Is Benedict Cumberbatch hooking up with Russian model Katia Elizarova?

You’ll have to forgive me, but I don’t always read all of the comments in the Benedict Cumberbatch posts. I know there are lots of Cumberbitches who think (incorrectly) that they have some sort of claim on my Cumberbatch, but that is not the case. I find it difficult to read the comments without taking out my Slut Dagger of Slut-Justice and the whole thing would just be a bloodbath. So, that’s my explanation for why I missed out (or actively ignored) some of the speculation about the blonde in the bikini in the above photo from Cumby’s Magical Ibiza Wedding Thing. She has her hand resting on his magnificent thigh. And he’s smiling. And the whole thing makes me sick!!

Honestly, though, I wouldn’t be that upset if Cumby was dating a Russian blonde in a bikini. Sure, my immediate reaction would be to unsheathe my weapon of Slut-Justice and scream “Get off my boyfriend!” But when I think about it, I want him to be happy and he’s happy with some Russian model named Katia Elizarova, then… (breathes slowly, counts to five)… that’s fine.

Benedict Cumberbatch has shown that he is a man of many talents by revealing his role in officiating the marriage of his friend in Ibiza. And whilst he fulfilled his duties at the wedding, it has now been claimed that the Sherlock actor got close to model Katia Elizarova.

According to Now magazine, the Sherlock actor enjoyed the romantic nuptials alongside the Russian model, with the pair apparently having shared a kiss on a sun lounger.

A rep for Benedict has been approached for comment.

The reports of Benedict getting close to Katia comes after the actor ruled out any romance with her when they were first linked last year.

Speaking to the Telegraph’s Mandrake at the time, the actor said: “We’re just old friends. I can’t say any more than that. Russian is a wonderful language. I’d love to be able to master it.”

Whilst Benedict may be enjoying his holiday in Ibiza, the actor will soon be returning to work to begin filming for the third episode in the third series of the hit BBC drama. Speaking about the script which he described as a “birthday present”, The Sun reported the actor who turned 37 on July 19, saying:

“I just got the script and it’s another early birthday present, because it is amazing. I don’t want to hype it too much because we haven’t made it yet but what a script! Steven Moffat is brilliant. We shoot in about a week and a half’s time. We’re on Sherlock for four weeks into early September. So it’s a good time. It’s a very, very exciting time to be me. I’m really lucky.”

[From Entertainmentwise]

It’s fine. I’m not pouting. I’m not sharpening my weapon. I’m not plotting how to win him back. I’m not, I swear. It’s fine. He’s probably been banging her for a while, right? That’s interesting. I find that interesting. And completely fine.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Instagram.

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  1. GeeMoney says:

    She’s not that pretty… he should call up Anna Jones… she was waaaay better looking.

    Oh, and I am officially depressed now.

  2. blue marie says:

    she’s pretty but gah, she looks young.

    I’m gonna be honest, what I read was.. “We’re just old friends.(who screw)Russian is a wonderful language.(to yell out while screwing) I’d love to be able to master it. (spank that Russian ass, while screwing)..

    wow, did not realize how bored at work I was until just now.. sad

  3. Felice says:

    Calm yourselves, it’s now magazine. I smell booty call. I would hate it if every boy I kissed was called my bf. Time will tell. But if they are, cool.

  4. MissMary says:

    My money’s on booty call or FWB. He does seem to have a strong preference for blondes though. (Though if you want to be picky, the guy next to him is leaning on him, too, and BC seems equally “eh” about both situations).

  5. garvels says:

    My gaydar goes off every time I see this guy. I just strongly sense that he would prefer intimate relationships with men verses women.

    • Dee says:

      Your gaydar needs to be re-calibrated.

    • Lainey says:

      You are not alone. I am expecting a statement to People Magazine declaring his great man love (whoever it is). His stans will explode though. It seems to really bother them when its even mentioned that he may like dong. Its like you slurred their god or something SMDH

    • Miss M says:

      @garvels: *whispers in hopes my Cumbycollective friends won’t hear me* : agree!

    • Aud says:

      He sets off my gaydar – which sounds like an air attack warning.
      I mean, come on. It’s so obvious.

  6. Erinn says:

    I think she’s quite pretty. I’m not against this. Though, I’m also not a full blown Cumberbitch at this point.

  7. Lindy79 says:

    He hasn’t been shy about saying the word “girlfriend” in the past when describing relationships that are that serious so once he starts doing interviews and that question comes up (which it will inevitably), it’ll be confirmed either way.

    I’m going with “hooking up” until I hear otherwise directly from him or her.

  8. Abby says:

    I don’t like her. Not just a biased opinion cz I love Cumby, but she ain’t even pretty.

    He could do better….IMO

    • Maria says:

      Not really tho.

      I know y’all worship the ground this dude walks on (he IS a great actor with a lovely voice) but he’s fugly.

      If it weren’t for Sherlock or his whitewashed role of Khan, he’d never pull a model unless he had deep pockets.

      • Abby says:

        See I do agree when you say he isn’t that good looking….which was my opinion too long back until I saw him act.

        He is definitely not conventionally good looking but he has that charm and great personality which attracts me to him physically. To top it off he is a very talented guy.

        I agree with you that yes he probably got that model cz of him being famous but I rather have him date a normal girl who goes for what he is than his fame, money.

        Plus I genuinely don’t find her pretty…like I don’t know exactly what it is…but she is too bland. I have seen way prettier models than her with way uglier guys than him LOL. So yea he can certainly do better

      • Lindy79 says:

        To be fair, there’s no guarantee that a “normal” girl won’t be after his fame/money or for that matter that she is just because she’s a model.

      • T.Fanty says:

        @ Lindy,

        He’s pretty much said exactly that in a bunch of interviews. I get the sense he’s pretty paranoid about it.

      • Abby says:


        I get what you mean…I guess I was being judgemental grouping all model under the category of gold diggers.

        You are right…a normal girl too can be just after his fame or money.

        But this one…I simply don’t like her…god I am such a hater

        Btw is he even super rich???

      • Lindy79 says:

        That’s why you can see why he’s going to lean towards women he’s known for a while. He probably trusts them because they’ve known him longer than all the Sherlock/Star Trek madness (well Alice Eve did, not sure how long he’s known Katia for)

      • Miss M says:

        @T.Fanty: “He’s pretty much said exactly that in a bunch of interviews. I get the sense he’s pretty paranoid about it.” Now it explains why he goes after me, when I keep saying NO. Ugh!

  9. T.Fanty says:

    Okay, considering the lengths to which this has been discussed in previous posts, I think we might officially be running out of things to say regarding Cumby. I’m not interested in speculating or being publicly mean about this woman on a daily basis.

    Of course, that said, I have something to add: it’s smart of his people to allow such rumours to circulate, regardless of whether he is banging/marrying/platonically enjoying time with Blondie. At least if rumours like her, Alice Eve, Lara Pulver, etc., continue to float around, there’s less chance of tumblr having a MAJOR meltdown (complete with hate mail) when he does officially produce a woman on the red carpet. Apparently, Martin Freeman’s wife was getting hate mail just for playing Mary in season three, and that’s obnoxious and insane.

