to bed early to help it along quicker ;)

      I call this having a “pragmatic mental attitude”.

  51. lenje says:

    Say something that is not praising Angelina Jolie (even if it’s not criticizing, let alone insulting), you will be target in no-second. Salma should’ve thought not to even mention Jolie at all.

    • Mairead says:

      Well, it seems that for some reason she was asked directly about it.

      But I would throw shade on anyone who was being somewhat superior for “thinking more positively” (the cross-your-fingers-and-wish-reeeeeeeally-hard school of disease prevention) in relation to avoiding pretty horrendous odds to avoid a cancer that was almost guaranteed to kill any woman based on their immediate family history. When she’s the mother of a young family of six, then doubly so.

  52. Abbicci says:

    Faith is what you rely on when you are not smart enough to know how medicine, mathematics and statistics work.

    80% chance of cancer and you’d wait and see? That seems really silly to me. Sadly, Salma has gotten very silly these past few years. Such a shame, she used to be much smarter and more interesting. Notice we are talking about her comments about Angelina and nothing that Salma is doing.

  53. Thiajoka says:

    Oh for Crikey’s sake! Honestly, if you believe in god at all, is it too much to extend that faith into believing he or she has allowed scientific knowledge to be utilized as tools for making one healthy?

    Reminds me of an old joke: There’s a flood and an old man is stuck on his roof. A neighbor leaving in his boat stops by and tells the old man to get in. The old man refuses, declaring that the Lord will rescue him. Then a rescue team comes by in a helicopter and attempts to rescue the old man and he refuses, saying that the Lord will rescue him. So,the old man succumbs and goes to Heaven. When facing God, he says, “Lord, I had faith in you and you let me down. I was sure you would rescue me.” God rolled his eyes and said, “Well, I sent you a boat and a helicopter, but you refused the help.”

  54. Bijlee says:

    It’s salma Hayek. She’s self absorbed. Even her whole explanation is about her. “it’s not really fair to put yourself in this position, etc.” she could have said “its not fair to Angie to talk about it like this because I’m not sure what I would have done.”

    Holly said it best up there. Slama Hayek is married to a billionaire she’s set for life. She’s NEVER been poor or on the low income side like AJ. Her POV does not exist in the reality (like most celebrities) for practically the entire planet. And obviously salma did not read AJ’s op-Ed that clearly explains why she got the mastectomy.

    AJ’s choice was prompted by the fact that she had done the gene testing, when her chances were so high of course she took preemptive measures. She works for the people. Cancer treatments etc would have gotten in the way of her work, in the way of raising her kids, etc.

    But salma Hayek doesn’t think like that anymore. She’s wondering why you don’t eat cake when you run out of bread. dear god, where is the woman that was breastfeeding orphans and all about empowering women?

  55. Maggie says:

    Have any of you seen the pics of Angie scouting out places in Hawaii for her new film? I was rather shocked when I saw them. She was wearing the skimpiest of tops showing off those new boobs of hers and not a scar. Recently I’ve had two friends go through the same procedure and was mortified when I saw their scars and bruising. It was awful!

    • Kim1 says:

      AJ last surgery was April those pics were taken from distance a little blury

      • Maggie says:

        Well Kim1 I also volunteer in a cancer centre and have seen plenty. Some very sad considering they are children. I can honestly say I have never seen any woman with breast reconstruction walk around like Jolie with a silk camisol months after surgery. They are still a mess and the shape of their breasts are not like that. I’m not an expert or claiming to know it all but I could not believe it when I saw those pics. Her surgeon is a magician.

    • mslewis says:

      Those photos were on the Daily Mail site and they did a few close-ups and pointed out some small scars. It has been about three month since Angelina’s surgery and perhaps the majority of the scars are gone. Sometimes doctors will put some sort of silicone(?) under the scar and it disappears rather quickly.

    • sj says:

      So what is your point exactly, Maggie?

      Are you just in awe of how good of a surgeon Angie had?

      Other insinuations belong to different, nutter sites.

      • Maggie says:

        I didnt see those pics on Daily Mail. It was a newspaper and they were close-up. And sj read into what I said however you want. Bad or good.

