Worst Dressed at the Oscars

Anne Hathaway says her white lace dress with bows at the neckline and back of the legs was a leftover from The Devil Wears Prada. She seems to realize that the bow is unflattering as she’s seen trying to cover it in one photo.Her makeup looked pretty and not overdone, though.

Jennifer Hudson wore a brown Oscar De La Renta gown with pockets – that she put her hands in self-consicously while on the red carpet – and an odd silver python bolero jacket with an upturned collar. The gown wasn’t bad on it’s own, but the weird jacket gave her a retro sci-fi look. Luckily she removed the jacket during the ceremony. Hudson was dripping in Fred Leighton diamonds. Eurweb called Hudson’s look “Lane Bryant meets Star Trek.”

All the diamonds in the world couldn’t make Cameron Diaz look classy in this outfit. She wore a cheap-looking white satin Valentino gown with straight-cut hanging flaps of fabric and $2.9 million worth of diamond Cartier accessories. Messy hair and makeup and a weird-looking tan paired with a too-white dress made her look dirty.

I may get some heat for this, but I really don’t like Penelope Cruz’s pink dress by Atelier Versace. It looks ridiculous to me. It’s gathered way too tight on top and then it’s huge on the bottom with big billowing feathers. It looks like it took hours to wrap her up in it. Her hair is too severe, although her makeup is well done. She paired it with Chopard diamond earrings and bracelet.

Kelly Preston takes the prize in a Flinstones’ halter dress with a leopard print.

The gaudy stones on Beyonce’s light green Armani Privé dress are too much, although the cut of the dress is decent.

Jennifer Lopez looked good to me on television as I was focusing on her hair and makeup, but I don’t like her dress in the red carpet photos. She was seen in an ill-fitting silk empire-waist Marchesa gown with a strange neckline draped with rows of crystals.

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  1. Lady Metal says:

    I liked Penelope Cruz’s dress, except the color…

  2. rose no thorns says:

    I actually liked Jennifer Lopez’s dress. I thought Penelope’s dress was fug.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I thought Ann Hathaway looked awesome.

    Cameron looks like she’s a hooker trying to be a “Pretty Women”.

    Jennifer Lopez actually looked classy. What’s up with that? And her ugly Skeletor accessory she’s been seen with lately, stayed home?

    The others were way fugly.

  4. Diva says:

    Man, I’m so glad to hear someone else say Penelope Cruz’s dress was awful! Everyone on TV is saying it was gorgeous, and I thought it was hideous! I didn’t like JLo’s dress, either. Beyonce BARELY pulled off the massive decorations on her dress, I thought, but she did pull it off. Cameraon Diaz loops like a wedding orchid… and that’s not a compliment. In Jennifer Hudson’s defense… she didn’t pick that dress out. She agreed to be dressed by someone and they picked it, the gorgeous dress she was wearing after the ceremony is the one she picked.

  5. m.a. says:

    I pretty much agree with all of these, except, where is Kirsten Dunst? She really should be on this list. I haven’t looked at your best dressed list, yet, but I hope she’s not on there. Eek! 🙂 I gotta say, I am a little disappointed in the gowns this year. I haven’t seen any that have blown me away, yet, damn it. The gowns are the best part of the Oscars! 🙁

  6. Daisy says:

    I agree with everything except for Jennifer Lopez being Worst Dressed. I think she had one of the best dressed, because it was completely different than anything else out there. The lay of the stones on her neck and back really lit her face and put a twist on a basic style of dress. The dress fit perfectly on the top, which is the only place it should since it is an empire dress. Who knows, she coud be hiding a baby bump. She was simply beautiful this year, without compromising her unique style. She is just awesome.

  7. KIM says:

    I don’t understand the white thing- it looked like a bunch of bad bridal gowns on the red carpet. The WORST though had to be Jada Pinkett Smith who looked like C3PO in her gold bustier. Cameron Diaz needs to just go away- I can’t even stand to look at her butt ugly face and stupid hair anymore.

  8. bex says:

    why do soooo many people dislike cameron diaz??? wt has she eva done 2 u… i fink shez gawjuz id luv 2 look like her… n i fink she looked stunning at the oscars!

  9. Other Karen says:

    I love Cameron’s dress.

  10. MaiGirl says:

    Daisy, I want some of whatever you are smoking. Clearly, you get the good stuff.

    I agree with every pick (except Beyonce, because she tried to mix it up and NOT don a metallic color, and I do think she looks pretty), and I also agree that Kirsten Dunst should be on this list. I mean, really, what was that collar? And why does she always look saggy and dumpy in every dress she wears. Are her tits hung lower than a normal woman’s?

    And thanks for calling out Penelope Cruz’s dress. She seriously looks like someone skinned a muppet to make the bottom. Love the color and the bustier, but it’s what the Fug Girls call a “scrolldown fug.” And when I saw Cameron Diaz, I thought that she looked like a soggy dinner napkin. I heard that J.H. was dressed by Andre Leon Talley, which is why the Judy Jetson jacket.

  11. betsy says:

    Penelope’s dress was absolutely the best followed closely by Nicole Kidman’s dress. Jennifer, yuck…I would love to get to be anyone of those girls just for one night. Then I would come home to my comfy jammies and my two boys and eat a huge bowl of ice cream.

  12. betsy says:

    to clarify…I didn’t like Jennifer Lopez’s tent. Jennifer Hudson’s was fine w/o the jacket

  13. Randi says:

    Hathaway’s dress may have been suspect, but she still looked good. Diaz looked bad, not her dress. Kelly Preston had the ugliest dress.

  14. frewtloop says:

    I’ll tell you why I like JLo’s dress -its unconventional and the beaded detail is gorgeous. Because of her shape she often choses dresses that aren’t the standard figure hugging column (Nicole Kidman serial offender – like we know already how tall and thin she is). Its like a competition amongst these actors to show off how slender they are by wearing the tightest gown they can find. It takes confidence to deviate from the norm and thats refreshing.

  15. jenjen says:

    I loved Penelope’s dress – it was foofy and silly just like the whole red carpet thing. It also looked like it would be fun to play with in her seat listening to the speeches. Jennifer Hudson’s dress was OK but HANDS OUT OF THE POCKETS. Cringeworthy. Compared to past years I think there were no real horrorshows.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I think Penelope´s dress was gorgeous¡¡¡
    why kirsten isn’t here? Is hers more beautiful than Penelope’s? wooow¡¡¡
    Penelope give a elegance lesson¡¡¡¡¡