    • Sixer says:

      I went on datalounge earlier and there is a completely insane thread on there about it. Poor datalounge – I doubt anyone on the thread contributes there about anything else. IFYKWIM.

      But someone there did say something similar about perfect PR – get seen officiating a gay wedding (how cool and kind and liberal and fluffy bunny rabbits) but simultanesouly get seen with model (not not not not gay himself and gets gorgeous wimlins to boot).

      I don’t think I said on t’other threads but I will say here that my lust for Cumby is in that mid-level band where I don’t really care what he does or who he bangs/dates/marries. But I was a bit put off by the palling around with the skeevy billionaire, if not the famewhore/nice girl/model/legal graduate/whoeversheis.

      • T.Fanty says:

        Personally, I don’t think he’s that calculating – he doesn’t seem particularly capable being in any way cunning. But, if rumors circulate, I think it’s part of his strategy to “be above” responding and let people say what they like. It’s not going to hurt him, and will take the heat off the woman he eventually does appear with.

    • Abby says:

      Agreed with you. I don’t think he has found the one yet. Btw what happened to Alice Eve….I seriously thought there was something b/w them knowing he went for two of her movie’s premiere…Raven and MIB 3. Maybe tey are just friends

      • MissMary says:

        I think she’s dating the guy she went to Mick Jagger’s bday with–there were some pics of them holding hands, etc, then nothing.

      • T.Fanty says:

        You know what they say – there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Everyone is benefitting from even this level of gossip.

    • Miss M says:

      “So it’s a good time. It’s a very, very exciting time to be me. I’m really lucky.” And my douchedar will beep in 3, 2, 1…

      @T.Fanty: He’s doing that just because I keep saying NO to his advances. He needs to stop. I don’t want him at all and this piece of gossip already caused him to CBdivorce Eve.

      • T.Fanty says:

        Damn you. You know he can’t resist a hot scientist.

        I think that Hiddles told Cumby about all the “experiments” you’ve been performing on him, and Cumby got confused (poor lamb) and assumed you meant in a lab.

      • Miss M says:

        @T.Fanty: Hiddles had to blab about his (truly) dragonfly Goddess, didn’t he?! Can he be quiet for a second? No, he cannot… OK, back to experiments! No more FrankenHiddles trials until further (Cumby) notice!

        ps: I am sure Hunnam will be pleased to know about Cumby’s advances on me…

      • Linda L says:

        @Miss M:re that “It’s a great time to be me” quote.
        I don’t take that as arrogance. I’ve heard other “real” ppl say that, and it is always done in a self-deprecating manner. As in, “for some unfathomable reason I am lucky at this moment, so, yay for me”. Heard Tom Hardy say,”It’s good to be Tom today”, and proceeded to giggle his head off.
        Not saying BC doesn’t know when to stop yapping sometimes(ha), but I think that was harmless.

      • I Choose Me says:

        Wait what?! Eve has broken up with Cumby? But, but, I thought their’s was a forever love?

        This is totally like that time when Buffy stabbed Angel in the chest and sent him to hell. *sob* I feel like I no longer believe in love.

      • Miss M says:

        @I Choose me: Where have you been? Yesterday’s post was full of CBrebound suggestions to Eve.

    • Anna says:

      I’m just shocked – SHOCKED, I tell you – that Kaiser and Eve hadn’t shanked each other to death yet. Tho now, with Eve divorcing him…

      • Jenna says:

        *Timeout* Eve and Cumby are divorcing?! Say what?! I tell ya, the CumberBitch Battles have ended with such a whimper. *sigh*

      • T.Fanty says:

        @ Jenna,

        Where have you been?

      • Jenna says:

        @T.Fanty: With Karl, not giving Cumby any attention, as usual.

      • Miss M says:

        @T.Fanty: Jenna meant to say: trying to get Karl’s attention while he was with Miss M. HA!

      • Jenna says:

        @Miss M: Girl, please. Everyone knows damn well he wasn’t trying to get with you. Just like Cumby wasn’t. NEXT!

        @T.Fanty: Apparently the divorce proceedings went down in yesterday’s Cumby’s post? I’ve been cumbered-out so I haven’t been paying attention to him as much. And I don’t even like him like that! Oy.

      • Eve says:

        @ Jenna:

        Yes, dear…it’s soooooo OVAH!

        And it ended even more melacholically than when I CB-divorced Captain Sexy.

    • Dee says:

      I thought Martin wasn’t married. Isn’t she a “long-time girlfriend/partner” with whom he has kids? I could remember that being mentioned when she was going through financial woes.

      • MissMary says:

        Re Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman: long term partners. They’ve mentioned in interviews that they sometimes refer to each other as “husband and wife” but they aren’t married and have no plans to have a wedding. They do have two kids together though.

  10. Thora says:

    Oh come on it’s just a completely normal picture, these people are just having fun. Why is everyone going grazy and having heartattacks.

  11. Dana M says:

    She looks pretty plain looking… So whatever.

  12. bet says:

    Thats Ben De Lisa on his other side. Top Fashion Designer. If you’d seen the way Cumberbatch was looking with lust at his middle aged female director of Parades End you’d never think gay. A fan took a video of him in Belgium where they were both at a screening of Parades End. Cumberbatch didnt realise the camera was on him and he was very appreciative shall we say. Was he banging her too ?

  13. obiwan says:

    Cumberbatch needs a top actress. He and Chastain could take over the world together. Just think of all those advertising deals they could grab together.

    • Abby says:

      Chastain is too boring for my taste…though I do love her as an actress.

      I don’t know why but I soo want him to date Rachel Mcadams….both are in 30′s, both want marriage and kids (isn’t that the reason she left Martin Sheen) and both are gorgeous looking.

      My weird fantasy of seeing them together lol

      • Bijlee says:

        I mean it doesn’t sound like that would be a bad match and I adore Mcadams…..but I’m still not okay with it.

      • Abby says:

        Lol why??? Is it cz you still want her with Gosling or something??

        I love her too…she was my favourite as a teenager. It’s sad she doesn’t have that many movies in hand right now…waste of talent :(

      • Bijlee says:

        @Abby lol no!!! She’s way to good for the Goss. No I just like Cumby way too much. But it would be funny no? Irene Adler and Sherlock together in some way. LOL!

  14. Tish says:

    I love that she has a law degree and I’ve read an interview of her where she says she can’t travel without her Kindle. Haha.

    I just want BC as lush as possible, so go Katia! Because that just means more flattering and happy BC photos for fans.

    Entertainmentwise and Now Magazine are worse than Daily Fail or Sun. So even though I think they’re banging I’m sure they don’t have a real source who saw them smooching in Ibiza. Pix or it didn’t happen!!!

    • MissMary says:

      I think it was Now that tried to get the Alice Eve rumors some legs a few weeks ago with a “Are they dating” blurb and a rehash of an interview given during STID promos where Eve said BC’d make a great husband for someone, e tc. Well, it’s how they get readers and make money so gods bless ‘em.

