David Gandy wants to raise awareness of puppy farms. In your pants.

David Gandy. Blue Steel. And puppies! These are photos of Gandy over the weekend at “Pupaid 2013” – it was an event to raise awareness of puppy farms and, I’m assuming, they were trying to get people to adopt some dogs too, maybe? Because if they were trying to get people to adopt dogs, I think they were really on to something. Just let David Gandy hold a puppy for a few seconds and at least three dozen women will run over, screaming “LET ME HAVE IT!!”

Gandy’s been active with animal shelters and dog-rescue efforts for several years now. I think at one point he adopted a dog but he had to give it away (maybe to his parents, I think?) because he just traveled too much. Still, it’s nice of him to come out for these events. And I think he looks incredibly hot in his jeans with a puppy in his arms. Sigh.

Gandy was recently at the GQ UK Man of the Year Awards and he got that question that every dude got: “Who is your man-crush?” Gandy surprised me when he said: “Ryan Gosling – I sort of hate him and love him at the same time.” Seriously? Dudes like Gosling?

And here’s some advertising p0rn – David Gandy for Massimo Dutti Fall 2013 ‘NYC. Not as hot as the puppy pics!

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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33 Responses to “David Gandy wants to raise awareness of puppy farms. In your pants.”

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  1. Oops says:

    He looks older than usual…

  2. TrustMOnThis says:

    But there are no puppy farms in my pants! I just looked!

  3. brin says:

    Gandy and puppies!!!! Thank you!

  4. Sixer says:

    My sister-in-law went to this. She’ll weep if she missed him.

    *rushes off to email and ask*

  5. Anki says:

    My eggs just dropped.

  6. pam246 says:

    He used to look so hot. Now David looks so old. What happened?

    • Sloane Wyatt says:

      Aging happened. Thank goodness he hasn’t lasered away his wrinkles, and I hope he never does.

      • Kim says:

        +1. Thats why he is so hot because he isnt a botoxed freak like so many men in Hollywood these days. Wrinkles etc give one character. I for one want to wake up next to a guy who has lived & looks like it, not a guy trying to look like he did when 15.

      • Vesta says:

        @Kim – I agree 100%. I’m all for real men, embalmed creatures just scare the sh1t out of me.

    • bluhare says:

      He needs to shave the goatee. Doesn’t do him any favours.

  7. Mirella says:

    Happy Monday to us!

  8. blue marie says:

    I dunno, every time I see him he is looking less hot.. I still wouldn’t kick him out of bed but the dogs are far cuter than him.

  9. Carolyn says:

    I don’t see the appeal in Gandy…happy for others to.

    • fingerbinger says:

      I don’t see the hotness either. I was on Dlisted and the were going crazy over this dude. He looks weird and creepy. He looks like he drives a kidnap van.

    • Spooks says:

      Me neither. He’s so conventionally handsome, nothing exciting about him.

  10. Kaye says:

    Don’t hurt me, Kaiser – but seems like his hotness is wearing off. Maybe it’s the harsh sunlight.

  11. Roxy says:

    He’s not hot, imo. He just looks like he’s aging fast and trying to dress younger than he is. Too bad. :)

  12. Appollonia says:

    He looks good to me. Lean – a bit like a sexy

  13. Elodie says:

    His face looks so weirdly busted here, he usually looks so fine…

  14. Hautie says:

    Gandy is only 33. I do not remotely consider 33 to be old.

    But let this be a prime example of being too thin. This is what happens to your face when you have no body fat. You just look tired. And sadly, old.

    (SJP is another prime of example of being too thin and it killing your face)

    Yet, I could solve this problem for Mr. Gandy. I am a helluva a cook. And could put those 30 pounds he needs, on that body.

    Then I would want to see that new heavier body naked! He would still be hot hot with that needed weight on his frame. :)

  15. truthful says:

    I’ve never seen “old” look so damn good!!

    I love this man and his voice asking me to come over to his flat, I can just imagine it.

    his facial structure and that hair and those long limbs–ba babyeeee!

  16. Londongal says:

    Fit until he speaks. Then my biscuit goes ‘meh’.

  17. Virgilia Coriolanus says:


  18. rtms says:

    Drinking and smoking and possibly drugs will age a guy. Saddle that with always being a bit on the thin side and age and you get a nice looking guy but haggard looking as well. I would have guessed at least 40 yrs old by that first pic.

  19. Cyndi says:

    The second pic with the little, brown, long haired pup-pup was MKs pic for this. He said the pup looks like it’s thinking, “I think I made a pregnant”. XD

  20. Kim says:

    I think everyone who thinks he looks so old is just so used to seeing botoxed & filled male stars that they dont know what a 30 yr old looks like anymore because 50 year old faces are smoother than his in Hollyweird. He looks FANTASTIC to me =)

    • FingerBinger says:

      No. I know many regular everyday people in their 30′s and 40′s and there is not a single line or wrinkle on their faces. Hell I know people in their 60′s who don’t have as many lines as this dude. He looks a lot older than 33.

  21. lady_luck says:

    How can you, ANY of you, gush about this guy????? He looks like a wrinkled old hobo who just crawled out a cardboard box. He looks about 57 (no joke)!

    Furthermore, he comes across as so self-absorbed, obnoxious and weird in interviews. Hyping himself up unnecessarily and devoid of the art of modesty.

    I don’t get the appeal. I really DON’T get it!!!