Kim Kardashian’s spending thousands of dollars on all- white designer baby clothes

Kim Kardashian is blonde now. We don’t have the pics, but you can see them here. I was kind of mad that we didn’t have the pics, but then I realized two things: one, Kim’s famewhore instincts are slowly coming out again and she’s already starting to arrange photo-ops with certain photo agencies and two, because we don’t have the photos, I can re-use these awful Karl Lagerfeld pics of Kim. Yay! It’s win-win.

Anyway, you’ve probably noticed that Kim actually has been more low-key lately. Most people think that she’s not going to come out for her regular photo-op schedule until she loses all the baby weight. I tend to think that she’s actually trying to follow Yeezus’s many rules about when and where she can and cannot famewhore. Don’t worry though. Apparently, while she’s taking a break from the spotlight, she’s spending money like crazy:

Kim Kardashian’s infant daughter North probably isn’t doing much more than sleeping and eating, but she sure is dressed for the occasion. Star has learned that Kim has been spending like crazy on duds by Fendi, Dior and Gaultier at West Hollywood luxury baby boutique Bel Bambini.

Since giving birth on June 15, Kim has been holed up in Kris Jenner’s home, but she still finds a way to shop!

“Kim refuses to leave the house and gets so bored that she spends all her time shopping online for Nori,” whispers the insider. “She mostly buys white items and she buys multiples of the same thing because they get dirty to easily,” revelas the friend, adding that Kanye West will only dress Nori in black!

“Many of the little designer dresses cost upwards of $600 apiece and Kim will buy 10 to 15 items at once… Kim spends more on baby clothes a month than many celebrities spend on their house payments!”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Yeah, I keep hearing that Kanye and Kim are doing everything up in black and white, including Nori’s nursery. I understand the idea of buying multiples of whatever you think is cute, but I don’t understand the insistence on only buying white (or for that matter, black) clothes, much less only designer baby clothes. Is Baby Gap too peasanty? Or does Kim just feel the need to compete with Beyonce and Blue Ivy to a crazy degree?

Photos courtesy of CR Fashion/Lagerfeld and Kim’s Instagram.

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  1. Madriani's Girl says:

    I hate to tell her this but a black and white color scheme in a nursery is not good. Babies need the stimuli of colors and movement.

    Also, anyone who buys designer clothes for a child is an a$$. They outgrow them far too quickly, they get stained, and the child doesn’t know or care whose name is on it or how much it costs. Designer clothes on babies are not for the child – they are for the insecure parents who want everyone to think they’re classy by buying their children costly spit-up targets.

    • nc_magnolia says:

      UGH!. Totally cosign.

      Kimye are nouveau riche idiots.

    • Lucy says:

      Why would you ever spend so much money on designer baby clothes when they end up covered in puke, poop and food anyways??? Seems like such a waste, I’m due in 2 months and I stocked up on $4 onesies from Wallmart I figured the baby’s going to outgrow them and dirty them so fast anyways why bother wasting money

    • doofus says:

      funny…when I made this exact point about Harper Seven Beckham and Posh buying ridiculously expensive designer skinny jeans for her baby, I got YELLED at by almost everyone with the “her money, her choice” line.

      while it IS a ridiculous purchase, the same applies here.

      To be clear, this is not a dig at YOU personally…just found it interesting. prepare for the same responses…

      • Madriani's Girl says:

        Maybe Chavs get “her money, her choice” waivers? LOL!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Man I am so tired of the “their money, their choice” line–what an uninspired argument. OBVIOUSLY it’s their money and their choice. No one is trying to stop them from wasting their damn money, simply making a comment on the wastefulness of a ridiculous consumerist culture.

        Sure they can spend their money on designer baby clothes that the kid will outgrow in a week, just like we can make fun of them for being suckers.

      • nc_magnolia says:

        @Madriani’s Girl-

        OK, I really have to lol @ “Chav waiver” *snort*

      • Amelia says:

        You were right then, and you’re right now.

      • gatinha523 says:

        exaclty! that argument only goes so far…

      • janie says:

        Kim’s doing the same thing the rest of us do… overbuy for her baby? She can just get more expensive items. I have a comment re: Nori (love the name) … her picture doesn’t look like she was a premie. That’s the photo of a 3 mo old baby, not 2mo. She’s adorable, but too alert and aware to be that young.

    • MsCatra says:

      Actually, newborns can’t see all the shades we see and the high contrast stimuli of black and white is good for development. BUT, I’m totally not sure at what age variety of color becomes more important, so she might already be getting to the end of the b&w rec. Time to redecorate and spend more money!

