Roman Polanski’s victim publishes memoir with amazing photo he took of her

Samantha Geimer

You’re looking at the book cover of a memoir by Samantha Geimer (nee Gailey), who has finally published her account of what happened on the fateful night that Roman Polanski had his overbearing way with her at Jack Nicholson’s house in 1977. Naturally, most people are quite aware of the notorious Roman Polanski rape case, in which he pled “no contest” (which is not the same as “not guilty”) to the rape of a 13-year-old child, which is all well and good except that Polanski fled the United States before serving his prison sentence. Lest anyone believe that the Samantha Gailey case was an isolated incident, Polanski was also accused of victimizing a British actress age 16. Johnny Depp and the like continue to insist that Polanski is “not a predator” and is so deprived because poor Roman was forced to stay out of the US and not collect his Oscar award in person (Adrian Brody picked it up in absentia) for The Pianist.

Of course, many Hollywood stars like to forget the actual crime at hand and forget that there was an actual victim too. In this case, Samantha Geimer (after 35 years of relative silence) has (finally!) published a memoir about what occurred in 1977 at the hand of Polanski, and she (quite interestingly) has chosen to feature a cover photo that was actually taken by Polanski himself a few days before the rape. This cover really brings things home in terms of how young the victim was when the rape occurred, correct? The title of the book is The Girl: A Life in the Shadow of Roman Polanski, and here are some exclusive details from Hollywood Reporter:

Roman Polanski

The Hollywood Reporter’s exclusive first look at the cover of the book reveals Samantha Geimer’s determination to reclaim her own story.

The cover is a haunting close-up shot of the teenage Geimer (then known by her maiden name, Samantha Gailey), taken on Feb. 20, 1977, less than three weeks before Polanski drugged and raped her at Jack Nicholson’s Mulholland Drive home during a modeling shoot when he also gave her alcohol and a quaalude.

But the photo comes with a surprising twist: It was taken by Polanski himself.

He took the pictures during his first photo session with Geimer, now 50, at her home in Woodland Hills, a session in which the director coaxed the young girl to pose topless for him in some of the shots.

Using the photo was part of Geimer’s strategy to reclaim her story.

Since the incident, the media has always illustrated the story with a picture of Polanski. Geimer finally wanted to put her own face on the story, and this picture reflected the starting point for her.

The pictures surfaced during Geimer’s civil suit against Polanski, which she filed in 1988 and resulted in Polanski agreeing to pay her $500,000 plus interest (a sum Geimer struggled to collect).

Publisher Atria promises that The Girl “will give readers insight into many dimensions of the story that have never been previously revealed.” In announcing the book in 2012, Geimer said, “I am more than a ‘Sex Victim Girl’ [and] I offer my story now without rage, but with purpose — to share a tale that will reclaim my identity.”

[From Hollywood Reporter]

Is it strange that (out of all of the atrocities committed therein) that I am particularly offended that Polanski resisted the act of paying up on the civil settlement of Geimer’s case? It’s not like $500,000 was any skin off his revolving, sex-offender neck. And for years, we’ve had to listen to unironic moanings poor Polanski because — newsflash — he’s a wanted criminal who skipped out on justly deserved prison sentence. But you know, Hollywood types have a problem with reality.

At any rate, Geimer’s book goes on sale on September 17. I hope everyone in the world buys it — the Kindle edition is available at a discounted price! And to inspire you, here are some gross, hand-in-pocket photos of Roman Polanski.

Roman Polanski

Roman Polanski

Photos courtesy of Hollywood Reporter and WENN

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  1. Jade says:

    Will be reading this for sure!

    • mayamae says:

      I don’t know if I’ll be reading this book. The author has been a Polanski apologist herself in the past. I do support victims making money off of their experience when it is their only means of justice, so I have no problem that she wrote the book.

      • judysee says:

        Correct me if I’m wrong but I never interpreted her words to mean she’s an apologist for Polanski. I think she has always tried to demonstrate her resilience. She seems to want to identify as someone who is a survivor. She does not want this traumatic incident to be the only thing that identifies her. Resilience is the ability to come to terms with what happened but to not allow it to control you for the rest of your life. Allowing it to control you and making it your identity makes you a lifelong victim. Many who cannot overcome dissolve into depression, addiction and suicide. From everything I’ve read I’ve come to admire her.

      • Joblow says:

        I was watching an interview with her and she was saying that the legal team who were still pursuing Polanski were worst than Polanski himself and they should forgive him. Im sorry but she is either getting paid off or she needs help mentally but in the interview she totally seemed like an apologist.

      • Lauraq says:

        I understand how she comes across as an apologist, but I don’t think that’s really what it is. I think she’s just tired. Tired of being ‘The Girl’, tired of people knowing who she is, tired of being asked about it. It would be easier just to let it go and try to bury it, which may have led to her misguided statement that we should forgive and forget.

  2. Cam S says:

    It boggles my mind how people in Hollywood can still praise and make movies with this guy and Woody Allen. Shouldn’t these men be shunned? I know if my Stepfather had help raise me, then MARRIED me, it would be looked down on (to say the least). This dude raped a girl ya’ll. A minor. The actors and actresses forgiveness of him (he never served time for the rape) is a testament to seediness of the industry. What a coward to flee the country. That shows me he is guilty of the rape. COWARD

    • inthekitchen says:

      + infinity!!!!!

    • Toot says:

      Agree completely.

    • Isabel says:

      OMG, so agree!

      I lost tons of respect for J.Depp after hearing about him and Polanski’s ‘friendship’.

      The same goes with people who still side with Terry Richardson after the news broke that he was inappropriate with several young girls modelling for him.


    • Stormy says:


      Seriously! I don’t get Hollywood. I don’t care if he directs movies. He is a freaking rapist of a minor child. Woody Allen married his own stepdaughter and people still clamor to work for his crazy butt. Ugh.

    • Eleonor says:

      That’s because Hollyweird has strange $tandards.
      I’ve seen a lot of his movies and in my opinion he is not even that amazing director.
      Kubrick was a genious.

      • Cazzee says:

        Thank you for saying this. His movies really *aren’t* that good, which makes the people excusing his criminal behavior all the more patheic.

      • Eleonor says:

        Don’t get me wrong he is a good one, but he is not in the Kubrick’s league, Kusturica, or Hitchcock, Almodovar, Fellini and so on.
        He is not that great in my opinion.
        Rosmary’s baby was a huge disappoint to me. And The Pianist (saw it in theater) too. And the one with Johnny Deep, and on and on and on.

      • KAI says:

        Chinatown is one of the best movies ever made and Tess is an excellent adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s novel.

      • Gretchen says:

        @ KAI
        You mean the Tess where he had a relationship with his leading lady…a 15 year old Nastassja Kinski?

        I just can’t even with Polanski. I hope he dies alone with a syphilitic dick

      • KAI says:

        @ Gretchen. Yes, that Tess. I thought this particular discussion was about his talent as a director, so I responded. If you’re trying to shock me with news of his relationship with Kinski, I was aware of that when I saw the movie when it was released in the theatre all those years ago.

      • F5 says:

        @ Eleonor
        Kusturica is awesome guy irl.

    • Samtha says:

      And Kate Winslet…I’ve never been able to look at her the same since she supported him.

      • lisa says:

        i hope she and every celeb who supported him reads it

        i also think it would be some sort of interesting karmic justice if someone made a movie out of it and a listers who previously supported him tried to get work in then had to speak out about how awful he is. i know, im a dreamer.

    • CindyKennedy says:

      The celebrities who defend Polanski are probably pedophiles themselves.

    • Sasha says:

      Was thinking about Woody yesterday…
      I’m sure the girl that was his adopted daughter has many issues, and Allen believes himself a saviour (who is and has been consequently in charge of her life-as she was a child) and part of that saving is schticken her. Note* child molesters often believe they are “helping” the victim

      • Cici says:

        Woody and Soon-Yi are just as creepy. They adopted two daughters and the girls are young teens now and many photos of them in public, Woody is constantly touching and caressing the girls almost obsessively. I wonder if they will have secrets to tell in several years too.
        Haha, I looked up the photos of them and realized I had read about it on this blog, Jun 19, 2012. Very creepy photos

      • lady mary. says:

        omg ,dont get me started on woody allen and what he did to his daughters and mia,and his low budget movies are absolutely no genius at all

      • mayamae says:

        Woody is a disgusting pervert, possible child molester, etc. But he was not Soon-Yi’s adoptive father. He had an affair with the underage daughter of his girlfriend, which is disgusting enough as it is.

    • Nicolette says:


      They should be shunned, and a whole lot more if you ask me, but this is how they roll in Hollywood. It’s disgusting and sick. As a mother I can’t even begin to describe the punishment I think would fit this kind of crime. It wouldn’t be a slap on the wrist that’s for sure.

      Hollywood seems to be a pedophiles dream. I’m sure some of the biggest and most ‘respected’ names are guilty of this. Corey Feldman gave an interview a few years ago and strongly hinted that someone very powerful is a huge pedophile, but he seemed too nervous to reveal the name. He should, and all those who have been victimized should come forward and remove the bulls**t facade that blankets the industry.

      • Cazzee says:

        Yes, it does seem that pedophiles might be disproportionately represented in the film industry. Opportunites abound. And I imagine that some parents, in exchange for their child getting a role, would even be willing to look the other way (may they burn in hell).

        It’s similar to the way that a disproportionate number of bartenders are alcoholics and cops are sociopaths….they’re drawn to the side opportunities of the job.

      • mayamae says:

        Cazzee –

        Unfortuantely there are plenty of parents willing to turn their children over to a pedophile. Just look at Michael Jackson.

      • shady says:

        Mayamae: The parents that left their children alone with MJ boggle my mind! The testimonies from Joy Robson, June Chandler and Brett Barnes sister and mother were revolting. When a grown man cries because you won’t let him sleep alone with your little boy, when he calls you at 1am to have you bring over your 7 year old to sleep with, and alarm bells don’t go off in your head, there is something very wrong. Corey feldman said that the biggest problem in hollywood is pedophelia.

      • dena says:

        I remember reading that Samantha Geimer stated that her mother would leave her with Roman Polanski or something like that. It was more akin to how Brooke Shield’s mother “let” her pose for underage nude photos.

