Angelina Jolie goes for ‘Dynasty’ look at Berlin premiere


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie arrived at the Berlin premiere of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, both clad in suits. Brad’s outfit was typical – a well-tailored dark suit. Angelina’s look is shoulder pads shoulder pads shoulder pads. I mean, her suit was a lovely, crisp white. The pants were wide-leg, the jacket a loose-fit, open style that I enjoy. But the shoulder pads! And the big hair! No! Angelina’s never been some fashion icon, but for the past five years she really seems to be getting her fashion act together. And now, this. The Shoulder Pad Debacle of 2009. When did the Dynasty look have a resurgence? But I should have known – Angelina’s cover shot on last year’s Vanity Fair seemed to be a slight homage to the Dynasty era too. The Gossip Girls have all of the details about Brangelina’s big night out.

They made a trip to the red carpet for the German premiere of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” but that was only the beginning of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s night out in Berlin on Tuesday (January 19).

The “Mr and Mrs Smith” co-star couple were escorted out of the CineStar Sony Centre movie theater following their red carpet stop, with Brad toting a beer in-hand like a true German.

Up for a bit to eat, Brad and Angelina were then swept off in a chauffeured vehicle to VAU Restaurant, located in the midst of Berlin’s historical, reconstructed Mitte district.

The red carpet night out will reportedly draw a close to the Jolie-Pitt’s stay in Berlin, where Brad has been filming a new Quentin Tarantino movie titled “Inglorious Bastards.”

[From The Gossip Girls]

Brad was carrying around a bottle of beer? Instead of going to a really negative place about Brangelina, I’ll go out on a limb and say that Brad has probably seen Benjamin Button about a dozen times, at least. Maybe he was thinking something along the lines of “If I have to sit through this movie one more time, I’m going to be mainlining beer.” Hopefully it’s just the aggressive movie promotion schedule and not something more serious. Like Brad taking one look at Angelina’s hair and shoulder pads and thinking, “I need a drink.”

Here are Brad and Angelina at the premiere. Images thanks to WENN and Splash.

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  1. Me2 says:

    Typical anorexic tricks to mask her disease.
    Brad– stop professing your love for your “partner” and buy her a meal!!!!!

  2. Ling says:

    Her “fashion act together”? I’m sorry, I”d been under the impression that she had two dresses – on black strapless, one off-white sleeveless – and kept alternating them. She’s the most boring on the red carpet. This at least was a departure. The hair is awesome.

  3. GimmeABreak says:

    Would those two get real?

    She looks like a drunken 80’s school teacher at her husband’s Christmas party, smiling as if to cover up the fact that their broke cuz he gambled it all alway on booze and hookers.

  4. GimmeABreak says:

    Whoops!! “They’re broke” vs. “their”

  5. viper says:

    oh my GOD! What crawled up her head and died?! Im seriously what the hell is that thing?! Oh thats just wrong… its like a black bat curled up on her head.

  6. morgs says:

    She probably has razors hidden in that thing.

  7. jennifer says:

    they look great together .

  8. morgs says:

    Who hasn’t taken a 40oz into the movies with them? At least Bradley kept it classy with a German beer. I would’ve rocked the Steel Reserve in a brown bag. KLASSY!

  9. Diva says:

    I love Jolie, but I hate that outfit. Why does she wear her pant waists so high all the time? I don’t even know what to say about the hair.

    Even with that horrid little mustache Brad Pitt still looks completely gorgeous!

  10. debra77 says:

    This look is growing on me.. But damn with that beautiful face she can wear whatever she wants. She and Brad always look great together.. They just have that something.. Brad as always is just so yummy.. I hope they will go to the Paris premier.. But the BAFTAs are coming up next.

    Everyone has their opinions. You can dislike her outfit without being ugly and calling her names. Grow up.. But I have to say the best thing about it all.. Is that Brad and Angie don’t give a shit.. Love the Brange…

  11. Zoe says:

    It’s a nice change from the typical red carpet fare.

    But then again, she could wear anything and look amazing.

    I’m really liking the soft look on her tho..

