Oprah Winfrey’s boyfriend claims she smoked crack with him in the 80s


Oprah Winfrey’s ex-boyfriend is trying to pedal a tell-all book about their time together. Randolph Cook dated Oprah in 1985, and says the pair did crack cocaine together. Winfrey has already admitted this in the past, though she didn’t go into specific details about the experience. She also said that Cook introduced her to the drug, and she was so into him that she would have done anything to make him happy. Cook, however, claims that Winfrey introduced him to crack.

“Oprah made a “rock” of cocaine and baking soda in the tube and heated it, a method known as freebasing.

“[Oprah] then put the lit torch on the rock, inhaled and held the smoke in her lungs for a long time. When she finally exhaled, she began to shake violently as she put the pipe down, she had trouble catching her breath and her eyes got big as saucers.”

We smoked at least a couple of times a week. Sometimes we would smoke up until her limo was waiting to take her to the studio to perform her show…”

[From the National Enquirer via Celebslap]

This isn’t nearly as salacious as Cook is trying to make it, since Oprah beat him to the punch during a show about drug addicted mothers in 1995.

During the taping, Winfrey turned to her guests and the studio audience and said, “Let me say this, and this is probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever said,” he voice beginning to crack. “Hold on just a second,” she said as she tried to regain her composure. Turning to one of the guests who had admitted smoking crack, Winfrey said, “I relate to your story so much because of what Patrice just said about being introduced to drugs by men in your life.”

She continued, “In my 20′s, I’d done this drug and I know exactly what you are talking about.” She said the drug use occurred while she was an anchorwoman on a television news show. “It’s my life’s great big secret. It was such a secret because–I realize (with) the public person I have become–if the story ever were revealed, the tabloids would exploit it and what a big issue it would be.”

She went on to explain, “But I was involved with a man in my 20s who introduced me to the same drug that you’ve been talking about and, like Patrice, I always felt that the drug itself is not the problem but that I was addicted to the man.” She admitted: “I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t have done for that man.”

“I had a perfect round little Afro, I went to church every Sunday and I went to Wednesday prayer meeting when I could… and I did drugs.”

[From Find Articles]

Cook sued Oprah for $20 million in 1997 when he first tried to publish his book. He claimed no publisher was interested in it because they didn’t want to cross her. Though that obviously doesn’t make her responsible for anything other than being famous and successful. And really, he was two years too late on all of it.

The guy sounds like a sleaze. He’s got a whole fancy website devoted to his book and relationship with Oprah. His publisher is listed as “All Means Necessary Publishing,” though when I looked them up all I could find were links back to his website. It’s clearly just a self-published vanity press book. In the press release, Cook blames Oprah for his addiction and talks about how he “allowed” her to amass a multi-million dollar fortune while he “suffered in silence.” He takes no responsibility for his actions whatsoever, and it’s disgusting.

I’m much more likely to believe Oprah’s version that Cook got her hooked. If she was willing to admit to smoking crack in the first place, why bother lying about who introduced it to who? Clearly Cook is still desperate to cash in on a 24-year-old relationship because that’s the only thing he’s got going on in his life. Aside from suing to get his way.

Here’s Oprah at the Hollywood Reporter’s Power 100 Breakfast in Los Angeles on December 5th. Images thanks to Fame.


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21 Responses to “Oprah Winfrey’s boyfriend claims she smoked crack with him in the 80s”

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  1. MaiGirl says:

    Hi site is so classy, he misspells “excerpt” in this menu!

  2. MaiGirl says:

    *His* Ha!

  3. Celebitchy says:

    The plug-in we were using to let people edit comments was taxing the server so much it caused all those outages we had yesterday and today. We’ve had to disable that for now and I’m very sorry about that!

  4. someone says:

    what a sleazeball. and that dress is unfortunate.

  5. Baholicious says:

    Say it, Oprah. Say ‘crack.’ You’ll feel much better for having done so because then you wouldn’t be so full of shit anymore. Poor, long-suffering, victimized Oprah. Nothing is ever her fault, is it?