        It was the “times,” and he was a “famous director,” blah, blah, blah. It’s just wrong to sacrifice and exploit kids in that manner. F*ck fame if that’s how it has to be gotten.

        If you have every seen those photos of Brooke Shields, then you’d know how uncomfortable and hard it is to look at those pictures. It’s sad.

    • Babalon says:


      He has a track record. Likes them young. The guy is a criminal. Period. He’s also a rapist, pedophile and coward. I’ll buy her book and I hope it does well.

    • BooBooLaRue says:

      Nothing more to say except he is a pig.

    • gg says:

      And don’t forget he DRUGGED a child in order to rape her. Horrible.

      • MyCatLoves TV says:

        I remember reading the court documents somewhere (maybe The Smoking Gun?) and I thought they said that he anally raped the 13 year old girl after giving her drugs. Now. Rape IS rape. But there are adult women who are experienced and whatnot who say “Hell no!” to taking it up the rear. To force that on a CHILD makes this story go from OMG to OMFG in a heartbeat. A little girl cannot give consent first of all but anal sex is something she probably didn’t even know existed, FFS! It horrifies me. Roman’s BS about America being backwards with our child raping laws (it’s America’s fault, not his) back then made me want to castrate him with a tin can lid. I think it should be simple about many things: Touch a child, go to prison. Not stopping when a woman says “no,” go to prison. Hurt an animal, go to prison. Personally, I think there should be a special prison for assh*les but I guess that would be taking it too far.

    • homegrrl says:

      Bravo! I’ve totally boycotted woody allen and polanski pos films. I tell people exactly why. These cheesy creepy old men are pedophiles, plain and simple. I do not want to give them money to be in the public eye, and creep me out even more.
      There was a 13yr old contingent of groupies to rock stars called “the baby groupies”, 12 13yrs old who slept with jimmy paige, etc. Some of the women I know from that era said it was the “fashion”. So totally disgusting and sad. Makes me a confirmed believer in sobriety and nooooo drugs.
      That was the “fashion” to sexualize children?
      Ugh. I need to wash my mind out with borax. Ugh.

    • Mia says:

      Yes! I completely agree!

    • anet says:

      It’s the same kind of treatment that Michael Jackson went through….an accused pedofile that is still celebrated today. People are just stupid. I know it’s a matter of opinions….above so much fact and evidence with both slime balls. Will never see a movie by this guy. BOYCOTT!

    • only1shmoo says:

      Pre-f*cking-cisely! I’ve never been a Mel Gibson enthusiast, but I can’t comprehend how a drunken sexist and anti-Semitic rant could possibly be more damaging to one’s career (and make one more reviled in Hollywood) than RAPING A CHILD!!! Let’s not forget that this piece of sh*t for a human being also roofied her drink, meaning that the rape was pre-meditated. Nothing excuses a crime like that, nothing, and I have zero respect for the actors that continue to support him! Argh, this makes me so f—ing mad I can’t even think straight!

    • Kim says:

      Would Johnny Depp say Polanski wasnt a predator if Polanski did this to his daughter?!!! Celebs who defend or work with Polanski or Allen are disgusting and should be boycotted!

    • ol cranky says:

      I have to voice a very unpopular opinion about the Woody Allen Soon-Yi Previn comment. As skeeved as I am by the relationship between the two, Mia Farrow has always spoken out of both sides of her mouth when it came to Allen as a father/step-father. Most of the time she slammed him as being completely uninvolved in the lives of the children and never acting like a father except to claim how horrible/incestuous-like it was for Allen as Soon Yi’s father figure to become romantically and sexually involved with his step daughter. Allen and Farrow kept separate homes and, even when they were together, she made it seem as though he was only peripherally involved with the lives of any of the children at best (if I recall correctly, when she battled to ensure Allen had no contact with his biological children with her she claimed he never had any actual paternal relationship or involvement with any of the children.

      Am I disgusted by his relationship with a girl who was a child when they met and, at best, barely an adult when their relationship became sexual? You betcha. Is that relationship even more bothersome because he had a long-term relationship with his now -wife’s mother (and even more disturbing because he was still involved with Farrow when the relationship with her daughter began)? Abso-effin’-lutely! Do I believe Allen was “a father figure” as Farrow claim making the relationship pseudo-incestuous? Sorry, nope, not buying those claims.

  3. Sankay says:

    Have the majority of the people who spew hatred about Polanski actually read about the case? I find the actions of the Judge presiding over the case more offensive. It was a terrible abuse of power and his position in every way.

    And I’m not saying Polanski’s innocent there is just a lot more to the case.

    I wonder if Geimer talks openly about her mother in this book. I hope so.

    • GiGi says:

      Really? Really. You find the (yes, poor) actions of the judge more reprehensible than an adult man grooming, luring and raping a young girl?

      Both are abusers of power, but to compare the two is foul.

    • Samtha says:

      13-year-old girl forcibly sodomized while crying for her mother. Somehow the JUDGE’S abuse of power is not the abuse of power that bothers me.

      • TG says:

        I blame her mother for allowing this to happen. Too many parents whore out their kids to make it in Hollywood. It is gross.

      • Samtha says:

        I blame the man who drugged and raped a child. Her mother’s part in the whole thing is shameful and disturbing, but c’mon. It’s amazing how people always find ways to blame everyone BUT the man who actually did the crime.

        Should she have left her daughter alone with him? Absolutely not. But being left alone with a little girl doesn’t give him the right to drug and anally rape her. That reasoning just reeks of the old “he’s a man, he can’t help himself” BS.

      • F5 says:

        ..but what is a 13 year old girl doing in private home with old men in the first place? “Photo shoot”? What could go wrong..

      • Gretchen says:

        @ F5
        I hope you’re joking.

        Funny, I have been both 13 and in the company, alone, with old men. And you know what? I didn’t get raped once, not even once! Why? Because they weren’t rapists.

        What is a 13 year old doing with an old man? What is a girl doing out alone? What is a girl doing drinking? what is a girl doing wearing those clothes?…oh i dunno, living her life. The only circumstance that EVER leads to a girl or woman being raped is the misfortune of being in the company of a rapist.

      • F5 says:

        Gretchen, we’re talking about high end Hollywood party. Dr*gs, orgies, ton of people doing what they do best. A list all the way.
        I wonder why her parents thought she should be there. There’s a reason why these Disney kids are messed up the way they are. Some of their parents are l*bing their kids on the way to the “auditions” and before they hand them over to the “Industry”.

    • Signal says:

      Actually yes. I read the trial transcript and saw the same doc presumably you did. The judge was abusing his position, no question. But I cannot seriously believe you put these things on the same level, if that is what you are implying. I’ve also read Polanski’s autobiography, in which he very unapologetically admits to dozens of ‘affairs’ with girls under 16 (his definition, not always theirs, I’d guess). He did much the same approach when he met Nastassia Kinski at 15. The judge was gone a few years after he fled – but he’s never wanted to face any form of justice for what he did in this case and that’s the real truth.

      • Jaded says:

        There’s a biiiig difference between an “affair” with a young woman and drugging then forcibly sodomizing a 13 year-old.

    • Crumpets & Crotchshots says:

      Are you saying its her mothers fault that Polanski forcibly drugged her and anally raped while cried and begged to go home? That this somehow exonerates him? I agree that anyone woman who would leave her child alone with this misogynistic predator should have her head examined, but this does not let Polanski off.

      • Kim says:

        Its disgusting how many people on here are blaming the mother or the judge. A GROWN MAN DRUGGED, RAPED AND SODOMIZED A YOUNG GIRL!!!!!! Regardless of anything her mother or the judge did POLANSKI IS A SICK CRIMINAL who should be behind bars!

    • Stormy says:

      You cannot equate a man raping a freaking 13 year old child to a judge picking on poor Roman Polanski. The man has admitted to having “sex” with minor girls all his life pretty much and I could care less if he would have been rightfully thrown in jail longer than what he thought was appropriate.

      And the victim has flat out always said her mother took her there and obviously knew what would happen to her daughter she just wanted to be part of that crowd. That said, it still does not mean that Roman Polanski was somehow trapped by the mother to do something criminal or the judge for being charged rightfully for rape.

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        @Stormy: The mother is a piece of human filth for trafficking her little girl. I hope the mother is eviscerated in the book, and Polanski is a molesting scum.

    • Maria says:

      You know what’s an abuse of power?

      A grown man drugging and raping a young girl.

      Smdh @ you right now; you’re saying he’s not innocent while finding the judge’s behavior more offensive says more about you than I need to know.

    • Cool Phosphorescent Shimmer says:

      First, Polanski is a pig (no offense to pigs) and a pedophile, and I am not defending him.

      But there is more to the case than people realize. As far as i can ascertain, there was a plea deal in place, and RP intended to honor it. At the last minute, the judge decided not to honor the plea deal that Polanski had agreed to and was going to throw him in prison when he showed up to accept the agreed-upon plea. I’m not sure what the plea deal held in terms of punishment for RP. I just know that he fled the country because the prosecutors/judge pulled a fast one and backed him into a corner.

      That doesn’t make his actions right–any of them. He is a scumbag through and through.

      • Samtha says:

        Judges have the right to reject a plea deal. There’s no abuse of power in that.

      • Jessiebes says:

        Am I missing something?
        Maybe the judge thought the plea deal was totally unfair towards the victim and therefor decided to step in.

      • Cool Phosphorescent Shimmer says:

        My point was that they led Polanski to believe the plea deal was being accepted by everyone, but they had (secretly, but the secret got out) planned to reject it once he arrived at court and immediately take him into custody. It was a set up. I didn’t say abuse of power, and I didn’t say that wasn’t within their rights–only that they led him to believe one thing but had decided to ambush him once he arrived to sign the plea.

        Once again, I am not defending him or crucifying the prosecutors or judge, only explaining why he left the country. He had been cooperating with the law until he was set up this way, and then he bolted.

        To reiterate: he is a scumbag. My explanation should not be perceived as a defense of this man. It isn’t. His crimes are unforgivable.