  2. erni says:

    i really think Yee is good to tone her down

  3. lena80 says:

    You know, I don’t think people should concern themselves with what other people do with their money. We may not approve of the way she earned it, but it’s her $ and she’s not obligated to spend it the way we think she should spend it. Besides that, she’s a first time Mom…the spending (from my personal observations) is always a tad over the top regardless of the tax bracket.

    • fingerbinger says:

      Seriously. You’re on a celeb blog that concerns itself in what celebs do,look and how they spend their money.

      • lena80 says:

        @ Fingerbinder…I’m not concerned with their $ as long as it’s not harming anyone. There are ton of other gossipy things about celebs.

    • Tara says:

      True, when my niece was born she was the first grandchild and we all went a bit nuts. She had absolutely everything you can buy for babies including designer clothes, luxury crib sheets, hand painted toy furniture with her monogram and dozens of plush lambs in every size. But you learn pretty quickly how little it matters when they just sleep, cry and poop all day, lol. For her second Christmas she had so many toys to open that we had to do it in two separate sessions. And yes, she was mostly interested in the colorful bows and wrapping paper. By the time her sister came along we had calmed down considerably. But it was a lot of fun.

      • Nashville Girl says:

        The same happened with my daughter – an only child and first grandchild. We had to open presents in shifts her second Christmas b/c she got tired of all the unwrapping. She’s a little less over-privileged now though – but not by much!

      • Tara says:

        Ikr! The same is true with pics and videos. Nearly every other day of her life was documented for four years – for her sis I put down the camera and enjoyed the moments lol.

  4. kw says:

    So someone on another site had a report that kanye was the one who told kim to go blonde. And the blonde she has now is looks like the blonde that beyonce has. so Kanye basically wants beyonce. Which makes so much sense and also ewwwww!

    • Beatrice says:

      My first thought when seeing the pics of the newly blonde Kim was “Beyonce wannabe”. Her hair looks exactly the same color.

      • oh dear says:

        lol my first thought was “did she snag beyonces old wig out of the trash?”

      • Jennabean says:

        My first thought was why does she keep listening to him?? She just looks worse and worse that blond looks really bad on her

    • StormsMama says:

      She DOES LOOK like a Beyonce wanna-be with a little Taylor Dayne dated tackiness for good measure!

  5. Liberty says:

    Isn’t PMK’s house all black and white? The famous black bathroom where Kim felt she just couldn’t shower or something?

    So, yeah. Of course.

  6. TheCountess says:

    That top picture is gold. Not sure how I missed it the first time around.

  7. Melissa says:

    It’s her money Or Kanye’s, so I’m not going to even roll my eyes.

    She’ll always have fans but people are getting tired of her. She has lost some of that “it” factor she had or was given to her.

  8. Dawn says:

    Remember NO EXCUSES jeans? Kimmode should shove her ginormous ass into a pair because this woman is wacked out. The bottom line is their (Kardashian) star is on the wane and Kimmode is taking Kaaanyeeee with her! They are going to be broke in no time the way they spend but like one of her fans said, it’s not our business how she spends her hard (wink) earned money. But we can make sure she doesn’t earn more by simply turning her off, don’t buy a magazine or product that endorses her or her sicko family and let her be on her way to Paris with her Kanye. Did you see her new look? She has gone blond with bangs and it looks horrific on her but I bet Kanye loves the Bey look all the same. What a useless group of wannabes. No wonder Jay Z and Bey keep their distance.

  9. dorothy says:

    White is great for when baby has one of those “squirt” moments that leak out of the diaper. Especially appealing when they are breastfed. Can we say Dijon mustard? haha

    • Zoe says:

      I know how stressful it was for me when those “colored” moments stained my baby’s clothes at the last minute — nerve wracking to change when you’re in a rush. But, white??!! And I forgot, she probably has a dozen on staff to take care of such trivial nonsense.

      This woman takes diva to a whole new level inherited from her indescribably ho-fame mother! That poor baby, not for lack of access to any and everything she may want in life, but being brought up in that revolting and trashy family!

  10. Kara says:

    that first picture is creepy as f**k! I seriously got the “ew…” Chills

  11. lucy2 says:

    Their overspending is pretty gross. I fear what PMK will do when the family inevitably goes broke.

  12. Photo JoJo says:

    The new “blonde” hair is a catastrophe. She needs to stick with a darker color. And what in the actual hell is the deal with the dark roots? Why is that a thing now? I know I’m old and also old school, but visible roots like hers, as deliberate as I know they are, just look messy and trashy to me, like she couldn’t get in at the salon and/or it’s gotten too expensive and she’s just growing the color out. I just can’t with this whole ‘ombré’ trend.

