Alan Rickman, 67 years old, wears all-black in Venice: would you hit it?

Many of you always claim that you need more Alan Rickman in your lives, so let’s test that theory. Alan was in Venice yesterday to promote his new film, A Promise, with Rebecca Hall and an odd-looking Richard Madden (Robb Stark from GoT). Rickman posed at the photocall and the premiere, wearing all black for both appearances.

So, would you hit it? Alan is a Forever Dong for many of you, from what I understand. I still remember the first time I ever saw Rickman in anything – Die Hard. Rickman gave one of the best “villain” performances of all time, and if you’re interested, I’ll tell you a bit of Hollywood trivia: the producers hated him. They thought he was doing an awful job and they almost replaced him mid-production. But Bruce Willis and director John McTiernan stood up for Rickman – Willis in particular thought Rickman was doing a great job. And so Rickman kept his job and the rest is movie history.

Did you know Alan Rickman is 67 years old?! That surprised me – I thought he was in his 50s. Alan Rickman is pretty well-preserved, right? Plus, that voice. Mm.

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  1. Buckwild says:

    He looked so young as Snape!!

  2. IrishEyes says:

    Such a great actor!

  3. Jayna says:

    Sixty-seven? Wow. I never would have guessed. He’s aged well. It gives me hope that my beloved Liam Neeson, 61, will still be hot for some more years to come.

  4. dorothy says:

    Love him, just wish he would iron his coat and get a larger size.

    • Tig says:

      I thought the same thing!! But will forgive the fashion faux pas. Have loved him since that movie where his character existed via the female lead’s memory- so sad, but very romantic.

      • Ramona says:

        Truly, Madly, Deeply

        Always loved that movie and found it on YouTube a while ago.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        That movie kills me. It’s so wonderful.

      • NEENAZEE says:

        ITA awesomely romantic movie… I truly, madly and deeply love Mr Rickman!!

      • Antonia says:

        Adore him, would absolutely do, ever and always. But geez, he has the income to have a wardrobe that fits. This is unconscionable. Someone needs to go through his closet and toss everything that doesn’t fit and replace it post haste.

    • Lia says:

      Or at least move the button down around his middle instead of at the breast line, for Pete’s sake. I’ve been a fan since he wore that dark curly wig in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves!

  5. Maya Memsaab says:

    Like a Bludger going for a Seeker! yes! Yes! Yes!

  6. brin says:

    Love him!!!

  7. emmie_a says:

    I don’t necessarily need more Alan Rickman in my life, but Alan Rickman needs an iron in his life!

  8. Belle Epoch says:

    He’s awesome! Remember Sense & Sensibility? He looks so young here! Love him.

    • Jules says:

      He was the best part of an outstanding movie. I have seen it so many times, I have spotted every miscue in it.

    • ncboudicca says:

      I loved, loved, loved him in that. *sigh*

    • Brooke says:

      *swoon* he was and is so lovely — argh that voice!

    • Jj says:

      LOVED him in Sense & Sensability! I think that’s my favorite movie with him. He WAS Colonel Brandon!

      And I usually don’t comment but if it means traffic to get some more posts on a good actor that I like to know about, I’ll type out something 🙂

    • Listerino says:

      I loved him in Sense and Sensibility *sigh*

    • balehead2012 says:

      Loved him in Sense and sensibility… I wouldn’t hit it, bit too old for me, being exactly twice my age, but honestly, he looks terrific for his age. I guess loving what you do and not selling out to Hollywood stardom makes that to you. Good for him!

    • Poppy says:

      That was one of the first times I actually fell in love with the perfect character/actor matches. The other, of course, being Colin Firth as Darcy.

      • Janet says:

        Are you kidding? Firth was horrible as Darcy. Darcy jumping into a lake? Please. Check out the BBC version of P&P that was shown on Masterpiece Theater in 1980. Everybody in that cast was perfect.

    • Stef Leppard says:

      He was amazing in Sense & Sensibility. Now I want to go watch it!

    • Janet says:

      I remember being confused on why I was crushing on a bad guy in the Robin Hood movie, but it was Sense and Sensibility that sealed the deal for me – love – love -love this man and yeah, it’s the voice, but he’s cute too. I am also stuck on Benedict Cumberbatch because his voice reminds me of Alan’s.

      • Green Girl says:

        Same here, Janet! I don’t know if I could choose between them, to be honest. And would I really have to? 😉

  9. T.fanty says:

    Yes. Always. In spite of Dorothy’s valid point about the coat.

