Britney wants to quit tour; K-Fed pitching tour-based reality show

We’ve heard a lot of speculation that Britney Spears isn’t ready to embark on her world tour, which starts March 3 and features 44 performances in 33 cities over 14 weeks. It’s a lot for even the most seasoned and motivated performer to endure.

Britneys two long term choreographers quit just last month. Then her former music manager went on the record with US Magazine to express his reservations at how she’s being pushed to perform when he feels she’s just not ready. It’s been just a year since Britney’s high profile breakdown and it seemed like the moment she started to clean up and work on herself she was thrust back into the spotlight again.

According to the National Enquirer, Britney knows the tour is going to be a lot to handle and she’s threatening to drop out. She’s said to feel overwhelmed by the pressure and annoyed at her ex, K-Fed, who is pitching a reality show based on tagging along with Britney’s tour:

Britney Spears has infuriated her father and ex-husband by threatening to abandon her $100 million concert tour – throwing her comeback into chaos…

“Britney doesn’t want to do it, and she’s telling her father Jamie that,” an insider tells the Enquirer. “All the dates are booked – and $100 million would be lost if she bails…

“Both her father and ex-husband Kevin Federline are telling her she has to go on for the sake of her kids and their financial future. So Britney is really feeling the pressure, and she says she can’t handle the tours whirlwind schedule…

“She is already exhausted getting in shape for the trip. And her focus has changed, too – Britney just wants to be a stay-at-home mom to her two boys. Britney feels like she is being forced to tour. Jamie has made it clear he wants to get her back to where she was.”

But Britney, 27, hates the tour’s set-up, which includes Kevin – who has custody of their boys – tagging along. That concession was the only way she could have the boys with her, so she reluctantly agreed…

“Kevin is working on a deal for a reality show based on following her ‘Circus’ tour.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, January 26, 2008]

You can’t blame Britney for not wanting K-Fed to bring a bunch of cameras with him on her tour. It’s the only way she will get to see her sons throughout that time, though, so maybe she feels like she has no other choice but to let him have his way. It also sounds like she was railroaded into this tour by her people and really didn’t have a choice. She seems happy enough to perform a single song on a show, but a full set like that night after night with only a day or two break in between is a lot to handle. If she doesn’t want to do it, her dad should have talked to her about it before all that money was invested. It all sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Britney Spears is shown performing on “Good Morning America” on 12/2/08. Credit: WENN

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23 Responses to “Britney wants to quit tour; K-Fed pitching tour-based reality show”

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  1. photo jojo says:

    Someone needs to take this girl and get her out of Hollywood, into a sane place and never ever let the reporters (or her family) near her again. Words cannot express how infuriated I am about this situation: she’s constantly being manipulated and it just brings up every maternal instinct I have. Which makes me wonder: where the hell are Lynn’s maternal instincts?!

  2. guest says:

    this is so sad for britney. the dad (her mom is just as bad) is the ring master and she is the quintessential ‘circus’ performer. that girl needs a good lawyer.

  3. Lala says:

    “Both her father and ex-husband Kevin Federline are telling her she has to go on for the sake of her kids”
    Nothing is never going to stop those two…

  4. Tia C says:

    Britney’s a big girl. I’m sure she’s not doing anything she doesn’t want to do. This is all a bunch of drama stirred up to sell magazines, nothing more.

  5. sassyspank says:

    it’s called not allowing cameras to film her OR her children. I’m sure she can have him banned from her working area – and getting legal to make sure that his show can’t use her image. What would be left of his show then? If she had the brain cells to think of this, there wouldn’t be any “show.” But i smelt BS from the beginning of this story, anyway…

  6. 99 says:

    How can she be a stay at home mom when she doesnt even have custody of her kids? Stay-at-home visitation mom?
    Why does she have to drag the kids along to every tour date? This whole story doesnt make any sense.
    Kevin and the kids do not have to go on tour with her. Solved!
    If the tour is cancelled it will probably be because they cant sell tickets. Who wants to pay $75 to see a trainwreck especially when we’ve already seen it before for free.

  7. mel says:

    @99 I work at a venue and we booked Britney to perform in April and guess what the show is close to selling out so the girl still has it and her fans still love her!

    I hope these allegations are untrue and like someone mentioned a just a ploy to sell more magazines.

  8. Chris says:

    It’s her fucking JOB!! She’s a performer and should do that as living, bitch’s just lazy & crazy in the brains.

    Her father is pulling the strings on this puppet girl to exploit her, but truth is she just doesn’t have it anymore.