      • Sasha says:

        This banter is SO typical of cases like this- we are soooo wanting to believe people aren’t (well, people like our dads aren’t) untrustworthy- that we deflect. It’s denial, it’s coping , but c’mon! Focus on NOT just Roman but the girl who has come out with a book, and deserves respect as a person – not just Romans victim

      • T.C. says:

        I read every page of this court case. The judge had the right to not accept the plea deal. Polanski was going to get away without serving any more time after drugging, raping and sodomizing a 13 year old girl because he was a rich celebrity.,The judge was going to make him time like any regular criminal. That is not an abuse of power that is how the justice system is supposed to work. I’m so sick of Hollywood types being mad about the judge doing his job instead of being mad at a rapist.

      • Happy21 says:

        I’m not even in the USA but work in law in Canada and plea deals are deals between the prosecution and the defence. It is the Judge’s discretion on whether to accept what the prosecution is asking for. Could be the Judge was just as sickened as the rest of us and decided to throw his pedophile ass in jail (where it deserved to be!). You should not be able to do what he did to a child and NOT serve a prison sentence. That is sick.

      • claire says:

        That’s not pulling a fast one, a setup, being backed into a corner or anything else. It’s how court works. Judges do not have to accept plea deals. If you’re trying to find some one in the courts to blame for his fleeing, then at least direct your attention to his lawyer who apparently didn’t explain basic legal concepts to his client. And then move on to blaming Polanski for being a weak despicable man, not only because he’s a rapist, but because he is too much of a coward to face the consequences.

      • Sankay says:

        Sorry, had to work.

        But yes there was plea deal, and Polanski was set to honor it. I’m not saying he is not guilty or less moral reprehensible. But I do believe people are not looking at the whole case which includes the judges actions. And this is why many people keep working with him. They are looking at the case, the fact that Polanski was willing to admit his guilt, and only ran when the Judge decided to abuse his power and position. And LAs court system has not improved.

      • MavenTheFirst says:

        @Cool Phosphorescent Shimmer,

        So the bad judge was mean to poor Polanski and supposedly didn’t keep his word? So for that reason, Polanski was hard done by and justified in fleeing the country???? Oh, poor little aggrieved victim, the injustice of it all! Let me accompany the story of his plight on the world’s tiniest violin.

        Your reasoning comes across as pure apologia.

    • eliza says:

      I may be rude in saying this BUT please have a seat!

      Yes I have read extensively about this case and here is the bottom line- Pervelansky DRUGGED and RAPED a 13yr old CHILD. End of story!

      • MJ says:

        Plea deals are negotiated by the prosecution and defense, not the judge. Judges are supposed to be independent and therefore have no obligation to accept the terms, even if the deal is supported by the prosecution. They are often rejected. There is no abuse of power there. It’s just a normal part of the justice system and not unique to this case.

      • MJ says:

        Whoops! I replied to the wrong comment. Sorry about that.

    • CindyKennedy says:

      Sankay, I HAVE read about the case. Polanski had the girl over to his home, he gave her liquor and drugs, and then sodomized her (amongst other things he did) in a hot tub. She was only 13 years old. Shame on you for minimizing the seriousness of this crime.

      Even if the judge did breach his legal powers, it was a far less serious crime than what Polanski did.

      • Liv says:

        Get off your high horse! She never said that Polanski would be innocent, she just said that the court didn’t work properly which it indeed didn’t.

    • Joy says:

      As someone who works with children, many of whom have been through sexual assault, I find your post offensive and moronic. Was the judge wrong and abusive? Sure. Can it even begin to compare with Polanski? Never

    • Raquel says:

      No offense, but have you read up on the case? The court transcripts are pretty haunting. And they do not make a person sympathetic to Polanski.

      Even if the judge was going back on his previous deal–that’s why they have appeals courts. It is no justification to flee the country.

      • Cool Phosphorescent Shimmer says:

        No one is trying to justify his actions. Some of us are simply trying to explain that it is not as simple as it seems in terms of what happened with his legal case. I’m not sure why an effort to understand what happened is automatically assumed to be a defense of Roman Polanski or some sort of declaration of his innocence. NO ONE doubts he is guilty as sin. NO ONE DOUBTS that he was wrong to flee the country. NO ONE SAID the judge or prosecution were worse than Roman raping someone. NO ONE supports this child-molesting, law-dodging rapist. All we are doing is explaining the circumstances. GEEZ.

      • Erinn says:

        To quote the OP
        ” I find the actions of the Judge presiding over the case more offensive. ”

        So yes, it was stated the judges actions were more offensive than Polanski drugging raping a child.

      • jane says:

        I agree with you here. Polansky is a a scumbag and nobody denies it. BUT he is one scumbag and did not represent the Justice system. They would not have been able to successfully prosecute him if he had not agreed to a plea bargain witch was the lesser evil.

        The Judge not respecting the rules and procedure is for me worst : When the justice system doesn’t respect the rules, guilty men are free ( see polansky) and innocent men are jailed or sentenced to death.
        I understand the emotion, I’m sorry for the girl, I despise Polanski and her procurer/mother. But listening to emotion is not how a judge should work.

      • Samtha says:

        @jane, judges reject plea bargains ALL THE TIME. Not more than they accept them, but it isn’t breaking any rules. It’s perfectly just.

        In fact, there was some prominent case in…Virginia? Somewhere in the south…where the judge rejected the plea just a few days ago. Do a quick Google search and you’ll see this is not an uncommon occurrence. The judge was well within his rights.

      • Liv says:

        @Cool Shimmer

        Exactly! I don’t get why so many freak out over Polanski. I guess we all agree that he is guilty and has to be punished. But the circumstances are more than ridiculous and do not speak in favor of the american law.

      • Natalie says:

        Ugh. @Jane/cool shimmery whatever: If the judge has the right to reject the plea deal, why are you worked up about it? The point is that the justice system RARELY WORKS FOR CELEBRITIES. THEY ALWAYS SEEM TO GET OFF, LITERALLY AND FIGURATIVELY. If this judge wanted to make sure that Polanski served time, what is the terrible crime in that? How can you be bothered by that? Even IF the judge abused his power, in Polanski’s case, isn’t that a GOOD thing? I’ve never seen a celebrity pedophile get the treatment they deserve. If a judge tries to pull a “fast one” to see that justice is served, I don’t know what in hell you’re complaining about. And yes, it DOES sound like you’re a Polanski apologist. You go on and on about his actions being reprehensible, but the focus of your statements are about how the JUDGE is at fault? WHO HONESTLY CARES IF HE IS?!?!? Polanski deserved a prison sentence, bottom line. This judge tried to make it happen. Where is the crime in that?!?!? Holy shit. You’re baffling me right now.

    • pleaseicu says:

      Judges are not bound by the plea agreements that the prosecution and defense teams negotiate. They’re allowed to reject it right up until the punishment is handed down on the record.

      It was Polanski and his attorneys’ fault for blindly assuming that things were only capable of going one way, completely in his favor, in a child rape case no less, and not prepping for the possibility that the judge may reject everything and dole out his own punishment( which was fully within his rights).

      Poor, poor Roman. He was going to be oh so unfairly taken into custody right after a judge hands out his punishment…like every other criminal found guilty and sentenced to jail time.

      If there was an abuse of power, the solution isn’t to flee the country for decades and paint yourself as a victim. It’s to follow the proper procedure laid out for anyone who believes they were wrongly convicted or imprisoned: habeus corpus, if needed, and the appeals process. Everyone else has to deal that way. Why is Polanski somehow above such a process?

      • Natalie says:

        ^^^THIS. A million times over. Yes, our system isn’t perfect. No, no system ever will be so long as people aren’t perfect. Yes, Polanski deserved a prison sentence, and the judge tried to make that happen. What in Hell’s name are people reaching to complain about?!?!?

    • A~ says:

      Did he have sex with a 13 year old girl?
      If yes, go to jail.

    • JenLR says:

      I have read details about the case, and I was sickened by it. It only served to make me loathe him even more. I don’t like to spew hate on this site, but how dare you compare the him to the judge!

    • Jenni says:

      What did the judge do?

      She really looks like a child to me in the photo.

      I wonder why Hollywood people would tolerate pedophiles?

    • Mia says:

      He RAPED a child. How in the hell do you find a the judge’s actions more offensive unless he was raping and drugging children too?

    • holly hobby says:

      I’m sorry but he took a plea – a no contest plea. The judge does have a say in regards to the terms of punishment (there are guidelines so it wasn’t like he was going to pull something out of his a$$). If he thought the punishment was “unjust,” he could have filed an appeal. That is the beauty of American law!

      He’s just slime and won’t own up to his mistakes. If he did, he would have paid that settlement to the victim.

  4. Aussie girl says:

    Little man take your hand out of your pocket and stop posing you dirty pedo

    • Bubbling says:


    • Ravensdaughter says:

      Napoleon complex! Apparently Napoleon had a tiny wiener (note today’s post about the man named Wiener!); Roman may have that issue as well-still that’s his problem as well of that of his uber hot wife….leave the little girls alone, Roman.

  5. bohemia says:

    Must read

  6. Kiddo says:

    Poor little girl.

    • RHONYC says:

      not anymore. that’s her point.

      she’s reclaiming her power and allowing people to see HER and not the perp, which is all is seen when a child sex crime is committed.

      super proud of her courage and strength to open herself up to the world. no doubt she is gonna help survivors everywhere.

      oh, and F*CK Polanski. 👿

      • Kiddo says:

        I know, but that was my initial reaction to her photograph from the time period.

      • Lindy79 says:

        THIS! I hated that whenever the story is reported, it’s always accompanied by a photo of him at Cannes (or wherever) with a model on his arm and actors around him. Nothing about the girl involved.

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        I fervently hope Ms. Geimer goes on every media outlet and refocuses the spotlight on Polanski’s crimes against children. I hope the book and it’s publicity drive Polanski into hiding. This predator deserves to be so scorned and despised that his life is more painful than his victims.

      • Alarmjaguar says:

        Yes! More power to her!

      • blaize says:

        Some model on his arm? I never even noticed that part because whenever I read the name Roman Polanski or see a picture of him, all I can think about is what a lowlife pig of a person he is and his poor victim. Any model or woman who would want to be on his arm or date him is also swine. And she demonstrates that she has no self-respect.