  56. RHONYC says:

    *screaming faux youtube crazed Angie fan*


    :cry: :lol: ;-)

  57. heidi says:

    Agreeing with salma on this one. Organic foods including lots of fresh org produce, exercise, healthy hours, abstain from the drugs and alcohol.

    • Kim says:

      A healthy diet does not ensure one will not get breast cancer especially if they have the gene. Plenty of very healthy women get breast cancer.

    • Thiajoka says:

      Sure, sure. That trumps genetics every time.

      This is as annoying to me as someone claiming that if only you have enough faith in a certain god, religion, whatever, that you’ll never get sick or be poor. Just place the faith in an organic diet instead of the typical deities people cite.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Yeah… if you think eating organic and exercising is going to prevent you from getting cancer then you’re sadly mistaken.

        That being said, eating healthy and exercising is just a good way to live your life and definitely aid in the prevention of heart disease, Diabetes etc. The thing is cancer don’t GAF how healthy your eating habits are. It just doesn’t.

      • UsedToBeLulu says:

        Diet and lifestyle do have an impact on how genes are expressed, so they are not totally unrelated.

    • mslewis says:

      Tell that to Linda McCartney. Oh, you can’t do that because she was a VEGAN who died of breast cancer. Oh well. Guess she didn’t have enough faith.

    • Emily C. says:

      Good luck with that. I mean it. You’re going to need it.

  58. SouperKay says:

    I want to like that Gucci dress but all I see is a big Cami Secret on her chest.

  59. be kind says:

    Yes, Brad and Angie are (sadly) very unique that they don’t say bad stuff about others. And, yes, it is rude to say I would have had more faith- it’s a put down. Also, I doubt that Salma has a parent, uncle, aunt, grandparents and great grandparents that ALL died of cancer, quite young, some of them younger than Salma is now. The faith/monitoring thing is not a very logical option for those with the BRCA mutation, which not only indicates a high cancer risk, but a risk of the most aggressive, untreatable cancers. You know, the type of cancer that develops between twice yearly mammograms or is hidden and DOES NOT respond to chemo, radiation, etc. and the person is dead in 4 months. Also, too many mammograms aren’t a great idea for someone with a high cancer risk or anybody else. Salma doesn’t need money, but she clearly needs attention and, hey, now she got it- keep the faith & keep disparaging others- it’s working!

  60. Mairead says:

    My neighbour died last weekend after battling with breast cancer for 16 years. Thinking “positively” that it won’t happen to you has ‘eff all to do with it. She was “positive” that she had beaten it after her 5 year all-clear. Not so much. Same thing with my grandmother who died a horrible death from bowel cancer.

    I was also positive that I didn’t have my comparatively rare cancer, apparently I liked those odds a bit too much… (thankfully its usually non-fatal.. but i do have an increased chance of leukaemia from it yay!)

    Positivity gets you so far, but pragmatism keeps you alive.

    • OutstandingWorldCitizen says:

      Exactly!!! My dad died of cancer some years ago. I find it infuriating and down right ridiculous to tell cancer patients to be positive. It is just unfair. “Smile more.” “Wear pink” (for women) and the asinine list goes on.

      Christina Applegate made the same choice and I do not remember her getting this much flack or any at all. It has to do with AJ’s status.

  61. Madpoe says:

    “I would have had more faith”

    Is that what you’d like on your tombstone Ms. Hayek?

  62. mar says:

    I will not judge someone based on a situation that I have never been in.

  63. TOPgirl says:

    Angelina certainly had more faith than Melissa etheridge and selma hayek. That’s why she’ll be around longer than both of those two….what are their names again???

  64. Idreaminprincess says:

    Someone NOT in that situation has no business criticizing someone who had to face that horror. She should go back to shopping.

  65. The Original G says:

    Why on earth did this ever come up in a interview with Salma Hayek in the first place?

    • pwal says:

      Community chest?

      Not meaning to sound facetious, but maybe the journalist wanted to have a celeb, renown for her breasts, say that she would have pump the brakes when it came to having them removed, even if cancer was involved.

      IMO, it was very scary for men to hear women discussing this and taking an emphatic, militant stance about sacrificing feminine aesthetics in favor for longevity. Maybe some men need a so-called bombshell to cut the sting of what another bombshell did to them… I mean, to herself.