    • Lady D says:

      I thought I was the only one that found ombre hideously ugly. It looks like a really bad dye job, or attempting to grow out a bad dye job.

    • Shelly says:

      I agree about ombré! I don’t get it. I spend a lot of money to keep my hair a soft and natural-looking blonde, and I just don’t get why anyone would spend good money to basically give herself dark roots.

    • G says:

      Blond hair and black roots— get it?? White/Black this is their thing now- next they will only vacation at white places like Antarctica because it matches their color scheme… lolololol

    • Carolyn says:

      I don’t get the “ombre” thing either. I have dark roots to 10 cm whilst I’m growing out my colour…does this mean I’m acutally “on trend” without realising it?

  13. HappyMom says:

    Where does one find black baby clothes? Some sort of exclusive boutique that the Jolie-Pitts and the Kardashian-Wests shop at?

  14. itstrue says:

    I think that black and white is actually what you are supposed to do early on. They can only see high contrast at first.

    • Thinkaboutit says:

      You’re absolutely correct. For the nursery it’s ideal at the beginning. I balked at those ugly mobiles until I saw how intently my baby watched and seemed to enjoy them. The pretty one I bought, he never even looked st until after his first birthday. So they got something right even tho the rest is just vulgar.

  15. gina says:

    This lip-stick schhhmear photo style has to stop!!!! First Gaga now her.

  16. Eleonor says:

    The blonde is less tragic than I thought.
    BTW that shoot is a joke.They were moking Kim, I can’t see no other reason than that: making her look even more ridicoulous than she does on a daily basis.

  17. Leigh_S says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Kanye has yet again pulled control from PMK?

    The sisters have had the coordinated dark shade for years. When Khloe changed it up, she was made to go back very quickly.

  18. gogoGorilla says:

    Something nice: I actually like the new hair. I don’t think it’s all hers, but it looks good.

    Something normal: Buying an all-white wardrobe for a baby is just stupid and unrealistic. I guess they can afford to keep 40 alternate changes in their gold-leafed diaper bag, plus you know it’s the nanny who is dealing with the fallout of that decision.

  19. Anki says:

    No way that is Knorth.

    That baby is WAY too big to be a five week preemie.

    • Thinkaboutit says:

      Thank you!!! I had the exact same reaction — no way that’s their kid.

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      I have thought that since day one–thanks for saying it. That is NOT a 5-week premature baby. Kimye must think the world is very gullible.

    • lena80 says:

      Why do you think she’s too big…wasn’t this pic taken like 2 months after she was born?? She’s looks quite small in comparison to KK’s shoulder (I guess that’s KK shoulder)

    • HappyMom says:

      I thought that when she had her under the blanket at Kanyes grandfathers funeral. She looked big then-especially how she was holding her.

  20. Joan says:

    the Kardashian family is going to end up crazy broke with the way they are spending.the best of the best even end up,Mike tyson and the rest of them.this family may think it will never happen,but it may happen sooner than they tthink.then the whole family will be left to fEed of kanyes money, when that happens,kanye will be broke in seconds.

  21. Jennifer12 says:

    Kim was so naturally pretty and sexy and she’s only in her 30s. What is she doing to herself? This blond hair doesn’t look good on her because she has an olive complexion. The first time she had blond hair, it wasn’t great, but they did a better job on the color and on her eyebrows.

  22. pk says:

    I can’t believe I’m defending Kim but if I had her kind of money I would have done the same for my baby. Hopefully Nori is given a lot of love and attention and her sole focus isn’t on the clothes, designer diaper bags, stroller, etc.

  23. Ellen Smith says:

    Just wondering if their respective color choices in clothing reflect their desire to see their child as fitting into a certain race? Could be a subliminal thing…

  24. babythestarsshinebrite says:


  25. alice / jane says:

    slightly off topic. The name of the boutique Bel Bambini it’s misspelled. In Italian Bel is singular and Bambini is plural. Why don’t do a quick check before naming your posh shop?? It gets on my nerves every time I read it…

  26. Bam says:

    I think they blonde make her look even more porny.

  27. Loren says:

    That baby is reaching for help….