      • FassDaActor says:

        F this Hollyweird pedo with 2 decent movies.

  7. Tapioca says:

    He also “dated” Natasssssja Kinski when she was 15-16 and he was 43 (and his missus is 33 years younger).

    So…. *vomit*

    Incidentally, does the book mention where her parents were at the time? I’m pretty sure if my (hypothetical) 13-year old daughter wanted to go to Jack Nicholson’s(!) house for a “modeling shoot” I’d tie her up in the airing cupboard!

  8. blue marie says:

    I don’t know that I have ever seen a photo of the girl, but that makes it all the more real and all the more creepy..

  9. Kiddo says:

    Also, whoo, that alabaster statue with the harsh make-up, towering over the pervy bridge troll, is a bit much in the morning.

  10. DanaG says:

    Polanski drugged and raped a 13 year old girl whatever her mother did or was has nothing to do with it. It was the girl who was the victim and Polanski ran way instead of staying and paying the price. There is no excuse for what he did he liked younger women and thought he was above the law. He deserves jail I hardly think living a life of luxury is a punishment. This poor girl has had to live it every day since and instead of just giving what is really a paltry amount he dragged his feet. Shows you what a sleaze he is.

    • Kiddo says:

      Yeah, except 13 years old hardly qualifies under “younger women”. Pedo. Pedo, Pedo.

  11. Mrs.Darcy says:

    There was a documentary in the U.K. awhile back, and this woman was more than generous in her account of what happened. She has forgiven this man despite him never taking any accountability for what he did to her. The fact that it has taken her this long to write about it shows what great restraint and dignity she has imo.

    Unfortunately it may also be why he has so many apologists. I really do find it baffling. Just because someone is capable of great art and has had a rough life does not excuse them raping a girl. The doc also addressed the problems with the trial that led to Polanski feeling justified enough to flee the country, but in my mind in no way showed his actions as anything other than execrable. The fact that the Academy was willing to gloss over his crime and cowardice is a disgrace, I don’t give a crap if he survived the Holocaust, he didn’t become a better person for it clearly. I think because he has had such a dramatically tragic life some ill brained actors think somehow his actions aren’t as accountable as others, I really will never understand it myself. I am glad she is getting her side of the story out there, maybe some of these well meaning idiots will stop defending a rapist now.

  12. tracking says:

    He is revolting and it is shameful that he was free to prey on others ever after. Horrible man and horrible people that elect to support a nasty pedophile, genius or no.

  13. nifap says:

    Jail for all PEDOS

  14. TeamBrandi says:

    Lmao I love the hand in pocket pics!! It screams pervert!!

  15. sarah says:

    I can proudly say I have NEVER watched a Roman Polanski movie. It disgusts me how many people stand behind him. I will support her though and buy this book.

    • bettyrose says:

      You haven’t missed much. His movies all convey his absolute hostility towards women and his fascination with sexual violence. So when Hollywood vehemently defends this monster on the basis of his being an artist, keep in mind that his movies are an absolute reflection of his true self.

      • Soporificat says:

        Yep. Totally. A very clear example of why you can’t “separate the art from the artist.” Art flows from who the artist is.

    • poiup says:

      This scene, I don’t think this one is anti-women.
      /watch?v=1Ls3WG8kNvw on youtube.

      A former political activist in a latin american country is convinced that the friendly stranger who helps her husband get home one night is one of those who raped her when she was imprisoned by the state, even though she was blindfolded and never saw his face.

      Throughout the movie he denies denies denies while she is enraged and increasingly unhinged. The husband is confused and doesn’t know what to believe. Eventually at the very end, through an unconvincing videotaped “confession” he makes and a phone call the husband makes that provides the stranger with an alibi, she is still certain and whether she’s correct or she’s crazy it’s absolutely guaranteed she will throw him off a cliff unless she hears something else.

      • bettyrose says:

        I am not familiar with this film, so I am just going by your description, but there seems to be 1. fascination with sexual violence and 2. contempt for women (“increasingly unhinged.”)

      • poiup says:

        No lol, “increasingly unhinged” are my words as I wrote the synopsis of everything up to the end. The audience themselves doesn’t know what to believe when nothing breaks her certainty and she’s acting so wildly.

        Did you watch it at all? It’s just a short scene and Polanski didn’t write the original play. It is about sexual violence but it is something quite distinct and you’d have to watch it to see what I mean by that.

        I see URLs are not banned here:

      • poiup says:

        Oh my descriptor wasn’t accurate if you meant it sounded like the plot was playing on the idea of the poor crazy woman. It definitely doesn’t do that either way because she’s the driver of the situation and stronger than the two men there.

  16. Kate says:

    Hollywood is a place where actors would sell their souls and children for money and awards as the reaction and defending of Polanski and Woody Allen has proved.

    I’d like if any journalist dared to aske Kate Winslet or Ewan Macgregor if they would let their teen daughters with this monster in a room alone for couple of hours. Ughh.

    It’s Sodom and Gomorrah in those circles.
    Jack Nicholson is as bad as him but he keeps his crimes hidden.

    • UsedToBeLulu says:

      +1. I want to honor this woman by buying the book. But honestly, I don’t know if I will be able to read it. I try to limit my exposure to abominations.

      • gg says:

        Same here – it absolutely turns my stomach so much I find it hard to get through the facts of the matter.

    • mayamae says:

      I don’t mind when the actors who have supported him catch flack, but it bothers me that only certain ones – Kate Winslet and Natalie Portman – are blamed for it. I’m bothered that Harrison Ford, who comes as close to being a living legend as we’ve got in Amereican cinema, supports him as well. Where’s the outrage against him?

      • Pinky says:

        I’m with you.

      • Samtha says:

        I didn’t realize he was one of the supporters–or Ewan. Noooooo. 🙁

        For me, Tilda and Kate supporting Polanski cuts deeper because they’ve always seemed like smart women who stand for womens’ rights. Seeing their names up there, supporting this child rapist, feels like a betrayal. Again, I speak only for myself.

      • Antonia says:

        Harrison Ford is ticking me off lately. I had no idea he was ALSO a Polanski apologist. He’s been kind of meh and disappointing in his response to the Orson Scott Card controversy over Ender’s Game as well. I kinda expected better of him. I thought he was smarter than this.

  17. Diana says:

    I am so buying this book. Why hasn’t karma caught up with that man yet??

  18. Nibbi says:

    i hope he fries, someday, for this.

    and it’s indeed sick, sick, SICK that people are like, “oh but where’s her mother?’ as if that excuses ANYTHING, “oh but the judge?” – same – “oh but he’s so talented and important in hollywood” – a crime is a crime is a crime is a crime.

    and this one is a particularly disgusting one. that poor woman, to have the shadow of this over her entire life. i’m glad she’s fighting to reclaim her story like this.

    • Tapioca says:

      While nothing excuses RP’s actions either during the event or after the trial, it’s a valid question to ask – where was the parental supervision for a CHILD?

      The Amanda Bynes threads have been full of “where are the parents?” comments and she’s in her mid-twenties!

  19. ds says:

    I don’t get Hollywoods infatuation with Polanski. Remember the Mel Gibson drama? Everyone was so eager to turn their righteous backs on him (not that I blame them) but Polanski to them is such a huge talent he gets away with everything. So hypocritical. (Sorry bout the spelling I’m typing in a rush).

    • Mata says:

      I don’t get that either. Not defending Gibson’s actions, but for the Hollywood crowd his actions are unforgivable, yet drugging and anally raping a crying 13 year old seems to be okay.

    • binturong says:

      I also wonder about the different treatment of the two.

      • KLO says:

        Mel Gibson has acted as an anti-semitist. Hollywood is in big part run by jews, not 13-year old girls. Here is your explanation.

      • Natalie says:

        Hollywood is extremely sensitive to what’s politically correct. None of them want to lose support from any group or organization of fans (translation: they don’t want to lose $$$) Thus, someone using anti-semitic slurs or racial slurs (Gibson and that Paula Deen character) are going to lose all their footing and all of their friends. I think that to say such things and do such things are indeed terrible, but yes…hollywood is more upset by someone who isn’t politically correct than they are upset by someone who commits a crime. If it can be glossed over, then it will be. Think about it. Not a single person will lose anything in hollywood by turning their backs on Gibson or Deen. But they don’t want to lose Polanski or Allen as directors because they want the recognition of having worked with such “talented” people. They all want awards and the merit that comes with it. So they justify it. I stopped being shocked at all of this years ago. Hollywood is f*cked.

    • holly hobby says:

      It’s different with Mel. He had the nerve to badmouth the jews (anti-semite)while “poor Roman” just had sex with a minor. <<<Yes I'm being sarcastic here.

      Same with Woody. He just slept with his daughter, while Mel spewed hatred against jewish people.

  20. L says:

    She also mentions in the memoir that when these pictures were taken he also encouraged her to take them topless for the purpose of ‘art’ or some BS. So there was clearly grooming going on.

    He’s disgusting.

  21. anneesezz says:

    I always thought that maybe he had a mental breakdown after Sharon Tate and his unborn child were murdered by the Manson followers. But obviously there was a pattern of this behavior and that had nothing to do with it. I will certainly be reading the book. The fact that he didn’t want to pay the settlement is disgusting. People should really stop defending him.

    • Cool Phosphorescent Shimmer says:

      From what I’ve read, RP didn’t treat Sharon Tate very well, either. 🙁

    • Sannie says:

      I felt the same way. Not that it was in any way an excuse for what he did, I thought that the murder of his wife and unborn child were for sure associated with his behaviour. I wasn’t aware that he did this to other girls too..

      I also will be reading this book.

    • shady says:

      lots of people have breakdowns after trauma, they don’t turn into pedos

      • pantalones en fuego says:

        True, but maybe he was happy enough with Sharon Tate that he was able to repress any pedo tendencies that he had/has. I always kinda thought that he snapped after that too. He seems like a smug bastard though and I have a problem with him acting like sex with a drugged up 13 year old was consensual.

  22. Shauna says:

    So what did the judge do??

    I can’t even look at him. He’s a pedophile and there’s no mincing words.