    For me, he’s a FD because if Truly, Madly, Deeply. When is someone going to remake that with Cumby, Weitz and Idris?

    • Anna says:

      That coat is already on the floor by my fireplace.

    • Sixer says:

      I think for Metatron.

      And, God help me for admitting it, for the immortal line “Cancel Christmas!”

      • hazeldazel says:

        he was so brilliant in that movie! It’s actually my favorite performance of his (2nd being Col. Brandon in S&S). Especially since he was in agonizing back pain during the movie because the scene with the wings hurt his back. He truly is Forever Dong.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        “I will cut your heart out with a spoon…”

        Best overwrought death scene ever in “Robin Hood.”

        Awesome in “Dogma”

        Amazing in “Love Actually”

        The best part of “Galaxy Quest”

        Fell in love with him in “Sense and Sensibility.”

        Great in “Close My Eyes.”

        I just love him in pretty much anything. He could stand there and read bad wikipedia entries for three hours and I would be transfixed.

        Had the great fortune to meet him once (he was doing “Private Lives” on Broadway about 10 years ago) and he was the nicest most down to earth man.

      • Mrs Bowie says:

        paranormalgirl – yes and yes and yes. Always thought I was weird for drooling over the bad sheriff. I just love him, he can be wearing a lady gaga outfit and I would still make him beg for breaks…

    • NYC_girl says:

      I love that movie so much. It was really wonderful and moving and funny. LOVE it!!! And his Col. Brandon was special too. But I just realized a few months ago that Hugh Laurie was in S&S too!! Briefly, but he is so good too.

  10. BW says:

    Yes, I would nail him like a board over a broken window during a zombie apocalypse.

    However, my boyfriend is looking a bit too much like a lady lately. His face is a bit too pulled. His lips too red. And buttoning a too tight jacket under his moobs is giving him an empire waistline and serious boobage. Oh, for a well fitting suit!

    • NerdMomma says:

      LOL that might be the best “yes I’d hit it” we’ve ever seen on this site!

    • OutstandingWorldCitizen says:

      His face is settling. When he was here in Brooklyn doing BAM, a couple of years ago I think, he was looking “really tight.” The photos are not horrible but he should refrain from buttoning the top button, actually all men should, if they have a bit of a paunch. Other than he is still doable. When I’m really stressed (which is often these days) I watch the original Die Hard. The acting awesome and his voice is delicious.

    • I Choose Me says:

      “Yes, I would nail him like a board over a broken window during a zombie apocalypse.”

      Ha. A million likes for this comment. I don’t think I’d hit but the man is a treasure and I do love him so.

  11. Birdie says:

    Alan and Cumberbatch should play father and son. My head would explode because of the voice p*rn!

  12. Bianca says:

    Well, no, I wouldn’t hit it, but I’d like to have him around the house making tea and sarcastic comments throughout the day.

    • mom2two says:

      Same here! I think Alan is a fantastic actor sounds like a really nice guy. I thought he could have used better dressing in Venice.
      Rebecca Hall looked stunning. Richard Madden looks so young without a beard. Holy crap! I feel almost pervy being attracted to him.

    • Carolyn says:

      hehe can I attend too!

      I had forgotten he was the baddie in Die Hard – thanks Kaiser for reminding us.

  13. TherapyCranes says:

    I would not hit it. He is far too old for me.

    As a child I watched Robin Hood about a hundred times. I have a soft loving spot in my heart for him.

    • Erinn says:

      Yeah same. I’m 23… it’s just too old. BUT I’d want to be friends with him, and just hang out with him in general. He seems like such a genuinely nice, talented guy.

  14. taxi says:

    Picture 3 looks like Owen Wilson. I love Alan but not his dyed hair.

  15. Allons-y Alonso says:

    ALAN RICKMAN!!!!!!

  16. Leigh_S says:

    Love Alan Rickman 🙂 He was GREAT in Dogma

  17. Sarah says:

    I would hit it for sure and he could talk to me in his Snape voice. Sigh….

  18. Mandy says:

    I don’t know that I would hit it, but I sure love him as an actor. I can’t imagine anyone else playing that villian in Die Hard!

  19. Monkey Towz says:


  20. erika says:

    OH God Yes!!!!

    He has been my actor crush ever since sense and sensibility!
    Hmmmmmm…..quier intelligence SEXY!!!

  21. sjs says:

    That voice… And that smile in the second picture…

  22. Mrs. Darcy says:

    He looks like he has outgrown all of his jackets, maybe he doesn’t want to buy fat clothes, I can relate! He still has that twinkle in his eye, and that voice though…

  23. pretty says:

    he’s really handsome in a nice-looking way. he looks very different in snape make-up with black hair. wow!

