Jennifer Lawrence’s new Dior handbag ads: pretty & natural or overrated?

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is still a Dior girl. While I completely adore JLaw, I always feel like she’s faking it when it comes to behaving herself and refraining from fart jokes. Jennifer is not a girly-girl. She does not enjoy being dressed up, and she only does so for her job. I suppose we should all be relieved that she’s not acting ungrateful like other starlets who get these endorsement gigs.

In all seriousness, Jennifer probably does appreciate her good fortune in earning some easy money from fashion houses like Dior. I really shouldn’t put any words into her mouth even though I have a feeling that JLaw would rather be building a treehouse in her spare time.

These are some of the new ads from the Fall/Winter 2013 campaign of the Miss Dior handbag line. Much like the previous ads, JLaw looks very somber but still lovely and classic. More importantly, Jennifer seems far less plastic and photoshopped here. One can actually see the gorgeous “imperfections” in her skin. A slight dabbling of freckles and an occasional mole. The effect is both gorgeous and splendid, and the handbag in this shot doesn’t look half-bad either.

Jennifer Lawrence

In other JLaw-related news, she’s still getting pretty hot and heavy with her cute British ex-boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult. Sadly, we don’t have access to the photos, but the reunited lovebirds were spotted last week whilst lounging in a Montreal park. Both were reading books while JLaw guzzled from a bottle of champagne (don’t judge); Nicholas seems to favor the iPad while JLaw goes for the hard-copy, and both of them look very happy together. Certainly, this couple looks far less creepy than Bradley Cooper does while reading Lolita next to his 21-year-old model girlfriend, but there’s no accounting for literary taste right? Jennifer was also spotted last week while dressing down and riding her bicycle while Nicholas went grocery shopping. Swoon.

Jennifer Lawrence

Photos courtesy of Dior

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  1. Anna says:

    Considering this is the first time I am noticing these moles, it’s eye-opening (ahem) how much makeup is usually plastered onto her for the red carpet and editorials.

  2. lady_luck says:

    Wow – I’m surprised they are using such a bare-faced angle on this. She is very naturally pretty though – u can see that.

    • Bubbles says:

      Am I the only one who doesn’t see her beauty? I find her very plain in the looks department.

      And, I heard that she said in that Vogue article that she went to therapy and used meds, was bad in school, etc. Is that true?

      • stellalovejoydiver says:

        She also said she was a cheerleader and popular, didn´t she graduate high school earlier to pursue acting as well?
        She is not really consistent when it comes to the image she likes to create.
        I don´t get the fuss about her either, she is cute, but overrated both in looks and talent.

      • Green Girl says:

        I think she’s extremely pretty, but in a conventional sort of way. She modeled for Abercrombie years ago, so….

      • King says:

        @Bubbles: Judging by the comments (of which are very positive) I’d say yes!(LOL!). Definetly in the minority because Jennifer Lawrence is a favorite at CB. Majority rules.

        Love the ads!…very, very beautiful. I also agree with the pervading opinion that Lawrence has gorgeous eyes.

    • This is actually the first time I find her really beautiful! Wow.

      • Debbie says:

        Me, too. I’ve never been impressed by her looks, however much she seems like a swell gal. But these are super-pretty. Moles and all.

    • hunter says:

      I think she’s attractive though unremarkable. She’s definitely not any great beauty like Charlize or Catherine ZJ.

      She won’t be nearly as pretty in 15 years, she will become rather plain I suspect. But she’s still a good actress!!! I never found Meryl Streep to be any great beauty.

      • Hannah says:

        She is pretty but totally not a zeta jones or Charliize But that just makes her more interesting and variable as an actress. She is not limited by extremely good looks. And its not her looks that “made” her as in amber heard or Megan fox type actresses.
        I also love her and Nicholas hoult they seem really happy to be back together. They are cute and kind of acting like any ordinary couple. It’s not like they are attempting to be an “it” couple or anything like that.

      • Bubbles says:

        Their break up seems shady to me. How convenient that they break up during her Oscar campaign so that Harvey can plant rumors about her and Bradley.

  3. Val says:

    There’s a disorder that causes a lot of mole growth and the common trait amongst these people is that they all have attractive faces. Not saying Jennifer has that but I always think of it when I see pretty people with moles.

    • Esmom says:

      Never heard that. I thought it was your ethnicity that generally determined how many moles you have.

    • Mrs. Darcy says:

      omg love it! I’m mole-y so I must be stunning! too funny.

    • Schnee says:

      There is a kind of brain tumor that causes mole growth, yes. But then again I don’t know about the added ‘prettiness’ factor…

  4. Melissa says:

    Her face is so blank, she isn’t really selling it.

  5. Nashville Girl says:

    I love that handbag.