    • mercy says:

      It was an obnoxious question. He obviously wanted an excuse to talk about her boobs. I would’ve applauded her if she had said “Mind your own damn business!” but “To save myself, of course!” — like “What are you, an idiot?” — was good, too.

  66. Emily C. says:

    “Faith” that she would not get a cancer she had a 97% chance of getting? There’s a point where “faith” becomes “complete stupidity”.

    • Bijlee says:

      Oh my goodness. That’s not what she said. I can’t believe people are harping on her about that. She obviously referred completely to herself. Salma Hayek says alot of stupid things, and yes she’s completely self-absorbed. But I have no idea why people are jumping on her “I would have more faith” part of her comment. She’s an awful person because of how she treats tigers and a lot of her stupid comments, but really people are reading more into that faith comment then I think is really there.

  67. Jennifer says:

    She’s becoming about as insufferable as the GOOPster.

  68. Dinah says:

    Waiting and positive thinking is what you do before your imaging/labs/biopsies are back.

    Action is what you take when you know them.

    Been there, done that.

    • Mairead says:

      The best comment of the day IMO

    • mercy says:

      I agree, but not everyone takes preventative actions the minute they get their test results back. If read correctly, Angelina said her tests showed an increased risk for ovarian cancer, but she hasn’t had preventative surgery for that yet because the risk wasn’t as high as for breast cancer.

    • Thiajoka says:

      No kidding. I’m waiting to hear back from a biopsy that I should have had the results from by Wednesday. Unfortunately, the nurse took off until Monday. Then I found out that she failed to tell me I had an appointment with a surgeon on Tuesday, so I missed that and won’t be able to go until the 24th of the month. Anyway, I’m in NO mood to hear some jackass actress or anyone else talking about faith, positive thinking, or organic diets today.

  69. lenje says:

    Looking at these comments, I have a difficulty in differing “expressing an opinion” and “judging”. Nowhere do I see Salma even remotely judging here. I wonder if it was not Angeline who made the decision, but, say, Lindsay Lohan, would everyone be so quick in condemning Salma?

  70. milou says:

    hey Salma, what do you think about the tragedy that have just lived Pierce Brosman ? (his wife and his daughter died from the same cancer)

    FAITH ???

  71. Mrs. Darcy says:

    I am a cancer survivor. I am not really religious, and if I had to count the number of times people assured me that God/positive thinking/the universe would save me, while gritting my teeth and smiling pleasantly as if they had one f*&^king clue what it’s really like. Please stop before you hand out such platitudes, I know it’s the way society teaches us to be, but all I can say if ever you have a close friend or loved one with this disease, please do not put this b.s. onto them. It just lays even more of a guilt/head trip, as if you are somehow powerful enough to kill your cancer so long as you are a sunshiney prayerful Pollyanna.

    Rant over sorry.As for Salma, I totally get why people who have dealt w/this crappy disease are finding her comments offensive. If I had never had cancer I might think “Eh, so what” too. Does she really think that Angelina had any choice in the matter? She watched her mother die young of a cancer she is very likely to develop, so much so that the odds of not doing so would be nothing short of a miracle. Faith is fine, but bravery is doing what Angelina did, there is no question in that regard, why on earth she felt the need to indicate otherwise can only be down to stupidity or bitchiness or both.

    • Thiajoka says:

      Ha, Mrs. Darcy, love your comment.

      I’m about to get real personal here and possibly offend some believers, but what the hay–not all religious people are dolts or take advantage of vulnerable people going through a tough time in life. Nor do they all spout platitudes. However, many do.

      When my friend was diagnosed with liver cancer many years ago, I warned him that pastors were going to be coming out of the woodwork wanting to talk to him. He was dying–the doctors didn’t even try treatment. My friend was agnostic and gay. Pastors started showing up to visit him at home–he had home hospice. Within a few weeks, he told me he’d become saved and renounced being gay. Renouncing his sexuality was probably easy because he was basically doped up on liquid morphine most of the time and I doubt he felt any sexual feelings at all anymore.

      I understood that the pastors had frightened him into denying himself during his finals days. And I hated each one of them for it, but silently because it would not have done to make my sick friend feel any worse than they had made him feel.