  12. the poop says:

    she needs to get to a hospital. all her fans can love her literally to death. i can just hear you saying how gorgeous she looks until she flops over dead from starvation. hunched back, knarled hands, sunken facial features, skeletal legs… this is an on-camera suicide in extremely slow motion.

  13. Faye says:

    is that a bee hive on her head..OMG somebody smack her..they must have ate her other earing

  14. doodahs says:

    Forget the fashion, I kinda gotta agree with the comments about her skeletal figure. Maybe it’s the crazy schedule, the breast feeding and chasing around the world with her brood but Angelina has lost an alarming amount of weight. Her hands and her head seem too big for her body in recent pictures.

  15. aleach says:

    i actually really like this look! its somewhat of a change from her usually BOOOORING red carpet looks. i love the hair.
    but…still think brad is a great big douche. hehe

  16. Mairead says:

    I don’t like her jacket; a more structured cut would be nicer, either that or a properly-flowing over-shirt. I’m pretty ambivalent about her hair; it’s a bit Princess Anne for me and the flash makes her makeup look odd too. It looks like a complete PMS look to me.

    Makes a change from bloody off-white though thankfully.

    I really like Brad’s scarf though, lovely, soft and warm. I’m going through a scarf phase at the moment, what can I say?

  17. cara says:

    I’m w/ the poop.

    There’s nothing cute about anorexia, and she sure looks to be sporting it. On a side, I can’t imagine their sex life being enjoyable. When the pelvis bone is protruding, sex is painful. Ladies need some fat, it makes “it” much more enjoyable.

    And I agree with the over-smiling..She seems to be overcompensating for something.

  18. Codzilla says:

    I think Angie’s outfit could have been saved or, at the very least, helped tremendously, by a different hairdo. I’m hardly a stylist, but maybe if she had her hair down with those loose, beautiful waves she’s sported in the past.

  19. jay says:

    She is getting so skinny it makes her face and hands look so big like a cartoon character. She can’t say it is breastfeeding this time…she stopped doing that when they were newborns. Too hard.

  20. Kristen says:

    She would look good a with a dead animal on her head.

    She’s gorgeous!

  21. Zoe says:

    actually, I do agree that she’s looking mighty skinny here. But hasn’t she always?

    Tho I love me some Angie, I’ve never been a huge fan of her body type ie. lanky with skinny arms and legs, no ass to speak of, and large knobby hands and feet, no waist, etc. Basically, the perfect runway model’s body.

    It’s always been her face that could launch a thousand ship…ahhhhh, lovely.

    I’m not picking on her, either, I honestly believe it’s just a body type.

    But she HAS gotten a lot thinner, come to look at her. Poor thing, it was like after her mother died, she just started wasting away… hope it’s just the hectic schedule!

    When my second daughter was born, I dropped about twenty pounds, literally just from being so busy. So maybe that’s it.

  22. Joolzz says:

    she looks haggard to me but that must be the disease we think she has

  23. heima says:

    What’s next? Amy Winehouse beehive?
    I agree with those who say she looks anorexic… I am very thin but I look fat compared to her. Scary and dangerous for all the “Angelina wannabe fans” around.
    And please, someone tells Ms Jolie that being classy doesn’t mean look like a old granny.
    I like the earring though.

  24. jsan says:

    Maybe she’s trying to look “inaugural” for tomorrow!?

    Or just covering up her starved frame.

  25. DD says:

    Oh for the love of God, someone needs to stage some kind of intervention for her. She must be very unhappy to be wasting away like that.

  26. heima says:

    Ok, I like her earring but I suppose that it fits better with my christmas tree…

  27. Cheyenne says:

    Love the earring. Wish there was another one.

    Everything else gotta go.

    Angie, we know you were trying for a new look, but this one does not cut it. Stick with what works for you.

    A simple up-do or a ponytail would have been great.

    And for God’s sake, stay away from Akris. He makes clothes for women who look like they need to drop 30 pounds. You’re swimming in that thing.

  28. doodahs says:

    Just noticed she’s wearing one earring… how very 80’s high school boy of her.