      • Lindy79 says:

        I’m not sure my point was entirely clear.
        If acting has always been her goal, why not spend the time spent on a law degree (which no one does just for shits and giggles, lets be honest) training and honing her skills at that.

        An English degree is an example of one in which the job prospects are limited, so even if you loved studying it, you may have to go a different path when you graduate (I have friends who did arts degrees in the same situation, but they adored studying it in college). Law is a different story, it’s like medicine, there are plenty of opportunities and it’s a clear career path with little ambiguity. I doubt she did the degree and then found “oh there are no jobs”…no she continued to model and is now wanting to act so…law clearly wasn’t ever her true passion. It looks good on her CV and she can use it when accused of being a bimbo model (something I’m sure she probably isn’t).

    • Lindy79 says:

      *general thought*
      I never get why people who are already working in an industry like acting/modeling/singing or anything really and then while working in that field, go on to do degrees in things they appear to have no intention of pursuing. It’s probably a case of “why not, if I can” and no degree is ever a waste but she was a fairly successful model getting very regular work before she started studying and now she wants to go into acting so it’s not like law was her back up for modeling or her “after modeling” plan. A degree is 4 years of bloody hard work, why do it if you don’t love it and at the time of study, you are already working in a field you appear to love? Suppose the money and perks are better.
      This isn’t just based on Katia, this applies to anyone really.
      There are loads of examples of people who didn’t find it until after they finished Uni and that makes sense to me

      *general thought over*

      • MissMary says:

        My thoughts on the degree thing (not just in this lady’s case but in general, similar instances)… makes them marketable and more…appealing. “Oh, they’re a model/actor/performer of some sort..must be vapid but oh, hey! A law degree! Well, now…Maybe we’re wrong!” Whether they graduated top of the class or very last, it’s a degree and looks good on the CV.

      • Lindy79 says:

        Yeah that was my thinking too. I kind of serves as a “well I can’t be stupid, I have a degree”, and I can understand that especially in modeling.

        I just can’t imagine even doing a 4 year degree for that reason.

      • tc says:

        Well, she’s not a huge star like Giselle, who’ll get bookings as long as she wants them. She’s a smallish fry in the fashion world, who will be easily replaced by a younger model in 5-10 years. Now when that time comes, she’ll have a job to fall back on.

      • Bijlee says:

        @tc can you just jump back into law like that? Her law degree seems suspect. She was working while she got her degree. Like traveling over the world for campaigns. She can’t have done good work for her degree. Law school is hard. But whatever she probably has enough connections to lad a cushy job somewhere.

      • Lindy79 says:

        That was my thinking but people do degrees at night and all sorts. Im more looking at comments like “ive always been drawn to the stage” meaning its doubtful she’s planning a law career as her next move

        And yes she would have to update her training. Not a 4 year update but laws change constantly so if someone was out of the game for years (and she would have no practical experience), they’d need to do a lot of work.

      • LilyRose says:

        Working in a field you enjoy but wasn’t your main focus in college is more common than you think ;)

        To quote a dear friend: “what are you going to do with an English degree?

        Hang it on a wall and open a cafe.”

  15. Abby says:

    @Miss Mary Ooo just saw the pics. Woah that guy is hot if she is with him. Thanks for the info

  16. Lolo says:

    She is not pretty at all. She is a model? Seems like everyone calls themselves a “model” these days

  17. Ravensdaughter says:

    She’s trampy looking. I thought Cumby had better taste.
    And what’s the age difference?

  18. lady mary. says:

    tired of Cumby posts ,can we have a Tom hardy post ,its been too long since those puppy pics

    • Maria says:

      Oh god yes, bring Hardy back!

    • Lindy79 says:

      I thought he was so good in Wuthering Heights. That was my first proper introduction to Hardy, I’m ashamed to say as he is a very talented actor

      • lady mary. says:

        yeah for me 2 ther are actually so many close ups of his beautiful lips in that movie ,i need to make gifs out of them,

      • Maria says:

        Have you seen Stuart, a life backwards? He’s sooooooo freaking good in that movie! Cumberbatch is as well, but not as good as hottie Tom

      • lady mary. says:

        @maria,yes ofc i have seen it he played a homeless man so well,right frm his walk talk,laugh ,smile i can go on,cumby looked really youthful ,it was indeed a touchin movie,srry ladies ,iam sufferin from a hardy malaise atm ,i have no where to go and discuss other than to my fav celebitches

  19. curlsunited says:

    He sent a message to thank all the people who sent him birthday presents/messages or donated. It ends with “I had such an amazing day and weekend to celebrate an extraordinary year and with great excitement about what the future holds.”

    Yes, my thoughts exactly.

    I think he’s trying to keep a low profile right now. He looked rather unhappy in yesterday’s picture with the two girls near Covent Garden.

    • MissMary says:

      Yesterday or Monday was also the first read-through for the next ep of Sherlock so he was probably harried and not in the mood for fan interaction.

      • curlsunited says:

        Yep, and he had his appointment at the hairdressers … That was on the same day, wasn’t it? I detect that pale pink linen shirt under the towels …

  20. Allijo says:

    *closes eyes and plugs ears*


  21. Miss Melissa says:

    They are schtuping. Big deal.

    Yes, she’s gorgeous, no, I don’t think she’s dumb. But neither means she has character, depth or enough sensitivity and genuine warmth to be the mother of his children.

    Men respond to beauty the way women respond to confidence. A hot gal isn’t necessarily “mother of my children” material any more than a confident, successful man is “ideal husband” material. But that doesn’t mean you’re not going to go there while you wait for the love of your life to come along.

    It will be OK. And if he does marry her, ladies, he’s not the guy you think he is.
    And isn’t that what you really want? For him to be the guy you imagine him to be?

    • Lolo says:

      Huh? She is not hot at all.

    • EscapedConvent says:

      @Miss Melissa,

      Yes. I want him to be Percy Shelley, Robert Browning, & Albert Schweitzer. ;-)

    • Jany says:

      A+++ comment! Voice of reason and all that jazz. Indeed, if he marries her he’s not who I perceived him to be. Otherwise he’s just having fun. I’m already over it, hahaha.

      Anyway – his b’day thank you message today was lovely and very inspiring. Concentrating on that now and not boring fashion — ahem, ‘batches’… ;-)

  22. obiwan says:

    Cumby was happy to tell those two girls he was buying perfume which to me reeked of him wanting us to know he’s screwing the model.

    • Felice says:

      Really? Like “thanks for the b-day romp?” Also his mum`s b-day is coming up.

      • T.Fanty says:

        If someone gave me a bottle of perfume and a “thanks for the birthday sex” card, I might kill them.

      • Lindy79 says:

        Wow hallmark have really branched out in the categories for their cards

      • EscapedConvent says:


        So true, Lindy.

        Today I saw a Hallmark card that said “Please keep your anorexic fingers off my thigh in pictures. It is simply not worth all the public uproar. My other bitches have been very upset by this picture.”