  24. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    I’d hit it so hard it would shock OJ.

    I was walking out of a Broadway play one night with the crowd (History Boys) when I heard THAT VOICE right behind me, unmistakeable. I dropped back a bit and stared furtively. He is so tall and imposing and has such presence even just walking along. Thrilling. Also saw him recently on Broadway–he is magnetic. I’d just want him to rad poetry to me constantly.

  25. No Dice says:

    Umm…. No.
    He looks like humpty dumpty in that ill fitting jacket.

  26. bumby says:


    Oh that voice.

    Loved him the most in Sense & Sensibility (best Austen film adaption IMO)

    *sigh* Colonel Brandon

  27. Miss M says:

    I wouldn’t hit it. It would be creepy because he is older than my father.

    But I think he is a fantastic actor. He was great in “The Butler”.

  28. MeowuiRose says:

    I love him but that suit is not working on him! It’s wrinkly and the poor button is holding on for dear life. Still I would hit it from here to Sunday!

  29. ds says:

    I don’t care who he stars in any movie he’s always the one who steals the show in my eyes. Love him

  30. Greata says:

    Yes Please.

  31. Kelly says:

    Love him. Ditch the suit for a variety of reasons.

  32. Bianca says:

    “Would you hit it? After all this time?” “Always.”

  33. j.eyre says:

    With all the force of a Cat 5 hurricane. I rip his shutters off and uproot his surroundings, leaving him winded, disheveled, soaked and phoning his insurance agent.

  34. Ai says:

    Yes! I really love his voice and he’s a great actor. So many good performances and yes, he steals every scene.

  35. swack says:

    First time I saw him was in Robin Hood with Kevin Costner. He played the Sheriff of Nottingham. Love him.

  36. Victoria1 says:

    Yes! He could be Trent Reznor’s father in the biopic and I could be the woman caught in the middle, sigh…

  37. June says:

    Always. 🙂

  38. Seattlemomma says:

    I really love him. So very much.

  39. T. Fanty Fan says:

    All day, every day…..and twice on sunday

  40. mkyarwood says:


  41. Brooke says:

    I wouldn’t hit it, but i would lie around in a hammock while he read to me.

  42. Elodie says:

    Richard Madden… grow that facial hair back ASAP please thank you!

    Alan Rickman *Severus Snape voice* anytime…anywhere…

  43. MickeyM says:

    He’s a hottie. But that jacket is a little squeezed over his cute old man belly.

  44. Syko says:

    He does need to take off that jacket. In my bedroom.

  45. Miss Jupitero says:

    I wouldn’t hit it, but I just adore him. Has anyone seen him in Truly Madly Deeply?

  46. Feebee says:

    Lovely. Yes to more Alan Rickman please.

  47. Dawn says:

    I had such a crush on him when I was younger and I think he looks great for his age and is still a great actor.

  48. Obvious says:

    mmmmmm….Colin, Alan, and I’ll take some Hugh Grant too please. These three gentlemen made up all of my childhood crushes and I will forever love them.

    Can we get them to work together more though? Because I love them.

  49. Aenna says:

    Oh yes indeed Professor Severus Snape…all day!

  50. Cupcake says:

    I would.

    I’ve always had a thing for the Rickdong.

  51. daisy says:

    He was the bad guy in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (sherriff Nottingham) and was hilarious!! love this guy!

  52. original almond says:

    My always and forever dong. I think there are only two or three movies of his I haven’t seen. But I echo everyone else and bemoan the lack of a well-tailored suit. I’ll give him a thumbs up for our history together.

  53. phaksi says:

    Id do Colonel Brandon any day of the week 🙂

  54. Marianne says:

    I thought Alan Rickman was like 60, so congrats on some good genes.

  55. mercy says:

    First thought: “But of course. He’s Alan Rickman!” Second thought: “Omg he’s Alan Rickman! I have far too much respect for him to ‘hit it'” (even though I would. 😉 )

  56. taxi says:

    My Rickman faves are Robin Hood, TMD, the Potters, Bottle Shock, Nobel Son, Sense & Sensibility. I’d listen to him read the classified ads.

  57. KV says:

    Yes! Yes! A thousand times YES! This post makes me so happy- this man doesn’t get enough coverage… I love that I’m not alone in my Alan Rickman love. He is my #1 actor crush followed closely by Alexander Skarsgard. I want them in a movie together… I’d die from the sexiness!