  29. vdantev says:

    What in the icy fires of Hell ? Oh AJ…


  30. o says:

    not so good.

    reminds me of my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Wigmore. Or was she 3rd grade?

  31. o says:

    may i add, Mrs. Wigmore did it better.

  32. hmm says:

    Not in love with the hair but her face looks gorgeous. She doesn’t seem that skinny to me but I guess the haters have to have something negative to say or their lives would be empty.

  33. Lily says:

    Love her outfit, it’s very classy and elegant- definitely a happy content match.

  34. Gina says:

    I don’t know.. I like Angelina Jolie. No matter what she wears or hairstyle she carries, she’s still beautiful to me. One thing I do agree on, however, is her boring personality. I guess you can’t be super beautiful and have a winning personality all in one. Ah well…

  35. Cheyenne says:

    Hey, the haters gotta do what the haters gotta do. When you have nothing else going on in your life it helps to have somebody to hate. I guess.

  36. the poop says:

    karen carpenter’s fans thought she looked gorgeous too. being concerned about the very sick looking appearance of another human being is considered hateful? please pardon my unspeakable faux pas; i had a strange fantasy that perhaps she needs help but this is cleared up nicely for me now.

  37. nonny says:

    She keeps wearing clothes that should be on a 50 or 60 year old. Why for the love of Dolce and Gabana does she do this? Someone please hip her to close that are closer to her age range. Even if she went vintage it would be a huge leap over this obviously off the rack look.

  38. nonny says:

    err…CLOTHES that are closer. She’s got me so flustered with this look I can’t type. lol

  39. NotBlonde says:

    She looks like she’s wearing a wig.

    And bracelet sleeves???? Really? Before 40? She’s 33 and she’s wearing bracelet sleeves. There is no need to look like Bea Arthur. She’s a pretty lady (in the face, anyway), what is she, or her stylist, thinking?

    I believe what she was going for was covering up her body because it’s probably freezing over there and because she’s got her post-pregnancy tummy that she wants to keep camouflaged.

    But bracelet sleeves! I hate them; they always make a jacket look like its too small. Always.

  40. Ter says:

    I second the thought that it is ridiculous to be considered “hateful” when pointing out the fact that someone looks dangerously thin. Might I add that being called a “hater” is just so high school. If the “hater” moniker were banished yesterday I wouldn’t cry a wit.

    I think she is wearing the shoulder pads to make her waist appear narrower but it only zooms her right back to the 80’s. She reminds me of those rub ber dolls, sort of like Gumby, you could stretch and pull on their limbs to make them look freakishly long-limbed.

    She, or her people, must be reading some sites because she has done a much better job with her makeup. I, for one, thought that Drew upstaged her at the Golden Globes. That must smart just a wee bit.

  41. wtf says:

    All people who said that she’s too thin should look at her pictures over the years. Even before Brad she’s already thin, she gains weight in her face but her arms & legs stays the same.

    On her Tomb Raider days she said that she had to work extra hard just to keep the weight she gained. I’m sorry but maybe she’s just one of those lucky people who’s naturally thin?

  42. anonymous says:

    I loved her new look and think she pulled it off. Do we seriously need to see the same old thing day after day?

  43. Maritza says:

    That hairdo makes her look much older and the pant suit with shoulder pads does remind me of Dynasty.

  44. DD says:

    ya she’s naturally thin, I still don’t think she’s naturally anorexic, and she’s just looking sick and aged in the past several pictures. Her muscles are wasted away. Those who can’t see it are the haters, since they don’t mind watching her waste away.

  45. Rose says:

    Gosh she looks too tiny and this is not natural, look at her pictures from 10 years ago. She is beautiful as always but far, far too thin. Her size (or lack of) is not from breast feeding her children or from grieving over the death of her mother, she’s not eating. Since she moved to France maybe she is channeling the Duchess of Windsor who once said “You can never be too rich, or too thin.”

  46. anna says:

    re: “On her Tomb Raider days she said that she had to work extra hard just to keep the weight she gained. I’m sorry but maybe she’s just one of those lucky people who’s naturally thin?”