    • anon_this_time says:

      Mrs. Darcy,
      As a fellow cancer patient, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your post–you nailed exactly how I feel. I have listened to so much unwarranted advice from people about positive attitude and faith in God. It’s like someone reciting the inside of a gosh-darned Hallmark card.
      I didn’t know that it wasn’t “okay” to be upset that I’m probably going to die before I even get out of my 40′s. It sucks. But I also learned that no one really wants to hear the truth. . . they want you to be stoic and brave. They want you to fight and say that you aren’t going to die (even if your doctors say that it’s not looking so good).
      So people like me learn to put on the happy face, even though inside we aren’t happy at all. I have a terminal disease, for crying out loud. I grin and bear it too, just to keep from getting another lecture. I’m so sick of the lectures and the judgment. It’s fake of me, I know, but I just can’t take it anymore.
      I wish you only the best, Mrs. Darcy. You are my hero. <3

      • Mrs. Darcy says:

        Thiajoka, I am sorry your friend was preyed on like that, a shame no one who loved him was there to stop that happening. But I know what you mean about the morphine, my Grandpa was in a morphine fog the last few months he battled bone cancer and I doubt he was aware of much thankfully. Although if it were me, now, having gone through it I don’t think I would want the agony to be that prolonged.

        anon_this_time : I am so sorry you are dealing with this. Please stop putting on a happy face for others, you are dealing with enough. I know it’s hard, but I also know how much resentment and unreality you are feeling. You have to have treatments and oncologists giving you grim scenarios while everyone around you is acting like it’s a cancer party you just have to smile your way through.

        It is all about their fear, they are afraid of losing you, afraid of their own mortality, most of all afraid of just dealing with it out in the open because it’s scary and real. I don’t know your situation, but if it’s any consolation at all I was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma that kills about half of everyone who gets it so I know some of what you may be feeling.

        Even though I had successful treatment, throughout it and for a long time after I was convinced I would die young. That feeling never entirely goes away. As I said I am not religious but I wish you all the best, please don’t lose heart because religion or not, people do beat the odds. I’m not saying fake positivity for those around you, but cut yourself some slack and do whatever you can to make yourself, not others happy during this time, it is your life. It really does suck and I know I’m in an easier postion to say stuff like this but I hope you find a friend or loved one, or even a support group who you can talk to honestly, you deserve that. I wish you all the best. And you are the hero, sincerely. xo

  72. Chells says:


    It was just a cover-up for a boob job. She was sagging & she wanted them done. Simple.

  73. Lisa says:

    Is it possible something was lost in translation? It is from a Spanish publication.

    I don’t see her talking about faith as a cure, or even in the religious sense. She’s talking about having faith in the belief that nothing bad can ever happen to you, which is what most people have. None of us think we’ll be touched by tragedy, that it will always be someone else, until it IS us. My grandma didn’t grow up thinking she’d get cancer at 78. My mom certainly didn’t think about her own mother dying from complications from it. If you’d have asked either of them prior to 1996, they would have probably said essentially the same thing as Salma: “I hope that doesn’t happen” You can only take something like that on confidence because nobody knows.

    • pwal says:

      The ‘lost in translation’ is entirely possible. And if the translation is occurring through the prism of someone with an agenda, that agenda may overpower the speaker’s true intent.

    • Loira says:

      I agree. Spanish speaker here, same country as Salma’s. We tend to use some expressions a lot, and some may look” sound” religious, but they are used universally, like, “tener fe” in something, like “being sure” or confident that you will pass an exam or get a job, not in the praying or believing in God ‘ s sense,
      it is more about confidence and trust in yourself, the situation or your future.
      Some more religious people would go for the religious aspect, but usually not.

  74. anon_this_time says:

    I have a type of cancer that will most likely be terminal, and although I know people are trying to come from a “good” and “kind” place, nothing makes me more irritated than when a perfectly healthy person tells me how “they” would handle it if it were them. “I would’s” and “you should’s” are usually not appreciated. . . at least they aren’t by me.
    Unless you’ve been through it, you have no effing clue what each person afflicted with a potentially deadly disease feels every day and the difficult choices they have to make in trying to have more time on this planet with their loved ones.
    I don’t think Salma was trying to be offensive, but honestly, I think the best policy for anyone asking to provide their opinion on someone else’s judgment/choice during an illness should seriously keep quiet other than to wish the person with the disease their best wishes. Otherwise, it can be very insulting to the person who is living it 24/7.

