Joe Francis sentenced to 270 days in jail, 3 years’ probation for 2011 assault

I make it a point not to follow any news about Joe Francis, so I have no idea if his current situation is well-known amongst the general public or even by dedicated gossip-readers. Apparently, Joe Francis was involved in a situation back in 2011, and after two and a half years of legal shenanigans (it’s California, The YOLO State), Francis is finally being punished for the crimes he’s committed back in 2011. The LAT has a summary of what went down originally, but the gist of it is that Joe Francis assaulted a woman and imprisoned two other women, and then threatened all three women if they dared to report him to the police. And now Joe Francis is going to jail. HUZZAH.

“Girls Gone Wild” creator Joe Francis was sentenced Tuesday to 270 days in jail and three years’ probation for an assault and false imprisonment of three women. As part of the sentence, he must also complete a year of psychological counseling.

Francis was convicted of five charges — three counts of false imprisonment, one of dissuading a witness from reporting and one of assault causing great bodily injury — stemming from a Jan. 29, 2011, incident.

The judge handed down the sentence after denying Francis’ lawyer’s motion for a new trial based on claims that one of the accusers lied during the trial and the three women went willingly to the home and were never falsely imprisoned.

The judge told Francis the women “were very credible” and he deserved to be punished by some time in custody and needed anger management for his “temper.” He was ordered held in lieu of $250,000.

“Whether a celebrity or not, you will be held accountable for your misdeeds,” City Atty. Carmen A. Trutanich said in a statement. “The victims in this case should be commended for their courage in stepping forward and reporting these attacks, and for not being intimidated from seeing this matter through the justice system.”

The victims told police they had gone to the Supper Club in Hollywood to celebrate a college graduation and had a brief conversation with Francis. At closing time, Francis grabbed one of the women by the hand and took her to his limo. The two other women followed, believing Francis would give them a lift to their car. But during the ride, Francis’ bodyguard and driver allegedly produced sheriff’s badges and did not allow the women to get out of the limo.

The group was taken to Francis’ gated home, where a physical altercation ensued between Francis and two of the women as he allegedly attempted to pull one of them away from the others, authorities said. Francis grabbed one of the women by the throat and hair and pushed and slammed her head into the tile floor four times, according to authorities.

The women were escorted out of the house and allegedly told a taxi would not be called and paid for if they called the police. Authorities said Francis threatened the women if they called police. While in a taxi driving back to Hollywood, the women called 911 and met LAPD officers where their car was parked. The results of the investigation were forwarded to the city attorney’s office for prosecution.

[From The LAT]

270 days in jail and three years’ probation? Again, this is California. If this had gone down in Texas or Georgia, I’d like to think that Joe Francis would be facing YEARS in prison, but you never really know. It sounds like the judge was definitely on the victims’ side and that Francis got what was coming to him. He might have even got off easy. Still, half a year with no Joe Francis is a victory for everyone. And just think… Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were just vacationing at Joe’s Cabo home.

And of course, these are the other people that Joe Francis associates with…

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  1. Dawn says:

    Joe Francis is the worst. And I find it of no surprise that K-klan are his friends. I hope he has a horrible jail stay.

    • brin says:

      Yeah, he is gross like the K klan. Glad to see he’s going to jail.

    • Florc says:

      The Kardashian’s will align themselves with anyone they think gets them more air time… What isn’t cool is that Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are still friends with him and speak to his great character. Many other respectable actors hang out with him socially.
      I think it would have been more shocking if those pics were put up.

      On another note I was watching him on couples therapy and he and his gf abby are absolute trash.

    • Melanie says:

      He’s apparently besties with Mario Lopez as well.

  2. Anmelt says:

    What a pig. Wish he would go away permanently.

  3. Gina says:

    “Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were just vacationing at Joe’s Cabo home.”

    No she wasn’t, she was at the El Dorado again. She rented Joe’s place once years ago, and so did Orlando Bloom and Jack Nicholson.

    I don’t know why people always link them together like they’re pals when they’ve probably never even met.