      • Lindy79 says:

        Well they have to come up with other ways to create business. I’m going to write to their head office with my idea for “national shag buddy” day. I think they’ll snap my hand off!

    • MissMary says:

      He also has a lot of women in his life–mom, half sister, niece/PA, Una Stubbs (old family friend), and who knows who else… could be a present for any one of them, not necessarily his side piece.

  23. Katie says:

    I rarely find models these days conventionally “pretty”. They all have interesting bone structure and can photo graph well in an angular, show off the clothes with a bland face kind of way, but rarely do you see the beautiful faces like you did in the heyday of the original supermodels. So I think BC should have fun with this and if they do end up together, their children will probably have insane cheekbones!

  24. Dani says:

    This picture really doesn’t give me the ‘we’re boning’ vibe. I’m married and I have pictures like these with guy friends. It’s not like her palm is flat on his thigh or groping him.

    • Abby says:

      My thoughts exactly. I mean I have my arm sometimes on my guy friends thigh but doesn’t mean he is my bf.

  25. lilybloo says:

    Cumberbatch and Hiddleston ‘s careers depend on popularity if they want to make it big in Hollywood. Thus they have to “sell”a certain image of what is most desirable. The awkward , goofy thespian who can’t seem to get anybody pregnant and the extra nice , well read , thoughtful sensitive chap with starry eyes and heart of gold. But these are just very cleverly crafted career moves made by them and tgeur pr teams. Otherwise would these two dudes really be considered “hearthrobs” and leading men material?

    • Malificent says:

      Eh, ya work with what ya got. Cumby is odd-looking and awkward, even if it’s appealing. And Hiddleston is overly theatrical and bordering on fame whory. But they are both smart and talented — and that’s always hot. Neither one of them will ever be the next Hollywood heart throb, but if they’re smart they’ll be keeping busy for some time to come on this side of the pond.

    • Van says:

      Practically every fan who has met Benedict, as well has his co-stars, say he is an extremely sweet (and slightly awkward, possibly naive) guy.

      If his PR team made all of them say that, then their headquarters must have lines out there door filled with people who want to work with them!

    • MissThing says:

      Since I don’t have much invested in Cumby here, it is more of uh.. oh well then.. to me.

      On the other hand I had a talk with my husband last night on why is it that these guys always seem to go for ‘models’. Like there are plenty of just as attractive women out there who most certainly have more brains to offer as well as looks and yet the males out there seem wired to only want bimbos in bikinis.

      I dunno. Don’t care in any specific way, just in a WTH guys sort of global way. *she says peevishly*

      • Sixer says:

        I had a similar conversation with my husband – but he wasn’t much help as he’s always liked sporty or fierce/feisty girls (I was quite feisty when he met me). Best he could come up with is that these guys don’t want any actual, person-to-person competition because they’re needy actors, but they do want kudos for getting girls other guys can’t get, because they’re needy actors.

        BTW – after reading a bit on here, he says he very much likes the idea of Eve and her shanks… (snigger).

      • Tulip says:

        In a way, models are still prestigious. And most men (like most humans) are insecure. If you are dating a model, then no one can say you’re dating an “ugly” kind of woman. Built-in security.

    • Loulou says:


      No offence to you, but if BC thought like that then he’d be the exact opposite of the man I think he is.

  26. obiwan says:

    I’m not sure any pr team would push I cant get anyone pregnant. Its just his usual foot in mouth stuff.

  27. Charlie says:

    Her FB page has been full of hints, he’s a private guy, she’s not a private woman.
    Apart from her hints that she’s in the same place the same time as him, the page is full of images of herself, she enjoys attention and the limelight and that’s just so not.. him.
    And they definitely weren’t together last year. Up until recently, her long term boyfriend was her PR man.
    And apart from anything else, this article is citing ‘Now Magazine’ as a source. Um…

    The were no kissing pictures.. That was added to spice up the story, which all started because of that picture which Benedict didn’t give his permission to be put on FB.

    • Leo says:

      What hints?
      Not that I follow him that much, but expect thet Greece and Ibiza thing, I can’t really see anything else.
      Or maybe I’m just not informed :)

      • Charlie says:

        Meh, I feel bad that his privacy is compromised, so I’d rather not say, but trust me, the hints were there.

    • Lindy79 says:

      Barring the Greece thing and Ibiza dress I didn’t see much else on her FB that hinted at BC. Just what I would expect from a model, photo shoots, glam locations and stuff about how gorgeous she is.
      I didn’t really look closely so could be wrong

      • Leo says:

        Yeah, that’s what I thought. Or maybe he really was in Finland, St. Tropez, Mustique Island, Florence, St. Petersburg etc.
        Oh, well, perhaps others know more.

    • Leo says:

      No problem, I get it! I thought it was something publicly known.
      I just hope he isn’t pushing her to be silent about the relationship (if there is any) since he has declared himself single even in interviews from late May.

      • Charlie says:

        Why would she want to blab to the public about the relationship, though?
        He wants to keep his private life out of the press and if she didn’t agree then I don’t think she’d be a very suitable match for him. And as I say, the hinting on her page hasn’t helped any. You wouldn’t have to be Miss Marple to make a connection, way before this beach pic appeared.

      • Leo says:

        I don’t know about others or her, but if I want to keep something a secret, I don’t go around posting hints on FB, especially ones that are so obvious that almost anyone can figure them out.
        If that is the case (you as it is), I would say she probably wants people to know or she would not leave them in the first place.
        Anyway, time will tell :)

    • Vesta says:

      Her FB page is FULL of hints?? This is beginning to sound too Sherlock for my taste…sorry

      • Leo says:

        Yeah, agree.
        OK, glad to see I’m not alone :)

      • Charlie says:

        Not really. Like I say, you don’t need to be a detective. And yeah, maybe “full” was exaggerating a bit. But there were several and just annoyed me. If there is something to be kept private, then it’s very easy to do so. Very easy.

  28. bet says:

    One poster of datalounge is convinced the model is sitting next to Benedict in the hairdessers photo. That might have been why Benedict was reported as being very shy when he met those two girls in the street. He might have been just nervous they’d bump into the model.

    Last year she is quoted as saying the Russian millionaire wasnt her boyfriend and that she was dating noone. That was just before she met Cumberbatch at that Garden party.
    She seems really annoying in the video.

    • Charlie says:

      Not true that she wasn’t dating at that point.
      Not that old man that calls her a muse, but she was dating.

    • Van says:

      Yeah, ONE person thought she looked like Katia but I don’t see it at all. She looks like just a random woman, if you ask me. Everyone else on that website thinks so too.

    • Lindy79 says:

      She’s not the only annoying one in that video..I know they’re being asked about their clothes/getting ready but come on, bit of sharp wit wouldn’t go a miss and less girlie giggling

    • Miss Melissa says:

      Interesting that his then-squeeze Lydia Hearst was also at that party.

      I like her much better than Lydia, who is absurdly pretentious.