  6. Amelia says:

    Lovely photos, but if it wasn’t mentioned, I wouldn’t actually know this was a handbag advert.

  7. Easi says:

    I love these pics. They couldn’t photoshop her like the last time after she called them out.

    • Lex says:

      Check out the weird photoshopping on her right eyebrow…

      They would never release an advertisement without photoshop, they just tried to cover it better this time after deforming her last time.

      They’re trying to fool you with the freckles showing!! Her eyes would have been whitened, skin perfected, any darkness under the eyes completely removed, any fine lines gone, evened the complexion etc etc etc etc.

  8. It'sJustBlanche says:

    This is the prettiest I’ve seen her in any ad or magazine profile. She looks best without a lot of makeup.

  9. Tessa says:

    That’s really her face, and what a face it is. Gorgeous.

  10. TherapyCranes says:

    Her eyes are captivating. I stared at it for quite a while. She looks really beautiful here.

  11. Liz says:

    Both pictures are very lovely, Jennifer looks fresh faced and beautiful.

  12. bumby says:

    She has lovely eyes.

    I do love her and Nicholas Hoult together,they were adorable in the pictures in the park.

  13. tifzlan says:

    I’m not really a huge fan of her but she is so naturally beautiful. They really should let her walk the red carpet like this.

  14. Jules says:

    Wow, these photos are lovely!…I love how natural Jennifer looks. Also, loving the bag!.

  15. Anmelt says:

    Wow, she looks amazing. She is one of those people who actually look better without make up. Lucky girl.

  16. lucy2 says:

    I like these ads – she looks really beautiful, and I love that it’s not over done and airbrushed into oblivion.

  17. Jamie says:

    She looks really pretty. I would love it if Dior can do a photo shoot with her and Robert Pattinson. I think they would look amazing together on print.

    • Tig says:

      I agree- would be an amazing photo spread.

      OT- has anyone read of a release date for “Serena” yet? I will see it, but can’t imagine her being able to pull it off.

  18. Flea says:

    Kinda of sick of hearing the natural freckles, moles and birthmarks most people have called imperfections. Humans are not porcelain dolls.

    She is beautiful and more actresses should show their true faces.

  19. Annabelle says:

    I really like these pics. I think Jennifer photographs better when she isn’t smiling.

  20. MisJes says:

    These pictures are gorgeous. She looks so fresh faced, and I LOVE that coat.

    I looked at the pictures of her picnicking with Nicholas Hoult, and there she is swigging from the bottle. Hilarious!

    I for one love that there are no airs and graces about her, and she is seemingly just carrying on with life as she would without the fame. She isn’t trying to sell us on some superior, perfect existence (cough, Shailene Woodley).

    • Bubbles says:

      Oh, she’s selling “I’m so down to earth, just like you” image as much as the next Hollywood starlet.

      • MisJes says:

        I honestly don’t believe she is an act – but it is true that we don’t really know these people, only their public persona. So yes, it’s possible she’s selling the down-to-earth image – but it’s just as possible that it is simply who she is.

      • Karen says:

        She stated she was bullied so hard she had to move schools MULTIPLE times, then in Vogue this year she stated “I wasn’t picked on or anything”

        She’s using the same line most celebrities use….like almost ALL celebrities claim to have been bullied to make them seem so relatable, an underdog, blah blah, so I’m not singling Jennifer out, except all the other celebs get called out on their “fakeness” but with J-Law, it’s always “OMG, so real, so fresh, so down to earth.”

      • MisJes says:

        I vaguely remember those quotes. And true, many celebrities roll out the same lines. But I don’t believe Jennifer is in that group. As Ren said below, she may have been referring to different experiences within different schools.

        Either way, I still find her very likeable, and I’m looking forward to seeing her on the screen again soon.

    • Sile says:

      @MisJes: Plus 1,000,000. I couldn’t agree more. Also, this bears repeating: Those EYES!!. Gorgeous.

    • ran says:

      @Karen She said she was bullied in elementary and middle school. The”I wasn’t picked on or anything” comment was when she was talking about high school.

      • Karen says:

        Actually ran, it was referring to middle school, go read the article section/paragraph it came from again.

    • angie says:


  21. WendyNerd says:

    She looks awesome. I normally dislike the ads Dior does in general (I hated the first run of Natalie Portman’s Miss Dior ads), but this is good.

  22. The Original Mia says:

    I think it’s a great ad. I definitely noticed the bag more than her. It’s better than Sparkles’ tbqh.

    She & Nicholas are adorable. Bradley & Sookie are creepy. Reading Lolita to your really young looking girlfriend is all kinds of icky.

  23. janie says:

    She’s very pretty… She does strike me as someone who’d rather be just living her life with no apologies. She’s not a girly girl and that’s part of what is so appealing about her.