  6. RReedy says:

    Okrah never owns up any kind of sin..it’s a “learning lesson”…”what I was meant to experience”…blah! blah! blah! Admit it, O, you and the new prez like to fire a doobie now and then don’t you? God knows I DO!

  7. daisy424 says:

    CB; I noticed that happening. Will you be reinstalling it? It is a useful tool.
    I miss the emoticons also.

  8. Gina says:

    Oh mah gawd! As IF Oprah is to blame for his crack smoking! Please! Come on, MAN! Mr. Cook is uber-pathetic for trying to still cash in on something that happened over 24 years ago. Oprah smoked crack. So what? There are a million other great qualities about her that people envy. Write that in your tell-all book, mon frere!

    As for whomever did Oprah’s makeup in that pic… yikes! He made her look like Bozo The Clown.

  9. DD says:

    Big deal. She did drugs, most people I know, good and bad, have done illegal drugs at some point in their lives.

  10. KateNonymous says:

    Oprah’s version fits with everything else we know about her life. His doesn’t.

  11. Amy says:

    Please let Kathy Griffin write a bit about how Oprah can’t even say the word “crack!” LMAO!

  12. morgs says:

    As long as it wasn’t Stedman who introduced her. I’ve only ever seen pictures of him, but he looks like a true class act (and handsome to boot).

  13. Jeane says:

    I remember a show where Oprah was talking about how she used to have such low self esteem, and always dated guys who treated her like dirt and made her feel worthless.
    Just as it was about to turn into a pity party, Oprah shrugged it off and said with a smug face:

    “Well, I guess succes is the best revenge.”

    The audience went MAD (of course), it was awesome. I’m not a fan but I was sooo wanted to high five Oprah at that moment.

    Suck it Randolph Cook, I’m real sure Oprah is still thinking about you when she’s counting her money, you pathetic loser.

  14. Annie says:

    As Whitney would say:

    “Crack is whack, I make too much money to be doing crack.”

    So like Whitney, she probably did Coke. Big difference. :) (rofl)

  15. Geraldine says:

    Hey Oprah I believe your boyfriend. You are such a woosh. Just because you have a lot of money and can do anything you want that does not make you perfect.

    My question to you is are you happy?

    Money is the root of all evil

  16. Rougelatete says:

    One day, when Oprah decides to donate more than 1/800th of her ka-billions to charity (i.e. substance abuse recovery programs, African-American programs, eating disorder programs, etc), I will respect her. Until then, nada. Sure, she donates SOME money now. But she lives like a queen. And, for that — especially given her past — I cannot forgive her.

  17. bagel101 says:

    Nice Wig! ha ha ha

  18. Dirty Martini says:

    I can’t stand Oprah. But the truth is, I depised her before I knew she did crack.

    Now I just feel even more right for my distain in her.

    She gives complete and utter new meaning to the word ego.

    And to blame her doing drugs on a man–forget it. She chose to do the drug. She could have said no. Dont go mealy mouth crying to blame him.

    Although he sounds like a pig too.

    But both of them sound like self absorbed, blame another person, don’t take responsibility idiots.

    As Chris Rock used to say: Low expectation havin’……

    You fill in the rest.

  19. Ter says:

    I’m inclined to think it is not a big deal. Is she doing drugs now? I don’t think so. Given her past I’m surprised there wasn’t more longevity with the drug issue. Most folks who feel unworthy or want to feel part of a group have done drugs at one time or another, which would be quite a lot of folks, so MEH, I am not fazed by this.

  20. Mel says:

    Not to be a complete b!tch, but your first sentence has a spelling gaffe:

    you wrote Miss O’s ex is trying to “pedal” a tell-all book, but you should have said he’s trying to peddle a book. The prior refers to an action ON–or piece OF–a bike, while the latter refers to the action of dealing, dispensing or distributing items, goods or wares.

    Just so you know.

  21. Ruth says:

    slightly shocked by the oprah drugs revelations but everyone does some stupid things in their 20s.we all have a few skeletons at least she was honest about it and has done extremely well in life since-this old boyf is just jealous and trying to make money out of something we already know about! get a life man!