  29. Tilly says:

    Say what you like, I still think him and Gemma Arterton are meant to be. (Why yes, this is completely unfounded and simply because they are both firmly in the ‘would bang’ category…)

  30. Manchurian Global says:

    I don’t care about Cumby either way. He doesn’t do it for me at all.

    However, I don’t think this girl is anything special. She looks pretty dime-a-dozen to me. I’ve been backstage at runway shows in Eastern Europe, and the vast majority of the models look better (and more distinct) than her.

  31. Dale says:

    I Want him with Jessica Chastain. Not only would they make a good interesting looking couple but they are both good actors. I know I know its not gonna happen. Shes With someone I think but yeah……

    • Noreen says:

      She has a strict personal rule about dating actors: she doesn’t do it, ever.

    • MissMary says:

      The thing with Hiddleston was smacked down pronto as pure gossip. Her PR was on that fast, and it’s backed up as incorrect info by her FB. When she was supposedly “celebrating Christmas” with him, she was demonstrably in a play in NYC and her family was with her.

      She’s pretty firm, at least publicly, about not dating actors. She’s with someone in the fashion industry, iirc, a designer I think.

  32. Elisabeth says:

    It Seems like every woman he’s pictured with is his girlfriend *sigh*

  33. renee says:

    He is Gay! Yall don’t have to worry about the woman in the picture.

  34. Russ says:

    I dont think he’s gay. But I do believe its harder for him to find a girl who can settle down because of how famous he has become.

  35. bet says:

    Interesting that on the Daily mail comments section under the article about the wedding he’s getting lots of good positive messages from the public. A huge difference from before. Its been great PR for him.

  36. Denise says:

    I thought she was just a pretty civilian. She looks extremely uncomfortable for a woman who poses for a living.

  37. helwal says:

    He was in Harvey Nicholls this afternoon with a date. Twitter message from a poster who saw them.

  38. Lindy79 says:

    Is Harvey Nicholls the new place to have a date?
    Maybe she hated the perfume and they were swapping it ;)

    Im sure if you search it’ll come up

    • Puffy says:

      Lets hope she can use her Amex card. According to a past tweet of hers, she hashtagged #recessionfail because H&M wouldn’t accept Amex. Oh boo hoo. What an awful thing to go through.. This recession is truly biting us, isn’t it?


      • Ally says:

        No? Oh, God… She couldn’t use her Amex?
        Shit.. I cry so easily.. This is awful. I guess we can let Amnesty know or something?
        Fuck.. And all those people being forced to use food banks don’t know the true cost of suffering


      • Lindy79 says:

        This is why social media (especially Twitter) can be such a bad thing. You put something out there and it looks…awful.

      • Loulou says:

        Oh dear indeed….

  39. Leah says:

    People say she is not pretty but neither is he so i dont see the outrage if he is dating her. Good luck to them if they are dating.

  40. Izzy says:

    Well… hrm… I mean, he’s dated others before… seems to like the fashion world? Good luck to them! She seems his type (er… in that she’s blonde, I suppose, I don’t know much more beyond that, haha!)

    (the bitter side of me is wondering how long this will last…. I mean, for real…) Unless they’ve actually been dating since last year? What’s the timeline for this? Booty call, then rekindle relationship, decide to make a go of it? She was in a relationship so he had to wait for that the break up?

    Oh man. The hardcore fangirl fall out is going to be pretty epic if she sticks around longer than 6 months. I mean.

    Ah well- enjoy it BC!

    • MissMary says:

      He’s pretty openly and blatantly said he’s single in the time between this pic and the outing with her last year. Even his mom said something to Caitlin Moran in that big interview last month or in May about how he’s single and she wishes he’d have kids already because she’s not getting any younger.

  41. Nikki says:

    In my mind he’s a chubby chaser….and I just so happen to be chubby :-)

    • MissMary says:

      lol, from your lips to the gods’ ears!

      Though there’s rumors that Hiddles likes the curvy ladies and keeps it on the down-low.

      • flower says:

        Oh yeah, the he likes curvy girls thing has been going around the fandom for quite a while now. Props to you hiddlewiddles.

  42. Shiv says:

    I adore the Batch but something is very off with the fandom response over this. I love the fans who keep saying ‘as long as he’s happy’ Ha, you can’t pull the wool over everyone’s eyes! ;)
    BC isn’t exceptionally good looking and it’s the acting and the way he cares about his fans/talks about family that make the lady’s swoon. As Alice said ‘is it because he’s obtainable?’ He was the first to admit last year ‘he’s been punching above his weight and enjoying it’, and I think that’s exactly what’s happening here. The fans can deny it all they want but it IS happening and Ithink this time BC doesnt care who knows. My twitter timline is full of sightings of him and her at Harvey Nics yesterday (Thursday). Harvey Nics!!!! You wouldn’t go there if trying to deny/keep it a secret. I think BC has shot himself in the foot with telling every interviewee that he desperately wants a family. Granted, i’m sure he does but I don’t believe him to be that selfish he would have a family anytime soon given his crazy work ethic/schedule! That’s why he’s likely to be thoroughly enjoying his time with Katia (who I think btw had a boyfriend until April time this year!). Is it likely to last long term? IDK. I don’t think she seems the sort who Wanda would show her owl collection to ;) Katia appears to be very into social media which will likely hinder things considering he’s apparently extremely private.
    I do think we will hear a lot more on this subject, she will post hints on her social pages and he won’t deny it this time if asked. Hot career and hot bird (okay no Giselle or Rosie but above his weight for sure) – he’s having the time of his life!
    I watched one of his interviews in Japan – they did a quick fire round of questions – one of his answers ‘big IF i had a family, we would go swimming…i love water’. I thought it odd, maybe he’s come to the realisation it’s not for him. Can’t see a model getting Keith Cheggers for him at 26. In London there are a lot of rich businessmen with more money than Ben IF that was her driving force.
    Oh and one last thing – the age gap! I don’t think Jason Statham got this much shit being with Rosie HW who is 18/19 years his junior.

    *and breath*

    • Felice says:

      No, it’s IF I had a “vacation”

    • MissMary says:

      I’m not holding my breath that it was def her w/him at Harvy Nic’s…

    • Felice says:

      And if it were her and not his niece (was there an actual name on your timeline? I only see the Michael Phelps girl commenting on seeing him) Maybe there isn’t anything to hide. Maybe they are just friends or whatever.

      • MissMary says:

        Wait, wait… famous people of opposite genders can be *friends* and it’s not *dating*? I… I don’t know what to do with this information… ;) (It’s late, I’m loopy, lol, sorry).

      • Maria says:

        LOL @ missmary

    • flower says:

      I’ve always thought that the fans who bang on about being happy about their favorite star dating and how others should be happy for them are really seething and raging inside about them being taken. They take their rage, turn it inside out and try to cope by putting on an act. It’s sad. I see this happen a lot in Hiddles fandom and I always think “girl, why are you telling me to be happy, you sound like the most frustrated and angry fangirl ever” lol.

      • Felice says:

        Because they traveled to Egypt to live in “Da Nile”

      • Eve says:

        @ Flower:

        Love this comment (and so totally agree with you). I don’t buy a single one of these “I’m happy for him, let’s respect his privacy now”.