  24. Harriet says:

    Vacant. And hypocritical that this plain,vacant look will be considered as gorgeous when someone else who isn’t as popular will be called plain and useless because they haven’t won an Oscar or come across as ‘funny’ like Jennifer Lawrence is. I’m clearly not her fan!

    • Susei says:

      + 1

      Sorry girls, you know it is true.

    • Karen says:

      Perfect statement! Any other celebrity caught out without makeup gets statements like “Shows what makeup, plastic surgery can do. If we had the time and money we all would look that good or better”

      I mean the other Jennifer Aniston gets called butterface, plain, her hair is her best feature, she’s attractive but nothing special, all the time, and yet in terms of beauty, when you look at Aniston during her friends days, she’s the same level/slightly prettier than Lawrence.

      • kmn says:

        Your hate obsession with this girl is really pathetic tbh. You don’t like her, we get it. Do you have to write the same things over and over again every time there’s a post about her? Jeez, let people like who they want to like.

      • Sam says:

        Why don’t you follow your own advice and let people dislike who they want. JLaw Loonies is such a fitting title for the stans.

      • BlueGirl says:

        @KMN: Spot on with your comment!…I very much agree with you.

      • kmn says:

        @Sam lol okay. I’m not even a stan but whatever you say dude.

      • Liv says:

        This trend to call everyone who likes a celebrity a stan or twi-hard is ridiculous and getting on my nerves!

    • Harriet says:

      Hahah! Right, @Kmn I am a huge fan of Gisele Bundchen and the comments made towards her on celebitchy re 90% negative. Although I know where you are coming from, I am also aware everyone is entitled to their opinion. And I just happen to hate Jennifer Lawrence’s arrogance and fakery as people hate on Gisele’s looks and apparent judginess. Chill out! 🙂

      • kmn says:

        I’m chill. Anyway, maybe it’s just me but i don’t know why someone would want to waste so much energy in hating someone.

      • Harriet says:

        I think the same, but then I’m trying not to be a hypocrite as I tried to explain above. I don’t put a lot of energy into hating- I put more into defending so I know where you’re coming from but it’s either/or I guess.

      • Karen says:

        If she was a nobody 90 percent of people seeing jennifer lawrence without makeup would say she’s very average looking. That’s all I pointed out and yet you turn that into hatred. When did I say she was an ugly @ss talentless r&@@@d? That would be hating. If I’m a hater, you’re an obsessive lover/Stan of Lawrence and I don’t get how you can worship someone you don’t know…so chill.

      • Liv says:

        Harriet, all you’re saying is that your view is the right one. There might be more than one view on people.

    • angie says:

      how is Jennifer arrogant and fake exactly?
      *rolls eyes*
      it seems some stans of other celebrities like Jennifer Anniston and Gisele are hating on her just cause their favorites got hate on this site, so they are jealous and bitter about it. that is just pathetic IMO

      • Harriet says:

        Every time she is seen in an interview, I think, how fake and arrogant is she! A few months back at the MET Gala I found her awful! So no, it’s not a pathetic attempt to hate on someone because I can- and to compensate for the people I like on this site, it’s because have the capacity to make that decision!!! I am neither jealous, or bitter about it. Hypocrisy is factual rather than pathetic fans who *rolls eyes* at others.

    • Laura says:

      Actresses lie in the bed they have made. most actresses , REAL actors, that don’t rely solely on their looks and are revered for their talent, and personality are in Jennifer’s position. that is because she has other qualities to recommend her, like actual skill, talent, charisma, humor. Wow , how is that a bad thing?

      We tear down other actresses because when have nothing else to recommend them besides their looks. ZERO substance. if lawrence is championing being a girl while having a sense of humor rather than just caring about your jeans and fashion spread, well thank God!

      • Harriet says:

        @Laura, who said anything about jeans and a fashion spread? And I don’t have to like her! That’s the point I’m making! Instead I get a mountain of diatribe from her fans, insinuating I am shallow, forceful, bitter and jealous! If you believe her to be a positive and refreshing influence by all means- I’m not stopping you- it’s clearly a good thing. However. I. Do. Not. Like. Her! 🙂

        @Liv I am not saying my view is the right one unless you insist! However if you read I was saying, even in gist I meant you like some people, you hate some people, but you deal with it!

    • anet says:

      Oh my goodness what on earth are you talking about…she is a natural…………for bla.

      Then again she’s pretty hilarious….for beige.

  25. Mrs. Darcy says:

    I think she looks stunning, she is so young, she doesn’t need much and I’m glad they went with such a natural look skin wise, it’s really refreshing. The gray looks so pretty with her eyes/complexion.

  26. Kiddo says:

    She’s gorgeous.