    I like the Brange – they’re entertaining when I have nothing better to do. BUT Angelina is looking deathly thin and I disagree that her face/limbs are naturally “third world starvation” thin. Even naturally thin people have some muscle tone, not just skin on bones in their arms and legs – that takes serious calorie deficiencies.

    I’ve heard that she has a hard time eating because of all the suffering of children and refuges that she sees – that it doesn’t feel right to live a life of luxury and eat well when there are people who have neither food nor homes. So sad, considering how beautiful and healthy she looked around Gia/Girl Interrupted.

  47. Me2 says:

    “I’ve heard that she has a hard time eating because of all the suffering of children and refuges that she sees – that it doesn’t feel right to live a life of luxury and eat well when there are people who have neither food nor homes. ”

    I’m not buying it. They don’t have to live such an obscenely, openly luxurious life, they could engage in moderation, but they like their private jets and big houses and staff of thousands.

    If that IS her stand, she’s a big ol’ hypocrite, and it’s even more of an insult to needy people to starve yourself when you don’t have to in some misguided show of solidarity.

    I know multi-multi millionaires who live mostly considering their means, and they also have more than four children. Walk the talk, AJ, or stop talking.

  48. Me2 says:

    “modestly”, not “mostly”.

  49. dali says:

    Exactly. If she feels so much for the plight of the less fortunate, why then do they live in such enormous luxurious mansions? When I saw a photo spread of the manse they were renting in Berlin, I was stunned by its decadence. Gold sinks, chandeliers, you name it. I couldn’t imagine anyone other than royalty living there. But I guess Brange think they are somehow better than the rest of us. Why… I have no idea. They both can’t act, and they’re losing their looks.

    Similarly, her arrogance about her appearance belies her saintly image. It’s painfully clear she starves herself due to vanity, not compassion. Hard to believe, but she thinks the praying mantis look is a good one. yuck!

  50. anneesezz says:

    She was not always this grossly thin. Back when she did Gia she had a normal figure and that is one of the reasons I liked her. She actually had curves and wasn’t a lollipop like other actresses. Unfortunately, even one of the most beautiful people in the world can be insecure.

    She is a whack job and everything she does is carefully orchestrated for the best PR response. She only wishes she was actually the bohemian she portrays.

  51. Mairead says:

    “You can never be too rich or too thin” – strange I always thought it was Coco Chanel who said that. You’re probably right Rose (I’ll google in a second), but in that case the rest of the creedo probably went “… or be friendly with too many totalitarian dictators” *wink*

    Anyhoo – the rumour that AJ doesn’t eat out of some sort of gastronomic solidarity with the poor sounds like utter codology to me. I don’t know where you heard it, but I recommend you laugh in their faces, lol.

    Me2 – if the mansion was for rent fully furnished, then evidentially there must be a market for that type of rental or someone else must live there on an ongoing basis. I’m fairly sure that Germany is a democratic republic, so I’d say the royal populace there would be fairly minimal. My point is, they didn’t decorate it, the owners/letting agents did. I

    Unless their entire staff was local, by the time you factor in 4-8 bedrooms for the family, bathrooms, kitchen, living space and bedrooms for nannies/teachers, bodyguards, assistants etc, unless they rent out most of a holiday complex you’re not going to get a sufficiently big pad with privacy unless you go quite large. Especially on a short-term letting.

  52. furrrball says:

    strange that Pitt is always seen to leave a function with alcohol in his hands or pocket! he must be very thirsty or is a possible AA candidate! i settle for the latter as AJ looked quite unhappy with the previous outing.

  53. Mairead says:

    @ Rose – to quote “Kitten” Brady off Breakfast on Pluto “well f*ck me pink with a hairy arse!”, I was absolutely wrong about that quote, it was Wallis Simpson. You learn something new everyday.

  54. Leanne says:

    Her facial structure makes her look like a transvestite, I mean look at the woman, georgeous no, anorexic transvestite YES..Was she born female he he he

  55. california angel says:

    She does look a little like she is about to fall over/pass out. Maybe it’s the off-set hair that makes her seem off balance. I don’t mind the suit, but I wouldn’t raid my mothers closet to wear it either.