  23. the artful dodger says:

    I know nothing about this case so I really have no opinion on whether or not he is guilty but why did she write this book? I don’t think its necessary and what kind of frame of mind do you have to be in to broadcast something like that to the world in written form? I am not saying she should be silenced but it’s just… it’s weird.

    • Teddy says:

      @The artful

      I feel grimmy from reading your comment, probably because its dripping with douchey slime.

      On a not unrelated note I feel that if we had an (unPC) investigation on every child molester apologist online, we would catch a significant number of offenders and their protectors. I can definately see Dotty Sandusky posting apologist crap while her husband “horses around” in the basement with some poor kid.

    • bettyrose says:

      I’ll give you a pass on this because you say you know nothing about it. Rape survivors typically are allowed some degree of anonymity, but not in this young woman’s case. From the age of 13, everyone has known who she is and what happened to her. It essentially took over her life and for many years made her incapable of living a “normal” existence. She has every right to take ownership over an event that was forced on her and continued to define her (in the eyes of the entire media world) for many many years.

      • shady says:

        Thank you, I’m convinced that she has appeared sympathetic to him because she feels she has to because of his fame and popularity.

        MJ’s first victim, who was paid close to 20mil to keep his mouth shut, has been in hiding all these years, and faces ridicule from fanatics all over the internet, now Wade Robson is getting that treatment, how is this ok that abuse victims are treated this way?

    • the artful dodger says:

      I said it was weird and that means I am covered in douchey slime? What? How does that even work?

      Bettyrose – I didnt know that everyone knew about what happened to her from the very time it happened. I thought it was something she hadnt mentioned to anyone pior to taking legal action. I understand now why she wrote the book. It just seemed weird for someone to write a book saying “I am not defined by what happened” when I hadnt heard of it prior. Thanks!

      Now what shall I do with all my douchey slime?

      • Lainey says:

        She said your comment was dripping with douchey slime, I concur. Who in their right mind questions an abuse victim for breaking the silence???? Whats wrong with you?

      • Liv says:

        What’s wrong with you, Lainey? She asked a question, that’s it.

        And I think it’s debatable if it’s healthy for victims to write a book and go public. It may be the right thing to do in this case because many people know already much about her, but like I said in general it’s at least questionable!

      • MavenTheFirst says:


        A victim has the guts to find her voice and to speak out, and this is somehow questionable????

        I think you need a course in the effects of abuse and silence on survivors.

      • Liv says:

        Yeah, Maven, whatever. Maybe you need a course in free speech and allowing the opinion of others.

        For the stupid ones: I didn’t say that no victim should go public. All I’m saying is that they should think about going public with a book or in talkshows because I think it might not be healthy to be dragged around and judged by the public.

      • Lauraq says:

        Liv-Funny that you lecture people on not knowing about the freedom of speech without knowing that said freedom only protects you from the government, not everyone else on the interwebs. Sad panda.

    • Chordy says:

      Let me see if I can offer some insight. I’m a rape survivor, and I’m just one of millions and millions of victims who become faceless statistics every year. Men like Roman Polanski get to be a whole person. He’s a director, a husband, a Holocaust survivor, a widower, and an unapologetic rapist. Samantha Geimer is a rape victim, and that’s all that she’s been allowed to be publicly. She had her humanity ripped from her the night Roman Polanski decided his temporary desire was more important than her human dignity, and she’s continuously dehumanized by being reduced to nothing more than Polanksi’s victim. Rape redefines you, but it doesn’t solely define you. Unfortunately that’s how the world at large treats victims, as merely a sum of the circumstances of one event. Again, he wins. He defines her. She’s offering us insight into who she is as a whole person, not just the body Polanski used over 3 decades ago. She gets to reclaim some of the humanity that Polanski stole from her when she was just 13.

      • Jaded says:

        Very good insight Chordy – thanks for speaking about your horrible experience. I agree, it’s like her personality was stripped along with her dignity and she became nothing more than the “victim”. She has led a full life, for the most part away from the media, despite this awful experience and I applaud her for writing this book to reclaim her wholeness.

      • BooBooLaRue says:

        Thank you Chordy for your painful wisdom. Peace be with you.

      • MavenTheFirst says:

        Thank you, @Chordy.

      • I Choose Me says:

        Amazing post. Thank you for sharing your perspective.

        Her story should be told, in her own words. I will be buying this book when it comes out both for edification and as a show of support.

      • Nibbi says:

        You really said it here and you come from a place of authority given your experience. Thank you and … well, thank you. And bravo, and take care

    • Regina Lynx says:

      I am not saying she should be silenced but —.

      Well, that pretty much sums it up for me.

  24. Jayna says:

    She did forgive him and thinks he should be freed, so I guess allowed to travel back to the U.S. At least, that’s what she said in the past. So I think this will be an honest book about the brutal events of that night and the aftermath and then her life after and who she became and the way it followed her, but I think it will probably show her feelings about him later in life and what allowed her to forgive him, etc., not the revenge everyone wants. I am interested to read this book. She deserves every penny she makes and can tell the story not just of that but of the success her life has been, not just Polanski’s rape victim.

    I believe he is a pedophile myself since he had a pattern.

  25. Micki says:

    I’ll read her book for sure.
    But hasn’t she publicly forgiven him years ago?
    If the actual victum has done so I’ll spare my wrath for the unforgiven rapists.
    But hopefully her book will inspire more victums to say their side of story and stay their ground

    • Chordy says:

      A victim forgiving her rapist is far different than society forgiving a rapist, IMO. If a victim can’t forgive their rapist, they can’t heal. If a society continues to forgive rapists, then the society will never heal.

    • L says:

      Forgiving someone for robbing her of a childhood or anything resembling a normal life at 13 years of age has to be a important part of her healing process. It’s hard for any human being to live with that kind of hate in their heart. In no way shape or form does that mean society should go ‘hey! things are fine now. No jail time, no outrage for you’

      There are families of murder victims that have forgiven their murderers. Should we remove the outrage and let those criminals off scott free? That’s not how the world works, nor should it.

      • bettyrose says:

        Exactly. And that’s why in the legal system it’s not the victim who presses charges; it’s the district attorney acting on behalf of the “the people.”

    • Jaded says:

      @Micki: It’s two entirely different things. A person forgives someone who has hurt them in order to move ahead with their life in a healthy and whole way.

      Society can’t forgive someone for their criminal behaviour, otherwise criminals would run amok knowing their crimes would go unpunished. Rules are there for the purpose of sustaining a healthy and safe society. RP managed to slip out of any kind of atonement for his sins for a number of sad reasons. He’s an amoral monster and the longer we can keep his crimes against young women in the spotlight, as well as the undeserved sympathy his colleagues have shown him, the more public support society will generate to ensure his kind are prosecuted to the letter of the law and do their time for the crime.

      • Micki says:

        Answer to all:
        I agree on principle that society should not forgive.My problem with it is that we follow too easily into a comfortable route of bashing te established villain (Polanski) while not paying attention to all rapes that still happen in the “artsy” world.
        Polanski case is 40 years old? And has been for 40 years on more pages I can count. Why not take on another case where something can be changed (hopefully).
        Why not take the general “casting coach” as a rape by “consent” and put this fire under s.o. else’s a$$?
        I’ll use Polanski case as a platform/reference while talkingbut to steam myself up because of it alone…I don’t see what this will bring

      • mayamae says:

        Micki –

        There will always be apologists for celebrities. Michael Jackson has a huge population still proclaiming his innocence, and if he was still alive, there would be plenty of parents lining up to serve up their children. It’s unbelievable.

      • shady says:

        mayamae: the jackson groupies are nuts. Oh he was just a little boy in a mans body, so innocent and pure of heart! OH really? what about the boatloads of hetero, homo, and bondage porn found within reach of children at neverland??? what about the “art” books with naked children found locked away in a cabinet? How does that reconcile with this man-child persona he created?

      • Lauraq says:

        Shady…nope…just hetero porn. Sorry. Read.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      You make some great points, Micki.

  26. MissMary says:

    I have such issues with Polanski’s continued fame and his slavish adoration by so many actors… I know everyone has a right to their own choices and opinions but I just have a huge problem liking (or continuing to like) actors who sing his praises or talk about how it’s their “dream” to work with him. TBH, I feel the same about Woody Allen, too. SOmeone upthread mentioned how, if he’d been just a guy who did that to his stepdaughter (or, since he and Mia Farrow weren’t married, his girlfriend’s kid), people would not be looking on him so kindly, and it’s true.

    All that said, I do think Samantha Geimer is incredibly strong and brave for writing this, and while I don’t think I could forgive the people who sexually abused me, I applaud her being able to find that within herself to do, and her ability to reclaim her narrative and be open and honest about what occurred, without apologizing or backing down.

  27. Nikollet says:

    I wonder if these Hollywood types that support him (ie Johnny Depp) have ever wondered how they’d feel if someone did the same to their daughter?

    I’m not a parent, but as an aunt if someone did that to my niece I’d hunt them down, no question.

  28. poiup says:

    I’m puzzled someone who put Death and the Maiden so incredibly well on screen with everything about the content of that movie, is such a sniveling coward himself when it comes to this. Also his wife is glacial pale in that pic.

    • mayamae says:

      This is not a defense of Roman Polanski.

      I raised my cousin, a victim of incest, and she received therapy from a woman who specialized in treating not only the victims but also the perpetrators of sexual child abuse.

      She explained to me how the abusers do mental gymnastics justifying their crimes to themselves, because otherwise they would be unable to live with themselves and their conscience.

      According to her logic, Polanski can be both the abuser and a person outraged by the victimization of another. I personally have found that it is often the most flawed person who becomes the most judgemental. How else do you live with yourself but by judging those you think are the bigger monster?

      We excuse much for “art”. It’s too bad he just didn’t fade away into the sunset. It reminds me of something that Chris Rock said about OJ Simpson – if you’re lucky enough to get away with murder, just go away and live quietly.

  29. Nan says:

    The situation simply underlines that this is a man’s world, still.

    • mayamae says:

      Typically I agree with this sentiment, but female sexual abusers most often get away with their crimes. Compare a male teacher having a relationship with a student – the student was raped, with a female teacher – the student was “lucky”. Often the female teachers are portrayed as sexy and become celebrities in their own right.