  27. Susei says:

    that´s a handbag advert?
    Would be much better for skin care products.

  28. psb says:

    Her eyes are so captivating. I literally just stared at them for like 5 minutes. Anyway, I love these. So much better than the previous ads.

  29. Mandy says:

    So refreshing! I personally like her better this way than all dolled up. She always seems uncomfortable in a dress and heels.

  30. Daisy says:

    Gorgeous!….I love these ads. Good Lord, Jennifer has beautiful eyes. Hypnotic!.

    Regarding the photos of Lawrence and Hoult in the park damn, they are adorable together. The photos of Cooper and Waterhouse are incredibly creepy…and, Lolita???…really, Cooper?.

  31. Jules says:

    @kmn: You beat me to the reply! (LOL!)…and I totally agree with you.

    I’m also loving those photos of Lawrence and Hoult together at the park. So adorable!.

  32. mercy says:

    Pretty and natural all the way! She looks soooo much better without a ton of makeup and tanner. I particularly hate the eye makeup they usually give her for events. She has small, almond-shaped eyes – don’t overwhelm their natural beauty with layer upon layer of liner and shadow.

    • Sunny :) says:

      I hate it when makeup artists pile a truckload of eye makeup on models/actresses. Especially the ones that have beautiful eyes to begin with that could stand on their own.

      Eva Green is a prime example–the woman has gorgeous eyes. And yet, every time I see a photo of her, her eyes are obscured under all this goop. It’s tragic.

  33. Sunny :) says:

    Lawrence has a refreshing type of unassuming beauty that really beats the typical, stuck-up & self-involved starlet in her profession for me.

  34. jane16 says:

    Not feeling it, especially the profile pic. Wish they’d go back to using real models, instead of celebs and actresses.

  35. manta says:

    Nice pictures, but I don’t really see how it would do anything to advertsise this particular handbag line,a product not shown in 2 pictures out of 3. She doesn’t seem to be a suited model for Dior.

    I found the shots of Cotillard (for Miss Dior and Lady Dior lines) more interesting, more playful than this,and usually Cotillard annoys the hell out of me.

  36. Louise says:


  37. Leek says:

    Wow, I’ve never thought there was anything special about her face but I think these pictures changed my mind. She’s much more of a natural beauty than I have given her credit.

  38. Lauren says:

    She’s def not a “great beauty” (not that that matters in a general sense) and I kind of don’t think she’s right for Dior – the first campaign was super weird. These are an improvement.

  39. E-v-E says:

    this would be a nice H&M shoot, but Dior is not first thing that comes to mind. She looks like schoolgirl running late, grabbing her grown-up purse. She just does not have that glam or sophistication that I’d associate with Dior (and no matter how pretty they style her for the big RC events it just always seems not-her). Especially after Marion Cotillard.

  40. moon says:

    I think the understate-ness works, she looks good. Dior made a mistake with Mila but JLaw was a good pick.

  41. Bijlee says:

    These are good ad pictures. Her other ones were awful, but these are good.

  42. Sara says:

    So beautiful! You are right, leaving her skin more natural made it more beautiful.

  43. Norman says:

    Jennifer has a quiet but certain beauty about her. She is naturally attractive and it is not forced upon the viewer with drabs of makeup, her physical beauty is for real.

  44. Joan says:

    I’ve always thought that she’s a lot prettier when she is just her natural self. She usually uses too much make-up imo. I also like it that she’s not that skinny like many actresses.
    Anyway, love these shots.

  45. taxi says:

    Based on Winter’s Bone & Silver Linings, I think she is one of the best young actresses around. Hunger Games took physicality rather than great dramatic skill & she handled that well too. Some tiny stick girl wouldn’t have been credible in HG.

    I like her looks and think she looks best “dressed down” and casual. She also seems pretty down to earth & trying to get papped all the time. As far as Cooper, I never thought anyone tried to make them a couple. Her comments & behavior made it seem as if he was like an older brother.

    I’ve read what her co-workers say about her – on time, ready to work, knows her lines, very prank-joke-tease-y but when the camera rolls she focuses in like a laser beam & is all business. One of her directors said unlike the method-y actors who stay in character all the time, JL goofs around to “keep herself loose.”

  46. Halicon says:

    Her and Dior are not a good fit together. She should have done like seasonal campaigns instead of signing up for multi-year spokesperson contract. I think her management should have gotten her a sportswear campaign, that goes with a image more.

    Also getting tired of Hollywood trying to make all their starlets in fashion icons.

  47. Mo2 says:

    Boy what I wouldn’t give to have her face and talent. Please let her evolve into a healthy, non drug addicted, constantly employed artist.

  48. jemshoes says:

    Stunning! So fresh-faced and clean-cut — the whole look and feel of it.