        They’re dying inside, but acting like they’re above the fangirl who’s honest about being jealous.

      • I disagree. I happen to have a soft spot for famous people who appear to want a normal relationship in a non-normal life — probably b/c I have a very famous friend who wanted just that. I’ve been rooting for BC because of his roles (some of my childhood favorites) and his stated desire for a stable, loving relationship (as seemingly evidenced by his LT GF and many, many interviews.) I’m disappointed because I think this relationship will not make him happy, not because I’m jealous. Obviously, I’m projecting b/c of my friend, but as you said in another post, Eve, I’m OVAH it.

  43. Dalovelee says:

    *UGH!* why do they always go for the blonde models in their 20s? Geeez Benedict you’re so amazing but not very original in the newly acquire fame and now dating the blonde model. You went to Japan had beautiful women fawning over you and here you pull a Leo DiCaprio… Blonde bimbo model!

  44. helwal says:

    I love the line about not being the sort of girl Wanda would show her owl collection to.

    Maybe she’ll sort out his awful wardrobe of clothes. Fans would appreciate that!

    He probably wants to take her to the premieres of his films so bleeding the news out this way will be less of a shock for the fans. Imagine if he takes her to Toronto. The sh*t will hit the fan then.Especially if she tries to get a lot of PR. Its a great way for her to advertise she’s becoming an actress. All those 3rd rate newspapers/tv channels attending the event who cant get interviews with the big names will pick at any crumbs to get some media coverage.

    There maybe richer men than BC for her to bag but noone who can help as much with acting ambitions as BC.

    Teach me acting, buy me clothes in harvey nics, take me on holidays and you can scr*w me all you like BC.

    He’s boringly predictable with the trophy girlfriend. I had hoped he’d be more original. Pick someone with more edge.

    • Felice says:

      We still don’t know yet. And I don’t think Harvey Nics has a CD section (judging by facebook photos)

      • helwal says:

        Whats a Cd section got to do with it.They were seen eating in the restaurant there.

        Someone also took a sneaky photo of him eating out last night which really must be horrible for him. (He’s not going to be that thin for the 3rd episode of Sherlock)

        The BC PR is going great guns at the moment.

        Gorgeous girlfriend to show youre actually a stud. Now the next step should be a film set romance with a big name actress. That would really push the PR boat out.

      • Lindy79 says:

        FFS. I was actually glad to read on here that there didn’t appear to be any sneaky pictures taken by the twitter person.
        It’s not ok to take pictures of people when they are not aware. If you’re not polite enough to go over and ask for a photo (when they’re done eating and you’re not interrupting anything of course)then leave them the hell alone.

      • MissMary says:


        Re the film set romance… no rumors yet but there was the “date” with Liv Tyler whilst he was in California doing STiD and such. They were supposed to be in an indie movie together and the production team was already posting about casting, etc, when the two went to the movies together and were “accidentally” spotted leaving. I’d say either he has a LOT of female friends (no big, it happens that way sometimes) or one hell of a savvy PR team who knows how to stir and keep interest.

    • Lindy79 says:

      I kind of agree with helwal.
      Even if it’s a casual thing, it’s a mutually beneficial set up for both of them.

      I do wish he’d gone for something a little less..obvious, even for a casual thing but it’s his business.

      She could be a lovely person, from the few clips you can find online, she seems like what I would deem a typical model (blowing kisses to the camera, talking about clothes and places she goes, giggling and not much else) who does some charity work.

  45. plum says:

    Soo what I said about hoping he gets a gf soon came true! She’s pretty, hating on her is ugly.

    • Loulou says:

      Oh please don’t use that term ‘Hating on her’..
      It’s so juvenile and more to the point, nobody on here is ‘hating on her’, in any sense of the word.
      She puts herself out there quite strongly and publicly and is clearly keen on having notoriety and fame. People are discussing how she conducts herself, so there really is no arbitrary bitching going on. It annoys me when people bizarrely go on a rant about how much hate a person is getting when there is no evidence for that at all.

  46. Shiv says:

    I don’t think she will be at Toronto Festival with him – too many big wigs there. Even Leo doesnt bring his models to these things! Haha.
    Girlfriend or not, i believe something is happening with Katia. He must think she is okay to take her to a wedding he is attending. I don’t however believe she will be the mother of his children…..

    because I will.

    All jokes aside, I don’t see this as being long term (wishful thinking perhaps) and he is likely just enjoying himself right now while he is jetting across the world filming/promoting etc! The man is way to hectic for a serious relationship (that’s just my opinion btw).
    This girl is also on the scene A LOT in London and counts original MIC cast as her pals – i just cant see him changing so drastically from Mr Private to Mr Press!
    P.s I don’t believe he ever dated Liv Tyler, he isnt that lucky!!

  47. helwal says:

    New interview with Cumberbatch in Elle Japan with a very interesting quote

    What about marriage?

    It is a wonderful thing to get married young and become a father. I used to think that I’d get married by mid-30’s and have children. But now I think I can wait. I’m no longer in a hurry to get married. I would like to first get to know the partner and build a trusting relationship before making the commitment. ”

    Thats very different from what he normally says

    “What is your definition of “sexy?”

    A woman who knows that she doesn’t have to get all decked out to look good is sexy. A woman who can make you feel smart with her conversation skills is also sexy. I believe the sense of humor is important. I also think someone who is good at working with others is sexy. It’s like playing a tennis doubles match. You need to be able to work well together if you are to stay as partners for a long time. ”

    You were greeted by ~1,000 Japanese “Cumberbitches” at the airport?

    I was so happy! I had some expectations because I was greeted by a lot of fans last time I came to Japan, but this time it was far beyond my expectations.

    • Felice says:

      With that quotation, I’m more sure this is just him having some fun. Buts she does seem really into herself :/

    • Jany says:

      ‘A women that can make you feel smart with her conversation skills…’

      Erm, hahahaha, I do hope that’s a lost in translation sentence because I’d rather make myself seem smart and sexy with my conversation skills! Not make him feel smart, that’s his job! Tsk BC! LOL.

      Would explain the models though! I kid, I kid… ;-)

      • EscapedConvent says:


        Jany, I don’t know if you’ll see this, but I must reply. This sentence *leaped* out at me too! It sounds very odd & is probably an awkward “lost in translation” thing. (Let’s hope) How do you “make* someone feel smart with your conversation skills? Ha! I may be giving him too much credit, but I doubt that he said that

        Anyway, I got a kick out of your comment!

      • Jany says:

        Hi! Hahaha, am glad you got a kick out of it. And yes, I do hope it’s a ‘lost in translation’ thing, can you even imagine otherwise? But it’s at least a funny misquote! :-)

    • peshewa says:

      of course he’s no longer in a hurry to get married, he’s famous enough to bang models now!

  48. oleana says:

    I saw this message on datalounge:

    “It’s even possible as someone said earlier that he may even be letting this relationship go a bit more public as a bit of a put down to Eve’s kind of obvious attempts to allign herself with him for PR purposes.”