      In this one instance, women are getting away with crimes because of our gender.

  30. greenmonster says:

    Whenever this story comes up, I’m wondering if someone will mention that some musicians of that era (probably more than we know) had sexual intercourse with minors. None (as far as I’m aware) of them was ever accused of drugging or raping one of their groupies, but the girls where minors too – mostly. Some of them just 13 or 14 years old. And some of these musicians are still around and glorified. I don’t want to excuse Polanksi – he’s a rapist, there is no excuse for that. I just want to point out, that there are more men who did something (at least) similar…

    Someone above mentioned Samantha’s mother. When I was watching “Almost Famous” with audio commentary Cameron Crowe talk with his mother about the movie and she pointed out how young the groupies must have been. Crowe told her, that some of them were only 13/14. His mother was shocked and asked where the parents were and why they allowed their daughters to hang around with rock stars. Crowe answered he doesn’t know but thinks, the parents were proud, that their kids could hang around with someone famous. Even if that someone was much older. I don’t know, if the parents where that naive, but they should always be protective and if someone in his twenties or older wants to hang out with a girl in her teens, it’s never good. Never.

    • Sixer says:

      Bill Wyman and Mandy Smith spring to mind.

      My aunt was a music groupie back in the day, while still a minor – she says her parents didn’t have a hope of controlling her – and she tells a great story about Joe Strummer. Somehow or other, she’d got herself backstage somewhere, or at a party, and in a position to throw herself at him. He politely and firmly put her at arms length, told her that wasn’t what she should be doing, and put her in a cab home, which he paid for. She says it made her realise a lot of things, and grow up, a LOT.

      If only they were all like that.

      • greenmonster says:

        I totally forgot about Bill Wyman and Mandy Smith! But I read about them when I was maybe 12 and was grossed out. Couldn’t believe that a “man” would go for such a girl!
        I thought about Bowie and Page… And I highly respect Joe Strummer for acting like he did. Well done – esp. for your aunt.

      • frivolity says:

        Oh, I love that story (and the Clash)! Thanks for sharing.

        RIP, Joe.

      • binturong says:

        That is a GREAT story. Thank you for making Joe Strummer an even bigger hero to me than he already was!

      • stinky says:

        strummer certainly made a pass at my lil g-friend back in the day and she wasnt yet 18. it was in berkeley ca.

      • Sullivan says:

        Sixer, I love that story about Joe Strummer & your Mum. He was one of the good ones. I’m an even bigger fan of his after reading what a gentleman he was to your Mum.

    • Hmmm says:

      Yeah, I don’t see many people raking Jimmy Page over the coals.

    • mayamae says:

      Mick Jagger had sex with Mackenzie Phillips when she was still quite under age, and he told her he had been wanting to do it since she was 13 y/o. Apparently her dad was banging on the door while it was happening. Completely creeps me out.

    • bettyrose says:

      I’m offering no excuses for men having sex with young girls, ever, under any circumstances. However, even though no 13 year old is mentally capable of consent because they are not mentally/emotionally capable of understanding consequences, the Polanski case is one of the absolute most egregious scenarios because she said NO and she was drugged. Even had she been of age, this was a cut & dry case of violence against women.
      We were all 13 once and some of us wanted to grow up too quickly, and in those cases it is absolutely the responsibility of the adult man to be an ADULT, but there is not one element of forgivable potential misunderstanding involved in a drugged/rape scenario.

  31. E-v-E says:

    not familiar with the details of the case, I probably could not stomach reading the transcripts, but very smart and brave of her to put this picture on the cover. It speaks volumes. As a person he revolts me, and it’s insane how he’s managed to remain a respectful director, but I must admit he is a good one and I quite enjoyed The Ghost Writer more recently. Weird since I usually find it hard to separate the person from its art. :/

  32. Mar says:

    He gets a pass from many because of his pregnant wife being murdered by the Manson family.

    • Sullivan says:

      Interesting. So, if he raped you or your daughter would you be as magnanimous?

      • Nibbi says:

        I don’t think Mar was saying that he gets a pass from HER for it, just that many people do.

  33. DeltaJuliet says:

    Of course Hollywood forgives him. They will excuse anything if they deem you have enough “talent”. It’s nothing new.

    And also, as awful as what happened to this poor girl is, I can relate, very much. I was drugged and raped at 15. Almost no one knows about it, and I’ve moved on too. Sure, it affects some of my ways of thinking but I am not (and neither is Samantha) a broken person by any means. Unfortunately for her, she had to deal with the spotlight as well.

    • Milla says:

      I am very sorry it happened to you.

      But, do you really know if the girls was drugged? Victims should always step out, but there are billion cases with girls who regret sleeping with someone and then saying it was a rape. That is as disturbing to society as a rape.

      • DeltaJuliet says:

        I wrote out a rather lengthy response to you, but then I read your other comment further down and realized what your intent was. I guess I don’t have anything further to say. Except maybe that you are lucky to have never experienced it.

      • Runs with Scissors says:

        to Milla:

        And your disgusting comment is why many MORE victims DON’T come forward. Rape is an incredibly UNDER-REPORTED crime. Victims are afraid no one will believe them, or worse, that they will be blamed for their own rape.

        Attitudes like yours claiming the “billions” of girls and women lying about rape only PERPETUATE rape culture and allow men to go on raping almost without fear of prosecution. Hope it never happens to you.

        Thank you so much for sharing that DeltaJuliet.

      • Kiddo says:


      • Kiddo says:

        Someone under the age of 18 can not consent to having sex with an adult. It’s called statutory rape.

  34. fabgrrl says:

    Didn’t she already write a lengthy article detailing the event about 10 years ago? I’m just saying, I don’t think this book is going to reveal anything new.

  35. Larissa says:

    I am sorry to break the news to most of you but at that time it was quite a common thing. I am not saying his actions are excusable. But it was and that is a fact.
    Many other girls have gone through horrific ordeals of abuse and rape and even murderer, and still go through this every single day.
    But it makes me wonder if Sharon’s and his unborn son’s death played any roll in turning him a raping monster. Because I don’t really think anyone that has gone through that can keep their mental health in place. Not giving him a pass but major events like those can change people, for better or for worse.

    • Bijlee says:

      He treated Sharon Tate like shit. I doubt the man felt guilt for anything. I’m pretty sure that he wasn’t even there for most of the pregnancy. He was in London partying with other women. Dudes creepy.

    • Jaded says:

      He was a notorious philanderer even when he was married to Sharon. She was about to give birth and he was off partying – didn’t want to be around a hugely pregnant woman who was sexually unappealing or unavailable.

    • Lauren says:

      He also survived the Holocaust but that is no excuse for his actions either. People need to stop saying Sharon’s murder may have made him like this. What makes any predator the way they are is the sickness inside of them/ the feeling they have of being entitled to do the things they do to people without any remorse or consequences.

      • binturong says:

        I think sexual tendencies generally get “fixed” (or whatever term one should use)at a very early age, so this kind of bent probably predates his other traumas?

  36. Missy says:

    I was never aware of this story. I can’t believer Johnny Depp would support someone like that even though he has a daughter that age. Absolutely disgusting

  37. Milla says:

    I will always be fan of Polanski’s movies, simply because they are amazing and there is no one else who can make such a masterpiece of cinematography, like Rosemary’s Baby, Tess, Repulsion, The Pianist, to name a few.

    I cannot judge him as a person, cos I wasn’t there, the trial was a complete mess, he didn’t use insanity card, though he could. Does he regrets it? I don’t know. IMO, he did not rape the girl, he had sex with a minor. What’s the point of the book? I have no idea. I love his movies. Never met him or her.

    • Chordy says:

      FIrst, a grown man is having sex with a 13 year old is rape. She cannot legally consent to sex at that age. Secondly, he drugged and sodomized her while she sobbed. How much rapier does this need to get for you?

    • T.C. says:

      She asked to be taken home and was crying while he had his way with her including turning her over and sodomizing her. Even if she was 50 years old it’s a clear case of rape. That she was only 13 is just disgusting.

    • Runs with Scissors says:


      forget daughters- I hope you don’t have any SONS you teach that bullsh*t to.

      • Chordy says:

        + all the points on the internet today

      • blaize says:

        Thank you for your comment, Runs with scissors. You’ve brought out an excellent and easily forgotten point.

        One of the things that it’s easy to overlook is that boys and young men are exposed to society’s attitudes toward rape too. So when they grow up in a rape apologist world, how could that effect them and the way they treat females?

        The message that rape culture sends to males about rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment is this: “Hey dudes, don’t blame yourself for your own behavior. It’s not you, it’s them. They should know better than to be alone with you… They shouldn’t be out late… That’s the price of getting drunk….she was under 21 and she was drinking alcohol. She broke the law… come on now, she was no virgin anyway. She’s had sex with a COUPLE of guys…. did you see the way she was dancing…well, she IS a stripper. It’s not like any type of sex worker deserves respect. They’re whores… Look at how she dresses. If you dress like a trashy ‘slut’, be prepared to be seen as one and treated like one… or even, “see why females should wear head coverings or be covered from head to toe?”

      • Mia says:

        @Runs with scissors- YES! Thank you for that. We need to stop putting the onus on women and girls to protect themselves from rape. We need to teach men not to be rapists and not to violate the bodies and rights of women. And should a buffoon like Milla even procreate or have access to children, if they can so flippantly dismiss “having sex with a minor”? Digusting.

        Blaize- Are you walking around in my head? Because you are saying every single thing I’m thinking! Thank you for your insightful commentary as always.

    • L says:

      You need to go read the transcripts of his testimony. He admitted to all of it, every word. (also in the civil trial)

      Also there are 3 ways that this was rape.

      1) He admits that she asked to leave. That she said no repeatedly. Both before and during. No consent=rape.

      2) He admits to drugging her. Being drugged means you can’t consent. No consent=rape.

      3) A 13 is a CHILD and is unable to consent. He molested/raped a child. No consent=rape.

    • pleaseicu says:

      Taking her age out of it, it was still rape. He drugged her, held her against her will, forced sex acts on her when she said no and was sobbing for her mother and to go home. On what planet is that not rape?