  28. tifzlan says:

    White baby clothes? BIG mistake

  29. Kitten Mittens says:

    Ok so it’s probably up there, but… It’s their money, which they earned.
    Yes, it’s a mistake to get white clothes for a baby.
    Yes, all White and black for a nursery is possibly going to hinder a child’s development.
    Yes, North is their child as they can raise them as they like. God knows there’s worse parents out there ruining their kids. I mean, you;re not cleaning the clothes or footing the bill are you? No.

    All that said why pay more attention to them? I bet Kaiser will stop writing if people stop paying attention.

  30. tealily says:

    She looks like J Lo now, right? I like here shirt in those photos, though. Different from what she usually wears, and not skin tight!

  31. LahdidahBaby says:

    Throughout Kim’s “career”, the one positive thing I always thought was that she is beautiful–her olive skin and black hair being a huge factor in that. Maybe because I’m a blonde, I find blond hair boring anyway, and on a person with such naturally dark coloring, it just looks cheap. Kim becoming a blonde was Kanye’s idea–his nutty Pygmalion aspiration to make Kim *presentable* to high society, which has scorned Kim (e.g., Anna Wintour). How could he be so clueless as to think Kim would look more upper-crusty as a blonde? She just looks like every other cheezy bimbo now. More Mafia-Wives than Evening at the Met. Kim’s hair was her one physical claim to authenticity (ignoring the extensions), and Kanye erases it. His Pygmalion upper-class aspirations were futile anyway–now she wants to pose for Playboy.

    • lexi says:

      So right. He wants to change her as he hates her image but also I wonder if he wants her to look like Beyonce. The most sad thing of all is that all these two morons are focusing are on themselves not their NEW BABY. How pathetic. What new parents focus solely on themselves so much I mean, you just had a baby and usually the norm for parents is to constantly focus on their new baby – pics, videos, going out and showing off the child. Obviously Kanyes mind is on other less important things and Kim is one mother with no love for her child. An unwanted child. How sad for the kid.

  32. Dawn says:

    And now Kanye is going to pack up his newly blonded bimbo and North West and go off on his North (haha) American tour. Too bad that Eminem is about to drop his new CD and that will blow old Mr. Man-child out of the water. They have made each other into a joke. I wonder how Kimmode plans on Beyouncing herself up next? She can’t sing, dance or act so all those things are out. So what could it be?

  33. Lia says:

    Miley Cyrus, Lady GaGa and Madonna should be sending roses and thank you’s to her. Kim Kardashian has replaced them as the most ridiculous woman on earth. I hope that baby has an industrial-strength guardian angel. She’s going to need it.

  34. Sachi says:

    In my country, white baby clothes are the norm because it’s often hot and humid. White clothing is typically made of very light, soft fabrics that are cooler on the baby’s skin.

    It’s also tradition to put infants in white shirts and cloth diapers made of pure cotton, down to the safety pin to keep them together. Nowadays many mothers go to the Pampers/Huggies route immediately, but most still do the “boil and wash” routine with the cloth diapers to prevent the babies from getting diaper rash.

    The colourful clothes come later, when the child is around 6 months and older.

    As for North’s clothes being designer: I think it’s no different from most celeb Moms who buy Louis Vuitton diaper bags and many new mothers who buy everything “best” for their new child. The only difference between Kim Kardashian and a mother with a lesser budget is the lesser budget. A $500 budget for baby clothes will still be spent buying the best clothes within the price range as will a $10,000 budget.

    My mother has been saying she’s been saving up a lot of money to buy her future granddaughter the most beautiful clothes. She’ll have the tendency to spoil the baby and spend a lot of money. But again, that’s normal for most grandmothers and families to want the best of everything for the grandchild.

  35. Meggin says:

    Ridiculous. Infants should not be wearing black. Little girls should be dressed in cutesy pretty colors. Just my opinion!

  36. palermo says:

    I have olive skin, Kim has olive skin, we are not meant to be blondes. She looks awful to me, and I agree with those who said the dark roots just look like you couldn’t afford/didn’t have time to get them done

  37. TherapyCranes says:

    I think her body is looking nice and she’s dressed normally for a new mom so yay for that. The blonde is ok. I don’t really like it but whatever.

    I don’t care how she spends her money. They’re rich and excited about a new baby.. It only makes sense they would overspend.

  38. Lucky Charm says:

    White baby clothes can be easily bleached, so they won’t show all the stains babies get on them. Of course, if she’s buying multiples of the same outfits then she probably just gets rid of the dirty ones.

  39. Kiddo says:

    I hope like the baby Biebs car seat photo, the Kardashian Klown face is the new go to photo for her articles.

  40. juststeph says:

    That baby is beautiful! I hope she doesn’t mess with her face when she gets older.