  58. Miss so and so says:

    He DOES look like an unmade bed… BUT oh yeah I would hit it. He won’t be needing those clothes anyway. I have loved him since Die Hard and Quigley down under. By the way that movie also has Tom selleck..

  59. LouLou says:

    Yes. Forever. More, please.

  60. Bill Clay says:

    Bloke’s a legend! Always great to watch! Cumberbatch puts on that deeper voice for the camera it ain’t his real voice, so that’s bollocks! Rickman is legit, no I wouldn’t hit it bc I don’t swing that way but I would iron his coat.

  61. bluhare says:

    I’ve always loved him but what the hell has he done to his face?????

  62. Ginger says:

    Liam Neeson is my forever dong but Alan’s voice is divine!

  63. snappyfish says:

    that voice! as long as he spoke naughty words in that voice then yes, I would hit it.

  64. Green Is Good says:

    YES! Again I say YES!

  65. Ann says:

    He had me from Sense & Sensibility.

  66. Penelope says:

    I’ve had a crush on this fabulously sexy man forever. His jacket looks a bit small for him but who cares. Love him!

  67. I Choose Me says:

    He’s been so many memorable and fantastic characters. Hans Gruber, The Sheriff of Nottingham, Colonel Brandon, Metatron and of course Professor Snape.

    Quick everybody, think of your favourite quote. Mine is:

    “Why a Spoon cousin, why not an axe?”

    “Cause it’ll hurt more you twit.”

  68. Louisa says:

    If you haven’t seem him in this video, you must watch

  69. Nevarmore says:

    Don’t care how old and feeble he gets, how he looks or what happens to him.. I love Alan Rickman… He’s one of the unappreciated really great actors of all time, in my book. He’s a classic.

  70. Lee says:

    so much love for Alan – fantastic actor.

  71. Sandydc says:

    Yes, he’s definitely forever for me, but WHAT in the world is he wearing?

  72. sparrot says:

    Is there a term with more power and frequency than “hit?” Because ‘hit’ alone does not describe what I would do ( particularly if he happened to pull out the ol’ Snape costume).

  73. Lisa says:

    He has aged so differently than I thought he would. Look at him in the early 90s… omg. Whatever, he’s still got that magical voice, and I love that he has been with Rima Horton for years and years. 🙂

    So would I hit it? It’s Alan Rickman.

  74. Karen81 says:

    My husband not too long ago told me about the producers hating Rickman during Die Hard and his performance. One of the reasons was because he always flinched when he fired a gun therefore the director had to do cutaways whenever Hans fired his weapon. On the opposite spectrum, Joe Pesci used to insist the gun he fire was extra loud and violent so it sound and feel truly real. My husband is a bastion of trivia. 🙂

  75. crtb says:

    He looks great for his age. I would have guessed early 50’s

  76. Darlene says:

    Love him love him love him.

    But who let him out of the house in that ill-fitting jacket??

    • char says:

      Am I the only one who remembers Quigly Down Under? 🙂 That was the 1st movie I saw him in & I was hooked on that voice!

      • Lisa says:

        My friend and I bought that movie together because of him! I kept it. It’s on my shelf, next to Dark Harbour (weird) and An Awfully Big Adventure (weirder).

  77. Lauren says:

    Always and forever.

  78. FartSack says:

    I would hit it till he cried

  79. locamocahgirl says:

    Love him – especially as Colonel Brandon in Sense and Sensibility, but he looks like he’s had work done on his face….

  80. Alexandra says:

    Holy Jesus, Mary and Joseph – YES! Always.

  81. Emily says:

    Most definitely. Especially he put on his Snape costume. We wouldn’t get out of bed for days.

  82. Pam says:

    Would hit it early and often, but my man has GOT to get a better tailor. Those jackets don’t fit. If that button pops it will put someone’s eye out!

  83. Balticprincess says:

    Over and over again! I loved him since seeing him in “Sense and Sensibility”, he was sooo romantic. And Robin Hood? “Call of Christmas”? Sensational.

  84. Glaughy says:


  85. Lenore21 says:

    Is this even a question? Just the thought of him opening his mouth to speak to me in that languid, British accent does it for me!

  86. gefeylich says:

    I loved him in the Emma Thompson/Ang Lee “Sense and Sensibility.” Very different role for him: the good guy.

    He does look good, which is surprising because by all accounts he’s a big drinker. However, I think on Harry Potter they either did some digital “freshening” on him or digital aging on Gary Oldman and David Thewlis, who were supposed to be his former classmates. He’s 12 years older than Oldman, and 17 years older than Thewlis.