    • Jaded says:

      Milla, take his talent at making movies out of the equation. It has NOTHING to do with the fact that he drugged and raped a 13 year-old girl against her will while she sobbed for her mother.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I would have been ok with you copping to watching his movies, but then you had to keep going…

      It was rape.
      She was a child.
      Stop making excuses for him.

    • Natalie says:

      Milla: I hope you are ignorant and/or young. Your comment made me want to cry. I try not to think of anyone as a terrible person for supporting a monster like this, so in my mind right now you’re 9 years old. I wish you a better life and I hope you’ll learn with time. Peace.

  38. Cici says:

    Thanks for writing about this, I will be reading this book. Polanski has been very open about his pedophilia in many interviews over the years. He moved Natassja Kinski in with him, at the age of 15 during filming and started ‘dating’ her. There are other girls who claimed he raped them as well. But what is sickening is to read in interviews, how he repeatedly justifies his actions. He says things like “what man isn’t attracted to young girls?” and “all men want to have sex with young girls, it’s the ultimate fantasy.” He’s very open and proud of these ‘conquests.’ I agree with those who wonder how celebs like Jonny Depp and Kate Winslet would feel if it happened to their 13 year old? Proud, grateful?

    • Ennie says:

      Ephebophilia. Pedophilia is when they like a prepubescent child.
      It is worse because she was in the younger range. That Courtney Stodden affair would be a little like this, but she got married instead.
      UsedtobeLulu, you are right.

  39. UsedToBeLulu says:

    Just to correct a small point: He is not a pedophile. Pedophiles go after prepubescent children. Once secondary sexual characteristics emerge, they are no longer a target.

    Polanski is either a hebephile or an ephebophile based on his preference for young teen girls.

  40. nicegirl says:

    ok, well, can we maybe all agree that this book might be a worthwhile purchase, to at the very least, help this gal make some $$?

    I am gonna scrape up my pennies to do so, in my own personal show of support. Wishing you peace, Samantha!

    • Natalie says:

      I’m with you. I’ll totally support her by buying this book. And for her sake, I’ll try and read. But I’m sensitive about these sorts of crimes and I doubt I’ll be able to get through it without being very disturbed…

  41. tifzlan says:

    I’d like a list of all of Polanski’s apologists if anyone would so kindly oblige?

    • MarBear says:

      ….of course woody allen’s creepy adopted child loving ass signed it.

    • springingforward says:

      Polanski verbally defended by Johnny Depp, Whoopi Goldberg (“it wasn’t ‘rape’ rape”), Deborah Winger and others.

      Here is a link to the names of the signees of the petition:

      • binturong says:

        Interesting: Johnny Depp’s name is NOT on this one, which is dated as of 2013. Perhaps he re-thought it. Tilda Swinton’s still on it. I didn’t look for other names that might have been on it and are now not, but perhaps others have also taken their names off. This updated petition also has a list of organizations that signed, which is interesting. Here’s the link to the actual language of the petition: (“His arrest follows an American arrest warrant dating from 1978 against the filmmaker, in a case of morals.”)

        Interesting to see he was also arrested in Switzerland, a supposedly neutral country.

      • springingforward says:

        There are a number of artists who VERBALLY support Polanski, of which Johnny Depp is one. In 2010 he stated:

        “Why now?” Depp asked rhetorically. “Obviously, there is something going on somewhere. Somebody has made a deal with someone. Maybe there was a little money involved, but why now?” Polanski, Depp continued, “is not a predator. He’s 75 or 76 years old. He has got two beautiful kids, he has got a wife that he has been with for a long, long time. He is not out on the street.”

        I don’t think he or Goldberg, Winger, Kate Winslett or Harvey Weinstein were ever on the written petition which is, mostly, European artists.

      • binturong says:

        I never thought much about this case before–probably because I’m unsurprised that so many people don’t take rape seriously. But the back-and-forth discussions are interesting. Here’s an interesting take: “One of the more annoying facets of the many postings and editorials about this case is the tendency to politicize it. This comes largely from the right, who’ve branded Polanski sympathizers “liberals” and equated them with such enemies of the republic as supporters of President Obama and believers in evolution[…]Then there are the politics of Roman Polanski himself, who according to biographer John Parker is a “right wing reactionary” who’s anti-union and hates feminists. In short, someone Rush Limbaugh could call one of his own.” This was written in 2009.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @binturong-thanks for all that info..really interesting. Did not know about Polanski’s politics but this made me laugh: “equated them with such enemies of the republic as supporters of President Obama and believers in evolution”.

      • binturong says:

        …and hates feminists and unions. Says it all, doesn’t it?

      • Raquel says:

        I remember Goldberg’s little parsing of what kind of ‘rape’ it was. That was the point when, I realized, ‘this woman isn’t just an overexposed, moronic, has-been…she’s allowed to just air these dangerous thoughts out there for rapists and victims alike.’

        binturong–I felt that a chunk of the Polanski defenders (though not the bulk. The overwhelming bulk seemed to be narcissists in the showbiz who felt that what they did was So Important that if a director produced enough Very Important ahht, it exempted him from child rape) came from what I (a centrist or moderate liberal) consider ‘the obnoxiously far left.’ There were some silly little people who felt that, simply because the US, which in their precious black-and-white little minds is just a blanket evil, was trying to get Polanski extradited, it made Polanski a victim and an anti-Imperialist saint of some sort. People like that are just as big idiots as the far right. I hardly defend either.

    • binturong says:

      Even Tilda Swinton’s on that. That list includes a ton of fabulous artists….

      • Bijlee says:

        This is why I dislike Tilda Swinton. She’s so pretentious and overblown. She completely does not realize the privilege she’s been surrounded by her entire life. And she goes and signs a list like that.

        It’s why I can’t like any of those people on that list. I always thought that Kate Winslet’s name wasn’t on there because she had some sort of integrity and probably one of the reasons she divorced Sam Mendes, but then she worked with Polanski. Boooooo Kate. It’s when I started to REALLY dislike Natalie Portman.

        And Swinton, Anderson, Aronofsky, Scorsese, even Emma Thompson (but thankfully she removed her name). It just makes me wonder what they were thinking. Like WHY????? What’s going on that some of the best directors right now would be okay with that?

    • tifzlan says:

      Thank you everyone! This is very interesting. I would’ve never thought that some people on this list would side with a child rapist, especially since they have children of their own! And Whoopi Goldberg’s comment about it not being ‘rape’ rape makes me sick. How many times have we heard that from people excusing the Steubenville rapists? From actual rapists themselves? It is truly a frightening thought that that is how some people justify what Polanski did.

      • ciel says:

        David Heyman is on the list oh my god. i hope the potter kids were safe. Alexandre Desplat, thanks, i will never listen to your music again

  42. madchen says:

    I always hated that so many people made excuses for his behavior because he’s an ‘artist’ and has had a terrible personal history,(e.g. Sharon Tate murder). But none of this is remotely a reason for serial sexual assaults on teenage girls. Polanski also ruined Charlotte Lewis’ life. She was the young British actress who never recovered from his abuse. He got away with it because she was perceived as a ‘crazy actress.’

  43. MarBear says:

    F— Roman Polanski! Every time I see his wormy little face I want to punch something and screw everyone in hollywood that continues to defend this predator! Just because it happened a long time ago doesn’t make it any less horrifying. This sounds bad but, I pray for the day this bastard gets his just deserts.

  44. miapatagonia says:

    Polanski did his strongest work in the 1970s–all for American studios. It was an incredible era for studio films, ie. “The Godfather” films, “Taxi Driver”, “Dog Day Afternoon”, “Serpico”, “Days of Heaven”, etc. “Chinatown” to me has to be one of the best films of the last 40 years. The strength of the movie owes a lot to Polsnski’s direction, but more so to Robert Towne’s incredible script. Towne based the plot on the 1904 Owens River Valley ”Land Grab” by William Mullholland, a fascinating story of power and corruption underlying the making of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, as we know it today. Jack Nicholson is his sexiest and the ending is stunning. The film was made in 1974, several years before the rape incident.

    I think Hollywood people are good at compartmentalizing things in order to get ahead, be in the in-crowd and get certain jobs. Polanski is controversial, but those who have publicly support him or don’t find an issue being in his film like to remember him as the great director/artist. Hollywood also loves giving second chances and redemption stories, yet this morally reprehensible man has yet to personally own up to his crime, much less serve his due in the slammer.

  45. A says:

    Look at her eyes on the cover. She looks drugged and out of it.
    Also, something I’ve read about is how a lot of big players in Hollywood use brainwashing methods on young actors and actresses, models, entertainers when they are very young. They use techniques where they torture them so they get traumatized and the abuse is too much for their brains to handle so it shuts down the part that they develop split personalities (to cope. This is so it is easier to control them.

  46. Ravensdaughter says:

    Good for her. We’re the same age; she obviously has her s–t together.
    $500,000 is chump change for Napoleon (you know-the complex) Polanski-that is a disgusting postscript to a horrible offense…

  47. Happy21 says:

    I can’t wait to read this book. Am even considering pre-ordering it.

    I find the case disgusting and I find it disgusting that celebs still stand by him. Kate Winselt lost all of my respect when she praised him. She just seemed like the type of person that maybe isn’t so understanding where children are involved.

  48. Moneypenny says:

    A Parisian friend of mine says RP used to come to talk at her school for Career Day and that they always thought it was so f-d up that they would invite him. The girls all thought he was creepy.

    Can you imagine thinking it is ok to invite a rapist to talk to kids??

  49. blaize says:

    Sadly, Hollywood is definitely not the only place where people defend rapists or make excuses for rapists. A rapist doesn’t have to be famous in order to have a whole bunch of public sympathizers.

    In the Steubenville gang-rape case, many commenters on the internet said things like, “Oh, the futures of these poor teenage boys are ruined.” And we all know about the comments that Serena Williams made about the case. I read about a 1989 rape case where these football players gang-raped a mentally retarded 17-year-old-girl who had the IQ of an 8-year-old child. Many people had the “Oh, their future” reaction, and the rapists’ lawyer called the poor girl a slut. A few years ago, a grown man raped a 12-year-old girl, and the rapist used the fact that she had on jeans and a thong as an excuse for what he did. The judge agreed with him and gave him a very light punishment. And in the book The Lolita Effect, a case is mentioned where a 5-year-old-girl was raped by a family friend and the fact that she was walking around naked in her own home and sat on the guy’s lap was used as an excuse for what he did to her.