    I hadnt thought of it that way but it might very well be the reason he’s blurring things.

    • MissMary says:

      He and Eve have been friends since Starter for Ten so I’d like to think he wouldn’t be so harsh in setting her down but at the same time, she has appeared pretty thirsty for his coattails lately so maybe it’s a “hey, yeah, back off” thing with a fuckbuddy.

    • Izzy says:

      Question on that, though..

      When do his people give a response? Has this hit any of the “major” mud rags yet? Is it “big” enough for his people/him to launch a response?

      • Lindy79 says:

        The article says his people were asked to comment. He has shot down rumours before (katia previously and liv tyler, lara pulver did it when they were linked).
        In relation to Japanese article, in the past when hes made the family/children comments hus schedule hasnt been ss hectic. It sounds more like hes realised that its not the right time if he wants to build career, which is fair. He cant possibly devote time to meeting someone, forming a lasting relationship and starting a family at the moment.

      • MissMary says:

        I don’t recall an official response re Liv Tyler, just ignoring it. Sometimes PR does that esp if it’s one of those “ignore it and it’ll go away” minor buzz rumors, or if it’ll do their client a bit of good to have the rumor about them.

      • Felice says:

        and that appears to be the route they are going on here.

    • I think the main motivation in OKing a pic of him with Katia (b/c that’s what I think he did) was to dispel the rumor that was bound to come up in officiating a gay wedding — that he’s gay. He’s had to deal with those rumors forever (see the posts above) given the fact that he is thin, English and the role that shot him to fame is asexual. It’s also been a LONG time since he’s been seen out and about with a steady, so his hand may have been forced a little. If it put Alice in her place, the more the better. He probably had no idea how much mileage she would get out of those Glastonbury photos. Also, maybe Benedict really likes Katia and figures it’s time to put her out there. Or maybe Katia didn’t like all the attention Alice was getting and told him enough — either because she really likes him or because she wants some of that attention for herself to promote her new play and reality show (WT*?).
      P.S. While I am OVAH the disappointment, I am not OVAH being bitchy!

      • Jany says:

        That last sentence – same here!!!

      • MissMary says:

        TBH…and I thought on this a bit… I think, if he ok’d the pic, it was a “see? I’m straight!” thing. Not because he’s homophobic in the “ew, gays!” sense but really, in the past and not to distant past at that, he’s shown himself to be very uneasy with gay rumors about himself and how parts of fandom “ship” his characters with other male characters.

      • Noreen says:

        @ MissMary

        I think that is, in fact, hard for some people to understand…that BC can be very supportive of the gays but be bothered if someone accuses him of being one. Some actors come out and say “there’s nothing wrong with being gay, so there’s nothing wrong with someone thinking I am”. But that’s not necessarily the same for everyone. BC may get tired of the gay rumors and the gay fanfic because he simply doesn’t like being labelled something he isn’t. I had a personal experience of this years ago myself when I found out that my roommate thought I was a lesbian (I so totally am not and never have even been “bi-curious”). It really made me angry…not because I have anything against gay people, but because she labelled me as something I’m not and she did so on absurdly flimsy “evidence”. For one, I roomed with her for a year and never had a man sleep over. Secondly, my best friend stayed with me for a few days from Canada and we spent a lot of time in my room watching movies and giggling like fiends (she’s the funniest, most hilarious person I’ve ever known). These two things combined–so said my roommate–made her “assume” I was gay. Weird thing is, my best friend slept downstairs the whole time she was visiting me!! If I were a lesbian wouldn’t my friend be sleeping WITH me? It made me so angry. The stupidity of it. I bet actors who get “accused” of being gay feel some of this anger but if they express it they might be labelled “homophobic”. That’s a death-knell to a career in the arts.

      • MissMary says:

        @Noreen: Yes, that exactly! I get the feeling (purely speculation on my part since I don’t know any of these people IRL) that BC is uncomfortable being “shipped” w/costars (who are typically RL friends with him) and/or being frequently presumed to be gay or bisexual. Not that he is homophobic but that he doesn’t like the label being co-opted for himself by others. I don’t think it’s an “omg, this would ruin my career!” mentality so much as a “for fuck’s sake, that isn’t ME!” situation.

  49. Maria says:

    Agree that Alice Eve has recently seemed desperate for publicity and the increase to her profile that will follow if she is seen with Ben. Katia is far too young He’s nearly 40 and she’s in her 20s! Creepy.

    • Felice says:

      David Tennant and his wife are about 14 years apart.

    • oleana says:

      The russian is nearly 27 (in Aug) and he’s just turned 37. 10 years thats all.

    • Noreen says:

      I personally don’t think 10 years is a big deal…depending on the ages where the 10 years falls. In other words 18 and 28 or 20 and 30 are certainly not as appropriate as 27 and 37 or 30 and 40.

      I remember reading something years and years ago that has always stuck with me: it was about maturity levels in males/females in the context of dating/marriage. According to this thing I read, because women mature faster than men it’s best for women to date/marry a man who is AT LEAST 4 years older. It said that a man 4 years older is equal in maturity to a woman 4 years younger than himself. Further, if a woman REALLY wants to ensure she’s got a mate who is advanced in maturity and also established in career she should double that number and seek a man 8 years older. The oldest I’ve dated past my age was about 9 years older and I really liked it. I was about 26 and he about 35 or so as I recall. He had finished university, entered military, finished military, and had launched his career as a lawyer by the time I met him. I loved that. You can’t get this level of maturity, security, and life experience from a man in his mid-late 20′s.

  50. Maria says:

    Does anyone have a link to the photo of him with the two girls near Covent Garden?

    • Noreen says:

      Yeah, I’d like to see this, too. Everyone keeps talking about it like it’s obvious to all of us. I never even saw this photo.

      • Noreen says:

        Thanks for posting it. You know, I don’t think he looks pained. I think candid photos are snapshots of literally only seconds of time. Within those seconds we can really look like anything. How we look is not necessarily a reflection of what we’re feeling in that moment. I also think we’re so used to seeing pictures of still shots of Benedict being “on” (acting/performing or posing) that when he’s just snapped as a regular dude on the street it’s like looking at a different person.

      • True. I’m just so used to him making a smiling effort with fans. Can you imagine having people ask for your pic all the time? I know it just goes with the territory, but it would often be annoying. I would have b*tch-face all the time!

      • Noreen says:

        Oh, I would hate it. I would absolutely hate it. The celebs I really feel for are those like Julia Roberts and Gary Oldman who have been called “bitch”, “unfriendly”, or “sour” for turning down autographs and photos, or for scolding fans who interrupt them in private moments. I feel for them being called names and being labeled negatively for refusing to allow fans to be rude to them. If I were a celeb I would be one of them, not one of the Benedicts or the Toms. Just because we buy a ticket to someone’s movie doesn’t mean they owe us ANYTHING. Well, they owe us a good performance so we can feel we got our money’s worth, but that is all.

  51. lars says:

    I’m sorry but no man should wear a floppy hat like that!

