Bethenny Frankel: ‘I’m going through a brutal time… sex would be a nice release’

Bethenny Frankel is amping up her PR game now that her talkshow is about to return. She has her personal narrative, that of a divorcee in progress being wronged by her ex, and she’s sticking to it. In a new interview with Nightline, Bethenny said that she’s going through a “brutal” time and that she’d like to have sex with someone. Isn’t she banging that “old friend” billionaire she keeps going on vacation with?

On Fame
Fame is Pandora’s box. You can’t just walk out in your pajamas. I used to go to Starbucks in my pajamas.

On her divorce
I’m going through a brutal, brutal time. There’s no other way to slice it. I never knew it could be like this, I just didn’t.

On if she regrets the reality shows filming her marriage
I don’t regret letting the cameras roll. I could have skated by. I could have remained on the show and been like ‘oh everything’s perfect…’ It made me feel dirty for people to think that I had this perfect relationship and this perfect life.

On if she feels like a failure
I feel like I disappointed people because I was this role model that represented the fairy tale… I’m definitely bruised.

On how she takes the edge off
If I’m exercising or doing yoga it’ll take the edge off on some level. I would imagine eventually, sex would be a nice release, but you know, who knows. And I like to have a Skinnygirl cocktail, I’m not going to lie. I mean it does take the edge off. It’s mommy juice.

[From Nightline]

Bethenny knows how to market herself and her products, I’ll give her that. She brought the conversation back around to her drink line like an expert. I think the thing that bugs me the most about Bethenny is how self-centered she is. It’s like her problems are the worst thing that could happen to anyone, and she’s actually said thatdivorce is the most difficult thing you could go through in your life.” Maybe for her it is, but she needs perspective badly. She’s not a victim, she’s just a rich, famous woman going through a divorce. Is that unfair of me to think that her problems are not as bad as someone without her resources and opportunities? Probably, everyone has problems and you can’t dismiss someone’s experience because there are worse things that could happen. It’s just that Bethenny keeps harping on how horrible her divorce is, all while refusing to move out of the same apartment with her ex, and refusing to compromise on custody issues.

Bethenny Frankel is shown on 8-6-13, 8-5 and 6-3. Jason Hoppy is shown on 8-7. Credit: FameFlynet and

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  1. Sara says:

    I don’t think having money changes how difficult divorce is, if anything I think it drags it out longer.

  2. Tapioca says:

    To want to have sex with Bethenny Frankel would certainly involve a “release”…

    …from a mental institution.

    • Kiddo says:

      Now there, have some respect for the mentally ill, they do not deserve said punishment or slight.

  3. Lucy2 says:

    A role model representing the fairytale with a perfect life? I don’t watch those shows but did anyone think that about her then? Aren’t they just “reality” shows about women being katty and extravagant?
    She sure seems to think highly of herself though.

  4. aloejuice says:

    I’m not going to judge her because anyone can see she has a very self destructive kind of crazy. As in I really think she tortures herself and there’s a bit of a masochist in her. She’s probably suffering enough.

  5. Dawn says:

    No thanks. How did she get to this point anyway? She is just so mean and she is beginning to look like a wax figure.

  6. Ag says:

    Yuck. Nobody wants to see that or think about it.

  7. Belle Epoch says:

    She is carrying a giant expensive bag with nothing in it. Photo is so clearly staged it’s embarrassing. What is she going for here?

    Still fascinated that bulimia gives you chipmunk cheeks and a square jaw from puking. She’s like the poster child for it.

  8. MademoiselleRose says:

    “I feel like I disappointed people because I was this role model that represented the fairy tale…”

    Are you kidding me?! She thinks she was a role model (who to?) and she represented a fairy tale (huh?!). Was/is she Malificent?

  9. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    All I have to say about her wanting to have sex—-any half way decent guy who knows how to use google will spend approximately two minutes with her name in the search engine, and then will RUN to the hills. I’m not even sure some of the more unsavory ones out there would want to be caught up in her mess, when the majority of it is broadcast-ed to the world. I wouldn’t.

  10. neelyo says:

    She is just reprehensible. Who are her fans? How does any Real Housewife have fans? They don’t do anything and they’re awful people.

    Thank goodness the daughter resembles her father.

  11. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    My first marriage ended in divorce, and while I agree with her that it is an extremely difficult and painful process, I think it’s ridiculous to say its the worst thing a person could go through. The death of a child comes to mind, a long and painful disease, watching a beloved husband or parent die…she is so self-centered.