  56. morgs says:

    @Mairead: Her brother James Haven was quoted last year saying that one of the reasons Angie Jo is so thin is because she has a hard time eating when she knows there are so many who are going hungry.

    I’m pretty sure that story is archived on Celebitchy. I’d find it for you, but I’m in the middle of stuff.

  57. morgs says:

    What happened to the edit function?

    Anyway Mairead, I’ll try and find it tonight when I get home.

  58. Me2 says:


    I wasn’t the one who talked about any mansion in particular, I mentioned their penchant for big houses with expensive furniture, leased private jets, dear jewelry and the entourage to care for their children in general.

    I think your comments were directed at Dali. That being said, their garish expenditures are pretty staggering, and their travel posse could crowd Buckingham Palace.

    I’m just sayin’.

  59. Me2 says:


    “Anyhoo – the rumour that AJ doesn’t eat out of some sort of gastronomic solidarity with the poor sounds like utter codology to me. I don’t know where you heard it, but I recommend you laugh in their faces, lol.”

    That theory came from Anna and several other postings here, including the one Morgs is researching for you. feel free to lol at them.

  60. Mairead says:

    Me2 – rmy apologies, I did get your post mixed up with dali. Sorry for the confusion.
    (just to clarify, I was agreeing with your stance on the “solidarity starving” being unlikely rather than implying that it was you who brought the rumour up).

    Morgs – thanks for the source, please don’t go to any further trouble on my account. Time for me to go LOL at a picture of James Haven *wink*

  61. morgs says:

    Here’s one link I found. I didn’t quote James Haven exactly, but I know for certain I read it somewhere. I really have no life.

  62. Blanche says:

    Her brother James Haven was quoted last year saying that one of the reasons Angie Jo is so thin is because she has a hard time eating when she knows there are so many who are going hungry.
    Yeah, right. And that is also why she rents 30,000 square foot villas in the South of France.
    *rolling eyes*

  63. DD says:

    James sounds like a douche. Angelina’s admitted to eating disorders in her past. I think the pressure of being Brad Pitt’s arm candy is getting to her.

  64. brista says:


    Clinton and Stacy called. They said, “It’s called a tailor.” Your bank called. They said, “You can afford it!”

  65. petitmonde says:

    Angelina looks scary in the 7th thumbnail: cheeks hollow and stretched taut due to her thinness, and her mouth has gotten too big for her face. She does not look good. The hair didn’t help enhance the look, only worsened it, in my opinion.

  66. barneslr says:

    As the child of an anorexic person, I don’t appreciate you folks throwing that word around so flippantly. There is a HUGE difference between a true anorexic-like my mother-and a slender woman, like AJ.

    You shouldn’t try to “diagnose” someone when you obviously don’t know what you are talking about.

    If my Mom looked as big as her, that would be wonderful.

  67. Moxie says:

    Too many babies, too soon!
    I don’t know about the martyr part, not eating because of others unfortunate conditions. Maybe it’s too much pressure for her to be Brad’s girl.

    Scary skinny.

  68. Mairead says:

    Gosh barnes – sorry to hear about your mother. I’ve seen anorexia in schoolfriends years ago, but I wouldn’t even begin to imagine what it must be like to see your mother suffering.

    Morgs – you are a marvel!
    He added, “Angie visited Ethiopia and it changed her life. When she’s there, there’s often no food for her and she goes without. She’s become used to periods of very little or no food so she has a much smaller appetite and a different attitude to it.”
    This is the relevant bit I think.

    Although I might have to stop laughing in his face as I’m reading it that she’s gotten used to eating small portions and sporadically, with JH gussying it up for effect. Although never that thin, I used to be the same way to I can imagine that happening.

    I still think that saying it’s because of feeling guilty about eating because of all the refugees is nonsense though.

  69. tigerlille says:

    Angie looks lovely, but she also looks like she’s about to topple over under the weight of that big hair.

    Angie is a naturally thin woman. I understand people expressing concern about how very thin she is in these photos, but many people have made their observations in a rather cruel manner.