  52. Jade says:

    Can I just say something? If I’m not mistaken, he worked with her on Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. So “old friends” is probably the correct term for their “relationship”. And sometimes “old friends” can share a kiss.

  53. Maria says:

    That’s slightly exaggerating her ambition to be an actress!!

  54. Ginger says:

    Does anybody have the photo supposedly taken while he was out to dinner? Apparently snapped after the Harvey Nichols sighting? I keep hearing about it but haven’t seen it…I’m dying of curiosity.

    • curlsunited says:

      As far as I know there is no photo. The girl said she didn’t want to disturb him (thumbs up! Very well done. Although I admit I enjoyed the picture of him getting his roots done. Shame on me).

      • Ginger says:

        Oh, the Twitter girl spotted him at lunch…apparently there was a dinner shot, taken surreptitiously by someone else. Haven’t seen any actual evidence of it, though.

  55. curlsunited says:

    She was in “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy”??????
    Confusion. Can anyone help me here, please?

  56. sim says:

    No she was not, there was another russian girl

  57. oleana says:

    Svetlana Khodchenkova was in Tinker Tailor.

  58. Felice says:

    She removed the BC comments on her facebook

    • Ginger says:

      Hmmm, that’s interesting, Felice. I wonder if that was prompted by BC? He’s surely aware by now of all the hullaballoo caused by this pic (and her posts) now that he’s back in London.

      • MissMary says:

        My catty little heart says (based on nothing other than being catty) either she or his team asked her to remove them, or her bf/”sponsor” (that guy who calls her his muse)/someone in her life said “yeah, take that mess down because it’s detracting from your modeling page” or something. I think A.Eve has more “leeway” with BC due to their longstanding friendship and not taking down comments on her Instagram page might be a “well, yeah, whatever, we’re so not doing it” thing but taking down comments from Elizarova’s page is a “yeeeeeeeeeah you’re fun but no, stop the speculation so I don’t have to get my PR team to deny this *again*” thing.

        I’ve had a bowl of milk and kibble this evening apparently lol.

  59. Shiv says:

    What comments?

    • Felice says:

      There were people commenting like “Oh you and B are so cute” “making out with Cumberbatch?” And other like comments. There’s still one up with a Sherlock profile pic. I wonder why she deleted them. Ben didn’t ask Alice to delete. Maybe it’s because there was no serious speculation.

      • Shiv says:

        Oh, i never seen them. I know the Sherlock one you are referring to as people have written things like ‘you look good together’ and she has liked all the comments.
        I do believe they are dating but likely not his girlfriend (just my opinion). Judging by her social pages, she loves publicity and she is big on self promotion and telling everyone where she is which i believed were things he despised…

  60. oleana says:

    You’ll giggle when you see the new photos of him leaving a nightclub with a much older redhead. I think he and his team are having fun with us.

  61. elen says:

    Here are the new images of Cumberbatch leaving Cirque le soir. This is well timed. The woman looks well picked to make older women think they have a chance with him

    • Loulou says:

      A convenient photo, there. So even took it, why is it owned by Splash picture agency?
      The only other pics from the wedding came from that plonker Ivan Massow. If there’d been paps there, they would’ve got more pictures than just that.

    • MissMary says:

      Casual things have kissing, too.

      Also, given the pics that came out from Sat night of him leaving a nightclub holding hands with a “mystery woman”, this doesn’t look “serious” or “real” at all.

      • Tilly says:

        Very true. It seems pretty obvious that there’s no serious girlfriend. Yeah, it’s also pretty obvious that they hooked up in Ibiza, but we knew that anyway. Good on him for having fun. At least his Japanese interview shows that he’s a bit more realistic about settling down while his career’s as hectic as it is!

  62. Shiv says:

    Find out who the red head is and then it will all make sense.
    Some person left an odd comment which i have never heard or seen before…’this must be the divorcee who he has been out and about with for the last few month’ WTF? This is better than an episode of Corrie! Haha

    • Izzy says:

      Interesting… either that, or we find out that redhead is a long standing friend/family friend/sister/relative or something that he was out with? Hand holding is hard to say. And (my neurosis showing??) it’s the “clasped” hand hold, not the interlocked fingers handhold. Not that it matters… oh geez, haha, i need sleep!

      So, blonde model could be a bit of holiday fun/FWB/hook-up, or she could be his main squeeze, but he’s trying to redirect attention away from it?

  63. Ginger says:

    I find it interesting how, in the pics with Katia, her body language is very solicitous, while he doesn’t seem to give much back.

    As to the redhead…someone on Datalounge, claiming to know Cumby, posted that he’d been out on a few dates with a friend’s recently divorced sister. Nothing serious, as he knew what was about to happen to his career.

    Also from the BC Datalounge thread -’Since Western Europeans tend these days to shack up rather than marry (especially in showbiz–viz. Benedict’s “Sherlock” costar Martin Freeman, his girlfriend Amanda Abbington, and their two children), you might say Ben’s liaison with Olivia Poulet was a starter marriage. He’s not the first careerist who started out with a spouse that was a good match for him on looks and temperament, then dumped her when he was successful enough to attract better arm candy.’

    Interesting point.

    Something else worth noting from DL: ‘Friend of a friend claims he’s a functional alcoholic with a tendency to throw fits, but mostly just hyperfocused/hyperactive (classic ADHD). Also says he’s a bit particular and neurotic, so all that rumored sexual currency rarely leads to much beyond an obvious ego stroke (eg, Lydia Hearst)…some of his older friends apparently have doubts about his overall happiness, as his drinking has escalated dramatically. He claims to be over the moon with all that’s happening right now, but if he’s rarely ever sober, what exactly does that mean?’

    BC has admitted that he has meltdowns when stressed, and that he’s not proud of it (he said it was ‘shaming’).He also admitted to downing a few whiskeys before the Spencer Hart runway show, due to nerves. Admitted to being drunk on a red carpet due to nerves (it’s on YouTube somewhere, I’m sorry I can’t remember which event). Did an interview where he was obsessing over one of his eyelids twitching on the Sherlock set(I think it was a Caitlin Moran interview). So yes, all signs point to him being neurotic, distracted and maybe not entirely happy… who knows how the stresses of the past year have led the man to act out. Just throwing that out there.

  64. Jenn says:

    The timing of these photos is very suspicious.. Two different women within a week of each other? No PR team would approve that. At least give it a few weeks in between. The photos from Spain surfaced literally hours after the photos with the redhead lady.

    My guess is he’s just playing around these days, not serious about anyone at the moment, concentrating on his career and his jam-packed work schedule probably doesn’t allow for much else.

  65. Shiv says:

    So the read head is Chalotte Asprey, an actress and another ‘old friend’ of his…

  66. Joan says:

    There was a commenter who posted that KE gives many clues on her FB page. It seems they were both in Greece (she on vacation, BC promoting Sherlock) at the same time about a month ago, and BC has been quoted as saying he has a vacation home in Greece. I wouldn’t be surprised if his vacation home is in Delphi as per KE’s FB page. Stupid girl.