    • springingforward says:

      Unnecessary to defend her; she and Justin share meals with pedo Uncle Terry and the loathesome Chelsea Handler, so …….. you know, “the company you keep..” and so on.

      • Aras says:

        Right?! Jennifer isn’t friends with Joe. Ohhh! Sorry to misdirect. But, yeah, she’s friends with assholes like Terry Richardson and Chelsea Handler, so it’s not like keeping Joe Francis off the list makes it better.

      • lem says:

        They are also friends with Jason Bateman and his wife, as well as Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

  4. lucy2 says:

    Glad he’s being locked up, if only for a little while. If he pisses off the other prisoners, I won’t be too sad about it.

    270 days more than Chris Brown got, right? Perhaps he needs to rethink his claims about the prosecutor.

  5. doofus says:

    “he must also complete a year of psychological counseling”

    not enough. that guy has SERIOUS anger issues toward women.

    • Jules says:

      There is no curing a sociopath.

      • springingforward says:

        And that is exactly what he is: a sociopath with narcissistic personality disorder.
        A very dangerous and repugnant snake.

      • NerdMomma says:

        So true. He absolutely is one. One can only hope that something comes along to stop him from hurting more women, and a jail stint is a small start, but I doubt he’ll even serve a small part of it.

        Respect to those two women who wouldn’t let him drag their friend away. They were courageous all the way through, and yay for prosecuting!

  6. Nicolette says:

    Not a surprise about a man who made a living exploiting young women. Of course Kris would be friendly with him, she does the same thing after all. Birds of a feather.

  7. jc126 says:

    He’s pure scum, a total beast. Deserves 3 years in prison at minimum.

  8. Turtle Dove says:

    This man is a dirt bag. I hope he does all the time.

  9. MsAubra says:

    And now Joe Francis is going to jail.

    *waves REALLY hard*

    BYE ASHY!!!!

  10. lem says:

    I never really understood why he didn’t do time when he assaulted Brody Jenner’s playmate girlfriend a few years back. That security video of the assault was absolutely brutal.

  11. lbeees says:

    That’s what expensive legal counsel buys you… a better defense and less jail time. In the words of Immortal Tech, “Better off rich and guilty than poor and innocent.”

  12. yoyo says:

    He should have gotten Chris Brown’s attorney. Seriously, how can he get that punishment and Chris Brown get off with some rubbish community service only!

  13. Bridget says:

    That man must be burning through his money – I wonder how much he has left, after years of these expensive legal battles (and of course that Steve Wynn judgement). The gambling, and I’m guessing an awful lot of partying, has got to be expensive as well (remember, that whole Wynn debacle started since Francis didnt want to pay his seven figure debt). And though he tried to play off the GGW bankruptcy as a strategic move, they’re a pretty obsolete product now that we’re in the age of free internet porn, and there were rumblings that the company isnt bringing in a lot anymore. It would also explain why on earth he was on a show like Couples Therapy… fast $$$$

  14. gg says:

    Saw him and his wife on celeb marriage counseling show. He is a whining, scared, controlling, sniveling pu$$y and she is a cow-towing robot programmed to say yes to his every word, bolster his tender ego, and take punches for him when other people put him on blast. I truly hope she grows a spine and leaves him.

    Oh – and of course he quit and walked out on the show before the end of it because he acted so immaturely and had no way to explain himself, but of course couldn’t just admit he was wrong.

    • crtb says:

      He was so obnoxious on that show. What a control freak. He is the reason she has an eating disorder. He was so rude to all of the other couple. Name calling, starting fights, hitting below the belt with his insults then pretending that he was upset because THEY were keeping him from making progress. I was sorry that the counselor didn’t call him out more on his childish behavior

  15. Daniel says:

    he’s not going to do too well in jail. Hope he gets a “club fed” cell instead of general population one, otherwise he’s toast.

  16. Str8Shooter says:

    The entire California legal system is a joke. Any other state and this dirtbag would get YEARS and not days in prison.

    Just, wow.