  9. Terrian says:

    Kevin is really gross.

  10. Codzilla says:

    They’re all a bunch of assholes. Those kids deserve better.

  11. heather says:

    Britney, wake up!! Theres Kevin using you again. You can say “no” to letting him make a reality show off your expenses, can’t you?? Stand up woman! I understand taking your kids on tour. I would do the same, but this is your life and Kevin needs to be put in his place!!! You love to perform and such, but don’t let anyone push you around…Keep kicking karate kid!

  12. Trillion says:

    Her torso looks amazing but those outfits….so tacky. But that’s not a surprise.

  13. Kim says:

    Her parents are money grubbing whores! They dont give a crap about their daughter – she is a paycheck to them. Just look atthe salary Jamie taes from his daughter – ridiculous! Most men would do this for their daughters for free- its called parenting! Im not sure if I buy she doesnt want to go on tour but if she doesnt her father and KFed pushing her to is sick & karma will get them. If she really wants to be stay at home mom let her for goodness sake. My gosh she has millions of other ways to make $ she’s Britnet for goodness sake!

  14. Anoneemouse says:

    Something about this article does not ring true. This is the same girl that cut off ties to her family (which was her decision), same girl who made the decision to marry K-Fed (her decision), same girl who made the decision to have two kids right away (her decision), same girl who made the decision to abandon her last tour (when she first met Kevin, due to “knee problems”) (her decision) and the same girl who made the decision to put her current record out and tour. She just does not strike me as being the type of person to be pushed into something she doesn’t want.

  15. Lizbeth says:

    ….And that’s the last of the KFed has really turned it around and become a great dad debate.

  16. santacruz says:

    Her family is a circus…she is the clown

  17. aleach says:

    if this is true or not, theres something really sad going on in that family. i agree that britney has some problems (obviously) but most of her childhood & formative teenage years were in the spotlight. she is obviously having some kind of mental issues (through no fault of her own, i believe) and NO one is stepping in to help her.
    her parents should no better. she is not just your cash-cow. she is your daughter. take care of her. get her out of the damn spotlight.
    its sad because were basically seeing this girl fall apart right in front of us and her parents are right there, pushing her even further over the edge.
    its pretty sick, really.
    sorry for the long ass rant haha, i just find this whole thing sick…and im not even a fan! hehe

  18. connie says:

    I hope this is untrue because i for one am dying to see her perform. past incidents aside she’s still a relatively young girl who knows only life in the spotlight. As exhibited by any former child star she is bound to have a distorted sense of herself. Speaking as someone who has a bipolar mother it’s extremely difficult to watch someone careen out of contorl and any comments that she consciously chooses to do these “crazy” things are ridiculous- that’s the manic side. Sadly, it just doesn’t seem like she truly has anyone in her corner making sure what’s done is the best for HER. I also honestly belive that her children are the reason for her recovery. It’s easy to make assumptions and pass judgement on a woman that you only see portrayed in the media without taking into account the true nature of her disease

  19. Codzilla says:

    connie: How do you know FOR SURE that Britney is bipolar? The last I heard, that was simply a rumor, just like the more probable assumption that she was/is a spoiled junkie.

    Ps: I’m genuinely sorry to hear about your mom. And the above comment regarding Britney was not in any way intended to disrespect or belittle what you’ve gone through.

  20. vdantev says:

    Why is it any of K-feds business what Britney’s doing aside from his own potential financial gain?

  21. Seen around London says:

    We all knew this would happen but its her life so why does her leperous ex and money hungry father have anything to do with this? Why wern’t the judges in her conservator case smarter than this. They are whoring out this woman for they’re own gain. Sick, sick, sick.

  22. Judy says:

    Look she cant do anyting without her Daddys say so. She is looking like a slave to me,to support KFed and her damn family. Her father is getting 20k a month plus she has to pay for daddys office and she has to support lard ass KFed. SHe needs to be able to run her own life whatever was that judge thinking letting her brother get 250k from her and Kfed getting all that money and her Daddy dearest making all that money off of her. Daddy went from making 3500 a month to 20K and he runs her life like a Nazi. She is not well enough to do what they want but is being forced to do it to keep the mooches in the style they want to live.

  23. Jag says:

    I wonder if the judges that extended the conservatorship and approved Jamie’s and the brother’s “salaries” are being paid on the side? How else could they, in good faith, do that to Britney? The girl needs rest, security, and peace – not a world tour. I really feel for her…