    • Amy says:

      Exactly. I’m thinking about my sister who son suffered a catastrophic brain injury and who spent 6 months in the hospital. 6 months! This woman! She knows nothing of suffering.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I’m so sorry about your sister and her son. That must have been hell for you, too.

  12. Barrett says:

    I really liked Jason. She is truly messed up.

  13. JudyK says:

    The only BRUT in this divorce is you, Bethenny Frankel–you are the BRUTALITY factor.

  14. Hm says:

    She is ugly beyond belief, inside and out. The person who made this ugly is her, by filing first for sole custody. She’s an eating-disordered wretch and so selfish and mean. She’s the last person who should be selling ‘skinny’ to other women, with her bulimia cheeks and jaw.

    Also – she’s just such a liar. She’s been on very expensive beach vacations with just her ‘old friend,’ that billionaire Warren something. But she never stops demanding pity, so she has to pretend she’s never cheated on Jason, never been inappropriate with other men, and is now not banging that dude. It’s not credible. She’s as low-down as Pimp Momma Kris.

  15. Yelly says:

    Not that I want to picture her having sex with anyone but come on, can you blame her?

  16. Switchoff says:

    Poor Jason… Feel sorry for him. What did he ever see in her?! She was (is) clearly beyond a nasty piece of work. I couldn’t stand her way back when.

  17. bostonian says:

    I liked her. Nobody thought she had a “perfect” life, “blessed” in many ways, but not perfect.

    I can’t take her side in this divorce or custody fight because whatever faults she accuses Jason of having, Bethenny is NOT putting her daughter’s best interests first. Jason obviously adores Bryn, he comes from a tight knit family that loves Bryn. Why does Bethenny want to take all of that love away from her daughter? She who always sights her own childhood as lonely and isolating after her mother won sole custody and she barely saw her own father.

    Its not about Bethenny. Its about whats right for Bryn. If she can’t get past that, she’s sicker than I thought.

  18. Ok says:

    Bethany — a nice meal would also be a stress relief as well.

  19. emmie_a says:

    This bitch doesn’t know brutal. And what she thinks is brutal, not getting her way, is something she brought on herself. STFU!!

    And I agree with Ok, she might feel better if she ate something. A skinny body with an ugly interior is not a good look.

  20. TG says:

    I believe she got married and maybe even had a baby just to get a show. Someone said on here recently about another person (can’t think of who at the moment) that Bravo likes for you to get married and have kids and they said that now makes sense about Bettheny and I completely agree. Everyting about her makes sense to me. I think this whole marriage was a sham on her part (same goes for PMK and her prized pig Kim). Of course to Jason it was very real. She is an ugly skeletor. If I saw her face in real life I would be freaked out, especially at night. She is so jealous of the love her daughter’s grandparents give her. That is sickening. Can’t believe a Judge is even putting up with her crap.

    I also don’t like how the celebs have all these opportunites to tell the media their side of the story where as people like Jason and Gabriel Aubry don’t get long interviews from TV and magazines to tell their side.

  21. Kelly says:

    How did this woman get a talk show? I don’t watch the RH shows at all, but come on. This is what passes for talent?

  22. Emily C. says:

    Hello, ever heard of masturbation, Bethenny? Hell of a lot more healthy than drinking alcohol to avoid emotional problems.

  23. nicegirl says:

    I wonder what Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus – Hannah Anderson, Jaycee Dugard, Elizabeth Smart, any ladies/folks who have had their lives and freedom stolen – would think about this statement/idea, should they get married and then divorced(GOD FORBID, because they deserve real and true happiness and peace).

    I know the pain of the end of a marriage/long term relationship with kids, and can be such a deep, hardcore, guilty pain. For so long, it felt unending, like it would go on forever – BUT IT DID NOT. After gallons of tears and more than a few years, my happiness about relationships returned.

    I also know the pain of witnessing the pain of others, due to abuse. For me, this pain continues, and no matter what I do, it haunts me in ways I cannot evade, no matter how far I run away from those memories. My heart will always ache for those who were injured at the hands of others, innocents who deserve only love, health, happiness and safety. I pray nothing bad ever happens to little Bryn. The pain of a mother whose child is victimized is UNREAL. Although I am NOT that mom (THANK YOU GOD THANK YOU GOD THANK YOU GOD!), I know her personally and feel her pain daily. I sure hope Bethenny (and all other parents, of course) never has to feel that kind of pain – divorce may seem like a vacation, in hindsight.

  24. pnichols says:

    How about keep all of this to yourself. You are a mother now, to a little girl. Not about you anymore. Just zip it.