    I could go on. But the point is that rape apologism is a global, pan-cultural problem. Our only hope for reducing it is changing the way we’re socialized.

    • shady says:

      Yep, and abusers are equally defended in the religious world. Missionary kids who are raped by parents or boarding school teachers are shamed into silence because bringing it out in the open will “hinder the Lord’s work.”

      • Bijlee says:

        I love how people twist this crap. FYI you’re probably hindering the “Lord’s work” if you’re raping children or letting anyone who rapes children off freely throughout society. Your work means nothing now. You deserve to be skewered. Do they even consider it like that?

        It’s the same with the Sandusky case. Why was he so protected? The students absolutely lost their shit over Joe Paterno getting the can even though he was complicit in the cover up.

        People are so quick to cover their asses instead of taking responsibility for their horrendous actions. This is what happens when you let powerful men with ego, no ability to think rationally, no morals, and are willing to go any distance to put themselves on top for power or money basically rule the world. People are just pawns for them.

  50. phlyfiremama says:

    WTH was this man doing with an unaccompanied teenage girl for 3 weeks before the incident? Where was her mother THEN???

    • fabgrrl says:


      She wasn’t with him for three weeks. She met him, had some pictures taken, and then met with him again a few weeks later.

      • phlyfiremama says:

        Yeah, really. How was it that a 13 year old girl was left ALONE AT NGIHT with an influential Hollywood Director/Producer/Creep, in another man’s house who was known for his sexual conquests and partying. Again, where was the adult supervision and protection???

    • shady says:

      the mother was an idiot, but she’s a victim too, unless she knowingly put her child in harms way. Please save the judgment for the rapist.

      • minxx says:

        her mother was a victim? Please.. have a little common sense. I would NEVER leave my young (13 years-old!!!) daughter with Hollywood types, let alone push her into their arms to take “artsy” nudes and leave her there alone with a predator. Would you? She knew exactly what she was doing pimping her daughter to Polanski and Nicholson. My stepfather beat me, my sister and my mother but I always blamed my mother more for letting him do it to us.. maybe some would call her a poor victim of domestic abuse, but I don’t see it this way: her job was to protect us from the psycho and she failed.She put me and my sister in this situation and did nothing.I suppose Samantha feels the same.

      • shady says:

        minxx, I’m so sorry about your abuse and your mother doing nothing to protect you! Aquaintence abusers seduce the families of their victims, and make them trust them. Michael Jackson was the epitome of this. If Polanski’s victims mom knew that he was an abuser and let her go there, than she is an accomplice. If she was an ignorant idiot mother, then I consider her a victim too, not the same type of victim as Samantha of course.

      • shady says:

        and the fact that I don’t condemn the mother to the point that I condemn the rapist, doesn’t mean that I have no common sense. I am hyper vigilant when I comes to protecting my children from predators.

  51. MavenTheFirst says:

    God almighty. She looks so young.

    He didn’t want to pay up in the civil suit because he thinks he did no wrong.

    He’s such a small man, in every way.

    Hell is too good for him. Total annihilation is better for this destroyer of life, this

    I’m so pleased that there is now a book out as a lasting testament to that pure evil. I’m glad he’s still alive.

    • Marta says:

      he said in Laurent Bouzereau’s Roman Polanski: A Film Memoir that he made wrong.

      • MavenTheFirst says:

        Actually he said she was a double victim- his victim and the media’s (he so obviously stole that line from her) . He never apologized, never showed remorse, and joked, ” better late than never”. Nor has he made restitution. I don’t call that much of an acknowledgment of his wrongdoing.

        And he has never come back to America to face his
        punishment. Why? Because he is bigger and more important than some trifling “wrong”. And because he is a coward.

  52. Marta says:

    “He did something really gross to me, but it was the media that ruined my life,” she told People in 1997.”What happened that night, it’s hard to believe, but it paled in comparison to what happened to me in the next year of my life,” she said last year, when she appeared in a documentary about problems with the case.

    • stinky says:

      i thought i had heard her in that vein, as well – i’m only surprised by the book because of her demeanor in that documentary … she seemed almost blasse. it must have been “Roman Polansky : Wanted & Desired” i don’t think i have the fortitude to read the book. its all making me cringe. i can’t even imagine.

    • the artful dodger says:

      Cheers for this Marta, it answers all my questions. Ghastly.

  53. Revenge says:

    As a society, we should all band together and refuse to attend or watch ANY production involving Polanski. I consider him a violent sex offender, that he is, and refuse to participate in watching or providing any financial support to Polanski. Cheers to Samantha Geimer for putting herself into the written world for the world to see how this criminal abused her. I wish for nothing but the best for Ms. Geimer and I look forward to reading her book!!!

  54. holly hobby says:

    Didn’t he also get together with his french actress wife when she was a teenager? This gross little old troll. I wish Hollywood would stop supporting him. I’m most disappointed in Harrison Ford. He was one of the apologists.

  55. Mia says:

    I’m glad that she’s telling her own story. I would hope that it would shut up a lot of Polanski apologists but I know that’s too much to hope for. I just wish Polanski’s child raping, perverted ass was underneath the jail right now. He has obviously continued to prey on young girls even after this case. Who knows how many children on movie sets and elsewhere would have been saved from his clutches if the world dealt with him the way he should have been dealt with for committing such a disgusting crime.

  56. minxx says:

    I wonder why she’s publishing a book now. For the longest time she was on record saying she doesn’t want to be reminded of it every time Polanski’s case comes up, she wants to live a normal life and, to top it all, that she doesn’t want to have him prosecuted – she’s forigen him and wants to put it behind her. Puzzling.
    And, btw, I have no trouble separating what he’s done in the past,which is disgusting and criminal and his movies, which are amazing. Not being able to do so and blaming actors for not boycotting Polanski seems childlish and immature.

    • Evie says:

      Just curious. Do you feel the same way about the manner in which Hollywood responded to Mel Gibson?

  57. Kelly says:

    He’s such a pig. There’s a special place in hell for people like him.

  58. Leslie says:

    I just preordered the book from Amazon.

  59. Moi says:

    Polanski needs to thank his lucky stars that he is still living and breathing right now. If that would have been my daughter? I would be the one in prison (for murder) at this time.

  60. Ag says:

    Disgusting, awful man. He should rot in prison. It’s supremely depressing that his fame and money have shielded him from justice. The people who support him should be ashamed of themselves and their lack of a moral compass.

  61. caitrin says:

    Milla: It’s not a matter of “opinion”, it’s FACT: Polanski did indeed rape a young girl. In other words, he forced himself on her sexually, sodomizing her as she pleaded with him to stop. That is sex without a person’s consent: It’s called RAPE. He also drugged her, in order to make her an easier, less struggling victim. He has *admitted* to all this, so your little “opinion” about it NOT being rape counts for nothing–except an obvious sign of your ignorance of the case, and of rape itself. (You don’t know him, so you can’t judge him? You never knew Charles Manson, either; does that automatically keep you free from judgment of him, too? ) You like Polanski’s films, so you are willing to change the facts of what he did in order to dismiss him of his guilt, of something HE HIMSELF admitted that he did? And you don’t see the “point” of his victim writing to share her story? Maybe her own healing? Maybe, she writes her story partly so that others who have been raped might not feel quite so lost, devastated, shattered, ashamed, terrified, depressed, hopeless, and alone? Gee Milla, I’d say these were some pretty damn good reasons to write such a book, wouldn’t you? (Or maybe not, as you have not “met” either one of them and so won’t judge them. Do you even realize just how creepy and ignorant you sound, defending a rapist– b/c you sure like his movies!– by saying that you never actually MET him, so can’t judge him?)Sorry, but as a survivor of rape myself, and as a rape counselor, blind, blatant stupidity about rape–like yours about this case– is not just offensive, it is literally *frightening*.

  62. frank says:

    Natalie Portman is another supporter of Polanski. She now disgusts me.

  63. CindyKennedy says:

    I can’t imagine being drugged and raped by an adult man at age 13, the man getting away with it, and then half the celebrities and/or powerful people in Hollywood publicly defending what he did. People like Woody Allen, Natalie Portman, Kristin Scott Thomas, Harrison Ford, Martin Scorsese, and the list goes on. This gang of bullies In Hollywood mostly got famous based on looks, who they knew or pure luck. Most of them have no real talent.

  64. Jenn says:

    I can’t stand Polanski and his supporters are all sycophants more interested in gaining a part in his movies than anything. I hope he rots.

    I won’t read this book. I just can’t do it. Ugh. I support her writing it. I hope it brings her good fortune and peace, and also makes the gross Polanski cry bitter old pedo tears until his face caves in.

  65. Marta says:

    what about charlie chaplin and Lita Grey?

  66. Ellen says:

    Perhaps a copy of the book should be sent to each of the supportive celebs, with a picture of their teenage daughter and Roman Polanski tucked inside so they can compare and contrast.

    Someone can just tuck one in Tilda’s ridiculous sleep performance art bed.

    Unfortunately Woody would just want to date his daughter’s picture so I suggest we skip that one.

  67. Kim says:

    Polanski and Allen should both be locked away in a cell together to rot!

  68. ThomasB says:

    I’d like to defend Roman Polanski a little bit. What nobody has pointed out is that Roman Polanski lost his wife Sharon Tate, the love of his life, when she was over 8 months pregnant to the Manson family. She was brutally stabbed to death along with her friends in 1969 in their house while he was gone. What effect this had on this man is unimaginable. Had he not lost his wife in such a terrible way, do you think he would have done what he did years later? I would like to think not, he was sick, it’s not all his fault. I’m not saying what he did was right but have a little compassion for what he went through as well…

  69. Jen says:

    “had his overbearing way with her”

    Umm, no. HE RAPED A 13-YEAR OLD GIRL. Period.

    That anyone can support, let alone defend, this scumbag is beyond reprehensible.