Spike Lee credits God with the outcome of the election

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Spike Lee is one of those people that provides good sound bites, but definitely can drum up a controversy here and there. Recently he spoke with Joe Scarborough (who’s also good at creating controversies), and he said he believed God was responsible for the outcome of the presidential election.

File this one under the “I can’t believe he just said that on television.”

Controversial filmmaker Spike Lee revealed he thought the economic difficulties that are presently plaguing the country were ordained by God to help get Barack Obama elected president. Lee appeared on MSNBC’s Jan. 10 “Morning Joe” and, in an interview with co-host Joe Scarborough, he made the revelation.

“I’ve always believed, and it seems naive, that God’s had a hand in America,” Scarborough said. “And I get a real sense you feel that God has had a real hand in this.”

“So many things have happened – all of a sudden, the economy goes south at that moment, and then McCain,” Lee replied. “There were so many things. It was almost a movement that had to be ordained, I think.”

[From Business and Media via Fark]

Lee’s statements are a good example of the old saying, “Intelligent people will disagree.” There are certainly those who will agree with his statements and feel like the election results came straight from God. And there are those that think it’s an arrogant notion. Spike Lee is certainly not the only person to claim God has a hand in politics. According to British reports, Bush told Palestinian officials in a closed meeting that God told him to invade Iraq and Afghanistan. Though to be fair, Bush didn’t say it directly to the public.

Spike Lee recently got into a feud with Clint Eastwood, claiming there were a lack of black soldiers in Eastwood’s World War II films Flags of Our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima. He’s a man who speaks his mind and isn’t afraid of controversy.

Here’s Spike Lee at on Friday for the screening of ‘Passing Strange.’ Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. Syko says:

    Well, if I’d known that, I would not have bothered taking my absentee ballot directly to the Director of Elections’ office to make sure it was on time, and certainly would not have sent that contribution to Obama, seeing as how I need the money now myself in the worsening economy.

    I guess I’m just not religious enough.

  2. Tess says:

    His statement is divisive, polarzing, and completely unneccessary….

    Better to keep your piehole shut and let people wonder if you’re an idiot than to open it up and remove all doubt.

  3. Gracie says:

    If Obama wasn’t pro-choice, I could *perhaps* believe it. I’m a devout Catholic, so it’s not that far-fetched of a notion. However, the other part of the thought is that God can bring out of things that appear bad/evil to people.

    However, I doubt Mr. Lee had that in mind when he said what he did. And… If Mr. Lee would learn about Christianity, he might be surprised to find that God does not reward people/nations with great economic times and prosperity. (Contrary to what many of the preacher$ on TV that tell you that God wants you to be rich…) It appears that Mr. Lee is as knowledgeable about the Bible as he is about WW2 history.

    Better for him to stick with film making.

  4. lrm says:

    Yea,the God they are talking about is the CFR [council of foreign relations],the Rockefellers,etc.
    [why do you think jill biden was shhhd by joe for spilling the beans? who appoints positions [besides the VP as running mate]ahead of time? oh sure i’m sure they consider it-but it was like he had a full on choice.]
    CFR [formerly tri lateral comission],et all are fully capable of determining the economy [what a vague concept anyway-that lends itself to self-fulfillment with the media involved in conditioning minds and businesses following suit in their decision making.],McCain being a frontliner [honestly,people,the coverage of the primaries was spectacular,if not to see how the media worked hand in hand with the powers that be to hoist McCain into the frontline. Just looking at the debates,you could see the bias of the moderators,time allotted to candidates,etc.].
    Then…..people actually vote for the people that were already appointed/chosen for them!
    Works EVERY freakin’ time.
    I KNOW noone wants to believe it’s as simple and sinister as this,but it IS. Do your homework.

    If the American people had a clue,now THAT would be divine intervention.

  5. Rosanna says:

    LRM you cracked me up! I thought the same thing 🙂 Btw I don’t like Spike Lee and never had… and no, it has NOTHING to do with the fact that he is black, he could be purple I wouldn’t like him either. I think that celebrities could support a candidate without using this kind of dumb statements (see Jessica Alba, Ben Affleck, Scarlett Johanson — neither one of which I like but they didn’t say something like what Spike Lee said!!!).

  6. UpChuck says:

    Finally, someone else that knows about the CFR. My friends think I’m loony.

  7. aleach says:

    lrm & upchuck- kaiser im gunna go ahead and use your word for this (hope ya dont mind!)…its a ZOMG conspiracy!!!! (rolling eyes…)

  8. Bob says:

    The fix was in before the election even started. Do people really think the Republicans couldn’t find anyone better to run than McCain/Palin?

    I often wonder about the people who laugh at conspiracies. Do they realize they’ve been conditioned to laugh at conspiracies?

    Obama, the 44th and final president of the united states.

  9. Jane says:

    Don’t understand why people feel the need to act/speak like God had any part in the election, or anything else.

  10. sherry says:

    stfu I am going to take 4 vicodins and sleep tommorow away I am so sick of this

  11. Jeane says:

    Of course God is helping America. We all know He loves the Great West better than Africa or the middle east. That is why all those people are starving and have aids and stuff. Guess they should have gotten on that slave boat to America some hundred years ago. God hates you for not being American!

  12. Billie says:

    My black father was a 100% disabled vet from World War II. He served in a segregated army, and when wounded, was treated worse than the German POWs. I know this, because he suffered from those memories and his injuries for the rest of his life.

    I’m obviously not young. But some of you who claim history is divisive, are just, well, ignorant. There were nearly one million black soldiers (approx. 10%) in WWII. Please educate yourselves. Ignoring the past does not make it disappear. Acknowledging the suffering of others is not divisive– it is healing. Try that.

    And Spike Lee is a lousy filmmaker and a substandard intellect, for the record.