    • pamspam says:

      It’s so late – don’t know if you’ll ever read this. But I just want to say that I wish you well. I’m not a particularly religious person, but I will say a prayer for you tonight (don’t even have to call it that…thinking good thoughts, whatever). Just because it can’t hurt and if nothing else, maybe you can take just a tiny bit of comfort in knowing that someone is thinking about you right now and hoping for the best for you. I am sorry for what you’re going through and I hope that you will beat the odds and live a long, healthy and happy life. That’s really all I got. I just didn’t want your post to go unacknowledged.

    • UsedToBeLulu says:

      Late on this one too. *hugs* to anon_this_time. Some things just suck really hard and there is nothing that can be done about it.

  75. I would spoon out my own liver and stomp it into the ground if I thought it would keep my son from losing me.There’s nothing I wouldn’t do.

  76. who know says:

    What matters is NOT kinda “faith” words, BUT “so quickly” words…
    How dare she use that expression? So quickly? I think, to Angelina, it’not quick decision, def.
    Salma is so unreasonable and unfaily judging.

  77. Hipocricy says:

    To the ladies who had cancer, or are prone to have it OR are dealing with it and are understandibly shocked, hurt and disgusted by this insanely arrogant, undecent hollier than thou attitude by this short legged bimbo, my prayers are for you all ladies. You have my deepest sympathy and my support. MAy you overcome that b$tch Cancer and live a long and happy life.

    I am the daugher of a physician and have heard so many sad stories about patients with cancer each time my father came home, especially Young patients, the ordeal their parents had to go through and all the journey till terminal illness.

    I also have a friend whose mother had no remission. We became best friends one day when i heard her crying in the lavatory in college…her, the blond blue eyed barbie gitrl, me the black one, both tall and beautiful who used to just say ‘hello’.

    I told her that i will break the door if she refused to come out as she freaked me out with her cries and nobody dared to do something…i remembered that day like yesterday…she went out, nearly fainted in my arms and whispered to me that her father told her in the car, on her way to college that her mother’s cancer had came back and that she had 3 months left at most…

    I remembered sitting next to her that first day, taking her hands in mine everytime she broke into tears during a course…any course. I rememberred telling her to tell it to teachers so that they knew what was going on when she at times left the room unexpectedly…i rememberred telling her to talk to me, to cry, to yell, to call any day, any time, any night she needed to talk to…i rememberred all the stages my father used to tell me as soon as i was a child : denial, anger, prayers, ect….I rememberred the day her mum passed away at home at 42 and Vivianne, my friend called me 5 minutes after kissing her for the last time….she dies the day my friend turned 21.

    I lost my cousin at 26. He had brain cancer. He was the most angelic beautiful man i have ever seen, the favourite of teh family, the baby of his mum…the most decent human being i have ever meet…

    Cancer is a bitch, a smooth criminal with no pity nor remorse. It destroyed families, it strikes anyone, saint and criminals alike, children and adults. Common decency is to shut up when one is not facing it if you are unable of empathy and give support UNQUESTIONABLY to those who do. That’s basic common sense and minimal respect !

    To Salma, go to hell with your obscenity and stupidity.

  78. Justaposter says:

    Hipocricy, you are truly an angel and a wonderful friend.

    As a cancer survivor (*fingers crossed*, almost at my 5 year mark) the one thing I have learned is. I will never, ever, EVER question anyone’s medical choices. EVER! All you can really do is, educate yourself, and make the best choice for you.

  79. vvvoid says:

    I have the same genetic risk of breast cancer as Angelina, and I tend to agree with Salma. I respect Angelina’s choice but I’m not sure I’ll ever make the same decision until I know for sure I have to. I see nothing wrong with what Salma said. My grandmother had breast cancer [all of my grandmothers and great grandmothers have, one died of it] 10 years ago at age 75 and she only allowed them to remove the tumor, no radiation, chemo, or mastectomy. She told herself she “wouldn’t allow” cancer to spread or kill her, and I was terrified for her but 10 years later she’s cancer free. But that’s her experience.

  80. AngryAngel says:

    There are some things we are NOT entitled to have an opinion on, and that’s someone else’s course of cancer treatment or prevention. She was out of line.